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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Night Updates

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Well, that was a fun show.


Seriously! I actually enjoyed it because it’s very rare that things are up in the air that close to showtime and it just shows the realness of the show. I’ve heard so many theories over the years how it’s all scripted or they can’t change their votes or a number of other things. Tonight showed that it’s simply not the case because that vote was on the verge of being flipped and very well could have if they had more time. How do I know? Because they had Christie go first which removed all suspense before the commercial break.

I’m 99% certain they have the order down in rehearsal and stick to it because it’s been mentioned a few times in the house how they kind of know how things are going based on the order (it’s also why they already know what to do when passing each other in the hall). Production wants to keep the potential flip votes near the end of the order to keep the drama up. Sure, tonight would have been hard to create drama with the votes regardless of what happened, but if production planned for Christie, Jack, etc possibly keeping Sam, they would have had them vote near the end. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just know Christie’s vote revealed what was happening and I just don’t think that’s good TV.


Enough rambling about that. Let’s talk about what happened. Sam didn’t survive and that’s okay because he was able to complete his mission of stirring up the house before he left. He was likely never winning this season so him being able to go home to his kids is a good thing. He loses a few thousand dollars in stipend money, but he can make that up in personal appearances after the show. What he did do was split up Jack and Jackson which creates two strong dudes going head to head finally. I know they’ll probably be fake when the feeds come back and pretend to be bros again, but that’s done. The trust is gone. Jack chose Christie and Jackson knows she is going after him.

Kat is suddenly a very key person because she has her personal connection with Holly but has also been super tight with Christie all season. They’ll all play nice, but behind the scenes, each of them are going to try to secure Kat for whatever reason. It’s not good for either long term because Kat can win this game if she’s in the final 2 due to a likely bitter jury, but both sides need the numbers at this point so we’re going to see a lot of pushing to secure the floaters.

As I write this, feeds have finally returned so we can see who won HoH!



Thank you to everyone who has donated this season!

8:15 pm – Feeds back!

Holly is in a panic, Christie is in a panic. It’s possible Nick won but not confirmed.

Analyse says “don’t go up there to Jess”. Sounds like Jess won?


Jess indeed won HoH!

This week automatically becomes the week of the veto. The veto winner will have a huge influence on who goes home because Christie will play her power if someone she wants wins it. Regardless who Jess puts up, if say Jack wins the veto, he’ll be deciding the replacement nom and he’ll have the votes behind him. So, Saturday’s competition becomes insanely important already

Hypothetically, Jess can put up Jack and Jackson. Jack wins PoV and Christie uses her power. He can actually put up Cliff and send him to jury which means that one power impacted two evictions because Cliff was foolish enough to not flush out Christie’s power when he had the chance. It would be ironic if Cliff goes home this week

Christie is still doing damage control by saying she doesn’t want to be in the final 5 with two strong couples but she never would have evicted them. Not sure how much damage control she’s actually doing by basically saying she will happily let others do her dirty work by splitting up couples.

Meanwhile, Tommy says he still wants Cliff gone. I already feel Cliff going home this week because of that Big Brother karma

8:45 pm – Christie is the first of that side to begin to work Jess. She tells Jess to forget about her power because she won’t use it this week. Christie doesn’t stop playing this game. No days off for her

In another room, Sis is doing some damage control with Kat playing completely dumb. Holly comes in and the three of them start trashing Jackson for being dumb. They’re really shocked Jackson told Jack to not trust Sis.

Tommy enters and Holly/Sis leaves. Tommy begins kissing Kat’s ass.  Christie enters to join the ass kissing. You’d think Kat won HoH with the way everyone is sucking up. Just as I said above, everyone is trying to win Kat over for some reason. She’s queen floater and everyone wants her on their side.

9:10 pm – Jessica talking to Nicole says that Jack needs to go. Wow. I doubt that will happen, but I was surprised to hear that.

Nicole is pointing out what happened in the house with the 6 breaking up and now the 4 are going after Jackson and Holly (I’m glad she’s been paying attention finally). She tells Jess that the 4 are going after the two, so why should she (Jess) do their dirty work by helping.  Sounds like Jess is leaning Jack and Jackson as noms.

Jess is happy because she got Christie’s word that she’s not using the power. Hahaha. Christie will use it if she needs to use it. But she won’t because Jess will be her puppet this week.

In another room, Jackson is having a pity party with Holly. She is trying to make him feel better but she was certainly happy throwing him under the bus to Sis and Kat

On the bright side, Jackson may be able to round up the floaters and actually lead them a bit.

I may pass out because I’m really tired, but should be updates in the comment section!


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