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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 8/29/19

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Good Friday morning BBJunkies. We’ve put another BB week in the books with only a few weeks left to go. I don’t  know if it’s  playing out the way you want but at this point, I’m just here for the ride. No one has a good enough game for me to care very much who wins. I was soooo relieved that last night wasn’t a reset. Why on earth would I want to do last week all over again? It may have been the most boring week so far this season.

  • Last night was the wall comp which is a BB staple and I really thought Nicole looked like she was in the zone. She wasn’t talking or moving at all and I hoped she could take the win but it wasn’t to be.
  • Jackson said if he was going to pee durning a comp, he should’ve waited for this one.
  • Tommy said if he had a flat ass, this would’ve been his comp. (If he’d had a muzzle, it would’ve been my comp to watch, just sayin’)
  • We’ll have to settle for win number 758 for Jackson. Ok, it isn’t that many but it feels like it. (He has won the last 4 comps he played in and 5 out of 6 if you count the field trip comp) When the comp first started and Christie was clapping, (as Julie  was talking) I remember thinking it would be hilarious if she fell since she wasn’t holding onto anything. (It took a ladder and two people to help get them in place before the comp started) Christie didn’t fall off clapping so I’ll have to settle for Jess’ fall. I didn’t want her to be hurt and she did appear to bounce a bit, which was concerning,  but the sound she made falling was the best thing ever! I’ll replay it over and over the next few weeks if the game is frustrating, just to get me through. I’ve never heard a sound like it!

Jackson, in spite of the odds, is the new hoh. I’m so sick of the shomance having the hoh room. If Nicole didn’t win, I was a little torn over what I’d hoped would happen, to be honest. I sort of wanted Christie to win so she could put up Jackson and Beth. Jolly feels like they’re in the middle of 2 pairs and has everyone fooled. They’ve talked about what amazing games they’re playing and can’t believe no one is coming after them. I guess they’ve forgotten who has been in power for weeks and that’s why no one has came after them. The shock of going otb together would’ve been great. I sort of wanted Tommy to win so he’d have to put them up and not be able to hide behind Christie anymore.

Beth=Holly and Jolly=Jackson and Holly


I ran across something yesterday and it seemed relevant because for whatever reason, my use of “Beth” has became an issue, even though most fans give most of the hg’s nicknames every year. (Hey, at least I don’t call her “Holly Allen, 24, Wyoming”) That’s her name for a lot of BB updaters. Beth made it into an article for the online O magazine:

Here’s my theory: It isn’t a secret Beth is on BB because she’s living in LA and trying to “make it.” She wants publicity to help move her career goals along. (It’s the same reason half the cast is there) She’s as good of a player as the rest of them and actually playing better than most of them, but she hasn’t done anything to warrant an online magazine article. The fact that BB fans call her Beth and Holly Allen, 24 Wyoming is the entire reason she had the story written. I think she’d be happy with the cover image too because she looks absolutely beautiful. So…..I guess what I’m saying is ‘you’re welcome, Beth. Glad we could be of assistance.’ (You may not agree and it’s also possible that another theory works better: It could be, my recaps are being read by more of a Facebook crowd and unfortunately, my humor works better for more of a Twitter crowd)

  • After Jackson won the hoh, (the one he didn’t want) he consoled Nicole. She was very upset with herself for not being able to win. She said she wanted to do her part for their alliance. He told her she would still win one coming up and he needed her for the mental ones ahead. He whispered to her “play it up, play it up ok.”
  • She didn’t have to “play it up” because she was sincerely upset over it. When everyone left the room, she cried even more.
  •  Beth told Cliff she wanted to cheer for Nicole during the comp and tell her to “hang on and that pain was temporary” but she knew she couldn’t. She also said she wished she could’ve played in the wall comp and said she would’ve killed it.
  • Jackson said he didn’t want it and would’ve thrown it to Nicole (true) because he didn’t want to put a bigger target on his back. Cliff told him it didn’t matter at this point and the target was already there. (Also true) They agreed it was better for Jackson to win over letting Tommy have it.
  • Jackson said he planned to put Christie and Jess otb with Jess as his target. He said Jess is very vocal about only going after guys so he’s most worried about her. (This is partly true and he’s also trying to stay good with Tommy) Jackson really played it up that he had to win to keep Cliff and Nicole safe and Cliff and Nicole did their own acting with their gratefulness. (I’m not saying they weren’t happy and they’ve got a better shot at getting to the F4 with Jolly but it isn’t their dream situation) Cliff agreed and said he could use Jess saying she’d only put guys up as a reason. (I know Jackson’s only put up women but he doesn’t use it as the reason like Jess does so she asked for this imo)
  • Speaking of acting, here is Tommys fake excitement over Jacksons hoh win.
  • Beth made it clear to Jackson that she didn’t want them to turn on Tommy. They talked about their great position in the middle and said if they can keep Christie from freaking out, the pairs (besides them) will target each other.
  • Cliff told Nicole Jacksons plan and said he isn’t thrilled about Jess being the target but they cant do anything for now. (Agree, if they push too hard, Cliff could end up otb)
  • Jackson told Christie she would be the pawn while she was in the shower. (He definitely rips band aids off fast) She said “why me?” He told her she would be safe and Jess was the target.
  • Cliff asked when Jackson planned on telling Christie. Jackson said “I just told her” so if Cliff was planning on suggesting a plan B, he wasn’t fast enough.
  • Nicole reminded them if Tommy won the veto and took down Christie, Cliff or Nicole would have to go otb. Jackson doesn’t think Tommy would use the veto (hahaha) and if he did, they have the votes anyway. Cliff offered to go up if that happened as a pawn and said he trusted them. (People were so upset over this but Jackson is winning comps and keeping them safe. This is Cliffs way of showing loyalty. He knows Jackson and Beth were in an alliance with Christie and Tommy and he knows it might not take a whole lot for them to get back together and take out the other 3 people. They’ve got to use what they have and neither Nicole nor Cliff have the hoh. What they do have, is the ability to be more trustworthy than the other two)
  • Christie held it together pretty well for a while. She went through her usual build up of being calm, complaining about it and then tears. Doesn’t Tommy look like he’s over it? In Christie’s defense, (yes, can’t believe I just said that) she’s heading towards a month otb and Tommy hasn’t spent one day on it.

Now, time for the random:


Steve will be very pleased about this:

No, not the fact that Julie looked lovely in her LBD. (although she did) He wasn’t very happy about skipping a double eviction.

I know Jackson said he likes this look on Beth but if she continues to walk around in nude clothing, especially with it in her butt crack, she’s asking for me to keep talking about her. It gets me every time for a second because she looks naked. Not so much in this one but I didn’t think to get the image until this moment and didn’t feel like going back for a different one.


This is Jacksons dad who is some kind of musician. I don’t know if it’s his job or a hobby but Jackson said he played 7 instruments or something close to it and he has videos on YouTube. 

I’m sure the hg’s were wet and tired last night but you can’t help but think of the players who’ve stood in the rain for 7 or 8 hours. Like Dick or not, (for some, its not) he gave those comps everything he had:

  • They sat around talking about the night. Someone mentioned Nick getting good applause and Jess said it was because they could be seen in the doorway standing behind Nick.
  • Christie is excited for Nick and Kat to be in jury together. She said Kat didn’t fall for Nick’s BS and she won’t put up with it.
  • Christie was worried about Sis not getting great applause. She said she hoped there was some kind of recent natural disaster that caused the low mood because Christie can’t imagine anyone not loving Sis. (No words)
  • Beth said the smoke from the comp made her dizzy, her heart rate sped up and she said it felt like an anxiety attack.
  • Jess didn’t understand why production told them to fall in a way that didn’t work. Is it me or has she low key been coming for production lately?
  • Nicole and Christie loved Jess’ scream, said it was like something from a telenovella and Nicole thinks it would be great in slow motion. (Yes Nicole, it very much is)
  • Nicole and Jackson really want hide the veto this week. They agreed they couldn’t make a mess like that at home and this is their chance. She made a joke about smashing watermelons and he gave her a cross look. (Haha)
  • Beth said Sis didn’t like Kat for personal reasons and Kat didn’t like Nick for personal reasons. Now, they’re all together again.
  • Christie said she thinks everyone left is playing a clean game. (Ummmmm, no and besides, who cares? I’m refusing to vote for the person who uses up the most soap in the house. Ok, now I’ve gone from Twitter humor to 3rd grade humor. Sue me)

Nicole talked to Cliff about being worried that Jolly also have a F4 with Christie and Tommy. Cliff said he thinks they’d want to go with Cliff and Nicole because they should appear easier to beat. Cliff did eventually tell Jackson he isn’t as sold on the idea of Christie vs Jess and we’ll have to wait and see if it goes anywhere. I don’t think it will because Beth will probably continued to push for Tommy to be safe.

Tommy really wants Cliff or Nicole out this week. Christie said it won’t happen unless Tommy is the one who wins veto. She’s going to try to throw it to him if it’s possible. Tommy also thinks it will come out this week if Jolly is trying to play both duos. (I really like how 3 duos all think they’re playing the same game)

We’ll know for sure where Jacksons head is at later today when he makes the noms. It could change over the week and Cliff could tell him what Christie said to him the other day about targeting Jackson and Beth. Cliff shouldn’t say anything until after the veto anyway imo. Here’s another thing, even if it’s not what some of the fans want, it actually isn’t crazy for Jackson to target Jess. If Jess stays and Christie goes, Cliff, Nicole and Jess could be a 3. Jackson would still be a target but without Cliff  and Nicole on his side. Jess has proven she’s good in mental comps, that’s what’s coming up and she’s said she’d only put up guys. If Jess leaves, Cliff and Nicole have almost no choice whether or not to stick with Jolly. They don’t have anywhere to go.

I’m not giving Jackson credit for all of this because unless I hear otherwise, I don’t think he’s thinking this and don’t think it’s his reason for targeting Jess. I’d like to see Tommy otb but I also don’t think it’s crazy to keep him off either. If Christie and Tommy were otb, Christie is the one they should take out anyway (for their games) so why piss off Tommy before they have to do it?  Sure, we think Tommy will go after them anyway but he’s the main person in there who is getting paranoid about breaking his word to people. Even if it would be stupid, I could actually see a scenario where Tommy went after Cliff instead of Jackson because Tommy knows the end game comps are more mental and that’s Jacksons weakness. I still think he’d go after Jackson but if Tommy isn’t the target, why put him up if you have the votes to do what you want already?

There will be plenty of scenarios to go over soon enough as to what’s better for everyone left in the house. For now, check back later for noms and have a great Friday.




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