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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap



Cliff and Nicole finally realized they don’t have the votes to get rid of Jack because of Kat. Cliff talked to Nicole about calling Christie’s bluff and it seemed like he was considering it early in the day. He told Nicole he would make sure they talked again before he did anything. (Cliff trusts Nicole and Sam only)

Sam told Christie she should keep her power and pushed for Jack to leave. He said they needed to get him out while they had the chance. Christie told Sam she doesn’t plan on going to the end with couples. (Shes’ been telling everyone this but no one seems to notice she doesn’t give a reason for why Jack can’t leave now) Christie just talks about Bella being toxic and says Bella is coming after her. Sam trusts Christie and believes she wants Jack out so he’s comfortable telling her this stuff.  Christie relays all of what Sam said back to the 6. (Tommy will get his way because Sam is the next target for the group)

Nick knows there’s a good chance Bella will go up when Jackson comes off the block. He’s telling people in the 6 he’s cool with it. Nick told Sis he was planning to talk to Cliff and try to get him to make a deal with Christie by saying he would put Bella on the block but then put someone else up instead.  Naturally, Sis took information right back to the 6. Separately, Nick told Cliff if Christie used the power to get Bella otb, he’s coming after her.


HollyBeth told Jackson she was reluctant to have sex now that she’s realized it may be on the feeds. Jackson was pissed and going off about it to Sis and Tommy. (He was such a jerk) Tommy was telling him not to take it personally. Jack said he wasn’t but if she couldn’t make up her mind, he would “go ahead and cut things off and make an executive decision for her and end it.” (I’m guessing HollyBeth decided this after Kat told them they were probably making porn the day before)

Sis and HollyBeth discussed both of them being late and I don’t mean for a BB ceremony.

Kat told Cliff it was better for her game if Bella left over Jack so at least he knows what he’s dealing with for the votes. She also told him she’s heard Jackson talk about needing to get rid of Christie since she’s close to Jack.  Kat said Jackson is obsessed with Jack. (Hopefully, Cliff can use this info later) She said she was afraid Sis would turn against her if she voted Jack out. (Holly is who should go otb to get Kats vote but Cliff doesn’t know this)


Christie and Sis were upset with Nicole because Christie said Nicole “owed them” but she didn’t guarantee her vote in their favor. Sis wants to get her out next if possible because she doesn’t trust her. Sis did her usual trash talking.

HollyBeth and Kat confirmed their F3 and said Jackson was the third. Kat was worried people would come after her after Bella left and they talked about the 7 person alliance they have. HollyBeth said Kat wouldn’t be the next target because she has the 7.

Nicole talked to Cliffs family on the cameras. She said they had a great father and husband. She said she wanted to go to the end with him. (Steve posted a tweet from Cliffs daughter on the previous thread)


They’re still talking badly about Kemi and it continued last night. Why are they still obsessed with Kemi? Sis said “I know that b*tch is saying something fu*ked up about me.” These kind of comments have continued since Kemi left the house. Too bad they dont know about Kemis post on social media after she got home, not that it would make a difference to them:

Jess told Nicole it was too soon for Cliff to try a big move. They agreed that not having Bella in jury would be a good thing but Nicole worried they may not make it to jury now either.

HollyBeth and Jackson had another argument and he pouted and went to bed. She made a joke about his body changing from slop and it didn’t go well. He said something about “an eating disorder for 5 years” but said he didn’t want to talk about it. She still brought him slop cookies and milk to try and appease him. (Personally, I don’t think she needs to be embarrassed about sex on the feeds nearly as much as she should be embarrassed about her taste in men being shown)


Nick talked to Christie to try and save Bella. He had Bella talk to her too but nothing changed. Bella woke Cliff up to tell him Nicks plan about lying to Christie so she wouldn’t use the power and putting up whoever he wants. Cliff said he’d thought about it but it was too early in the game for that kind of lie. (He’s right) He said he would think about it and they would talk again.

Christie and Cliff said they would talk before she has to make her decision. I think they said it will be at 11:00 a.m. but don’t hold me to that one in case I heard wrong.

Cliff is taking a lot of heat from fans right now (Twitter comes hard!) but I don’t think there’s a right or wrong choice with this one. Sometimes there is but this situation is a bit more complicated.  Cliff is gambling with both options and he knows it.  Sam shouldn’t trust Christie, Cliff shouldn’t trust Kat and Nick shouldn’t trust Sis.  These are clear cut game decisions that are known with evidence to support them. Cliffs hoh….not so much. (What he should’ve done is put Christie and Tommy on the block to start with but I can’t blame him for not knowing that when no one else in the house does either)  Lets look at his options:

He could convince Christie not to use her power, say he’s putting up Bella and put up someone else. He could put up Christie for that matter, and personally, it’s the one I’d like to see. It would also be the best way to guarantee Jack went home because for some reason, everyone in the house either trusts Christie or thinks they could trust her and wants to work with her.  What does Ciff get out of that move? We get some entertainment for the day because it’s a huge move and it probably helps people like Sam and Nick become smaller targets.  Cliff gets to become the number one target for the 5 people left in 6 Shooters after Jack is gone. Truthfully, it’s more like 9 because Nick would run back to his old alliance and take Sam with him. Kat is already with them and Jess just goes with the majority.  This would also happen when Cliff can’t compete for HOH and all he would have is Nicole.  He would also lose any chance at making any kind of deal with anyone in the larger group because his word wouldn’t mean shit for the rest of the game. (You can make a big move and lose credibility but doing it with 13 people still in the game is risky) Cliff could get rid of Jack but as they say in sports, it would be “win or go home” because next weeks veto is the only thing that would keep him there. Remember Jesse in BB10? Cappy in BB6? Yeah, the 6 would be wanting that kind of retribution against Cliff.  I’m not even saying he shouldn’t do it.  I’m just pointing out what a big gamble he’d be taking. The only thing he’d gain is turning the official 6 into 5 but at what cost?


I understand his chances of winning are small now but they become zero if he makes that move. Sure, he impressed us by winning 2 comps back-to-back but is Cliff going to win his way out from now till the end? That’s what he would have to do.  Most people fail at trying to do that from the final 4 to the end of the game, try doing it from 13.

His other option is to appear to be working with and appeasing the other side.  I know some people don’t understand why he would let Christie keep her power and not force her to use it if Bella is going on the block anyway. If Ciff forces her to use the power, he isn’t really “working with her.” It’s the difference in Cliff being seen as someone who worked with them as opposed to someone who got outplayed by them with a power. He’s already planted seeds about Jackson to Christie and from things she said, it’s starting to work. (Sure, it’s a longshot but its something) He knows the power screwed his hoh and he knows he isn’t getting out of this week unscathed.  From his perspective, his only hope is to put himself lower on the pecking order and hope the 6 turns on each other before it becomes his turn. This is also working because even Jack and Tommy are fine with moving Cliff down on the list of targets. (and they were the ones who cried over the idea of Jack leaving) Cliff also understands (even tho Christie doesn’t) her power is potentially worth less each week.  She has it in her head that it will simply save her but that’s not true. Her powers value is in having the majority of votes, which they have this week. Depending on who wins and goes on the block, that may not be the case the next 2 weeks. (Ya, they probably will but it would be someone else’s problem other than Cliffs)

Getting out one of the 6 is important and if they don’t, they’re going to get picked off. Cliff isn’t stupid and he knows this. It’s the reason he put the jackoffs on the block in the first place.  Christie’s power, Kat and Holly having an outside the game relationship and the lack of awareness from the outsiders as to who they can trust, totally ruined Cliffs chance to do it. I don’t blame Cliff for not making the move nearly as much as I blame the rest of them. Nicole, Jess, and Sam should be pushing for it so he can be the target.  If Cliff gets out one of them, he isn’t helping himself as much as everyone else. He’s just giving an assist to the outsiders who will be left in the game after he’s out.  Cliff is taking a risk no matter which direction he goes because he got screwed, not because he isn’t willing to make a move. I honestly don’t know which move is better so I can’t say he’s wrong no matter which one he chooses.

We’ll know soon enough who ends up on the block. When an alliance forms with 6 people and 4 of them have pregame relationships, we’ll have to take what we can get this season. Unfortunately, this week, we may only get Bella pitching a fit because she’s going home.  I won’t be sad if she goes. It’s just not what I wanted to see right now.


Check in with Steve later to see how the veto ceremony plays out and have a great Monday.





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  1. AIO_7

    In all honesty, I’d rather lose ‘Lyce than Bella.

  2. AIO_7

    “Sis and HollyBeth discussed both of them being late and I don’t mean for a BB ceremony.”

    I guess they are figuring out that sex has consequences. Sislyce is also suffering constipation.

  3. hogwild

    At this point it does look like putting Bella up is the best of the bad options what sucks is Cliff who is actually working hard and playing the game gets put in a tougher position while waste of space like Jessica and Kat continue to skate along.

  4. Barracuda

    I hope that Cliff is telling everyone that he is gonna put Bella on the block if CC doesn’t use her power but in reality will put up TT, Holly or even CC up. Tell everyone what they want to hear because you dont know who to trust. We know CC is paranoid so even the hint of him saying he isn’t gonna put up Bella she’d freak out and use the power. If CC doesnt use her power and Cliff does actually put up Bella, you still have the 6 and they run the house now. Everyone else should just go home. All Cliff has to say when he doesn’t nominate Bella is say, you all told me i was safe last week and voted my ass out. so your word is just as trustworthy as my word is. 🙂

  5. Ronduh

    I love these updates so thank you! I follow along on Twitter but I get easily confused with all the conversations so this helps me tremendously! I think Cliff is doing the best he can in his situation…at least he had the balls to put up the two jackholes and if it doesn’t pan out he’s no worse off than before. He can always go along and get Bella out and win HOH in a couple of weeks since he already proved he can be a comp beast when needed!

  6. Minkie

    I know its just wishful thinking on my part but i want CC to not use her power and Cliff to put her up!! I really just want to see that scenario play out!!

    • KelBel

      Same here! Then (if I understand it correctly) she couldn’t use her power, correct? They could all use her power as the excuse to vote her out. Alas, you’re right though…just wishful thinking

  7. Katheryn

    I hope Cliff out of the blue puts Holly up if veto is used.

  8. Avatar

    Thanks Mel. The best part of Bella being voted out is that Kemi can see that Karma’s a bitch. Bella was awful to her.

  9. Russell James Yost

    Excellent Insight Mel,

    I’ve been watching this and trying to figure out what possible scenario Cliff could pull to help his game and I think the only thing he can do is to sacrifice Bella.

    He made the right decision by putting Jackson and Jack up. Those were logical choices, especially Jackson who had banished him and voted against him and Jack has the perception of a competition beast, whether he is or not is up in the air but this house doesn’t seem to have many athletes.

    The other problem with the scenario is that Christie has to use this power. If she does not, then she immediately has a target on her back. Unless she plans on breaking up her alliance and forming a new one I can not picture a scenario where it would be beneficial for her to save her power, especially since she let everyone know she has it. Her power became less of an advantage the minute she let her alliance know about it because it then puts unnecessary pressure on her to use it.

    I don’t think Cliff survives next week unless someone like Nicole wins HOH. Christie will never be loyal to him. I could see Sam or Nick going after the 6, but it would not surprise me if they didn’t. Regardless, I remember poking fun of the ol’ Cowboy when I saw him walk into the house and now I have a lot of respect with him.

    He took a shot and missed, no shame in that. He could have easily thrown up Jess and Kat and the house would have chewed them up and everything would have stayed status quo. At the very least he has created some doubt in the 6 that perhaps someone else could crack.

  10. Pink13

    Christie is talking to Sis and Holly, she is going to use her power, or give it to Jackson, however you see it.
    I truly don’t understand what makes them think they are playing an honest game?
    I hope that their horrible behavior of the previous weeks does not get overlooked and forgotten by America.
    They are not the ‘right side’ by far! If one of them wins it is because they continually lied and knieved against the others!
    Why it is so interesting to watch, I really don’t know!!!

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  12. Pink13

    I guess they were conniving!
    That went way wrong!

  13. Betty Boo

    Come on Cliff! Make big promises to the people who VOTED YOU OUT, then break them. How can they complain? And I agree. Put Christie OTB and watch the drama unfold!

  14. hogwild

    They can get jack out without Kat if Christie doesn’t use her power put up tommy. The votes for jack would be Nick, Sam, Bella, Nicole and Christie at that point the worst outcome is a tie with Cliff being the deciding vote.

  15. AIO_7

    New Steve thread, Yall.

  16. Avatar

    Thanks Mel; I think that was very insightful analysis. I would offer this as a viable strategy for Cliff to salvage something from his HOH without making himself a primary target going forward: He goes to Christie and says, truthfully, that he needs to get something for his HOH. So if Christie wants to avoid using her power, he will promise not to use his (thereby preserved) power to nominate a member of the SixShooters. But he will insist on putting up Kat because she’s voting with their side, not his. If Christie agrees to this, then he should follow through as promised. Otherwise, he’s completely wasted his HOH and will still have to deal in the future with Kat’s misplaced loyalty to the SixShooters.

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