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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Afternoon Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house which usually means a super boring afternoon of watching them get ready for the live show, or super last-minute scrambling. I have a feeling that today will be the latter based on what happened last night/this morning.

To summarize, Nicole told Jess that there was a 6 person alliance featuring her, Cliff, Tommy, Christie, Sis, and Nick. Jess, knowing she is about to lose her best friend in the house, decided to bust the doors on that to find out exactly what was going on. There was a lot of confrontation, Cliff’s Angels blew up, and the newly formed alliance may not even be together a week before it’s dismantled.  It was a wild mess that basically just secured Kat is leaving tonight. Unless something happens this afternoon.

Before I begin, here is your BBJ Pet of the Day!

Meet Luci and Ermey sent in by AnnaMarie! Beautiful dogs!

Also, thank you for the donations, everyone!  Don’t forget that I added Mel and NK options! Here is the donate page


In all the excitement today, I forgot to post that tonight will be an endurance competition live on the feeds so get them here!


10:15 AM – House is awake and Holly is already talking to Tommy

Holly says how Nick is against Christie and has been playing both sides of the house


Holly says Christie is super quick to turn on people and it drives her crazy. She also tells Tommy how Sis hates Christie and is everyone just faking it?

Tommy is trying to explain why a deal was made and Holly wasn’t included. He spins some shit about needing to make a deal with Cliff and trying to keep people safe.

Tommy says the deal is only for one week – lol

Holly is really annoyed at Nick’s flipping to every side of the house. He was trying to make deals with Holly and Jackson just yesterday and now she finds out he’s part of that 6

Holly says Christie is running the house and everyone is her pawn. She (Holly) wants to be seen as a human and not a pawn. Whenever someone calls her on her shit, she starts crying to get out of it.

10:45 AM – Talks continue

Tommy is in the HoH room now with Sis, Holly, and Jackson

Holly sarcastically talks about how Kat and her have a good relationship so they’re all going to form a 6 person alliance to get them out?

Jackson said he heard “they don’t win HoHs, they don’t win vetos, it’s 2 vs 6”. Sis asks ‘who said that’ and Jackson said ‘you did. You and Christie’. Sis is in complete denial mode

Sis is worked up because she doesn’t want to be looked at as a ‘mean girl’

Christie comes in and Sis re-tells what Jackson said how Christie and Sis were trashing Jackson and Holly

Christie explains how she was indeed pissed last night because the house was crazy

11:15 AM – Downstairs, Christie is now talking to Jess. Jess is saying how she is upset over the alliance still but people keep denying it’s an alliance.

Tommy and Christie are still denying any type of alliance

Kat was in the room and jumps in saying that Cliff is the person who said the word alliance

11:45 AM – Kat is still chatting with Christie and she (Kat) is explaining how Cliff is just making deals with everyone

Kat asks why she would make a deal for one week of safety when she has her (Kat’s) loyalty.  Christie says she doesn’t trust the dynamic of her, Holly, and Jackson

2:00 pm – Holly is still working Nicole seeing as she’s a major swing vote. It’s good to see they’re all trying, but seems to be locked in that Cliff is staying. Unless something major happens over the next few hours


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