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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 8/15/19

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Good morning everyone. Before I recap, I wanted to say thank you to the people who’ve donated this year whether it be to Steve, NK or myself. It’s not at all expected but very much appreciated and so thoughtful.

Yesterday morning was a little crazy because of waking up to what had happened in the middle of the night. I don’t think I was fully awake while trying to piece together what had happened so I apologize for any big moments I may have missed.


Very condensed version of Wednesday night since it may play into this week:

Nicole confided in Jess about the new 6 person deal because she wanted Jess to be aware of what was happening. She trusted Jess and asked her not to tell anyone. She wasn’t planning on leaving Jess behind. (Neither was Cliff, for the record) Nicole was trying to fill her in and tell her she didn’t trust the deal. She was also trying to tell her, maybe it would be better to save Kat and move ahead with Beth and Jackson. (Nicoles distrust of Tommys side mixed with Kats emotional campaign had gotten to her)

All Jess heard was ‘there’s a 6 person alliance and you arn’t  in it.’  Jess didn’t pay attention to anything else. This is why Jess ended up spilling everything to Sis, Holly and Kat. In the process of trying to find out why she was left out of the deal, Jess threw everyone under the bus.  The night ended with Beth, Jackson, Sis, Christie and Nick pissed off at Jess and Nicole incredibly hurt by the betrayal.


Thursday afternoon:

Jess was mad at Nicole and said Nicole played her.  She said Nicole made her think that maybe they could keep Kat. (She doesn’t understand Nicole had to switch back to the plan with the 6, even tho she didn’t like it because Jess couldn’t keep her big mouth shut!)

Kat told Jess Cliff was wearing a larger brace than before. She said he was a snake and was playing up his injuries.

Just in case it wasn’t clear the night before, Jess told Tommy that Nicole was then person who told her about the 6.


Kat tried again to Christie with the same campaign. She talked about what a snake and liar Cliff was and said Christie could trust Kat. She kept saying she was crushed because Cliff played her. (??  I guess she was evicted still not understanding that Cliff was also on the damn block) Christie was actually honest and told Kat she couldn’t trust the trio of Kat, Jackson and Beth together. She said it wasn’t about trusting Kat individually. Kat kept going and Christie finally said “I just don’t think you’re getting it.” (She wasn’t)

It finally occured to Jess, in order to save Kat, they only need Nicole’s vote to have enough. (Dumbass!)

Leading into the live show:

By Thursday morning, Kat and Jess had talked themselves into being complete victims.  They felt betrayed by Cliff and Nicole.  Cliff was taking most of the blame when everything blew up Wednesday night but by Thursday, Nicole was the bag guy.  They didn’t seem to acknowledge how they’d both betrayed Nicole. I have no idea of what Jess was thinking but underneath all this, I think Kat was mostly upset because Cliff made a deal that she didn’t and he played a better game than she did.  She can say she was only angry on Jess’ behalf but that’s complete bullshit. Kat has thrown Jess under the bus herself several times and I’ve lost count of how many times she’s done that to Nicole. Kat tries to get Nicole otb more than once.  She had a personal relationship with Jess but she wasn’t working with her in the game until Jess won hoh.

Kat can say she campaigned hard and she did but her campaign was stupid from the beginning. No one was going to believe she was going after Beth & Jackson WHILE they were trying desperately to keep her in the house.  Kat was bitter, petty and a very sore loser last night. Week one Kat has never really left but with her funny moments, mixed with her friendships with Jess and Nicole, it was easy for people to forget that she was just as much of a mean girl as some of the others.  Week one Kat resurfaced last night, it’s as simple as that.

A few things from the live show:

  • Cliffs speech was referencing Jerry Springer so Julie guessed correctly.  It was one of those moments that’s funny to the hgs because it’s an inside joke but leaves the audience confused.
  • Beth “cried” while voting Kat out but she seemed to perk right up 2 seconds later in time to give her usual shout outs.
  • Julie’s chair breaking was hilarious to me.  I just talked about how cheap production is despite what Jackson thinks. Ya, I know that isn’t why the chair broke but it fits my narrative so I liked it.

Julie’s interview with Kat:

This was the most bizarre interview, even without the broken chair.  Kat certainly displayed why she went on BB last night. Every time Julie asked her a question, instead of looking at Julie and making any eye contact, she addressed everything to the viewers.   I’ve seen people mix it up a little but I’ve never seen anyone do it to the point, that it’s as if Julie isn’t even there. She said “Michie messed up my game from day one.” Is she to blame for anything? She’s one of a few people who had a plan, a partner and advice prior to going on the show. She was better prepared than most so she shouldn’t be blaming everything on everyone else.

I watched some of the extended interview and it was more of the same. Kat still thinks BB is a popularity contest and doesn’t like she wasn’t in with the ‘cool kids.’ Julie tried multiple ways to get her to understand Cliff had to look out for himself once they were otb together. She said she didn’t try further for Nicoles vote because Nicole is too wrapped up in Nick. I think she was projecting her own relationship with Jackson onto Nick and Nicole. My internet kept cutting out so I didn’t see the end.


Last night after the hoh comp:

Jackson won the hoh which was the slip and slide. Tommy and Christie really ‘fake’ cheered him on towards the end when they knew he would win anyway.

Nicole cried because of something that happened in the storage room shortly before the live show. (I’m not 100% on these details yet) Apparently, after Kat, Jess and Nicole barely speaking yesterday, Nicole saw them in the storage room and said she loved and respected them both. (This make sense as this is one of Nicoles go to phrases)  It seems Kat said some pretty hateful things to Nicole like her family and students being disappointed in her. (Kat said something about this to Julie but made it sound very different) For now, I’m going to believe it because Cliff and Jess also referenced it last night and neither painted Kat in a good light.

Jackson still wants to go after Christie but it’s not determined how he wants to go about it. If he goes for her directly, it could be Christie and Sis or Jess on the block. If he tries for a backdoor, it could be a combination of Sis, Cliff or Jess.

Cliff told Jackson the part of the deal he made with the new 6 was he was supposed to go after Jackson and Beth. Jackson told him if he had to put him otb, he wasn’t his target. He said he wouldn’t put him up if he thought there was a chance he’d go home. Obviously, this can completely backfire but I believe Jackson means what he says. Jackson was leaning towards having Cliff otb because of the deal Cliff made. Since the new 6 agreed to protect each other for a week before officially becoming a group, Jackson’s afraid Cliff  may vote to save whoever is otb (from the new 6) in order to keep his word.  It hadn’t occurred to Jackson (yet) that putting 2 of the 6 otb would enable Cliff to vote one of them out without breaking his deal.

Cliff said to put him up if he had to but asked he leave Nicole out of it. He said shed been through enough and Jackson agreed. (This is referencing the storage room thing)

Nick made a deal earlier in the day with Jackson. They agreed to not put each other up. Jackson made the same one when Tommy became hoh. This was before Jackson won safety for the week. (We see why Tommy needs to go up but Jackson only has a problem with Christie, not Tommy)

Tommy, Christie and Sis speculated on who Jackson will nom. They think he should do Nick so they’re already throwing him out. (Haha) They also made fun of themselves and said the show was trolling them because they only made the deal with Cliff to protect them for a double that didn’t happen.

Christie and Sis try to convince themselves Jackson would be smart to go after Nick or Jess. Tommy understands why going after one of them is a better move. (I don’t care for Tommy but like Cliff, he does look at the game objectively)

Tommy talked about things Kat told him before she left. He told Nick that Kat said Nick wanted Tommy otb last week and Nick denied. Tommy didn’t believe him but moved on. Nick was mad Kat only called him out when there were 5 other people in the deal. Tommy also said he knew he was depending on Cliff and Nicole to win the hoh and that was scary. (Nick, Christie and Sis were all planning on throwing the comp for different reasons and Tommy knew it. He was frustrated with them for it too)

Beth thinks Sis is mad that she keeps beating Sis in endurance comps. (Sis has already told Tommy she doesn’t want do win anything and thinks it helps her not be a threat)

Jackson and Beth talked about how it’s the 2 of them against everyone else. They’re glad he overheard Sis and Christie talking about them being targets and saying it was 2 vs 6. He said if he goes home because of going after Christie, it will be worth it and he can live with it.


Ok guys and gals, to wrap this up today, I have no freakin’ idea how this is going to go because Jackson’s considered more than one option for putting Christie up initially and also for a backdoor. He is at least focused on the votes but the problem is, Beth and Jackson have isolated themselves so much, I don’t think they’re aware of how most of the house will vote. He’s worried about not having Cliffs vote but Jess is a way bigger concern. Now, things may have changed for Jess since Wednesday nights blow up but Christie and Tommy have put a lot of work in on Jess lately. Even before this past week, Jess trusted Christie.  That’s the real boat he should be worried about.  I know he agreed not to put Tommy up but even without knowing about Tommy and Christie’s relationship, he should still be concerned. Tommy, after all, is the person who took Christie off the block earlier this week.  He did make an agreement with Nick not to put each other up but I see the most wiggle room with that one because Beth can’t stand Nick. She could have some influence but will she know she needs to have it?

If Jackson can’t get Christie this week and I’d he still wants to work with Tommy, I think Nick is the next best option. Nick does well in comps and he fills the same role Kat played, but for the other side instead of them.  Tommy was smart when he chose to take away one of Beth and Jacksons numbers without going after them directly.  This way, he could weaken them but still be able to work with them later.

Here’s a few things I think we need to be looking out for depending on who stays. Nick is very loyal to Tommy but they don’t want to get to the end with the same path. Tommy wants to take out Jackson and work with Beth. Nick wants to take out Beth and work with Jackson.

Second, how will Tommy deal if Christie’s otb? He’s been planting seeds to Nick and Sis already and I think, hoping someone takes her out. He also told Jackson (last week) he was fine with Jackson going after Christie as long as Jackson didn’t lump him in with her. We may not like Christie but she plays this game hard. She’s aggressive and out in front taking the bullets while Tommy plays nice in the background. If the jury votes for a Kaycee winner, Tommy could have it. If they respect hard gaming more, Christie is the reason he could lose. There’s no way he wants to go to the F2 with her. He may not want her leaving this soon either.

The third thing is what could happen if Christie leaves. If Christie goes, does it actually put Cliff and Nicole in more danger?  The biggest obstacle to Jackson and Beth not working with the other side is Christie. If she isn’t there, what are the chances of Beth, Jackson, Sis and Tommy getting back together? Maybe not, because Beth and Sis have a few more issues than before since Jess told everything and Tommy wants Nick there instead of Jackson. It’s just something to look for in conversations this week.

I also meant to add information that some readers had requested but I completely forgot. I was glad to hear I’m not the only ‘production junkie’ out there. I don’t  know how to add the link for the the editorial you requested but if you type “You’re not allowed to talk about production by mell” in the search bar on this site, it should come right up. You can also click on season 19 threads but you’d have to sift through them. (Steve is aware that I can type but I’m pretty much useless for anything else)  It references BB19 a lot since that’s when it was written but it covers lots of info from many seasons too. I warn you, it’s very long.  I must’ve written in over a rainy weekend or something.

Check back later with Steve to see what Jackson decides for his noms. Have a great Friday.









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