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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/15/19P

September 16, 2019 | 152 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning BBJunkies. We’re almost at the end with about a week and a half to go. This is the part of the season we become even more bored than we thought possible. I’ll watch and stick with any season because it’s BB and bad BB is better than no BB, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the recaps will start having very little content after Cliff leaves (not like there’s a lot now) so I’ll probably do something similar to last year. Once we have an official F3, I’ll go over their games individually and see what kind of case they could make to a jury.

Nicoles chances are looking grim but no one thought Josh had a chance in BB19 so it’s possible. Really, it’s possible for any of the 3 (assuming Cliffs gone) to win the game. We can make jury guesses but that’s really all it is because after so much time in the jury, we don’t know how much their feelings have changed. Each hg brings their take on the prior week when they get to jury but they arn’t looking at the whole picture. Normally, the 4th place person doesn’t go to jury but if they have extra time this year, maybe they will. Cliff thinks he can be an influence on some of them but he may be alone in a hotel for a few days and only show up to the jury discussion. (That’s how it’s normally done) It’s not usually enough time to sway peoples opinions.

Yesterday, there was only one big event and based on Cliffs health and mild personality, it didn’t give us any real excitement. Here’s a rundown:


  • The day started off normal with some brother/sister joking around between Nicole and Jackson. They agreed to eat lunch outside and Nicole stole Jackson’s plate trying to force him to comply.
  • They discovered their season wouldn’t escape the ants any better than past seasons.
  • Apparently, they were in everything. They tossed out almost all the food and cleaned out the frig so that kept them busy for a while.
  • Cliff  rested for a large part of the day. Yesterday, I mentioned hearing about some possible health problem Cliff may have had during the veto comp.  That was confirmed and everyone was worried about him. It sounds like it could’ve been serious. His blood pressure was high and he almost passed out during the comp. I don’t know if they were worried about his heart, heat stroke or both. We knew he wasn’t himself before the comp was played so the heat and physicality of the comp was too much. He seems to be doing better now since he’s getting more rest.
  • Jackson decided to fill Nicole in on his plan to evict Cliff. He wanted the chance to explain why it was happening and blame Nicole and Cliff. He couldn’t make up his mind who was really to blame because it changed about midway through telling her. Nicole told him she wasn’t surprised and I don’t think he liked hearing it. He wants her to believe he was 100% with Nicole and Cliff for a F3 until they betrayed him. She wouldn’t let him get away with it.
  • First, he said it was because Cliff tried to make too many deals mixed with Cliff and Nicole breaking their word. Once Nicole said she felt like it was her fault because she’s the one who pushed to possibly keep Tommy, he latched onto that one. He lectured her while telling her how great she is and how much he loves her. There was a lot of “if you hadn’t done this, this wouldn’t be happening.”
  • Jackson was trying to say it wouldn’t have happened except they forced his hand. Nicole wasn’t buying it and told him she didn’t buy it. Beth joined and added her two cents. She talked about her word, her loyalty and her integrity.  Nicole said it was obvious Jackson was always going to keep Beth and she knew it.
  • Nicole asked if Jackson was planning on telling Cliff and he said he didn’t want to yet because he was worried about Cliffs  health.  She asked him when he would and he suggested the veto ceremony. Nicole thought this was a terrible idea. (He thought giving a condescending speech during the veto meeting and surprising him was a better idea) This isn’t the way Jackson put it but it’s basically what he was saying. He told Nicole some of what he would say and asked Nicole not to say anything yet. (Jackson has practiced a VERY ‘holier than thou’ speech for the ceremony and he’s performed it for Beth) He said he respected Nicole too much not to let her know. She left for the DR but on her way out, she told them they did a great job, she’d been played and she’d take it on the chin.  Jackson wants her to believe nothing was set in stone until Cliff and Nicole screwed up and Nicole won’t let him get away with acting as if he might not have taken Beth to the F2.
  • Jackson and Beth agreed (after Nicole left) it was all Nicoles fault and Cliff was taking a bullet for her since she messed up the F4 alliance. They assured each other they  were the good people who’ve been wronged and have no choice. Beth also wondered who Nicole would take to the F2 and Jackson said she’d take Beth because she’d have a better chance against her. Beth said “gee thanks” and Jackson reminded her she’s the one who said no one could beat him in a F2. (I really despise these people)
  •  Nicole was on the hammock trying to process everything. She said she already suspected but it sucked having it confirmed. She was the most annoyed over the BS excuses. She said he should just say that Beth is his person so obviously he’s sticking with her and said the excuses arn’t necessary. She talked to the cameras and felt sorry for herself and Cliff. (pretty normal) She felt like if she hadn’t taken the hoh, Cliff would be the one who was safe this week and felt bad because it didn’t occur to her to drop and let him take it. (He fell too soon so it wasn’t really an option anyway) She was also mad for not going with her gut and knows going to a F3 with a shomance is crazy. She dreads being alone in the house with them and said all 3 people would’ve hung out together the last week with any other combination of people. She dreads the awkwardness and called them a grossmance. (Nicole is the voice of the people) She scolded herself for getting so upset and talked about people going to war, fighting cancer and having real problems. She said this was a game and not the end of the world. She apologized to us for allowing herself to become so upset over something so small.
  • Jackson came out to the hammock and asked if she wanted to talk. She said no but he went right on talking to her anyway. He told her she was amazing and said she didn’t give herself enough credit. (He’s giving her a pep talk thinking she’s mad at herself and meanwhile, even tho she is mad at herself, she mostly thinking he’s an asshole)
  • Nicole continued to talk to the cameras even after Jackson and Beth went outside and sat on the other side of the yard. They blamed her a little more and talked about how they’re much better people than Cliff and Nicole. (Its flipped from the night before when they felt bad for Nicole and thought Cliffs deal making was the issue. Now, they feel bad that Cliff has to take Nicoles bullet as say he’s the one who deserves to be there) Beth continued to call Nicole a bully.

Beth should really stay away from the ‘deserves to be there’ shit. She won 1 endurance and a crap shoot comp. After that, she’s only been focused on Jackson and her image, not the game. Nicole’s won 1 more comp than Beth has and neither of Nicoles true wins involved rolling a ball. (Ya, I know, the 3rd one was given to her but who’s the idiot that gave it to her?)  I’ll take this statement back if one of the final 3 comps involves seeing how long they can ride a stool and Beth completely destroys her competition. Until then, she needs to go play with her make up.

  • Beth, Jackson and Nicole all ended up out by the hammock talking again. Jackson and Beth kept driving home the fact that none of this would be happening if Nicole hadn’t tried to get Beth evicted. They went on and on about how they’d never have broken their word. Nicole told him giving some elaborate speech at the veto ceremony isn’t necessary.  Jackson said his speech wouldn’t be bad but he wants to make it clear when he gives it that he’s  forced to break his word and tell the reasons why. Nicole became fed up with Jacksons condescending tone and finally told him they were the martyrs, she was the villian, she hoped America threw them a parade with balloons when its over and they could throw tomatoes at her. Jackson, not liking the truth, stormed off with Beth on his heels.
  • Once inside, Beth said she lost a lot of respect for Nicole and said she was behaving like a child. She said Nicole couldn’t handle it when she didn’t get her way. ( Who just stormed off?)
  • Nicole left to go talk to Cliff and told herself, if that’s the way Jackson was planning on handling it, she had every right to tell her friend.
  • Nicole told Cliff what had happened and he said it was ok. He said if Jackson wanted to break his word, it was on Jackson and he couldn’t do anything about it. He made sure it was ok with Nicole before he went to talk with Jackson.
  • Cliff talked to Jackson and went over the same things. Cliff said their handshake between the two of them was a little different than 4 people just talking about working together. Cliff said it was fine but on that one point, they could agree to disagree. Cliff said on the other stuff, he got Jacksons point. He asked they not take it out on Nicole that she told him and asked they have a nice week and enjoy each other. (Jackson went to Beth and gave her a very exaggerated version of what was said)
  • After Cliff checked in with Nicole to let her know how the talk went with Jackson, he went outside to talk with both Jackson and Beth. Nicole said it’s obvious all the things Jacksons saying about being a man of his word is only for the cameras. She said she sees through it and she’s sick of the way he talks down to her.
  • Jackson and Beth wanted to hammer home why it was all Nicole’s fault. Cliff said they knew he always wanted to keep Beth and said it was hard looking out for his and Nicoles best interests. (A lot of people were mad at him over saying this) Other than that, Cliff defended Nicole and even those things weren’t bad to say. Every time Jackson or Beth would say something to put it all on Nicole, Cliff would say no and say he was part of it too. He acknowledged he also had doubts about Beth and had considered keeping Tommy. He let Jackson know his version of things between himself and Tommy (the lie) didn’t tip the scale to keep Beth and said it actually almost caused them to evict her. (Haha) Beth brought up how she would’ve won the hoh if she hadn’t thrown it and he’d be in the F3 with them. Cliff told her they didn’t know that for sure. (She liked hearing that about as much as Jackson liked being called a martyr)
  • Beth and Jackson (when alone) continued to trash Nicole and Beth mentioned never really connecting with her. She said she knew what it was and the reason for it was a girl thing. (I’m a girl too and that means I know exactly what she was trying to say. She was insinuating the reason Nicole never got close to her is because Nicole is jealous of her. She’s said it about every female in the cast at one time or another. Remember when Beth admitted to Kat she didn’t like being around Sis because she was so pretty?)
  • Nicole was alone talking about her anxiety and tried to give herself a pep talk.
  • Cliff was alone and said he mostly understood where Jackson was coming from but felt like Jackson did it a dirty way.
  • They were given the jumbo sized Jenga to play with last night.
  • Beth complained about not being able to sleep and was hinting for the hoh room. Nicole gave the room to Cliff because he needs the rest more than the rest of them. Jackson continues to leave all his things in the hoh bathroom so he had to go up there to brush his teeth. (It’s his room and he’s only loaning it to Nicole)
  • Beth talked to Jackson about what his mother would think of her.
  • Cliff has decided not to give up. He and Nicole are both trying to come up with a plan to get Jackson to keep Cliff  instead of Beth. (This isn’t going to go well) They’re hoping they can guilt him over the handshake deal he made alone with Cliff. Nicole also mentioned how much he talks about how he’s seen to America.  She hopes they can use that to get him to stick to it. (Its the same reason he won’t ditch Beth but they don’t see it)  Nicole said “after all this time, he’s worried about his image now?” (Nicole sees what an ass Jackson’s been all season and how he picks and chooses when he needs to be a stand up guy)
  • Jackson searched through the rule book for something specific but I have no idea what he’s so concerned about.
  • Jackson dropped a watermelon and busted it. He took off with it to salvage what he could and left Beth to clean up the mess in the floor.

Cliff is too far down the tunnel if he believes Jackson just now decided to keep Beth and he can flip it back. Nicole understands that but she’s too worried about trying to get him to the F3 with her so she isn’t being realistic either. Jackson was never keeping Cliff or Nicole over Beth and the more he gives his speeches, the more awful he looks.

At first, Jackson was being too competitive to realize he needed to let Beth take the first comp and him go for the second. (Assuming the order stays the same)  Unfortunately, it sounds like they’re starting to figure it out and if they do, it will decrease Nicoles chances further. I don’t see Nicole winning endurance (part 1) but I did see her beating Beth in part 2 if it’s physical but mixed with questions. Part 3 is anyone’s game. Initially, Jackson and Beth talked about fighting out part 1 and I hoped they would. Nicole beat Jackson in BB Comics so she is capable but he just beat her in a dimar type of comp for the veto.

Have a great Monday.






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