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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/1/19

September 2, 2019 | 81 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good Labor Day morning. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and if you’re off work today, enjoying yourself. Except for the Jolly Rancher shomance drama, we’re just sitting around waiting for Jess to be evicted and see who comes out on top in the double eviction on Thursday. The veto ceremony won’t even be pivotal today because we already know Tommy will take Christie off the block. He was always going to take her off, it was only a matter of which reason he’d use.

Tommy telling Jackson that he had Beth and saying Tommy only had Christie was just as good as any other reason he could’ve came up with. For a time, I thought they were all lying to each other but for now, Jackson believes Tommy is with him. He and Beth are a little concerned but not as much as they should be. Jackson thinks they should throw the next 2 hoh’s so they don’t have “to show their cards.” Beth thinks they should throw the next one and decide from there. Yep, Jolly is still a couple.

Is it possible the DE won’t bring any excitement? If they stick to this plan, we’ll head into Thursday knowing Christie and Tommy have good odds to win. If Beth throws it, there will only be 4 people really competing for it and the physical part should give Tommy the advantage. Tommy and Christie will go after Jolly and I think, Cliff and Nicole will go after Christie and Tommy. Will Beth really throw the comp this late in the game? I have to think once they find out it’s a double, she and Jackson will change their minds about this but you never know.

Yesterday was the typical Sunday, Funday outside while they wait for the veto ceremony. Sometimes, there’s a lot of game being played leading up to it but Jess told Nicole she wasn’t going to campaign and doesn’t see the need for it so it was a very slow day. Here’s the recap:

  • Jackson and Beth made up and she said she was mad at her body for making her act crazy but said she’s normal again. (She HAS to be grading on a curve) She said she was only having a hormonal and chemical imbalance. She wished she could take back the last 48 hours, said Zingbot got in her head and made her start worrying about the outside after she’d managed to stop for a time. (I missed those weeks, I guess)
  • Jackson said they needed to focus and work together to finish the game. She asked if he only want to be together for the game. He said he didn’t know and she wished she hadn’t asked him. They talked, made up and things were happy again. (That’s the only detail I’m giving because I spent part of the day yesterday writing about these two idiots and I’m spent)
  • Christie and Tommy talked about how the game is going. He doesn’t want to chance anything even though he believes she’d stay this week. The mentioned things from their relationship and talked about sitting on the couch and watching BB together last year. They’re amazed they both ended up  in the house and playing together.
  • Tommy told Jackson again but more officially this time, he wants to use the veto on Christie. Jackson said he understood and said he didn’t want Christie leaving either. They discussed Cliff being the next one who needed to go. Tommy pushed just a bit for Cliff to go this week and said taking Nicole out would be smart because Cliff and Jess arn’t together. Jackson said he’s worried about Jess winning BB Comics and Tommy said she wouldn’t be able to hold herself up so she wouldn’t win it. Things ended with Cliff still  being the next target, (but not really)  Jess going home and Tommy saying he loved Nicole too.
  • Jackson filled Cliff in on what he said to Tommy and told him he went along with Cliff being a threat but assured Cliff he wasn’t going anywhere.
  • Jackson bragged about telling the DR he could live without watermelon easier than living without Beth. (The ‘make us a sweet flavored Jolly Rancher’ tour is officially underway)
  • Christie let Cliff know Tommy was going to use the veto on her but promised Cliff she would vote to keep him. (Wonder what Jess will think about this?) They both agreed Jackson and Beth feel safe and are playing both sides. They mostly had the same talk Nicole and Tommy had recently. Christie said he’s been in power so long, he’s just assuming people will continue to kiss ass. (She isn’t wrong but it’s mostly Jolly getting too used to the hoh life. They’ve forgotten WHY things are going their way and think it’s great game play) Christie told Cliff she plans to go after them if she wins the next one.
  • Jolly said they trust Cliff and Nicole more than Christie and Tommy but say they’ll  be ok no matter who wins the next one. They said they have the votes and if it ends up being Nicole and Beth otb, Jackson and Tommy will keep her. They began wondering when Christie and Tommy would wake up and see they have to compete against them and stop being loyal. They’ve both played decent games (for this season) but 3 weeks of hoh has caused them to see the game throgh hoh goggles.
  • Beth told Jackson she wondered how he’d  see her once he was looking at her in different lighting. (fishing for compliments) She said something about crows feet and Nicole corrected her and said “buzzards feet.” Haha
  • Jess told Nicole she thought things were good with her and Jackson so she didn’t understand why he put her otb. She said maybe she didn’t know things about some of the other relationships in the house. (No shit!) She also said everyone already knew her strengths and weaknesses and they knew Cliffs too. For that reason, she doesn’t see the need to campaign

That’s pretty much it for yesterday. If you want excitement, I’d start hoping people get paranoid but that would only result in Cliff leaving over Jess and that’s not very exciting either. Cliff isn’t some amazing player but he has done well for himself, especially as the token 50 plus player. He’s done a lot more than Jess. I’d hoped Jess was the next to leave before the wall comp was finished and that hasn’t changed for me. Nice enough lady but awful BB player.

I keep reading peoples opinions about production meddling regarding Christie and Tommy. (Not so much here but other places) I dont see it, sorry. I just don’t see the conspiracy this time around. It’s one thing to pass off a bad decision as a twist but do they really want Christie and Tommy in the F2? I don’t think so because it only opens the door wider for people to say “well, of course they got to the F2. They knew each other!” It’s a better result for the show if they’re found out at some point in the game. Sure, they wanted Christie to stick around and have probably led people in that direction in the DR because she’s easy to edit for entertaining episodes. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of Nicole’s recent “concern” over what is up with Christie and Tommy lately, is some leading questions in the DR. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening, only that it wouldn’t surprise me. Sorry there wasn’t more to offer today.

Have a great Monday.


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