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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Overnight Stuff

Good evening, everyone!


There isn’t really much to talk about inside the house (and really hasn’t been for like two weeks now), so let’s just recap the CBS episode…

It was boring, and I fast-forwarded through half of it including the Scammy C segment. I never really had much of an opinion of him on the show but he should have been canceled after that charity scandal. Bringing back old house guests is always just awkward and uncomfortable and makes it worse when you know that person sucks and CBS keeps trying to force them on us.

Alright, back to the game. As mentioned, not a lot going on. Nicole is having second thoughts about going to the final 4 with a showmance and will likely be flipping back and forth on who to keep between Tommy and Holly until Thursday night. It’s good of her to do that because it’s an extremely hard decision and one that should be debated back and forth. Many are saying that getting rid of Holly is a no-brainer but I pointed out why it may actually be better to keep her. To summarize, I personally don’t think Nicole beats Tommy in a final 2 situation while I think she can beat Holly.


I do want to add to it that another counter to my own point is that Jackson winning veto guarantees 2 slots in the final 3 if they get rid of Tommy. Getting rid of Holly doesn’t guarantee it if Jackson wins veto. Yes, he will likely be bitter that Nicole turned on him and got out Holly but he also knows the Christie/Tommy connection so he may be forced to evict Tommy at the final 4 regardless. Tommy is not just a threat to Nicole, but he’s a threat to anyone in the house. He’s had a fantastic social game this season and very well could beat any remaining player if he’s in the f2 with them.

So, let’s pretend Jackson is going to win the next veto competition because he probably is. Do you think he’d take Cliff and Nicole to the final 3 if they go back on their word and evict Holly? I honestly don’t know at this point. Let’s poll….

Remember, this poll above is only in the situation that Jackson wins veto (which he probably will) and that Cliff and Nicole vote out Holly. What are your thoughts?


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  1. danmtruth

    Got called to the storage room All went running hoping it was more alcohol i guess the 4 bottles was nog enough for them DespitevHolly explaining the rosai was a cheep bottle Gee thanks for disresoecting free wine
    Insted it was jyst buckets and bslls for potball / beerpong on steroids without the beer

  2. NKogNeeTow


    Game stopped and they are eating again. FAH is eating and fake dancing. Nicole ask if they are playing again. They decide to play. Tis time they want to try to play throwing over-hand. they say it’s harder that way. TT gets called to the DR and Nicole tells him to send JJ out if he sees him. JJ comes out and becomes Nicole’s partner. JJ suggest they put water in the buckets to keep the balls from bouncing out.


  3. Tiare

    Get out Tommy Now. If Jackson mLes it to the end, I want him to win. He has played the best game of the remaining houseguests. Like him, love him, or hate him, he has played his buttocks off.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    BACK and running 10-15 minutes behind. System taking 5-10 minutes to load comments then bring back cursor.

    Game practice continues. They stop so Nicole and JJ can fill buckets with water. FAH has stepped on a big staple in the grass. *Of course she did.* Game continues. As they play, JJ ask are they drinking wine. Cliff decides to take a break so they all do. FAH purs the drinks. They swril, sniff and drink and she goes back into her wine lessons again. They each tell which they like best. She then proceeds to talk again about wines. *Since Gerardo’s not here, it’s unofficial but #STFUFAH!


  5. danmtruth

    Jackson so proud of himself They started a new game but put water in them so the ball does noy bounce out Jackson sinks two in Hes my hero
    Back to drinking wine Holly can show off all her snobby wine fact Surprising Nicole is drinking We get to talk about how it feels in your mouth Does it have any woodsy notes Now they are talking about Jess stealing drinks Nicole and cliff not joining in on the bashing
    Cliff talks about MTV The Challenge More drinking and hooking up Jackson is excited he has never seen it He wants to do it Holly is not intrested

  6. ShoeLover

    Hmmmm, it’s a tough decision. I can see Jackson getting rid of either Cliff or Tommy. I don’t think he would get rid of Nicole, mainly because I think he thinks he can take Nicole to final 2 and win. I think he knows Cliff is well liked and his social game/integrity game could beat him *Jackson* with the jury. As for Tommy, it is a given Christie will campaign hard for her bestie period. And Now that he knows about Tommy and Christie, I am pretty sure he has ran that particular scenario through his mind already. Nicole has stepped up, but I think Jackson could beat her in the final 2, unless, unless the jury is bitter, then Nicole could beat him.

    • danmtruth

      Shoe i think you are right about Jackson knows he would lose to Tommy in a vote He thinks it would be close against cliff He is worried now about Nicole because she is winning now that she needs too It scares him that and she is well liked

      • ShoeLover

        I love Nicole, but I don’t think many like her unless they have a sudden change of heart. I just keep picturing the whole fiasco when they ALL turned against her. Heck even before Jessica left, she was still trying to talk about Nicole and even to Nicole’s face. I am still up in the air who I would love to see win $500,000. Deep down I would love for Nicole to win, there is still Cliff, Jackson and Tommy and as different as those three are, they do have pretty good resumes.

      • twaddle

        I may be looking at this all wrong, but it seems to me that Tommy’s knowing Christie IRL would really damage him in a F2. It would be a bombshell if the other finalist tells the jury how Tommy had a built-in advantage with Christie the entire game and lied about it to everyone

        Well, at least if I were on the jury I think I’d be shocked and really pissed to find that out I’m very curious to see if Jolly wants Nic/Cliff to know Tommy’s secret or not

      • LynnD

        They need to tell Nicole & Cliff Tommy’s secret. If not & Holly goes on Thursday they are really going to be kicking themselves in the ass!

  7. NKogNeeTow


    Everyone except TT (DR) is sitting around talking. Cliff is telling them about “The Challenge” on MTV. JJ says he’d like to go on it. FAH gives him a look. He says it sounds like it would be fun. FAH is being bitchy about it. He says he still thinks it might be fun. She says for him maybe and starts to give him somewhat of an attitude. Cliff says Paulie is on there and has done very well for himself. JJ is very interested. FAH is not amused.

    JJ keeps asking more questions about it. Cliff tells them how people hook up on the show. This really pisses FAH off. Cliff tells them about some of the competitions, how much money they get and how they act on the show. He says that unlike BB, some of the contestants come back. Nicole tells them about one of those bachelor shows where at the end the contestants can choose to share or keep all of the money.


    • Robin

      NK, I had to come back to get your take on this. Is Cliff the sly dog, baiting Hollly? Wondered if this is a set up for a side deal with Jackson while he’s fighting with Holly.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I hope so …LOL

      • danmtruth

        He can see holly is not happy and has not done anything to hide het disgust And yes cliff keeps it going Holly is no longer sitting next to jackson complaining that he is going to have some reality chick throwing herself at him Hmm skank calling someone slut

      • Colby

        I do think he is baiting it a bit, probably mostly because it is ridiculous. She is way too jealous and controlling. All they were doing was talking about it, not like he was signing up. And to me, he seemed more interested in the extreme challenges than all the sex stuff. He said he had never seen the show and his questions were about the challenges.

      • Alda

        Cliff is so doing this on purpose.

      • Tam

        Oh, I hope so……Too funny…Get her out or TT…..Doesn’t matter which order, just get them out…..

    • danmtruth

      Holly is not happy how excited Jackson is to be on it Mostly because of all the drinking and having sex with each other Jacjson is all in Holly is not into it at all

  8. mm22

    How could over 200 people have already taken the poll?

    • ShoeLover

      The silent late night lurkers???? I am up because I spent the evening watching It Chapter II and then football and then visiting with my sons until I turned on BBAD. About ready to go to bed

      • Ann

        Guilty as hell…GUILTY, GUILTY,GUILTY. It’s 4am & I woke up to go use the bathroom & yet here I am, I couldn’t help myself. I’m nosey as hell & I had to check in to see what I missed while I took that little cat nap & here I am.

      • ShoeLover

        ANN!!! So good to see you!!!!

        The poll is close to 1,000 votes so far!!

      • Ann

        Jackson just might send his lush girlfriend home after all of this crap she started.

  9. NKogNeeTow


    *Okay, something really screwy is really going on. While waiting for comment to post, the screen switches to trc.taboola.com/bigbrotherjunkies. Then at one time, the thumbs were replaced with “like it/unlike it”. WTF?

    Cliff is still talking about The Challenge. He said DaVonne was on there and didn’t win but did pretty well. He said Josh was also on there but was out the first round. He says they have also had athletes on there but they didn’t do so well. JJ says he would love that because it’s not being cooped up in a house. He says he wouldn’t want to do it because of the social aspect but before the physical aspect.

    Cliff says that one girl got mad and threw all of her bedding off of a 2nd floor balcony. FAH says it sounds like Jersey Shore. JJ says Jersey Shore was funny but he wouldn’t want to do it. FAH says there was a show that Paulie was on called A Double Shot At Love. Cliff said his son and daughter turned him and his wife onto The Challenge but the kids stopped watching it. JJ ask more questions about the game. Cliff says there is a lot of hooking up on the show. He says that Paulie was on there and got dumped by his girlfriend because of his fooling around on the show.

    JJ says that’s funny. He says he doesn’t care about being on TV and would do BB without it being on TV. He says he likes the physical aspect of it. He says he sees himself being on that show but going to bed at 10 so he could get up and compete. He catches a glance at FAH in the mirror and tells her he can see her face. He says he’s not going to get into a showmance on those shows. She says that’s what he said about this show. She is being passive-aggressive bitchy again. He just laughs it off. She really isn’t amused.


    • Ann

      Before I even read the next post, I would be willing to bet you Holly went to bed crying & half-ass begging Jackson not to go on another show because he might hook up with another skank like her willing & ready to goose (hook up) a man on national TV.

  10. Mary

    Didn’t care to listen to her when she is sober, definitely don’t care to listen to her when she’s been drinking. Really don’t see this so called relationship lasting past Vegas. That’s if she lets him go.

    NK you have my deepest sympathy. LOL

    Goodnight all !

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  12. NKogNeeTow


    JJ ask if it is Sunday. Nicole says she leads the Veto ceremony tomorrow. FAH keeps saying she’s so happy and she loves that they get to experience it with her and America gets to see what they see. *Yeah, and I want to see your ass melt down OTB.* Cliff and JJ say they are excited too. JJ says it is so good to see the joy on Nicole’s face. FAH keeps co-signing everything. *No one is really listening.* JJ says if he hadn’t banished people in the beginning, they wouldn’t all be there right now. *Hail the conquering hero?*

    Nicole says she has changed. JJ says he didn’t want to get Nicole out. Nicole says that if she was a 6′ man he would have let her in that room. JJ says he was only trying to protect her from everyone in the room. FAH says that he was trying to protect her from the people in the room. Nicole says that if they had let her into the room she would have buried them. *GO NICOLE!*

    FAH lies and says she was just sitting in the middle of the room not saying anything because she didn’t know what was going on. JJ says he was just lying to the group and acting like he was mad. Nicole tells them that she never lied and her truth would have helped her kick their asses. FAH is still lying and telling Nicole that she believed her and knew she was telling the truth and never held it against her and respected her because she was open and honest. Nicole wasn’t letting them get away with it.

    Cliff says he remembers that Nicole woke him up and told him not to worry because she fixed everything. He said he asked her what she did. He said she told him just don’t worry. Then they heard everyone upstairs yelling and told her he didn’t think she fixed anything. JJ starts lying and telling her that he knew she was going to be okay and consoled her because he believed her.

    Cliff says that he knew something was up because nobody would look them in the face when they came downstairs. He said TT put his hand on Cliff’s leg and told him he was sorry. Cliff said TT had such a bad poker face. JJ and FAH are still trying to convince her he believed her over Bella and Nick.


    • MartyMar

      I LOVE that this is playing out right now. This is definitely Nicole keeping Jolly on the hot seat and planting the seed to evict Holly. Nicole’s not letting them dismiss what they did to her, and will be able to lean on that as a reason to say: “it’s all good, it’s just a game, I love and respect you so much, but I gotta send you packing Holly, I’m only trying to protect you from being evicted on F3 and not having a chance to see the Jury House, you don’t want to miss out on the full BB experience, and I want to make sure I help you with that.” Or something to that effect 🙂

    • Ann

      Go get em Nicole, bite, gnaw & chew on their asses while they try to run. Nicole needs to tell all 3 of them ” Uuh uuh bitches, no takesy backsies. Now let’s do this”

    • Tam

      This is wonderful. Go Nugget. Put them on notice!!!!! Hate that I missed this……

  13. danmtruth

    FAH is sooooo happy for nicole that the cameras will be on her
    Now rehashing the night the H8FULL were up in the room ripping nicole Nicole was mad that jackson would not let her in the room Acording to jackson he was just trying to protect her from all the people who were mad at her Than it was jackson and holly knowing nicole was saying the truth HUH??? Than cliff add how he knew it was BS that it was all part of a big plan to save both of them Cliff called BS on that saying no plan that includes being evicted is never a good plan

  14. davidsgirl

    Listening to these people in the backyard is just so painful. And on top of that their lit from the alcohol. Every topic brought up is getting turned back to them and their lives.

  15. MartyMar

    I think if they tell Jackson first (not Holly) what they’re planning on doing and why, Jackson may be more understanding. Jackson likes Nicole and should respect the game move. Regardless if bitter or not, Jackson should bring Nicole to F3. He has been a “comp beast” (hate the term, especially when the competition includes Cliff, Jess, and Sis — not hating on Cliff, just referring to physical stuff), and the jury has to respect that when he’s up against someone they didn’t bother to take a second look at (their loss, not hers); up against TT, however, the jury may just vote based on “friendship” (gag, Paul reaction); up against Cliff, I think Jackson also wins for same reasons above.

    That said, Holly should be in JH campaigning for Jackson and pointing out that he was made an outcast by the two people who have almost been in-laws. (Oh, wait, NK is in my ear telling me Beth will only be bitching about being “back-stabbed” by the outsiders and it won’t cross Beth’s mind to campaign for Jackson.)

    It’s going to be tough, but I think it’ll come down to delivery of the message. Warm Jackson up, buy him some flowers and chocolate (or watermelon), tell him he’s killed it this summer despite his alliance turning on him and ask for his honest opinion on whether he would respect game play (i.e., warm up the butter). He’ll know instantly what that means and in that first moment, Nicole (she’s super smart that way) will be able to read him and decide to pull band-aid or shutter to the corner. (Hope she pulls band-aid if needed.)

  16. davidsgirl

    Oh no, now their going to sing. 🙁 Why do drunk people always think they sing well. Ha!

  17. danmtruth

    Back to talking about the challenge he loves the idea of going all out balls to the walls comation than go out at night and party In other words extend and relive his frat days
    Holly keeps saying he just likes to be with his reality girls That jackson likes the idea of all the incestuous sex , , uhmm i think Holly does not understand the word She thinksi its just people who know each other Hate to say as far as i know incest is sex between FAMILY members

  18. davidsgirl

    I came across this video looking for something else relating to BB21 and couldn’t believe Jackson told Sis the sheets were clean. Oh my gosh! These people!


    • davidsgirl

      Did you see the comments people left.
      These houseguest give reason enough to be disliked by the things they do on the live feeds by their own adult choice. And it’s their own fault. Then they say America doesn’t know me, don’t judge me. Oh please.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Just like 2 spasmatic bunnies.

      • Ann

        I most definitely would’ve told the happy hooker she wasn’t getting in my bed smelling like boiled ass after she just goosed a man in the bed next to mine while I’m right there. She didn’t even bother to shower & wash her nasty ass.

    • Ann

      That was so damn gross. Why not just piss on her & tell her it’s raining?

      • Tam

        OMGosh, Ann, I love you……that is one my favorite and go to sayings….my Mawmaw used to tell us that all the time and she was straight up and didn’t tolerate corners……Thank you for making my morning with this comment…….

  19. davidsgirl

    Analyse looked at Jackson with her eyes, and he just knew what she was thinking. Ha!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    ** Got locked out of the system for over 25 minutes. Switching from real-time to recording.**

    JJ asks what day it is. Nicole says she leads the Veto ceremony tomorrow. FAH keeps telling her she’s so happy and these are the moments that they made it that far and Nicole gets this amazing week and everything that they see America gets to see. She says she wondered how no one saw Nicole and that she saw her from the beginning. *ROLLING EYES*

    JJ and FAH start lying to Nicole about the night his alliance was in the HOH and they wouldn’t let Nicole in. He says that she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. FAH said it was so awkward. She said the motives behind it was drastistically different and that treatment wasn’t okay and she and JJ kept saying so. Cliff says when they watch the show back they will see. He says that if they had seen Nicole when she came downstairs she said they couldn’t treat her like that.

    JJ says it wasn’t that he was trying to say he didn’t want her in there. FAH says it was vicious. Nicole tells them that if she werea 6′ man with muscles they would have let her in. JJ says that if she looked it at it from his point he didn’t want to let her in because 8 people were chomping at the bit to get at her. FAH says they were going crazy about her. Nicole says they don’t realized that she would have buried them. FAH finds this funny and says she loves it.

    JJ tries to tell her that some of the things they were saying…Nicole interrupts him and says “Some?”. He goes on to talk about Nick and Bella and says that some of the things they were saying were true and that they had said some of the things about them. He said he denied it and denied it. Nicole says she never told a lie. She says because she spoke her truth she would have buried them.

    FAH lies and says she was sitting down in the middle of it and didn’t know what was going on and didn’t know what to do and everyone was going crazy. JJ said he was acting mad. Cliff says CC and SS came in and thought he was sleep and admitted they actually did say things about Nick and Bella. JJ says Nick’s honesty and openess is what got him buried. Nicole said she was being honest. FAH said she respected that and knew that she was being honest and she never held it against her. *Somebody smack her upside the head with a bottle. To much?*

    Cliff says he remembers that night Nicole came in and told him not to worry because she fixed it. He said that he heard them screaming upstairs and asked her what did she do? She said that’s when she realized that they weren’t screaming at each other but about her. He says she was so despondent after that. JJ lies and says the hardest part was that he wanted to tell her she was okay. She says she was hysterical. JJ says he was in the RV trying to give her hints. Cliff said he knew something was up and no one would talk to them. He says that TT put his hand on his leg and told him he was sorry. Cliff said he said to himself that TT had a bad poker face.


  21. danmtruth

    Jackson has loose lips loves to hear himself talk and sees himself in a hero light

  22. danmtruth

    Coffee club people it was an odd night Tommy reinventing himself He was so naive he did not know christie was making all these deals Did not know what she was doing

  23. danmtruth

    Its time for me to go off to bed night all

  24. NKogNeeTow

    TT is now back and they are talking about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt. TT says that she is kind of like Nicole. Cliff gets called to the DR and says he’s taking his wine. Nicole asks what time it is. FAH says she’s going to be tipsy when she goes in. She says “Bitch might be drunk.” *Her words not mine, but, yeah.” TT proceeds to tell them about Kimmy Schmitt. FAH keeps interrupting/interjecting. She didn’t realize Tina Fey wrote it and says that’s probably why she likes it. She takes over telling the story that TT started. They start to talk like Jess then laughs and says they love Jess.

    TT resumes telling about the show. FAH still keeps interrupting. TT keeps talking. He tells Nicole that if she were to be locked underground for 10 years she would be Kimmy Schmitt. FAH jumps in again and takes over. TT keeps trying to talk. So does FAH. She takes over the convo again. She suddenly stops and asks JJ if he returned the snap goggles. He says no. He says he’s going to pee real quick and will be right back. *Why do they always feel the need to announce they are going to the bathroom and what they are going to do?*

    Once JJ leaves Nicole says she’s sleepy. TT tells her to go to sleep. FAH says this is so fun. She says she can’t wait until she can have a real wine night. She then drinks her wine then puts her glass down and starts to drink JJ’s. She says she loves wine and she missed it. *I hope she gets drunk enough to start a fight with JJ over The Challenge..lol*


  25. davidsgirl

    Well, I have had all of Jackson’s voice I can take and all he does is dominate every conversation topic. UUUUgggghhh!

    So I’m logging off. Have a great night and nite to NK and anyone else out there.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    JJ sneaks up on Nicole wearing the Snap Goggles and scares her. She says she was going to smack him. She apologizes. He sits down and he and FAH toast. He asks her why she’s so worried about him being on The Challenge. She says because what happens on it. He asks TT if he’s ever watched it. TT says no but he’s heard about it. He says he’s love to be a show where he can go balls to the wall in competitions. FAH says she doesn’t want to be on his roster of reality chicks. He says she should hear the way he talks about her when she’s not around.

    He says he’d just love to be on a show where he can just compete. She says it’s because of her PTSD. *There that b*tch goes again.* He says she’s already told him about it. She says she’s heard that before. He says when you pick a sour apple from a tree doesn’t mean that the rest of them are going to be sour. TT loves this analgy. She says when you live by that mindset and all the foods you taste are sour. He asks her if she knows how many times he’s been burned and he gives her and everybody else a clean slate. She says she knows.

    He tells her that just because she met him on a reality show doesn’t mean he’s like everyone else she’s met. He says he’s not a reality star and just happens to be on BB. She keeps saying she knows. He says he just got on a reality show but on the inside he’s still the same person. He says he’s not a cheat, can’t do it, won’t do it. He says he has an addictive personality but he’s addicted to adreneline and loves to compete and would rather be addicted to fitness, working out than drugs or alcohol.

    TT says absolutely. JJ says that’s just his thing, he just likes to compete. TT says Amazing Race. FAH says yeah, those are challenges. TT says The Challenge is more physical from what he’s heard. JJ says guys can go on BB and not cheat. FAH says that on shows like The Challenge guys can go on those shows and hook up. TT says DaVonne was on The Challenge and she wasn’t the type to hook up. JJ says it depends on the guy.

    He says he’s been there and done that and would much rather go out with his buddies then go home. He says he’s done those things and made those mistakes and he doesn’t go out with the intention of making out with women. He says even when he’s working at a resturant he competes with himself and sets a certain percentage for himself and wants to make just as much if not more than the other bartenders. JJ gets called to the DR again.


    • KelBel

      “FAH says she doesn’t want to be on his roster of reality chicks. He says she should hear the way he talks about her when she’s not around.”
      –Too late, G-ma. You’re on the list AND you’re #2. Despite all your efforts to twist the truth, You.Were.Sloppy.Seconds.

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  28. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is telling them that if you make yourself excited to get something you won’t get it. He is talking about winning Camp Counselor. Cliff said people asked him if he wanted the first HOH. He says he told them if he were a regular person he wouldn’t but he wanted it. TT says he wanted it too. Nicole gets called the the DR. JJ asks who threw comps. TT and Cliff say then have never. FAH first says she never did, then changes and says one, the first. When Cliff says there were some he didn’t care about winning as much as others, she changes again and says she doesn’t know whether she could have held on and just wanted 3rd. They go back outside.

    Cliff is telling them he realized in the color comp that he could have held on longer but realized he couldn’t hang on as long as most of them but wanted to prove that he could play but not appear as to much of a threat. FAH pipes in and says that was her thought too. She says she doesn’t have a lot to offer and didn’t want to get overlooked and not be scooped up by an alliance. She says she was terrified of being the first person out. She says the outlyers are always the first out.

    Cliff says it just makes his story that much sweeter now that he’s survived it. He says he’s come a long way from where he started. TT tells him he’s amazing. *Cause, well, that’s what TT says.* He tells Cliff if he were a fan watching the show he would be obessessed and there hasn’t been someone like him ever. JJ says Kevin was like Cliff but didn’t come close. Cliff says he didn’t think Kevin didn’t show much game. JJ says that he’s never seen Cliff sweat. Cliff says he just loves the game so much.

    FAH sucks up to Cliff too. *Because, why not, the rest of them are doing it.* JJ says his mom told him he was going to be so good on BB. He says the strategies he came in there with he had to completely had to change once he got there. Cliff said his strategy coming in was to find a person the most removed from him, the most different from him and work with them. He said he told himself that might be a young African American female as someone he could work with. JJ laughs and says Kemi. Cliff says and that didn’t work out so well.

    FAH tells Cliff that Nicole is pretty damn different from him. He says he kind of connected with Nicole because they both were underestimated. JJ says he banished David because of his handshake. He says he banished Jess, Cliff, and David because they volunteered to be Camp Counselor. He said Kemi was picked because he was in the shower and she came and talked to him 10 minutes and talked to him the least.

    Cliff said he knew that if he was going to go out, he wasn’t going to go without giving everything he had. JJ says that worst part of being Camp Director wasn’t picking them but not being able to look at them when they left. Cliff said he knew he was going to get picked. JJ says the other reason that he picked Cliff is because he didn’t vote for him, he voted for Nick. Cliff said he didn’t realize that they were only going to vote on the 4 that volunteered to be Counselor. JJ said he and Jack made a F2 on day 2. He said the moment he met him he had his back and knew Jack was his +1 and day 4 Jack burned him and he asked him about it.


  29. NKogNeeTow

    JJ tells Cliff that on day 23 when he cast the rogue vote he wanted to pin it on Nick and Bella and didn’t want it pinned on FAH and Sis. JJ says he volunteered to be OTB so none of his alliance would be up there. Cliff says it worked out and if it hadn’t been for him Jack may have gone home that week. FAH keeps saying “yeah. yeah. yup. yeah.” *COME ON THURSDAY!* TT is also agreeing but not like a that other parrot.

    JJ says the inner him wanted to do so many things but he knew it was to early. He says to be put up next to Jack he was so quiet and got into the mindset it was life or death. He says Jack was hyper but he was quiet. He says he knew going into the Veto that he had to win and take himself off and if Jack won he was f*cked and going home. He says he didn’t know that Jack wasn’t as good as comps as he thought.

    Cliff told JJ that he wasn’t the target. JJ says if Jack was gone or won the Tossed In Space comp he knew he was going home. Cliff says as soon as Kat’s score came up he saw JJ turn to Jack and say they were good. Cliff says he knew at that point he knew they were working together. TT remembers that scores. FAH asks him how does he remember that. TT says he remembers certain weird things that have an impression on him. *Oh oh*

    JJ shows them how he was doing in the comp and Cliff was telling JJ how he did in the comp and how it was close for him. FAH leaves and comes back with a mouth so full of food she can hardly get her mouth closed. JJ tells them he won some of the comps with a bad foot. Cliff tells them the comps he liked the most. He says he didn’t come in thinking he was the most physically fit guy. JJ says what makes him the proudest is what his mom is going to see him do in the comps.

    JJ says his mom knows his strengths and weaknesses. He says going into the comps that he won surprised him but he knew it surprised his mom. Cliff said he knew the Slip and Slide was not his comp. He said he knew that Coral Reef comp should have been his because he’s an engineer but JJ killed it.


  30. NKogNeeTow

    JJ is telling them that he knows not to get embarrassed on national TV. The camera gets a close up of FAH’s almost empty glass. JJ says that Sis was giving him the look and was on board with taking a shot of CC. He said that Sis wanted CC OTB. He said they had multiple convos about taking shots at CC. Cliff says OTEV was a hell of a deal. FAH says Sis was sitting there like she didn’t care about OTEV. TT says that maybe Sis was playing both sides and was better than they gave her credit for.

    JJ says after Jack left Sis didn’t know where to put her chips. TT says when he won Tie Me A River he could tell that JJ/FAH was nervous. JJ says he was scared. Cliff laughs and say TT took care of that. TT says he told Cliff that at some point he felt a switch. Cliff says he’s never taken anything personal. JJ says except when he hears things being said about him on a personal level. FAH pipes up “yeah, because that’s on a personal level.” *This dummy forgets that SHE was the one that has said the most about him.*

    Drunken FAH pours another full glass of wine. JJ says that other than Sis, everysince week 3 he was the youngest guy in the house and gave up his entire life to be there and he gave up everything to come to LA. He says he was listening to CC say demoralizing things about his personality and character but she didn’t realize that he has an entire family and job prospects and a president of a major company talking to him about potential job offers and she was slandering his name. Cliff says she threw JJ under the bus.

    JJ asks did they think he would keep her in the house for another week deal after she may have jeopardized his life. Cliff says she sold her soul to him to keep her in the house so he knew she sold it to JJ. Cliff says she promised him F4. TT asks if he was part of that 4. They say no. TT says he never told him that. TT says “Aw shit”. JJ says CC was talking to him about F2. FAH says “WHAT?”.

    Cliff says CC had a dream team. JJ says he knows there are 3-5,000 who watch the show, he says he’s being modest. He says that it’s not a skidmark on the underwear of the entire country that watch the show. He says he and his mom have watched the show for years but had never watched the feeds. He says that what went through his mind was the millions that don’t watch the feeds were going to take CC’s word when she’s dragging his name through the mud and base an interpretation off of him just because a woman said it. He said CC had been saying bad things about him for 2 or 3 weeks. TT says he believes the truth will come out in the show. He says he believes JJ and if she is as up and down as they say she is, it will come out.


  31. NKogNeeTow

    Cliff says that CC was playing a lot of people. TT says including him. He says that after he had his 1 on 1 with Cliff, he told CC that something felt weird. He said she assured him that everything was fine between them and Cliff. Cliff is telling TT something but it’s hard to hear because Nicole has returned from the DR and Holly is called and the 2 of them are running around the yard singing and being silly.

    Nicole is still running around as Cliff is telling TT that he was trying to keep his options open. Cliff said he was trying to tread a fine line because he didn’t want to break his word. TT says it worked out for the best. Cliff says everything happens for a reason. JJ asks who’s taking a shot at who? Nicole says she did. JJ, Cliff and TT talk about the 3 sets of 2. TT says he didn’t think that Jess and CC would be next.

    JJ says that keeping noms the same forced CC who was his biggest ally forced her to work for him. He said it pushed Nick away from TT and forced TT closer to them. TT says he was always close to them. JJ says he was trying to set himself up to bring everyone closer to him. He said Jess had to go because CC had her in her pocket. They tell TT that Jess threw him under the bus big time. He tells them what Jess said.

    Nicole tells them about the night Jess was acting funny in the bathroom and telling her how she couldn’t trust anyone in the house and the main one she couldn’t trust is Nicole.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Hope everyone is snug in their beds and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  32. Helen

    Trouble in paradise tonight..
    Drunk Holly fighting with JJ…..

    • Helen

      Or should I say early this morning. Lol. It’s darn near morning…
      And Holly’s calling Jackson a F’n [email protected] again
      Gets up and goes out of target br sitting on the floor crying…
      All because of a freakin TV show he’s not on. Lol

      • Ann

        Hold on Helen, I called that earlier when I got my nosey ass up & back on here to see what I missed. I knew this fight & crying fit was coming. But then again, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is going. Another Paulie & Zakiyah.

      • mm22

        Mean drunk is she? Btw I watched part of them talking about the challenge
        and jj’s head lit up like a light bulb this is the next show for him! Hollybeth
        was fine until she caught wind of all the hook ups her head looked like it would
        explode I’m sure I saw her throwing daggers at jj head -there was no way in hell
        he was not going to pay for it later! How dare he want to be on a show with
        beautiful girls!

      • danmtruth

        MM22 you are correct Holly was giving Jackson the death stare of a serial killer Funny thing is jackson saw it and made fun of her for it That only add to her hatred

  33. NKogNeeTow


    Had to sign back on. I was watching the feeds and listening to Nicole cam talk after everyone left the HOH. At around 2:15 am (BB time) cam 4, the lights are off and FAH starts in on JJ again about the show The Challenge. BB turns the lights back on and he gets mad and tells them that the rules say that the lights are to be off if they have a game or event the next day and they aren’t talking game. He says that they aren’t talking game. A few minutes later the lighs go out. As soon as they do she starts up again. She asks him what he expects from her. He tells her he expects her to support him. She mumble something and gets a warning about obstructing her mic. He told her goodnight twice already. She mumbles again and gets another warning. She tells Production to fuck off. and starts cursing at them.

    JJ tells her goodnight again. She then says something about saying goodnight. He says he’s already told her goodnight. She asks him what he’s mad about. He doesn’t answer. They are quiet for a few minutes then she tells him he’s being fucking weird. He asks her how is he being weird. Production tells them to put on their mics. She tells them to fuck off again. She says something else and he tells her she’s about to get in trouble and she’s about to go OTB. lol.

    He tells her if she gets a penalty vote it’s her fault. He moves in the bed and she says something to him. He says he was trying to put his arm around her. She says he put his arm on her fucking head. She tells him that he’s been a fucking asshole all day. He tells her to go to sleep. She says why should she because she’s going up on the fucking block tomorrow. The lights come back on and he tells her to say it again. She says she didn’t say anything. He tells her he heard her so just call him a fucking asshole out loud.

    She says she didn’t say it. He says he heard it and if she can say it under her breath, she can say it out loud. He tells her just to go to sleep. She says no, she’s not going to sleep. He tells her that if she can call him a fucking asshole under her breath then she can say it out loud and it’s the second time in 2 weeks that she’s called him that. He is PISSED!

    She says good talk. He turns away from him. She covers her head and says to turn the fucking lights off. He turns back over and asks her did she or did she not call him a fucking asshole. She says he’s making her feel like a fucking asshole. He tells her now she’s just not making sense. She keeps asking him what? He just says goodnight Holly. She says what the fuck are you doing? He says I’m asking you a question. She groans. He doesn’t say anything else.

    She covers her head and ask him why is he like this. He says why is he like what. She doesn’t answer. She covers her head and mumbles something. She gets a warning about her mic. He pulls the cover off of her head. He says at least he knows not to drink with her. She ask him what. He says she got mad over a hypotherical game. He tells her he’s tired of being called and asshole.

    She gets out of bed. He tells her that way she’s acting makes him not want to be around him when he gets out of the house. He tells her that she has some wine then calls him an asshole because he wants to go on a game show. She tells him that because he wants to go on a fucking show like that. He tells her that clearly the wine has made her act crazy. She tells him to stop acting condesencing to her and he will not talk to her that way. He tells her she is on national TV and look the way she’s acting.

    She starts scolding him about the way he’s talking to her. She gets mad and leaves the room. He sits up in the bed and just looks at the door then lays back down. *I’m telling you guys, this is what I’ve been waiting for all night..lol* He closes his eyes and tries to go to sleep. She is sitting outside the room on the floor crying. Now before all of you Holly lovers jump to her defense, he kept trying to go to sleep and she started up about him wanting to go on The Challenge. Then she DID call him a fucking asshole under her breath but you could hear it clearly.

    She goes to the kitchen and fixes herself a big glass of water and goes back and gets in bed. She calls him and he tells her that he has nothing else to say to her tonight. She keeps saying “Jackson”. He says first she called him a fucking asshole then said fuck you and he has nothing else to say to her tonight. He tells her they will talk in the morning. He asks her to please stop. She persist. He then tells her he’s begging her to stop and they can talk in the morning after they have both gotten some sleep. She keeps talking.

    She keeps after him until he tells her that he’s not going to get talked to like that, especially since she’s been drinking. She keeps on him. He says that he just want to go to sleep and wants her to. He says that just because he wants to go on a game show and she acts like this. She tells him that even Nicole doesn’t believe him. He says “Just because I want to go on a game show to compete?” She keeps telling him that he doesn’t have to go on a show like that.

    He says if she’s going to call him names, not support him then he has nothing else to say. She keeps saying that it’s not like that. He says that if he wants to hypothetically talk about being on a game show and she can’t support him like he supports her then she’s not the right person for him. He says that if she wants to drink and then lump him in with her exes then he’s not the right person for her either. She keeps going and he starts to raise his voice. She gets mad because she say of the kind of show it is. He says he just wants to go compete and if he wanted to hook up he wouldn’t have to go on a game show to do it.

    He tells her she’s called him an asshole twice and he’s tired of it. She says it’s because he wouldn’t talk to her. He says he got a fuck you to and who was that directed at? She starts saying “Oh my God”. She starts babbling nonsense and he tells her she’s not making any sense. She says that the way he talked to her was condescending. He says he’s sorry and he’s got to work on that, then says “Goodnight, get some sleep, we’ll talk in the morning.” He says he doesn’t like going to bed pissed of but he’s not going to talk about it anymore tonight.

    She won’t let it go and continues to mumble. He turns over. She keeps mumbling and says something about him not talking to her. He tells her it’s not worth it and he cares about her to much. She keeps going. He tells her that she was the one who got in bed and turned her back on him when he told her tonight. He says he gets she has a past and has been mistreated but he’s not them. He tells her that if she wants him to give her respect her then she has to do the same. He says then she gets up and runs out of the room when they are two rational adults who should be able to have a rational conversation but she shouldn’t expect him to run after her.

    He asks her if she wants to hear condescending, how about her calling him an asshole twice. Then to tell him fuck you on top of it. He says “and I’m the one who’s 7 years younger?” She just mumbles “um hum”. He tells her that she wanted to have a conversation and as soon as he starts to talk all she has to say is “um hum”. He tells her to make up her mind. She asks him if he can at least pretend to be empathetical. He tells her she just callled him an asshole and she wants him to be empatherical?

    • Helen

      Good stuff!! Lol
      Hope production gives her a penalty vote

    • Kari

      oh my God what a condescending bitch. I realize they’re on a show and I realize the cameras follow them but the second that she took production to f*** off she should have been called out immediately into the DR and gotten a penalty vote. She shouldn’t be stopping somebody from getting sleep she should have been forced to go to a different room by production.

      I never thought I’d see the day when I felt sorry for Jackson but I do. I hope he’s smart enough to avoid the hell out of her once he’s at with her. Maybe mommy’s will be a help in this situation, I would laugh but it’s not even a funny matter to me this girl has some serious psychological problems.

      as far as the guy she was dating from The Bachelor, Luke, yes I remember him and he is a jerk.. but still, learn to heal from the crap that happened to you and don’t bring it into your next relationship. Some natural walls are going to be up but come on girl seriously? Have a little self-respect. This camera time is not giving you what you wanted.

    • KelBel

      Team JJ on this one! Grandma B wants America to see her for who she really is…and she just keeps showing us!
      Jealous of the women he’d be around on a show he’s not even on. If you are that insecure about your relationship/partner, that’s a huge problem. A 30-something woman who has apparently been thru this before should have that figured out. I also love that he brings up the 2 points that she has always seemed the most focused on: his age and that they’re on national tv. Yet even THAT didn’t stop her! He’s absolutely acting like the more mature person and she’s calling him names and insinuating that he’s a cheater. Getting drunk and running around pouting. I’d love nothing more than to see this psycho/insecure attention whore leave Thursday.
      ….And please, Steve, do not tell us she’s good for the feeds! LOL 🙂

      (PS: Mel, I couldn’t comment over the weekend, but I saw what you did in that pic again…tsk tsk) 😉 haha

  34. Helen

    If she gets like this over him hypothetically doing a TV show how’s she gonna act if MTV calls him with a contract deal and he takes it?
    Run Jackson Run…far away

    • Ann

      I would really like to know what happened in her past relationships that caused this chik to become so unhinged. She’s clingy & needy as hell. I don’t like him at all but he had better run fast as soon as they get out of the BB house & get his ass a restraining order. Can ya’ll just see her parked outside of his house sitting in her car watching his every move. STALKER….

      • ShoeLover

        LOL!! I can totally picture her doing that!!!

      • Switzerland

        Hey Ann- I know one of her past relationships was with a former Bachelorette contestant named Luke Pell. He is a definite player and lied and cheated on her constantly, not to mention belittling her for her looks and personality. She did a podcast with Reality Steve a couple years ago discussing their relationship. I know you can still listen to it on his website, but I don’t know how to link straight to it… I’m not defending her actions on BB, I frankly think she is annoying too, but it does give you a little bit of perspective on why she acts this way with JJ…. Hope everyone has a good day!

      • Switzerland

        I just googled holly allen reality steve and it was his podcast #88, when I googled it, it took you right to his site. Hope that will help!

      • Ann

        Thank you Switzerland, I’m most definitely going to find it right now.
        I’m sure that will shed a lot of light on her situation. I start to feel sorry for her because I know there has got to be a reason for her being the way she is & then she turns right around & pulls a dumb stunt like drinking & acting a fool.

  35. Robin

    Hello… tried to sleep but got woken up with some bitch crying?

    • Robin

      Sorry, I guess I should feel sorry for her, but she makes it hard, and wonders why she’s single.

      • mm22

        Robin drunk or not hollybeth knows exactly what she’s doing! She wants
        him to promise not to go on the challenge and apologize to her-I know that
        sounds crazy to us but imo that’s what she’s after -she wants her way n this
        is how she goes about it

      • KelBel

        I hope there’s a rep from MTV The Challenge with a contract at the finale. Sign JJ, sign and run!!!

  36. NKogNeeTow


    The Bedbugs are still at it. He tells her to just lay there with her eyes closed and when she wakes up in the morning to remember she called him an asshole twice. She says it’s because of her PTSD. He tells her that he’s sorry she has trust issues with her exes but it’s not his fault. He says that he gives her respect and he derserves the same. She keeps saying she knows. He says that he shouldn’t have to keep fighting because he hypothetically is interested in a game show.

    He tells her that she doesn’t have the right to make him feel guilty for the way other men have treated her. He says she’s not going to put that on him. She tells him to stop yelling. He tells her he’s not yelling and says he doesn’t want to go through this tonight and they can talk about it in the morning like he’s said 30 times. He says he’s not going to keep going through it.

    He tells her that she needs to get some sleep and go to bed. She mumbles something about praying for her. He says he does pray for her everynight and he’s grateful for her and if that’s condescending then he’s condescending. He says unbelievable. He tells her they have 2 weeks left in this game. She tells him he does, she doesn’t. She says something about and expiration date. He tells her that way she talked to him 2 weeks ago and tonight it’s not going to work outside of the house.

    She tells him not to says that. Then she mumbles something else and gets a warning about her mic. He asks her when has he ever talked to her that way. He asks her if it’s her hormones again. She says yes. He says that was her excuse last time. He tells her he’ll talk to her when she’s sober then gets up and starts to leave. She asks him where he’s going. He says he’s definitely not sleeping in there and leaves, She gets up and follows him into the kitchen.

    Production tells her STERNLY “PUT ON YOU MICROPHONE”. He tells her she’s going OTB tomorrow and doesn’t need a penalty vote. He leaves the kitchen and goes into the outer bedroom. She follows him. He tells her that she’s acting exactly the way his exes did. He goes back into the target room. She follows him. He sighs and tells her he’s asked her to go to bed and she just won’t stop. She mumbles something else. He tells her he has a past and she just has to get use to it. He says that if she’s going to get mad over his college stuuf then he doesn’t know what to tell her.

    He tells her he cares about her more than she knows and she’s called him an asshole on national TV, talkked down to him and that’s not how you have a relationship, that’s not how anything works. He asks her if she would please go to sleep. He says there is no sense in talking to her when she’s been drinking and they should talk tomorrow when she’s sober. She gets on him about not wanting to talk to her while she’s drinking. He says he’s trying to make it not a thing.

    He tells her goodnight and says he’s going to bed and will talk to her tomorrow. He sits on the bed and she just stands there looking at him. They get in bed. She is still at it. He tells her again he doesn’t deserve to be called a fucking asshole and told fuck you. She starts that crying shit and he hugs her. She says it’s the house. *Aw hell naw, it’s you toots!* She starts sobbing like a baby and he caves and holds her but he doesn’t look happy. She keeps crying and saying something but he says nothing.

    She cries and says she’s tired of being sick, she’s tired of being sleep deprived. He’s laying there with a look on him face like he wants to just throw himself off a cliff. She says she’s tired of being on the wrong everything and she’s heard it all before. He is still holding her but still silent. She tells him she’s just heard all the same things before. Now he looks like he might be considering wringing her neck. She starts crying harder. He’s just laying there with her in his arms and this strange look on his face.

    She covers her face as she cries and says she’s so tired. He say he knows. She starts to cry harder then snorts. *OMG that made it super funny.* She turns her back and buries her face in the covers and he rubs her shoulders. She says this fucking game then starts crying harder. He never says a word. The she starts crying and breathing hard. He’s almost drifting off to sleep but she keeps crying and sniffing. He still doesn’t say a word. *Chat room is going crazy BTW*

    She asks him for a tissue and he gets out of bed and gets her some. She finally settles down. She starts crying again and we get fished. DAMMIT!

    • danmtruth

      Not to get all Dr Phill but maybe all your ex’s act the same way us because how YOU treat them ? Add to that you choose the same type of douchebag guy So why are you surprised Attention Whore does not even come close to what she is Time for uncle Cliff and big sister Nicole to step in and give Jackson a safe family spot to land in a F-3 with

      • Kari


      • KelBel

        Agree, Dan… but Jackson isn’t even being a d-bag in this situation. I feel truly sorry for him. He’s stuck, can’t just walk away. He hasn’t done anything to deserve being called an a-hole. She, on the other hand, has done plenty to deserve poor treatment/names but he’s not being a jerk.

  37. NKogNeeTow


    She is crying really hard and gets up and walks to the door, says something about the cameras following her. She leaves the room and JJ begs Production to turn off the lights. They don’t. He rolls over and goes to sleep. They finally cut them out and he thanks them 3 times.

    Okay, she’s gone. I think the DR must have called her because of all her drama.

    This late night program has been brought to you by LifeLock, ADT, Coke, Purina, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Kleenex, Poise, Campbell’s, Maytag, and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

    Good night and good luck. 🙂

    • Ann

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart NK for these juicy spoilers. You are much appreciated.

      Do you think Mother Michie has gotten the paperwork started for the restraining order???
      She must be so proud of her son’s taste in women.

    • ShoeLover


    • mdkitty

      OMG! Would you ever believe the Jackson we saw at the beginning would actually be the sympathetic one in this scenario? I want to say RUN Jackson but there’s no where to run! I would go outta my mind I could be that unhinged girl in the middle of a fight but that was when I was 20!

      • Ann

        He had better get on his good foot & hightail his ass out of those doors as soon as the show is over. He may not know it yet but he’s got a problem on his hands. Sexing her up on national television for the whole world to see is not helping the situation. That’s planting the “I Love You & want to be with you forever seed” those seeds have taken root & started to grow all kinds of crazy ideas in her head. She was damaged goods when she got there & he treated her what to her is nice & gave her a little attention, she hooked him up with some nookie & that was all it took to start a full blown relationship in her mind.

    • Tomi Myers

      NK, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You outdid yourself, going above and beyond the BBAD posts/updates with your BONUS & EXTRA BONUS feeds. I had to go to bed, eyes wouldn’t stay open long enough to see “The Holly Chronicles”, but knew they were coming. Thank you again for the extra spice in your BBAD posts.

    • Kari

      HOLY FREAKING WOW… Get some help girl, seriously.
      You got camera time, that’s for sure but you look like a pathetic fool!!

      PS good morning BBJ!! ❤️

    • Avatar

      Thank you NK. Great red. By 30 you need to know yourself better. If drinking makes you over emotional then don’t guzzle wine. If you have trust issues then picking your boyfriends from reality tv shows is stupid. She doesn’t own her bad choices, instead plays victim.

    • Nikki

      You went the extra mile on this one NK.

      Can anyone tell me where the link for donations for NK IS? I need to buy that girl a cup of joe.

    • Tam

      Omg, you just had me almost Poise myself. Absolutely Priceless. Just knew that when they started drinking this was going to happen. Doesn’t take a crystal ball to read what’s going to happen. I have missed everything last night. This is hilarious and another repeat performance by HB. She is the painful gift that keeps on giving. Damnnnnn. Bbahhahahaa. And I feel sorry for JJ because of this. He has been a gentleman by being her support bunny through the tears where most would just boot her to the curb and leave her to drown in her own tears so I give him respect for that. Takes a lot of patience. Lord, knows just reading all this has mine completely gone……Penalty point because I kicked her ass out of the room and rigged the door to be stay shut…..Call Dr. Phil’s crisis team to come safely remove her from the premise.

  38. Avatar

    wow, wow, wow. Crazy. Poor Jackson. he just wants to go to sleep and she carries on. When she watches this back (praying it’s on an episode this week), after being embarrassed, hopefully she learns not to be so freakin’ needy. A woman you met 80, 90 days ago is giving you crap about a show you just heard about, want to look into, may or may not do? Run Jackson, run. Talk to Nichole, she’s contemplating voting Holly out anyway. Talk to her, get on the same page, send her packing.

  39. Houseguest Doug

    Last time I checked there can only be 1 winner of Big Brother. Please message me if that has changed.

    F2 results…. Tommy vs Jackson = Tommy
    Tommy vs Nicole = Tommy
    Tommy vs Holly = Tommy
    Tommy vs Cliff = Coin Flip but my gut tells me Tommy

    Jackson vs Cliff = Cliff
    Jackson vs Nicole = Coin flip – Gut tells me Jackson
    Jackson vs Tommy = Tommy
    Jackson vs Holly = Jackson

    If Nicole is smart take Cliff off and still vote Tommy out. Since she and Cliff would have all the power. Much better odds up against Holly and Jackson than Tommy

    • Kari

      I agree. As much as she Holly is very difficult to watch, I don’t think she’s near as big a threat as Tommy is at in the end.

      • Mello_One

        I concur also….All of Tommy’s Hateful Alliance, except Jess & Kat are in the Jury house. And Tommy got along with each & every person that is in Jury….Idk, its like 50/50, but I see Tommy winning sitting next to anyone, because no one is angry at him. But if its about game play, Nugget might win, but Christie, Kat, & Jess are pissed off at her.

    • Betty Boo

      I think Nicole really dislikes Holly (or is maybe jealous of her with Michie) and wants to go to the Finals with people she likes. I personally would rather be sitting next to Holly in an F2 situation than Tommy. Getting to F2 with Holly in the picture is prolly not going to happen though. I also think Holly would be easier to beat in comps since her body is shutting down, her PTSD, her memory loss, her pinky fingernail probs (exaggeration), etc….. I don’t see Nicole ever initiating a conversation with Holly. And Holly talks at her when she does speak to Nicole. Cliff seems to have forgotten that those people all voted him out.

      • KelBel

        I truly don’t think Nicole is jealous of G-ma B. However, G-ma has voiced jealously over the attention JJ gives Nicole. My thought is Nicole has a good judgement of character and if she doesn’t make the effort to talk to G-ma B, it’s because she knows exactly who she is: a crazy fake mess. The only convo G-ma B has with Nicole is kissing Nicole’s ass to get what she wants.

  40. Betty Boo

    BB – PLEASE give them alcohol every night until Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

    • danmtruth

      Especially since it is just the 5 of them
      A thousand thank you &thumbs up go to NK for battling thru computer glitches and mind numbing conversations To unearth this gem Remember to help her Mel and Steve with a donation for helping us keep this happy place filled with good information thats presented in a fun entertaining way Go chip in a few bucks As Jerry Lewis said every telathon any bit helps

  41. BBBonbon62

    Can’t believe I went to bed and missed all the fun. Thank you NK for getting us all up to speed when we awoke from our slumber. Hope you can get some sleep today.

  42. Alda

    I’m just getting to watch BBAD this morning.I have stomach pains looking at Holly/Beth’s white pants.How does she even breathe in them? The camera sure was following her ass around,and she was playing them for all it’s worth.UGH!

  43. Kari

    Now I really want Jackson to go on that show. Seriously dump her ass and go on the show…

  44. MamaBear

    Hi Y’all! Newbie here and just had to comment on the Holly and Jackson argument last night. While I have a plethora of issues with Jackson, I do have some unsolicited advice for him. RUN! Run like hell and don’t look back! Run to the DR and tell BB your being stalked by a 31 yr old psychotic beauty queen with PTSD, PMS, and possibly STD! This chick needs inpatient psychiatric treatment ASAP!

  45. amareels

    Thanks NK! I fell asleep early and woke up around 2 am my time and thought I would look in on the pets but then decided naw, they would just be boring and hashing over past events. I was wrong! Thank you for covering the fight. hollyBeth should really think about the way she handles alcohol. The chemical reaction is not a good thing for her and she gives wine tours? Not good!

  46. Mary

    Wow, I knew when I logged out last night that there was going to be trouble in paradise. Just couldn’t stay up to watch it. So I too, thank you NK .

    Seriously wondering why Holly keeps saying she has PTSD, is it because a man cheated on her? or how they dismiss her because she’s acting like a spoiled brat/ victim? Personally I don’t even think she knows what it really means. Maybe someone who has survived the 9-11 Twin Tower attacks, or maybe the Boston Marathon bombing can explain it to her. A fireman, that comes upon a car fire and finds a child and Mother burned to death, not to mention all the other things they may have seen. Not forgetting the military, or policemen that have also experienced horrific things. Not forgetting people and children who have truly gone through horrible abuse and sexual abuse.

    No, I have no sympathy for the woman who claims to have PTSD because of what, a man cheated on her or doesn’t want to talk to her when she is acting like a fool. I doubt very much she was diagnosed by a doctor to have the disorder. I maybe wrong, though don’t think this time.

  47. Mary

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