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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 9/12/19

September 13, 2019 | 105 Comments
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Author: Mel



Good morning, I don’t know how you feel about last night but you have to admit, it was better than BB17 & BB18 James Hueling ruining everything right before the live shows. I was so torn watcthing the show.  I’ve leaned towards Tommy being the best one for Nicole and Cliff to take out (maybe not for Cliff but for the best odds in comps as a duo) but I really wanted Beth to be evicted.

Cliff and Nicole had a big decision and were too open with Beth and Jackson over not knowing who they’d evict. They needed to decide before they started running their mouths since you can’t unring that bell.  It isn’t as crucial as it would be with more people left in the game because if Cliff and Nicole are the F2, Jackson and Beth have to vote for one of them, even if they’re bitter. If one of them gets to F2 with Jackson or Beth, they arn’t getting the other ones vote anyway.  Christie’s Q & A from the jury house was concerning because from what she said, not splitting up the shomance could easily be seen as everyone playing Jacksons game. Nicole may have needed this move because it’s flashier for a jury. Even that didn’t matter as much because if Nicole made the move to take out Beth, it would mean Tommy would still be there.  If Tommy’s in F2, Christie votes for him, in spite of Nicole breaking up the shomance. If it’s Cliff and Nicole in the F2, she also has to vote for one of them. Seeing the comp for the hoh did cause me to think “uh oh, maybe they should’ve gotten rid of her.”  It’s the one type of comp that actually gave Beth good odds to win. (We didn’t know about any deal yet)  In the end, Tommy still needed to go. Sure, he would’ve been some help to fight for the upcoming veto but then what? If he gets to the F2, he wins this game. It’s not just Christie and her influence, (and she has a lot of it) the jury LOVES Tommy. Cliff and Nicole made mistakes but it wasn’t because they kept Beth, it’s because they let this week turn into a runaway train for a while. The downside, if Beth doesn’t keep her word to throw the veto, Jackson has more of a chance to stay this week. If Tommy stayed, they’d have harder competition next week. It’s the same thing, just a different week.

None of the reasoning I was using even mattered in the end because in order for Beth to stay, she offered to throw the hoh AND the veto. I’ll backtrack and go through this crazy day.

Before the live show:

We didn’t get to see very much of the feeds yesterday. I’m assuming once the blow up happened, production realized they had some good footage and decided to save it. It’s ridiculous because live feeders don’t need suspense and pay NOT to have it. (I won’t go off about that right now though) When the day began:

  • Cliff and Nicole were still debating but were leaning towards keeping Beth. Tommy came into the bedroom and they questioned him about Jacksons lie. He denied all of it and swore he meant the promises he was giving them.
  • They were just about to go talk to the others and tell them what they decided but Nicole got called to the DR. (I see you production)
  • Nicole wanted to have the house meeting she’d mentioned the night before. (She shouldn’t have let everyone sleep on it. I know it doesn’t matter now but that was a mistake. It gave Jackson more time to prepare)
  • Beth asked to speak to Nicole and Cliff in private before the meeting. She pretended she was just finding out what had happened the night before. (Ya, Jackson’s going to wait until she wakes up on eviction day to fll her in, right)
  • All of us spent the rest of the afternoon hoping the feeds would come back but too bad, so sad….
  • This image has nothing to do with anything.  I just liked it:

People were super pissed over what Jackson did and I said yesterday, if Nicole did what Jackson did, I’d think it was amazing game play. Cutthroat? Yes. Do I care? No. I don’t have to like Jackson to appreciate a good game move when I see it. I haven’t seen the house meeting yet to see how dirty it got but honestly, I doubt I’ll care. Sorry, but I’ve never pretended to cheer for bad players. I’ve said, since almost everyone this season is so dislikable, I found myself only rooting for people I like and that’s still true. Luckily, the people I like are playing the game too and everyone has made some big mistakes along the way. (See, if I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I WILL find myself a damn loophole!)

I went ahead and spent the afternoon thinking Tommy was out so I wasn’t super surprised. It wasn’t because I have the 3rd eye like BB20 Kaitlyn. It’s because I saw Tommy trying to defend himself before the feeds cut. He was stammering, pausing and looking for the words to fight for his game. It made sense to me but to Nicole and Cliff, it looked like someone who was lying.  You didn’t have to see the house meeting to figure out whether Tommy or Jackson was going to come out looking more believable. Jackson’s proven all summer he’s a great liar.  I’m not saying that as some kind of insult simply because I don’t like him. From the 1st week in the house, he’s had this ability to trash talk other hgs and a couple of minutes later, be in a room alone with them telling them how much he loves them. (Chritie has it too) He can turn it off and on very quickly and he’s convincing both ways. Of all the BB Comics, his Dr. Jeckyl and Michie Hyde fit the most.  Once he decided to go with the lie, he completely owned it.

Thoughts from the live show:

  • Loved Julie’s dress!
  • I won’t go over all of on productions spin on the facts other than to point out, Cliff and Nicole didn’t evict Tommy because they found out he knew Christie. They were past that when they were planning on keeping him.
  • Loved Beths panic when Julie told her Tommy used up all the talking time. For a second, she thought she was going to miss out on her shout outs and inspirational words for young girls.
  •  During Tommy’s cartwheel, I was glad he was the one evicted. After his interview with Julie, I changed my mind. I’ve found Tommy annoying all summer and I loved him in that interview! (Obviously, I’d fall for anything in that house since it doesn’t seem to take much for me to change my mind)
  • Julie damn sure isn’t going to let anyone call Jackson by his name. She was quick to correct Tommy on “Michie.”
  • You could really tell Julie liked Tommy by her tone and body language, the same way you could tell she thought Jess was an idiot when she interviewed her.

Live Feeds:

We knew the comps were being reversed since they did ‘What the Bleep’ as a veto last week when it’s usually an hoh. It wasn’t a surprise the hoh was going to be endurance though and this comp crossed my mind for a minute yesterday. I said to myself “nah, not enough people” so you don’t want me picking your lotto numbers for you. They’ve already done a similar comp with the Poison Ivy ropes, which Beth won and this comp seemed weird to me for only 3 people. During a commercial break, I tweeted out wondering whether Beth would win it before or after the episode ended. This seemed like her comp to win so in the moment….I’m bummed over the comp, the show ends, I switch over to feeds, ready with my snacks, annnnd….Cliffs out, Beth drops, Nicole wins!  WTH? It took longer to get the snacks!

  • It didn’t take long to find out a deal had been struck. Beth promised to throw the hoh and as we found out a little later, she a said she’d throw the veto too. (Now we can forget Cliff and Nicole’s mistakes this week and move on to Beths because this was stupid!)
  • Nicole was paranoid Beth wouldn’t follow through but Cliff said he had no doubt.
  • The 4 of them discussed the house meeting,  promised they all still loved each other and agreed to forget about this week.
  • Immediately after, they all kept talking about this week. Nicole apologized for not being sure about her vote. Cliff said they got to the right place, they just took the long way to get there.
  • Jacksons phrase of the day was “flush it.”
  • They all congratulated Nicole on making it into the F3 and not having to go to the jury house. She admitted she didn’t know if Jackson was playing her with all the “you’re my sister” talk. She said sometimes it was hard to believe they could care about her and was sincere. Beth and mostly Jackson, went on and on about how they loved her. He said meeting her was the best part of the experience. (I actually thinks he means this stuff in the moment. When the moment passes and he isn’t getting his way, he goes back to being mad he gave her the Back Street Boys music. When you’re shallow, you can be sincere in those moments because you never really go below the surface anyway)
  • In private, Beth was annoyed she threw the comp because she said she could’ve won it. She told Jackson she knew it was petty but she hated to give it to Nicole because she’s been waiting all summer for pictures. (She’s had it twice)
  • Cliff and Jackson talked alone and I’m hoping for more info today but as of now, I know Cliff and Jackson shook hands and promised to go to the F3 with each other and Nicole.  Jackson was hinting at this earlier in the week to Cliff but this looked like Cliff just volunteered to do this last night.  Until we find out differently, I’m assuming Cliff thinks if he makes this promise, he can get Jackson to evict Beth this week if he wins the veto. (I DO NOT see that happening)
  • Nicole had been in the DR and after she came out,Cliff told her what he’d said to Jackson. He said they’d just have to take him and fight it out. She said ok.
  • Jackson and Beth talked more about what happened with Tommy and the fight. Jackson cried, said he felt bad, was sorry,  didn’t want to do Tommy wrong and at one point, was crying and saying “where’s mama?”  He went into his ‘martyr mode’ and said he had to do everything to save Beth. In the end, they both decided it was actually Cliff  and Nicoles fault that Jackson had to destroy Tommy.
  •  Cliff and Nicole spoke again and this is one of the areas I wasn’t clear about the conversation. (Don’t yell at me if I have to correct some of this later)  They were talking about the Veto and the vote. Cliff, for whatever reason, (probably mental exhaustion)  thought Nicole would break a tie and she had to remind him, there’s only one vote this week. (As hoh, Nicole doesn’t vote no matter who wins the veto. If she wins it, she’ll just be able to decide who casts the one vote)  They were discussing how to handle the deal he, or they had with Jackson. (I’m guessing Cliff made a deal to take Jackson to F3 and keep him over Beth IF he won the veto. I also think his plan was to hope Nicole won it and could break a tie and vote Jackson out. That way, Jackson could go and Cliff could keep his word)
  • Nicole didn’t seem shocked when Cliff told her he’d done it and that’s why I’m not sure about everything.  It’s also possible Jackson and Cliff had already made this deal earlier in the day.  Jackson could have told Cliff “if you get Nicole to vote out Tommy, I can get Beth to throw the hoh and the veto, but you have to promise to keep me over Beth.”
  • Jackson was still bothered by Tommy saying Jackson “didn’t deserve the money” during the house meeting so this gives us an idea how nasty the conversation became.
  • Nicole told Jackson she didnt initially believe Jacksons version during the house meeting because he was calm. She said she’d seen him upset and it wasn’t his normal reaction. Jackson said he was making himself be calm on purpose because he didn’t  want to look like a bully.
  • Nicole got her hoh room, a letter from one of her sisters which included saying “her students would be proud of her.” (Take that Beth and your “I think not” comment)
  • Nicole chose music the house all said they were fine with and insisted all of them take a night in the hoh room. She was amazed to get the hoh robe. (She didnt get one the last time. I just realized, I haven’t seen anyone walking around wearing it very much this season. Most years, the hoh lives in it)
  • Cliff told Jackson he saw through his dumb routine and knew Jackson was much smarter than he let on. Cliff said he didn’t  care and it didn’t effect anything. Jackson ate it up like Cliffs words were a bowl full of watermelon.
  • Nicole talked to the cameras and went over all the evicted jurors, saying nice things about all of them.

Here’s the one thing I never understood about Jacksons lie. Why in the hell would Tommy go to Jackson and tell him his strategy to stay in the house? According to Jackson, Tommy was saying he wanted to stay and work with Jackson to take out Cliff. In order for this to happen, Beth would have to leave. What am I missing?

That’s all I’ve got for now but I’m sure Steve will be able to fill in more of the blanks as the day goes along. Have a great Friday.


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