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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap

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Good Wednesday morning everyone! Yesterday was a slow day in the BB house but things could heat up sometime today. Steve’s already mentioned Jacks stupid plan to blackmail Kat and he wants to do it sometime this morning. Before it happens, lets recap what was discussed last night.



I’m using my phone for feeds at the moment since I won’t have internet or tv until Friday so I’m sure I’m missing some things.  I had to watch Sundays show the next day on CBS and I’ll probably have to do the same thing this evening.  I’m still trying to decide who I’m going to annoy on Thursday because I want to see the live show when it’s live.  Is that some kind of reverse housewarming if I show up to someone’s house with a gift, even though I’m the one who moved?  I can just say “here’s your gift, such a lovely home, great to see you, blah, blah. Now, where’s your tv because it’s almost 8:00 pm?” (fortunately, I can get away with this because my friends and family know I’m BB obsessed)


Most of the game talk yesterday was about Jacks plan to save himself and the other side made plans for who they would put up if they won hoh.  Jack’s still planning on offering his 3 or 4 week deal to Cliff (woo hoo, what a bargain!) and he thinks he can sweet talk Nicole.  He started early with Nicole by joining her in the hammock yesterday.  They mostly talked about life, family and missing home but he told her he wanted to talk to her later about game.  She’s been sick the past couple days and was feeling homesick. Her preschool class is graduating this week so she’s thinking about what she’s missing. (She made little gradation goodie bags for them and is having her sister give them to the kids) He laid his hand and arm on her leg when they were talking and it really set me off.  All I could think about was the beginning of the game when he made a comment about Nicole. He said “in the real world, she’s not used to getting attention from guys like me.” I mean, I don’t care what he does with the shower, the stool or the chair (Sis is the chair, obviously) but he can keep his grubby paws off our Nicole!

Nicole crying for a little while:


Jacks talk with Kat would probably go even worse today without Tommy’s influence and I’m not expecting it to go well anyway.  Jack wants to take her into a room, put her on the spot and tell her to make a decision, now.  Either she votes to keep in or he blows up her game. (I think he doesn’t want her to have time to talk to Beth or Jackass #2) Tommy thinks it’s a great plan but he also thinks Jack needs to include things like saying ” but this isn’t a threat.”  (Yeah, that’s gonna make it seem waaayyyy less threatening)  They think they can tell on Kat for being a mole for the 6 and for being aware of the vote flip against Cliff the week he was evicted.  What’s surprising isn’t that Jack thinks this is a good idea, it’s surprising that Jack, Christie, Tommy, Sis and Nick think this is a good idea.  I’m not even sure how I want today to go because I’d love to see a blow up but I also don’t want anything to happen that could mess up this week!

What these idiots don’t realize is the outsiders have acknowledged they’ve only recently become a tight group. They were working together but it was something loosely formed and not that solid so it leaves room for things they might have done earlier in the game. They haven’t been working together since the beginning and it’s been more friendships that have developed into a game relationship. (It’s also why people still struggle with Cliffs decision when he was hoh.  He didn’t have a solid group he could depend on for votes because most of the outsiders were barely working together) I also think Jess may already know about some of this but even if she doesn’t, I can’t see where it’s going to matter that much.  Although, Jess is very sensitive to being left out of things, so you never know. She isn’t going to toss Kat away in any situation though.

Sis and Tommy continue to talk about the way Christie is losing it. They discussed moving ahead in the game without her. Sis means it even if Tommy doesn’t. I think Tommy would be fine with someone taking out Christie as long as he doesn’t have anything to do with it. She hurts his game as much as she helps it.


I spotted Sis doing a bit of strategizing:

Nick keeps floating between groups but he has such a big mouth, he doesn’t do it very well. Jess already wants Nick out and refused to give him an answer when he asked which way he should vote this week. I’m not getting into details about the inappropriate things Nicks been saying but he has no boundaries! He asks inappropriate sexual questions and steers every conversation possible toward sex. It’s mostly with Sis but he does it with everyone else too. I’m also not getting into his bicurious flirting, foot rubbing and conversations with Tommy.  Personally, Tommy wouldn’t be my cup of tea but he and Nick are very close so he obviously sees something in Tommy that I don’t. Maybe it isn’t even about Tommy, I think he’s just obsessed with talking about sex.

Kat and Beth snuck in a few game conversations when they could. Kat wants Christie and Tommy out but not sure who should leave first. Beth wants Christie out immediately and spent some time venting about Christie’s annoying habits. She talked about her chewing and the way she talks over other people constantly. They were also making plans for what Beth should do moving forward.  Kat thinks she should continue to work with the remains of the 6 while Kat works with Cliffs Angels. (I’m with Cliff, I hate that name) Kat feels they can protect each other from the 2 sides. I don’t know about that after people were already suspicious of them knowing each other but I do agree with Kats advice for Beth to continie her relationship with Sis.

Kat said maybe Beth should make a fake F2 with Sis. Beth is hesitant and said she wants to work with people she likes more and she doesn’t like her old alliance. (neither do we) She said she doesn’t feel comfortable being a mole.  (Beth wants Kats spot in Cliffs Angels imo) Befoe, Kat had to be on the outside of the 6 looking in and was asked to be a mole which was fine but Beth isn’t too into this plan when it’s her turn to do it. She’s also too focused on this week because if Christie, Tommy or Sis when the next hoh, Beth at least, has a slim chance of fake crawling back to them.  She really shouldn’t burn that bridge just yet.

Cliffs Angels met and talked about targets. They’re in agreement Christie and Tommy are the biggest threats. I think Nicole and Cliff would put them both on the block and Kat would do one of them with Jackson as a pawn.  She thinks she can do it that way because she’s told Christie and Tommy she wanted Jackson out but as soon as she keeps Jackson this week, that’s over. She may as well just put them both up and make sure one of them leaves. Jess agreed but would also like to see Nick go soon. They talked about Nick playing both sides and Cliff said he expected Nick to go with whichever side wins this week.  I agree and am glad Cliff doesn’t fully trust him. Nick will go with the numbers but he likes hanging out with Tommy and Sis so they’re his preference if possible.

I was going to discuss a few more hg’s and where they are at the moment in the game but I’ll have to save it for tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!




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