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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 8/22/19



Good morning BBJ fam! Yep, it happened, Christie is still in the house and Sis is heading to jury! I cant wait until they regret the decision to keep her and it sounds like it may already be happening. I’m not saying that to be bitter because as I said yesterday,  I didn’t care who left and I could see an upside to either. It’s the one positive for the seasons we end up with a dislikable cast.

I know everyone’s already moved past Sis being evicted because a new hoh has been crowned but (full disclosure) I had something come up last night and I haven’t seen all of the live show yet.  I was going to try to watch it this morning but Fridays recap already gets posted later than the others, so I thought I better wait. For once, I’ll probably be sticking to an actual recap of feeds since that’s the only thing I’ve seen or have to talk about. (Lucky you! No gardening problems, car being towed or moving drama this week. No matter who went home last night, ya’ll must think you’ve hit the lottery today!)

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen anything from the show so I’ll just ask this now, what the hell was Jul-e-e thinking? (I’ve said for years her stylist HAS to be high with some of the choices that are made and after last night, I personally feel I’ve been proven right)


Daytime feeds before live show:

  • Nicole and Jess talked about Tommy acting weird. They said he was quick to discard Christie and get on the Sis train. Jess thinks it’s because he blamed Christie for Taco  Turaday.
  • Jackson made the rounds telling people it looked like Sis may be leaving.
  • Nick told Tommy he should stop studying (bird sounds) with Christie. He also said one of them would have to win the hoh.
  • Tommy asked Jackson about telling Sis she was going. Jackson preferred he wait until the 2nd lock down but told him to do what he needed to do. He said he didn’t want another day similar to when Sam left.
  • Sis asked Nick if he knew what was going to happen. Nick told Sis she was leaving. (while chewing his food…loudly) He’s about as sensitive as she is so it was kind of appropriate.
  • Sis, as she started crying, said “I literally hate everyone in this f*cking house.” Nick explained Jackson was planning on breaking a tie to save Christie so there wasn’t a point in Nicole voting to keep her. Sis said “Like, literally, what the f*ck did I ever do to him?” Nick explained it was because of what she didn’t say to him while campaigning and he found out how mad she was to go up as a pawn that was causing it. Nick said he was only assuming Christie told Jackson how mad Sis was over it. Tommy and Beth came in the room and Sis started crying again and saying she hated Jackson. She said she can’t wait to see him come next.
  • It was Christie’s turn next. Sis said she wasn’t mad at Christie but her comments were pretty accusatory and had some bite to them. Christie said she was sorry and it was either this or just lay down and not try. Sis said “congratulations, you’re staying and you can’t even go after him because you made a f*cking deal with him.” Sis asked “so how long have you known you were staying?” Christie said she’d only known for about 20 minutes that Jackson would break the tie in her favor and said she still didn’t know how people were voting.
  • Sis also went off on Jackson. She told him he was stupid, said she’d never done anything to him and there was LOTS of cursing. He was being nice, mixed with some ‘too bad, so sad.’ He told her he wasn’t voting and said it wasn’t personal.
  • Tommy must be wanting to play some more dramatic roles after the show because he’s really been working on his crying:

Thursdays Episode:

As I said, I don’t have much to contribute and I’m sure you all know more than I do.  I know Beth was a little shook when she voted and could hear the audience groans.  She said she couldn’t even do her shout outs because she lost her train of thought. (How will we ever f*cking survive without hearing Beths shout outs?)


I figured I’d toss out the F-bomb myself and give my own shout out to Sis as a farewell, don’t let the door hit ya and you know the rest. This is probably a more fitting farewell to the mastermind player, we humbly refer to as Sis:

Beth won the hoh comp with an impressive perfect score.  Afterwards, she told Jackson she was worried because she’d  made a comment about learning to shoot. (I guess she’s afraid America won’t like her if they know she grew up shooting guns. I’m also guessing the comment was related to her ability to aim well in the comp)


It a way, Beth is kind of simple minded to me but in another way, she’s sort of complicated.  She has to be the most image conscious player in the game, even more than Tommy. Many of the things Tommy does are for AFP but Beth is truly worried about the way people will see her long after the game is over.  Jackson’s image conscious too but his is more in the form of paranoia. There’s footage going back to the first week of feeds where Beth’s scolding Jackson about things he’s said and how she wants them to be “portrayed” as a shomance. I say she’s complicated because she spends so much time trying to create a narrative for Jackson and herself, fakes tears and concern for people in order to be seen as nice and caring, (she’s admitted that by the way) talks about being a conservative girl who is modest and private with her sex life and body. Yet, she plays hide the watermelon with Jackson all over the house, on camera, for 2 months AND when she’s been told repeatedly that we can see it. Never mind, maybe it isn’t complicated, maybe this points more towards her just being simple minded.

We also found out we’ll be voting for a prankster to secretly take over one of Beths nominations. (I’ll be shocked if Cliff doesn’t get it because of the tv only viewers)

Thursday night feeds:

  • Beth said she’s happy she won but a little paranoid over being the first repeat hoh.  She said this will make her a bigger target but she’s also the one who pointed out she’s the first repeat HOH.
  •  It didn’t take long for her to state the obvious to Jackson, which is, Nick will be going otb.  She plans to put Christie up as a pawn and remind her that she told them she’d happily be a pawn for them if they kept her. She said Jess would be the renom if one came down.
  •  It seems Beth is already regretting her decision to keep Christie. It’s partly because of the audience reaction to her vote but some of it is due to the fact that Christie has a very different outlook than she had when the day began. (Hahahaha)  Christie thanked Beth for her vote as if that was Beths only contribution to Christie staying in the house. Beth said Christie’s acting like it was only one vote instead of remembering they put in a lot of work to flip the entire thing.
  •  Jackson doesn’t appear to be as concerned but he isn’t going to, even if he’s starting to think it. There’s no way Jackson’s going to admit, especially this soon, that he might’ve made a mistake.
  • Christie tried to talk about how amazing she is because of the vote flip and Jackson said “new subject.”
  • Cliff, Nicole and Jess received punishments for their poor performance so whenever they are told, they have to make pies and throw them in the faces of whoever they’re instructed. Here’s a few from last night because BB didn’t waste any time:
  • Jackson keeps saying it would be funny if he went home on Beth’s hoh. I think this can be translated into meaning he’s worried he might go home on Beths hoh.
  • Beth’s worried how the prankster could mess up her hoh. Jackson told her to do things as she normally would because she couldn’t control it and I agree.
  •  Cliff and Nicole talked about the prankster and thought it would be great if they could manage to get Tommy out this week. They feel they’re in a pretty decent spot at the moment but could improve it if Tommy left and again, I agree.
  •  Christie and Beth have almost convinced themselves that Sis must be famous. They think it could explain the vote reaction and Christie said that Sis hold her she had something important she wanted to tell her. The possiblity of Dis being famous actually came up before yesterday. Some of them have said they thought Sis might be “secretly famous for a while. At the time, I kept wondering how a person can be famous AND it be a secret. How does that work?  Nick doesn’t agree and thinks at most, she might be Instagram famous. Beth thinks this is still a very big deal. Nick doesn’t and said lots of people are Instagram famous. (For the record, Beth has twice as many followers on Instagram as Sis does, just in case anyone cares about that)
  • Beth wanted Christie and Tommy to come upstairs and have breakfast but Jackson said it’s probably a bad idea and might be a red flag for Cliff and Nicole.
  • Beth said she still feels good about working with Cliff and Nicole but she thinks she needs to stay on top of Nicole to make sure she doesn’t stray, I guess.
  • Beth thinks Nick will try to convince Christie to work with him again. They said if she does, Christie will be “dead to me.” (They don’t realize, Christie’s already planting seeds to Nick)
  • Christie is backtracking about being a pawn. Beth told her what she was thinking of doing and Christie wasn’t pleased about it. She said she didn’t think it would be so soon. Beth tols Jackson, she’s concerned that Christie is already trying to change the agreement. Beth thinks Christie will feel like this is a one time deal and once she’s a pawn for them this week, the deal is over. (Did these dumb asses actually believe Christie, or anyone, would be OK with being a pawn repeatedly, if at all?) Beth also asked her not to tell Nick anything about her plans.
  • Tommy and Christie were whispering about the DR and footage for the show.  Tommy said they wanted clips of him showing his unwavering support for Christie but he said that became tricky once “the incident” happened.  He was trying to figure out how things would make sense for the episode, since he was sure nothing would be shown about the person yelling over the wall. It was very hard to hear (anyone feel free to correct me if I have this wrong) but it sounded like Tommy was also apologizing in advance for any footage Christie may eventually see of him saying (in DR clips) that he was ready for her to leave.

I have no idea how the nominations will go but there’s been a lot of speculation. Some people think Beth will make 2 and then one of them will be replaced. Other people think there will be an announcement saying she only gets to choose 1. We’ll know soon enough so I’m not going to waste time trying to guess. Twists put me in a bad mood anyway so I’m just moving on and waiting for people I don’t like to get some pies to the face!

Have a great Friday.




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  1. Kari

    Short and sweet. The pie thing is kind of funny..

  2. Alda

    Good Morning all.I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who get’s this Prankster advantage.When I went to bed Cliff and Nicole were the top two.People better start worrying about Tommy sooner then later,he scares me.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Since Production never has to post the results or show us the official tabulations. They can pretty much determine who they feel would make for the best TV and select the house guest they want.

      My guess it will be Tommy, wild card is Cliff.

      • Avatar

        You sound as cynical as me knowing productions involvement.

      • Avatar

        I’ve never been much of a believer conspiracy theories however… my thoughts for Prank Week.
        Production takes the top 3 vote getters, pulls them into the DR, explains the process and asks who they would put OTB if they won.
        Depending on their answer production chooses the “winner”!
        Will be interesting to see this play out…
        Thank you to this site!!

      • Mary

        Welcome to Junkies JustTina.

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Except for Nick, they all deserve a pie in the face, for the votes to keep Christie. Ahhhh regrets!

  4. Helen

    Wow…really early in the day to already be seeing adoptable animals

  5. Mary

    ‘ Playing hide the watermelon ‘ LOL

  6. Houseguest Doug

    Can someone explain to me why Julie looked like someone who cleans houses for a living last night? Between the hair and the wardrobe that was a Fashion Disaster!

  7. Avatar

    @Alda you are so right about Tommy he should be the renom. AD mentioned Tommy on his jury house video. I think Christie may not have AD vote if Tommy makes it to the end.

  8. LynnD

    Thank you Mel. I have not yet seen Wednesday or Thursday. Never stops me from jumping on here & cheating 🙂 BTW…..LOVE the Brett “Anallice” Photo. Always one of my favs. I can’t wait until Sis gets out of the house & finds out that is her nickname. Do you think Kat might be jealous?

    • danmtruth

      LynnD i find it hard to believe Sis has not already heard the annal llce name tag
      Funny Mel mentions about Holly=Beth being so concerned about her public image Reminds me of Elenie Davies How her “showmance” with mark seemed just to compete for air time with the others that season The same can be said about Holly=beth picking up sloopy second JJ Her well crafted just a country girl personna when needed Contrast that to nicole who has talked about thinking what she says and do will be seen and heard by her parents, family, friends, students. And potential employers As such she keeps herself in check Turn around While Holly=beth says the same thing as Mel points out her actions are anything but showing a y concern
      So to Holly=beth , christie most of this cast

      • LynnD

        Great one Dan!. Elena Davies is a hot ass mess. She struggles to constantly make herself relevant. She spent so much social media time bashing Mark for a break up and making him look like a piece of dirt. Now they look all chummy on Instagram together again. Before that she was always bashing someone at an attempt to make herself known. Enough about her…..BLAH (couldn’t stand her during her season and can’t stand her even more now)

        I think a lot of these housepets are going to have rude awakenings when they get back to the real world. In my opinion Cliff & Nicole will have the easiest time. Then again the others will only “hear” the ones who praise them or are not bothered by their behavior. Like hg in the past UH-UM (B&S) they are totally oblivious to the ones who call them on their true selves.

      • Mary

        LOL I love it. Where do you find these songs.

      • Leta

        Last night on the feeds before the eviction, they were discussing if SS should be told it was her leaving beforehand. Instead of saying yes, because that’s the right thing to do — Holly said NO. Because “she’ll ruin her make-up.” I think Holly is so focused on looks and presentation because she just hit over 30 and realizing nothing last forever. LOL

  9. KelBel

    I’m convinced that Julie’s stylist went shopping at Christie’s shitty boutique for that disaster of an outfit…and I won’t even get started about the hair.

    Beth and JJ are complete idiots. You SEE that CC is already backtracking on her lil deal with the two of you. Here you have yet another opportunity to ship her ass out the door but you’re still considering her a pawn and will probably be dumb enough to buy into CC’s BS again and throw someone else up as a pawn.

    I knew Cliff would have Tommy on his mind if he gets a chance…I’m surprised Nicole agrees, but let’s face it, unless America gives her the prankster prize, it’s likely the only time she will have a chance at making any sort of a game move (minus her votes, which she just does whatever the power person that week tells her to do).

    Damn it, BB hgs…. you’re making Nasty Nick look good.


    • Joy

      I think Crusty looked worse than Julie. Now can we talk about that AWFUL outfit Beth had on??? Her boobs looked like a sixty year old (what I personally like to call hangers) I should know I’m over 60. That outfit didn’t make her butt look like anything but a pancake. Yuck!

      • Sassy

        I didn’t like Julie’s outfit nor did I like Beth, Crusty or SS’s outfits. It was a fashion miss for all!

      • KelBel

        I thought Sis looked great, I mean if you can pull off a lil white number like that…and she is a beautiful girl. Dumb but beautiful.

        Yeah, Beth’s outfit was the worst disaster of the night. Pair that with Julie’s hair… yikes!

        And CC…well, I will never say anything good about her. Her inside ugly has made her outside down right Fugly.

  10. mustangsally

    I wish production would stop influencing the game, these ppl are perfectly capable of bad play all by themselves. I hope Cliff is the prankster and puts TT otb. Would love to see him or CC backdoored. I wish Juie would address the over the wall mishap. Everyone knows it happened, they are being sleazy by trying to cover it up. A note to Julie……you are not 18, and the 80’s want their style back!

    • Avatar

      I agree that production needs to back off on influencing the game. Their influence should end at the game twists they give, I get why Mel hates them, but to throw in a Prank Week, or a Battle Back, or Double Elim, is one thing, to be flipping votes is too far, ruins the integrity of the game. I like a plot twist, I don’t like meddling.

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  12. Avatar

    Agreement on Julies top! The rest of her outfit was cute, and the hair thing was a sweet nod to the houseguests. But that shirt looked like an oversized mans undershirt with yarn sewn on as fringe! Awful!
    Also, I’m pulling for Nicole to get America’s Vote on this one so that for one moment in the game she gets some power, and I think she will keep it a secret since she gets gas lit every time she tries to game.

  13. Ashley

    My thoughts:
    – Julie, you looked adorable with your big hair and weed necklace, don’t change <3
    – Jackson, you made a HUGE mistake, enough said
    – Sis, you are famous — for being dumb and easy
    – Crusty — America hates you, go away
    – Beth, you look like an 85 year old elderly woman
    – I love seeing them get hit with the pies
    – My only hope for this week is that either Crusty, Tommy or Nick goes home, but we all know PRODUCTION decides that

  14. nancy

    Sounds like they’ve been told RE prankster vote.

  15. Avatar

    Nice recap. One question – when did Holly change her name to Beth?

    • Sassy

      When David came back in the house, he forgot her name and called her Beth. We loved it, along with the rest of social media. She will forever be called Beth.

    • Mary

      Welcome Eric.
      Holly=Beth David called her Beth when the feeds started and it stuck. We ( junkies ) give nicknames to the house guests and so we refer to her as Beth.
      Jack= AD -evicted
      Kathryn= Kat- KK Krying Kat – evicted
      Analyse=Sis , Throw Pillow 1, Waste of Air – evicted
      Jess= PSM Plus size model, ( NK has a few other names for her) 🙂
      Christie= CC Crying Christie, Chomping Christie
      Tommy= Twinkle Toes (he’s a Broadway dancer)
      Jackson= Michie, JJ (mine- Jack O Melon )
      Nick= Nasty Nick
      Holly= Beth, Throw pillow 2
      Cliff= Boss Hogg

      I think that’s most of them, others may add what I’ve missed. You get used to it.
      Hope this helps. It’s all in fun.

  16. Alda

    Production might have wanted Sis to go,but I bet the cameramen didn’t.LOL.

  17. Ronduh

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…this whole season is a f*cking train wreck. I feel like Jackson, Beth, Christie, and Tommy were all hired by CBS and they all have their scripts…like a sitcom lol It’s just so ridiculous but yet I keep on checking updates….i don’t even watch the episodes anymore!

    • Avatar

      same here!!! i only check the updates now and haven’t watched an episode in like 3 weeks!! ahahah! i don’t need to anymore because i get all the REAL info here!! OMG can Christie please just be thrown out already! or all of them! I think i hate them all this season!! ahahah!

  18. Helen

    Beth puts up Nick…prankster puts up Tommy or Crusty….Nick wins Veto….Beth puts up either Tommy or Crusty…
    End of week we will have Tommy and Crusty OTB…

  19. Leta

    Morning Junksters! I know I was MIA last night during what will now forever be known as The Taco Tuesday Flip. I have no excuse with the exception that the hubby has been sick for nearly a MONTH and after an 11 day hospital stay, he now has pneumonia. Nurse Ratched has certainly had my hands full with him, we all know how men can be when they’re sick. Okay, this is going to be a LONG post of some feed info, somewhat snarky opinion and full on bitching. I hope I don’t bore you all. Maybe a Wake & Bake would help you survive it. LOL

    CC is already gloating about being saved as she had this to say last night in the HOH with Holly/JJ — CC : “Just fuckin’ spun a whole house and poor Sis went home.” with JJ cutting her off with a terse — JJ : “New subject.” CC was quite salty when Holly informed her that she would be going on the block as a pawn against NN. It’s already dawning on Holly that they probably just fucked themselves by keeping her. JJ keeps saying he’ll probably end up evicted on Holly’s HH which if the right Prankster is chosen that could very well happens I’m sure CC will manifest it and production will make sure to have her back. Now, you’re asking yourself why did I say that about production? Because the feeds were very forthcoming last night in proving they do for sure unequivocally give away secrets to HGs, work with HGs and at times, let the HGs dictate to them.

    NN told the HGs last night that he found out about the alliance of 6 from the DR. They asked him about it, but he doesn’t know if it was an honest mistake or intentional.

    And touching on Mel’s info about CC/TT talking about the BY audio. This is what I gathered from their feed convo :

    CC tells TT that they have managed to stay a secret duo, but then the BY audio was played over the loudspeaker. She butters TT up by moaning she just can’t imagine how TT feels. (being out in BY with Cliff and having to hear that play) She goes on to say says she asked THEM ( production ) about it and THEY ( production ) said they will have much better security now. CC reassured TT that THEY promised THEY will take care of it. (now it’s kinda hard to hear for a few) then TT says he was very upset because THEY wanted to clip the convo of him promising CC his vote at beginning of the week. TT tearfully tells her he was panicking because of that THING (BY audio — he’s such a dainty little thang) and he didn’t want to make it look like he was promising no matter what because it will show they do know each other. TT says then THEY (production) asked “Sooooo, now you may not vote for CC?” followed up with “but you promised CC, so what changed?” TT says he told them (DR) “it was the “incident” (insert vapors here) but you are not going to show that, so don’t make it seem like I am someone who goes back on my word.” (Ya got that, production?)
    CC wonders if it aired and TT says he asked that THEY (production) “don’t air it, because the only reason I was considering voting CC out was because of the “incident.” (good gawd would someone get TT a mint julep please!)
    CC (fake crying )tells TT “it’s not fair!” TT agrees. She says it will compromise HER game. (yeah TT, not yours, but hers) TT assures CC it should be fine now and it’s over. (but is it?) CC tells TT “you need to stop being afraid because it’s okay to have each others back.” She says everybody has someone in here, but they pretend that they are not close. TT, of course, agrees with her.

    So, to me, there is absolutely no question about production’s involvement in making things happen or not happen. Also not related to this but last night CC also proclaimed there is no way TT will win AFP, because he’s gay. Seriously, you stupid bitch?

    • LynnD

      Hope your Husband is starting to feel better. Yes Men are the biggest babies……..kidding?….Not kidding!

      • Leta

        Lynn — they sure are! Thanks for the well wishes. I, myself, am trying to learn reverse voodoo so i can get his ass outta the house and back to work. He’s planning on going back Monday. HALLELUJAH!

      • LynnD

        When you figure it out let me know. I have an ex I think put voodoo on me I need reversed. LOL

    • Alda

      Leta,prayers for your husband.So many people go in the hospital and end up with pneumonia.Hope he’ll be on the mend real soon.

      • Leta

        Thank you so much, Alda. He has had a rough past 6 years. Hospitalized once a year, until this year and it’s been twice. It all started when he woke up in the middle of the night 6 years ago with incredible stomach pain. It turned out his spleen had mysteriously burst while he was sleeping. I almost lost him then due to internal bleeding. Not having a spleen means no immune system, so he has to be really careful. 3 years ago he had his first attack of pancreatitis. Again weird for him as he’s not a drinker and has no gall stones. This time around they classified him from acute to chronic pancreatitis (because he’s had 2 attacks within 10 months) and say the type is autoimmune. 2 out of the 3 attacks has caused pneumonia, so don’t know if that’s his new norm with the attacks or not. Again, your prayers are appreciated.

    • Avatar

      Good luck to your husband and to you the nurse too! I’ve got a sick teenage son at home and can definitely empathize.
      Thanks so much for your updates in last night-
      I missed Nick taking about production.
      Interesting on so many different levels. So going back a few days from Cliff’s comment about the “incident”. Does everyone think that Cliff didn’t believe it? And do we have any idea if he shared the “incident” with any HGs?

      • Leta

        Thanks Tina! I’m sure your hands are as full with the sick son as mine are here. My belief is Cliff indeed did hear the BY audio. I’m going to be really disappointed if he doesn’t pull that knowledge out of his pocket and use it against CC/TT. As far as I’ve heard on feeds and read on boards — he has not shared it.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Leta-
        I’m sending this son back to college soon- funny how they want their moms only when they are sick. Hope that your husband’s health improves quickly- pneumonia is scary.

        Cliff is going to be so mad at himself if he doesn’t believe/ share the TT/CC connection!

  20. Nancy

    I finally made it..I’m late checking up with the Mighty Mels recap..thank you as always Mel
    Still need to read NK..
    I’m still in mourning over chompy being in the house..I used Julie’s head as my mop before she went on air..(,yes, lynn, I finally mopped)..I dont want nicole to get the prankster thingy, she will be sweet and gracious when told she got it, but in her head she will be having a break down..somebody will tell her who to choose..finally, I’m jealous knees went on vacay..good to see y’all..peace

  21. Jennifer

    When my husband saw Julie’s hair he was wondering if she just came from a Halloween party!! Perhaps she had an 80’s themed party to go to after the show.
    I will never understand why they didn’t vote out CC. Nor will I understand why they would think she would actually keep her word to them. I think it would be hilarious if she teamed up with Nick to go after Jj and Beth.
    I think Nicole has a great read of people and sense of what’s going on in the house. She always has but every time she does try to play the game she gets burned. Instead of fighting harder it makes her retreat. I am not giving up on her yet!
    Rooting for a final 2 of Cliff and Nicole! That would be something!!

    • Nancy

      I agree, she does retreat..I like her but shes gotta step it up..I’m rooting for her, but it wears then after a while..F2 cliff and nicole..I wouldnt be mad at that.

      • Jennifer

        Love you new avatar Nancy!

      • Nancy

        Ty..but think I need a pie theme..

      • Helen

        Much as I despise Jess (her voice is like nails on a chalkboard) I think she is more deserving than Nicole to be in a F2 with Cliff….
        She stuck to her principals and is the only “friend “ of Kats that actually voted for her to stay…She got Jack out…

      • LynnD

        Jennifer thanks for the reminder that I needed to change mine. But then I think about it. “Technically” JJ is still in charge this week so I guess watermelon it stays!

    • Helen

      Nicole needs to learn to zip her lips…she has been burned over and over yet she continues to run her mouth every time she gets info….when JJ told her on Wednesday night he was going to vote out Sis and for her to keep it quiet,within 10 minutes she was down telling Nasty Nick…
      She blows up her own game every time..I quit feeling sorry for her and she eithe needs to step up or step out…

  22. Avatar

    I thought Nicole looked cute last night.

  23. Leta

    Sorry for the really long post up there ^^^^^ I’m a writer, so that’s my excuse. Plus I’m a little salty and snarky over this whole season. LOL

    Let’s talk about the upcoming prankster.

    Last night Cliff and Nicole were discussing how badly they need to get TT out. So, I feel like if one of them win it, he would go up. Cliff moreso than Nicole, because we all know she’s “wishy washy” however she may be bold for once and actually do it to prove she can. The question is if CC/TT are otb and no veto is used, where do the votes land? Junksters, what’cha thinkin’ for who should get the Prankster and why?

    • Helen

      Christie would most certainly go if Tommy and Christie are OTB come Thursday..
      That is if anyone goes at all….remember the very definition of prank is practical joke.
      Don’t be surprised if after the vote on Thursday Julie comes on and says. Haha. We fooled you all. This week is a joke…reset….

  24. Avatar

    I so much wanted Christie to go last night,I hope everyone puts up Jackson for being so dumb.I think they should have sent her out this is gonna bit them in the ass,So it should.

  25. Mary

    New thread…

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