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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Ramblings – HoH Results

Good evening, everyone


Well, that was an interesting live show. I can’t remember a time when we’ve had this many live shows where we didn’t know how the vote will go. For a season with so many near-unanimous votes, it’s been one of the most indecisive crews. They are indecisive but united. Weird.

Let’s go through the notes since the feeds returned and this site was down for the last hour…

It appears Holly threw the competition as part of a deal with Cliff and Nicole to stay in the house. So, this competition barely survived the commercial break before it was over. I’m surprised she honored the deal, but she did.


To make the situation even worse, Cliff is going to honor his end where they take Jackson to the final 3. This means Jackson either has to throw the veto or be put in a really awkward situation because I’m sure they’re going to expect him to take them, but I can’t see him voting out Holly.

I’ll go through my analysis of these moves as the week goes on but wanted to start a new thread


7:00 pm – The four have been spending a lot of time together since the feeds returned


Cliff told Nicole that he looked into Jackson’s eyes and trusts him and doesn’t see anything funny. He’s going to be shocked to hear Jackson was lying.

However, Cliff finally goes to Jackson privately to talk. Cliff tells him that he really had to convince Nicole. Nice subtle way to suck up to Jackson. Hard to blame Cliff because it’s his game too and he’s not throwing Nicole under the bus. He’s just quick to take credit.

It’s kind of crazy easy it is to lie for Jackson. These are Brett levels.

9:00 pm – Holly wonders if her neck is hurting from that comp. hahahaha. All 5 minutes


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  1. mona77450

    Cliff lost a lot of my respect in tonight’s episode.

    • danmtruth

      Yes he has he always had the final 3 with JJ HOLLY and Him Hard to believe that did nit factor in

    • KelBel

      I understand his desire to keep his word and to a point, the subtle throwing Nicole under the bus for wanting to keep Tommy – just to protect his future in the house. But this F3 crap with Jackson? Nope, no, nada. Nicole has been saving Cliff’s ass lately, so he should perhaps be discussing these F3 decisions with her…afterall, she’s the ONLY on guaranteed to be there at this point!

    • mm22

      Awwh he’s been “dead to me” for awhile-letting christy bamboozle him with her power
      during his hoh-he did bad mouth Nicole early on- the recording over the
      wall we all know he heard but never mentioned -controlling Nicole while hiding
      behind the fatherly cloak ect…

  2. Mary

    Know Cliff is playing his own game, though it’s kind of disturbing how easy it is for him to play up to Jackson. I think she will be disappointed in him when she gets out and hears and watches just what has been going on behind her back.

  3. Nikki

    I have only watched BB last season and this season.

    I understand how F2 is decided with the different comps for HOH, and that winner choosing who they sit next to.

    However, how does this part work?

    I get that Nicole is HOH, but does she still nom 2 people, and whoever isn’t on the block after veto ceremony, chooses who leaves from the two put up, even though Nicole doesn’t have much say if she loses veto?

  4. Minkie

    I personally have Not lost respect for Cliff. He is trying to win this game. However, he was certainly hoodwinked by Jackson today… was a little surprised by that.

  5. Mello_One

    Dang….Over a Million People trying to seek a Peek at BBJ, & it broke down…too many people at one time…lol?!

  6. Colby

    I think both JJ and Holly will gun for the veto and send Cliff packing if one of them wins.
    He is just telling them what they want to hear so they will keep him over Holly if they don’t win the veto.
    He is still pissed that they almost sent Holly out.

  7. danmtruth

    Cliff is NUTS he is telling Jackson if he wins the POV cliff will take jackson to the F-3 Why because cliff looked in jackson eye and believe that he can trust him Jackson will gave a great laugh tonight knowing he fooled them To convince them that tommy was lying Nicole saying how cool jackson was during the argument told her that he was being truthfull So congrats to jackson well played
    Does holly understand her game is in jacksons hands in thus pov Unless she can pull out a miracle win Because jackson had her make the deal to throw the hoh comp
    Hiw happy is production comp starts at 8:56 my time over at 9:07 on a comp last year that went on for over 3 hours Than again they had more players

    • Nancy

      It was still just to short of a comp to be on the up an up..I’m getting more an more disappointed in uncle cliff.. JJ and HollyBeth are just two asses..
      Hope that HoH room is sanitize for nugget..

      • Tam

        Definitely would flip that mattress over….Demand new sheets and a full case of LYSOL and let them know it!!! Bleach that shower!!!!!! Burn the stool……

    • Painter1

      Tommy’s after show video was up. And Cliff said they believed him but that they had final four deal and had given thier word. So that was their excuse ,Nicole pretty much said the same thing.

  8. Avatar

    This lie & him getting away with using production makes me nauseous. I want Cliff/Nicole to know asap but know that want happen. Can hardly stand to look at Jackson & it was pretty hard foe a very long while. The preview where Tommy is saying to Holly if she is really playing her own game call Jackson out!!! They ultimately believed Jackson…much like someone trying to prove their sanity & the more they try the more they look insane. Michie just apologized to Cliff/Nicole for getting so aggressive in house meeting. Cliff response was it was kind of necessary to prove he wasn’t lying. On what universe ??? Thou do protest too much.

    • Avatar

      Won’t happen not want happen

    • ShoeLover

      Yes Candy, this whole shit show is awful!! And with Holly wanting to inspire all young girls across America.. Well I just all those young girls across America have their mothers telling them,


      I feel sorry for her and I hope when she does get out she seeks some sort of help, therapy, something!!! Maybe it will open her eyes once she sits down and sees herself on the show. She is not a character, nor a storyline. She is her own self and still somehow managed to screw herself.

      Why does she keep thinking she is a character with a storyline???

      • Tam

        Delusional. Delusions of Grandeur….

        She is no role model. My pet peeve with her is that She is the one that tried to say all this about herself and then made the conscious decision to not follow through or be that way in fashion so she just has just made herself look foolish and the butt of so many jokes and lines, no pun intended. She says one thing and then does another. Words don’t match actions…..Just clueless.

    • Kel-E

      I agree it sucks Jackson did that, but honestly it’s big brother. You do what you need to so you can survive another week. I’m not mad at jackson at all. It was a well played move on his part. If he makes it to final 3, he deserves to win. I love nugget too, but he has my vote for the winner

      • jimbo

        Yes, my god, YES! I preferred that Nicole and Cliff would have believed Tommy and voted out Holly — BUT, Cliff/Nicole were STUPID to get caught a second time (remember cliff cam-talking?!) by being spied on! CLOSE YOURE BIG TRAPS OR, BETTER YET, WHISPER! So, their stupidity of not knowing how to not be overheard is THEIR screw up! Don’t blame Jackson for that. Like it or not, Jackson outplayed and outsmarted them! PERIOD!

      • danmtruth

        Jimbo as my daughter pointed out This is not a normal house Those rooms have no ceiling So as you said whispering is important You dont need to put your ear to the door as they show

  9. Minkie

    I hope Cliff and Nicole didnt just hand their game over to Jackson/Holly tonight…..a little disappointed. Still have a glimer of hope with the pov.
    We shall see……

  10. davidsgirl

    What a train wreck!!!! UUUgggghhh!

    I am not going to watch much of the live feeds now because I can’t take it. I think this should go down as one of if not the worst move in BB history. I know they were hood winked, but they knew keeping a showmance was not a good move. So stupid.

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  12. danmtruth

    Again would love to see when cliff and nicole see what happened and how they were played
    Can we also say about this BS story how they saved iff when he was on the block againest Jess How they were questioning if they were naking a mistake keeping him NO NO at the time Jess was a vote for Tommy and christe Losing cliff would weeken them

  13. Tiare

    Didn’t realize there was a new thread. I’m posting my comment from the other thread

    Jacksom deserves to win. He’s playing “old school BB”. We all talk about how we wish they would go back to how it was originally played and how the jury voted based on game play. We are all in an uproar because our least favorite player pulled it off. I’m rooting for Jackson. He’s the best of the final four. (How many downward thumbs will I get? LOL)

    • Purring

      I disagree Tiare, JJ didn’t stay on slop and used the “production knows” comment to reinforce his lie. Yes, he has been good at the game but Nicole has really proven herself the past 2 weeks and I hope she makes it to final 2. Go Nugget!

      • Tiare

        She has done a lot of growth in the past two weeks. She has done nothing before that but vote with the house. Jackson has been playing ever since he left gr8tful. He deserves it. Also lying is a part of BB

      • BBGurl

        LOL. If “proven herself” means being thrown 2 HOH comps and a Veto comp, then, um, sure, she’s really proven herself. I’d be impressed if she’d actually have won something, legitimately, during the other 80+ days.

    • Avatar

      Dont worry about the thumbs Tiara………..Some folks think that production tells them to throw away a half million dollars…….LOL

    • Purring

      No problem with lying, it’s part of the game, but saying that production is backing what you are saying isn’t right and against the rules.

    • BBGurl

      LOL. You’ll get a lot from this group. But if you’re like me, you won’t give a rat’s ass. And I agree with you 1000%. Jackson is the only one that has played the game of Big Brother. He has single handedly carried everyone in it to the Final 4 while having a monster sized target on his back for most of the season. JACKSON MICHIE for the win!!!

    • Sophie

      @Tiare: Consider those down votes a compliment. It means you actually think, appreciate strategy & game play, and don’t let emotions rule you. Well done!

      I like game play & strategy, too. I always try to look at the contestants from a chess-board perspective & see how they might further their game. If TT had stayed, it would have been harder for N & C to win the $500k. They made the right move because at least this way they stand a chance against 2 people who will really have to WORK for jury votes.

      I also agree that JJ should win, based entirely on game-play (he’s simply had a stronger overall game than anyone else). Just like Tyler should have won last season based on the same reasoning.

      Yes, the down-votes mean you have a mind of your own & aren’t participating in the group think 😉

    • Avatar

      Agree! Jackson told the best lie to stay in the house! Even with Tommy’s acting (or maybe his previous acting hurt him) they believed Jackson over Tommy. I can’t wait to see that convo. Such a smart game move!!!!

      Had Tommy done the same, everyone would have loved it.

  14. Sunny

    I’m wondering if Cliff is kissing up to Jackson like he did previously to the big alliance in order to get farther in the game? It’s not going to work this time. Jackson knows he can beat Holly if she’s in the final 2 or 3. He’s not positive if Cliff is there in final 2. Disappointed in Cliff again which is a bummer.

    • KelBel

      Same. I feel like Cliff let us all down yet again, just like his one shining moment as HOH where he took the cowardly way out.

    • mm22

      I always want to cheer on contestants who are big fans of the game and
      I expect better game play out of them but cliff has been a big disappointment
      for me early on -if Nicole wants to put her trust in cliff and jj
      whatever – if hollybeth gets to the f2 this will be a disappointing end to a
      disappointing season for me

  15. Mary


      • Mary

        Don’t you think at times he’s yelling he talks so loud, gosh I wear headphones and my neighbors called and told me to turn it down. They thought I was having a party. 🙂

    • Mary

      For the record, I posted this when they came in from the HOH comp and were standing in a circle between the refrigerator and the oddly placed couch. They were less than a few feet apart, didn’t understand why Jackson seemed to think the others couldn’t hear him so he kept raising his voice to the point of yelling. Christie did that a lot too. It was quite annoying.

  16. hogwild

    Wonder what Tommy is going to have to say about Jackson when he hits the jury house? Lying is part of the game Jackson is not the first to do it he won’t be the last but jury management is also part of it and this in my opinion is poor jury management I said on the last thread he has likely lost Tommy’s vote and with that Christie as well he screwed over Sis Jessica is not a fan that’s four possible votes against him right there Nick got it from his lady love he might take that out on Jackson and I can see Kat voting against him. As for Holly throwing the comp I suspect the loos had more to do with she didn’t realize she would have to keep her legs together until it was to late.

    • Sunny

      I agree, poor jury management. It will be interesting to see the votes if he’s in the final 2. If they see it as good game play or did he make them feel like they’re fools? If the feel like a fool, no way he wins.

      • Sunny

        If “they” feel like a fool. – oops typo

      • hogwild

        He did it to save Holly who honestly doesn’t help his game. He would have gotten the same final three offer if Holly was voted out he did a lot of possible damage with the jury for basically nothing.

      • AIO_7

        He will win in F2. The Six Shooters will want his win to rub off on them.

      • Sunny

        The only way Holly helps his game is if he takes her to final 2 cuz he would have won against her. Now I’m not so sure.

      • Annabelle

        Hog he believes that he would beat Beth in f2 and tho he is a ass he should beat her cause she hasn’t really done anything but him or made any decisions on her own. No doubt Tommy tells jury she had the chance to be her own person and not back the lie told and Jackson has probably thought about that. If nicole can get veto or talk veto holder into getting rid of Jackson then she has earned a win for sure

    • mm22

      So funny hog-hollybeth really hasn’t had to do anything this season-
      she’s just sat, laid, stood and enjoyed herself with jj. She’s spent time on her hobbies
      her makeup. She gotten to interviewed for jobs by following the cameras around.
      She practiced her modeling by prancing around n exposed a shoulder or two.
      She’s really had the best summer ever

  17. Avatar

    Did anybody else have this site crash? I couldn’t get back on for 45mins.

  18. danmtruth

    We will hear latter tonight when JJ and HB are alone what he says about if JJ is going after the POV and who he would take Still say its Holly to the end

    • davidsgirl

      But wait they don’t have a final 2 are playing separate games. Ha!

    • Colby

      I agree.
      Last night he said that he would lie and tell them whatever it took to keep Holly in the game.
      I’m not even sure I believe she threw the HOH. I know they told them she would throw it, and she says she did, but I will need to see it. I missed it because it was so short.

      • Colby

        I also think if Holly had won HOH they would not be being nice.
        JJ had a pissed off arrogant douchebag look on his face and attitude until Nicole won.

      • davidsgirl

        I don’t think she did. (throw it) She didn’t have the right grip on the rope and I think when the truck hit her it knocked her off. Jackson said something to her about having too much make up on. It could have run in her eyes too.

      • Purring

        I hate Hollybeth but think it was better to get out TT anyway because she will drive JJ nuts with her paranoia and I think she is just saying that she threw the HOH but has been so stressed lately that she screwed up which is why JJ was so pissed.

  19. LynnD

    Im fixing to watch last nights episode and then I hope to be able to stay awake to watch tonights. After reading Steves commentary I’m feeling very torn and conflicted as to what I think should happen at this point. I can honestly say I have never felt this way watching Big Brother before.

  20. Sunny

    Good news is that Nicole gets the HOH room all week! She will be excited. Hopefully she doesn’t let Jackson & Holly use it on her HOH week. They will have to “rough” it like regular BB houseguests and get out of their ivory tower they think is theirs. LOL!

  21. davidsgirl

    I know alot of people like Cliff. I know he has played the best game he can and alot of people that are older want to see someone in that age group win. (I can’t put my finger on why but I have never really rooted for him.) The other day when he was outside and he and Tommy were talking about houseguest they would like to see come back. He said he wasn’t really interested in seeing Evil Dick come back and called him a one trick pony. I was surprised he felt this way. Personally I think Evil Dick is one of the best players in the history of BB.

    • Purring

      I agree, I liked Evil Dick

    • BBGurl

      LOL. One trick pony? Yeah, that’s why 12 years later people still admire, respect and hail Evel Dick as one of the All time greats to have played Big Brother. That dumbass redneck hillbilly will be lucky if he’s remembered next season. Well except for being a pussy during his HOH.

      • danmtruth

        Sherrille your like the anoying clickbait on the internet A interesting idea than covered in BS that we need to wade thru to get to Cliff good or bad will be remembered for going as far as he did at his age Normally the older cast member is evicted early on His game play can be debated about how well his moves worked Its just your lowering yourself to the childish name calling to get someone to engage in the same nonsense is below someone like your self who can make valid counter points Sorry i slipped into that trap before Jackson has made less mistakes than the ither HG in that way he is playing well

      • RSdaughtersBD

        BBJ rules say you can’t attack other members. “danmtruth” is now in violation. Please suspend this user and his bad grammar. Sherrilea, you have a good point.

  22. Andi

    This has at least been a good 24 hours of BB! Outside of Taco Tuesday, it’s the first time I’ve had that “ sit on the edge of your seat while holding your breath” kinda feeling! I love to be that level of entertained ‍♀️

  23. danmtruth

    Must admit im not sure i can stay up and watch the golden couple play star cross teenage horndogs

  24. davidsgirl

    I’m logging out for the night. Hope you all have a good night and sleep well. 🙂

  25. Mary

    Seems Mr. Hogg has 2 final 2 deals. So much for telling us live feeders he’s with Nicole all the way.

  26. Tam

    Is anyone buying this cargo ship full of BS JJ is selling to Nugget tonight? He didn’t want to pressure her, he didn’t want to blah, blah, blah…..Kissing her ass, telling her family is going to be so proud of her, that they know he is proud of her. SHIT IS DEEP……OK, I can’t with him. And watching HoB painting her face back on. I’m Done…….Goodnight folks…….They are just painful at this point…….He is now praising the production…….Seriously…..Come on dude. Can you be anymore transparent at this point.
    OK. Goodnight BBJfam………..

    • Purring

      I think Nicole now knows that Cliff may not have her back as much as he has JJ’s. Cliff won’t win if he is in a final 2 with JJ and maybe he will be happy to take 2nd place. During the show when Nugget said she wanted to have a house meeting, they didn’t show Cliff agreeing with her, which I am sure she noticed. It’s too bad Cliff isn’t sticking 100% with Nicole, who feel is now alone, again but I don’t blame Cliff for playing his own game.

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  28. Avatar

    So as I was saying in the last post I did not think keeping Holly was the best for (N&C) it looks like it will work out for Nicole since she won the HOH! But now it’s two against one in the veto against strong competition and that would’ve been the same if Cliff had won the HoH. So most likely now it’s Nicole versus J and Holly final three and the only way Nicole wins is if she wins the final competition and takes Holly! Gosh I hope cliff wins the veto. Unlikely at this point Jackson’s game to lose!

  29. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: For There Is No Joy In Mudville, Mighty Tommy Has Struck Out…

    In all the years I have been doing this, and as boring as some nights have been over the years, this is maybe the first time I can remember NOT wanting to do what I love. Even though I’m not a juror, I’m bitter as hell and finding it EXTREMELY hard not to show it. Fair warning, the way I’m feeling, you’ll probably read a LOT of curse words and nasty remarks tonight. I’ll try to temper it but I make no promises. If you think this is going to bother you, you are warned in advance, skip over all blue boxes.

    I missed the first segment while writing the above statement. You didn’t miss anything. I’ve had the feeds running in the background since that “epic” endurance battle and just listening to the voices of the 4 of them, 3 in particular, has been enough to make me want to spit nails. Listening to Kiss-My-Ass-Jackson lie his ass off; Handy-Ho-Holly co-sign everything he says, topped off with any additional lie she can think of at time; Fuck-You-Chicken-Shit-Cliff, tongue kiss KMAJ’s ass and lie to his supposed partner’s face; and Make-Up-Your-Own-Fucking-Mind-Nicole, stress, overthink and be led around like a bull with a ring through it’s nose by both KMAJ and FYCSC is more than I can stand right now.


  30. TeeJ

    Still feeling angry at cbs.

    The short peek of the fight they showed in the kitchen was interesting. Tommy passionately defended himself against Jackson but it was his plea to Holly asking how she can be okay this that was most interesting to me. That is a seed that Nicole and Cliff can nurture. A subtle reminder or two to Holly how this will negatively impact her public image would be excellent fertilizer. She is already struggling with her perceived image. This could knock her game security further off base

    Grasping at what I hope is a loose thread that continues to unravel.

    • Purring

      I agree TeeJ. Maybe she made a side deal with Nicole unbeknownst to JJ, not realizing that the HOH winner is guaranteed a spot on final 3. Plus I think that was a good seed that TT planted for Holly. NK you let it rip tonight!

  31. NKogNeeTow



    Chicken-Shit Cliff is telling Nicole that he feels like he’s been making poor decisions lately. *Gee, ya think?* He is hoping KMA-JJ will keep his F3 deal, but he’s not telling her that she’s not part of that said 3. He says the 2nd option might be to go pull it back now. Nicole tells him that if he does that it will sound like he’s back peddling. They discuss what might happen if KMA-JJ wins the Veto. Nicole thinks about it for a minute and tells him she would just leave it for now.

    Nicole tells Chicken Shit that it’s going to happen and she knows she’s going to win the Veto. They lay there in silence for a few minutes. Both in deep thought. She says she’s cold, freezing. She tells him one step at a time, then snuggles down in bed. He says he doesn’t know if it’s past 10 or not and thinks he’ll just lay there for a while. He congratulates her again. He says it seems like they have everything in place to put them there. She says she knows. He closes his eyes. *Sorry POS*


    • BBGurl

      Chicken Shit Cliff? lol. You get 2 thumbs up for that, Nk. My favorite nickname that you’ve come up with all season. Although, I am partial to Dumbass Redneck Hillbilly when it comes to Cliff.

  32. BBGurl

    People are whining about losing respect for RHC. He never had my respect. The “gosh ya’ll”, “I reckon”, “gee whiz” “I’m just a good old country boy” bullshit was easy to see through, from day 1. Dumbass redneck hillbilly. And he is so completely cutting Nicole’s throat and throwing her under the bus. Not that I care because she deserves nothing better for the bitch trip she’s been on.

    • Sophie

      I enjoy your comments. It’s nice to see more than one perspective. Sorry people can’t stomach that you have an original thought & give you all the down votes.

      The GROUP THINK is palpable sometimes.

      • Avatar

        It’s not that she has original thoughts. It’s the offensive things she says. I agree Hogg is a dipstick. However, as a southerner her redneck country people criticism is a little much! I never comment but love reading other comments and have actually donated to help the site! This, I had to comment on.

      • BBGurl

        Thank you. Be careful saying that out loud.
        lol. Mob mentality and hypocrisy go hand in hand. The world is full of it.

      • danmtruth

        Sheerlle you need to get a new act There are people who disagree with each other on this site but try to keep it game related Earlier i apologized for failing to remember this I do have a question if Cliff is a dumb ass redneck hillbilly That you cant stomach the y’all and such What is Jackson ? Hear the same Y’all BS from him

  33. NKogNeeTow



    Sorry-Ass JJ and Sorry-Ass FAH are talking. She tells him she has been waiting all season for that comp and the fact that she had to throw it killed it. She said it hurt her to throw it. He tries to remember if that was part of the “specs” of the deal and says he doesn’t want to ask. He starts to talk about the faces comp. That FAH trick is picking at the split ends of those cheap extentions and mumbling about something killing her. *I had to delete this original remark.*

    FAH is now bitching because she “gave” up the HOH and could have gotten a letter and says she knows it’s petty. *cough* He says he literally feels like he is going to throw up. *PLEASE DO! FEEL FREE TO COMPLETELY DEHYDRATE YOURSELF!* She puts her unwashed dirty mane on his shoulder. He tries to cry for the camera and says, “Oh fuck, I love Tommy”, then squeezes his eyes so tight they almost burst in his head. *I keep waiting with baited breath to see it happen.*

    He starts to “cry” harder and his concubine keeps telling him she knows. He keeps says he loved Tommy and didn’t mean to hurt him. *I not only throw Nancy’s Bullshit flag, but I’m wrapping it in a rock and aiming it right at his head.* He keeps saying he didn’t want to have to do that, he didn’t want to have to hurt him. Then he goes into his Christy cry. He keeps repeating 86 days.

    He starts over-acting for the camera with the crying and sighing and saying that Tommy was such a good guy. *Yep, good enough for you to lie on.* He keeps saying he loved that dude. She keeps saying she does too and she’s sorry. He said he didn’t want to hurt anybody in this game and how much he loves Tommy. *I’ll give him one thing, he fake cries better than any of the women in the house.*

    He says he just couldn’t let him stay in the house. He says he didn’t like playing dirty but he had to. She says she knows and deep down Tommy knows that too. She says that Tommy loves him too and right now Tommy is pissed but knew exactly what KMAJ was doing. *This male bitch trying to garner our sympathy to offset what he did, I just CAN’T. I’m not buying it because he’s not sorry.*


    • Sophie

      Hi NK, hope you don’t mind a “newb” question: Why are people crucifying JJ for this lie?

      I’m more of a thinker type person (logical & fact-based) so I guess I simply don’t understand. People have lied throughout this season, & do it every single season. I even saw someone go off about character in a previous thread .. ranting about JJ having none because he lied. I don’t understand how people trash the players for playing the game as it was intended. Or, do I misunderstand?

      BB is a game of lies, deceit, conniving, scheming, and survival. Isn’t this “social experiment” all about seeing people strategically manipulate others? If so, why the comments about JJ;s lie when he’s simply playing the game in an attempt to further his chances of winning $500k?

      I understand people wanted TT to stay & Holly to leave (even though that wouldn’t have been best for Cliff/Nichole & their chances of winning the season). So why not just bitch about that not happening? When I see comments that focus on JJ’s lie is makes me wonder about ppl & their understanding of the game. Why do they expect JJ to tell the truth ? No one has been 100% truthful. I don’t get it.

      Is it just emotionalism & inability to separate feelings so that basic game playing strategy isn’t recognized? I’ve seen that some of the threads posted daily sometimes mention stuff like: I don’t like but their game is strong (I appreciate the analytical perspective in those) and some that just put a contestant down. It’s fine to call a person out on their sh*t (like eating all the time, no tears when crying, chewing with mouth open, etc), but to call a person out & put them down for playing the game? That I don’t don’t understand.

      Maybe you can help me understand because maybe I’m just too logic-based to get “it”. (I feel like Sheldon with his inability to understand sarcasm, lol). I want to get it .. but I just don’t get it! Please help! Thank you 🙂

      • Sophie

        In the 4th paragraph, it was supposed to read: I’ve seen that some of the threads posted daily sometimes mention stuff like: I don’t like *insert contestant’s name here* but their game is strong (I appreciate the analytical perspective in those)…

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ms.Sophie, ask all the questions you want. And you are completely correct in your assessment (see, I’m not completely illogical, just partially). I don’t know about other sites because I don’t visit them other than Jokers, which is owned by CBS I think and CBS.com.

        Most of the comments here are negative about JJ because we just don’t like him. It’s not a matter of mob mentality, we just collectively don’t like him. I’m not saying everybody. He does have some supporters here and yes, they do get a lot of thumbs down. But as I’ve always told everyone who comes to this site, don’t take a thumbs down personally. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, just that they don’t agree with you. If there is a HG you like that isn’t popular, stick to your guns and don’t worry about it. You just do you.

        The blogs that Mel and Steve write are logical and fact-based. Me, I’m pure emotion when it comes to the game and HG. I’m also a flip-flopper. I can love them this week and want to get a rope and a horse the next. But I own it. I also never get upset when others don’t agree with me or see my point of view. It’s their right and I’m not mad at them for it.

        I’m one of those emotional, inability to separate feelings from basic game play types you mentioned. Not all of the time, but maybe most? That’s why you always need to read Mel in the morning and Steve in the evening. Even though they have their own personal feelings about the HG or things that are going on in the game, they seldom if ever, let it cloud their judgement. They can quote statistics, facts, even go back to past seasons and tell you about certain HG, what they did, who they are. Me, within 5 days after the show is over, I won’t be able to name half the people in the house.

        I’m not bad all the time, just had my bullshit quota for tonight…lol. I’m not sure I’ve answered your question. If not, I apologize and maybe someone else can explain it better. 🙂

      • Annabelle

        Sophie part of the reason his lie is so frustrating is his entire complaint to Cliff and Nicole was Y’all gave your word you promised I trusted you and only played dirty cause it was a good game move but not for him but Cliff and Nicole were not supposed to play hard if it didn’t help him.

      • Sophie

        @Annabelle *clap clap* I’m applauding! Your post was like the clouds parting & sun shining in, lol! Now it makes complete sense! I had no idea that’s what was being said because I only read about the show here & don’t watch anymore this season.

        I can’t stand double standards like that. Irks me to no end when people expect others to abide by standards they themselves don’t adhere to.

    • Sophie

      Thank you!! I’m starting to “get it”! lol. You & shoelover have explained some things to me tonight and I feel much better!

      I wasn’t talking about your post in particular (hope it didn’t come off that way). It’s just that your post was the perfect lead-in for me to ask about this type of situation in general (I’ve wondered the same thing about other HGs, too).

      Also, I’m grateful for the heads-up about Mel & Steve. I think I kind of gathered that Steve had an approach that was very similar to mine .. but I do read ALL the updates written & enjoy them all.

      When I mentioned Sheldon & his inability to understand sarcasm, I did it because I am literally in that same boat about some of the things I’ve read here. The explanations help a great deal.

      I don’t mind the emotionalism. I really enjoy it for the most part because there’s so much passion involved in those posts. Having only one or the other (logic vs emotion) would limit the input here & make it very boring.

      Here’s the interesting part, though: I don’t like him either. I don’t like that douche-boy type AT ALL. Remember how he slept with Kat then dumped her for Beth? Hated him & how he did that. He’s done many things I don’t like. But, I separate “him” from his game play because I just enjoy watching good moves & figuring out the outcomes of one scenario vs a diff one. Guess I’m saying that I put away my dislike to appreciate game mechanics.

      Thanks for clearing it up for me, though. So .. bottom line is: people dislike JJ so put him down even when he has good game play. I can understand that.

      Again, thanks!

      • RSdaughtersBD

        I quite often disagree with NK and her emotions. I rather like Jackson, and many many many comments here I find unfair and unfounded. I now see Cliff playing both sides to cover himself, but Jackson is not, though he hinted at it last week. At this point, my favorite F2 is Jackson-Cliff. The #1 rule of BB is to dismantle showmances

  34. Lvblkjk

    Michie forgot “Bros before Hos” and now feels bad about treating Tommy the way he did. Dude, WTF??!!!????

  35. Colby

    JJ wanting his MaMa.
    He needs a hug and for her to tell him it’s OK to be a douchebag.

  36. Lvblkjk

    His paramour crybaby has nary a tear. Just her fake ass sad face- can’t mess up her face before DR.

    • ShoeLover

      She ain’t crying because she still is in the house. That’s all she wanted. She didn’t care if it meant ruining a supposed friendship. She allowed all of it to happen. Just seeing Tommy trying to defend himself and she was all hunched over hiding her face while Jackson tore Tommy’s whole reputation up. What ever happened to when final six or final four happens its on, period.??????

      • Sophie

        I don’t really understand your comment … sorry!

        “Whatever happened to when final 6 or final 4 happens it’s on”. Isn’t that exactly what was happening? I feel so confused.

        JJ’s lie means he was doing exactly that, doesn’t it? Anything he needed to further his agenda? When “it’s on” doesn’t anything go? Like … no holds barred?

        I know Jolly are hated, but “it’s on” means it’s on for everyone, right? Or, am I misunderstanding something?

      • ShoeLover

        HI Sophie!!!!

        My ending comment is exactly stated the way I stated it. No confusion at all. Look at it again.

        Those are words that Jackson and pretty much every house guest has stated over the 21 season thus far. I only asked that particular question/statement is because Jackson is playing a hard and good game, but, but, but, if any other house guest goes against his game he throws the whole we had a deal, WE HAD A DEAL comment and will basically throw a hissy fit, lie, cheat or whatever to make it his game again. But remember everybody else is trying to do the same thing. As you said, it is a social experiment and Inhave stated that several time this season. I’ve not once said I hated any particular house guest because I want everyone to PLAY the damn game.

        I am sorry if I confused you, but my statement was referring to the original/traditional every house guests have said before… final 6 or final 4 its on.
        So yes that means everyone that is left in the house.

      • Sophie

        @shoelover: Thank you so much for the explanation! I truly was misunderstanding your comment. I think it is easy to do sometimes because there are many ways to misinterpret some statements.

        I must have missed those hissy fits because I haven’t been watching the show. I quit when CC was OTB that 2nd time, and rely on the updates here to bring me up to date. Maybe somehow I missed those threads (or maybe they haven’t been pointed out) but bottom line is I missed it & guess that might also have contributed to my confusion. I also want them all playing the game!

      • ShoeLover

        No worries Sophie!! I say it all the time!!

        Play the game, try not to make it personal, but that little social experiment that’s happening puts the blinders on some of the houseguests. So if you make friendships or enemies, cool. $500,000 is the original goal and that little social experiment side tracks plenty before they even realize it. I am never here to argue. This is my guilty pleasure every summer. I don’t do the 24 hour feeds because then my husband would be right that I obsess a little bit over a TV Show. Sure emotions run through all of us but we are all adults and speak our minds. This wouldn’t be the site it is today if everyone was on the same page. That would be boring as hell!! Thanks again for asking, I don’t mind answering.

      • Amber

        If screaming we had a deal we had a deal works, then good for him. That makes me think bad of Cliff and Nicole’s gameplay more than his. I’d do more than that to win the money for my family. It’s the end…

    • HappyHippo

      The amount of makeup she had on was astounding! I would have no idea where, how, what , when to. Do that to my face!

  37. TeeJ

    The only reason Jackasson misses Tommy is for more acting lessons. *now I am gonna throw up*

  38. BBGurl

    And like a rabid fox in a hen house Cliffs fan club turns on him. LMFAO. You guys made my day. I can go to sleep a very happy camper. Thanks.

  39. Lvblkjk

    Sherrilea – you crack me up. Good nite

  40. NKogNeeTow

    BACK: *Sorry, Crappy Chrome crashed on me again so I had to switch back to Firefox. Switching from real-time to recording.*


    FAH and Fake-Ass-Jackson are holding each other and consoling each other. She says she doesn’t think she has that many tears left because she cried so much last week. He says it’s the first time he’s cried in this house. *Cry me a river bitches.* He says he just wanted Cliff and Nicole to stay true to their word. She mumbles something like she always does. He says he’s going to shoot himself in the foot if he watches the show back and find out that they wanted to keep FAH, but he just didn’t think they would and he just couldn’t take that chance.

    She says she didn’t think they would. He keeps saying he should have done more. She says she told them she would have given them everything and they kept telling her they had to think about it. She said she couldn’t think of anything more to say. She rambles on with a lot of “likes” and blah, blah, blah. They sit in silence for a minute then she tells him they (J/H) were backed in a corner.


    Nicole comes out of the DR and yells who wants to see her HOH room. She runs upstairs excitedly, and alone. She stands in front of the door waiting. POS JJ arrives first, followed by POS FAH, followed by Chicken Shit Cliff. She opens the door and FAH notices the basket first. Nicole got a lot of pictures of her sisters and dog. Not as much excitement when the house gets down to a handful. Everyone us gushing over the pictures. POS-FAH says the pictures of her sisters look like they could be competition pictures. POS-KMA-JJ agrees. FAH notices Nicole got an owl onesie in her basket. She thanks POP.

    Her music church is Eric Church. She got a unicorn choker and lots of nail polish. She got unicorn snacks, Sunkist, Mountain Dew, grape soda, Segrams, Capri Sun and Tortino’s, stick on earrings (her ears aren’t pierced), Snapple, facial mask, donuts, socks, Cheetos, Godiva chocolates, Zebra Cakes, a unicorn hat, and mac and cheese. Her letter is from her sister Kayla. She reads it and is moved. *Sorry, I’m to evil tonight to be moved.*

    She cries and says they(her family) had better get on a plane. Everyone tells her how nice it is. Chicken Shit congratulates her again. She says this is crazy. KMA JJ tells her that Julie said it best, this is the most important HOH to date. Nicole says she doesn’t want to celebrate too much because she knows the 3 of them are in a spot. *Hon, I actually think you are in more of a spot than they are…but I’ll explain more on that later.* KMAJ tells her what’s not to celebrate she’s going to the finals.

    Nicole yells she’s going to the end. KMA says in 14 days she’ll be standing outside with her luggage and like the Beverly Hillbillies all of her family will be with her.


  41. Kari

    I didn’t watch at least not yet and some of what I read people are pretty mad at cliff? I don’t know any rate I just hope that Nicole keeps kicking ass and gets the POV too. That would be really cool.

    Whatever happens our girl is in the top three and she really proved yourself this last couple of weeks pretty proud of her!

  42. Lvblkjk

    KMA- kiss my ass I think

  43. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is still looking through her basket. She finds a yellow headband that matches her sweater. She says it’s a little bumpy on this road but they did it. FAH says that comp was very, and he starts searching a for words again which means she’s searching for a lie. She says it was spinning out of control. Nicole finds a bag of pretzels. KMAJ and FAH are still looking through the basket.

    Nicole says she will be that person so if they want they can leave, or stay or they can all sleep up there like puppies. *Yeah, just what I was thinking, a room full of dogs. And that’s giving dogs a bad name.* KMAJ says it’s not like there is a lot of strategy to be talked about. She says noms are tomorrow and just know that she loves all 3 of them and just know that she loves them. FAH starts to sing some stupid ass song about bunnies. *Don’t ask cuz I’m not listening.*

    Nicole says they are at a very awkward spot in the game. KMAJ says it’s actually the least awkward part of the game and also the most boring and it is what it is. They start talking about things to do. Nicole brings up a fashion show. Chicken Shit congratulates her AGAIN and tells them she will take the room tonight but of any of them want to take it for a night they can. Chicken Shit Hogg says he will take it for one night but other than that they can share it. *I don’t want your cracklin pigskin ass anywhere near that bed.*

    KMAJ says he’s not even asking nor will he take it. Then he changes it and says they may take it for one night. *Of course he will. There is no stool in the community shower.* FAH says something about the dream catcher and says she hasn’t even slept for days. *Every time I hear her voice I want to change her name to Why-The-Fuck-Is-This-Bitch-Still-Here, but for my Lil Nancy’s sanity, I won’t.*

    KMAJ tells her that her family will see her soon. Chicken Shit tells her she’s the final HOH of the season. She looks at her pictures and starts talking about them again. KMAJ says he loves seeing baby pictures. She tells them she loves them so much. Fake-Azz-KMAJ tells her to give him a hug. *Probably looking for a soft spot in her back to stick the knife.*


  44. Lvblkjk

    NK- BREATHE baby, I feel ya, not worth having a stroke over.
    Breathe in. Breathe out. Can’t wait to see what kind of hell KMAJ and FAH will wreak this next week. This week may have just been the appetizer. Heaven help Holly!

  45. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is re-reading her letter and crying. She looks around the room and wipes her eyes. She reads her letter again out loud and continues to cry. As she reads, she pauses and comments on sections. She tells her sisters that there is so much that has happened and she has so much to tell them. When she gets to the end that says they are sending her all of their love, she blows kisses to them. She puts her letter away, takes her glasses off and wipes her eyes with her sleeves, then goes into the bathroom.


    FAH is sitting at the table looking like she just stole something. *She did, all our hopes and dreams.*


    Nicole is showing us her pictures and pointing out who is who. *I’m not even feeling sentimental enough to care about this either.* She cries again and raises her hands and says she’s going to finale night. She says she has been in this house and will be there until day 99. She says she doesn’t know how this game is going to unfold but she did it.


    FAH is still sitting there. Not looking at the Memory Wall, just staring off.


    Nicole is cam talking and saying that if they watching or thinkijng of her, she and Cliff had a decision to make to move forward and she is the final, official, get the room and pictures HOH of the summer and she’s going to finale. She says she doesn’t know how it works but she really hopes to see all 4 of them there. If not, she hopes to at least to see 2 of them and it’s been so long. She says she loves this experience, this journey, she says the game has been horrible but she loves it.


  46. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is sitting there silent. She sighs and puts her head down and shakes it in disbelief. She says this is incredible. She sits there in silence again and covers her face with her hands. She says she’s in the F3 of BB21. She says she guaranteed herself in F5 by winning HOH, in F4 by winning a POV, and now she’s in the F3 by winning HOH. She says a dream that is coming true, it is happening. She ask America if we’re listening and she knows that she cries to much and goes with the majority vote to much and it could be argued to much that she’s more of a navigator or meander and she’s just doing the best she can and believes that’s all you can do and she apologizes to anyone that thinks she flip flopped which way to go with this vote.

    She says like Cliff always says she’s an imperfect person playing an imperfect game and she’s just trying and the game is extremely difficult. She says she just feels that all of them have her respect and being on the inside she knows how difficult it is and she will never fault anyone for game decisions and moves. She says she loves everybody in the cast even though she gets frustrated sometimes. She says she hopes America sees that and everyone who was evicted knows that they are all good people.

    She says she respects them and we should respect them and she’s honored to be in this cast. She says that she knows things have been said about her and she doesn’t want it held against them. She says she knows how difficult the house gets and it’s a pressure cooker, an emotional roller coaster. She says she hopes she is someone America is rooting for and she thanks us for her support. She says she doesn’t know why she’s on a rant right now. She says she’ll speak a little about the people in the JH. She starts with Jack.


  47. Lvblkjk

    Good nite all. Thank you for the entertainment and sleep well.

  48. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH and KMAJ are laying down talking. She mumbling again and he’s crying again. Trampoline is telling him that he (T) is an amazing person. He tells her that if he was watching this he’s hate him. *Oh don’t worry. Plenty of us do.* She does her usual, “I know*. He sobs and says he’s sorry and says the way they were acting he just didn’t want to believe that she was going to go. He says the way they were acting they wouldn’t even look him in the eyes. She says she knows, they wouldn’t look her in the eyes either. *Who TF can see her yes past those big ass Mr.Magoo glasses and all that Cleopatra eye makeup.*

    He says they were just so friendly with him (T). He keeps sobbing as she rubs his neck and continues with “I know”. He rolls over and gets some tissues and loudly blows his nose and says he sounds like Christy. He says dammit Christie. She whispers something that I can’t hear. He keeps whispering back. She says “I know” after everything he says. He talks about the talks he heard in the SR and how Tommy was scraping and was about to get them.

    She says that after the blow up this morning that they didn’t believe his (J) story and were about use it as an excuse to keep Tommy. She says their whole reasoning that they felt bad that the whole thing was being put on Tommy and that’s why they wanted to keep him. She said they then decided to put the blame on her who had nothing to do with it so she thinks they were using the story as an excuse.

    They whisper something back and forth but I can’t hear it. He gets up and says he’s an ugly cryer, then lays back down. She says she thinks that they were just using the excuse to set her up and told her that they were leaning towards keeping Tommy. She said that when she went full force and kept asking them how could they do that to her. He said “Same”. She said and then they decided they believed her. She says she thinks it kind of worked out. *Think? Hell, if it hadn’t worked out, we wouldn’t have to be listening to your mumbling ass right now.*

    He said it was weird and if he hadn’t said anything, she’d be gone. *Lucky us?* She says she doesn’t know and that maybe they could have avoided the blow up this morning. She said that when they told her they were leaning towards Tommy, she could have still acted like she did and acted so mad and he acted so mad. She said that the other thing she didn’t know was that the other day, Nicole was so hung up on what she said in her campaign. She said that if Nicole had just told her that and it was just a miscommunication.

    He said he just didn’t want to wait until the vote came out and said he could have done more. He said he when he heard them upstairs he said he just acted because he wasn’t going to just sit there and watch her walk out the door. She kept saying she knows. She said she felt that Nicole and Chicken Shit had her hands tied behind her back. She said she said that. He said he felt he had to toss Tommy under the bridge to save her but it also drowned him.

    She says she knows and it was like he threw her a life raft but it also cost Tommy. He told her he would pick her every time and would do it all over again if he had to. Trampoline keeps saying she knows. She says that she knows Tommy will understand and get it because he’s a super fan.


  49. Helen

    Cliff- I love Nicole but you know where I am headed on that. I would love to see you and I up there at the end. Jackson- I would too. You are taking the words out of my mouth….

  50. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    KMAJ is blowing his nose again as the Trampoline lays down. He lays down and she wraps her leg around him. She whispers something to him.


    Nicole is moving her things upstairs.

    Outer Bedroom:

    KMAJ tells her he didn’t plan on saying that (camera switched before he said what he was referencing). He looks in her eyes and says he’s so proud of her and proud to be there with her. She says she’s proud of him too. He says they are in the F4. She says she will be happier going out next week. He says something about throwing the Veto and they talk about if the comp is Faces. He says today it sounded to him like they were trying to take HOH and Veto.

    He says he’s not campaigning against her. She says her either. She says she assumes they have a target and know who they want. He says they’ve talked about it and it will go one or two. She says she hates and feels yucky about the position they put them in. She says they were in a good position for 5 weeks. He says they(J/H) made deals today and gave their word but had to do it because they(N/C) broke their word. He said they(N/C) put them in a position to make a new deal. He says if they(J/H) go against it they will be just fucking themselves in jury.

    She says that’s why she feels so crappy and why are they (J/H) at their mercy. He says they talked about that. She says that if one of them win the Veto that’s at least guaranteed safety. She says it would have been better to have had 2 options. He says he doesn’t know what to think anymore.


  51. NKogNeeTow


    Outer Bedroom:

    Trampoline and KMAJ are still talking. She says she started to let a bomb drop but decided against it. He said he was glad she did. She says she didn’t even remember what she said. He said he felt so shitty after Tommy. He repeats what Tommy said in his speech. He tells her what he told Tommy as he was walking out. He says Tommy told him “You fucking got me you piece of shit” as he was going out the door. He says he bets Julie asked Tommy what he said to him. She says she hope they caught it and bleeped it.

    He says he believe”I know”. He says “Yeah”, then stares off. She tells him she didn’t think he was going home and thought it was her.

    She makes a joke about bringing Jess back to do his back. JJ says to the camera, “ya’ll see how crazy she is”. The camera keeps showing the camera over the bed. She says day 79. She starts to play with his hair as he breathes heavily and stares at her then over her shoulder.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I’ll wait patiently while the internet rips me a new one. Ah well, c’est la vie. If you want rational, unbias, level headed and factual, stick with Cawfee With Mel in the morning and Hard Facts with Steve in the evening. If you want to take a chance on unfiltered, irrational and emotional, then take a chance with me. Usually I’m pretty laid back until I get riled and tonight my friends, I’m RILED! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine tomorrow, but tonight, all bets have been off! So until then, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • TeeJ

      Thanks being a warrior on the updates NK.

    • Sophie

      NK, do you (or does anyone?) know what “bomb” she was referring to?

      NK .. I’m really hoping that I didn’t come across as wanting to rip you a new one! Not in any scenario! I really do enjoy your updates. There’s so much humor & passion in them, and I love that. Also, “rational, unbias, level headed and factual” sounds like a math problem and I’m SOOOO over those, lol. What a stiff read that would be. I guess I’m not good at expressing myself & must have come off as a complete bitch. I was just searching for info & probably didn’t do a good job of expressing that.

      What I asked earlier was only so that I could understand what the fuss was about. That’s it. I asked you in particular because you are directly connected to this site & so thought you’d give the most accurate answer. Plus, that specific update brought up the subject I wanted to ask about. It was not meant as a personal affront. If it came across that way I sincerely apologize.

      I did mention “group think” a couple of places & did that because I think it happens a lot. Esp in online communities. It was my Spock-like opinion &, as I’ve read comments, thought I’d observed it. It isn’t mob mentality (that to me is quite different).

      So, please … for all our sakes … keep up posting exactly as you do! Riled or no, your posts are loved & we wouldn’t want them to change a damn bit. You go girl!

    • HappyHippo

      Thanks nk don’t know how you do it I would have punched the computer and broke it ….while vomiting!

    • ShoeLover


      I am by your side will all my crazy!!! Hell, I love Mel and Steve too!!! Yall keep my smile going!!! As I said earlier this would be one boring site if everyone agreed !!! I enjoy the drama here!!!

      And this is for Sophie!!!! Keep speaking your mind!!! You fit in perfectly !!!

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Helen and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  53. NKogNeeTow


    Chicken Shit is cam talking. He says it’s not that he didn’t believe Tommy and he trusted Nicole’s decision to a certain extent but when he saw KMAJ and the Trampoline looking at each other, he had to reconsider breaking the agreement because KMAJ and FAH offered to take him to F3 and that KMAJ offered him F3. He says that he had to go with that but if he can he will take Nicole to F2.

    He says that going with Nicole might be the worst case because she has had some victories and that might be a strong case. He says that he thinks he can argue against them too. He says the fact that he has won some competitions may be enough but he’s not sure. He says he loves Tommy to but he was sneaky running a lot of attacks and targeting him. He says that’s alright because he was targeting Tommy too.

    He says that he doesn’t think Tommy, Christie, Sis and Kat will be voting for JJ. He says all he wants is a chance and that’s all he wants. He says it’s a crazy night and he hopes he made the right choice. He says he didn’t want to sway Nicole to much. He says he had his opinion but he wanted it to be hers to. He says that he thinks in the end she deferred to him, he offered it and she accepted it. He said FAH dropped off and now Nicole is HOH.

    He says that now it’s his turn. He says he wants to get that spot. He says if he wins Veto, Nicole is going to put up J/H and they will stay OTB. He says that if KMAJ wins Veto he will take himself off and he will go up. He says he hopes he didn’t make a bad mistake. He says as much as he fears KMAJ as a competitor, he feared Tommy also. He said that if KMAJ had gotten upset, it could have been toxic. He said if they had kept Tommy, it may have been a bad mistake, especially with his relationship with Christy.

    He starts to talk to Sharon and tells her 12 days left and he can’t wait to see her. He says live feeders would probably want to see Tommy and JJ in this house. JJ comes in and tells Cliff goodnight. He tells Cliff that tomorrow is the last nomination ceremony. Cliff says she gets to actually go through the official nomination ceremony.

    JJ says today was messy. Cliff says that there was just so much going on. He says he’s not going to make any apologies. JJ says a decision was made before a mistake was made. Trampoline just keeps saying “yeah, yeah, yeah. *I hate this bitch so much. Now down thumb away!* Cliff says parts of his brain are shutting down. JJ says he has a friend named Holly that did the show twice and she said she would wake up with PTSD *here we go with this shit again*, saying that she forgot her mic. The cam switches to a sleeping Nicole.

    JJ says he is curious to see how much Sam, Nick and Bella were telling the truth. He says he’s glad that Nicole knows about the rogue vote. Cliff says it worked out, they’re gone. JJ says everyone of them are gone. He says he remembers Bella in the SR trying to get him to vote out Sam. He says it was day 37. Trampoline corrects him and says it was day 38. JJ asks what are they going to do about the days. He says he’s really fucked up on the days. The Trampoline chimes in. *I’m not listening.*

    JJ says Nick, Tommy and Christie were really good on the days. He said Christie knew every thing. Cliff says she even memorized the colors of the ribbons. JJ says she boasted about it to show her mental abilities. Cliff says Jack was good at visual stuff. JJ says Jack was good a that because he’s a photographer. He says Jack would have killed it on the visuals. Cliff says that’s why he had to go. JJ and the Trampoline tell Cliff goodnight and leave.

    Cliff continues his cam talk. He wonders how J/H are viewed by the outside world. He says they are worried about how they look. He says if they are viewed as villians or less than good people, does that mean people view him as the same for being associated with them. He says there were other people in there like Sis that have a huge following and prestige that they don’t even know about. He says you can’t judge people by outside factors and it’s got to be viewed by what’s in the house. He says what a game.

    He says 87 days as of tomorrow. He says 88 day Saturday, 90 days on Monday. He says 90 days in this one freaking house. He says the mental stress is translating to physical stress. He says he’s falling apart but he is a survivor, he is strong and will make it to the end and will take it one day at a time and make it through that day. He says he’s ready to see his wife, hug her, kiss her face an tell her he never wants to be away from her again like this. *Yeah, I’m ready for your ass to see her too.*

    He says he’s curious what we saw last night. He says feeds were cut off and it was tense and explosive and that’s not how he likes to make decisions but he thinks, hopes they made the right one. He says if they didn’t he can’t have regrets. He says he’s going to shut it down because he can hardly keep his eyes open. He tells him family and the live feeders goodnight then takes off his mic and settles down to sleep.

  54. NKogNeeTow


    The Trampoline and Jackass are in bed talking. She keeps trying to talk to him about something and he keeps telling her he doesn’t want to talk about it because he doesn’t want to get into trouble. She keeps saying she knows. He is whispering to her again that his gut told him they were going to evict her and if he had waited one more hour he thinks they would have kept Tommy.

    Trampoline tells him that Nicole told her that if she (FAH) had just given up and walked away she would have voted her out but because she fought so hard and was so passionate she had to go with her gut. JJ says he was suprised that Tommy was so subdued. Trampoline mentions something about reworking the deal. He says he’s so exhausted. He says that if she (FAH) wins the Veto, then he whispers something to her.

    They are whispering extremely low. I don’t think they have their mics on. He tells her he wants her to gun for the Veto because he’s not that good at faces. He talks about how Cliff almost broke their deals and asks her when has she ever turned her back on him. He says if he goes out the house he’s going out fighting. They say they can’t believe their in the F4. He says they have been public enemy since day 44. He says they have 10 competitions between the both of them.

    He says he’s so proud of them. She tells him that being up there in the HOH was really hard for her to be happy and celebrate. *She’s still bummed she “threw” the HOH*. He tells her the safety is in the HOH but the power is in the Veto. She goes back to talking about the one comp that she was really good at she had to give up. *STFU* He says that Cliff caught him outside the bathroom and told him he’s smart and has seen it in the way he plays Chess. JJ says he’s beaten Cliff 6 times.

    He says Cliff says he sees the way JJ plays Chess and Backgammon. JJ says he’s already fucked and cannot just sit there and not compete against people and he likes to win. He says that was the biggest thing driving him last night was losing her. He says he wasn’t going to sit back and let her walk out and was going to give it everything he had. He says don’t mess with his person. He says he has not done dirty by them. *No, that’s what you did to your friend Tommy*

    JJ tells her she is here, Tommy is not and they were not going to send her home. He says not on his HOH. He says seriously, what happened to respecting HOH’s. He says the nerve. She keeps saying she knows. He says what if they had done that to Nicole. He says what if they had sent Cliff out on Nicole’s HOH. He says he just suddenly realized what he said. He says it could still happen.

    She says they have never said to each other that they are F2. He agrees. They are saying it now and he says he loves it. She says with each other they never have to go back on their word. He says they are open and honest. *This is bullshit personified.* He says the two of them gravitate. He says there is a difference between pessimistic and optimistic. *Really Einstein?*

    They start to talk and gloat about who has gone out the door. He says he’s not cocky but damn they’re close. She says the thing about this week is by Saturday they will know if they are going home or not. He says that’s just 48 hours. She says that’s why they need their sleep. She says they have to get up at 10 tomorrow. They kiss and he tells her he’s so proud of her.

    He says that maybe his gut was wrong and they weren’t going to send her home. She says her gut told her they were sending her home. He said then that’s all he needed. He said when he saw her packing his heart sunk. He said on top of that he went into a room and they stopped talking. He said he was looking at her and she never looked at him but kept looking at Tommy and they were singing Disney songs.

    He said when he talked to Nicole she was very matter of fact. Trampoline said Nicole had no emotion at all. She says she is very disappointed in them and she’s pissed that that is how they chose to play. He said he cried in the bathroom. She says maybe she shouldn’t be so hard on them. He says well she almost got evicted. He says that they looked them in the eye and shook on it. She rolls over and he ask BB to turn off the lights.

    He kisses her then pulls his headband over his eyes. He tells her he hasn’t had to cover his eyes in 4 or 5 weeks. She shushes him and tells him don’t say that. He tells her he doesn’t know what he’d do if she wasn’t there to snuggle. She says probably just hug a pillow. He tells her he’s just so glad she’s there. She says she’s glad he’s there too. He puts his arm around her and BB turns out the lights. He thanks BB.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, this is goodnight for real this time. 🙂

  56. Joy

    this is the WORST BB season ever and I STAND BY THAT. Jackson’s mother can go suck it. I would say a whole lot more but MY MOTHER taught me better. Another helicopter parent.

    • Ashley

      Joy — I completely agree with you 100000%!!!! The only person I want to win is Nicole. The rest of them need to be sterilized and never allowed to reproduce. Cliff doesn’t need the money, and I can’t respect a man that has no balls.

    • Houseguest Doug

      If you wish to call out Jackson on his lies no problem. But you also have to call out the 20 other winners of Big Brother because every winner of big brother was a lying sack of shit.

      The game forces you to lie and deceive people. That is what CBS wants that creates interest and drama. Without it you have a very boring show.

      Don’t hate the player hate the game.

      I am more than certain Jackson is a very nice person and was raised very well by Mama Michie. If you want to win the game you have to set your morals and ethics to one side. Nice guys finish last.

      Name a winner or someone in the top 3 of any season that was not full of shit?

  57. BBGurl

    So since I can’t respond directly to the original poster, I’ll cut and paste and respond here.
    Amanda(1 comments)September 13, 2019 at 6:35 am
    2 1
    “It’s not that she has original thoughts. It’s the offensive things she says. I agree Hogg is a dipstick. However, as a southerner her redneck country people criticism is a little much! I never comment but love reading other comments and have actually donated to help the site! This, I had to comment on.”
    Amanda, there are rednecks all over the world, not just in the south. It’s a mentality, a trait, not a product of location. As a southerner you got offended. As a born and bred Georgia girl, I can only say, your chip, your shoulder. Personally, as a WOMAN, I find it offensive to hear Holly being referred to as a slut, a hag, wearing too much makeup, etc. But I don’t whine about it or thumb down a post just because of it.

  58. Sabrina

    Nicole should win veto and get jackson out, he is the one she can’t beat in the final 2

    • nancy

      She doesn’t vote, Cliff does. But she sure can try to get him to do it. When he said he promised Jackson he wouldn’t vote him out if he won veto Nicole said “but not if I won veto.”

  59. jimbo

    (I repeated this above, but I realize it was way long ago on timeline, so sorry for the repeat.) I preferred that Nicole and Cliff would have believed Tommy and voted out Holly — BUT, Cliff/Nicole/Tommy were STUPID to get caught a second time (remember cliff cam-talking?!) by being spied on! CLOSE YOURE BIG TRAPS OR, BETTER YET, WHISPER! So, their stupidity of not knowing how to not be overheard is THEIR screw up! Don’t blame Jackson for that. Like it or not, Jackson outplayed and outsmarted them! PERIOD! It’s a game, and of course you end up lying in it. No love for Jackson, but don’t blame him for others screwups, and for him taking advantage of them.

  60. Avatar

    Did anyone else catch when the feeds came back on from the HOH and they were all sitting in the kitchen Cliff mentioned the “thing” that he heard outside. He said he agreed that day to never talk about it again and not let it ever come into play on any of his game decisions. I’m pretty sure Nicole was agreeing with him so I guess she knew as well? JJ and Holly were saying that’s why TT was taking it especially hard.

  61. pkcable

    The more I think about it, the more I feel that Cliff and Nicole made the wrong move! They should have taken out Holly. Now they are a weak duo versus a strong duo. And then they exacerbated the problem by having Holly throw the HoH and having Nicole win it. HoH almost doesn’t matter this week, it’s the PoV who has all the power, and both Jackson and Holly CAN compete in that! I think it will now be Cliff out 4th, Nicole and 3rd, then Jackson over Holly in the final. UNLESS its an overly bitter jury, like in the last few seasons and then Holly wins.

  62. nancy

    I sort of hope Jackson wins veto so when he votes out Cliff 1) Cliff and his influence are out of the way and 2) Nicole can see him (Jackson) for what he is and 3) Nicole can win the final two and take Holly.

  63. Houseguest Doug

    Well well well it only took the 3rd last episode of the season to finally produce some real drama and excellent game play.

    Now don’t get me wrong Jackson lives up to his name as Douchebag with a Capital D. But that was a brilliant game move and lie. It was low down dirty scumbag move but look who is in the top 4. Jackson & Holly and the favorite to win the entire game Tommy is watching from the side lines.

    I know most of you despise Jackson, hell I am no fan of him either and I know for various reasons a majority cannot stand Holly. But Jackson is showing he is playing the game. Did he break a rule. Damn right he did. Does Production care not even a little bit.

    Production has been dying for someone to show some personality and play the F’n game. Christie pulled off a lie as well to save her ass when she threw Nick under the bus. So turn around is fair play when her boy Tommy got not only run over by the Jackson bus, but Jackson backed up and ran him over again.

    Tommy is going to go to Jury and show the video and the Jury is going to get worked up over how Jackson did Tommy dirty. They are going to be pissed at Nicole and Cliff for buying into the lie. But other people in the house are going to respect Jackson game even if they don’t like him or respect him. His stock just went up in my opinion and is now the #1 threat to win this game.

    Yes, Holly threw the HOH Comp this week because they know the HOH means nothing other than you’re guaranteed a spot in the top 3. The real power this week is the POV he/she wins the POV controls who two people sitting beside Nicole.

    If Jackson or Holly win the POV bye bye Cliff.

    If Cliff honestly thinks Jackson will be true to his word then he is a buffoon. There is no way Jackson is throwing the POV.

    I expect if Jackson wins POV he is for sure going to be in final battle for HOH. He will win the physical comp over Cliff, Nicole or Holly. The brain challenge will be interesting in phase two. But if he wins final HOH. He will be seated beside Holly and he will take home $500 G’s.

    Now I feel for the people that pay for the live feeds. I am sure you didn’t pay $15 or $16 a month to watch Fish. I could clearly see Production was up to their old tricks. This is a TV show NOT a legit Game Show. So this is why they allowed Jackson to fracture a rule and crush Tommy. They didn’t want you live feed viewers to see it so they could edit and spin it in a way that looks even more dramatic and makes Jackson look like a game Genius much like they did for Dan.

    CBS needs ratings and numbers and this Jackson lie saved the season for them. This what happens when you bring in a shitty cast.

    Personally I could give a rats ass who wins as I don’t get to see a dime of that money nor will I give two shits about any of these idiots when the show is over. But as big of an ass hole as Jackson is he has played the best game.

    Nicole is a close second. She deserves the America’s Favorite player award.

    CBS also has another agenda. It is clear they are a feeder for contestants to play in the Amazing Race. So they only people of interest to play is Jackson & Holly. So they are going to boost air time and spin future episodes to put them front and center so they can plop them on the Amazing Race to help their ratings.

    The only game going on is the manipulation by Production. If I was a subscriber to the live feed. I would tell them to take it and shove it up their ass. I would also demand a refund for the amount of time you were stuck watching the fish tank.

    Jury Vote Prediction…

    Jackson vs Nicole / Cliff

    Cliff – Nicole / Cliff

    Holly – Jackson

    Tommy – Nicole / Cliff

    Christie – Nicole / Cliff

    Jessica – Nicole / Cliff

    Nick – Jackson

    Analyse – Nicole / Cliff

    Kathryn – Jackson

    Jack – Jackson

    By a vote of 6 to 4 Nicole / Cliff you’re the winner of Big Brother Season 21.

    Jackson’s only hope is to win POV and send Cliff home and win the final HOH and send Nicole to Jury.

  64. TamiJane Shepard

    Can anyone remember from last few years when live feeds cut completely for each season?

  65. Betty Boo

    After watching JJ scream at Tommy, I am voting for Tommy for AFP. He deserves something for that total BS. That is not okay. Talk about a big, scary, lying bully. If I were Nicole I would lock the HOH door for the week and try to recuperate from yesterday. I am glad C/N kept their word. Changing your mind is okay, breaking promises is not, in my book. And I realize that is a very fine line.

  66. Mary

    New thread………

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