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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Afternoon Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!


I hope that you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! It’s back to the grind in the Big Brother house as the show must go on. For those of you who have been away over the weekend, let me fill you in on what happened.


Alright, on to the updates today…   I’m kidding. I think?


Jackson nominated Christie and Jessica and then Tommy saved Christie with the veto. They had some prank wars and played a ton of backgammon. That is about it, unfortunately.  There was very little drama, very little plotting and scheming. Even very little crying considering who was on the block. This house is absolutely on life support and may just die come Thursday night depending on what happens. Tommy went all-in with Christie by saving her. But naturally, these clowns have yet to figure out just how close they are (he saved her twice this season with the veto. Twice!).

The plan is to vote out Jessica on Thursday night but Chrisite is going to work really hard to prevent that from happening as the two have ‘bonded’ over the last week or so (by bonding, I mean Christie doesn’t feel comfortable with her former alliance and found someone desperate for a friend). When Thursday rolls around, how people vote may make a difference in the rest of the season. If Christie and Tommy accept defeat and roll with the house, Jessica goes quietly. They can then win HoH and get Jackson out but he won’t be around for a reaction. We’ll just see Holly clinging to Nicole and Cliff and hoping they can pull off a win.

Speaking of, Big Brother really needs to figure out their final month by either showing us jury house feeds or doing one better and using ‘camp comeback’ room as the jury house for the remainder of the season. When they get evicted, they’re still in the house and obviously can still chat with people but won’t be voting or really doing anything other than causing trouble. Sure, it completely ruins the integrity of the game, but it would make the final month a hell of a lot more fun. Think of BB19 when everyone blindsided Alex after she was so sure Paul was with her. I would have given anything to see the aftermath of that when she realized she looked like an idiot on TV.

A big change like that would result in a massive shift in jury management and overall planning the end game, but do we as fans really care? This week would have been a lot different if Nick were in the house with nothing to lose.


BBJ Pet of the Day!

The good boy of the day is Wedge sent in by Susan! The name is after Wedge Antilles from Star Wars which is a great way to capture my heart!

Get him, Wedge! Go protect Luke!


Another thing, thank you again for people who have donated. Please consider donating to Mel and NK as they bust their butts all summer and even little amounts just show appreciation for what they do!


12:20 pm – Feeds were down for about 30 minutes but it seems production was just fixing something so they locked the house in the HoH room. No clue why they need to shut the feeds off for a lockdown

Seeing as it’s going to be a slow day, enjoy the gift that keeps on giving. Jessica’s scream…


2:45 pm – Everyone is sitting around the HoH room

4:45 pm – Most in the kitchen, Christie and Jackson playing backgammon. Every time I see them that is what they’re doing.

Check back!


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  1. hogwild

    I’m hit I can’t stay with you get clear wedge you can’t do any more good back there.
    I am finding Christie’s attempts to try and bullshit Nicole amusing unless I am greatly misreading Nicole she is not buying anything Christie is selling.

  2. Nancy

    The gift that keeps on giving…PRICELESS!
    I’m so looking forward to her meeting julie on Thursday..ola Juleeeeeeeeeeeee

    SUSAN, Wedge is beautiful..thank you for sharing him with us

  3. mustangsally

    This years HG are the biggest snoozefest. Really Holly, get some scissors and trim them split ends, stop using so much makeup. Go Cliff $ Nicole!

  4. Betty Boo

    If Cliff wins HOH, and puts Christie and Tommy OTB, do you think he will say it’s because of what he heard outside? I feel like he is saving it for something.

  5. Houseguest Doug

    My advice to the house guests. “ALL DEALS ARE OFF”. We are down to the nitty girtty now.

    Jackson: You need to win a POV on DE night and you’re golden.

    Holly: Win HOH or you will be on the block probably next to Jackson.

    Christie: Learn to eat properly and close that gate once and awhile and for Pete sake STOP CRYING. You will need to win HOH or Hope Clif (if he is still in the game), Nicole don’t win HOH then you will need POV to survive yet another week.

    Tommy: Now is the time to win HOH same thing for Christie if Cliff or Nicole win HOH you’re on the block with Christie.

    Jessica: If you’re still in the game. Ah……. forget it you’re useless.

    Cliff: If you’re still in the game now is the time to Win a HOH. I foresee Tommy and Christie putting you up next to Nicole.

    Nicole: Now is your time to shine. You need the next HOH. If not you need a POV if Tommy or Christie win HOH.

  6. AIO_7

    “Jessica’s fall set to the Titanic song”….

    I like the French version better. If you’ve never heard it, you should …


  7. mm22

    Cute pup susan!

  8. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing Wedge! What a cutie!!!

    The Jess falling memes I’ve been seeing are hysterical….

    • Avatar

      Jessica’s fall might end up becoming the first BB Meme to be officially recognized by Know Your Meme

      • Robin

        Do they give awards for Meme? She deserves one for sure.

      • Avatar

        No it’s a site that is kinda like a meme encyclopedia that documents various memes. They still haven’t made meme entry pages for any of the Big Brother memes

      • Barracuda

        Wait? I’m sure Da’ Vonne’s Exit from he house surely must be on that site. The gif of her leaving was used in so many memes. It was everywhere. Still is. And didn’t Julie do her own version?

      • Avatar

        Not even that has a meme entry page. It’s sad when Love Island has an meme entry page and Big Brother doesn’t

      • Avatar

        And it’s extremely hard to find BB memes that fit into existing meme entries so I can add them to the site.

      • danmtruth

        Hard to believe Cody walking on the table to get out as quickly as he could
        The cocoon of shame when the one women put the sunglasses on and wraped herself in the blanket
        Baylie spiting blood yelling
        How did they not make it as memes

      • Barracuda

        Ugh. love island. I hope any meme with that show involved the Jasmine Masters gif where she says, “Just as I thought. Trash.”

        BB has so many good potential memes. The world is missing out.

  9. Robin

    Poor Cliff having to stay on top of this pack. Got to keep JJ out of the schemings until Thursday.

  10. mm22

    Dessert party in the hoh room-is it just me but christy, jackson, hollybeth shovel
    food in their mouth constantly -just snacking -nibbling while cooking -then they eat full meals.
    I rarely see jess Nicole or cliff eat unless its meal time

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  12. hogwild

    Been watching feeds on and off does not appear there will be any drama for this taco Tuesday me about 15 minutes ago.

  13. hogwild

    Which gif works better for Christies chewing classic cow.
    Or new horse.

  14. Helen

    I think I’m weird. I like it when there is a clear divide in the house especially when it gets down to 6-8 people…it seems when there is you usually have two separate groups who talk more game between each other than now, everyone spending the majority of their time all grouped together being boring…
    Sick to death of Jackson and Holly show…I want Jackson out so badly on Thursday…
    Christie can go out the next week…she does terrible in comps so it shouldn’t be too hard to do
    That will leave Cliff,Nicole,Holly and Tommy in F4….If Cliff can win the HOH at F4 he can take out Tommy and he will win BB 21…..

  15. Mel

    I dont understand what tommys doing. He shouldn’t be trying to play Nicole and Cliff while doing it to Jackson and Beth too. He needs to pick a lane. Besides, Jess staying isn’t even really good for his game. It helps Christie but Tommy, not so much.

  16. Kari

    Has anyone any updates on Kevin’s fight with cancer?

    I just want to talk about somebody that is worth talking about LOL

  17. hogwild

    Going foreward they need to give these people more than one game to play I guess backgammon is a fun game but shit give em a second option.

  18. Tam

    Just tuning in. What is going on the house? Are they practicing evictions? What happened? Who is Frederick? What is going on with the tupperware container? I am confused?

    • mm22

      Frederick I think is the centipede they moved from the pickle jar to the
      plastic container then jj put broccoli piece in the jar took it up to
      HoH room to scare christy nicole holly n jess. JJ opened jar girls
      screamed christy head bangs Nicole in the head now both have headaches

      • mm22

        Nicole tells christy she’s so sorry but to me the head bang was all christy’s
        fault acting a fool-Nicole is too nice for these people

  19. hogwild

    Holy hell they are playing something other than backgammon they heard me.

  20. hogwild

    This might be the most exciting thing we see all night.

    • mm22

      Well hollybeth just stuffing her face with food licking her fingers wiping
      her fingers on her pants then sticking her bacteria fingers back in the bag
      of food wasn’t interesting it was just plain gross

  21. Robin

    The bug eviction was best thing all day … lol

    • Tam

      Oh, goodness. Guessing the are bored. Makes sense now. Going to be a long night for everyone if that is the only action happening in the house. Seems like CBS or Poptv should send them something to do.

  22. Mary

    @ Robin, here is part of the Holly & Jackson fight. Do you thinks it’s real??

    • Robin

      Lol Mary, no one could write that dialogue….

    • mm22

      Yup that sounds real to me

      • mm22

        I hadn’t seen any of the fight so thank for the link
        if hollybeth was going around the house
        calling jj an asshole to anyone who would listen he should take that as a sign
        this girl has a screw loose-also I just want to duck tape those glasses to her head
        she’s driving me crazy

      • Mary

        Some think JJ is the abusive asshole which I find humorous. He may be an asshole, though I don’t see him being abusive. When Holly won her first HOH and she had several girls up there sleeping, he made them all breakfast and took it up to them. He compliments her a lot. Yes he does get on her about always picking at her hair. He’s never said a bad word about her to the others, yet she on the other hand was stabbing him in the back blaming him for her unhappiness to anyone who would listen for several days. I don’t see a ball and chain around her leg/neck. She can do what she wants, she did that song the other week. To be honest I think it rubbed her the wrong way that it wasn’t shown on Thursday’s live show like Tommy’s dance routine was. That’s when her pettiness really started showing.

      • mm22

        Wow! good for Jackson calling her out-odd she’s 31 and not worked out some
        of those insecurities-really appreciate the link post mary

  23. Helen

    Cliff and Tommy…the conversation blockers….
    If there is a conversation going on you can be sure one of them will show up….

  24. hogwild

    Cliff teaching them how to play chess him and Nicole now playing.

  25. Helen

    Production may as well just give Holly a pen and paper….wtf…

  26. Joy

    didn’t want to say it but I feel I must, I can’t wait for this season to be ovah!!! (As NK so eloquently says of BBAD). This season has been pure torture. Let us all hope and well whatever that if there is a next season they bring on a whole new production crew and get it right for BB22.

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  28. Kel-E

    I absolutely love the idea for having the evicted house guests staying in the house in the camp comeback room. Pure genius and obviously something production would never come up with

  29. Mary

    They should have a camera on the live feeds of the jury house, that is probably more interesting than what’s going on here.

  30. Punkytripster2

    I love the idea of the voted out jury members having to stay in the camp comeback/have not room. We would see more people actually playing big brother because they’re not just playing to go to the “jury house” And swim by the pool and act like it’s a vacation. They would be stuck in the BB house knowing that everyone just voted them out and there’s no chance they’re going to win the 500,000. That would be VERY rewarding.

  31. mm22

    Haha hollybeth just got a eyeglass kit to tighten her glasses
    from bb-if that doesn’t work try my idea of duck tape to her head

  32. Avatar

    I’m going to bed night y’all

  33. danmtruth

    So is jess just leaving it up to tommy to save her ?
    They have heard us and now chess is being played
    But still no real BB game play

  34. Kari

    Everyday I’m completely in awe as to what Steve, Mel and NK have the ability to write such great blogs, considering the lack of activity and interesting points to work with. It seems like they have to keep repeating the same thing over and over, because the contestants continue to do that. Sigh. I never thought I’d be happy when the season is over. the rumor that they might do it all stars thing this winter sounds fun Great we’ll see. I’ve not been impressed with the Celebrity BB at all.

    Again, thank you. I wish I could give you a lot more for doing what you do. I really hope that production learn their lesson and that they’re paying attention to all these comments and that next summer they will do a much much better job at vetting decent people. If it were me they would have to answer some basic questions about Big Brother before they’re even allowed in. Even something as simple as what does HOH mean, what is a POV? Who are your favorite players and why…

  35. Kari

    I’m sitting here at Seahurst Park in Burien Washington watching the sunset. (The location is maybe 15 minutes west of the Sea-Tac Airport.) This photograph really doesn’t show how pretty it is. It’s a darker variety but very calming and peaceful..

  36. hogwild

    Jessica needs to go Thursady just to give Nicoles ears a break.

  37. danmtruth

    Jesica just tried to get the bottle of wine for toco tue Christie sounds like she does not want to open it with soooo many people to share Saying jess is the only one asking for it

    • NKogNeeTow

      If nothing else Holly has said is true, the one thing she had Jess pegged about was drinking. It started the night that they got the beers. Jess had 2 and swore she was almost drunk. She said she didn’t drink that much. Holly told JJ when they got upstairs that Jess always says that but when she hears a bottle being opened she’s the first one with a glass in her hand and always swills down the first one so she can go back for seconds. Holly said she was also good at drinking as many beers as she can get away with too. That’s when I started watching her whenever alcohol was around. After the cookout last night, while everyone was trying to clean up, the only thing Jess did was walk around looking for the bottle of wine and when she couldn’t find it, she was asking everybody where it was and what happened to it. I think the girl drinks waaaay more than she lets on. And some of the stories about her drinking…

  38. danmtruth

    What is with Jackson and popping pimples Before they went for tocos he was looking at hoolys face to pop some He pulled a stray hair off her lip then went to looking Blow his nose never wash his hands and now having tocos gross

    • Tam

      Just nasty…..Found it nasty when Christie was gag coughing into the open fridge earlier. Why don’t they ever clean it out. That is just nonsense. If they are so bored, there are things like that that could be done. Just because you are playing a game in a locked in studio, doesn’t mean that you can’t make the living conditions more tolerable like basic necessities that should be done. After some of them got sick from the food, it just makes sense to clean out the fridge. My OCD would be out of control in there.

    • mm22

      That was gross jj was using a bobbie pin in hollybeths ears for blackheads-
      she was screaming it hurt-what ever

  39. Mary

    Did anyone confess to taking Nicole’s beer last night during the BBQ. I know NK was watching Jess closely. LOL

  40. kneeless

    I am home from vacation. Even though I didn’t miss anything exciting I did enjoy reading the few updates, here, that I could. Can we get Christie a muzzle to mute her talking & chewing, yank Holly’s extensions & use them to hold her big zzz glasses on her head. And please, like, umm evict Jess on Thurs. Please & thank you!

  41. Mary

    Did I miss or they skipped the I’m grateful for garbage and the banging on the table?

  42. hogwild

    They need to pipe this into the house to give them some energy and passion if this doesn’t fire them up especially chris Slade’s drumming nothing will.

  43. Colby

    Christie working on Nicole until Holly and Jess came in and interrupted,

    • danmtruth

      Just hope nicole is listening and remembering how things actually happened It was one lie after another Never admiting to the deal she made to stay over Sis Cliff needs to have a talk with nicole to reminded her of what happened As christie is now also lumping cliff in with jackson Saying how clise they have always been That when cliff put jackson it was a plan by both of them to get jack out How jackson was yelling at her to use her power That she never promised them she would use it what a lyier

  44. kneeless

    Wow, I feel honored, Holly aspired to be me! She said she prayed to be short & wear glasses.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    I’m going to try a little something different with the opening of BBAD tonight. It’s just some thoughts I’ve had about the JJ/Holly/Nicole relationship. Bear with me. It’s not Steve or Mel quality, as I said, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.

    Three On A Match…

    It’s been said that 3 on a match is bad luck. JJ and Holly are clearly together, then there is Nicole. Holly has this paranoia about anyone who gets to close to JJ and in this case, it’s Nicole. I truly believe that he has no interest in her other than a little sister and I don’t think she sees him as any more either. But Holly views any female as a threat or potential threat because of her insecurities. Maybe it’s because of their (H/J) age differences, I don’t know.

    The truth of the matter is, Nicole would actually be better for him than Holly. Not in a romantic way, but in every other way. Holly brings out the worst in him while Nicole brings out the best. Nicole takes the time to listen to him. She empathsizes, consoles, and just makes him feel better all around. She even managed to bring out a side we thought we’d never see. His playful side.

    Holly tries to steamroll him, coax him, control and manipulate him to do her bidding. Example, when he first put CC OTB and said he wanted her out even if it meant he had to leave. He was determined, but Holly had different ideas because she was feeling spooked by Sis. She used sex, tears, and guilt to change his mind. Nicoles would have neverstoped to those levels.

    If it came down to the F3 with them, there is no doubt that he would choose Holly. Because she would make his life difficult not to. But, I believe that if he could see clearly, he’d rather pick Nicole. Holly will always use a man for a shield. If Sis hadn’t of gotten to Jack first, it would have been him. If Bella hadn’t gotten to Nick first, it would have been him. TT is gay and Sam and Cliff were married, plus Cliff is too old. I

    feel sorry for the Holly’s of the world. They rely to much on looks and not enough on substance. The sad thing is, looks fade. The Nicole’s will always be a bright light in someone’s life.



    CC is passive/aggressively trying to sway Nicole by trying to “open her eyes” about JJ. Nicole isn’t buying into it. They get interrupted by Only-Two-Days-To-Go-Jess, followed by Dry-Azz Holly. They come in and sit down and start with small talk. CC talks about her period *What else has she got in her life*. They start talking about the names of their siblings and how they are pronounced, who’s the tallest and shortest of the siblings. You know, fun stuff. CC says they have just 3 more weeks and then it’s over. *They can’t be half as happy about it as we are.*


    • hogwild

      What I am grateful for is Nicole sees through Christie’s garbage.

    • Nikki

      NK – you have summed up the Jackson situation perfectly.
      Great job!
      (It is impossible for me to guess your age! You use “hip/trendy lingo” – I say that knowing I sound 95 years old -lol – only 42 here! – but you have a very mature and observant nature about you. I’m guessing 30 but with an old soul! )

      I wish that, like The Hunger Games, the audience could actually send little gifts to certain houseguests,bc Jackson really needs the blinders off!

      Also, today was my first day back to work WITH students, so I won’t be here long. I’m exhausted.

      And finally, I got a text from one of my best friends who lives in Mount Dora Florida, which is about 20 miles north of Orlando, and her exact words were our afternoon storms are often worse than what we are seeing right now. ❤️❤️ So it sounds like that area is doing well. The Bahamas however breaks my heart. I truly cannot stop crying about it!

      • danmtruth

        What a relier to hear from your friend looking forward to when we hear from our BBJ family in Florida And now the Carolinas soon

      • danmtruth


      • Nikki

        Absolutely Dan! I hope the rest of the BBJ’s are out of the brunt of this awful storm!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nikki, Ahhh, to be 30 again. Thank you for that. I’ve never said my age here on anywhere else on the internet. In fact, I give very little personal info really. I do occasionally share a story or 2. I know many here have given their ages. it’s not that I’m ashamed of mine, hell I figure no matter how old we are we’ve still made it past someone else. Maybe one day I’ll tell, but for now, let’s just say I’m somewhere between 30 to 130…lol

      • Nikki

        30-130 – that fits my description! Lol 🙂

    • Mary

      I agree about Nicole & JJ’s friendship. My hope is that TT or CC win HOH in the DE, they put up Jolly. Jackson wins the POV takes himself down and Holly goes to jury. Realize a lot of people want Jackson to leave first, I just don’t care for her condescending attitude, always playing victim, or trying to be his Mother by correcting him.

      • danmtruth

        Holly tommy christie put them in a bag and could careless what order they go out

      • Avatar

        Agree. Jj would be better without Beth. Nicole him and cliff plus he would take Nicole to f2. She didn’t do anything in comps but she is the one who sees everything. She is a strong wonderful woman. Never changing fir tv. I like her silliness and coming out to play with JJ. Would love to see her win America’s fav. She deserves it because not many others I like besides cliff he has a wonderful future so need for the $. Nicole needs more self assurance she is more than she thinks!

    • Nancy

      Very well stated NK

    • mm22

      I agree NK and loved your take on jj/hollybeth/ Nicole

  46. Mary

    What the heck, why does Holly keep saying she hasn’t done what she wanted to do? Stop laying all over Jackson and do it. Goodness gracious girl !!!!

  47. kneeless

    You know It’s been a boring season when the biggest thing for us viewers is that we all learned how to cut a watermelon!

  48. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and JJ are taking about strategies. Cliff says Nick had a pretty good strategy. Cliff tells JJ he’s kind of balls to the wall type player. JJ says it’s risky but you have to take it. They check the time and JJ goes to the HOH.


    Dry-Azz Holly is telling them about how she feeds her dog Jackson (pitbull-chichauau (sp). She says her other dog is named Koda and the dogs are best friends and make out. She describes Koda. Uncle Cliff wanders in, which he has been knows to do a lot lately. CC ask him if he wants anything. He says that TT is making up the beds so he thought he would come hang out with them.

    Cliff says that JJ just beat him in Backgammon. CC says she never wants to play with JJ again. Cliff tells them they should come to TX and he’ll teach them a domino game called 42. He says that’s almost the national game of TX, JJ comes in and ask Cliff if they ever bet on the game. He says no, they just play for who buys the next round of beers. JJ asks CC if she’d ever play that with him. She tells him hell no, she’ll never play any game with him again. He laughs.

    CC asks them if they have ever played this domino game called Mexican Train. They said no and she explains the game to them. Nicole seems interested. Cliff says there is also a domino game called Chicken Foot. CC goes back to explaining the game of Mexican Train to them. Cliff says 42 is great because there is a bar called Dixie Chicken where they would go there in the afternoon and play until the bar shut down and they only had to walk across the street to the dorm but it was like a game of frog trying to get across the 3 lane street while drunk off of beer.

    JJ asks Nicole how she can sleep on a bed without fitted sheets. CC says she just sleeps on top of them. JJ can’t understand the concept. Nicole says she’s fine with it and doesn’t see the problem.


    • danmtruth

      I havd played chicken foot dommino it is fun with the family I have seen the Mexican train game but just was not intrested After listening to CC butcher the explanation not sure what game she was talking about Than again it was CC she is in love with hearing her voice so she just drones on

  49. NKogNeeTow



    CC is laying in her bed. JJ is laying across the foot of her bed. Dry-Azz Holly is on JJ’s back. Holly is saying something about waterbeds. CC says she likes air-mattresses. Holly makes a remark about JJ’s “douchbag stories” *Hope this leads to some late-night fireworks later* They talks a little bit about moose-tracks ice cream. Someone asks where Foghorn is. CC says she’s in the DR. Cliff says he didn’t realize she had been called and didn’t hear it.

    CC says something about the more they dwindle down, the more they will be called to the DR, and gets a warning. Nicole starts to say something but changes her mind. They try to get her to say it and she laughs and says they aren’t getting her (in trouble). JJ and Holly tease CC about her name. JJ says they should call her Christian. She laughs and says no, that’s a man’s name. She says a friend of her’s would love to hear them tease her about her masculine side.

    CC keeps calling “Tom” to TT but he doesn’t answer. He finally comes in and they tell him that she has been calling him. He said he didn’t hear them. CC tells him that when she put on her cap and started yelling for him, they started calling her Spike. He laughs and says that’s so funny. He tells them he’s on a cleaning spree in the target room and is going to take a shower then come back.


  50. kneeless

    I just know tonight will be another riveting episode of BBAD ( haha) but after driving home all day, I am heading to bed. Catch yoo all on the flip side. Hope everyone in Dorian’s path are safe & well.

  51. danmtruth

    So jess said she will not start campaigning till Wednesday Why should she as christie and tommy are doing a better job than she can Again look at how long you have and how many people are left There has to be a double coming up soon

  52. NKogNeeTow



    CC is going through the fridge. She walks by TT standing near the sink and he whispers something to her. Sounds like he asked if they bought it. Sounded like she said we’ll see. She leaves and comes back. CC tells him that she (Nicole) wants to make sure they (C/T) aren’t working with them (J/H). She tell him that she keeps trying to get away and talk but people keep coming in. TT says she’s (N) smart.

    TT tell her they have to keep doing people’s dishes. She says no. She says she’s not doing it and if they get bugs, they get bugs. They start talking about who doesn’t do dishes. They say Holly and Jess don’t. They keep laughing about it. JJ comes in and ask what’s up. She tells him that they were talking about how they can never make a dent in the dishes. She says she feels like they don’t eat that much but the dishes never seem to go down.


    Holly is telling Cliff and Nicole about how JJ is thinking ahead. Cliff says that’s good. He says that assuming it goes the way they think then they will just deal with whatever. He says that will give them a 3/2 edge. Cliff says everyone has got to gun for the HOH. He says that they are just at the point in the game that deals don’t matter, they just have to win. Cliff says he guess not knowing that they are together (H/J/N/C), he (T) thinks he can make deals with them. CC comes in with a bowl of ice cream so the talk breaks up.

    Holly asks if someone is in the DR. CC says yes. Cliff ask the time. Holly says she wants to go take the super glue off of her cut. *As much as I complain about Cliff always creeping around, I’ll have to admit, I am kind of glad that he does it with Nicole now (it use to tick me off), and also that Holly does it too. CC, TT and Hurry-Up-And-Get-The-F*ck-Out-Jess are circling the poor girls like buzzards (no pun intended Holly) trying to wear her down. Bet Jess wishes she was that relevant*


  53. danmtruth

    Have these people not seen the finals Were even the jury members have family members in the audience at the finally

  54. Andi

    Hi All – just a note of thanks to each of you for being the most interesting aspect of BB21! I’ve been watching and reading for about 5 years so I missed a lot of the early seasons. Any recommendations for me on which season I should go back and ninja watch while stuck in a hotel all week? It’s too hot in Texas to want to be outside!

    Thanks again! Ya’ll keep it entertaining for me!

  55. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is saying how happy he will be to see Sharon. He says that if he sees her in a public place, he will just yell and hug her but if he sees her in a private place, he will bury his head on her shoulder and weep. Nicole is asleep on her bed. Cliff and JJ says that she doesn’t know how loved she is by the public. They speak fondly of her and sound really protective. *Don’t think for one minute that CC isn’t taking it all in.*


    Dry-Azz Holly is telling TT how she’s just not ready to leave yet. She says he hasn’t made her mark. She says that it’s not the same being JJ/Holly, she wants to leave her mark as Holly. Sounds like she’s trying to plead her case before she’s even accused of anything yet. Also sounds like she’s trying to make a pre-emptive strike because she knows the first chance he gets he’s putting her ass up. The water is running and they get a warning to conserve water.


    Just general small talk. Get-The-F*ck-Out-jess comes in and asks what happened.


    TT is trying to take a shower in peace but Go-Away-You-Bore-Me-Holly won’t let him. She’s just walking around and talking. She tells him that maybe he can win the HOH. He says he wants to. She says she thinks she wants to but she also wants to wait until Thursday. *What?* She says that she feels that they will get enough beers so that they can have their own. Cliff wanders in and TT tells him he wants to get drunk with him. Dry-Azz Holly is saying something about wanting to get wine for her HOH but now neither TT or Cliff are even listening to her.


  56. danmtruth

    If you were confused by christies explanation of mexican train domino here you go

  57. Mary

    When Holly started bad mouthing Jackson to Christie and Twinkle Toes a few days ago before the fight, I thought that she was trying to make a side deal with them in case either of them win HOH. She wants to make sure she makes it farther than Nicole, Cliff or Jackson.

  58. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is now laying on the sofa talking to TT while he’s trying to get dressed.


    Everyone is gone in the room but CC and Nicole. CC waste no time going in on Nicole again. She says she’s not afraid and doesn’t care. She says she’s spent the last few weeks eating out of his (JJ) hand and she’s not doing it anymore. She says she’s scared because she doesn’t know Nicole and Cliff’s relationship with them. *Trying to pry Nicole for info* She says that scares her. Nicole is mostly listening. CC tells Nicole that she has every reason to put them (J/H) up and had to sell her soul to them to stay. She asks if Cliff thinks he’s going to the F3 with them?

    CC is hammering away and telling Nicole that next week is the only shot at H/J. She says that’s why she wanted to talk to Nicole because she wants to have a trusting relationship with her and if she wins HOH she’s putting them up. Nicole asks her if she’s blowing smoke. CC says she would never. *Yes she would* She tells Nicole that if JJ gets to the end he would win over any of them but don’t they want to have a shot.

    Nicole asks her what she means by “have a shot”. CC says that she and TT discussed that their shot at 1st place is better with CC/TT/Jess. *She’s really trying to make Nicole vote against Cliff* CC says that if Cliff is there she doesn’t even think they have a shot at 3rd and that Cliff told TT he didn’t want to make JJ mad. CC says she doesn’t trust JJ. She says that JJ told TT that he could use the Veto but they had better vote his way because he didn’t want to break a tie.

    CC says it sucks because if she and TT vote to keep Jess, JJ will be mad. She says that Jess came to her and told her that if she stays she will go up as a pawn as long as they go after H/J, no questions asked. CC says that’s a really good deal. She asks Nicole if she’s spoken to Jess. Nicole says yes. Nicole says she’s very close with Cliff but she has no idea if he won HOH, what he would do. CC says it’s a crazy game. She tells Nicole that’s why she wanted to talk to her because she’s smart. *Call the fire department to come clear the smoke*

    CC says she wants to have a shot. Nicole tells her that if she just knew where Cliff’s head was if he won. CC says he’s probably targeting TT because he sees him as a threat. CC says out of all the comps he’s played in he’s won the last 6. CC says JJ’s not as dumb as he seems, he’s a master at Backgammon. *What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs?*


    • KelBel

      “Nicole asks her what she means by “have a shot”. CC says that she and TT discussed that their shot at 1st place is better with CC/TT/Jess.”

      –If you’re trying to get someone to vote your way, wouldn’t you perhaps include them in your F3 plans, even if it’s a total lie. CC is quite the manipulator, but she’s also a dumbass. I just hope Nicole does what she has done all season and repeats this convo to JJ and Cliff.

  59. danmtruth

    Christie bs’ing nicole now As she is tierd of having to eat out of JJ hand to stay in the game Revisionism christie says her and nick respected each other and nick was questing the connection between cliff and jackson
    Her other pitch is final three with her nicole tommy and jess would all have the same chance with the jury But if any of them are in a final againest JJ or Holly hands down they lose Than she gives nicole the same deal she gave JJ and Holly 2 weeks ago to use her as a pawn all the way to the end Now JJ is smart because he is a monster at backgammon CC says she is mad at JJ because he put her up twice

  60. NKogNeeTow



    CC is STILL working on Nicole. CC asks Nicole why does JJ want him there so badly. Nicole says Cliff is amazing. CC says when she was on the hammock with Cliff a few days ago she told him that JJ said Jess is the target and ti’s gong to break her heart to vote her out and he’d have her vote but going into next week she has the feeling that JJ is going to work them all. She says that now that TT used the Veto on her she has nothing to lose.

    She says that Cliff told her that JJ was working with him. She said she had to be careful with talking to Cliff. She said she would see JJ and Cliff disappear into rooms for 15 minutes at a time and when they came out, Cliff would start talking with her while JJ watched.


    Cliff is talking to TT and says he thinks there is a DE this week and that it doesn’t matter to him because either way his bags are packed. Foghorn Jess says, what a great week to be evicted.


  61. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling Nicole that it’s just a game but when you’re trying to think of what your best route is it becomes real and they made it far but they can make it further, you just have to be smart. She says she loves this game. Nicole says she does too. CC yawns and says part of her wants to just go to sleep. *I give her 5 minutes until she starts in again.& She says she’s going to brush her teeth. She asks where Jess is. Nicole says probably in her favorite room, the bathroom.


    Foghorn Jess is filing her nails and saying she took a ton of Tums after the mexican food.


    CC is telling Dry-Azz Holly that from her temple to her mouth hurts when trying to chew. *That’s more because she won’t stop eating or running her mouth*


    CC comes in and says she wants to go to bed. Foghorn asks her why won’t she. CC says because she doesn’t want to be called to the DR. Foghorn says she feels self-conscience about her teeth brushing compared to the rest of them. Dry-Azz asks her why. Foghorn says because she feels like they brush at least 4 times a day. Cliff says he brushes more there than he does at home. He asks CC if Nicole is asleep. She says she’s fading in and out.

    Cliff says he’s going to eat a piece of pizza then going to bed. Foghorn says she thinks she’s going to bed because if she sees the pizza she will be tempted. Cliff says he thinks when he gets home he will eat more watermelon. CC says her too because it’s so good.


  62. danmtruth

    So christie wants a final 3 with 4 people
    So CC was mad that JJ does not want to have to break a tie Than CC tells nicole it comes down to her As how ever she votes thats how her a d tommy will Why First your you dont care if you get blood on your hands you have made it known your going after JJ so why do you care if you make JJ break the tie and lose jess jury vote ? Again listen to all that she says Just give her time she will counterdict her self in less than 3 minutes She is in the shower and JJ comes in to tell her he is going to use her as a pawn After her shower she sees cliff in the kitchen he is not surprised when she says she might be used as a pawn Later same shower she is in the shower and cliff comes over to talk to her In the mirror she sees JJ leave the boatroom so which one happened She is so confusing in her talk to nivole

  63. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is going over Days.


    Foghorn is getting in her bed.


    CC is talking to Holly and JJ that there isn’t an HOH to set up on eviction night on the 21st. She says on the 23rd it’s just going to be an eviction. JJ says and a recap episode. She says if there is a DE it would probably be this week but it might not. JJ says it’s scary. CC says she’s at peace and wants to get tarther than 6 but it’s anybody’s game and you just have to fight for it. Holly says it’s crazy that 4 of the original 6 are still there.

    CC whispers something to them. JJ says he’d like to think he has a good relationship with Cliff and Nicole. Holly says it doesn’t matter now. JJ says he wonders whether he started the week off making the right decision. CC tells him to let them know what he wants. *More smoke* CC says they can chat tomorrow. JJ says what else do they have to do. CC tells them goodnight, then leaves.

    JJ whispers to Holly that he did not like that at all. He says something about her (C) just sketches him out. Holly says her too. JJ says he just feels it’s going to be a DE. Holly says CC thinks that H/J thinks they are playing both sides of the house when she is going the same thing. He says when it comes down to C/N and J/H, he thinks CC doesn’t want to take the shot at them but wants TT too. Nicole comes in.

    Nicole tells them that she feels exhausted and didn’t go to bed until 3. She brushes her teeth and Holly tells her that when TT comes out of the DR, Nicole should try to go in so she can go to bed.


    Foghorn and CC are talking. CC is running down the comps left and what days they will be played. Just-AS-Confused-Jess is repeating everything CC is saying but probably still not understanding. *Lord, please either let Nicole stay in a room around other people or someone else go into the camper with her so these 2 harpies won’t get at her again.*


  64. danmtruth

    Jackson thinks it will be a double this week
    Bathroom nicole just came in Holly Jackson their hopefully more game talk after nicole brush her teeth These two need to talk to her and not just cliff because that is worrying her now nicole is off to the DR and Tommy comes in These two still think they are solid with tommy and christie That they are going after cliff and nicole Wrong Boxhead

  65. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling Foghorn that she should save campaigning to JJ for last. She tells her that JJ said he has a great relationship with Holly and Nicole. She says he was trying to make it less obvious that he was working with them. She starts whispering and using some kind of stupid ass sign language so it’s hard to tell what she’s saying. She tells Foghorn to just see what happens and it’s a coin toss right now. She says she talked to Nicole and told her what her best shot was and that she was good at the game and to keep her posted tomorrow and let her know where her head is.

    CC says that she told Nicole that Jess offered to be a pawn. She then says something about she hardly ever has a bra on. She then says she thought she had a week that she didn’t have to pack but now she has to maybe pack (because of the DE).


    JJ, Holly, TT are sitting on the sofa talking.


  66. danmtruth

    CC telling jes it is up to nicole on how she will vote She is sorry she cannot tell jess anymore

    • Nancy

      Why the hell is Jessica waiting to campaign..it really isn’t campaigning. its more like begging to stay and lying about what you can do for the other…but waiting was stupid..I would have been talking 90 to nothing, stressing the reasons I should stay..it won’t do any good, but this passive game playing sucks

  67. danmtruth

    Poor tommy he feels a double is so disrespectful how he never liked it as a viewer

  68. Mary

    What’s not fair is us people have to listen to complain.

  69. Mary

    I’m turning into Hog’s bunny. LOL Have a great night kids. Pleasant dreams………….

  70. danmtruth

    NK your so much faster and more through Than again not to msny conversation Dr Tommy doing an indepth biopsy of the strip they took off hollys nose checking for how much oil and puss was pulled out of her nose
    Now tommy in rv with CC going over what she said to nicole

  71. NKogNeeTow



    CC is back and eating some of JJ’s watermelon then leaves. Holly is taling about her mask.


    Foghorn is standing in the door rambling on about something. CC walks in and she says she came to say goodnight. She tells Cliff goodnight then leaves. Cliff tells Foghorn at this point he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. He says he knows H/J and C/T are together. Foghorn says she told Nicole that however she wants to vote is fine with her. Cliff says he told her the same thing and that he would never hold anything against her and feels bad that she’s always in the middle of these situations.

    Foghorn agrees with everything he says. She tells him that she’s the original nominee and he’s a replacement so she just doesn’t see JJ wanting to change. She says that she just doesn’t see her as his target. Cliff says that he thinks that if it comes down to a tie he can’t see JJ sending her out. He says he’s just tired. He says he feels that the longer you wait the more you fall off the radar but with less people in the house it’s down to fewer people to put up. He said that when TT pulled CC off the block, who was JJ going to put up. He said it wouldn’t be Holly.

    Foghorn says she knows how he feels. She says it’s how much are people’s minds already made up and whoever is meant to stay will stay and she’s not throwing him under the bus. *At least when as long as he’s not looking* He says his campaign is going to be that he’d like to stay.


    CC is talking to TT, who is laying on Nicole’s bed (she’s not there). She is telling him about all the convos she’s had.


  72. NKogNeeTow



    Foghorn is still talking to Cliff. She says she e took out Jack but it was something that he (Cliff) had started.

    JJ is telling Holly that he didn’t come in that house for 80 days to go out with less than first. She says that TT was telling her that there ar 3 duos. She says she asked him if that meant that they (C/T) weren’t with them.


    Foghorn is telling Cliff that she just realized that she’s not in her twenties anymore. He says him too.


    Holly is telling JJ that she’s terrified. *What’s new?* He doesn’t say much.


    Cliff is telling Foghorn that they have so much to look forward to when they get home. He says that regardless, they (he and Foghorn), have families to go back to. He says that either way he knows he’s getting an upgrade when he gets home. He says being with people that you don’t have to doubt anything they say and who will just hug on you. She says she doesn’t want to get to emotional.


    The Begbugs leave the bathroom and he says “We suck”. They laugh and he says “You suck”. They go into the kitchen and she wonders something about the live feeders. She goes upstairs and finds the HOH locked. He goes upstairs and says he doesn’t have his key.


  73. danmtruth

    Nk i cant take them anymore goodnight see you latter Cliff and jess campaigning to each other

  74. Colby

    CC and TT having a scripted discussion on ‘coming out’, I assume to gain favor with America.
    It might be believable if we didn’t know that they know each other and have basically been family for years.

    • danmtruth

      Thats the thing they talk to each other like they have never met Christie asking him questions about tommys family We know you dated his aunt for 7 years There are photos of you two as teenagers hanging out together with friends You two are alone in the RV so who are you lying too if not america

  75. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling Foghorn that he’s stopped asking what’s going to happen at this point. She says she hasn’t talked to J/H and is going to wait until tomorrow. Cliff says he figures that whoever is working with who, he’s sure decisions have already been made. He says he doesn’t want people to think that their vote isn’t important so he[‘ll talk to everyone tomorrow.

    Foghorn says she’s been in the middle of nothing and she’s been an after-thought. Cliff says that he feels that anything he says may paint a bigger target. He says he’ll just talk to everyone and tell them he wants to stay and give them a cookie. Then he says he’ll just pass out Doritos and tell them if they keep him he will make them cookies. They laugh.

    He says he’s curious to see who wins the game. He says that unless one of them are sitting on the stage that they get to pick who would get the money. She asks how long does he think it will take. He says he bets people in the JH are sitting there spilling their guts. He says if he’s there hw will be saying “Really?” He tells Jess that they were pretty much the outsiders for the longest time but they did pretty good for being outsiders.

    She says she’s going to say goodnight, but still doesn’t leave. He thanks her for picking him to play Veto. She says if she goes out its knowing that she was with him, Nicole and Kat. She says it’s just that them getting to know each other was crazy. She runs down who he has been OTB with (Kat, Nicole and now her). He tells her to look on the bright side, that of the F6 the bottom-feeders are still there. He says who knows, maybe there is some weird twist. He doubts if and she says it’s pretty straight forward.

    She says she was hoping they would get something tonight, but maybe tomorrow. He says he did too. She says that eveything has been pretty boring. He says maybe that’s why there will be a DE so they won’t have to fill up the show with a lot of content. Foghorn says goodnight again and FINALLY leaves. Nicole starts to come in.


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  77. NKogNeeTow



    Uncle Cliff is telling CC, TT, and Nicole about the progress that has been made in the last 40 years. CC is telling him about coming out to her dad. She said he admitted to her with tears in his eyes that he used the “F” word when he was younger. She said she told him he’s not mad at him. Cliff says that in the ’70s there wasn’t integration and you didn’t admit to having gay friends. He says that even with The Village People and Freddy Mercury, he didn’t know they were gay. *Hell, he must have been the only one*

    Cliff says he looks back now and says how did he not know. He said that back then, nobody ever speculated. He said it never dawned on him about Elton John either. CC says now that when you see an actor or singer you wonder if they are gay or have a husband or wife. She brings up Ellen Degeneres. She asks wasn’t her show cancelled when she came out. Foghorn says yes. CC says she likes to think that every year it becomes less and less important.

    Cliff says as far as gay marriage who is he to tell anyone who to love. CC says love is love. Cliff tells CC and TT that he’s proud that they can be who they are. He says goodnight then leaves Nicole unprotected. CC asks where are J/H. Nicole says she might shower.


  78. NKogNeeTow



    Foghorn is talking about Kat. CC is telling them about how she didn’t like to be caught without her makeup. Foghorn talks about Sis and Kat. She says Kat was crying to her before she left. She’s joking that it because Kat and Holly know each other. *Careful what you start manifesting Missy. It could come back to bite you in the ass.* Foggy says she’s going to watch the show then call her and tell her she owes her a trip and drinks.
    Foggy makes fun of Kat, insinuating that Kat was ditzy. *So the pot is blind to the kettle*


    The Bedbugs are snuggled up in the dark, talking. Holly says that CC says things then catches herself. She says she’s trying not to be judgemental. She says it seems so long since Bella has been gone. She says Jack seems a long time too. JJ kisses her and thanks her for being on his side. She thanks him too.
    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I’m going to read the blog and maybe make a few comments then if I’m not to tired, maybe peek in on the feeds. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  79. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Colby, Lil Nancy and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

    To all those in the path of the storm or in the aftermath of the storm, be safe and check in when or if you can. <3 <3 <3

  80. Avatar

    So little is happening in the house I hope they show the jury house a little more than usual.

  81. Kari

    I may have missed an update, but it’s odd not seeing a new thread. I hope Steve is okay..

  82. Mary

    Listening to CC and TT trying to pull the wool over Nicole’s eyes is to funny. Glad to see her kind of string CC along, saying I have questions for Cliff too.

  83. Avatar

    I love the idea of those in the jury still being in the house but not involved in competitions. it gives them a better ability to reward the person that deserves to win.

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