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Big Brother 21 – Thursday Recap for 9/5/19L



Good morning everyone. Usually, on a Friday morning, I’d be telling you who won the hoh if you didn’t stay up to find out with Steve and NK.  I can’t do that today because as of a little while ago, they don’t have one.  That wouldn’t be too confusing except for finding out Swaggy and Bayleigh were in the building last night. We assumed they’d be doing whatever they’re doing last night. The hgs went to bed without seeing them and Nicole was still the hoh. We’ll  have to wait and see what the plan is going to be. I hope they’re just hosting the comp and we don’t have to have another Nicole/Victor engagement kind of segment. (You know they like their filler for the Sunday episodes) For now, here’s a few things I have from last night.

This double eviction was so much fun. Seeing Nicole win was fantastic. I’m not even talking about should she, shouldn’t she, right choice, wrong choice. For the moment, who cares? Nicole won the hoh and that made me smile. I’ll get into the other stuff a bit later. (For the record tho, I think it was good for her game to win it even if she was safe either way)

Some things from the DE episode:

  • Did Jess clap extra hard when Julie said “no jury battle back” or was I the only one seeing that?
  • Cliff and Jackson looked scared when Julie said DE. I think they both thought for a minute the double might change the plans. It looked like it passed for Cliff but I’m not sure Jackson took and easy breath until Christie and Tommy were otb.

I liked this hoh comp because you could see what was happening. Sometimes, these quick ones have terrible angles and you can’t see who is ahead. Good job to production on this one.

  • I was focused on Tommy and Nicole so I didn’t realize Cliff threw the win to Nicole until I rewatched it. He’d said he would if he could and he did. This is a shot of Cliff removing his next to last piece (which was already in the correct place) and faking trying to put it in the wrong spot to buy Nicole some time. He took it to the area behind him and laid it there for a few seconds:

Loved this:


  • Jackson was genuinely happy for Nicole even though he was still nervous. He trusted Nicole but not completely:
  • Christie finding out Nicole was lying to her too and she was going otb:
  • Finaly Tommy hit the block:
  • Ths may be my 2nd favorite moment of the night. Jackson sipping his drink and smirking while Christie’s crying and asking to stay. No, I don’t like Jackson but this shit is funny. I would’ve thought the same thing if it was reversed:
  • Tommy’s left hanging while tryng to hold hands:
  • The moment Christie choked on the last Veto question:

Now that one of Tommy and Christie is gone, the best thing they can do (in my opinion) is get rid of the other one. (I don’t fault them for not knowing this)  Christie will probably have influence in the jury just like she did in the game, so it’s better if Tommy and Christie were either the F2 or both in jury. It’s also why I’d like to see Beth in jury, although I don’t see Kat fighting nearly as hard for her as Christie would Tommy.

I said last night, I thought it was possibly better for Nicole and Cliffs games for Tommy to leave. It may not matter and may depend more on who wins this next hoh. (Tommy will be the new BFF of whoever wins it) There’s no guarantee who Tommy’s going to try to cling to but the odds are higher for him to have success with Jackson and Beth over Christie. Christie was more likely to keep going after Jackson if she’d stayed. Jackson and Beth also wouldn’t want to work with Christie but they’ve never stopped partially trusting Tommy. (Beth’s told Jackson she’ll never put Tommy otb)  I didn’t see it as a huge mistake but rather, one more obstacle to remove out of Nicole and Cliffs way.  Christie leaving was the best possible scenario for Jackson and Beth so obviously, it isn’t best for the other duo. Jackson and Beth controlled the vote anyway so if they were going to target Tommy, they needed to convince Jolly of that before last night. I did see Cliff and Nicole make the attempt in recent days but it didn’t work. It doesn’t mean it was a bad move. I think it was a good move, just maybe not the best one.

I saw a lot of online grumbling last night saying Nicole was an idiot for doing Jacksons dirty work.  This wasn’t because of Christie leaving over Tommy. Many people think she screwed up because she didn’t go after Jackson. I get it, no one in their right mind wants to go to the end with a shomance but the shomance ran the house for a month. Therefore, they kept Nicole and Cliff safe for a month and were the only two people who made a F4 with them. Should Nicole have chosen the other two, who’ve only became buddies with her this week because they wanted help taking Jackson out? Should they have gone with Christie and Tommy when they’ve tried for days to get Cliff evicted over Jess? (Puleeeze, take a seat!) Christie does seem to choke sometimes in comps but as they get towards the end, I’d personally rather go against Jackson and Beth since the comps get more and more mental. (Usually) Tommy and Beth would both probably do well in any endurance and he and Christie know the days better than Jackson and Beth. Not to mention, Nicole and Cliff haven’t had power so they didn’t really get to decide whether or not a shomance got this far. They showed loyalty last night with Nicole winning the hoh and Cliff winning the veto. That’s two times Jackson could’ve gone otb and didn’t. Beth might, but I don’t think Jackson’s going to turn on them. Even if Nicole seemed a little wishy-washy this week, last night should’ve eased their concerns.


Many live feeders want Nicole for AFP but last night was the first time I’ve felt she had a shot at getting the tv only viewers. (It seems like we always want someone different) She’s had more of a presence on the episodes lately with the clown thing, crying when she lost the wall comp and now, she’s won the double and taken out Christie, who many tv only viewers can’t stand.

Last night after the feeds came back:

Nicole got called to the storage room to get her hoh basket. She said it was better than Christmas. Unlike Tommys antics, this was genuine happiness. Nicole can turn BB moments into a Lifetime movie special and she isn’t even aware of it.

  • Everyone gathered around for her letter:
  • Showing us one of her pictures of her Grandma:
  • She’s shocked Lucky Charms has added 3 new unicorns since she’s been in the house.  I had no idea what the hell she was talking about but I didn’t care. I just became shocked right along with her:
  • Here’s  Tommy having a blast.  I don’t  know about you guys but “I love it! I’m so obsessed with this!!”
  • Beth’s going for the off the shoulder look to be camera ready while Nicole’s goes through her hoh basket. (She does this all the time)

You’ll have to check back later with Steve to find out what we all really want to know. Sorry there wasn’t more. Have a great Friday.




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  1. mm22

    So funny I saw cliff move that puzzle piece and thought what the hell
    Cliff-didn’t even dawn on me he was letting Nicole have her win

    • KelBel

      I knew Cliff was close, but I had my eyes glued on Nicole and TT…after Nicole’s terrible first shot I was terrified that TT was going to pull off the win. Had no idea that Cliff did that for Nicole, and as mentioned, he hasn’t ran around bragging about it. Stand up move, Mr Hogg! Now keep the ball rolling and get HOH!

  2. Betty Boo

    I feel bad that Nicole doesn’t get the HOH Princess Castle room! I don’t know if she would’ve stayed in the HOH room by herself anyway. Cliff just went up a couple of notches in my book for throwing the comp to Nicole. I suspect Tommy may have too. I will be happy for any of them to win, except Holly. Such a drama llama….

  3. Joy

    Mel, I noticed the Jess hard clapping too! Thanks for the recap. I also agree that I thoroughly enjoyed Jackson’s smirk/cup drinking at Christie. I will give myself a stern talking to about this bad behavior and work to improve my attitude. LMAO.

  4. mm22

    Just peeking in on feeds-who’s ugly slurping soup? Hollybeth is!
    Who doesn’t know how to eat soup properly-the pigs

  5. goldie

    Please……..Holly and her ridiculous (oh, it just casually dropped down) off the shoulder looks. GO HOME!!

  6. Mary

    OHHHHHH…..lovers quarrel

    • Mary

      Find it amusing of the things Miss Holly says to Jackson, calling him a dumb a$$, and other little snarky remarks the last few weeks. Though if he says one truth to her and she takes offense to it. She can dish it out but can’t take it. She is so fake. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Jackson and Tommy were on the block together she would vote out Jackson.

  7. Tam

    Great recap, Mel. LIfetime movie….That was so funny.
    Good morning, everyone. Last night was great. Except the announcement of Bay & Sway. It hasn’t been long enough to have them back. Just not ready to see, hear or think about them.
    Praying that everyone is safe and well everywhere on the Atlantic seaboard. Heart goes to all those being affecting for this storm. Prayers being said…..

  8. hogwild

    I’m glad they decided not to do the HOH comp last night for whatever the reason and Nicole got to savor the moment for a day it was great to see someone truly trilled and happy to get their HOH basket and not just putting on a show for the camera. Thought it was really cool of Cliff to toss that comp to Nicole I don’t think she noticed and as far as I know he hasn’t said anything about throwing it which is really classy of him not everyone (Holly) would do that. I’m heading out to see IT Chapter 2 in about an hour but I will be channeling my inner Pennywise to manifest Cliff an HOH win.

    • Tam

      I agree, Hog. Nugget deserves this and Cliff kept it classy. You are right about patty whack HB. Enjoy your movie (I would be terrified to see it). Still recovering from the first one that I barely made it through in the movies. Had no problem with the book, but the film scarred me. Manifest away, my friend. Come on Cliff!!!! Safe travels and enjoy your movie….And we say in TX, you know, Talk Back At You Soon……

    • goldie

      I just can’t see—again— Horse Hair Holly jump up and wrap her legs around Jackson’s waist, grab his cheeks and plant a kiss.

      • Tam

        She is just a conservative girl and wouldn’t want her parents to think badly about her……..I don’t know if her parents would like her mounting that steed on national tv. But we will see how lil miss can’t be wrong is when reality comes back to her. I don’t have social media anymore but I can’t imagine it’s going to be kind. I could be totally wrong on this, though. Stranger things have happened.

      • Tam

        Goldie, I think that he watched Home Alone too many times. With the face grabbing. It was ok, at first, but has gotten so old at this stage…..

    • KelBel

      Ha, Hog I was thinking yesterday was a big day for you! BB DE, new IT movie….let us know if you like it!

  9. Avatar

    I hope Tommy wins hoh. He will go after Jackson and Beth. That gives Cliff and Nicole the best chance of getting to final 2, I think. I just don’t see them beating Jackson and Beth two times in a row again if Tommy goes.

  10. kneeless

    HOH taking place. Let’s manifest a Cliff win, folliwed by Nicole taking POV. A girl can dream!

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  12. danmtruth

    How can you all talk like that about the hard working conservative young girl from Wyoming Who is playing with such honesty and integrity , , , , Oh yey you are watching what she does and not just listening to her lies
    Again does she not understand that we hear and SEE what she does With that also she told both JJ and Nicole at different times How the now have two bottles of wine And if who ever is HOH gets more alcohol than they can have a real party where they can get a good buzz One she is counting on Nicole not drinking Second do you think production is going to want to take a chance whith this group JJ, HB ,TT even slightly at or over the limit Guess wgat just got pulled from the basket

  13. danmtruth

    Mel nice recap of a great night Leave it to nugget Nicole to restore faith in the game That sometimes good things happen to good people
    The other side of that coin is im afraid As you speculated That showboat couple from last year coming on to not only hoast But get engaged Bleh scuse me while i lose my breakfes , , , lunch

  14. Mary

    Here’s the Jury House interview with Nick-

  15. MartyMar

    LOVED how last night played out. This season has been horrifically boring that even the blogging here has been only minimally interesting (not your fault, when you have no material to work with). I chime in only now and then, but do follow along. I will often “thumbs down” post that are not game related (e.g., gnite messages), as well as some (not all) of the bashing (mainly because it sounds childish); some of it is on point and Ill thumb that up. Of course, this is all subjective and I get to thumb up/down as I please, and I’m sure you don’t care (you shouldn’t care) — I know I don’t.

    With that said… JCM looking at Jess with a “wtf gurl?” amazement with Jess asking Julie “unless you know something…?” I think Julie really wanted to say “UM, YOU”RE THE ONE THAT WAS IN THE HOUSE!”

    Loved Nicole winning the DE HOH, and agree with Gerardo (or was it Dan or AIO?) who said this was probably the best one for her to win so she didn’t have stress over it for more than a minute. She is so totally adorable, and I stand by my earlier comments that getting NN was the best thing that happened to Nicole — he was like mildew spreading on to her porcelain features…

    I DISAGREE with all you fools who think they needed to get Jackson out over CC/TT. Jackson is being super sincere and loyal. You can tell he was genuinely happy Nicole won, and I will bet a million that he will keep his word and take TT out next if he has the ability to do so.

    After TT, I want Holly gone. First, I don’t think TT has played a good game; he’s been mostly shield by 8-9-6-2. Now he looks lost because Holly is really the only one left who he seems to truly click with (in a “we are the cool kids” grip).

    While I think Holly is playing a strong (comp) game, she sucks and I don’t want to see her go any further.

    So I’d be SUPER HYPED for a F3 with Nicole, Cliff, and Jackson. From there, let the cards fall and let them win, in which ever way it lands, $500k, $50k, $25k between them!

    YAY! Finally something interesting to follow! (Also, does anyone know how the show rated in comparison?)

  16. Alda

    Nasty weather here at the Jersey shore,but nothing like so many others got.We are very thankful for that.Time to catch up on some of my dvr recordings.Grand Hotel,Marrying Millions,Teen Mom Reunion,Say Yes To the Dress,Hot Bench,Judge Judy,The Family Chantel,Chopped -just to name a few.LOLHave a great day everyone.Anxious to see what happens with the next HOH.

  17. nancy

    Feeds question: has anyone else experienced their shutting off after just a few minutes? As if I closed CBS.

    • Tam

      More times than I can count. Thought it was just happening here. It’s been horrible. The phone app is the worst since they changed the formatting. Hopefully, they will get the bugs worked out soon.

      • nancy

        Thanks. It is on my iPhone. Only recently.

      • Tam

        Nancy, same thing here. I have an iPhone, too. Old one but the only one I can have right now. Need my kidneys so can’t sell those to pay for the upgrade for a new one with the prices of them. Try looking at your settings and see which wifi setting you have on. It doesn’t do it as bad on the 2g, but the 5g setting is horrible and it makes it cut off the most for some reason. That’s what the internet provider recommended to me. Tried it and it has helped. Hope that helps you out some.

      • nancy

        Thanks. New iPhone, just started yesterday but since the phone has a mind of itself anything is possible.

    • Avatar

      Thank you so much for posting this! My iPhone cuts out a lot. I didn’t notice that the iPad works much better!

    • Cheryl

      I have to keep logging out/logging back in. I hate doing that each and every day. Not just on my phone but on my tv streaming devices too!!

  18. Betty Boo

    I’m betting Tommy will win HOH. I think he has been throwing comps like crazy.

  19. Helen

    This is a difficult HOH…everyone needs it to guarantee staying in the game but…it prevents you from playing next week to guarantee your spot in F3!,,

  20. AIO_7

    “Beth’s going for the off the shoulder look to be camera ready”….

    She make me sick. My least favorite of those left in the house.

  21. Tam

    I thought it was funny when Christie told Jess to hold open the door so they can see the audience then she was next. So, I am guessing she didn’t expect that manifestation to come for her since she was next going out….Julie being nice during Jess’s interview by saying I gotta evict someone else….she didn’t want to have to sit and listen to a long explanation…….

  22. ShoeLover

    Thanks Mel!!!!!

    I just finished BBAD!!! I enjoyed every moment of the Nicole Show and I am hoping this was one time production intervened so Nicole could enjoy her night!!!!!! Looking forward to a good HOH comp and ready to get the ball rolling!!! $500,000 is to be won!!!!

    Wish it was me!!!!

  23. Helen

    Well that was predictable…Jackson won HOH again…

  24. Tam

    Rewatching last night’s episode. Julie sound genuinely happy for Nicole in her announcement of Nicole winning. Still so elated and happy for Nugget. Love her outfit and love her confidence….

  25. Ashley

    I’ve watched the video of Nicole winning HOH about 10 times, and it doesn’t get old!!! She has me sobbing at my desk! And the excitement in Julie’s voice, too — LOVE!!! I’ve always adored Nicole because I see a lot of me in her (quiet, book lover, quirky, awkward, nerdy). I would love to see Cliff or Jackson win this HOH just because I know they’ll attempt to get out Tommy. Tommy and Holly can suck it. I hope Cliff and Nicole are F2. <3

  26. Mary

    Looks like Jackson has the key.

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  28. Avatar

    Feeds are back! Jackson won!!

  29. kneeless

    Hope Tommy doesn’t win POV.

  30. Mary

    I know some think that he will put Tommy up as the target, I just don’t know if they will stick with the final 4 deal. I think Holly will have a say in that, she really likes Tommy and so does Jackson. I know Jackson may stick with it but Holly………I’m not so sure.

    • ShoeLover

      Maybe we can get lucky and have a true backdoor happen this week!!!! Tommy for the backdoor!!

    • Tam

      I would love to see her sit on the block or go out that door….Not trying to petty but she is just pointless to me at this point. Her only game in there is Jackson. She hasn’t played her own game so she is just pointless in my opinion. She came for the exposure and mission accomplished. Now goooo….Now she is prep talking Tommy for a jury vote….Hope he is seeing her for what she is worth and the writing on the wall. She is a tricky and slippery person. Just hard to like her when I can’t see any genuineness in her. I have tried and tried, but the last month I have just lost respect for her as a player and a personal level. Know it’s just a game. Just can’t with her.

  31. Tam

    Nugget looking at her photos is just precious. I so hope she can make it to the Finals. I would love to see her get the recognition she deserves and have her family present for it. We are proud of you, honey. Wishing her nothing but the absolute best in the game and in her life.

  32. Avatar

    I have seen Holly parading around in a sports bra long enough. Definition: noun, a woman’s undergarment designed for extra support and protection during sports and recreational activities.
    Sports: football. basketball, baseball, hurdles, those are sports where I come from.
    Undergarment: uh, meant to be worn UNDER other items of clothing.
    Holly, confused by “recreational activities” thinks playing tonsil hockey with Jackson is a sport and dresses the part.

  33. Minkie

    Nicole had me so emotional last night. I was so proud of her, like a momma. Cliff is such a good person. His character speaks volumes. Cant root for anyone but those two and any of the others that help further them along.
    Except for Holly, nothing about her seems genuine.

  34. Tam

    You tell them Cliff!!!! Just be honest and say you two are so full of shit! Let them BS themselves about the “Gr8tful”. Ok, Tommy, Holly try to explain it in a good light. They have almost tarnished the word for me. They are just ate up with the dumbass……

  35. danmtruth

    Tommy and holly started to talk about how thankful they were for the greatful circle Cliff did say how he felt it was a bit of a dig Than he tried to cover it up and say not anyone still here just some people did use it as a dig

  36. Mary

    New thread ……………

  37. Tam

    Holly, we are daydreaming you being home watching this season, too. Manifesting, manifesting, manifesting….Then she says clean, natural……..Oh, she is opening the door….I have to stop……

    Ok, some of them can’t even comprehend that production doesn’t make some of these dreams that they have come to fruition……Smh

    Yes, we do, JJ, we think she is dumb, and yes, HB, America does think you are

  38. danmtruth

    Now on to dreams that came true ( ahhem) Tommy over reacting what a surprise
    Swaggy must have said something anout how messy the house was Tommy loved ALL the hoast from last year It started that they felt S&B were very personal and had fun with them
    Tommy explaining that with jack around jackson WAS a pompous douchebag and all including holly agree

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