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Big Brother 21 – Tommy Reveals His Secret And Other Saturday Stuff

Good afternoon, everyone!


Well, it finally happened. Tommy decided it was time to play the card he has been holding all season long and at this point, may as well, right?

Twitter was in an uproar over how stupid it was, and in normal situations, they’d be right, but at this point does it even matter? Tommy has to win veto or he’s out. Sure, he basically ruined any chance he had at being dragged to the final 2 knowing his aunt’s ex-gf is in the jury house campaigning for him, but there is a positive to this move.

I think?


Seriously, I can usually see both sides to situations but I’m really having a hard time figuring out anything Tommy actually gains from this. Can anyone see the benefit of this? Obviously he does have nothing to lose today, but as I mentioned above, if he survives, he just killed any possible chance at going to the finals. Unless of course, this is his way to ‘build trust’ with Jackson and Holly before next week? He can try to spin it that the jury will already think he has an advantage so they won’t vote for him because of that which means he’s a guaranteed loser if he’s in the final 2. I guess that is one angle, but I don’t think he could actually pull that off. Dan maybe. Tommy? I doubt it.

Or maybe he’s just a bad player and got caught up in a vulnerable moment and made a mistake.

We don’t actually know how Jackson and Holly reacted to it because production decided that was a great time to cut feeds to fish and then veto. That’s some huge bullshit right there but I expected no less than the people who starved us of any good feeds during Celebrity BB 2. This has been without a doubt one of the most boring times in a mostly boring season and I guess they want to save some stuff for CBS but that’s no excuse. We’ve accepted that comps and some punishments won’t be on feeds but don’t deprive of us this. Unreal.

As I mentioned, feeds went to veto which will last for hours because it’s the comic book one but I’ll update when they return to see who won the veto.



Nicole won the PoV!

7:20 pm – Jackson and Holly are in a panic because Jackson tells her the best move is to use the veto, nominate and evict Holly because Jackson can’t play next week. He thinks Cliff is smart enough to know that but he doesn’t think that Cliff would do it.


Ironically, Tommy gave Jackson and Holly the ammunition to give to Nicole for them to not side with him. Sliced his own throat if Jax/Holly tell Nicole/Cliff about it.

Holly is beating herself because she did so bad because I think she threw it or at least was tempted to throw it. That would be kind of hilarious.

Jackson is completely right. I can’t see the downside of scrapping Holly now. If they don’t make this move, I’ll be disappointed in Cliff’s ability to game.


Holly has already jumped to the bargaining stage of grief as she tells Jackson to give Nicole the HoH all week lol.

And Holly points out something that immediately jumped in my head. She doesn’t want to beg Nicole not to use it because it will plant the seed in her head. If, by some chance, Nicole or Cliff can’t see this move, Holly and Jackson have to tiptoe around not giving them the idea. Tough one.

That said, Nicole is likely going to use the veto because Cliff is her friend. Just let her use it and not give them a reason to vote Holly out. Don’t pressure Nicole to not use the veto because that looks worse.

Ok with that said I’m going to start a new thread. Check back shortly

A new thread is up! 


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  1. Avatar

    Fish?! Now?! REALLY???!!!!!!!

  2. Amber

    Hmm I don’t see a benefit. He should have at least waited to see if he wins the veto perhaps. Maybe it really doesn’t matter at this point?

    • Mel

      I agree. It was f*cking stupid right before they play veto. He could win veto, win the next hoh and bam, he’s in F3.

      • Mello_One

        Mel, but I think someone like Holly, Jackson, Nugget, or Cliff is going to tell Jury that Tommy had a clear advantage with knowing someone (Christie), and each one of them had their backs. Tommy in turn has guaranteed himself to only come in second taking the $50,000, if he makes it to F2.

      • Mel

        I agree. I just wouldn’t go for 2nd if I wasn’t finished trying for 1st. Lol

  3. Alda

    Just an update on Kevin.He had to have a third surgery a couple of days ago.He said he is doing well and hopes this is the last surgery for him.We all wish the best for Kevin,that’s for sure.

  4. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    The only positive I can see is if Beth buys into his “poor, pitiful me…look what I have had to endure” routine, which, based on her past actions, is a distinct possibility.

  5. hogwild

    My theroy if he wins veto and stays he is hoping to gain either trust or sympathy truist because he finally gave up the big secret he has had all season or sympathy because he will spin it he wanted to tell everyone but he was afarid his family would be disappointed in him if he sold out Christie. The reality is he only gave this up when Christie was gone and could no longer help his game I hope everyone left in the house realize that. As you say Steve at this point he really didn’t have anything to lose so I can understand him going for the Hail Mary I just hope the rest of themsee it for what it is.

  6. Lather

    As I said earlier today, I think the most interesting house dynamic that could happen at this time was for Nicole to win veto, remove Cliff, Holly has to go up, vote her out.

    This would be a real game changer at this point.

    Will they all still love each other?

    I think Tommy wants back in the arms of love, even if for 5 more days.

    Anyone else remember both Jackson and Holly saying they loved Tommy and would never put him up?

    • hogwild

      That was befoer finding out he had a built in ally from day one and now has someone in the jury house who will campiagn for him non stop until he is evicted.

      • Helen

        And campaign against them…….
        Now they are wondering if Nicole and Nick knew each other…I’m more wondering if Cliff and Nicole know each other. LoL

    • mm22

      I could be in for that game changer because I really want hollybeth out!
      But I really want tommy out too ! I think they best take out tommy
      now so he doesn’t make the final he has all friends in the jh

      • Avatar

        I think best for Cliff and Nicole’s game is eliminating the other duo! At least this way, they have a chance to run the house without Michie and Holly taking turns being HOH. Plus, if I were them I’d brag about taking down the other 2 power couples in the house if one or both were to find themselves still in the house on finale night.

      • mm22

        I see it christine -hollybeth start packing-but Tommy is next!

  7. Avatar

    Reposting tonight’s BBAD playlist so we can entertain ourselves while the feeds are down


    • danmtruth

      If christie has kept up the secert in juru house your just so tech savy Well done Very eclctic thanks

    • ShoeLover

      Good selection of tunes, Bennet!!! I wonder if Nicole and Cliff will be told about Tommy and Christie. I wish they didn’t stop the feeds for the conversation Tommy talking about knowing Christie. I would like to know how in depth he actually tells them. I mean, a seven year relationship with his Aunt and then the two of them as super close friendship continues… Jackson was so upset of Kat and Holly, he had to feel some unsettling betrayal with too!!!

      Now I need to figure out how to still be able to listen to the music and stay here on the comments at the same time on my phone!!

      ~ shoe savvy, yes. Tech savvy, no!

  8. Avatar

    How do I access Bb flashbacks? TIA

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Bennett check your messages.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Bennett, check again. Just sent you another one.

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    I haven’t been on the feeds today. So he told FAH and JJ about him and CC or did he tell everybody?

  13. danmtruth

    Did he and christie have an understanding that if one went to jury they would give up the secret Will Holly=beth and JJ remember it was Tommy that lead the charge of how unfair and dangerous it was that H/j/kat all knew each other before the game It was Tommy and Christie that kept beating the drum that everone had to fear this conection and split them up Now that she is in the jury house it will be awarded when one of these people come in and drop this little nugget Normally you would say Tommy and Christie the old H8full will just think no big deal What fools

  14. Avatar

    I think it may actually HELP him stay in the final 3 and ultimately be in F2. Right now, Jackson and Holly know that he is well loved by everyone in the Jury, and he would most likely win in a vote because he’s a good player, good socially, nice and honest guy.
    Now Jackson has a hell of an argument if they are F2, he can out Tommy and Christie to the Jury and ask if it’s really fair for him to win. He can make a point that they ALL would have been better game players with an ally from home by their sides. Also, his game play, social play and honesty go out the window with the new information. The jury will turn bitter and there is no way in hell they will vote for a Tommy win.

  15. Sabrina

    “That’s some real bullshit right there” haha agrees

  16. MartyMar

    Question for long-time BB fans: what are your favorite past BB seasons? I only started watching BB16 and want to look at older seasons, but only the good ones. Your ratings will help. Thanks!

    • mm22

      Marty I’m just starting at the beginning season one 10 contestants driven up in
      separate limos hahaha-I was going to find the dr. Will season but thought the
      beginning would be fun and Julie’s hair has already given me a good laugh!

    • Mel

      10-Dans first season
      6-Janelle, Howie, asshole friendship alliance
      2- Dr Will
      3- Danielle Reyes, Marcellas and when veto first came into play
      12- The Brigade, Rachel and Brendens first season
      14- Coaches season with 4 returning vets, stupid theme but good season. Its Dan, Janelle, Mike Boogie and Brittnay. Also Franks first season before he was on 18. (I liked 14 better than 12 but put 12 ahead of it so you would’ve seen Brittnay play before she comes back as a returning player)
      *7 is All Stars for players in seasons 1 thru 7 and it’s really good but much better if you’ve seen all of 1-6 first.
      Those are my faves anyway

      • Mel

        If I were you, I’d skip one and watch it last, only because it has a totally different game format. It was ok but season 2 is when BB became BB, unless you like BB from other countries. Many of them still have fan voting.

      • MartyMar

        Awesome Mel! Exactly the summary I was hoping for! Drinks on me! (Just have to send through SB.)

      • ShoeLover

        Pretty much all of Mel has stated!! But I want to add BB9 as well. I enjoyed Sheila and she didn’t back down when James had words with her after he got voted out. She was my favorite third place lady when it comes to forty something houseguests. Plus when she had to wear the ugly unitard, she pranced out all sexy yelling, I make this look good!! Haha!!

      • Robin

        Oh Mel, you really have it right. My favorites are seasons 2, 6 & 14.

      • Mel

        I liked Sheila but hated season 9. Maybe it was just because feeds were like porn. It’s hard to try just imagining the episodes.

        Have you read Dalton Ross’ piece on Dan’s funeral? It just came out recently and it’s really good. He was able to get everyone involved to do an interview which that alone, was impressive. Some of the players are still pissed and the other ones are scarred. Lol. Julie and a couple of producers gave interviews too. It’s really long but a great read.

      • Vikki T

        I started the interview this morning, Mel. It is long and made it to Part V but very interesting so far.

      • Mel

        Vikki, if you really want to get into it, listen to Taran Armstrong on Twitch go over all of it after reading Daltons piece. Taran covers what led up to it, what happened after and corrects some lies in the interview by the past players. (Mostly Frank and Danielle) Its about 2.5 hrs long but I love Tarans game analysis so I didn’t mind. He may have it on YouTube too by now.

      • Vikki T

        I will – Thanks for the suggestion.

      • ShoeLover

        Thanks Mel!! I will look it up. Seems pretty interesting. Is it a pod cast?

    • Annabelle

      2 14 16 and 17 Come to mind but that was before I had found BBJ and only watched CBS.

  17. mm22

    Mel which season was it that a girl took the toothbrush of the guy she hated and cleaned the toilet
    with it? It had to be an early one

  18. Helen

    I’m just wondering if they have kept a similar format as last season for BBComics….was much shorter comp time wise..included a short zip line and balance beam..
    KayCee had a pretty incredible time in that one and won with a time of less than 3 minutes….

  19. danmtruth

    Does anyone think JJ wont tell Cliff and Nicole It might depend on if Tommy wins the POV Again always a question when production is in charge of the clock and editing Tommy has been studying for this for a while
    I have no doubt that Holly=beth would no mater keep the secret and try to talk JJ into keeping it between them

  20. Helen

    Fun facts from hamsterwatch

    jury house (asking) rent is/was $27,500 per month

  21. davidsgirl

    Oh my gosh, Tommy spilled the beans!?! What an idiot! Could this season get anyworse?!!!! Knowing this season, probably! UUUUUgggghhh! Even Maccrae said a couple of months ago that a season finally came along that is worse that his. (Season 15) I completely agree with him.

  22. LynnD

    BB21 was my all time fav but Im sure you have seen it. I do have go say BB8 was in my top favs also. I know that most people can’t stand evil dick but there were so many things about him and that season I loved. One when they brought in people that some of them knew, you knew they did not have very good relationships with them. The look on Danielle’s face when her father walked through that door was beyond priceless. But the way she eventually decided to move on from some of their issues and work together made them an extremely dynamic duo. As much as he is an asshole he was also tough as nails. And that was one of the many reasons I love that season and I may just go back and watch some of it again. season 2 with chill town was also a really good one to watch

    What kind of moron is Tommy? He deserves to lose that 500,000. Especially after how BB worked so hard to cover up the person who was yelling over the wall

    • LynnD

      Sorry my above comment did not post where should have it should have went under the comment from Marty Mar. I think these pop-ups are still messing with me

      • Mel

        This season is your favorite?

      • LynnD

        Oh crap NO! I meant 20. Thank you Mel.

      • Mel

        I didn’t think so because I’ve talked to you enough on here in the past to know better. I didn’t want to be an ass tho in case you hit your head today.

      • LynnD

        BTW I am glad that posted in the right place. My other ones did not. And I have had to re-type them several times. SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE POP UPS!

      • Mel

        Ya, they’ve been getting me too.

      • LynnD

        Mel if I EVER say I liked this season little alone love it, not only do you know that I hit my head but while I was down somebody apparently took over my body and was posting dumb shit for me.

      • Mel

        Haha. That reminds me of that game where you say something about BB thats a lie as a code word in case you ever need an SOS but don’t want people to know, like if your kidnapped. Only people who BB know you would get it.

        For me, it could be something like “I love Twists”

      • Mello_One

        Mel & LynnD….Go to Google, & Download AdBlock, I never ever get any Pop Ups, or Ads. Unless, the Article I am reading will not allow me to read unless a pause my AdBlock, which is easy to do.

      • Mel

        Thanks Mello!

  23. LynnD

    I saw on Instagram this morning they have a video posted in the jury house and the ones in jury we’re doing a rate your talent each one of them was trying to show off a talent they have and the others were rating them it was actually somewhat amusing while dhowing how stupid certain ones really are.

  24. ShoeLover

    I hope I did this correctly!!!

    I am not sure if this one has been shared yet..


  25. Avatar

    I was pulling for Tommy but I can not see any logic at all in this reveal. Let’s say that no one at the jury house knows. If Tommy does not go home this week, the one evicted will tell everyone.

    If I did not know and found out, it would change who I give the 500k.

    • Mel

      Same. I’m guessing he did it because he couldn’t handle all the bad talking about Christie, (don’t think that’s it) or he thinks he’ll get sympathy for having to be burdened by working with her. He was really playing into Beth’s 6 shooter stuff right before he told.

      He forgetting he’s the main one who pushed for Kats eviction and asked Nicole not 2 hrs before if she thought his family would like Christie . He’s said several things like that. There was the day out by the pool when they talked about living so close too. If they’ve got brains, they’ll feel played.

  26. Avatar

    So Tommy tells Jackson and Holly that he and Christie knew each other. And they both sympathize with him. How long do you think it will take them to remember Day 44 when Christie, Tommy and Jack skewered Jackson, Holly and Kat for “knowing” each other when really Kat and Holly were casual acquaintances. The biggest blow up of the season. And also Cliff already knows about Tommy and Christie because he heard the loudspeaker in the backyard that one night saying that Christie and Tommy knew each other. Even though production got him to never speak of it – he did allude to “an incident the other night” a couple times. So he knows. The only person in the house who doesn’t know at this point is Nicole. So is Tommy somehow going to use this against Jackson, Holly and Cliff by telling Nicole that all of them knew about it but didn’t tell her?

    • Mel

      I just think he snapped. Lol If he did it for sympathy, I think it’s more from fans. I could see him getting freaked out about being told over and over today what a villian Christie was and he wants to be loved. He doesn’t want to be Robin to Evil Batman. (Not that Batman could be evil. In the words of Sis “he’s hot.”)

      • ElaineB

        I think his ‘check ins’ with Motor Mouth helped keep Tommy grounded. I too think he just blurted it out, since they were talking nonstop of things Christie had done. I still want him to go, join her in jury.

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  28. davidsgirl

    Ok, I have to ask this random question. I have the live feeds, but I haven’t seen or ever heart Holly talk to Jackson about the fact that he had sex with Kat too? I wonder if she even knows. If she does I am surprised it doesn’t seem to bother her. (Since she is so jealous and needy.) And she is always sending messages to Kat through people voted out.

  29. Robin

    Nicole won veto!

    • Nancy

      For real…omg…yay

    • Avatar

      Yes!!!!!!! So happy for Nicole!!!!!

    • Tam

      Robin, I am so excited that Nugget won and just like wth is happening with TT spilling the beans. Now, JJ is clueing in HB. She is an idiot and I just can’t anymore with her. Stop blaming head injuries, etc., more bs babble. Had quite a few and been through situations that you know about so she can just give it a rest. If she had paid more attention to players, the game, and less of the camera and her image she could have an argument. Sounds like JJ is trying to let her know that her side car could be potentially unhitched. I am hoping someone clues in Nugget to TT’s connection. I know it’s not popular opinion, probably, ut sooo ready for her to go. Adieu couyan….Just extremely happy that Nugget won and Cliff was there for her. Trying to process all this and push past the pain. Nugget is so excited and HB is shook. Pop the cork…..Woohoo….Hot diggdy damn. Praying I am going to be able to stay up tonight and go through all the post and stay on feeds. Said if before and saying it again, Laissez les bon temps roulet!!!!!!!!! Lagniappe continue please…….

  30. hogwild

    Feeds back our little nugget Nicole did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Helen

    Nicole won POV!!!

  32. mm22

    Did Nicole win?

  33. allie

    Hoping Nicole uses the veto on Cliff. Give Jackhole no choice but to nominate Beth.

  34. hogwild

    She has made it clear she is taking Cliff off the block.

  35. Avatar

    Okay, Nicole keep it the same, we know Tommy is going.

    I would absofreakinglutely love if Cliff or Nicole win the HOH, but it’s the POV that will have the power.

  36. hogwild

    I don’t know sho was second but Cliff said she beat their time by four minutes.

  37. Nancy

    HollyBeth wanted the whole BB experience..you gonna get gurl

  38. Colby

    So proud of her! And Cliff didn’t give her this one, he couldn’t have if it’s BB Comics.
    But, they won’t vote Holly out

  39. Kari


    Oh my God I’m so proud of our little nugget! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Now, what do you think she’s going to do. Do you think she’ll pull down Cliff or do you think Jackson’s going to convince her that Cliff is safe and that Tommy is going?

  40. Nancy

    That little girl is precious in the storage room..dancing, talking to camera, crying..I wanna hug her

  41. nancy

    Did Holly earlier today tell Nicole she wouldn’t try hard for the veto?
    “So I’m safe Nicole and I won’t try to help avoid having Tommy get it thereby insuring you and Cliff are safe.” That would certainly have motivated me to want her on the block and out.

  42. Mello_One

    I love Nugget, she started slow, but she it Lit Now! Keep it up Sweet Quirky Girl, you will win the Money, & the AFP! Yasssss!!!

  43. Valerie

    Omg I’m so excited. Come on Nicole take Cliff off the block. Tommy work Nicole and Cliff about splitting up the showmance. Better for everyones game, including JJ. Oh please let this happen.

  44. hogwild

    It was a long wait but worth I might be as pumped as Nicole for her win.

  45. Tam

    Waking up to a wonderful news!!! Omgosh!!!! So proud of nugget. So happy for her. She looks so cute. So proud of her!!!! And of course, I Dream of Weenie is talking about her outfit. Sorry, couldn’t resist because that is what she reminded me of when she made her comments. Turned of the tv at the wrong time. Enough…..I am so proud of Nicole. Apparently she did really well. Fish……So tired of them doing that. Ok, going to try to catch up through the comments. Hope everyone had a great day and having a good night.

    • Mello_One

      Isn’t it W O N D E R F U L Tam?! I haven’t felt this way about Big Brother in a long time, the Underdogs Winning!

      • Tam

        Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am, indeed. I am just so proud and happy for her. Bawling over this. It’s a sweet victory……I really, really needed this today like no other. SO HAPPY FOR NUGGET and CLIFF. They were put down and underestimated. Nicole has been sweered this season and know she is burning the house down…..I LOVE IT……SO PROUD OF HER……

      • Robin

        I keep remembering the “hateful 8” demonizing for Nicole… makes this win sooooo sweet!

    • danmtruth

      Great news indeed

      • Tam

        And I would so pissed if I came back to my bed and found all that on there. That is just freaking rude and unnecessary. I don’t know what was going on today that they could pick up their shit up off her bed. Letting her sleep in the HOH is no excuse to leave a mess on her bed. I would be livid, and put all that shit in a trash bag and drop it in front of the HOH room and say you left your trash in my bed. Sorry, but that pissed me off. The girl won and they underestimate her. You would think that hey, she may have a chance to win again so we need to respectful. And they wonder where the flies come from. Uggghhhh, complete dip shits….Sorry, had to ran over that. If they have time to lean they have time to clean………

      • mm22

        Tam I saw that too! so rude to leave all that garbage on someone’s bed-I think she
        should go stuff it in the hoh pillowcases

  46. jennyc

    YEEEEESSSS NICOLE! please get holly out please please please!

    if Tommy kept his secret out would have been the best kept secret in BB history.

    my favorite seasons are
    8: Dick/Danielle
    13: Brendan/Rachel
    14: Dan Gheesling America’s Player
    17: Vanessa and the twins
    20: Tyler Kaycee… all around interesting cast and good vibes

  47. LynnD

    OMG I am so frickin happy for Nicole. Way to go girl. I just hope Beth doesnt hold it against her if she wins HOH next week.

    • Tam

      Beth is shook right now. Hopefully this will get her rattled and she doesn’t do well and Cliff or Nicole can pull another one out. Manifest manifest manifest or whatever. Please let this happen….Go home HB….Just tired of her…….

  48. ShoeLover


    Now is Holly’s chance to experience being on the block!!!

    Please let her have this chance!!!!

    And wouldn’t hurt if she was voted out too!

  49. Nancy

    HollyBeth not looking so secure right now..she was pretty cocky today, saying she wasn’t worried..or something to that effect.
    I’m gonna enjoy watching her worry..

  50. mm22

    Haha lovebirds up in there nest worried what Nicole n cliff will do now

    • nancy

      Good. About time they worried.

      • Tam

        Exactly. Now the tower is crumbling and princess doesn’t know what to do…….Reality is a cold, hard biioottccchh. The bright lights of fame can burn and she got too close to the heat and know is seeing the effects. Would feel sorry for her if it wasn’t of her own making……

  51. Kari

    Ok so…

    She told Cliff that she would take him off. I know that. thinking long-term and the whole bloody hands thing which I hate. If she takes Cliff off and Holly has to go up. That might very well cost her two votes the jury house AKA Holly and Jackson??

    I know the Jackson has grown much closer to her but I’m curious about people’s thoughts on that possible scenario? Maybe Cliff would tell her not to because of that? She just needs people to promise that his Tommy over Cliff in order to be cool on both?

  52. hogwild

    Holly is already starting to freak out it just dawned on her she is going up and it’s possible however unlikely she could be voted out. It would be funny if she lost her shit so badly she really gave them no choice but to vote her out.

  53. Kari

    Someone mentioned this above…

    I’m not sure if anyone has shared this yet, but this one’s for you Nicole!!!


  54. davidsgirl

    Holly just admitted to Jackson that she didn’t even try to win it. And the look on his face. Ha!

  55. Gr8designer

    Let’s all “manifest” that Nicole and Cliff send Beth packing. This is their ticket to F2!!!!!

  56. hogwild

    I am thinking the odds are real good if they weren’t already that Jackson and Holly will be telling Cliff and Nicole about Tommy’s confession earlier today.

  57. hogwild

    I wonder if Tommy is now regretting that decision?

  58. mm22

    This is too funny-jj trying consoling hollybeth but eating also

  59. danmtruth

    Holly=beth talking to JJ up in the hoh love swamp how she has trust issues
    Jackson wants to go downstairs Holly dosent She is not sure who should talk to her Its time to suck it up Holly dropping hints that nicole does not fully trust Jackson
    Jackson will earn his money having to listen to holly these next 4 days

  60. Kari

    Hey, about the live feeds. I’ve never purchased them. Do you have to prepay for a certain length of time? I know they give you a free few days, but I thinking about signing up now that Nicole is kicking ass..

  61. AIO_7

    NICOLE ……… MY HERO !!!!!!!

  62. AIO_7

    It only makes sense to get rid of Holly at this point. It’s a fact that Jax. would take Holly to F2, and vice versa. With Tommy it would be a crapshoot. Nicole and Cliff better figure this out.

  63. hogwild

    For Nicole and cliff but tonight especially for Nicole.

  64. danmtruth

    How soon do J/H forget how often did they tell cliff and nicole they had to trust them now its turnabout they need to show trust in cliff and nicole

  65. Kari

    FYI. There is really big thunderstorm going on outside right now so I’m going to plug in my tablet just in case we lose power. I’ll touch base later.

  66. Mary

    @Kari, check your messages.

  67. AIO_7

    Nicole gazing at her Veto medallion.


  68. danmtruth

    Nicole and cliff time to hear imagine dragons

  69. mm22

    Nicole camera talking-she says wow wow she’s so proud
    holds veto up and says do u know
    what this is? Me n cliffs ticket to final four

  70. Annabelle

    I’m so excited for Nicole. Beth is likely to cause her own downfall if put on the block. Maybe she will confess to Jackson all about her and Kat thinking its her last shot at a storyline/camera time. I believe Jackson would be pissed. Hoping he see’s how mean to him and other’s. Also after watching her tie her hair in a bunch of knots to put it up no wonder she has aplit ends.

  71. AIO_7

    How much you want to bet H & J tell C & N about Tommy and Chrustie now thinking it might hurt him. It actually might help Tommy now.

    • Tam

      Grab the popcorn. The JJolly train seems to be heading for a trainwreck. They are starting to ravel. She is so fake and JJ telling her that she can’t have that attitude. JJ being her life coach is just absurd. Isn’t she supposed to be older, more mature than his frat boy mentality she has bitched about, and so happy for Nicole? I hope Nicole takes her shot and tells JJ hey, it’s just game and I had to do it with CC so I am doing it with HB because they have shot me down enough. Wondering if she wants to make up and song and dance routine for this………

  72. AIO_7

    I can’t believe these two are talking about “sticking to the plan” … (to keep Holly)


  73. Tam

    Be a man, JJ. Respect Nicole and stop bs her. She is sweeter than I could be when he apologized for the mess, Are You, really???? Still aggravated about that……Here comes Miss Fake…..sure turned that on quick. OMG……breathe, Tam, breathe……want to high kick her in the face……She is faker than cheap margarine….can’t even use real butter to describe her schmoozing Nicole……

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