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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Afternoon Fun

Good afternoon, everyone!


Welcome to Tuesday. There is nothing really to talk about so let’s jump right into the feeds….


Well, there isn’t a ton to talk about except for what happened last night which is the house had someone yelling over the wall about Tommy and Christie knowing each other.  It’s hard to say for certain because the feeds cut for about an hour and when they returned, everyone was acting incredibly strange. Cliff and Tommy were the only people outside when it happened, but Jackson and Holly made reference to something being said and then feeds cut again.


This would have been a much bigger story if Christie wasn’t going to jury in a few days, but this definitely screws Tommy’s game if people believe it. He was on cruise control to the final 3 but if people are convinced that someone in the jury knows him in real life, there is no way they’re going to want to sit next to him in the final 2. Then again, these are the same people who didn’t even start getting paranoid about them knowing each other when they found out how close they lived to one another.

Before I begin, I am not sure if they have been going through but I have been thanking everyone who has donated via email. I just realized the emails may have just gone back to PayPal so if you have donated this year, I am really humbled and thank you.


11:30 am – Analyse, Nick, and Tommy are hanging out in bed


Analyse keeps looking at the camera and begging for a twist that will keep her and Christie safe. Stop. Please. Both of you competed in a penalty competition that America voted on. If there was a twist, do you really think they’re going to rush out and vote to keep either? I am beginning to feel bad at how delusional she is.

Nick is explaining what happened yesterday (how he didn’t throw the HoH competition and had to defend himself). He is re-telling his conversation with Christie

Here she goes again…


11:50 am – The bitchfest against Christie by Nick has stopped as Holly and Cliff have entered the room.  Nick says he was half-dreaming and he thinks he was rubbing Tommy’s penis. Tommy says he doesn’t think so. Nick says he has to turn the other way when he’s laying with Tommy so he doesn’t poke him with his…

2:00 pm – Christie is having a pity party in the living room

Tommy is asking production to put on a movie because they’re all breaking. He says ‘I almost feel like we’re not even fun’ (you’re right)

Everyone joins because they’re bored and they all  just chat for awhile


4:00 pm – Christie heads into the HoH room to chat with Jackson

She’s worried because she can’t campaign because Analyse is obviously well liked in the house, but she knows she (Christie) loves this game and wants to stay. More of Christie ‘not’ campaigning

She tells Jackson how she’s going after Nick and she doesn’t want him to coast through the middle


Christie wishes she had someone in the game to protect her the way Sis has Nick. lol. Ok, Ms. Huge Advantage Knowing Tommy

Christie tells Jackson how she wanted to call Nick out during dinner and Jackson tells her to send it

Jackson says that Nick admits he was probably going to throw the last HoH. It would explain how he was off to such a fast start then slowly dropped to 3rd place

I will say, Dan’s Funeral, this is not. Just saying you’re mad at one person and he’s your target doesn’t sound like a very great deal. I mean she has a few things going for her argument but it wouldn’t be enough to sway me if I were Jackson. She’s just far too big of a threat and you gotta take your shot just like you did when Jack was up.


Christie begins crying.

Jackson is really pushing for her to do it tonight. I’ll have to watch during dinner

6:00 pm – Nicole and Tommy made puppets while we wait for dinner


7:00 pm – Holly is STILL cooking. Let’s get this taco tuesday show on the road! I want to see if Christie causes problems

Breaking News – Christie appears to be wimping out of her Taco Tuesday Throwdown with Nick. BOOOOOOOOOO

7:30 pm – Nick heads into the HoH room and tells Jackson he overheard Christie saying she was going to blow up during taco Tuesday. Nick asks why she hates him so much

Nick is getting himself all worked up in the HoH room. Yes, Taco Tuesday may still be on!

7:50 pm – Here we go!!!!!!!!!!


Christie was in the HoH room and Nick comes to the room. She opens and he starts swearing and asks if she wants to argue. They go downstairs to the kitchen.

Christie starts talking and Nick says that he debunked her stuff in the room. Christie says ‘okay now you’re going to use those words to make people feel stupid’ (debunked is a big word?)

Meanwhile, Tommy is desperately trying to pretend none of this is happening around him


Christie is saying how she thinks Nick’s game has been great. She tells him what she was going to say ‘Nick, which side are you on’ and she tells Nick he can do his rant when she’s done talking

Nick says ‘let’s blow my shit up now that everyone is here’ and she says it’s not about blowing up his game. She calls him dramatic.

Nick starts calling Christie’s lack of loyalty by putting dates to her issues.  ‘day 7 you said this’ ‘day 15 you said this’ … even though he’s probably making up dates

Jess appears to be enjoying this

Nick tells her to manifest the truth hahaha

Christie admits that she was going to target Jackson first.  Christie says something was a lie and Nick freaks out and starts yelling. Christie says he’s scared.  Christie does a ‘show of hands, if Nick wins HoH, who feels safe’ to prove that Nick is just playing the middle. Christie says he’ll keep throwing HoHs. Nick says ‘I’m not fucking throwing comps, cuz’. Christie thinks he threw the slip and slide comp

Tommy is clearly nervous he’s just slumping deeper in his chair hoping to turn invisible

Nick and Christie are going back and forth arguing about the same garbage. I am just having fun watching Tommy try to be invisible

They have brought up Kemi and Jack possibly backdooring Christie.  This is going back to the beginning. Meanwhile, the poor tacos are getting cold. Going to be Taco Wednesday by the time they eat

Jackson is loving this

Christie makes fun of Nick saying how everyone trusts him and how he feels bad about it. She then says ‘happy taco tuesday’ hahaha

Christie points out how back when Bella was on the block, Nick was going to try to make Cliff break his word so Nick just uses other people to lie

She hammers Nick on trying to make Cliff lie. She then tells Jess not to worry because Nick isn’t going to try to win HoH

Christie says ‘that’s the universe rewarding someone for not doing something bad’ (she wasn’t going to have her taco tuesday blowup but it happened anyway)

Nick walks away and the rest finally get to have their tacos

8:15 pm – Here is the look of a defeated man

Sis comes in and asks Nick what’s wrong.  What?

Tommy comes in so he can comfort Nick. Work that jury, Tommy. Work it

Ok, fight is done, taking a break then writing up my overnight!


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  1. Lather

    Hopefully Sis will fade back into the background once she’s off the block.
    Tommy better thank his lucky stars CC is manifesting her butt out the door.

  2. jennyc

    i think writing a note any tying it to a rock would be more effective then yelling.
    …unless production was on top of its game and was able to grab it…

  3. Helen

    Sometimes I think this season of Big Brother was put together pretty quickly without much thought put into it or looking for housepets….whether the show was going to be renewed or not was put off till last minute and so I think a lot of other things were too….hopefully next season will be better since I think it was renewed thru season 22

  4. jennyc

    what book is nick looking at? are houseguests only allowed to bring a bible or can they bring other spiritual material?

  5. Joy

    does Nick EVER just stop? I mean I can’t. He is just vile, nasty and lacking any form of intelligence.

    • Mary

      @ Joy- Nick makes me sick. There is nothing I can say that just about everyone else hasn’t said before. IMO- Nick is a sexual sociopath, all he talks about is sex, when he’s not talking game. He has no self control, or he actually thinks it’s funny. I don’t, think he is disgusting. Would like to ask him if he was a peeping Tom when he was young.

      • Nancy

        I want Dr. Phil to talk to him

      • danmtruth

        At first i thought with his background he was using sex as a tool to keep the other HG off balance As the season went on it seems like no its just the way he is

      • Mary

        Someone in his family needs to tell him that he acted like a sick individual on camera for the whole world to see. Seriously if I was Bella, I’d dropped his necklace off at his Mothers house, and when I saw him at the finale I’d say I’m sorry you’re just to creepy for me. He said that he had sex with all his ex’s friends. Is that something to be proud of? He makes my skin crawl. This morning when he was talking about Tommy was sickening, and he wouldn’t shut up.

      • LynnD

        Maybe he’s not really a therapist?Maybe he is fresh out of the psych ward? We all know BB seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel these days

    • Avatar

      Has it been determined if he Is really a therapist? Or is that a creative title they have given him? He just seems to lack any maturity.

  6. danmtruth

    When nick starts talking He goes so fast so no one else can get a word in
    Christie was telling Sis she was remembering her ex and , , , fish

  7. danmtruth

    They were talking about sign language Nick said it does not mater if your spanish or English its all the same It got me thinking so it is unclear how many sign languages currently exist worldwide. Each country generally has its own native sign language,

    • Sophie

      Yeah, it actually goes way beyond each country having its own native sign language. It’s pretty much regional. So, like one area of CA has it’s own, and another area of CA has another. It really is diverse and location based. But it doesn’t take long to pick up from one locale to the next. I’m not sure what NN was talking about. Maybe he was saying there are a few universal signs? Idk really.

      • danmtruth

        I honestly was not sure so i look it up Yes it did mention just like dialects it is different for different parts of the country Believe it or not it was Jess who said why is it called American standered sign language Why not universal sign language Nick was saying a dog is a dog no mater the language
        Now i know better

      • Sophie

        Really? Well good for Jess! She asked the same question I did. I took ASL as my 2nd language in HS and college, so 5 years altogether. Say you’re talking about a sink, one area might sign it as if they’re miming turning on the faucets (twisting them with their hands), and another area might sign it like they’re washing their hands under running water (like rubbing hands under imaginary water).

        Silly Nick (or should I say stupid Nick?). I wonder where he gets his info? Does he just make stuff up?: The sign for dog is not the same universally.
        In ASL: https://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/pages-signs/d/dog.htm
        In FSL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doVrdQK6-UQ

        Even in ASL (American Sign Language) there are several different signs for Dog.
        In FSL (French Sign Language) it is completely different.

        But, context is a huge issue in SL and people in the Deaf community use it to communicate and can readily understand one another. I really admire the way they’re able to converse.

  8. AIO_7

    “Nick says he was half-dreaming and he thinks he was rubbing Tommy’s penis.”


  9. hogwild

    Just for the record somethings that are said on the feeds don’t need to shared.

  10. AIO_7

    I’m sick of this CBS censorship. Cliff started to have a self talk in the Target Room, and suddenly all 4 cameras cut to this nonsense. I’m going to drop the CBS feeds soon enough, and just go freebie on BMX. I’m sick of paying for this bullshit …


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  12. Avatar

    It kills me that cc & sis want to blame nn for not winning POV, but they didn’t win it for themselves

  13. AIO_7

    Nick spilling the goods on Christie …


  14. Colby

    Christie crying to Nicole trying to get her vote to stay.
    Don’t buy it Nicole!

  15. TeeJ

    *off topic question*
    I have been searching for comments from evicted house guest now that they know Christie and Tommy know each other. Bubkiss. Nada. Empty. Blank. Thoughts?

  16. amareels

    So someone please tell me why all of them are sitting on the couch?

  17. Nancy

    I think I’d rather see JJ shovel watermelon in his mouth, than spitting out sunflower seed hulls..looks like he’s got a chew in his jaw and his spittoon

  18. NKogNeeTow

    When posting all those songs last night, I forgot to include one important one.

    For Kari and Alda’s anniversaries. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite of ALL time!

    More Love – Smokey and The Miracles https://youtu.be/Ly8G9Psdqxw

    Okay, I’m going to take a nap now. I have to be nice, fresh and awake so I can watch them sleep. Besides that, we have a killer storm going on here. It has been thundering for over an hour and sounds like that Gods are all bowling strikes. I looked out front and part of someone’s siding is laying in my yard. Not sure if it’s mine or not but doesn’t look like it and it’s raining too hard for me to look out the door to see. The trees are blowing like they’re trying to relocate. My computer is in the kitchen and while I was sitting at the table I heard a noise so loud I opened the back door to look and there was golf ball-sized hail hitting the patio and the porch awning. The power went out for almost half an hour. Guess that’s my que to use my time wisely. I’m wondering if I wake up will I be in the Land of Oz? If all goes well and I don’t lose power again, see you guys later tonight. 🙂

    • Nancy

      Stay safe..sounds like ahellava storm..

    • Patricia

      Oh nk please b safe. We r expecting storms this afternoon here. A week ago we had one so bad that the top of one of my bradford pear tree ended up on my roof n on my power line coming in the house. Praying for no storm damage for u. We have 8 acres n r sounded by huge trees. Ugh i love them n hate them during storms. Lol.

      • Nancy

        I live out in the country and have woods behind me with extremely tall Ga pines..they sway in a storm..always praying , don’t fall on house..only had an old pecan tree fall into garage..

      • Kel-E

        The people that live by me have pecan trees and all her limbs are snapping this year from the weight of the pecans that are coming in

    • Leta

      Stay safe NK! We don’t wanna see you go flying by Nancy’s van!

    • LynnD

      NK stay safe.

      On an up note I think you have already left Kansas because we have already found the Scarecrow (AKA sis) the Tin Man (AKA cc) and I’m pretty sure we stumbled across the Cowardly Lion at the moment (AKA Jess) that girl is all roar with nothing to back it up.

    • Alda

      Thank You NK! I made my husband come in to listen to that one from the past.We love Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.He said “Boy,your friends have good taste in music.” Stay safe tonight.Did you see the news from Colorado with all the air mattresses blowing in the wind.I think they were going to have a concert or outdoor movie or something.Then the winds picked up and there were air mattresses flying everywhere.

    • kneeless

      We had a big storm early this AM. Tons of thunder, lightening, straight line winds & tornadoes. Stay safe everyone.

  19. Avatar

    Two observations this season. 1. The reduced alchohol like I mentioned earlier. But it did help stir things up in the past. 2. No smokers this season (not a bad thing). Used to get some decent sidebar chatter from the smokers couch, while the others stayed away.

    • Hollymarie

      I think CBS stopped the smokers. One of the comments that Jack said when he left was about being able to smoke at the Jury House. Believe people mentioned seeing a nicotine patch on him, but they might have been talking about the bandage on his shoulder.

  20. Leta

    Cliff in the boat room with TT. They briefly talked about the audio from last night. Cliff to TT : “It’s like your deal last night.. when something is just blatantly untrue.” TT
    says he couldn’t sleep last night. Cliff tells TT he is sorry that happened.

    Looks like Cliff heard the audio loud and clear.

    Surely, he isn’t so stupid to NOT believe it. C’mon. Cliff’s not a stupid man. So, my question is do ALL of the HGs now know what was played? Even if they weren’t present? Or does production sit them all down and blab it to them all? Or did the ones that heard it have time to spread it before production stepped in? Or do just Cliff/Nicole and TT know?

    Asking for a friend. Okay, I lied. I NEED TO KNOW. 😉

  21. KLew

    So this afternoon I realized the icon for this website now shows up as one of my most visited sites. Therefore it’s high time I made a donation to support the awesome folks who keep this place going for our entertainment. Thanks so much.

  22. Patricia

    Production sucks. N why in the hell do they think they can stop them from talking to each other. I pray cliff tells jackson n beth. Please tell them lol. I truly feel sorry for all u live feeders to pay for 24/7 access n not get 24/7 it bs. Lies u tell cbs. Get with it n give them there moneys worth. I bet if everyone stopped getting live feeds n they miss that money they would give what they advertise.

    • Kel-E

      If Cliff does tell JJ and Holly it will make for some interesting feeds I am sure. If I was Cliff I would be throwing it in their faces the same way they did about JJ/Holly/Kat

  23. Patricia

    Hey guys. I been trying to send a friend request to Mel but i cant find her. Can someone tell me how to find her. Or Mel if u see this can u send me a request. Thanls yall

  24. hogwild

    Who else when they hear Sis talk wants to treat her like a glowstick and grab her and shake her till the light comes on?

  25. LynnD

    OMG! I am watching Sundays episode and am “literally” LMAO at how stupid sis really is. What college did she go to?

    Nancy we must be careful when picking cc up Thursday. Sis is going to think we are actually santa & the elves and we may never get off the roof. (Or driveway)

  26. AIO_7

    Get all of that info., Jackson; then send her packing Thursday night.

    P.S. Jackson is setting her up to attack Nick tonight …


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  28. Colby

    Christie giving JJ the whole I want to stay to take out Nick. She’s good, and he is listening. But I don’t think it’s working.
    He is telling her to go pitch that to everyone, even suggesting at dinner – taco Tuesday! He is turning it around on her to do the dirty work before she goes, and she doesn’t realize that. She thinks it’s working on him.

    • AIO_7

      “But I don’t think it’s working.”

      He is baiting her; it’s funny as hell. In so many words he told her she should GO OUT proud.

    • LynnD

      That’s truly the best idea. Christy should be doing her own dirty work. Kudos to Jackson for this one. I think the only two people that will believe Christy’s BS anymore is Jess and sis even Tommy see through it. But then again Tommy has known her forever he knows what a bullshiter she is.

  29. danmtruth

    The other night Jackson told the HG he had taken the LSAT than he said the next night he is on credit short of graduation As he is missing a spanish language course Many schools have a one year of a foreign language as a prerequisite for graduation He does not see the logic in it so just wont do it WTF can he be anymore self centered

  30. AIO_7

    Now Beth is working Chrustie …


  31. nancy

    Steve, got the email.

  32. Alda

    Why do Nick’s eyes always look half lit?

  33. mm22

    I just have to say if cliff is such a big bb fan
    he would know in the past passionate fans have
    gone to great lengths to get important info to
    the houseguests and even other hg have left
    messages for others with pretzels and eyeliner
    pencils. I think cliff heard most or enough of the
    speaker blast but chooses to not believe it. If
    I heard any info coming over the wall I would
    not only believe it but keep repeating the message
    so everyone knew

    • Hollymarie

      Not only that, but he and Nichole were talking yesterday and telling her about standing outside looking at the house last year when he was in la, thinking about the people inside. A year later and he’s one of them. Soooooo, he knows how hard the set is to get to. Why would anyone go to all that trouble to tell a lie, when part of the “broadcast ” was actually Crusties voice. Maybe Cliff isn’t as smart as we thought he was.

    • Mary

      Do you think he is just brushing it aside on purpose, or playing to TT’s insecurities . Especially, because wasn’t it Cliff that said they must know each other when they were outside when CC was saying TT only lives a few exits away.

      • Hollymarie

        Not sure. When he talked to the cams, he blew it off as something that didn’t have the effect that the person doing it thought it would. Then began talking about it like it was just a criticism of tt/cc game.

  34. AIO_7

    Yummy!, Beth cooking again …


    • mm22

      Ya know we talk alot about Jackson always eating but holly beth is quite
      the nibbler too. She’s always passing food out to others as she pops some in her mouth
      and Jackson is constantly walking across the kitchen with chunks of
      watermelon in his fingers that she slurps up (and yes slurps-those mics
      pick up that shit) they just love to feed each other …yuck

  35. danmtruth

    The gall of nick to say i cant help it if people just like me and want to be my friend in this house I have been nothing but transparent , , move away if you dont want to be struck by lighting

  36. danmtruth

    An answer to nick about sign language try and keep up

  37. Nikki

    Steve or Mel, is there a way to message either of you directly? (Pardon my ignorance – I promise I’m smarter than Sis! Lol)

  38. Sassy

    NK, I hope something exciting happens on BBAD because the feeds are so slow and boring!!

  39. Helen

    Holle has been cooking up a storm the last three nights…guess she’s trying to showJackson she is good wifey material

  40. ScaryTerri

    @LynnD. please check your messages.

  41. AIO_7

    “I have to keep my integrity in this game.” Crustie

    (in other words, she is not going to publicly blast Nick, but will in her private campaigning. Also, they should keep her because she is such a huge target)


  42. hogwild

    Since there doesn’t appear there is going to be any drama tonight and we have not had a pet of the day for your consideration.

  43. AIO_7

    Nick basically saying that he is going to break out on Christies ass if she comes out against him. Called her “petty”. I knew Jackson would tell Nick what Chrustie was saying …


  44. Mary

    Did that disgusting pig Nick just take 2 paper towels, wipe his under arms and throw them on the kitchen table? then walk away. HE IS A PIG!!!

  45. hogwild

    News flash Nick it’s not just Christie that hates you.

  46. TeeJ

    The all access feed is either love, or hate.
    JJ’s game play is getting better by the freaking day. Continues to encourage both CC and NN.

  47. Colby

    It’s going down now!

  48. TeeJ


  49. Mary

    ooooh hoooo.

  50. mm22

    Big fight!! It’s go time!

  51. Sophie

    Off topic: I noticed the comment I posted today says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Is this something that happens to all comments? Because I remember that happening when I first signed up here, but then thought I didn’t see it anymore. Now, I see it again. Or, did I just miss it and it’s always been there?

    Does that ever go away? Did I possibly break some rule I was unaware of? Just would like to know if I need to be more aware of what I’m posting (although I can’t seem to recall anything I posted that might be offensive).


  52. kneeless

    Hope during this blow up that Nick doesn’t mess up CC going home! Nick’s talking so fast, Christie’s interrupting, I can’t understand a word!

  53. Vikki T

    Please I hope someone did a screen grab (and can post) of Jess’ face during this fight. I was crying from laughing so hard.

  54. AIO_7


  55. Mary

    And poor NK is sleeping during this.

  56. Mary

    Thanks CBS for not giving us fish.

  57. hogwild

    The fight is reminding me of this line from Macbeth.
    It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  58. Painter1

    Came on just in time…Quick Manifest NK to WAKE UP lol

  59. ElaineB

    Ahhhhhhhhh confirmation, as to why I want Christie to go! F**k the good feeds, I can’t stand her apologies and fake “love you” and “I wasn’t gonna do it”.

  60. AIO_7

    It’s going to be a bitter Taco Tuesday.

    (Chrustie actually think she won that)

  61. danmtruth

    House is shell shock
    Final score has anyone vote changed — NO
    Funny thing is christie told everyone it was coming Than it wasent
    Gives christie a chance to apologize to everyone for ruining taco tuseday

    • ElaineB

      And they will always remember Christie ruining ‘Taco Tuesday’….guess what Christie, all your ‘love you’ in the world won’t repair the damage done to the sacred day. LOL.

  62. Nancy

    after all is said an done..CC Just kept repeating, I didnt wanna do this… she was sooo wound up…loved it!!!

  63. Alda

    Jess’s facial expressions during this fight-priceless.Her eyes are popping out of her head.

  64. pkcable

    Special message for Steve. Go Phillies!

  65. Nancy

    I’ve never seen a person shrink like Tommy did..

  66. ElaineB

    None of us will EVER look at Taco Tuesday in the same way again. (Hey Nancy, do you have a Nancy avatar, with a taco…I know, too much to ask). Lol.

  67. Nancy

    I wanna listen to nick, but his sucking up snot is killing me..blow ur nose ass clown

  68. Helen

    Do you think Jess was surprised she is Nicks target and Holly or Cliff would be OTB next to her if he wins HOH?

  69. ElaineB

    Chipmunk Cheeks is enjoying her taco!

  70. Avatar

    Am I the only one who cannot stand Michie and Holly? Also can she please be given a pair of glasses that fit her face. She pushes up her glasses so much I’m surprised her nose isn’t raw.

    I just want Tommy to win!

  71. danmtruth

    Aww poor nick alone in target room

  72. danmtruth

    The one thing i will say is about throwing comps Going back you will hear that he has talked about throwing hoh comps

  73. hogwild

    Well the fight did accomplish one thing I’m in the mood for tacos now.

  74. mm22

    Why are babying that creep checking to make sure he’s ok bringing
    him food now Nicole brings him a drink the only ones I haven’t seen in the
    room is jess n Jackson n christy

  75. Avatar

    Holy crap did I miss a lot the one night that I go to bed early for a doctor’s appointment the next day and spend the rest of the following day packing up my stuff for college next week, the crap hits the ceiling in the BB house. Probably going to have to reread the previous posts because I know I probably missed something

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  77. NKogNeeTow


    Welp, the big blow out happened. It didn’t completely make up for last night but it wasn’t a bad start for tonight. Now let’s just hope that they aren’t too tired from the fight and full from the tacos and go to bed by 10 tonight.


    TT and Holly brought Nick some food and checked on him to see if he’s okay. He said he was to upset to eat but TT insisted. Nicole comes in and they leave. She talks with him about what just happened. He’s still upset.


    Holly and JJ are talking. She asked him if he heard what CC said about Cliff coming in #5. She sounds a bit worried and says she wants to talk to Cliff about it. TT comes in and they change the subject.


    Nicole is still talking to Nick. He is telling her that everybody is talking about him and he’s just sick of it.


  78. AIO_7

    “8:15 pm – Here is the look of a defeated man”

    Nick wasn’t defeated, just pissed off.

  79. amareels

    Nick says, “I’ve been nothing but honest.” Whaaaaaat? He just keeps repeating himself.

  80. AIO_7

    New threat, Junkers.

  81. mm22

    Mommy hollybeth now making delicious drinks for everyone- oops she miss
    counted-must make even more drinks now she forgot christy n jess will want another

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