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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Night Ramblings

Good evening, everyone!


It’s late so I’m not going to write a ton, but I wanted to just ramble on about the current situation in the house.

We have two different sides with two very different takes on how they see themselves with this betrayal/flip/whatever. On one side, you have Jackson who feels justified for taking Holly over Cliff (to the final 3) because Nicole and Cliff tossed around the idea of voting Holly out instead of Tommy. On the other side, you have Nicole and Cliff who feel justified because Cliff was going to stick to his word and take Jackson to the final 3 had he won veto (I know, not a very realistic scenario but he was going to stick with it regardless).

Jackson feels betrayed by the other side while the other side feels betrayed by Jackson. Notice one key element to everything I’ve written so far? I’ll give you a hint: Right now we’re in the final 4 but I’ve only named 3 people feeling betrayed. That’s because Jackson has been doing a lion’s share of the dirty work for that side and Holly is basically seen as an add-on, or a DLC (if you’re a gamer). It’s Jackson who did most of the lying, deal-making, etc. Shit, we even saw that Cliff and Nicole kick Holly out to call Jackson in and confirm the deal. Everyone has basically dismissed Holly and she has noticed it when she said “gee, thanks” earlier when Jackson said she’d be the easier person to beat in the final 2.


And once again, Jackson is right with his take and that is why there is a very real possibility that Nicole takes Holly to the final 2 should she win the final HoH competition. At this point, I simply can’t see her taking Jackson so we’re almost at a 50/50 of this final 2:

Jackson and Holly or Nicole and Holly

I used Dr. Strange’s tools and looked into the future and saw no possible situation where Nicole is sitting next to Jackson at the final 2. I would put money that Holly is guaranteed at least runner-up at this point and I’d even put some money on her winning it all. I’ll count the votes better when I think about it more, but I do know the bitterness toward Jackson runs pretty deep in that jury and Holly very well could pull a Josh and beat someone who won a ton more competitions but wasn’t well-liked. Unfortunately, Dr. Strange wouldn’t let me go far enough to see the actual winner, so you’re going to have to settle on the final 2 instead.

The one thing I do know is that Nicole should sleep very well after the edit Jackson had tonight. She is worried about how she and Cliff will appear to us after the big betrayal but she is coming off really well. Jackson is coming off as terrible, and Cliff is actually coming off pretty bad as well. It’s going to look even worse when his selfish act of keeping Jackson for his own gain ends up putting him in 4th place. I have a feeling that Nicole has America’s Favorite on lock and the only way she doesn’t get it is if she wins it all and they decide to give it to the next person in line (as AFP seems to be a judgment call as to whether or not the winner/runner-up can win it or not).


Alright, enough rambling. Now that Cliff knows he’s going to jury, the week is bound to be slow so I’m sure I will elaborate on vote counts and so much more this week as there won’t be much to talk about regarding actual feeds. I’ll also be interested in seeing how the veto plays out as usually this veto just evicts a person on the spot (if I remember correctly). This veto also usually happens on Tuesday with the pre-recorded eviction that airs on Wednesday, but that isn’t happening this year because there are already only 4 people in the house.

Recap in the morning!


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  1. JennX

    “Holly is basically seen as an add-on, or a DLC (if you’re a gamer)“

    As a gamer I’d classify Beth as more of an NPC or Non-Player Character


  2. davidsgirl

    That’s exactly what I am hoping for, is a Josh and Paul situation with the jury. The jury disliked both of them and were very bitter. And in the end they voted for (gave him the money) Josh because they hated Paul more.

  3. Mimi Ryan

    Block Head has done a great deal in this game, especially fighting for someone like Beth=Holly. Why he’s so damn committed to that person is beyond me. But here we are and so are they, still in the House. I’m glad Nicole is still in this. Bravo to her. Cliff he’s a goner so there is that. Beth=Holly DR session was just BS. Own your decisions and deal with it. Regrets, 2nd guessing, unhappy, what ever, it’s a damn game. I love how Nicole focuses and then get’s thwarted with the House. I would love for Nicole to WIN!!!!! I’d like to see how Block feels about the bitter jury. Let alone Beth=Holly. Thank you all for the constant updates.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Is anyone else having trouble posting comments? I just had everything crash so I’ll pick up where I left off on the last thread. I’m behind so it will be from the recording not real time. Sorry.

  5. Colby

    I’ve thought HB has been sounding more and more like Raven, but it is now official.
    While playing Jenga the tower got tall, very sparse on the bottom and started to twist.
    Nicole mentioned that it was starting to pivot.
    HB announced that is what her spine looks like. So I guess her spine is not inverted, but is twisted. LOL
    Seriously, where do they find these people?

  6. Amber

    The runner up won AFP last year, right? Can’t think of a time the winner got it though.

    • Colby

      People have said in the past that they won’t give it to the winner. If the winner was selected, they give it to the runner up.
      Never made sense to me.
      My theory is if you are picked to be AFP you should get it no matter what.

  7. davidsgirl

    Well, I guess I’m signing off. Hope you all have a good night. Thanks NK for all your late night updates. You always do such a great job.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    BACK *Beginning of BBAD at end of the previous thread.*


    Cliff is eating a sandwich. Nicole is looking over a basket. She tells Cliff she can’t think about it because it makes her sick. He tells her it’s alright and he just didn’t go quite as far as he wanted to. JJ and FAH come back with the stool and they say it’s getting close to the overhead mic. Nicole stands on the stool and removes and places her block on top. It’s leaning pretty bad. She squeels that she doesn’t want it to hit her. JJ tells her to step back and he keeps it from falling.

    FAH tells Nicole that there are bars where the Jenga towers get larger than that and there is also table Jenga. Cliff tries to ease a piece out but decides to try another one. It’s now so tall he has to stand on the stool to reach the top. FAH pulls out her piece but while trying to let go to place it on the top it begins to shift and sway. She manages to study it and now it’s JJ’s turn again. He has to stand on the stool too.

    Nicole is so nervous she says that maybe if she whispers it won’t move. FAH starts making noises and Nicole laughs and tells her not to make her laugh. Nicole starts talking softly to the tower as she moves her piece to the top. She tells them that it’s pivoting and looks twisted. FAH says that’s the way her spine looks. *Goddammit, just as I promised myself this last hour that I may not be nice to her but I would try to do better, she goes and pulls this sh*t.* FAH gets called to the DR twice and finally leaves. JJ pulls all the way from the bottom and it topples.


  9. BBGurl

    Looks like SBNicole found a little clarity. She says to the camera “I know I’m being hypocritical, I know I’m being selfish and possibly a sore loser. I get why they would take each other. “

  10. Gerardo for AFP

    Apparently Cliff claims to have an IQ of 143…


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  12. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is washing dishes. Cliff coming out to fhe bathroom. Nicole sitting at the table. FAH in the DR. Cliff tells Nicole that if they let them keep Jenga he’d put dots on them and turn them into dominoes. Nicole gets called to the DR and she takes the Snap Chat glasses with her. Cliff goes outside.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Cliff is cam talking and tells Sharon that even though he had a deal with JJ to take him to F3, JJ has decided the opposite and decided he’s not going to honor his deal with Cliff and is renigging on the deal and taking FAH to the F3 which means he’s going home on Thursday and his BB journey ends 1 shy of F3. He says he can handle it and can accept it. He said JJ gave him a lot of reasons/excuses but the reality is he didn’t tell him until after the Veto. He says he shouldn’t have done it but if he did he should have done it before he won Veto.

    Cliff says if it been a Faces comp that he was better at and he won, JJ would have wanted him to honor it. He says everyone has to live with their decisions. He says he can’t control JJ’s and was willing to stand up to the agreement that they had and shook on. Nicole comes out and asks Cliff if he minds if she joins him. Nicole sits down and covers up. She says FAH is in there getting ready for the DR because she has to look like she did at the comp.

    Cliff tells her he was just talking to the camera and mentioning to Sharon that it’s not going to happen and tells her she can listen if she wants. She offers to leave if he wants. He says no. He tells her that if he wanted to he could have stuck with the straight up deal he had with JJ/FAH.


  13. JennX

    Snackson is alone in the LR reading the rule book. Is he
    a) so bored because his shower buddy is in the DR? Or
    b)doing is due diligence for finding any and all rule that could possibly be exploited for ensure his confetti boy moment?


  14. BBGurl

    In a previous post I stated that SB Nicole was a teacher. My apologies. She’s only a Preschool Aide. Basically a babysitter for 3 & 4 yr old toddlers. I wonder what her college major was.

  15. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Cliff tells Nicole he doesn’t think people will hold things against her. She says if it wasn’t JJ/FAH it would have been someone else. He says a lot of people get played every season and it’s not a mark on their character that they believed someone. Nicole says she keeps replaying the fight in the kitchen and wonders why didn’t Tommy fight more. She says he just went and sat in the eviction chair. Cliff said maybe he just decided that they had already decided. Nicole says that maybe he was just fed up and she gets that.

    Cliff said at the time he thought JJ was telling the truth, but as he looks back now they both said it happened in the HN room and why would JJ go in there. He said it meant JJ had to go into where Tommy was instead of Tommy going to JJ. He said that when he went in the HN room, Tommy did seem to be asleep and not like he had been actively having a conversation. Nicole says and why would JJ go in there. Cliff says he has a feeling that JJ just guessed what had been planned.

    Nicole says she thinks that JJ also used his own plan. She said he was saying throw the HOH to Nicole then get Tommy out, bring Nicole to F3. She says that wasn’t Tommy’s plan, that was JJ’s plan. She says he’s a smart guy and always says he looks at everything from everybody else’s perspective and he thought oh this is what Tommy would do. Nicole says that during the kitchen conversation JJ was too reserved and stoic and just drinking his coffee. He says that when Tommy was evicted he told JJ he got him and she noticed that JJ smirked.

    Cliff says that he’s sure Tommy will fill him in when he gets to the JH. Nicole says she’s sure Tommy was playing both sides because he was playing a similar game to all of them so she’s sure this week would have still played out the same. Cliff says the one thing that bothered him the most is that if the deal bothered JJ the most why didn’t he say something before the comp. He says JJ was trying to get the best of both worlds. He says that when it comes to the JH vote if she’s up there she knows where his vote is going.

    He says if she’s not up there then the way he’s going to look at it as one person was honorable (H) and one person wasn’t and he’s going to ask him if he had won the Veto instead of him would he have honored it like he expected him to and why did he wait until after the Veto. Nicole says she gets what they are doing but it bothers her that they still judge them (C/N) for last week but it doesn’t bother them (J/H) are doing the same thing this week. She says J/H are looking at it as they (N/C) f*cked them last week so they have to do this. She says no, they(J/H) were going to do it anyway (take H to the finals).


  16. Nancy

    It’s just the same ol same ol…
    I’m calling it a nite..put ur dishes in the sink, I’ll get em in the morning..
    Good night sweet people..

  17. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH is putting on makeup while JJ watches. She whispers something to him about owning it. She says that she’s sure him telling Tommy to own it is trending on Twitter. *That’s all that vapid empty vessel ever thinks about.* She smiles and tells him she told him not to say that. She says it worked out. She puts on her 10th coat of mascara.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Cliff tells Nicole all the experiences and things they will always to talk about and be proud of in this game. She says either way it worked out she would still complain, then laughs. He says if instead of BB they were just playing another game and there were 16 players and they came in 4th they would think they came out alright. She says she’s trying to make peace that she could come out as 3rd on Finale night. He says that her family will be there watching her come out on stage.

    She says she was gung ho thinking they are going to be proud but now she’s back to where she was. She talks about how she did in the Veto comp. He tells her this week is going to be a little hard. Nicole says she wonders if she should do something, try to make another deal. He says it won’t make a difference. He says he’s going to pull JJ aside and tell him they had multiple conversation so him saying that he was going to honor him word to him and there is video of JJ saying how he wasn’t goin to honor his word to Cliff. *At this point, JJ only has $ signs in his eyes so I doubt he’d care.*


    • Colby

      What they need to do on Wednesday is have Nicole ‘share’ all of her wine coolers with Holly, then have Cliff get in a conversation with JJ about frat parties, “the Challenge’, casino’s, or anything the know will get Holly riled up and maybe cause a fight between them.
      If they could get some alcohol for him too, that would be even better.
      But somehow I don’t think BB will give them any more alcohol at all.

  18. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is telling Cliff he has valid points. She says it bothers her when J/H tells them they are playing separate games. She says yeah, along side of each other. She says how many times did JJ say he wanted to go to F3 with people who had fought. She says that how can you say something over again. Cliff says JJ told him that they have been burned over and over by people. Nicole says that they(J/H) have been burned by everybody allegedly. She says they aren”t the martyrs this year. Cliff says maybe they keep getting burned because people don’t know if they can trust them.

    She says that JJ did some shitty things to his alliance and that’s why they got frustrated with them but it didn’t mean that they burned them. She said he burned Nick and Bella. She says everything has an excuse with him. She says she doesn’t mind if either of them (J/H) win or are sitting next to each other, but if they do, she’s done.

    Outer Bedroom:

    JJ is laying there just staring.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole says she doesn’t care how you got to the end, whether you’re a floater or a puppeteer. She tells Cliff that if she’s going out she’s going out in a blaze of fire. He asks her if she wants to hear some stories about yesterday. She says yes. He tells her about during the comp and showing her what he did. He gets a warning. He tries to tell her more but is afraid to say anymore so he won’t get another warning. She tells him how she was getting winded during BB Comics compared to how she did yesterday.

    She says that’s going to show in the episode (Cliff) and America is going to see he’s not a quitter. He says he kept telling himself that he wasn’t going to be beaten by the board and kept telling his children that.


  19. NKogNeeTow


    Backyard Sofa:

    Cliff tells Nicole a secret. He says all the jokes about Mensa, he’s qualified for it and when he took the test he had so much time left over that he could go back and look at his answers. He says he’s never applied so he’s not in it. She tells him that’s awesome. *To bad you didn’t use those Mensa skills to navigate the game better.* He says he has a 143 IQ and he thinks it qualifies, he’s pretty sure of it. He says a lot of his smarts aren’t quick spur of the moment stuff but is more analytical.

    Nicole tells him her secret is she has her pre-school certification but she’s also an English major and wants to teach English in middle school or high school level, that is her goal. She said her minor was Art History. He tells her he knew there was more to her than she let on. She tells him how the art minor helped her in the BB Comics because of the visual. They both say they are super fans.

    He said he was worried when he came in that people would think he was rich and owned his own company. He says he’s not, he works for other companies and makes enough to pay for educations and bills. Nicole says she didn’t want people to know she’s a mega fan so she just played dumb about the game. She says Nick was asking her questions about the kids at school. She says she doesn’t have her master’s yet, just her bachelors. She says she’s stuck as to what to take at her Masters so she came on BB to give her time to decide.

    He tells her if she ever wants to come to Arlington,TX , his brother is on the board and he can help her. She asks if they need English teachers. He says he’s sure they do. She asks if she just needs her NY certification. He tells her he’s not sure. She is very excited about this.


  20. Colby

    HB went outside and talked to Nicole for a while, and then the self centered bitch actually had the audacity to ask for the HOH room tonight.
    I can’t believe Nicole told her yes.

  21. Avatar

    Woke up and checked Twitter before going back to sleep and saw this post from Orwell. Apparently even he hates the Emperor and Empress of BS. Again night y’all


    • JennX

      Ok, Orwell is my new favorite twitter! I’m pleasantly surprised at how savage it is for an official account – almost Wendy’s level savage! Clearly the so called bottom feeders are their favorites, and they cannot stand Jolly McBeth.

  22. Avatar

    Can’t fall back asleep so I’m going to post what I’m seeing on BB Reddit and Twitter

    First up apparently the Empress of BS is now saying she is getting or has asthma. What has she even done to trigger a asthma attack. If she starts adding Autism or ADHD into her BS, I will drive to the BB House and tell her off


  23. Kari

    Taking myself out of time out long enough to show you my new watermelon hat.

  24. Avatar

    The Empress is also worrying about how the Emperor of BS’s mother will feel about her and he is trying to tell her that his mother will respect her for being a powerful woman. *insert NK joke or insult here*


  25. Avatar

    Now the Emperor and Empress of BS are deciding on which one will do Part 2 of Finale night *would these two pick a topic and stay on it because that are constantly changing the subject


  26. Avatar

    Nicole thinks that Jackson is feeling guilty and it explains his recent behavior. *No it doesn’t he is a majorJack**s and is showing his true colors. Right now he only cares about the money and his shower stool buddy*


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  28. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    JJ is sitting there alone reading something. It looks like it might be the rule book but it’s hard to tell. He jumps ups and hides behind the DR door. FAH comes out and he jumps out and she yells “NO”. He hugs her and they go and sit down. They look through the book together. She flips the page and they read something together silently then he thumbs through the book again.Cliff gets called to the DR.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is cam talking and saying she feels horrible. She says a week and a half ago the thought process was to bring Cliff and not her but plans got shift and they decided to bring her instead. She says obviously she wants to be there but she also wants those things for Cliff. She says she hopes her family doesn’t want to jump through a camera right now and ring her neck but if someone told her right now she could changes places with Cliff, she would do it. *It’s getting harder and harder to defend this girl.*


    • KelBel

      “*It’s getting harder and harder to defend this girl.*”

      –It truly is. Regardless, I’ll take her over the other 2 any day! It’s crazy how completely opposite they all think. Nicole feels guilty for everything – and should not. Jolly feel guilty for nothing and make excuses to justify their actions.

      • mm22

        I would hate to go thru life feeling so guilty. So much time and energy based on other people’s feelings is exhausting. Nicole really just met these people it’s not like family
        members you’ve lived your whole life with. I understand she’s a companionate person
        but you give compassion to people who need it.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry guys, I had a site crash error from around 3 and didn’t come back until almost 6 (east coast time). Cloudfare Error 522 Connection Timed Out. Comment wouldn’t post. This is late but I’m going to post it anyway.

    BBAD Cont.


    Nicole is covered up on the sofa alone. She’s just staring into space.

    Living Room:

    JJ and FAH are still going through the rule book silently. He’s flipping through and hey keep stopping at different sections then move on. He goes back to the beginning of the book then starts flipping through it again. They find a section, stop and silently read it together as he points along with his finger, then flips through again.

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole cam talking says she is going to be in a showmance with her and her little friend Little Debbie’s brownies. She says it’s nice to share her truth with Cliff. She says not much of a big reveal just things she didn’t want to be out to be used as an excuse to get rid of her. She tells her family she is struggling and tells them she hopes she doesn’t look like a dumb shit. She says in the end it always works out the way it’s meant to. She says she misses them.

    She tells them don’t get her wrong, she is still fighting tooth and nail in the comps and tells BB she will continue to watch the show every single season. She says she loves and adores everything BB and will continue to research every thing about it but she’s ready. She tells how she felt coming into the house as opposed to how she feels now. She says again that she’s ready.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is still on the sofa and FAH comes out and asks if she’s talking to the cameras. Nicole tells her yes but she can come out if she wants. She says she’s talking to the cameras about how much more difficult the game is than expected. FAH says that’s exactly what she talks to the cameras about. *HARD EYE ROLL* FAH tells the camera she’s not kidding. Nicole says its just so exhausting and takes such a toll on a person and she’s ready.

    FAH says it’s way more exhausting than anyone could fathom. She says it’s the monotony and the paranoia, and clostrobphbia. She says it’s emotional exhaustion because they are stagnant. She says she’s sore from yesterday. Nicole says her elbows hurt. Not to be outdone, FAH says her body is sore, her body, legs and all over. *#STFUFAH* Nicole tells her that she’s so ready and just wishes this was happening over the next few days.

    Nicole says she doesn’t know if it’s because there are so few people in the house or she’s potentially *Not potentially* losing Cliff. She says she doesn’t know what it is but she was scared to leave the house but she’s ready now. FAH tells her she’s at the same point and she misses her friends and family. She says in LA it’s so hard to find people and family and it’s a lonely city. Nicole tells her she wants to get out and have real relationships with people in the house and not have to worry about how things are portrayed, seen or affect your game.

    FAH says she’s burned out too. Nicole says there is no more strategizing or aligning it’s just 3 comps and whatever will be will be. She says if it’s J/H then she won’t go cry about it. FAH tells her no matter what happens they will be proud and they are so ready for it to be done that if they don’t win the saddness will be compensated by the relief of being done. Nicole says whether she’s 3rd, 2nd, or 1st, she’s just ready to be done with everything.

    Nicole says her body is freaking out. FAH says the same and that her body is giving out and she dozed off and woke up in a full panic attack and thought she was dying and she does that all the time in the middle of the night, cold sweats, panic attacks and feels like she is dying. She says she woke up this morning and JJ asked her why was her heart beating so fast. *Why doesn’t this bitch just dig a grave and go lie down and wait. I’m sorry guys, I tried. I really, really, really tried but I just can’t with this zombie.*

    Nicole says she’s been good for a while but recently she wakes up shaking so bad and she thinks it’s her body getting ready to transition back into real life. Nicole says she thinks she might wake up at home and wonder if it all was a dream. FAH says she’s gotten really deep, good, good sleep and has only gotten it twice and has never just fully been at peace and when she leaves it will be comfortable and peaceful. *Again Trampoline, we can see you sleeping and no one has ever seen you wake up in such a state. Re-write that story Sis, cause this one ain’t working.*

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is tell FAH and the other vulture who has now joined them, that she doesn’t want to be that dopey girl that thought people were her friends and she was like a big asshole. *Poor thing. She is talking to two of them now.* FAH tells her she can’t imagining that happening looking at the people she was close to. JJ says he can’t speak for anyone else but he knows that’s not the case with him. FAH says she also gets that fear.

    JJ says the case with him was he thought Jack was his dude and talk about getting burned hard and looking stupid and pretty dumb, but all he can speak of is himself with her. Nicole says she’s not talking about on a game level. JJ says that he’s talking on a personal level her family and his family knows that he loves he more than anything. *Her dad is probably loading up the shotgun to bring to the finale as we speak.*

    Nicole says she doesn’t want to walk out on the stage on Finale night and people feel pity for her. They tell her that it’s not the case at all. She tells him she’s ready for it to be over too and it’s nothing against the two of them. He says regardless whether they are in the JH or there they are all ready to be gone. FAH says think about the people in the JH. JJ says Jack has been there over half the game.

    Nicole says she’s not mad or upset with them it’s just that her body is in this horrible state of anxiety and she’d just rather be done and it sucks. JJ says they have one more HOH to go and three parts. FAH asks if the one on Thursday is the first part. Nicole tells them when they do each part. Nicole asks him how many more episodes do they have left. He runs down the schedule for her.

    JJ says the third part isn’t live. Nicole tells him the third part is the scales where Julie asks them questions and that one is live. FAH says about the scales. Nicole tells her. JJ asks if that’s the one with the Jury videos. FAH says that’s so hard. JJ gets called to the DR. FAH tells him she will meet him in bed afterwards. He give Nicole a fake hug and tells her again that he loves her more than anything and she will see that. She tells him that she’s worried because if anyone said anything about her that wasn’t so nice, she’s worried about her dad will react. *Told ya.* JJ leaves and FAH ask Nicole questions about the comps in the finals. She says she can’t remember them.

    • Avatar

      I wish Cliff and Nicole would shut up about the process. JJ and FAH are still scheming with this info and why JJ is reading the handbook. Nicole could win this if JJ takes the physical comp, Nicole will definitely win the physical/mental comp against FAH and then it is 50/50 for the win. JJ and FAH are analyzing the comps. My guess is JJ will throw the physical comp to FAH if he can since he has the better chance winning the mental/physical comp.

    • Avatar

      Thank you! And thank you for having to endure watching every night. You make it entertaining.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Backyard Sofa:

    Nicole is telling FAH about times in the house that weren’t so great. She says that if she did come back, she wouldn’t be so anxiety ridden. Cliff has now joined. Nicole says the first time you want to make a name for yourself and don’t want to go out first or be forgotten. She says when you come back as a vet you just want to embrace it for what it is. They sit in silence for a few minutes then Nicole says 10 days and she never thought that day would come. Her voice is a little shaky.

    FAH says Jack has been gone since day 71 and he has to be done by now. They talk about how they think the others are doing in the JH. Nicole ask who they think has the best spot in Jury. FAH says probably Nick. Nicole says maybe because he walked in with 3 people in and 3 people came in behind him. Nicole says Jess probably wasn’t in a bad spot to walk in. Cliff says his will probably be interesting because he’s the last person to walk in before the Finale. *Does he go to he JH or to a hotel*

    Cliff says he’s the last person giving information and talking about everything. Nicole says he will be the last person sleeping there. She says that the 3rd going out just goes to the stage. Nicole tells them how it goes when Finale night starts. Nicole says it’s funny because the jurors have questions prepared but the final juror has no chance to prepare and that’s kind of a shitty spot. She says you don’t get to see the JH and it’s like your’re the awkward member of the jury. FAH says she was looking forward to having a week to rest up in the JH. Cliff says he heard jury members starting to get readjusted themselves to the real world but the F3 don’t have time to adjust.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Well not exactly, it’s been over for 4 hours but who’s counting. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • JennX

      Well damn, Beth!!! Cliff & Nicole practically HANDED you the opportunity to rest up in the Jury house on a silver platter. But you & Snackson had a full blown toddler-esq temper tantrum! Including but not limited to, bitching, lying, slathering in obscene amounts of makeup, screaming , yelling, intimidation, pulling your hair, offering deals (or as you call it ‘selling your soul’), fake ass crying, etc.

      So what is it exactly you regret? Missing your h8ful jury vaycay or throwing the HOH so you could stay?

      My dear, you are cancelled. Please send me my refund in full, plus shipping & handling, back pay, and extra for pain and suffering. And don’t try to tell me how much more your pain and suffering is. You have proven yourself to be a fucking (and bad) liar..

  33. Betty Boo

    The only good thing is that we are no longer watching Christie chew or listening to Jessica talk. Tommy never bothered me and I still think he may get AFP.

  34. JennX

    The other day I posted that Holy’s speaking cadence and pattern is driving me batshit crazy. I spoke with linguistics experts from all around the globe and the consensus is that she must have learned how to speak from watching Captain Kirk on Star Trek and Chandler Bing on Friends.

  35. TheRealBeth(TRB)

    Did anyone else feel like we were watching a documentary about a serial killer last night?

  36. Tomi Myers

    NK, You have done an exceptional job staying awake and providing us blow by blow action of BBAD, even in the face of adversity, (the computer/server problems). My hat off to you, you are a true warrior.
    To Mel & Steve, I love reading your commentary AND rants of the happenings in the house and your take on the events as they unfold.
    It’s all truly a labor of love, and this BB fan bows down to all 3 of you.
    I hardly post anything because if I did, my rant tangents would go on and on and on. I would be posting the same sentiments as all who have already posted. It would start to sound like an echo chamber, so I stick with clicking on thumby.
    This is the worst season I’ve seen, and there have been a few, but this one by far is the epitomy of worst.

  37. Avatar

    The one thing I don’t get is the heat Jackson and holly get for being a showmance. Nicole and cliff are basically a showmance with out the sex. They made it be known they are final two, working vote together, and everything else. I get you don’t like the others for their personalities but you basically have two couples in the house.

    And even tommy would of seen that and sent both n/c to jury for the same reason he went- there would of been someone fighting for jury votes for them. Where holly can’t convience anyone to do anything so taking Jackson or holly would of guaranteed a win for tommy due to jury management.

    And it seems as though Jackson’s best bet to win is holly. The whole point of the game. And I don’t really care who wins. But that everyone should remember it’s a game

  38. Avatar

    I think cliff is an o.k guy, but holy cow that man loves to hear his self talk. Was watching pop. And initially I thought it was endearing, but after 2 hours I realized silence is golden is something his poor family does not experience. As far as Jackson not honoring agreement. I agree with Jackson, it’s the fact that cliff and nicole considered to break it is the same as doing it in my book.

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