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Big Brother 21 Thursday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s the first full day of the live feeds for Big Brother 21 and we have no clue what that will bring.

A little recap before we begin….


Christie obviously won the HoH and she ended up nominating Cliff and Kathryn, however, she has been really adamant to let Kat know that she’s safe this week. They are looking to backdoor Kemi for some reason because she’s apparently dangerous. Random, but whatever.

The 6 person alliance we saw formed on night one appears to be done as smaller pairings have been forming. Jackson has been getting tighter with Holly while Jack has been tighter with Christie. As soon as the feeds went up last night, the house was full of paranoia including this awkward moment when the already nominated Kathryn got to sit by and watch the entire house bond over a game of ‘tangled’.

It was hard to tell if any ‘showmances’ formed yet but I definitely see something happening between Jackson and Holly.


The feeds have been down for a bit, so I’m guessing it’s an early veto competition going already, but I’ll update this thread when it comes back

Before I do – Sign up to the live feeds!!!! – Also, some pages weren’t working properly. I fixed that as well. If you ever see a broken page please contact me and I’ll fix it. Thanks!

  • 3:45 pm – Feeds are still down for the veto competition. On the bright side, I took a nap!
  • 5:00 pm – Feeds back!
    • Sam won the first PoV of the season!
    • Kat is now in the bedroom crying, but ‘trying not to be dramatic’.
    • Jackson has come in to comfort her as well. I don’t think she has much to worry about. I’m pretty sure Kemi is still screwed. Unless of course Sam wants to stay neutral.
    • Kat mentions how the DR session really fucked her up. I’m guessing production asked her questions that made her think she’s not as safe as she assumed
    • Jackson tells Kat that Sam can’t stand either Kemi or Ovi (I think he said Ovi, but not sure. He definitely said Kemi)
    • Jackson is saying that Sam will dig his grave if he doesn’t use the veto. They do think he’ll save Cliff
  • Meanwhile, Jack is talking to Nick and Sam
    • Sam sounds like he’s definitely using veto on Cliff because he’s a dad and deserves it.
    • Sounds like Kemi is 99% gone
    • The three are working on finding two girls for an alliance. They think Christie and Sis (Analyse). They wondered about Bella but would rather Analyse
    • Stage 5 maybe name.  Weird
    • I think KC hosted the competition because she won the comp last year. It was the catching comp
  • 6:00 pm – Kat is still sulking in the bedroom while everyone else is in the kitchen and sings Happy Birthday to Cliff’s son
    • Happy Birthday to Cliff’s son!
  • 7:30 pm – Kat is still sulking in bed alone while everyone else is having dinner. Good social game!
    • In the side room, Sis and Holly talk about Ovi how he went and randomly woke up Kat to try and get air time. He’s wearing on them
  • Jack and Tommy get some time to talk
    • Jack confirms that Cliff is off the block and the plan is still going on (get Kemi out)
    • Jack is trying to work for another 5 person alliance, this time with Tommy. Wtf?
    • His new alliance is Jack, Jackson, Holly, Tommy, Christie, and maybe Sis.  lol So maybe a 6 person. Jesus
  • 8:00 pm – Jackson and Christie are up in the HoH room talking game
    • They want Jess out asap, and mention how annoying Ovi and Kemi are and need to go soon
    • There are so many alliances floating around right now it’s hard to keep track of
    • Jackson wants to hook up with Sis in a heartbeat. But he doesn’t talk to her much because he doesn’t want to step on Jack’s toes.  Oh boy
    • Ok, Jackson lists off another alliance I think the main one?  Jackson, Jack, Christie, Sis, Holly, Tommy, Nick, and Bella.
  • Jessica and Nicole are chatting. Weird not seeing people part of the core group on cam
    • Jessica is saying something about putting Kemi on the block being racist. Bring in the race card, alright
    • Well, they cut away game talk to show the kitchen because why not?
  • Meanwhile, Kat is still in bed and now Jackson’s turn to comfort her. Come on
  • 9:00 pm – Large group in the kitchen working out. Nicole is chatting with Cliff, Sam, and Nick in the other room

Check back soon


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