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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/15/19P



Good morning BBJunkies. We’re almost at the end with about a week and a half to go. This is the part of the season we become even more bored than we thought possible. I’ll watch and stick with any season because it’s BB and bad BB is better than no BB, in my opinion. Unfortunately, the recaps will start having very little content after Cliff leaves (not like there’s a lot now) so I’ll probably do something similar to last year. Once we have an official F3, I’ll go over their games individually and see what kind of case they could make to a jury.

Nicoles chances are looking grim but no one thought Josh had a chance in BB19 so it’s possible. Really, it’s possible for any of the 3 (assuming Cliffs gone) to win the game. We can make jury guesses but that’s really all it is because after so much time in the jury, we don’t know how much their feelings have changed. Each hg brings their take on the prior week when they get to jury but they arn’t looking at the whole picture. Normally, the 4th place person doesn’t go to jury but if they have extra time this year, maybe they will. Cliff thinks he can be an influence on some of them but he may be alone in a hotel for a few days and only show up to the jury discussion. (That’s how it’s normally done) It’s not usually enough time to sway peoples opinions.

Yesterday, there was only one big event and based on Cliffs health and mild personality, it didn’t give us any real excitement. Here’s a rundown:



  • The day started off normal with some brother/sister joking around between Nicole and Jackson. They agreed to eat lunch outside and Nicole stole Jackson’s plate trying to force him to comply.
  • They discovered their season wouldn’t escape the ants any better than past seasons.
  • Apparently, they were in everything. They tossed out almost all the food and cleaned out the frig so that kept them busy for a while.
  • Cliff  rested for a large part of the day. Yesterday, I mentioned hearing about some possible health problem Cliff may have had during the veto comp.  That was confirmed and everyone was worried about him. It sounds like it could’ve been serious. His blood pressure was high and he almost passed out during the comp. I don’t know if they were worried about his heart, heat stroke or both. We knew he wasn’t himself before the comp was played so the heat and physicality of the comp was too much. He seems to be doing better now since he’s getting more rest.
  • Jackson decided to fill Nicole in on his plan to evict Cliff. He wanted the chance to explain why it was happening and blame Nicole and Cliff. He couldn’t make up his mind who was really to blame because it changed about midway through telling her. Nicole told him she wasn’t surprised and I don’t think he liked hearing it. He wants her to believe he was 100% with Nicole and Cliff for a F3 until they betrayed him. She wouldn’t let him get away with it.
  • First, he said it was because Cliff tried to make too many deals mixed with Cliff and Nicole breaking their word. Once Nicole said she felt like it was her fault because she’s the one who pushed to possibly keep Tommy, he latched onto that one. He lectured her while telling her how great she is and how much he loves her. There was a lot of “if you hadn’t done this, this wouldn’t be happening.”
  • Jackson was trying to say it wouldn’t have happened except they forced his hand. Nicole wasn’t buying it and told him she didn’t buy it. Beth joined and added her two cents. She talked about her word, her loyalty and her integrity.  Nicole said it was obvious Jackson was always going to keep Beth and she knew it.
  • Nicole asked if Jackson was planning on telling Cliff and he said he didn’t want to yet because he was worried about Cliffs  health.  She asked him when he would and he suggested the veto ceremony. Nicole thought this was a terrible idea. (He thought giving a condescending speech during the veto meeting and surprising him was a better idea) This isn’t the way Jackson put it but it’s basically what he was saying. He told Nicole some of what he would say and asked Nicole not to say anything yet. (Jackson has practiced a VERY ‘holier than thou’ speech for the ceremony and he’s performed it for Beth) He said he respected Nicole too much not to let her know. She left for the DR but on her way out, she told them they did a great job, she’d been played and she’d take it on the chin.  Jackson wants her to believe nothing was set in stone until Cliff and Nicole screwed up and Nicole won’t let him get away with acting as if he might not have taken Beth to the F2.
  • Jackson and Beth agreed (after Nicole left) it was all Nicoles fault and Cliff was taking a bullet for her since she messed up the F4 alliance. They assured each other they  were the good people who’ve been wronged and have no choice. Beth also wondered who Nicole would take to the F2 and Jackson said she’d take Beth because she’d have a better chance against her. Beth said “gee thanks” and Jackson reminded her she’s the one who said no one could beat him in a F2. (I really despise these people)
  •  Nicole was on the hammock trying to process everything. She said she already suspected but it sucked having it confirmed. She was the most annoyed over the BS excuses. She said he should just say that Beth is his person so obviously he’s sticking with her and said the excuses arn’t necessary. She talked to the cameras and felt sorry for herself and Cliff. (pretty normal) She felt like if she hadn’t taken the hoh, Cliff would be the one who was safe this week and felt bad because it didn’t occur to her to drop and let him take it. (He fell too soon so it wasn’t really an option anyway) She was also mad for not going with her gut and knows going to a F3 with a shomance is crazy. She dreads being alone in the house with them and said all 3 people would’ve hung out together the last week with any other combination of people. She dreads the awkwardness and called them a grossmance. (Nicole is the voice of the people) She scolded herself for getting so upset and talked about people going to war, fighting cancer and having real problems. She said this was a game and not the end of the world. She apologized to us for allowing herself to become so upset over something so small.
  • Jackson came out to the hammock and asked if she wanted to talk. She said no but he went right on talking to her anyway. He told her she was amazing and said she didn’t give herself enough credit. (He’s giving her a pep talk thinking she’s mad at herself and meanwhile, even tho she is mad at herself, she mostly thinking he’s an asshole)
  • Nicole continued to talk to the cameras even after Jackson and Beth went outside and sat on the other side of the yard. They blamed her a little more and talked about how they’re much better people than Cliff and Nicole. (Its flipped from the night before when they felt bad for Nicole and thought Cliffs deal making was the issue. Now, they feel bad that Cliff has to take Nicoles bullet as say he’s the one who deserves to be there) Beth continued to call Nicole a bully.

Beth should really stay away from the ‘deserves to be there’ shit. She won 1 endurance and a crap shoot comp. After that, she’s only been focused on Jackson and her image, not the game. Nicole’s won 1 more comp than Beth has and neither of Nicoles true wins involved rolling a ball. (Ya, I know, the 3rd one was given to her but who’s the idiot that gave it to her?)  I’ll take this statement back if one of the final 3 comps involves seeing how long they can ride a stool and Beth completely destroys her competition. Until then, she needs to go play with her make up.

  • Beth, Jackson and Nicole all ended up out by the hammock talking again. Jackson and Beth kept driving home the fact that none of this would be happening if Nicole hadn’t tried to get Beth evicted. They went on and on about how they’d never have broken their word. Nicole told him giving some elaborate speech at the veto ceremony isn’t necessary.  Jackson said his speech wouldn’t be bad but he wants to make it clear when he gives it that he’s  forced to break his word and tell the reasons why. Nicole became fed up with Jacksons condescending tone and finally told him they were the martyrs, she was the villian, she hoped America threw them a parade with balloons when its over and they could throw tomatoes at her. Jackson, not liking the truth, stormed off with Beth on his heels.
  • Once inside, Beth said she lost a lot of respect for Nicole and said she was behaving like a child. She said Nicole couldn’t handle it when she didn’t get her way. ( Who just stormed off?)
  • Nicole left to go talk to Cliff and told herself, if that’s the way Jackson was planning on handling it, she had every right to tell her friend.
  • Nicole told Cliff what had happened and he said it was ok. He said if Jackson wanted to break his word, it was on Jackson and he couldn’t do anything about it. He made sure it was ok with Nicole before he went to talk with Jackson.
  • Cliff talked to Jackson and went over the same things. Cliff said their handshake between the two of them was a little different than 4 people just talking about working together. Cliff said it was fine but on that one point, they could agree to disagree. Cliff said on the other stuff, he got Jacksons point. He asked they not take it out on Nicole that she told him and asked they have a nice week and enjoy each other. (Jackson went to Beth and gave her a very exaggerated version of what was said)
  • After Cliff checked in with Nicole to let her know how the talk went with Jackson, he went outside to talk with both Jackson and Beth. Nicole said it’s obvious all the things Jacksons saying about being a man of his word is only for the cameras. She said she sees through it and she’s sick of the way he talks down to her.
  • Jackson and Beth wanted to hammer home why it was all Nicole’s fault. Cliff said they knew he always wanted to keep Beth and said it was hard looking out for his and Nicoles best interests. (A lot of people were mad at him over saying this) Other than that, Cliff defended Nicole and even those things weren’t bad to say. Every time Jackson or Beth would say something to put it all on Nicole, Cliff would say no and say he was part of it too. He acknowledged he also had doubts about Beth and had considered keeping Tommy. He let Jackson know his version of things between himself and Tommy (the lie) didn’t tip the scale to keep Beth and said it actually almost caused them to evict her. (Haha) Beth brought up how she would’ve won the hoh if she hadn’t thrown it and he’d be in the F3 with them. Cliff told her they didn’t know that for sure. (She liked hearing that about as much as Jackson liked being called a martyr)
  • Beth and Jackson (when alone) continued to trash Nicole and Beth mentioned never really connecting with her. She said she knew what it was and the reason for it was a girl thing. (I’m a girl too and that means I know exactly what she was trying to say. She was insinuating the reason Nicole never got close to her is because Nicole is jealous of her. She’s said it about every female in the cast at one time or another. Remember when Beth admitted to Kat she didn’t like being around Sis because she was so pretty?)
  • Nicole was alone talking about her anxiety and tried to give herself a pep talk.
  • Cliff was alone and said he mostly understood where Jackson was coming from but felt like Jackson did it a dirty way.
  • They were given the jumbo sized Jenga to play with last night.
  • Beth complained about not being able to sleep and was hinting for the hoh room. Nicole gave the room to Cliff because he needs the rest more than the rest of them. Jackson continues to leave all his things in the hoh bathroom so he had to go up there to brush his teeth. (It’s his room and he’s only loaning it to Nicole)
  • Beth talked to Jackson about what his mother would think of her.
  • Cliff has decided not to give up. He and Nicole are both trying to come up with a plan to get Jackson to keep Cliff  instead of Beth. (This isn’t going to go well) They’re hoping they can guilt him over the handshake deal he made alone with Cliff. Nicole also mentioned how much he talks about how he’s seen to America.  She hopes they can use that to get him to stick to it. (Its the same reason he won’t ditch Beth but they don’t see it)  Nicole said “after all this time, he’s worried about his image now?” (Nicole sees what an ass Jackson’s been all season and how he picks and chooses when he needs to be a stand up guy)
  • Jackson searched through the rule book for something specific but I have no idea what he’s so concerned about.
  • Jackson dropped a watermelon and busted it. He took off with it to salvage what he could and left Beth to clean up the mess in the floor.

Cliff is too far down the tunnel if he believes Jackson just now decided to keep Beth and he can flip it back. Nicole understands that but she’s too worried about trying to get him to the F3 with her so she isn’t being realistic either. Jackson was never keeping Cliff or Nicole over Beth and the more he gives his speeches, the more awful he looks.

At first, Jackson was being too competitive to realize he needed to let Beth take the first comp and him go for the second. (Assuming the order stays the same)  Unfortunately, it sounds like they’re starting to figure it out and if they do, it will decrease Nicoles chances further. I don’t see Nicole winning endurance (part 1) but I did see her beating Beth in part 2 if it’s physical but mixed with questions. Part 3 is anyone’s game. Initially, Jackson and Beth talked about fighting out part 1 and I hoped they would. Nicole beat Jackson in BB Comics so she is capable but he just beat her in a dimar type of comp for the veto.


Have a great Monday.








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  1. Jen

    Thanks for the recap, Mel. Great one considering the lack of hg and drama. I hate how Beth calls Nicole a bully. If she isn’t just lying to herself- she is delusional.

  2. KelBel

    “Jackson and Beth agreed (after Nicole left) it was all Nicoles fault and Cliff was taking a bullet for her since she messed up the F4 alliance. They assured each other they were the good people who’ve been wronged and have no choice”

    –These 2 have the most delusional, pretentious thoughts. I cannot stand people like them who have zero accountability. Point the finger for someone displaying a behavior, then turn around and do it themselves but it’s justified when they do it. Can’t f***ing stand it.

  3. Avatar

    We can only hope that Holly has an asthma attack during the endurance comp and drops before Nicole. No worries, I just want her to have a mild one. FYI – she has only talked about asthma issues after Cliff had the asthma attack. It is amazing how she can succeed on the endurance comps with all those injuries and a twisted spine. It makes me furious that she took the HOH room even though they were so concerned about Cliff’s health. Holly reminds me of an ex friend who was a narcissist. She lives in her own reality that she has created in her mind and tries to manipulate every situation to make everyone else wrong and she is always perfect. My ex-friend actually justified getting a friend fired from a job that both their husband’s owned, and she was hurt that another mutual friend dumped her like a sack of potatoes after that. Holly has no redeeming qualities to her. JJ has lots of other issues but may have some empathy in there somewhere. Holly has none.

  4. Nancy

    Thanks Mel..its my pleasure reading mornings with mel.
    HollyBeth cant possibly believe nicole is a bully!! When Jackson and she get together and praise one another on how great they are I think they get so wrapped up in their own minutia, they just spew whatever they can think of, so they can keep feeling good about themselves..Jackson said that he and HollyBeth were cut from the same cloth..and that is very obvious. I need to tell cliff, his horse is dead, dont beat it..he can never convince JJ to take nicole as F2.
    I said it yesterday I’ll say it today..this is the time of BB when I’d be sooo excited and looking forward to the finale..I’m not this year.. nicole for AFP..feel better soon cliff..the other two can go suck a …oh wait..that’s how HollyBeth got there..just

  5. JennX

    This came today in my daily life hacks email (from 1000 Life Hacks). Pretty insightful in regards to the Jackson/Tommy extravaganza!

    **(1746) How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

    There are many ways that CIA agents can tell if a person being questioned is lying, but the most common trait is that they stay very still. A person usually makes a lot of hand gestures when telling a true story. When telling a lie a person’s hands will usually stay noticeably still. You can use this technique to tell if someone’s lying to you.**

  6. AIO_7

    “She was also mad for not going with her gut and knows going to a F3 with a shomance is crazy.”

    That’s BB 101.

  7. Betty Boo

    At this point I think Holly will win. And I want her to beat Jackson. And drop him at the curb on the way out.

    • Nancy

      It kills me to think of HollyBeth getting any money at all..

      • AIO_7

        Yeah, just keeping her out of F2 would help salvage the season.

      • mm22

        It just kills me too! The thought of hollybeth getting money and believing she had good game is f..ing unbelievable.

      • Avatar

        As much as it was riskier (and the risk proved too great), the sad reality is – keeping the showmance in play was the best move for Cliff/Nicole’s games. Knocking off Beth at #5, taking out Pompous Douchebag at #4 (i.e. going Tommy’s route) would have effectively secured Tommy as the winner. Even if Tommy were evicted in F3, it would have left Cliff and Nicole. Cliff wins. Nicole gets runner up. That would have been the BEST Nicole got had they gone that route. Bottom line, Tommy had the Jury votes if he went F2 with anyone.

        MicBeth were ALWAYS planning on backstabbing whomever they took to F4, then F3. As I’d mentioned earlier (different thread), the only way for Nicole to win would have been to take one of MicBeth to F2, but the only way that could have happened is if the other half were dumped to #4. For that to happen, either Nicole or Cliff needed to win PoV. Didn’t happen.

        Therefore, the showmance will be F2. From there, I see Jackson winning.

        Just as rigged, I mean planned….


      • Avatar

        Oh – sorry – forgot to mention:

        Nicole CAN still win if she lucks out and wins Final HoH. With Cliff gone, she will dump Michie and go head to head with Beth. Truth be told, I don’t see any (maybe one from Kat if she’s convinced she would have gone F2 with Beth had she stayed) votes for Beth from the Jury.

        Michie has a better chance of winning over Nicole, but even still, I think he’s told too many lies and slapped too many Jury votes in the face to earn that.

        We’ll see though. Although I expect F2 to be MicBeth, I hope Nicole is fortunate to take HoH in the Final.

      • AIO_7

        Good analysis, Ken, but I think our main goal here was to get Nicole and Cliff BOTH to F3. Not so much which of them win. Of course Tommy would have beat either in F2, but N & C had a much better chance to vanquish Tommy in F3 2 vs 1.

    • Sassy

      I think the worst outcome is Beth winning. I like her less than JJ, at least he has been playing hard.

    • Tracy

      She won’t drop Jackass – she’s like static cling – unless he dumps her (and quick), he’s going to need a ton of static guard to get him off her leg!!

      • Colby

        I think he fully intends to dump her, but if she wins he will stick around for a while to see how much $$ he can get out of her.

  8. Avatar

    Holly slept with Jackson to get to the final 3. Tramp.

  9. Betty Boo

    Who gets the HOH room after Thursday?

  10. Betty Boo

    Thumbs up for who you are voting AFP.

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  12. hogwild

    I suspect Jackhole is looking in the rule book to see if he and Holly can split the money?

  13. Mary

    Laughing, those two are so unreal. Really don’t think Holly is fully aware of what live feeders see and hear, don’t think she ever watched the show until one of her friends told her about it and encouraged her to apply. Think she probably watches, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    Love the way Nicole took it to them by the hammock yesterday, to the point Jackson didn’t want to hear any more and stormed off with his little puppy following close behind. It was okay for him to sit there and tell Nicole what he thought, even when she didn’t want to talk and turned away, though when she put in her 2 cents, he wasn’t going to sit there and listen to that.

    Think Cliff had ulterior motives for dragging Nicole along, she was a source for information and he needed someone to hide behind or along side, because he has thrown her under the bus quite a bit. Which is fine, it’s part of the game. I also think Cliff’s health problems are more due to dehydration, and not specifically heart problems. I know first hand if you don’t consume enough fluids, especially water during the day that given enough time you can think you are having a heart attack. Also noticed that he was drinking some kind of orange mixture yesterday, swishing it around in the glass to the point he spilled some, could that be Metamucil? Again he needs to consume more water…………….. So if he is a smart as he says he is, he should know this.

    Finally I’d like to say, if you have to keep reminding yourself you’re a good person, chances are your not.

    Let’s play Jeopardy-
    Subject: 4 letter words
    A woman who behaves or dresses in an overtly sexual way?

  14. mm22

    After the season wrap I always wondered if the contestants go back
    and just watch the network shows and maybe pop?
    The best info is on the live feeds but that would be alot to have someone record
    n watch back. I
    personally would want to see it all if I was a contestant I would need to see
    who did me bad. I have heard in the past several contestants not watching anything.

  15. Mary

    I don’t see how they could split it, meaning CBS would do that. If they have to pay taxes on their winnings, which they do, federal and state, and they both live in CA, so cha ching. They are going to have to consider that to. Kind of think that is why Jackson was looking in the rule book.

  16. Robin

    Favorite new coined word of the season, “ Grossmance.”

    A friend corrected me yesterday when I called Beth a Slut. Reminded me, no slut shaming, and besides there’s a different word if you do it for money!

  17. Mary

    Aren’t they suppose to be up between 10 AM and 10 PM without napping, unless ill ?

  18. Avatar

    Fingers crossed Jackson wins it all !!!!!!

  19. Mimi Ryan

    Wow, Block Head & Jolly, wow, delusional. I can only pray Nicole wins & becomes HoH. She take’s Jolly with her & kicks Block Head to the curb of the BB House. I can see where the Power Duo comes from. They feed off each other. Jolly needs Block Head to drag her along. Block Head, needs someone to talk at and see his game. They are the dynamic duo of strategy and deception. Cliff & Nicole lost sight of the game and worked a better integrity line. Unfortunately Block Head will stop at nothing, including BULLYING to get what he wants.

  20. AIO_7

    ” She (Nicole) dreads being alone in the house with them (J/H) and said all 3 people would’ve hung out together the last week with any other combination of people.”

    I wrote it yesterday, she will be like a mouse amongst two gloating vipers. Damn it, Nicole, this was all so easily foreseeable.

    • Mary

      From some of their actions before, especially Jackson’s at the beginning of the show, I see them treating Nicole like crap. I hope that’s not the case. Though didn’t Jackson already pour watermelon juice on her bed?

      • Colby

        I think I read something the other day that said they were discussing trying to keep her rattled so she wouldn’t do well in the comps.

      • AIO_7

        How many of us would jive, in this case for a whole week, with two people you have little in common with, and who have just stabbed you in the back.

      • Joy

        Colby, to hear those two neanderthals say that truly pisses me off. Hope they slip (in watermelon juice) and break something ANYTHING!! Assholes! Talk about poor sportsmanship.

    • Nancy

      It breaks my heart to think she’ll retreat back to the shy nicole because of those two. All ‘ you’re my sister, I’ll always protect you ‘ just bullshit
      Indeed its poor sportsmanship if they purposely try to rattle her.

  21. ShanFran123

    Please forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but when do we get to vote for AFP?

  22. JennX

    A Big Brother dissertation
    By Snackson
    Co-Authored by Beth

    “How I lied to myself and believed it: a treatise on the disturbing machinations of an unkempt mind”

  23. goldie

    I knew Jackson had not changed. I said last week he was playing everyone and I got around 30 thumbs down! I still rather see him win rather than Horse Hair Holly. That girl has more problems than Sam from last season. How does BB find these psychos?

    • Sassy

      It was a house full this year. We only hate Beth/JJ most because they are still there, it wouldn’t matter who was there instead of them. It was an AWFUL group of humans! Not a single person played a great game, I’d be stretching it to say they even played a good game. They were ALL terrible players with terrible personalities… I don’t have to like them, or deal with them ever again! Of what’s left, I still think JJ played the best bad game.

  24. AIO_7

    “She (Nicole) scolded herself for getting so upset and talked about people going to war, fighting cancer and having real problems. She said this was a game and not the end of the world. She apologized to us for allowing herself to become so upset over something so small.”

    I had a small disagreement with someone here yesterday about these comments. I was watching when Nicole was saying this. Though technically it may not be sour grapes. it is sour grape-ish.

  25. Joy

    I’ve noticed that quite a few people have said that Jackson is only 24 years old and has a lot of growing to do. My prediction is he just gets worse especially with a mother like he has. Clearly he is much better than everyone else’s child and cannot be held to any standard of acceptable behavior. He is perfect just the way he is, ask Beth.

    • mm22

      hollybeth is another mommy for him cause what’s better than one mommy always
      telling him how great he is but two. Plus Jackson gets an extra benefit from his
      newly added mommy

    • ShoeLover

      Yeah, my son is 24, is an RN and working towards his goal of being a Nurse Practitioner. Now my other son, he is 20, a little immature but he is also a manager at one of the popular gas stations and works his little butt off. Two great kiddos with two different paths. But I would die if they ever decided to be this type of person. Yes Jackson is extremely immature and has some growing to do. I think his mom was a helicopter mom and he was probably never told ‘No’. I am just still trying to figure out if he does have true worries about his reputation or is this all fuelled by production so the act is on for all of us as viewers. I try to not to talk bad, but it pains me how one minute he can be so nice and come across sincere then turn around and be so cold, unapologetic and just mean. He has played Big Brother, I give that to him, it’s just so weird how this year’s BB has turned out. All the outside influences from his mother, the BB favorites of have and have nots gone, and constant guidance from production when red flags are waving high so then the feeds, mic are shut down for a few until calm is back. His vindictive side is strong. WOW!

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  27. Betty Boo

    So where were Kat and JJ hooking up at that first week in the house? The HOH room wasn’t open was it? And didn’t he say it started the very first night in the house?

  28. Avatar

    Thanks for recap! I have not been looking at popularity polls this summer and just checked Jokers today. Does Holly have any idea she is least liked HG this season? I know Jackson was aware of America’s feelings earlier in the season but didn’t know if Production had leaked any info to Holly too.

  29. JennX

    Hear me out… I really hope that once these F3 are out of the house they will take time to reflect and make appropriate adjustments in their life.

    I want Nicole to see how fantastic she can be. Not to retreat back into the awkwardness that usually comes hand in hand with anxiety and being introverted.
    I truly want Jackson to recognize that he did behave like a bigot, douche, asshole, etc. But when he was around Nicole and let some of his goofier side out, many fans started to soften their feelings of disgust towards him. If he could get back on that path, finding happiness in the real not the Hollywood expected his life could be so much fuller.
    I want more than anything for Holly to accept who she is. People will like her better when she is not trying to put an Instagram filter on every aspect of her life. And I pray that she will realize she is worth more than being arm candy to a misogynist bastard. I wish her true love, true self value and figuring out how to be the inspiration she wants to be.
    I would include Cliff, but I honestly feel he has a great sense of self, purpose and a wonderful family life. He’s already livin’ his best and got to go on his dream BB adventure.

    • Joy

      hope springs eternal, I’ll give you that.

    • mm22

      Jenn I think that was nice! But I’ve witnessed mean girls never change
      maybe hollybeth could prove me wrong probably not likely

    • Avatar

      I really wish Holly would see her worth, but I had a friend just like her. My ex-friend is climbing the social ladder, it is all about appearance, location of living, getting ahead, always being better than everyone else and it bothers her if she thinks someone is better than her and has to tear that person down. She does good deeds for others only to benefit herself, and I haven’t seen her let go and have fun without it being controlled in some way. I see Holly’s behavior the very same. I don’t see Holly showing any empathy for anyone including Jackson who she is in a “relationship” with. She is worried about her image, how her actions and other’s action affect her and everything has to be focused on her. Jackson has glimpses of fun and letting go. I am sure bullying, eating disorder, etc has caused him a lot of pain growing up and he has defenses against that, but I see the good in him and empathy and delight for others that I just don’t see in Holly. Hopefully, I am wrong about Holly.

  30. Avatar

    Nicole gets my vote to win AFP. I would have stopped watching weeks ago but wanted to see how she managed in that house.

  31. TeeJay

    I didn’t hear the comments about making Nicole uncomfortable so she wouldn’t win comps so I’m really hoping those two said it in a heat of the moment kinda way then realized how kind she has been with them, HOH room sharing etc and had 2nd thoughts.

    I’m pretty firmly team Nocole but anyone stuck around Jolly gets my deepest sympathy and respect. I would be ruuning for the exit.

    • Mel

      I hadn’t heard that either. I’m not saying they didn’t, none of us catch everything. I did hear them talking about her not performin6as well in the past when her butt was on the line and wondering if she’d do worse when all their games were at stake. Jackson told Beth that Nicole was a fighter but it was said in a complimentary way. That’s the only convo I’ve heard about it.

      I’ve been hearing they were checking the rulebook to see if Nicole can forfeit the hoh. I haven’t confimed it though.

      Beth and Jackson have talked about milking Beth’s sleeping problems to try and get the hoh room back. They’ve already started dropping comments.

      • Colby

        Yep, JJ has already started by telling C & N that she didn’t sleep at all last night.
        Here is a clue.
        The girl sleeps almost all day long.
        Wake her up! Maybe then she would sleep at night.

    • Colby

      I didn’t actually hear that either. It was a comment I read somewhere.

  32. Avatar

    Oh lord the buzzards are going to go after Nicole when they find out her soda was in the freezer and it blew up.


  33. Avatar

    @Mel, can we please call HollyBeth “On His Heels Holly”? I swear, Jackson doesn’t walk 10 feet and there’s Beth right on his heels. Ugh, it’s so annoying when he’s somewhere trying to have a conversation or doing anything and she peeks in her head and just comes right on in. I can’t stand her or him but she’s ridiculous!

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    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but they were looking thru the rule book to see if they could somehow get Nicole’s HOH revoked since Holly threw it to her. I mean…I don’t even have words for that one.

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