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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Overnight Thread

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house and it’s really hard to explain what is going on. Let me first do the current summary:

  • Cliff – HoH
  • Nominee – Jack
  • Veto Holder – Jackson
  • Powers remaining in game – Christie’s
  • Slop – Jackson, Christie, Kat
  • Next event – Monday afternoon which will be the veto meeting

Ok, today the big talk has been whether or not Christie can strike a deal with Cliff to just flat out nominate Bella on his own without her using the power. Based on last Monday, I’ll be shocked if Christie actually trusts someone in the house enough to not use her power tomorrow, but she’s trying. What’s making it worse is that one of the people on Cliff’s outcast side (Jess) is absolutely horrible at this game and having a one-on-one with him. He is actually talking with her about actually doing that (nominating Bella) and if he does without forcing the power out of Christie, I’m going to just cry. I may revoke Cliff’s Hall of Fame status.

Ok, I am not up long but I wanted to start a new thread since the other is getting large.  Updates in the comment section:


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  1. ElaineB

    Use the power or don’t……….are we almost there?? I am exhausted. lol.

  2. Amber

    Yeah that Cliff/Jessica convo was just as annoying to watch as Christi retelling her Bella convo ten times in a row. Reached my level of annoyed for the night- Jessica telling Nicole that Christi wants to work with them and she’s not a liar. Meh. Good night late nighters!

  3. Mello_One

    Why do you think the DR told Jack to shave off his beard, & mustache, because without it he would look more Angelic, Innocent, & not like an aggressive ego manic? I know Jack walked out of the DR saying that they wanted him to make a dramatic change to his looks.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Cont.


    Bathroom:. He

    Nick and CC are still talking. Now they are telling each other how much they love each other. CC tells him that f she decides to use it she will let him know first. She says that Cliff is probably scared. Nick tells her that if she decides not to use it she has to let him know so he can go and talk to Cliff because they are close. He says he doesnt mean to bombard her. *Yet he hasn’t stopped* He promises Ratty won’t put her up. She says she loves Cliff and respects him. She says she has until 11 to use it and whatever happens,, she hopes he doesn’t hold it against her. *Sounds like she’s going to use it* She says that if her decision bites her then it is her karma and result of a poor choice and that’s something that she’ll live with, but at least she stood up for what she believes in. *That doesnt even make any sense. Just say “I’m going to use it”, then walk away.* She tells him that he has her but she’s not going to F5 with couples. *Rinse and repeat* She says she wants to go to the end.

    She says she will take shots at them if she has to (couples). She says she will take out JJ because she doesn’t like the way he talks to people or her. She says she will do what she has to do. She says she wants to work with Nick and she never lied to him about that. She says that she feel that as long as Ratty stays in the game beside her, she will be a wedge and reckless. He says he’s not trying to defend her *That’s exactly what he’s trying to do* but if she has to go then do it but he just wants her to know that AD is amazing at this game *No he’s not* and he’s going to be hard to beat and this is the best shot to get him out. He reminds her how when AD was HOH she was scared he was going to backdoor her. *This kid is pulling out all the stops* She says she obviously trust him (AD) and she really doesn’t think he was going to pull something on her. She says she’s just a paranoid person. Nick is swearing on his life again. *If God called them on half the times they’ve sworn on their lives, most of that house would be dead* He tells her he respects and loves her and kisses and hugs her and tells her he loves her so much and doesn’t want anything to happen to her. She tells him to just be prepared either way and says she’ll let him know in the morning.


    JJ is in bed and Holly is trying to offer him cookies. He turns her down and says he appreciates it. She starts to talk and he tells her he doesn’t have a mic on. *His way of dismissing her* He said he already got nailed for napping. She says “Then can I talk”. He says “I’m good for tonight”. *Damn girl, does a Mack truck have to fall on you before you get the hint?* He tells her goodnight. She says “OMG why are you angry. Why are you taking your anger out on me. That’s not fair. Not allowing me to say anything”. He says he would explain but he doesn’t have a mic. She asks him if he wants her to give him his mic so she can explain herself to him. He says he doesn’t, he just wants to go to bed and thanks her. She says she didn’t mean anything mean by that. He says he doesn’t care. He tells her he doesn’t want to talk about it and just go to bed because he’s going to bed. He repeats he doesn’t want to talk about it and wants to go to bed. She says okay.


  5. NKogNeeTow

    Bear with me. I’m running about an hour behind on the comments but I’m trying to get it all in. There were a lot of long conversations tonight.



    Holly is STiLL there. It’s like she won’t take no for an answer. *Girl, there’s getting your feelings hurt, then there’s embarrassing yourself* She tells him that she doesn’t like seeing him so frustrated. *Shes frustrated he’s fine.* He’s not talking. She tells him she didn’t have to bring him cookies and she was trying to be nice. He says something about her game (coulldn’t make it out). She says it is. Silence for a few minutes then he mentions something about her game again (he still doesn’t have on his mic and got no warning). She tells him he’s just making this non-negotiable. He tells her that if she can’t make the decision for herself then he’s making it for her.She tells him he keeps saying that and he has no idea what decision she’s making. He says he knows what decision he’s making. She says she’s getting the gist, then ask him if he wants her to leave the cookies there in case he gets hungry. He says he’s not getting hungry. She laughs and says he’s sweet. He tells her he’s been sweet towards her and where has it gotten him. She tells him he’s misconstruing her words. He says again that he’s going to bed. She says okay and says goodnight but he knows that he’s taking her words completely out of context. He doesn’t say anything. She then says she did not say she regretted him. He says she didn’t have to. She walks away then comes back and tells him to stop and he’s putting words in her mouth. She tells him to knock it off. *This chick is a glutton for punishment* She tells him that he doesn’t know what she’s thinking so don’t make assumptions. *She seems to be the only one in the world that doesn’t know he doesn’t care*

    He is laying there playing with a bandana with a TOTALLY disinterested look on his face. He finally puts the bandana over his eyes and tells her to get some sleep. She says him too. He pulls up the bandana and tells her that sleep is not going to change the way he feels and that there are certain things that aren’t cool to him, certain lines that he doesn’t f*ck around with and that’s one of them so he’ll talk to her in the morning. She stands there with her arms crossed quietly then says she doesn’t f*ck around with that kind of stuff either and that is so entirely not how she meant that at all. He says that’s not the first one of those kind of comments she’s said but it’s the f*cking last. She starts to talk again and he says “Goodnight”. She asks him what other comment has she made. He says he’s done talking. She says they’ll talk about it tomorrow. He says no they won’t. She says yes they f*cking will because if she’s going to be in the house with him for the next 60 some odd days they will talk about it and he will not be in a sh*t mood when they do. He says he’s not in a sh*t mood. She tells him he is really dramatic. He says “Yeah, dramatic is really going to help the situation.” She says she said something insensitive jokingly. He says he doesn’t care. She says he completely took it the wrong way and if they had an open honest conversation about it he would understand. He said if they did she would understand too but they don’t and that’s the nature of this house. She opens the door to leave and he tells her he would appreciate it if she doesn’t go downstairs and run her mouth about it to other people. She says yeah, will do.

  6. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff laying next to Nick. SamIAm, Nicole and that total waste of skin Jess is there. Sam is saying they want to put Ratty up which will suck because that’s a total number for their side. Sam is pissed because if Ratty is put up then both the JBros come down. Nick says he tries not to really talk game because he’s gotten burned from it but it could easily go 5/5 if Ratty went up. *This child must have Alzheimer’s. He’s already forgotten that 2-day conversation he just had with CC in the bathroom* They start counting votes. Jess says KK won’t vote. Sam asks would KK vote out Ratty. Jess says she’s not totally sure but she thinks she would. Nick tells Jess that if she talked to KK and let her know that they need 5 (so Cliff can break the tie), then he thinks that she would (vote with them). Sam says he would prefer to talk to KK because they have a fake F2.*LOL* Nick says they should worry about that if it comes up. Sam says they have to worry about it tomorrow.

    Nick says he’s not trying to talk game or speculate because he doesn’t know who’s on who’s side. He says hes trying to be smart with his words. * Too late* Uncle Cliff says she has to decide by 11 tomorrow. Nick says that’s why he’s so nervous about tomorrow. Nick asks Cliff if he knows who he will put up. Cliff says he’s got 2 choices. Nick says he only has 1. Cliff asks which one is that. Nick asks him who does he think she’s closest to. Cliff says they’re talking Sis or Holly. Nick says “Oh, you’re going to do Holly?” Nick and Cliff say it can’t be TT or CC. He says he’s been told that he can’t do that. Nick says that if Cliff told her he was going to do TT then she would use the power. Cliff says he’s talking KK too. Nick asks him if he told CC that he would put up Sis or Holly. *He sure seems to be coming up with a lot of suggestions for someone who just said they are not going to talk game* Cliff says he’s let her make the choice. Nick says he should talk to her then and reassure her that he won’t put up TT. Cliff says he thinks it’s beyond that. He says he personally thinks that she’s going to use the power because she has told everyone that she has it and she’s getting a lot of pressure and she very much plays an emotional middle game and she’s all about peace and karma and does not want people being upset with her. He asks them to please not go back and tell her.

    Nick says she has 2 weeks left and the minority is now the majority. Sam says if she uses it he will be pissed. Nick tells them that if AD stays he’s going to win the game. He says it’s not even a possibility, it’s going to happen. Total Waste of Skin Jess tells them that it’s Ratty, people are scared of her. Cliff says the problem is CC is so targeting Ratty right now. Nick said its because Ratty said her name. Cliff says that CC is willing to get her out even if it means less protection going forward. Sam says but Ratty can’t win anything. Nick says the only reason Ratty said her name was because he was so upset when he got blindsided and Ratty is very protective of him. *Funny thing is that if she thought for one minute that she couldn’t use him as a meat shield, she’d drop his azz quicker than hurry up* Sam says he thinks CC is going to use it tomorrow because e shes using the Ratty thing so they know that she’s worried. Cliff says he thinks it’s absolute that she’s going to use it. Ratty comes in.


  7. NKogNeeTow

    I keep getting Page Unresponsive or Duplicate comment.


    Uncle Cliff is hobbling upstairs.


    TT, KK, and Simple Sis at the counter. CC on the oddly placed sofa trying to go to sleep.


    Nick is telling Ratty about his bathroom convo with CC. He tells her she needs to talk to her. Ratty says she doesn’t know what to say. Nick tells her to pull CC aside in 45 minutes and tell her that she’ll respect her decision, apologize for saying her name, swear she wouldn’t put her up, apologize for running her mouth, that she’s trying to be a better person *Nobody’s going to believe that one*, and that Nick really cares for her. Ratty add more to it to tell CC. She plans to lay it on thick. Nick tells them that CC said she was going to tell him her decision tomorrow morning. Nicole *God I hate that she’s with that group* says that CC told her that she would use it as long as Cliff puts up Ratty. Nicole says why can’t Cliff just say “yep” then just not do it.

    Nick tells Ratty that Cliff doesn’t want to put her up because he doesn’t want Nick to be mad at him. *Cliff could care less* Sam says then Cliff should tell her that he’s not putting up TT then put up Sis. Nicole says this can go 2 ways. Ratty is telling Nick something that she could tell Cliff but Nicole is laughing so loud I couldn’t hear.


    Total Waste of Skin Jess is talking to Uncle Cliff. She is telling him that CC wants to save the power for herself. *Has she had an original thought since she’s been there?* Cliff says the problem is that Ratty opened her big mouth and mentioned that she wants to come after CC and now CC is bound and determined and it’s become personal and CC getting a little panicky that even though Ratty hasn’t won anything yet, she knows she’s target #1 for Ratty. TWS keeps saying “Yeah”. *Rolling eyes* Cliff says that the other part is CC is a mental, emotional player and if she hadn’t told everyone she had it, it would have been a different ballgame. TWS says the reason why she told was because she thought she was getting backdoored with Nick. Cliff says he knows. Cliff said that Nick told him multiple times that he was that close to putting her and AD up and that everytime Nick said it he wanted to ask him why didn’t he and why did he leave it to him (Cliff) to get the blood on his hands and have the ire of all those people on that side. *I wonder if she knows what ire is?*

    Cliff says that because now everyone knows she has it, if she doesn’t use it and AD goes home, or anyone else on that side, she’s getting all the blame from them for not using it and she doesn’t want to have everyone on that side upset with her. Annoying Voice Total Waste of Skin says there won’t be a lot of people on that side. She says that if he can talk to CC and tell her that if Ratty goes up against AD, she will go home. *Yes Brainiac, everyone in the house except you and Simple Sis are already aware of this* She says everyone wants Ratty gone, including him. Cliff says but the idea they could take AD to 5 votes to take it to a tie he just doesn’t think is there. She says she doesn’t think it is either. *Amazing what the power of suggestion can do for someone who doesn’t have a brain.* She says that KK will vote with JJ because she has some sort of weird relationship with him. Cliff says that if she uses the power Ratty will go home and AD will not and he’s just accepting that as a certain outcome.

    TWS Jess says that CC just wanted to make sure he didn’t put her or TT up. Cliff says that if CC hadn’t told everyone and Ratty hadn’t done what she did they would have been just fine right then and there but now with those other 2 he could see the way CC was talking…TWS interrupts and says CC is a straight shooter and she thinks that a lot of what others are saying is just a spin to make things look the way they want to make it look. Cliff says that’s what worries him is CC wouldn’t say that she would not use it no matter what. He said he told her that if he made her a promise it’s going to be a promise kept and she will not be targeted nor TT because he had no desire and would rather work with them. He said CC said she gets it and if it was anyone besides Ratty but with Ratty targeting her…TWS interrupts again and tells him that that is her version of saving herself. * I want Orwell to kick her azz out of the room. She’s interrupting his beauty sleep* TWS says
    CC knows she has the numbers to get Ratty out. *Hey, I’m down. You down?*

    Cliff says that if that happens, they need to make sure they have a safe place to land over there and the route is through CC and TT. TWS Jess says he would just more blood on his hands if he put Ratty up himself. She asks him how he feels with AD and JJ in telling them that he’s putting Ratty up in good faith knowing that this is what the house wants but he wants to make sure that AD knows that he’s doing it so that AD stays. She says that if he does that then CC saves her power but she’s going to have to use it in 1 or 2 weeks, nobody’s going to be targeting her and she could use it on one of them if one of them go up. *Good luck with that*

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Bear with me. ‘My air is still out. It’s HOT and I can’t sleep so I’m watching BBAD on my DVR cable box so I can pause and get the entire conversations (basically just killing time)



    Ratty eating crow talking to CC. *Sorry Orwell, didn’t mean to drag your relatives into it* Ratty is has a sh*t eating grin on her face as she tries to save her ass. KK is there listening but not saying anything. CC is playing along and explaining to her that Nick wasn’t listening to them last week but it wasn’t a betrayal. *Yeah, it kinda was* She tells Ratty that she understand her being in total defense mode too. Ratty is telling her that she “literally” did says those things and she “literally” did talk a lot and she “literally” has no excuse. *Can she “literallly get the f*ck out of the house?* Ratty says you have to be good with everyone because you never know what can happen and she felt she didn’t know who to trust and felt like she was alone in the dark. *Helen Keller could see through this bullsh*t* She says “like” even though he and Nick are “like” different people “like” it sounds weird but if she “like” if she goes she obviously doesn’t want to go but “like” she would never do anything to harm Nick’s game. And “like” it just made her so sad because she was just “like” Nick really, really trusted her (CC) and in the moment she was “like” OMG she thought that in the moment she was “like” more annoyed with herself because it was “like” she put him in this bad situation. Now mind you, half the time she wasn’t even looking CC in the face while she was talking to her. Most of the times her eyes were going up towards the sky. A sure sign you’re lying.


    Uncle Cliff is still being burdened with 175 lbs. of flesh (Total Waste of Skin Jess). He is saying that if he does this that he knows Nick is going to be pissed and maybe Sam too but they should pull their own damn trigger sometimes. *Go ‘head Cliff. Spread that country wisdom!* He says no one is going to accuse him of not rolling the dice and trying but sometimes you just have to fold your hand if it just doesn’t work out. She’s still saying “Yeah”, I’m still pretending she’s not there and he’s talking to Orwell. TWS says she thinks *Now there’s one for the books* that he’s in a position where he’s taken a helluva shot and he’s gotten a lot of blood on his hands and it didn’t work out. He says that’s the thing, he would expect that probably next week that Nick could be the target. He says after that, he’s probably pushed himself up towards the top just because now he represents a potential competition threat and because AD and JJ both have been put up by him *Bingo! Give the man a CEEEGAR!* He says he just have to face that and live with it.

    TWS says and this is why she thinks it’s so important for CC to not use her power, She says she knows for a fact that even though she’s (CC) is close to AD, her and JJ really don’t see eye to eye and she (TWS) knows that she (CC) sees those as power couples and she’s going to have to get rid of them at some point and she doesn’t want to pull the trigger so she’s probably going to want someone else to do it. Cliff says that’s what he’s hoping for. He says it’s fine as long as they’ve goh=t the numbers. TWS says it doesn’t make sense to use the power on someone she’s want to get out in the first place so it’s not something she’s dying to do. Cliff says he thinks she’ll do it if she feels she has to. TWS says that CC is a straight shooter and she trusts her as much as she trust him. Cliff says he believes her when she crosses her heart *Wait, what?* He says he thinks that she (CC) takes him at his word and as long as they can trust each other.

    He said he told CC that he could completely screw up her game and that if he said he was going to put up Ratty, then he could not put her up, he could put up her or TT instead but that she has to believe that if he makes a promise he won’t do it, he won’t do it and she believes that. TWS says she thinks *there she goes again* that if he puts Ratty up, that side will see (that he wasn’t lying to them). She says that if Nick or Sam would try to target him there would be no votes to carry through. He asks her if he does this, Nick is just Nick and he doesn’t think he’s going to tell him anything because it’s just going to lead to a blowup before the ceremony, but what about Sam. He says he hates to leave him out to dry. He says he likes Sam and he’d like to see if he couldn’t find a spot for him as well. TWS says she thinks they could CC knows he (Sam) is playing a good game. She thinks CC will be trying to play both sides for a bit until they target them. She says if they target the couples they could take them out. Cliff says that’s where he thinks Nick is a little short-sided and he thinks it’s desperation on his (N) part of saying that it’s guaranteed he’s going to win the game and they’re just going to power their way through. He says CC and TT know and love this game and he thinks they recognize that they’re going to have a hard time beating AD or JJ. TWS says she thinks he’s right, this is just not a week for play. Cliff says he thinks she’s right, that he rolled his dice, it didn’t work and now he just needs to just buy his way back in. She says at least now they(Cliff’s side) know they (AD/JJ) are comp beast. Cliff says yeah but he beat AD and he wasn’t that far from achieving what he wanted to achieve. TWS says the thing is she still has the power and people are going to want to play nice with her and as soon as one of them goes up and somebody wins the Veto, that they can use it and backdoor one of the guys and that’s good. She says that’s a smarter game play.

    Uncle Cliff says that’s the other thing, he’s got to realize that his HOH isn’t really a failure because he didn’t get AD out, its seeing where everybody stands. He says he’s already forced one power to be used, turned out not to be a huge one but at least it’s out in the open so they know it’s gone. TWS says so do we think that Ratty has the first power *Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water…* He says he heard a long drawn out story that Ovi had the power and he can potentially buy that because he thought Ovi had it when they were playng the game but he (O)never said anything to him but perhaps he wouldn’t have if he thought it was something he could use if he came back. Cliff said that JJ came up and told him that Ovi told him right before the vote that he had a power.

  9. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling Ratty that if they were in the club they would be BFFs and she’s glad that they talked. Ratty is telling her that she knows what’s happening to AD is hard for her and what he feels for her is SO strong and she knows Nick loves her SO much. CC says she doesn’t know wtf all the boys see in her and it must be because she’s a lesbian. Ratty fake laughs and tells her she’s amazing. Ratty says she doesn’t care if she puts her up, just take care of Nick. CC says she wouldn’t put her up. *No she’s going to let Uncle Cliff handle that. They are secretly playing a game with each other called “Let’s Bend Over And See Who Can Blow The Biggest Cloud Of Smoke Up Your Ass”. KK is just laying ther withy this stupid smile on her face. Ratty starts crying and CC gives her a hug. *That’s one thing Ratty does better than CC, cries crocodile tears. Fake, but real tears.* Ratty is crying so hard she can hardly talk and telling CC that she just feels so bad because she just loves Nick so much. *Que the screeching violins* Says that she feels she really feels like she brought his game down, as she wipes away snot and tears on her sweater sleeve. The waterworks are in full force now and she says she just hates that now he has to do all this backtracking. CC tells her that he still has a good chance of winning. She says everyone really loves Nick and he’s a lover of this game. Ratty chokes out “I know that”, between snorting back more snot and sniffing. CC says she knows how much Nick loves her (CC). Nick is in the background playing Cornhole alone. *Not sure how he can see the target because he’s to busy watching the hammock act.

    CC says that she believes that after this he will be one of her best friends. Ratty says she thinks that’s why she “like” took it so personally. She said she wasn’t “like” upset that she “like” did it to her. She has milked all the tears she could, the ducts are dry now and she’s laughing. *Yep, I said it, you read it* Ratty is telling CC that Nick has everyone’s back and he’s so genuine and so trusting. She says it’s hard for her to trust people but it’s not hard for him. She then suddenly realizes she ruined her makeup. CC tells her it doesn’t look like it’s smearing. She tells CC that she just really wanted to talk to her. Then she turns to KK and apologizes for just butting in (like she just realized she’s there). KK laughs and tells her it’s alright. KK gets up to leave and CC tells her that when she’s done to come back and talk to her because she feels like she hasn’t talked to her all day. CC looks up and says she thinks AD is coming. Ratty tells her that she “literally” didn’t want to make it awkward for her so she’ll just go play Cornhole but she wants to tell her that she “literally” loves her and she’s so good at the game. CC says she’s not that good she just loves people and she tries to be a straight up shooter as she can. *Pass the pipe, it’s time for more smoke blowing*

    CC says she knows AD is dangerous and she knows that he’s a physical threat, he’s a social threat and apparently he has a brain. *That must be the part we haven’t seen yet* She says but he swears by her and she doesn’t even know why so that’s why this decision is hard for her. She says she really doesn’t want to use her power and she’s just scared of the reprocussions if she doesn’t because JJ “literally” went OTB for her. She says even if she uses it, it’s not definitely her (R). *Yes it is* She says she “literally” doesn’t know what’s going to happen but she promises as soon as it does come clear to her she will have to obviouslly do some explaining. *Okay, Ratty just said something that was peppered with so many “like” and “literally” that I can’ even write the damn thing* Ratty is rambling. CC tells her that even if she goes, she will call her the first thing she gets out of the house and she will take care of Nick. *Now if the girl couldn’t read between those lines she should just asks for her suitcase and a Greyhound ticket now*

  10. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff and the mass of wasted, skin which is Jess, are still talking. He is telling her that a few people are getting tighter with some people that they ought to be tight with. She says she agrees. He says it’s going to piss off Nick and Sam. She tells him but that’s 2 people against the whole rest of the house. Cliff says as pissed as Sam will be its just going to force him to float over to their side and abandon Nick. He says he’s just going to tell Nick that he put him up and that he can’t accuse him of not doing what he wanted (putting up AD/JJ) and it didn’t work and he’s not gonna go down in flames just to take a chance on something that no one in the house wants anyway. *But WE want it Uncle Cliff. WE WANT IT!*

    Total Waste of Skin Jess tells him he has to go with the house and make the people happy right now. *Shut up TWS* Cliff says you can tell the way he’s played so far, he’s not afraid to take a risk. TWSPSM says she loves it. *I swear to God, it’s something about that woman’s voice…* He says he’s not afraid to roll the dice and take a gamble but sometimes you have to acknowledge when somethings just aren’t going well for you and you have to back off a little bit. She says she thinks *There she goes again. Skin doesn’t think dammit* that Nicole was a little worried but she told her that some things are out of our control in these circumstances. He asks her what was Nicole worried about. She says the fact that if Ratty wasn’t around there would be other targets. *There will ALWAYS be other targets* She said Nicole was worried about various things and she told her that sometimes you have to act on good faith. Cliff says she has a reason to be worried and they all have to be a little worried, but on the other hand with Nicole it also means that now she’s not being forced to choose between their group (Cliff) and their group (AD/JJ), and she can milk this for all she can. Jess says “Pretty much”.

    Cliff says he thinks it benefits her (Nicole) and he’s talked to her earlier today but didn’t go into this level of detail with her. He says he needs to do that. Total Waste of Skin Jess sits there bobbing her head up and down like a seal waiting for a fish and says that Nicole has told her plenty of times that right now she doesn’t want to choose sides. He say he knows she doesn’t. She says that Nicole says that right now she just feels like it’s just her, Jess and Cliff. He says it kills him to have to go to her and say he wants her to vote keep Ratty and send someone else home regardless of who that someone is. He says it’s the same way with KK. He says it’s hard for him to do that and pretend like he’s treating them as equal partners in their group. The Total Waste of Skin that is Jess, just keeps saying “Yeah”.He says if they go in this direction he doesn’t have to do that and in some ways he’s honoring what they want as much as himself and her (Jess) and everyone else. Jess says “Yeah, she’s not good for any of our games at all (Ratty)”. He agrees. Jess says just like what she (R) tried to pull with her and KK yesterday. He says that was so stupid and just hurt her own game. Jess said it was so unecessary. He says its stuff like that that makes him think that he can’t rely on her for anything. He says if you have a lying sneaky person that is good at what they do he can maybe use that at some point but not when you’re just off the cuff doing stuff. Jess said she told Nicole that this is just going to light a fire up her assto make sure she stays on that wall if its an endurance comp. She said she told her there is only so much they can do gamewise in terms of strategy and thinking and placing. And that Cliff “like literally” had the cahones to put the people he thought needed to be put up, unfortunately it didn’t work so now they need to work twice as hard to fix it and make sure that he’s safe for next week and thats just the way the game is. played. She said they can’t run scared. Cliff agrees. She says they shoot their shot and if it sticks it sticks and if it doesn’t then they go back to the drawing board and they have a chance for Veto, they have power plays. *What damn shots has she taken? What did she bring to the drawing board? What power plays has she made? What the hell did I blink and miss*

    Cliff says that he didn’t talk to them first and there’s a part of him that feels bad because he didn’t make that call and it didn’t involve them much but he was also going back and forth so much and he kinda wanted it to look like his shot anyway. He says that now they’re at a different level it just doesn’t seem fair for him to make a decision like this without checking with them. She says that from this point on it doesn’t make sence for any of them to do that. She says she wouldn’t at least without getting everyone’s opinions and making sure that the decisions end up as everybody’s in agreement with. He says that by him taking the shot has identified who’s interest are the same and different. He say he doesn’t know if last week he could have easily said who he wanted to work with and not work with but now it seems crystal clear that the path is him and her, KK, potentially Sam, CC, TT, and Nicole, and that’s who he’s going to have to ride the horse with. He says he’s not a flip flopper and not going back and forth. He says it’s just a matter of who’s on this side and who’s on the other. He says it seems like they have it figured out at this point. She says she thinks so and she’s hoping that tomorrow at 11 it’s still that thought process.

    He said he’s kind of made his decision and he may still wait until the morning to officially say to CC that that’s what he’s going to do, but he may not even.


    CC is telling KK how she heard on 2 ocassions that Ratty said her name and said she wanted her out. She says that this morning she talked to Sam and she said that and he confirmed that she (R) wanted her (CC) out. KK said that she’s said that to enough people. CC says so NOW she wants to talk? Now she wants to pretend that she meant nothing by it, but how does she trust that?

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  12. hogwild

    That was a lot to take in but best I could tell sounds like Bella and her big mouth has screwed up any chance to get aquadick out thgis week.

  13. NKogNeeTow



    KK is telling CC that he (she didn’t say a name) basically wanted to get her opinion on everything about the Outsiders alliance but she doesn’t legitimately think it’s a standing alliance. CC asks what she means. KK says like, her, Cliff, Nick, Ratty, Jess, and Sam. She says she doesn’t trust anyone in that alliance except for Jess and Cliff. CC says she loves both of them. They say that Sam is the one they trust the least in the house. KK says she has no reason for that other than he’s so sketchy. She says she really doesn’t know him that personally but just feels that he he doesn’t want to get to know her and when he does she feels like he has an ulterior motive. She says she doesn’t really want to be in that alliance and she doesn’t feel threatened by the 6 at all and there is a lot that can happen in the next couple of weeks and they are going to turn on each other. CC asks her if she told him (Nick?) that she (CC) doesn’t want to go to the end with 2 couples. KK says no because she didn’t want him to know that they (CC/KK) were talking like that and that she didn’t want him to think that she would tell someone else info that he told her. *She would, and is as we speak* CC says he would probably respect that even more.

    KK said she did insinuate that realistically she didn’t think there were going to be 6 couples. She said that if you watch any other season the showmance couples never make it to the end. She says usually they always get split up. CC says to be honest, everyone that she’s spoken to would put up JJ/Holly. *Bet you KK can’t wait to go and relay that* She says she knows it’s sucky because she knows that KK is friends with them. CC says that would be the best thing to split them. Nick comes out and over just as KK is about to spill the beans about something. *DAMMIT MAN!* He starts to walk towards them and CC ask if he’s coming over there. He asks why. She says because she hasn’t had a chance to talk to KK all day and every time she starts, someone comes up. He says okay, he’s good and starts picking up the bean bags and starts to toss them.

    KK tells her the first week, she and JJ were super close. KK starts to ramble and the camera shifts to the target room.


    AD is telling TT that he just wants to make it through this week and he doesn’t want to say to much to anybody. TT is shaking his head in agreement. AD says the second he does that the could go home. TT tells him that he’s right. AD says he might seem a little lethargic this week but it’s just the safest play. TT tells him it sounds good and he won’t ask him anymore. AD tells him that TT asking him if he’s good is like him asking TT if anything has changed. AD says and them not telling him that he’s dead, at some point anything could change and they could say “Just don’t tell Jack cause he’ll lose his sh*t.” TT asks him if he thinks he’d ever do that. AD says no, he thinks he would tell him if he was dying and he would cry. He said TT would show it. TT says “you know me.” AD laughs and says TT wouldn’t last 5 seconds. He’d just walk up to AD and he’d know. TT tells him he (AD) just got nominated and he bawled like a baby. AD laughs and said “I know”. TT yells “stupid, stupid, stupid”. They laugh and AD says yeah we totally showed our cards. AD says now TT has to cry for everybody. TT laughs and says the thought about it the next day, that he just bawled crying. They leave the room.


    Simple Sis in now with CC and KK. CC tells her that Ratty was there crying. SS asks her why? CC says “Because I told her what’s up”. *Lyin azz thang* AD walks over to them. SS asks what Ratty was saying. CC says that first Nick cornered her. She says she’s “literally” is being followed all day but that’s what you get when you tell someone you have a power. She tells SS how she was in the boat room with a bunch of people an she said she had to go to the bathroom and he Nick followed her there and told her that was the only chance he had to talk to her. She goes into their whole convo and said that he “lliterally” just went off on her the whole time, then went into a long speil begging her not to use the power.Said he told her he would die for her in this game and he loves her an he would forever have her back and this is not good for her game and he would assure her that TT would not go OTB. TT walks up and climbs into the hammock. CC says she was straight up with him. She goes through the entire convo (see previous comments). Of course she added a little yeast to the retelling of the conversation.

    • kecker

      Am I the only one that can’t tell, even from context who CC, KK, AD, TT, SS, ABCDE are?? Does someone have a translation guide?

      • Amber


      • Nancy

        CC is Christie
        KK is kat
        AD is Jack
        TT is Tommy
        SS is sis
        PSM is jess
        Rattella is Bella

      • RebeccaC

        AD as in “AquaDick,” also Manbun = Jack Matthews aka Aquaman
        Beth = Holly
        CC as in “Cryin Christie” also Crazy Eyes = Christie
        Hank Hill = Cliff
        JJ as in “Jackass Jackson” also Blocky, Colonbox, Box, Snackson, Michie, Mickey = Jackson
        KK as in “Kryin Kat” = Kathryn
        TWS as in ”Total Waste of Skin,” PSM or PM = Jessica
        Ratella or Ratty = Isabella or Bella
        Squeeky = Nicole
        Sys or Sis also Simple Sis = Analyse
        TT as in “Tommy Tune” = Tommy

      • NKogNeeTow

        LOL, love you Kecker.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Rebecca I am SO proud of you. You are my star pupil. LOLOLOLOL

      • Alf

        You can say that again. The nicknames are mind numbing

  14. hogwild

    I know there are still a lot of people in the house and there is a lot to cover and I really appreciate the time, work and effort that the select few put in to keep the rest of us updated but sometimes there is to much information and it all just becomes a blur.

    • Nancy

      I’m with you..I am so grateful and appreciative of NK, MEL,STEVE,DAN and others I’m forgetting to name..forgive me..that keep us up to speed ..I do get lost at times ( normal for me) but through out the day it falls into place after all the thoughts and comments of fellow junkies chime in. Right now, I’m confused..I’m still watching bbad so hopefully things become clear..if not I’m grateful I have all y’all..

  15. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling TT and Simple Sis about her convo with Ratty and how she was crying her eyes out and that first she wasn’t crying and admitted to everything. CC says she was honest with her and told her that she has to be loyal to the people who are loyal to her and that’s AD and he would never put her up but Ratty said she would. CC said then she started crying hysterically. Cliff comes over with Oreos and they tell him to pull up a chair. She continues to tell them the rest of the convo. Cliff gets called inside. *I dont know who tells the longest stories, she or Jess* AD comes over and sits down.


    Nicole is sitting there eating. JJ remarks about 1 snack in each container and asks “WTF is this? The ghost of Kemi? One snack in each container?” (KK and TT did it earlier as a joke). He goes outside to show the containers to the rest of them. Everybody is laughing. He takes them back into the house and puts them back into the fridge and tells Nicole he lives with children…then he drinks chocolate milk out of the carton and puts it back. Nicole tells him she still thinks he looks like a gorgeous man so don’t even worry about it. He laughs a little and tells her he appreciates it and thanks her. The two of them finish making their snacks in silence. Cliff comes down and says he’s on his way to the DR and will get his snack when he comes out. More silence between Nicole and JJ.


    CC is STILL telling the story of Nick in the bathroom. She says he tried to play on their emotions. She’s almost start from the top of this story again. I’m not going to repeat it. She tells them how Nick followed her outside and asked her if the hot tub was hot, while he had his hand in it. She says then he went inside and motioned for Ratty t come over and talk to her.

    Pool table:

    Ratty and Sam are playing pool. She is in a much better mood…laughing and stuff. She asks him if he likes her so he can use all of his Asian jokes. He says no. Sam walks by her and starts to whisper about KK and how her being with them on the hammock looks suspicious. Ratty says “So that means we’re f*cked”. He says “Yep”.


    Nicole and Jess are talking. Jess tells her that they must win HOH. *Isn’t that the object of the HOH comp?* Nicole asks her what’s his (Cliff) thinking right now. Jess says he didn’t confirm but she thinks that it’s for CC to not use the power and for him to put up Ratty and make the house happy. And that he’s going to work to get into JJ an AD’s good graces. *Good luck with that one too* Jess says that CC could save her power for the next two weeks. Nicole asks her if she thinks CC would use it, then says she can’t see her using it on any of them. Jess says that it is based on an agreement that he would have to make with CC. Jess says that they aren’t in a position but CC wants to work with them. Jess says she doesn’t think CC is a liar. *Now I know this fool doesn’t think that CC would use the power to save her just because she wants to “work with them”* Jess says she feels good about it. Nicole wonders why would she not want to get rid of AD or is it just not yet? Jess says she thinks CC was just going to let it happen until Ratty said her name and Ratty threw herself under another Ratty bus. Jess says that CC is not comfortable and he knows that she would be next on Ratty’s list. Jess said who knows what Ratty would do because she’s a wildcard and in everyone’s bad graces. Nicole just sits there listening and eating her cookies. Jess says that they have to break up the Nick//Ratty/Sam situation and hopefully they can get Sam. She keeps repeating how CC wants to work with them.

    Cliff comes back from the DR and stops to talk with them an eat the sandwich Nicole made for him before he went into the DR. They start talking about the comp that won Cliff back into the house. Nicole told him that he kept the ball so steady and she wouldn’t be able to do it.



    AD says one of the has to win an he feels it’s going to be endurance then says for the love of God please give him an endurance. KK asks what happens if Sam or Nick win? AD and TT says they don’t know. AD says he (Nick) might try to prove himself, but Sam might try to prove himself too. TT says that if Sam puts him up it’s fine. CC says they’ll play it by ear but she doesn’t see Sam winning a wall comp. *That’s how they slept Cliff…lol* She says that Sam is very soft. TT asks if they are sure it’s a wall comp. CC says no. TT says he hasn’t won anything yet. AD asks do they think that if Nicole won she would put up one of the 6, then he makes a face and says that would take some cahonas but what are her options. He says that would be payback for him putting her up. Then he says in a nasty voice “I’ll break her legs”, then catches himself quickly says “I’m kidding America”. *Too late, we already heard it* CC says she gets the feeling there is a little strife there since The Black Widows scandal. AD says he thinks she’d do Nick. CC says she thinks Nick and Jess. AD says Jess? CC says, pawn. KK tells them that Cliff is trying to make this whole Outsiders thing happen. CC says she could see her (N) putting up JJ/Holly. AD agrees and says that’s some sick sh*t. He says TT is due for a win. He then tells a story about a quarterback in high school that got arrested for stealing crab legs, then starts to yell “allegedly”.


    Cliff is telling them that if they were in week 12 he might consider it but if he did that now…Nicole says it’s to early in the game (Not sure what he’s talking about). He said then his word is gone an she’d never trust him again (probably talking about CC). Puddle of Flesh Jess says the only thing you have in this game is your word. Cliff says he’s sticking by his word. Nicole says okay. He says he had some really devious things but he can’t do them. He said he talked to Jess earlier and that’s why he’s talking to her now because they are all partners. Nicole says they are all on the same page. She says that whatever they do, she does. He thanks her for the sandwich then tells him that once his leg is better he’ll come down and they can make a lot of things. Cliff says he offered Oreos to everyone on the hammock but most of them were on slop. He takes a container of slop snacks out of the fridge and puts them in his pocket. He told Nicole and Jess he’s going to walk out with the Oreos then pull these out his pocket. He walks outside and KK yells “Hey Cliff”. AD says under his breath “There goes with the Oreos, the sand baggin son-of-a-bitch”. AD says he wants to call him Teddy Fucking William Clifford Hogg because he’s offering the new fair deal. Cliff comes over and offers AD an Oreo, then pulls the slop snacks out of his pocket and asks if he can offer them one of these. AD yells “YOU JUST GOT TROLLED” and they laugh.

    Only AD, TT ann KK on the hammock now. They are talking about the Veto comp where you have to go into the house and find someone elses. AD tells them how he’s hide his.


    CC is now telling Cllff the saga of her convos with Ratty and Nick.


    Simple Sis and Nick are talking and she’s telling him that someone annoys her (Ratty?). He is helping her find some medicine. She is constipated. *She always acts like that* They go check out the temperatures in the rooms. He asks her if she wants company or is she going to bed *Guess he’s trying to line up his next bedbug for when Ratty leaves* She tells him he can hang out. He leaves to put the comforters in the other room.
    She says she’s going to change. He offers to leave but she says he can stay. He says then he won’t look and sits on a bed with his back to her.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Now I’m going to take a nap then get up and find an a/c repairman if I have to drag him in here at gunpoint. Oh and don’t expect this much detail all the time. It was just because it was too hot to sleep…lol. I would say goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow but since it’s already tomorrow, the have a GREAT day!

    *Pay no attention to the little woman behind the curtain. She’s just a bit loopy at the moment.

    Until tonight, Toodles!

  16. ShoeLover

    Catching up from the weekend!!! Sat down this morning to watch both Sunday’s episode and BBAD. I don’t watch a lot of TV and CBS channel either. I prefer NBC. But I just found out my dang CBS channel is not working. Those typical threats between AT&T and CBS contracts are happening!!! This better clear up before Thursday!!! I did a little reading and there are some cities in OR who haven’t had their CBS affiliates since June!!!!

    Anyways, can Holly finally get the clue and tell Jackson to kiss her ass and eat shit and die already!!! Reading through NK’s updates and it is apparent he is a narcissist!! How much more of his gaslighting can she continue to take?????? Jess open up your eyes and quit acting like you are in the know!!! “The Know” zooms over your head daily!!! The talks you have should be you more listening and see what others are saying because they are telling you what IS going on !!!! Lunch date with my hubby!!! So see yalls later!!!

  17. Avatar

    Still praying that cliff is going to go against his word and put one of the 6 up. I understand if he doesnt and I blame Jess who in my mind is the worst BB player in the history of the game.

  18. AIO_7

    New Mel thread, Y’all.

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