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Big Brother 21 – Sunday Recap for 9/8/19



Good Monday morning. I hope you all did something nice or at least relaxing over the weekend. I was looking forward to the Sunday episode just to see the movie posters and anything we missed from the double eviction. I don’t like seeing the posters as a comp because it doesn’t work well from a viewers standpoint but I like the posters themselves and the thought that goes into them. With BB Comics, I like both and am looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday. This years movie art was ok with their creativity but wow, did they have an oops moment or what when they made the one with Kevin and Swaggy?

Everyone knows Kevin and Swaggy arn’t exactly friends anymore after the whole charity that wasn’t a charity debacle. I guess a little controversy won’t stop production from forcing Swaggy and Bayleigh onto our tv screens. Kevin just had his 3rd surgery and Tweeted out a thank you to everyone for their support and said even though he wasn’t watching feeds, he’d gotten an update on Nicole and Cliffs recent wins. He was trying not to get too excited since he was in the hospital. (Kevin is so amazing)


Yesterday was a slow day on the feeds, especially with noms about to change. There’s only 5 people in the house but it could still pick up after the veto ceremony. Beth already knows she’s going on the block but she may freak out a little once she’s actually sitting there. How long will it take before she and Jackson realize Nicole is trying to convince Cliff to evict Beth? I’m curious to see how this week plays out but for now, lets go over what happened yesterday. Also, I’ve got a trivia question since we may not have much to talk about the next couple of days. (I’ll post the answer tomorrow but lets see who comes up with it first in the comments)

Trivia  Question: (In BBUS) Only two times prior to today, has a person NOT on the block, won the final 5 veto competition AND used the veto, forcing the one remaining person in the house to be nominated. Which two season did it happen and with which players? 

  • Jackson and Beth remain on the verge of splitting up. They keep poking and poking at each other. Jackson’s done everything except say “this ends in 2 weeks” but Beth just goes and puts on more make up like nothings been said. They had a conversation yesterday about their age difference and where they each are in their lives.  She talks about be beyond the partying stage of her life and Jackson made it clear, he wasn’t.  He’d been asking her if she was the type to get mad if he wanted to go out with his friends. (There isn’t one person in that house who doesn’t already know the answer to this) She said no, then immediately began telling him all the exceptions which would cause her to get mad.  Jackson performed another one of his math equations regarding alcohol content and wine. He was explaining to Beth and Tommy, by his calculation, it would take him 3 full bottles of wine to become intoxicated. I think he was looking for a response close to “wow, you’re a badass” but instead, Tommy looked concerned and Beth looked annoyed. (This is just one of those moments that displays Jacksons immaturity. I have a friend who used to do this. Now, he’s a retired Marine but when he was younger, he wanted to come off like he poured a fifth of Jack Daniels over his cornflakes for breakfast. He didn’t but he thought it made him sound tough and cool to say it. Great guy but I always gave him the kind of looks Tommy gave to Jackson)
  • Things were fine for now because they headed off together to take a shower and we know what kind because shampoo was replaced by the stool:
  • And the soap was replaced with the towel:
  • Later, Tommy asked Jackson if he felt like Beth and Jackson had a future together. Jackson told Tommy he’d be happy for Beth if she ended up with someone else. He said he cares about her enough that as long as she was happy, he’d be cool with it. He said they’ll stay close no matter what. (Yep, he’s setting things up for the ‘I love you enough to let you go’ speech) He told Tommy they’re in different stages in their lives and naturally, wanted it to sound like he was sacrificing himself for Beths happiness. He also said, it will be great if they can make it work but he didn’t sound nearly as passionate about it as he did the other.
  • Nicole and Tommy laid on the hammock and talked about how the game has changed them. They discussed their personal lives and both cried. Nicole said she’s had a lot of people in her life pass away and it caused her to try and not be as close to people. She said coming into the house has made her realize that’s what she’s been doing. They also talked about the game.  I’m not sure how to describe this conversation because for the most part, Tommy was saying what Nicole wanted to hear.  At the same time, it’s as if he was being hesitant to fully get on board with her. He assured her he’d go after Jackson if he stayed and said he’d be rooting for her if he left so it wasn’t what he said, it was the WAY he said things. He said things like he wanted to let the week play out and said he wanted to play a clean game. She asked him if Jackson or Beth said anything to him before the veto about how he needed to win it. He said he didn’t want to answer. (I understand someone not wanting to show their cards for fear of being tricked but there’s only 2 people voting so what am I missing here?) He did say he wanted to talk to both Clifd and Nicole together and possibly Cliff by himself just to see what Cliff would need from him to keep him. Nicole told him Cliff’s already said Tommy would have to promised to go after Jackson next week.
  • As everyone joined them, Tommy asked them if they felt like the game had changed them. It was just an honest conversation and not related to the game. Everyone said yes and described thoughts on it.  When Beth joined, she was the last one asked. After appearing to struggle for what to say, and not hearing what the others had said, she said “I feel like I’m supposed to say yes.”

I only mention this because it’s the perfect example of why I don’t care for Beth. With her, I’m not watching someone living in a house to see how they cope and play a game. What I’m actually watching, is someone living in a house, trying to play a character and becoming upset when she forgets and drops character.

  • Cliff and Nicole discussed which decision would be better for them this week. He isn’t convinced yet but told her he’s open to talking about it. He said about the same thing some of us have been saying. He told Nicole one direction made the F3 an easier path but F2 harder. The other way makes getting to F3 harder but the F2 easier. He’s right but we still don’t have an answer yet as to what hea doing to do. (Ok, I’m not saying this would be a smart game move AT ALL but I think it would be hilarious if Nicole couldn’t get Cliff to commit so she took Tommy off the block and the two of them voted Beth out. She wouldn’t need Cliffs vote that way. Obviously, Tommy would probably vote Cliff out and Beth would stay. I just think it would be funny to see)
  • Nicole goes over her reasoning to herself again and plans for her veto speech:
  • They all took turns having to go to the DR last night and used the pool table as a table for a cheese, crackers and wine evening. (They’ve been stashing the alcohol they’ve been getting to drink it al at once. Some seasons they won’t let them do this)  Beth finally found something that would let her shine so instead of getting to have their little party, she put them through a wine tutorial instead.
  • They looked to be really enjoying it too:
  • Pop tv sent them beer pong without any additional alcohol but they played and at least, had something to do. Orwell sent out some shady Tweets too, as usual:
  • Jackson told everyone what a saint he is for the 1000th time. He blames anything bad we see on things Christie’s said about him. He made some comment about live feeders not being very many people and not amounting to a skid mark on underwear or something like that. (That’s ok, I kind of think he’s shit too so fair is fair) He tooted his own horn all evening and they talked more about uncomfortable things that have happened in the game. (this is always around the time people want to share because they’ve ran out of things to talk about. They feel like its safe too because the numbers are so low) They went over the night everyone went against Nicole again.  I’ve lost count of how many times this has been discussed in recent days.  Jackson retold his version, which includes him being Nicoles protector when he shut the door in her face. He said was only trying to keep her away from the mob. Beth told Nicole she didn’t do or say anything when everyone was upstairs trashing her. Jackson said “I kept you out to protect you.” This was Nicoles expression earlier in the day when he tried to sell her the same bullshit story:
  • It was also during the earlier conversation when Beth told Nicole she really liked Kemi and wished she’d talked to her more. She said she didn’t because Kemi had already been blacklisted. Nicole didn’t seem impressed with this explanation and I’m loving Nicole having them grovel to her this week, even if they’re doing it with lies. Nicole doesn’t buy it so let them bounce around this week making bigger asses of themselves. Cliff told them he couldn’t wait for them to see the footage of Nicole coming back downstairs after they wouldn’t let her in the hoh room. After they went through it again last night, Nicole told them “If you had let me in that room, I would have buried you.” (just when I think I can’t like her any more than I already do)  I get what Jackson and Beth are trying to accomplish. Once again, they want to tell us what we did and didn’t see. If they only knew, the clip of the H8ful alliance up in the hoh room trashing Nicole and screaming like it was Lord of The Flies, keeps getting recirculated all over social media every time they lie about it. So much for Tommy’s theory that we only believe the last thing we see.
  • They went over comps and Tommy felt the need to mention who threw some of the ones Jackson won. (It was a subtle dig from Tommy but I liked it. I also think he’s tired of having to listen to Sis, Christie and Jack, who are his friends, be trashed all the time)  Jackson still doesn’t believe Sis threw the chicken coop comp even though Tommy’s repeatedly told him she did. When Jackson mentioned another comp he won, Tommy said “I think Nick threw that one.”
  • Beth spent the evening rattling on and on about….I have no idea what and it isn’t worth going over so short version: Look at me! Look at me!
  • Beth boiled eggs and has an Easter egg hunt planned for sometime today. She told Jackson a couple days ago, she wanted to come up with a lot of activities so Tommy wouldn’t have time to campaign or any of them to plot anything. She also has a campaign brunch planned but I’m not sure which day. Yep, you read it correctly. She’s going to save her ass with a brunch. (If it works, go Beth!)
  • Beth spent hours doing makeup while everyone hung out outside. Jackson told her she needed to get outside and be around everyone. He still doesn’t think they’re in trouble this week but just in case, he thinks she needs to be on top of things. I saw the funniest thing yesterday and tried to get the pic but it happened too fast. Beth had been walking around the kitchen after doing her makeup, with her shirt staying up and in place just fine. As she went to open the door to the backyard, she dropped it off one shoulder intentionally. She was finally camera ready and headed to join the others.
  • Beth and Jackson argued for a long time into the night and I’m not getting into that either. Basically, Cliff told them all about The Challenge because he’s into the show and Jackson was interested. Since it’s a show notorious for hook ups along with physical challenges, Beth wasn’t pleased. Later, he told her it was obvious he wouldn’t plan on drinking with her when they get out of the house. Beth really did enjoy the wine.

Check back later for any Veto ceremony fall out and have a great Monday.




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  1. Kari

    I’m so glad I’m actually awake here enjoying this update and sipping my coffee with everybody else in BBJ.. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Houseguest Doug

    Sounds like Nicole and Cliff would be doing Jackson a big favor to vote out Holly. Problem is Jackson will use it as motivation to step up his game even more. I believe all 4 players play in the final HOH comp so Jackson would be in beast mode if it is anything physical.

    With all the fighting that Jackson and Holly are doing it might be the best thing for their “Relationship” is to get away from each other for a bit. Time in the Jury House my give Jackson some breathing space from all of the Holly Drama. Problem with that is that is bad news for the other 3 house guests as he will be more focused on the game and he can look out for his favorite person which of course is himself.

    If Tommy is in the F2 vs anyone in the house he will win.

    What is best for Nicole and Cliff is to go head to head with Jackson and Holly. Take out a potential winner now.

    Hope you can win HOH and then you can put Jackson and Holly up and take your shot and pray he doesn’t win POV. He does then he is going to crush the 1st stage of the final HOH and be up against Nicole or Cliff in the final comp to make it to F2.

    Nicole must know if she is up against Cliff in the F2 he will win.

    • hogwild

      Before this week I would have agreed with your assessment of a Cliff and Nicole F2 but seeing how she has picked her game up I think that could be a toss up.

    • Kari

      I 100% agreed with your earlier posting about getting out Tommy but after what Jackson had to deal with all night last night? Now we all know he isn’t the world’s best dude, but still.. If someone tells you to stop and let them sleep you f****** stop.

      • Purring

        I want Tommy out because he and CC had an advantage over everyone. They should keep Beth because she will continue to drive JJ crazy by being so neurotic and that will affect there play in comps.

    • AIO_7

      “If Tommy is in the F2 vs anyone in the house he will win.”

      Holly and Jackson will beat Cliff and Nicole in F2 as well. To actually win, N & C have to be F2.

      • Mello_One

        @ AIO….And why? Because everyone in the Jury House absolutely Loves Tommy…Plus the majority of the Jury House are members of the Hateful 8 Alliance, they will vote Tommy Unanimously, Jackson is 50/50, because some people don’t like him in jury.

    • AIO_7

      “Sounds like Nicole and Cliff would be doing Jackson a big favor to vote out Holly. Problem is Jackson will use it as motivation”…

      That faulty logic; screw Jackson’s motivation. They are just supposed to roll over and leave a showmance in control?

    • danmtruth

      Hands down no one beats tommy in F-2 Too many dumb H8full in jury hous Even after they hear how christie and him played them all season To that point as a live feed watcher It insulted me when the two of them alone in a room No chance for any other HG to hear them They would ask questions about where they grew up Ask questions about families and old love i trest We know that you two grew up together and are not fooling us Your the only two in the house hearing this It is obvious you are saying it for the live feeders STOP INSULTING US

    • Mello_One

      Doug you might be right…At this point everybody in the Jury House was a part of Tommy’s Hateful 8 Alliance, & he got along with everyone, & never made anyone angry. Its 50/50 percent chance with Nugget, because Christie, Jess, & Kat left the house pissed at her. But if its about Game Play, Nugget stands a 50% chance to win, but right now all I see Nick for sure casting a vote for Nicole.

  3. hogwild

    I’m really back and fourth on who Nicole and Cliff should take out there are good reasons to take both out. At this point I would lean towards getting Tommy out because most of that jury is going to be his old alliance he is popular with all of them and he will have Christie in there selling Tommy to be the winner if he makes F2 and love her or hate her she is good at that.

    • Ronduh

      I can’t stand Holly and really want her to go but i think it’s better if Tommy goes…there’s no way he can be in the final 2. I wonder if jury found out he and Christy knew each other if that would change their votes if he was in final 2? Probably not because they’re all dumbasses.

      • Mello_One

        Me too Ronduh, I don’t care for Holly, but Tommy is too well beloved by people in the Jury House, & he never angered any of them. On the flipside Jess, & Kate are upset at Nugget, because she didn’t give them a vote, & she was instrumental in evicting Christie. Plus Christie will always have Tommy’s back.

        Therefore it is best to Evict Tommy, he is too well liked. Nicole would do better sitting next to Jackson for the Win. But the bottom line is that I’d really like to see Nugget, & Cliff at F2.

    • Robin

      Good assessment hog but if we send Beth to the jury house now, she will probably spill the beans on Tommy and Crusty. This, not to benefit anyone, I just don’t think she can keep that to herself. That information could negate some of Crustys influence.

      • Kari

        Play I don’t care if the whole entire jury house finds out the truth. Maybe then they can base their votes on what’s real vs what isn’t.

      • hogwild

        Maybe Robin but this is the same Holly who didn’t realize when Nicole won veto and used it she would be the only option to OTB. We might be giving her to much credit on sharing that I’m little surprised neither her or Jackson have told Cliff and Nicole yet.

      • ElaineB

        It really doesn’t matter, because Christie won’t be able to influence anyone who doesn’t want to be influenced by her. Each juror gets one vote, and can do with it what they want. There doesn’t have to be a house vote, and there are no threats/promises to be made. To each juror, do whatever the heck you want!

    • Kari

      I wish that production would separate those two and make them sleep in different rooms from now on out. nothing but game talk will be allowed from either one of them. Yeah I only wish…

    • danmtruth

      It is hard to discount that Big BB rule when you have a chance to take out a big player do it Also keeping Holly in might help in distracting Jackson concentration Having to deal with her crazy antics and whinning

      • Ronduh

        Yes I agree

      • NKogNeeTow

        **The following comment thread was removed for political content. No political, religious, or racial content is allowed unless it is directly related to the show.**

        Please keep this in mind when posting. There are other websites for that. 🙂

        NK, Moderator

  4. Annabelle

    Thank you Jen! I will sign petion. Please send me info on how to help. YOU get it that it’s the illegal made stuff killing people more than anything else. I could fill a page with a rant about the bad TN is doing so I’ll help indtead

  5. Annabelle

    Mel I am posting before I google your trivia. I feel like Derrick is one of the two. I don’t remember if he was never otb or there only once. He was amazing to watch and the reason I started bbad. I tell my husband he needs to be on BB or talk one of his younger buddies/cops into it. Only want a small % of winnings for me pointing them to here feeds etc for preperation lol

  6. Jen

    Sorry he iis the ccorrect link. if you signed the other please sign this one

  7. Robin

    Mel thanks for the insights on yesterday’s happenings. I was up and down during the night and watching the wine party as it unfolded. I think that Cliff is trying to find a way not to break his word and still support Nicole in her decision to keep Tommy.

    At one point Cliff started getting larger servings of wine and knew that FAH would also hurry and drink to get her share. This is when sly dog Hogg brings up The Challenge. Cliff has listened to Holly’s rants about Frat Boy Jackson and knew how a drunk Holly was going to behave. She probably weighs about 100 lbs so her alcohol intake would not have to be very much in order for her to get drunk. Sure enough, she was being passive aggressive, whispering snide remarks as preparation for another crying fight with Jackson.

    Not gonna take sides here except to say that these two have no chance for an on going relationship outside the house. At one point Jackson pointed out that it was all fine because she was going on the block today. So if I’m reading Cliff right, he is setting up a Holly take down with final 3 deal with Jackson, He and Nicole. A second deal withTommy, which should be easy to get, will all but guarantee Cliff and Nicole both a place in the final three.

    I could be wrong, but I think that Cliff was poking Holly the bear to speed the collapse of the Holly Jackson duo and could be their smartest play.

    • danmtruth

      Agree that cliff knows a pressure point betwee these to is his frat boy ways When jackson was showing off the picture of all his buddies Not sure if it was nicole of cluff who ask if they were all in the fraternity together Holly made some snide comment about frat bros Jackson was made making a point that there is a difference between fraternities and frat boys That difference i will leave up to you all to decifer

  8. ingodog

    I would love to see Cliff win, mainly because I’m fifty two and would love to see someone around the same age win. On another note Dorian finally seems to have blown herself/himself out with no damage, thank God. Some of my friends in Nova Scotia, fared a lot worse though, but there was no deaths.

  9. Betty Boo

    Did Cliff AND Nicole both shake hands on the F4 w/ Jolly?

  10. MartyMar

    Change of scene after last night: get rid of TT this week, find Beth more wine. At the rate she’s going, Jolly will not only implode, but also be too sleep-deprived to be top-game for HOH (and please more wine before POV too!).

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  12. Helen

    Helicopter flying really low circling backyard with Nicole and cliff out there….feeds cut to fish

  13. Betty Boo

    If Nicole were to take Tommy off the block, with his promise of voting out Holly, where does that leave Cliff and Nicole? Still an F2?????

  14. Helen

    Pretty obvious Holly is hung over this am…tells Tommy…”I was in the DR till 5 am”
    Funny…I thought she was snot crying to Jackson….
    If I hear her say she has PTSD because she’s been on the bad end of a romance one more time I’m gonna scream!
    She seems to imply it was Luke Pell who was the driving force behind
    her “PTSD”

  15. danmtruth

    Done thank you for pointing this out
    See message

  16. Betty Boo

    I will be VERY unhappy if Holly were to win BB. Is there any scenario where she actually wins?

    • Kari

      I hope not. The only thing I can see is if the other person was absolutely hated by everybody. I can’t see any scenario or she would win to be honest. Up against any of the others? No. They’re really stupid though so God only knows..

    • Tam

      Only in her mind….Then she will bend that and become tragic again……This chick is something special….

  17. Houseguest Doug

    The time to buy something is when you see it. People who say I will be back for that or I will hold off for now there is lots. Soon are the ones kicking themselves for not purchasing it when they had the chance. They always say “Damn it I should of bought that when I had the chance”.

    Same rules apply to the BB House when a big player is on the block now is the time to punt them out to the Jury House. It will always come back and haunt you in this game.

  18. Mary

    Wonder if when Holly was in the DR, they told her, the way you behave when you’ve been drinking and telling us (production) to F off is why you don’t get alcohol like other seasons have. You signed contracts, what part of that do you not understand?

  19. ShoeLover

    Hey mel!!!

    Was it Ian??

    Now I want to google!!

  20. Ashley

    PTSD can develop due to emotional abuse and other emotion-based experiences (which she may have had in prior relationships); however, I now see Holly displaying the same type of emotional abuse toward Jackson that she may have experienced before. This is common for roles to reverse after experiencing this type of treatment. Emotional abuse involves one person manipulating another in an emotional way. It can include words and actions aimed to insult, control, frighten, or isolate.

    Examples of emotional abuse include:

    Taking away your freedom and privacy
    Separating you from loved ones, work, and activities
    Expecting to know your whereabouts and activities at all times
    Frightening you with anger
    Threatening you and those you love
    Humiliating and belittling you

    Look/sound familiar?

  21. nancy

    I must be out of the BB loop. What happened with Kevin and Swaggy?

    • nancy

      Never mind. I googled it. (D’oh)

    • Kari

      I can’t believe CBS pushes those two in our faces after that crap he pulled. Frankly if I were Kevin I probably sue them for that b******* could maybe it’s just a poster but it’s just isn’t cool.

      • Tam

        Absolute horrid….They didn’t improve their image with this….Les was bad enough, but they just added another bad look to the company for having them on their and the gall to put Kevin with WannaBSomething. Just very distasteful……..Shame on them for that….

  22. LynnD

    Mel here is a quick video of Beth showing off her shoulder on twitter.


  23. Mary

    The vote Thursday can easily be determined if Holly & Jackson sit down with Cliff and Nicole and tell them about Tommy and Christie’s little secret, and her being in a relationship for 7 years with Tommy’s Aunt. Tell them that he told them before noms, which explains why he kept saving her. We did promise him we wouldn’t say anything to the two of you, though we thought you should be aware of it before you make your final decision on who to vote out.

  24. Tam

    Done, Jen. Thank you for stepping up on this tragic epidemic…..
    Kudos to you honey!!!!!!

  25. Sabrina

    I am watching the feeds from last night, Beth is NOT a happy drunk

  26. Mary

    New thread…….

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  28. JennX

    I agree with your mission, but I also believe that no amount of lawmaking will truly stop the criminal element from importing any kind of drugs into the country. I mean it’s already illegal and they are doing it anyway… they will continue to find more inventive and elusive methods of doing so.
    Unfortunately this whole war on drugs and “reefer madness” type mentality towards any opiates (legal and illegal) has made it incredibly difficult for people actually suffering with chronic pain to get treatment to help manage pain. Most (not all) of these OD’s and abuse statistics are from illegal opiates or illegal obtained prescription opiates.

    Personally I had my pain well managed until about 5-6 years ago when the “opiate crackdown” started being trendy. Now I’m on meds that are just barely enough to allow me to do regular activity like laundry and grocery shopping.

    I applaud your efforts though! I just hope that in trying to eliminate and punish the illegal drugs trade, people in my circumstance don’t ultimately pay the price while the criminals get craftier and go deeper underground.

    • Annabelle

      Jennx well said that’s what’s happened to me as well. Will try to message later I see the thumbs down on these which I dont understand but don’t want to cause trouble. It may be the CC/Beth thumby club but just in case

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