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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 9/19/19



Good morning. We’re finally at the final 3 since Cliff was evicted last night. The end game feels like it’s taking forever this year! It probably always seems that way and I guess I forget from year to year. We’ll have a winner in 6 days so were almost there. I’ll warn you now, this recap will mostly include just a bunch of random stuff since there isn’t much to cover. I lost focus once I saw there wasn’t much on the feeds to cover and ended up all over the place.


Live feeds last night:

  • Jackson won part 1 of the hoh comp. It involved walking along a rope and some kind of puzzle. Nicole injured her knee during the comp and came in last. For Nicole to have a chance at the finale, she’ll have to win the next one against Beth.
  • Let’s not forget, Jackson had a plan and it involved throwing the first comp to Beth once Nicole was out. I said a few days ago, Nicole’s best hope would be Jacksons inability to throw the comp. I agree with Steve about Nicoles chances. (We’ve agreed a lot this year, which is a little unusual. Lol) Traditionally, Nicole wouldn’t have won the first one (endurance) and Beth would do the worst in part 2 (physical mixed with  puzzle/questions) so it was better for Nicole to compete against her in part 2. I said “traditionally” and I’ll talk more about that at the end of the recap. Jackson and Beth were close and Nicole was far behind so he didn’t need to win it to make sure Nicole didn’t.
  • Nicole was upset with herself because it sounds like her time or amount of whatever they were doing was terrible and not even close to Jacksons or Beths. She said she doesn’t want to be the person who was dragged to the end because they arn’t capable of winning. She said most seasons have someone who everyone else wonders how they got there and she doesn’t want to be that person. Beth said “welcome to my fears” and said she doesn’t want people to think she played Jacksons game and he drug her along. I’m sure in the moment, Beth thought she was bonding with Nicole. Unfortunately, Beth bonds with people by trying to one up them. ‘Oh Nicole, you’re afraid? Well I’m terrified. You hurt your knee? My backs broken from sleeping downstairs because you’re entitled and you didn’t give me the hoh room. You’re upset you sucked in the comp? How must I feel? I did amazing but I’m mad because I think I could’ve done better.’
  • Jackson tried to give Nicole a pep talk and she told him “please don’t.” She asked for a few minutes alone but this is Jacksons house, with Jacksons needs and he needed to be seen on camera being nice, and needed to be heard word vomiting encouragement to her. He insisted:
  • He also insisted she needed to be hugged:
  • Jackson and Beth congratulated each other on being so amazing and he told her she had to win the next one. She was still annoyed she didn’t so as well as she knew she could’ve. This weeks ailment is ADD. She said her ADD kept her from listening to all the rules or instructions for the comp.  They both mentioned making sure Nicole didn’t feel left out the next few days. They said they needed to make sure she felt included.  Beth said “it’s why I let you guys do your thing today.” She said “I’ve been getting closer to her too.” (These two actually have to prepare themselves to be nice. I mean, just….be….nice, is it really that complicated?) Beth asked Jackson if she looked hot during the comp and wanted to know if she looked hotter in this than the fashion show night which apparantly, was her hottest look to date. She was concerned with the outfit for the comp at first but it’s good to know, it all worked out in the end. Maybe the jury should vote for her to win the entire game if she looks “hotter” than Jackson or Nicole at the finale. Let’s scrap the last 3 comps and have a fashion walk off instead!
  • The hoh room was shut down for good so we can only imagine what Nicole will be subjected to over the next few days. I wonder if they were allowed to take the stool before the locked it. Even BB16 winner Derrick got in on the stool jokes:
  • Late last night, all three of them were joking around and talking about Beths roommate. Nicole asked if they could’ve picked a better 3rd wheel to be with them in the house. Beth said “we didn’t have a choice.” (She may have to work on that ‘nice’ thing some more)

My thoughts from the episode:

  • Nicole looked like a bad ass chick in her leather jacket. (I’m assuming this is the side of Nicole who locked her parents in the basement)  I wondered if they’re letting her wear more of her own clothing now that they’re at the F3. I remember how miserable Sam was last year over her clothes. She accepted she’d been cast as a certain ‘type’ and they wanted her watered down and wearing thing like overalls. They had her looking like a soccer mom who was sick of her kids and had just given up. She said she was ok with it until she got to BB and other women (Angela, Rachel, Hayleigh) were able to dress the way Sam usually dressed. It’s one of the reasons she seemed to get down on herself. She said she didn’t feel attractive when she was in the house. Clothing can be armor to a certain degree for a lot of people. Remember when they made Cameron wear glasses on BB19 so he’d look like more of the nerd? (Cameron doesn’t need glasses)
  • Wow, Julie really came for Cliff in his interview. You could tell she liked Tommy but was she really that pissed he didn’t keep him? (Kidding) He screwed up this week but still, it must suck to be called stupid on national tv. (He did deserve it tho) At least he isn’t Jack, better to be called stupid than racist.
  • A couple of past winners chimed in regarding Cliffs jury vote threat:
  • The jury segments were nice to see but as usual, we don’t know much more than we knew before, other than the stuff about Kat and Nick. I don’t  believe she’s into Nick any more than she was Jackson. She wants tv time and CBS has sent the message loud and clear, hooking up is the way to get it. Nick was voted as Americas Prankster so he still thinks he’s popular. I’m sure he’s spread that in the jury house, so for Kat, hooking up with someone they think the fans like doesn’t hurt either. (Jess must be devastated since part of her issues with Nicole were because she was friends with Nick) Production either really dislikes Nick or Bella….or both.
  • I’m over Kats storyline about being anti Jackson. She liked him, then hated him, told Julie what an amazing guy he was during her exit interview and now hates him again? Who cares?
  • I was a little offended on Nicole’s behalf when Sis sounded so shocked Nicole won a comp. Since when was Sis a comp beast? (Nicole 2, Sis 0) Sis needs to just sit there in her hat and pose for the camera, talking isn’t required.
  • I liked Beths jumpsuit last night but the speech, not so much. If she’s in the F2, she better hope she can tighten it up a little. What the hell was she saying? (Not that it matters, Kaycee won simply by repeating the same thing to every question. What did you do? I was nice to people. What’s a move you made? I was nice to people. Why should you win? I was nice to people. Too bad she can’t spend the next few days with Nicole since she’s naturally a nice person)
  • Jackson and Beth trying to get Cliffs vote as he left was funny. Jackson was telling him to vote only on game and Beth was adding ‘love yous’ to him. She was standing there doing her best ‘Hey, dont forget about me. I’ve always liked you. Maybe you didn’t know it since I didn’t talk to you but I think you’re great.’
  • By far, the best moment was Nicole in the DR saying to Jackson “You do me a favor and go f*ck yourself.”

Voting for Americas Favorite Houseguest started last night. You have to vote on the website this time: www.CBS.com/bbvote. The site had a few issues last night but that’s nothing new. I’ll have to stay off Twitter from now until the finale because all the crazies come out and want to fight with you if you arn’t voting for whoever they’re campaigning for. (It’s nuts the way some people get riled up over giving 25k to someone they’ll probably never meet)  Truthfully, I’ve only voted a couple of seasons because I think they give it to whoever they want anyway. In case I’m wrong, this is one of the seasons I’m voting. Most of the cast was a huge dumpster fire in my opinion so it makes me want to vote. Originally, I wanted to vote for David, Ovi or Kemi because of how they were treated but they’ll never get enough votes to win so I’m going all in on Nicole. Along with everything else about her, I loved seeing her dance all season. She gives new meaning to the phrase ‘dance like no one’s watching.’ That alone, was enough to make her my favorite. As for everyone else, they’re your votes, use them however the hell you want.

Sam is out in full force campaigning for himself. He was selling t-shirts with his picture on them and the words “Send It!” Maybe he hasn’t sold enough to get that pool he talked about because he’s working for AFH or AFP, whatever they’re calling it ths year.


Sam has spoken about being a FB user but is new to Twitter. He’s learned the hard way that although they’re both social media, they’re  basically two different planets. Sam is funny and he seems like a great guy. He just doesn’t have a clue what happened during his season, while he was in the house or after he left.

I don’t known if Dr. Will is doing the jury discussion this year because there’s been some talk about people who’d like to do it. Jessica from BB19 posted something about wanting to do it. (I didn’t see it but it had some people in an uproar) I don’t blame them because what can she contribute? She had a power she told Paul she had and when she was able to make a big move, she took out Ramses. I hope she stays busy spending that Amazing Race money and stays away from the jury. I saw another Tweet that I CAN get on board with though. It’s a travesty if production sees this and ignores it. Will may have been a great player but he doesn’t even watch the show. Danielle does follow the show and she’s pretty much amazing too.


I mentioned the way the final 3 comps are traditionally set up. They’ve already veered away from that this season so we don’t know how the rest will play out. The comp they did last night (part 1)  is usually endurance but this one sounds closer to what part 2 is usually like. If so, will part 2 be the endurance? Will they skip endurance since that’s what they did for the final 4 hoh comp? This could make a huge difference in what kind of chance Nicole may have in part 2. Maybe Jackson didn’t screw up by fighting for part 1 last night. We probably won’t know until sometime tomorrow because that’s usually when they do part 2.

I don’t mind production changing up the comps. It’s harder to plan when the hgs really have to “expect the unexpected.” It’s become predictable and sometimes, it’s hard to get players to play the game from week to week. How many times have we seen players doing nothing because they were waiting for the double to make a move and…..they could guess exactly when it would happen?

What I don’t like is seeing how physical the comps are becoming. It used to be an even mix but if last season and this season are any indication, we’re entering into a different kind of BB. Cliff wasn’t wrong last night when he told Julie, he figured there would be more mental comps towards the end and be able to take out Jackson, if someone hadn’t already done it. I’ve lost count of how many physical comps they’ve had in the second half of this season. Even the last veto comp was ridiculously physical which followed and endurance for hoh. Yes, they had to answer questions but there were only 3 of them and they were super easy ones. The hardest part of that comp was running all over the yard to retrieve your balls and having the strength to easily pull back the slingshot. This was a comp made for an athletic person. The fact that Nicole was only a few minutes behind him proves it was mostly physical. He had trouble with the questions and she didn’t, so if she did so much better, why did he win? She couldn’t compete against him with the athletic part of the comp.

BB keeps evolving and the players will have to adapt. There was a time “jury management” wasn’t a discussion because the game didn’t revolve around avoiding hurting someones feelings. Now, it’s a huge factor in winning the game. If they continue down this path for the style of comps, strategies will need to change with it. They days of keeping some big targets in the house to use as a shield and help you win comps may need to end. You’ll see people start to target the most athletic people first because they’ll be too afraid they can’t get them out later. It’s nice to see the hgs who practice and study get rewarded too and we’ll lose that if they continue to do less mental comps.


Hopefully, we’ll have a better idea on Saturday what the F2 could be looking like but I’m only guessing. Is it too biased to hope part 2 is a unicorn drawing comp or naming all the charms in the Lucky Charms cereal? How about seeing how many streets you can name in Long Island?  Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.






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  1. Ronduh

    Thank you Mel! Team Nicole! I’m hoping she can pull off winning the second comp. How awesome would it be if she won the whole thing?! The thought of Jackson or Holly winning makes my stomach turn…they are just so warped. But whatevs!

  2. mm22

    Thanks Mel-Nicole gets my votes for her DR comment!

  3. Ashley

    It’s also extremely unfair that a dude that was using steroids before the show is competing in these comps. No doubt he already has an unfair advantage physically, not to mention all the “help” production is giving him.

  4. ElaineB

    Thx Mel for all your time and efforts this season. Your morning recaps are my favorite, and you do an excellent job!

  5. hogwild

    First Nicole was rocking it in that jacket. I saw couple interesting things from the jury house segment first they seem to be realizing Nicole has played a much better game than they thought second I heard Jack being impressed with comps Jackson has won but then Kat chimed in its not just about comps there is also a social aspect to the game. That suggest to me that is impressed as they might be with Jackson’s physical game they are equally unimpressed with his social game.

    • Robin

      Great observation! It seemed that Nicole hit their radar as a real player for the first time. Cliff could do her some good if he wanted to. Surely he is not really giving his vote to Jackass.

      • Mel

        I think he’ll end up voting Jackson once he has time to decompress but not over Nicole.

      • hogwild

        I’m not sure he will Mel Holly keeping her word and throwing that HOH comp might carry some weight with Cliff if it’s her and Jackson.

      • Sassy

        I don’t think they really see Nicole as playing, I think their reaction was more about shock than anything else. Yes, several votes came down to her vote, but she didn’t strategize to make it that way and none of these pompous, egotistical jerks will see her as a good player. They may vote for her because they are mad at JJ, but not because they think she’s actually good. They were being sarcastic about her.

  6. mm22

    Funny he’s in the final 3 with the two smallest girls in the house-come on mental

  7. Nancy

    Thanks for all that, Mel..I appreciate you every day!
    The season sucked..I disliked almost everyone…I’m upset nicole hurt her knee, I pray it won’t affect her in the next comp..the season could be redeemed if nicole won part 2 and booted JJ ..fingers crossed.
    I’m glad I didnt know HollyBeth was concerned if she looked “hot” during the last comp, because I would have lost sleep worrying with her…what a piece of egotistical, narcissistic, shit..cant stand her!
    I’m happy the stool can finally rest.
    I hope you big brother junkies have a fabulous friday.
    Peace my friends

  8. Avatar

    Been on this site for years but have never posted. I just want to thank you for addressing Sis! Her words and actions disgust me to the core! I have two girls 19 and 24 and they would be eating soap for a year if they said the things she has or acted so down right bitchy! Trashing Nicole in jury was the last straw for me. I was wondering if I was the only person seeing this last night. I hope she forever is only remembered as the BB Bitch Chicken!

  9. Mary

    Have to wonder how things may have been different if Jackson didn’t have his little stool pigeon Cliff the last part of the game to report everything back to him several times a day. Know hindsight is 20/20, though it just makes me think how things may have been different. If on the DE Nicole had put up the showmance to break that up. Would Cliff have used the veto on Jackson to save his true F2 at the time. That would have been a feather in Nicole’s cap to get out the biggest threat. Seeing him going into the jury house on her HOH…………..priceless.

    • Jenny

      Oh, Mary, please don’t use “stool” and “Cliff” in the same sentence about Jackson!!! I had a very unfortunate mental image for a moment! *wondering if Walmart sells brain bleach*

  10. KelBel

    “This weeks ailment is ADD”

    –Oh Mel, you crack me up (just not when you show me pics of G-ma’s crack)! While reading that, I pictured a game show with the token 70’s music. 🙂

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  12. Annabelle

    Maybe production is over mama M and will help nicole get to final 2. That would be awesome. Especially if she hurt her knee. I think she would take Jackson tho but still not worried. Avatar for Mel and this season.

  13. Betty Boo

    Nick is apparently the last man on earth…. errr…BB.

  14. Joy

    GREAT RECAP, Mel!! Thank you, you worked super hard this season and you are very much appreciated!!

  15. Mary

    Don’t they bring in a breakfast for the final 3 and someone comes in and talks to them.

  16. Betty Boo

    Does Nicole not cook? I don’t have the feeds.

  17. AIO_7

    “Remember when they made Cameron wear glasses on BB19 so he’d look like more of the nerd?” (Cameron doesn’t need glasses)

    If Production feels the need to put their finger on piddly stuff like this, convince me that they don’t choose the winner of at least some of the competitions. (some, but not all) And exerting influence on the guests in those two hour plus Diary room sessions.

    • Nancy

      I did not know they made Cameron wear glasses..
      Damn, being on this site has really taught me a lot about productions abilities to influence the HG..I knew things were edited a certain way for the CBS broadcast, but having the feeds and y’all just proved to me a lot more goes on than I could ever have imagined.

    • Mel

      This probably won’t convince you but I don’t think they care who wins. I DO think they care if they lose people who are good for ratings too soon and I KNOW they try to pressure people in the DR sometimes if it can keep someone in the game longer. By the end, they’ve had their show and got their ratings so the winner doesn’t effect either of those things. I also think if they teies to force a winner, hands down they wouldnt want it to be Jackson. They know what the fans think and if they made it happen to give viewers what they wanted, Cliff and Nicole would be in the final 2. They’d love to have the older person make it to the end, if for no other reason, they can keep casting only one and say “see, it doesn’t mean they can’t win.” Lol

      • AIO_7

        You reinforced what I wrote.

        “I DO think they care if they lose people who are good for ratings too soon and I KNOW they try to pressure people in the DR sometimes if it can keep someone in the game longer.”

        ” By the end,”…..

        I wasn’t necessarily talking about the end result.

      • Mel

        Oh gotcha. Well, in that case, glad I could be of service. Lol

      • Sassy

        I agree with you Mel, but I would add, no matter how much they try to sway the HG, it doesn’t always go the way production wants it to, and I think especially in the last couple of seasons, it goes wrong more than right for production.

        There is NO way CBS wants JJ to win or to be sitting in F2. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

      • Jenny

        I do think there have been times they’ve manipulated things to keep certain people in the game. Didn’t Rachel get kind of handed a comp when they did a second endurance comp that involved hanging on something where having strong legs was the key? And Frankie… weren’t they using him to promote Ariana’s music career? Or is it just that I can’t stand either of them and insist there must have been a conspiracy to explain why they wouldn’t go away…

      • Sassy

        Jenny, I absolutely think they slant things but they can’t control the final outcome. The HG make deals and throw comps which are beyond productions control.

  18. AIO_7

    …”better (for Cliff) to be called stupid than racist.”

    If you had read the comments on some other BB sites they called Cliff a racist a lot. The only people he ever bad mouthed was David and Kimi (even multiple times after they had left). So it’s possible Cliff was stupid and racist.

    • Avatar

      I think Cliff seemed a bit sexist last night. That shaking another gentleman’s hand was more of a binding then other promises Cliff made? Really?? JJ is no gentlemen. If Cliff had simply responded to Julie that Holly was not JJ’s girlfriend and he didn’t think JJ took their relationship seriously that would been a better answer as to why Cliff thought he had a chance at F2 with JJ.

      • Sassy

        Cliff saying he thought his agreement with JJ was more than the agreement with a bunch (4) people. Hmmm… He thought this because HE was going back on the final 4 first, then after making the F2 with JJ said Nicole is his person, WTH? Cliff is a egomaniac too. It just wasn’t a good look. Sorry not sorry Cliff! Don’t let the door hit ya, where God split ya!

  19. AIO_7

    “Voting for Americas Favorite Houseguest started last night.”

    Thanks for reminding me. Now over to give 10 more votes to my nugget, Nicole.

  20. AnnaM

    Watching last nights jury house and seeing Kat with Nick makes me hope that she blew any hope she had with Brett. I don’t feel bad for Bella at all but I don’t get how Kat would be interested in someone she not only hated but knew was in a relationship with someone else in the house. I also think if Sis had not shown up, it would’ve been Jack.

    • Nancy

      I think it would have been anybody that got her more air time, or talked about..
      To me, at first, I thought she was funny on the show and a pretty girl too.. then i saw her mean girl side, and the funny and pretty went away,in my eyes…now with nick I believe shes as wierd as he is..that’s a grossmance

    • AIO_7

      I doubt that Brett would have ever wanted anything to do with that space cadet.

      • AnnaM

        Yeah you’re probably right. I only got that idea because he was hinting on showing up to the finale. It would be funny if he does show up but then completely ignores her!!

      • Jenny

        AnnaM I love your tuxedo kitty! I have one too and they’re such great babies!

    • Avatar

      Who is Brett? The HG from last season? What does he have to do with this?

    • danmtruth

      Remember Kat was their for exposure/camera time she was in the house with Jack who had his human fleshlight Sis So she was in the house foe 3 weeks by the time Nick showed up Next came Jess So Kat was thinking like past seasonsevery thursday they would show a little of the jury house So kat saw hooking up with the only available guy as that chance to get more air time
      I5 was interesting that production was not interested in protecting Nick or Christie In letting all the nasty little nastyness between them hit the air They were even more unflatering in how they edited Christie With her condescending tone with nick to making her look like a fool with the its not tommy because i dont feel him If you missed it they left the nick comment about her not feeling tommys presence It could only had been made better if she swore on her sister life

    • Joy

      she NEVER had a chance with Brett. I truly believe that.

    • Joy

      I live in California and about (in 1980’s traffic) an hour out of Hollywood and Kat’s are a nickel a dozen out here. I believe Brett has higher standards for women that Kat has shown herself to be.

  21. Avatar

    So when the season is over do y’all post/chat any more on here or follow other shows together? Or just a break until they announce next season’s cast?

  22. Nancy

    Wow..I have BBAD on, and for somebody who says they’re consoling or trying to uplift nicole…G’MAMA is doing an awful lot of talking about herself and how poorly she did, and blah, blah blah..I wouldnt want her to be a role model for any little girl of mine..she’d have the kid in tears on how bad HER life is..
    Kill me now!! I am sooo grateful I never had anybody cross my lifes path like G’MAMA

    • Jenny

      Aw… I don’t like her much but I actually thought Beth was being nice by letting Nugget know she has the same fears. And every time she talks about the animals she works with it seems like she really does love them. I don’t think she’s ALL bad.

  23. Avatar

    Cliff and Nicole had the opportunity to get Jackson out on the night of the double eviction. They blew it.

    • AIO_7

      And they blew it again not getting rid of Holly. Mostly Cliff’s fault.

    • Mel

      True but I’m not sure the other route was better. If the took out Jackson in the double, Christie, Tommy and Beth would’ve gotten back together because he was the only one keeping them separated. The way the comps have played out (which they couldn’t have known) they neede6to be rid of Jackson, Beth and Tommy by the time they got to 8.

  24. Colby

    I am pretty much disgusted that Kat hooked up with Nick.
    He makes my skin crawl.
    Makes you wonder if she, HB, and the rest of their friends are all just a bunch of sluts.
    Is their ‘modeling’ actually just ‘escorts’?

  25. Tracy

    I’m as bored today as the reat of this season will be…anyone else thinks Jackass looks like wreck-it-ralph?
    Yup, that’s my excitement for the day 🙂

  26. Houseguest Doug

    Hi-light of last nights episode was as Mel listed in his recap Nicole’s DR Comment. “You do me a favor and go fuck yourself” – LOVE IT!

    I was getting frustrated with Cliff saying he understands but he really doesn’t. His deal with Jackson was totally bogus. You cannot say you promise to take me to F2 but if I win I will be taking Nicole to F2. What idiot would take someone to F3 or F2 that was not going to bring him along as well and oh in the process you need to send your ride or die home. I wish Cliff would repeat the deal back to himself and see how absolutely idiotic that sounds.

    I hope Cliff goes back to Jury House and describe the deal he made with Jackson in detail and then explain he reneged on the deal. If anyone in the Jury House has a half a brain which I sincerely doubt they would tell Cliff did you seriously think anyone with an I.Q higher than 2 would take that deal? … WTF!

    Christie needs to get off her high horse about Jackson. She is no saint with the lies she pulled. Swearing on an non existent Sister. (First of all you should never swear on anyone’s life especially family members. Really bad Karma.) The bag of bullshit about Nick. She did it to save her big ass so her and her high waist pants / shorts. So Jackson did the same thing to Tommy. Karma and payback is a bitch. Don’t hate on Jackson for pulling the same shit you pulled.

    People seem to forget when they were the “Six Shooters” (I f’n hate alliance names). They had the game won. They could have taken out everyone including Cliff and Nicole. The final 4 could very well have been Jackson, Holly, Christie and Tommy. But oh no Christie had to mess that up and bull shit talk of Jackson, Kat and Holly knowing each other outside of the game. When all a long Tommy and Christie knew each other.

    Jackson was never going to keep the bull shit deal with Cliff. But what made it clear to him was Cliff and Nicole wavering. You could have kept Jackson in the dark and told him you’re keeping to the final 4 deal without making deals with Tommy and just pulled the trigger on eviction night and sent Holly packing. But oh no Nicole grows a brain and is drunk with power and has to open her mouth and cause drama.

    The key to winning Big Brother is simply this…. TALK LESS….LISTEN MORE!

    Rule 1 of negotiations (Listen up people giving you pearls here)… THE FIRST ONE TO TALK LOSSES. You make you proposal and shut up. Let the other person talk. You stick to that you will win every deal and get what you want.

    “Jackson will will take you to Final 4 if you take Nicole and I to Final 4” Once you agree. Shut up and don’t flip the script. You want to send Holly packing no problem. Let her find out after the vote. Yes she is going to be bitter and you will not get her vote. Who cares the other members of the Jury will love ya for the game move.

    The other thing.. If you win a special power. “KEEP IT TOO YOURSELF” it will not help you long-term to blab it.

    Issue with my strategy might be that Production tells the other House Guests stuff and that totally kills your game plan of staying quiet.

    • Mel

      I agree Doug. Cliff started with pretending he wouldn’t vote for Jackson and being offended. By the end, I think he believed his own bs. Lol

      • Houseguest Doug

        Exactly. Now play the home version of the game for a moment with me.

        You have a choice to make to win $500K. You can take someone to the final 2 who has told you they are not taking you to the F2 they are taking their daughter. So all you have to do is take that person to final 2 and tell your Wife or Girl Friend “Yeah, sorrry I want a romantic relationship with you and I am hoping to get lucky tonight but just so you know I am taking Cliff to F2 and voting you out tonight. I am you’re cool with that?”

        Cliff just has to say his deal back to himself to understand how STUPID he is.

        Be like saying to Cliff you can have a deal with Nicole so you need to send your Wife home tonight. Do you honestly think Cliff would choose Nicole over his Wife? That is what he is asking Jackson to do.

        Not sure why he doesn’t get it.

      • Mary

        @Doug, Cliff’s main problem was his big mouth. He couldn’t stop talking. He forgot he was on Big Brother, that talk is cheap, deals are made, and promises are broken. Pinky promises and gentlemen hand shakes mean absolutely nothing on this show, especially near the end.

      • Mel

        Yep Doug, it sounds just as bad in the home version. Cliffs older and he really does love the game. This level of stupid may haunt him once he leaves the fog of the game for a long time, probably more than most of the others for those reasons.

        It’s like they say, sometimes a lie is easier to believe if it fits the scenario you’ve created. He needed it to be true so he believed he could trust it. Not great in a game where you shouldn’t believe anything to begin with.

    • Jenny

      Wow, Doug – get off the fence and tell us how you REALLY feel. lol 😉

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  28. Joy

    Just finished watching last night episode of BB and I cannot believe the GALL of dumb ass Sis!!! The only reason she got so far was she was the catcher for wannabe actor Jack’s sperm. I cannot wait for these morons to get out of the jury house and find out how America really sees them. I don’t think Beth will leave her house/home for months!! One can only hope that they will learn and grow from this experience because it’s gonna be HARSH especially for some of these snowflakes.

  29. Patricia

    Happy friday everyone. Ty mel n steve n nk for keeping us all informed n up to day. Been going threw a lot lately n not really anytime to watch bbad so yall have kept me clued in on wats happening. Well im praying our little nugget can pull out the win in part 2. N i dont care for either beth or jacka$$ but if nugget can win last n makes the decision i pray she will take FAB. Well for my first year joining n posting i hope i never made anyone mad at me. Also cause i cant member shit anymore i would comment n ask ? But then forgot wat thread i put it on so i never got back to see if anyone responded. So please dont think i just ignored u. Is there anyway to get a notification when or if someone responds to my post. I hope all of u in tx r safe n secure. I been praying for u all. I also hope u all will have a wonderful uear. Soo u next bb season.

  30. Lather

    Nicole deserves a MILLION dollars if she has to stay in Camp BB alone with Tweedle Dick and Tweedle Dick Diddler for the next six days and nights.

    Good commentary, Mel.

  31. Mel

    I just saw on Twitter where someone said they thought part 2 comp should be a polygraph test. I laughed so hard, I may have cried a little.

  32. amareels

    What did I miss? Jackson is crying on the couch, Nugget comes in from the kitchen and asks him if everything is alright. He says he is and Nicole asks him if he wants a hug. He says not right now, but she says it’s coming anyway. She goes and hugs him and she blubbers SOMETHING and then we get fish! It’s so annoying when production does this. Damn it!

  33. MamaBear

    OMG! They must have gotten family videos while the feeds were down. Jackson is on the couch with his face buried underneath his hat and crying like a baby!! I almost peed my pants when Nicole asked him if he wanted a hug ( just like he does to her when all she really wants to do is smack the shit out of him), he replied “not now”! She said “too bad, here it comes”! Then the feeds cut again! Priceless! The fish were literally laughing!!

    • MamaBear

      I think he said “I wish I hadn’t seen that video”.

    • Joy

      if it is family videos I hope his momma read him the riot act. Give this asshole something to think about.

    • Houseguest Doug

      He is a bit of a Mama’s boy.

      If you remember when they were back in the HOH room and he was pouting about the fact Cliff & Nicole were going to keep Tommy so he made up the big lie.

      So Holly is laying beside him and comforting him he is brushing her off and saying … “I wish my Mom was here to hug me right now” The look on Holly’s face was… “What the F am I getting myself into in this relationship”

      I have news for Holly. If Jackson Mom doesn’t approve of you. I am sorry doll face but you’re being kicked to the curb especially if he wins the $500K. You’re ass is as good as gone.

      Then again it might be anyway if he wins. His true feelings about Holly will show.

      I want to see his reaction if he wins and see how he celebrates. If he doesn’t hug Holly first and he runs out of the house like a mad man to get his confetti then folks this relationship is over 5 minutes after the show goes off the air.

      • mustangsally

        I heard him say in DR she will always be my friend. He has NO intention to keep doing the stool with the buzzard, maybe unless she wins BIG, but he did say the two would “vacation ” 1x a year. DICK

      • Joy

        a bit?! Come on.

      • KelBel

        I don’t fault him for not wanting anything more than an annual trip with her once they’re out (and I highly doubt he’ll even stick to that). Most guys don’t want an insecure cling-on who tries to control them…and then there’s her drunk shenanigans… (don’t get me wrong, i am not on #teamdbag)

      • Avatar

        What about those domestic assault charges on the mommies boy…. he’s a real strapper… lol.
        That wad funny ad hell though when he said that yes Holly almost shit..lol lol lol. Good recall

  34. Betty Boo

    In what world does Holly leave JJ in the dust and choose Nicole for F2 on Finale night?

  35. AIO_7

    Feeds are back.

    • MamaBear

      Yep. Just more “Rip Vanwinkling”! Boring! The damn fish or the adoptable pets are so much more entertaining!! I think Nicole needs to go into the living room banging pots and pans and calling for an impromptu “Gratitude Circle”! There is ZERO way I would let them sleep or rest!

  36. mm22

    Surely that’s not hollybeth sleeping?

  37. mm22

    Scroll to top click menu tab click how to add custom avatar scroll down click on this link should work

  38. ShoeLover

    Thanks mel!!!!!

    6 more days!!!


    it is September!!

    Enjoy Yall!!!


  39. Avatar

    Tonights BBAD playlist is done and here’s a taste it’s Lady Antebellum’s new song Ocean that was released today


  40. Mel

    Where’s Mama?

  41. Avatar

    I felt a shift in the production end of things after the information came out about Jackson’s domestic assault charges & his mommy’s threat of a law suit. In my opinion, the comps became designed for him to have the advantage. Personally, I liked watching all types of strategies being played & it being anyone’s game to win.

  42. mm22

    So there’s no extended interview for cliff only gb messages?

  43. hogwild

    I know we are now down to F3 but here are some gifs for the each of the F4.
    Holly for when she wore those dam flesh tone yoga pants.
    Jackson for well being Jackson.
    Cliff for being 54 and making it to the F4.
    Finally Nicole for being the true bright spot of this season.

  44. Avatar

    Are there any other sites that recap the day like we do? I just can’t get enough and wanted to read more opinions of Beth lol can you guys let me know some?? Also- does production really help Jackson win?

  45. Avatar

    Look Cliff is a Piece of shit. He’s mad at Jackson for going against him. REALLY HE WAS GOING AGAINST NICOLE. NICOLE…LOL LOL. I HATE JACKSON OR MICKIE MOUSE AS I CALL HIM. They are seriously delusional all of them Nicole I want her to win. But she’s seriously stupid thinking they are gonna vote holly out..

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