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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Evening / Overnight Thread

Good evening, everyone!


What a slow week. It’s incredible how different each week is in this house. We went from the pot boiling all week before the eventual blowup on Thursday night to Jack campaigning his ass off all week to a week where they make fake movies on snapchat and talk about nothing. What will next week be?

Slow weeks also make this part of my job tough because I typically like to increase a few paragraphs talking about the house before I begin the updates, but there is nothing new to say and very little to make sound interesting. The most interesting thing going on in the house is actually out of the house. That is Bella tweeting recently how she’s not thrilled about the way Nick is acting:


She’s absolutely right. It’s one thing for people to get close, give backrubs, etc, etc. What’s not normal is for two people to hook up inside the house and then snuggle with each other the second their partners are out the door. Especially when one of them knows his girlfriend can watch him obsess over Analyse. It’s hilarious and couldn’t happen to better people.

In another note, seeing as I know she’ll be around overnight, check your email, NKog!

I’m not sure there will be much here to update, but the overnight should happen in the comment section!  Unless a fight breaks out or anything interesting happens, see you tomorrow!


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  1. SoftKitty

    Will there be a DE Thursday? I know the HGs are speculating there will be… But?

  2. allie

    Hopefully karma bites Nasty Nick in the ass. WoA too.

  3. GoodGame

    Second Comment! Fist bump myself!
    Is Nick and Sis actually making out today?

  4. Nancy

    I’m bored with them all!!!

  5. Mary

    Nick singing a little Chicago to Bella-

  6. Sophie

    Wouldn’t be such a slow week if JJ and Holly continued to strategize & put plans in action, instead of isolating. Just to withdraw & pretend to be at odds with their alliance isn’t enough. They should have been going on the offensive and getting Jess, Nicole, Cliff & Cat to work with them. They could always have claimed to the 6shooters that they were doing as TT asked and putting on a great show, while actually doing it for real. Sigh. I really thought JJ was a strategic player, Holly too. That break-up with Jack knocked him off his game hard.

    • Alda

      Holly and Jackson seem to want to reunite with Christie,Tommy and Sis for a final five.Tommy is for it,but Christie and Sis are not.

      • Sophie

        Yeah, unfortunately that just puts them back in the same place though. I love the strategy in this game. Just wishing there was more of it. I actually though JJ & Holly were going to do that. But they just sat back. In their position, wouldn’t it be better to have this as a plan B? Esp since JJ & CC are butting heads right now.

        Seeing this from a chessboard perspective, it just seems to me that JJ & Holly would have really benefited by taking advantage of their blowup with the others, scooping up the others, and moving ahead with as many as they could. Am I seeing this wrong?

      • Sophie

        To clarify: Holly & JJ would have benefited by their blowup with the 6shooters, and scooping up the rest of the house (as many as would work with them). I think they could have won the house to their corner. Most of those people would have liked to have some strength in numbers, and would probably have worked against CC & TT due to them being so strong.

      • NKogNeeTow

        JJ doesn’t really want to get back with them either. Holly is the one pushing it.

  7. Kari

    *comment about the last thread because I just read it*


    1. Even though I’m not a baker, and to be quite honest I do have some slight developmental disabilities, I have enough sense to know that there’s no *bread in a banana bread recipe*. I’m sorry but that just crack me up. No actually I’m not sorry. I about snorted and spit out my iced tea!

    2. Bella. I didn’t particularly like the way she handled herself in the game at all. She disappointed me so incredibly much because I thought she would be a lot of fun. But that being said, I’m glad she wrote what she did and acknowledged his behaviors and is exiting herself out of the equation. No one deserves that kind of bs.

  8. Mary

    Remember this one Nancy?
    Golden Earring-

  9. danmtruth

    Can i say this cast does remind me of this song

  10. ShoeLover

    @@ JENNY!!

    I figured this would be the easiest way to show the picture of my Abbi and Hanna meeting for the first time. I will keep this as a temp avatar for now, then back to my shoes!!

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  12. Kari

    Had to change my avatar to show how incredibly entertained I am…

  13. Sunny

    I saw this on another BB website. Controversy over Tommy winning the last HOH. Someone slowed down the video and Tommy didn’t really win. BB wanted him to win because of his birthday. I’m not sure whether it’s true or not, but thought I would share. I can’t get it to link but maybe a copy and past will work to view it. Sorry!


    • Sunny

      I guess it did link – yeah me! 🙂

    • Mary

      I cut and paste all the U tube videos.

    • Sophie

      This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I quit watching BB for a long time because it ticked me off so much the way they interfered with the game! They’ve always done shady things … like reveal info during diary (we don’t see that, but know it happens), leading contestants to figure out something, like: Ever think CC and TT might know each other?

      They’d ask that question if/when they want someone in the house to figure it out. If the person their asking says no, then they’ll give them more info, like: didn’t they say they live near one another? Do you think it’s coincidence they’re on the same season? Just anything until a person gets that “aha!” moment & puts 2 & 2 together.

      This show is for one purpose only: $$. CBS will do whatever it can to raise ratings to raise $$.

  14. Nancy

    Was it holly who went down last? Who ever it was I thought they beat out tommy..my eyes could have been playing tricks plus I have to watch the show on my damn phone..looking at that article, snaxson should hv won..

  15. Mary

    Lucky me, I quit jamming and went back on the feeds and low and behold CC is using her fingers as a utensils. Why does that cameraman always zoom in on CC eating. Not to mention the ” I’m grateful” garbage, banging on the table. “I’d be grateful if they brought back last years cast.” or if JJ got HOH and got Christy out.

  16. Kari

    Rw: The cameras focus on the kind of disgusting s***. Since they hired a new person to do the casting it would be nice if they hire
    a new camera crew to actually let us see what the hell’s going on is stupid stupid stuff.

  17. Kari

    *The stupid shit.

  18. Mary

    Hope they give them more booze tonight. Wonder who gets to sleep with Tommy tonight. Notice he never ask Cliff, Kat, or Jess to share his bed.

  19. Kari

    On a completely different subject. for those of us who grew up with the old time cartoons and who do not like the remakes and wish that we could see some of the old school cartoons?

    Me-TV is bringing back the original Flintstones I believe next month. We used to get boomerang here in Seattle to be able to watch Warner Brothers and all those but they decided to take it off without any warning about a year ago.

    I really wish we could find a place that would show the old cartoons on Saturday morning again. It would be so much fun to sit back with my husband drink coffee and re-live our youth. Hell I might even eat Pop-Tarts.

  20. danmtruth

    At the start of his HOH Tommy said how he did not want the 6 hanging out together to HIDE the fact they were getting back together The only person who might be fooled is jess For not wanting to be seen together they all spend a lot of time together

  21. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: The After Party…

    As many of you know, last night they had a little party in the HOH. Everyone got a little tipsy, although I don’t believe some of them were as tipsy as they wanted us or the others to believe. One thing that I want to mention that wasn’t touched on was a sad but kind of funny debate between Nick the Nympho and CC. Nick brought up the subject of his technique of performing oral sex on a woman (I can’t even believe I’m reporting on this). He started to describe it in graphic detail. CC laughed at him and told him that women don’t like that technique. He said he had never had any complaints and women loved it. Simple Sis piped in and said she didn’t like it. They asked him if Bella liked it. He said she wouldn’t let him do it to her (LOL). CC told him that that should have told him something. They started having a back and forth on his method vs women not liking it (CC’s stance). He started to get really pissed. He got called to the DR and could hardly leave the room because he was still arguing with CC over it. Once he had left the room CC and SS were laughing hysterically at him. I’m only sorry that he wasn’t there to hear it. It would have really set him off. Okay, enough about that. I figured if I couldn’t erase that memory out of my brain, I didn’t want you to either. You know what they say, “Misery loves company”. 🙂

    Now, on to the show…I missed most of the first segment because of writing the info above.

    Boat Room:

    CC and Jess are talking about Cliff and Kat. Jess is telling her that she’s heard that people are maybe thinking of keeping Cliff because he’s hurt. CC says that she doesn’t feel safe keeping him but it’s a coin toss because she doesn’t know which one to trust (Cliff/Kat). She says her only concern is Kat’s relationship with JJ/Holly and she feels to safe with them. Jess says Kat doesn’t feel safe with JJ/Holly. TT brings his annoying ass in and sits down and CC continues talking. She says she feels that everyone is waiting for someone to do something to see where they stand with each person. Jess says she’s ready to scream to the top of her lungs. *Sweet Baby Jesus, please don’t.* She says JJ tried to talk to her today but since she just put him OTB last week she’s not going to tell him where her head is.


    • Sophie

      OMG thank you for sharing that ! It shows just how much of an a**wipe he is! Disturbing thing to me is that he thinks he knows what women like more than women! Kidding me ??? Most guys who say they’ve never had any complaints about it are men who wouldn’t HEAR a complaint even if it were being piped right into their ears!!

    • danmtruth

      Jess is so proud of herself to be with the cool kids christie and tommy She is pathetic

    • Sophie

      Embarrassed and humiliated to admit it, but: I want to know what his technique is!! I just want to know if it’s as laugh-worthy as the girls are making it out to be. Ack! My curiosity does get me in trouble sometimes.

    • Nikki

      And what kind of therapist is Nick? He seriously gives me the heebie-jeebies. And because he makes my skin crawl I can’t imagine ever seen him as a therapist nor sending my daughter to him for therapy.

      I wonder if the HG’s ever consider that they could mess up their real life jobs due to their reality tv 20 minutes of fame.

      • danmtruth

        Hard to believe Nick has not He was called into the DR and told something because he said to bella once that employers could hear what he is saying That lasted a day or two max

    • mm22

      *Nick brought up the subject of his technique of performing* I thought I was
      the only one that saw n commented on that yesterday! I turned off the feeds
      after nick mentioned bella-it’s a whole lotta wrong to share private moments-
      Nick is disgusting-imo those cameras should have gone to fish when that all

    • BBGurl

      thanks for that disturbing visual, Nk. lol meanie

  22. Nancy

    Im gonna lay down and watch it on my phone..please turn the lights out when its “OVAH”..peace my friends

  23. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Holly is now in the room with them. Only general chit-chat about the food and the effect on their stomachs. Jess is droning on in her high-low pitched buzzsaw voice. CC tells them what she ate and says her stomach issues are gluttonous. Jess whines IN THAT VOICE “Tommmmmyyyyyyy, you’re buffffffffffed. I love ittttttttt”. *I want to throat punch her so bad.*


    Nympho Nick and Kat are laying in bed talking. Nothing sexual (at the moment).

    Boat Room:

    WoA SS is now with them. She says she wishes one of the luxury things is that someone comes in and does your nails. CC counts everyone and wonders where everyone else is. SS tells her. Holly tells them about something that JJ said about the music he was listening too. They go over everyone on the music thingy.


    Kat says she and Holly really don’t talk game. Nick says he came in hot and told her what he thought about people coming in. He speculates what would have happened if Bella was still there. He says the original alliance has won 5 out of 7 HOH’s so far. Kat asks him who were they (the original alliance) planning on getting out if they had stayed together. He says everyone down to the original 8.


    • danmtruth

      Nick is now taking credit for fourming the 8 on day one with jack as he is talking with Kat As normal he talks in circles and counterdicks what he just said First how strong they were and they could had hade it to the final8 So Kat ask when did it start to break apart Nick was at the end of Christies HOH WTF ! That was week one ! Some great alliance

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Email checked and responded to Steve.

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  26. Sophie

    At the risk of getting a bad rep here, can I just say that NN probably think women love his technique b/c they fake the big O to get him to stop it. Next, I noticed this before I ever found this blog/board (? idk what it is), but it’s something that he does ALL the time on tv: pinches himself – there. You know, there. All. The. Time. Why?

  27. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling Kat how he pitched to the alliance how they would fall in one of the comps that CC won. He said that they decided to bring SS in (He’s telling how the 8 came together). He says then they brought in Sam. He says him, CC, Jack and TT met and came up with the name Gr8ful and that he named it. He said it was cool he made up the alliance. He says it was great until his HOH.

    Boat Room:

    Cliff is now with the group. They are wondering if next week will be the last week for slop. Cliff says it’s still in the SR so he thinks they may still have at least one more week of it.


    Kat’s annoying ass is whispering. Can’t hear what she asked Nick. Nick says that Gr8ful was the f*cking Mod Squad. He said then Cliff won and he said karma was a bitch because his (Nick/Bella) alliance had flipped on them. He said he was excited with Cliff’s noms and was hoping CC wouldn’t use her power but she strong-armed Cliff instead. Kat said she wanted to see it play out (Cliff’s noms) because it wouldn’t have affected her game. Nick says that if Jack would have stayed he would have won. Nick says TT and SS were the ones fighting for him to get back into Gr8ful.


  28. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, check your messages.

    Patricia, haven’t forgotten you. I’ll see if I can check on it.

  29. NKogNeeTow



    Kat asks Nick what alliance he’s in. He says none. She asks him if he’d like to be in one with her. *Hopefully you won’t be there long enough.* He says sure. TT comes in and asks them what they are talking about. They tell him about when he was HOH and what might have happened and the twist. Kat says she thought she loved the “7” when, and Nick says “7?”. She laughs and corrects herself and says 8. Cliff drifts in and sits down. They modify the subject.

    Kat says she has a feeling that if they are smart they have some other twist that they might throw-in. Cliff says he can see them having some comps where they get to go to dinner or something. TT says that after the next lockdown, if they take the 3 person couch out (where the nominees sit), then they will know something. They get a warning from Production. Jess comes in to tell them that she’s going to bed. Kat says she wonders who’s working tonight and gets a warning. She says sorry, she just wants to see its someone working that she likes. Production tells her to “Shut it down.” Nick says she might get a penalty nom. *God I hope so.* She laughs. Simple Sis comes in then leaves. Nick says she always says she’s going to come back but never does.


  30. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is now in the room with Cliff, Nick, and Kat.


    CC and SS have just gotten in the room and are whispering. CC tells her that Jess just told her how she’s scared and doesn’t know who to trust because everyone is telling her that there is still a 5. CC and SS think it’s weird that Nick has spent all day with Kat. SS asks her what she said to Jess. CC says she told her it’s just a rumor and the 5 of them haven’t even been in a room together and they are trying to figure out how they are going to vote. She said she told Jess that there is no 5 and she doesn’t know where it’s coming from. SS asks her if she thinks it’s Nick because he’s getting nervous. CC says she doesn’t fully trust him and he is so gung ho about the group getting back together that she doesn’t say anything around him anymore. She says she doesn’t want to be part of a 5 again. She said Jess started to tell her something else but Holly came in. She said that Jess said that she believes CC when she says she’s not working with JJ and Holly.

    TT comes in and CC says she’s not saying anything else. They tell him about CC’s convo with Jess and they think Nick might be saying things. TT says he thinks Jess is trying to paint a target on Cliff to get it off of Kat. CC says she told Jess there is no 5 and it’s just a rumor. She tells TT that Jess says she trust CC and believes her but maybe there is something that she(CC) doesn’t know about.


  31. NKogNeeTow



    Simple Sis is telling CC that she feels fine if she doesn’t win this HOH. CC says the only people she doesn’t feel fine with winning it is JJ/Holly. CC and SS say they feel good with Cliff and Nicole on their side. SS wonders if they all voted out Kat and they didn’t would the others get mad and come after them. CC says she’s not keeping Kat no matter what. CC says JJ/Holly is still trying to make her thinks they aren’t coming after her. SS says it’s better that they (CC/SS) don’t win HOH and throw it and let the others win.

    CC and SS wonder why TT is afraid that someone is coming after him. CC says unless it’s something that they don’t know. SS tells her then she should ask him. They say they wonder why TT is so hesitant about working with Cliff and Nicole and making a deal with them. They both think it’s odd. CC says she knows he’s close with Nick but not sure whether that has anything to do with it or not.

    Jess is up to her old tricks again. She comes in and says she just came to say goodnight to TT. They tell her that he’s in the DR. She then says she came up to say goodnight to him and use the bathroom. She stalls for a few minutes and tries to make small talk. SS puts on the headphones and CC doesn’t say much so Jess goes into the bathroom. SS tells CC she should sleep up there. CC says that Nick is sleeping up there. SS says she doesn’t think so. CC says that TT didn’t invite her to.


  32. danmtruth

    Supper fan Nick Kat and Tommy talking about how the 8 were so powerful that production would have step in to slow them down so it would not had look so easy Do the see all the work that goes into these comps

  33. danmtruth

    I saw CC and Sis up in the HOH room It hit me how joyless CC and tommys game are They are worried about everything

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling Kat that he doesn’t get why they put Kat up. He says he gets why they put him up. Kat says it’s easy to say ‘let’s pick from the bottom’. She says that if they think she’s at the bottom that they are going to feel really stupid when they get out and see the show. *So will you Sweetie.* Kat says that if they think she’s at the bottom of the barrel then that’s fine. Cliff says as sad as it is, whatever happens on eviction night, they will all be out of the house in another month. They discuss meeting each other’s families and say they represented Texas well.

    Kat says that at least they weren’t picked for the field trip. Cliff says he thinks there were more haters voting on who went on that trip. She wishes him luck tomorrow and he leaves and goes into the kitchen with Nicole, Holly, and Nick.


    Holly, Nick, and Nicole talk about fishing. They talk about making fishing poles. Cliff talks about how he could easily catch the fish in the tank. Cliff says Big John would not be pleased. Someone passes gas and Nick tries to blame it on Holly. She says she thought it was him and thats why she walked away.


    CC, and SS are laying in bed watching the kitchen crew on the monitor. Jess, who is rapidly sliding back into Waste of Skin territory, is just sitting there. *Again, stalling in a place where she’s NOT wanted.*


    They debate who’s farts smell the worse. Nick is whispering about the next comp. He thinks it might be the Slip and Slide. He tells Cliff that personally he has a better relationship with JJ.


  35. NKogNeeTow



    JJ and Holly laying in bed. He tells her that they just need to get through the DE. She says TT is leaning towards evicting Kat because she scares him more. She says that CC and SS are leaning more towards evicting Cliff. He says “Damn”. They lay there in silence for a few minutes.


    CC is saying that TT can’t play for HOH next week so TT is just laying low. She tells Jess, that there is no alliance anymore. Jess has now lain her once again useless ass down on the bed. SS tells her that she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet.


    Holly says that she has to work on her relationship with Nicole. He says they still have a couple of days.


    Jess is whining about something. CC says that she thinks that it’s strange that Kat keeps saying that JJ/Holly would be her targets yet they keep working to keep her. They look on the monitor and see Nick coming. CC says she wants to pretend she’s asleep. He comes in and jumps in on the bed and hugs SS. CC asks him how his day was. *She’s trying to pump him for info on Kat.* He starts recounting his day. He says that he’s read all of the Bible except Revelation. He says that then he made a cup of tea.

    CC asks him again how his day was. He says pretty uneventfully. She asks him where he’s sleeping tonight. He says that TT asks him to sleep up there again. CC says then she’ll just go f*ck herself again. Nick says then he’ll just sleep downstairs and tell TT when he comes back. CC says she’s not going to ask someone to sleep with them if they haven’t asked her.

    SS asks Nick to tickle her leg. CC asks him does he think Bella would like it if he did that. She says that she doesn’t know Bella like that but she’s his girlfriend and what did he think she would think. He starts to say how he acts with his exes friends.


  36. danmtruth

    Tommy is still saying he doesn’t care who goes but thats a lie just say who you want out tommy Jackson is saying how do you want me to vote out Mr HOH take a stand

  37. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is telling TT and JJ that she preaches women’s empowerment too. TT says it terrifies him. Nick keeps calling TT and he goes to the door and Nick tells him that CC wants to sleep upstairs. TT says he doesn’t care. He goes back to talking to JJ/Holly that Jess has been saying that the 5 are getting back together. Holly says that’s what she was afraid of and why they were trying to stay away. TT says he just doesn’t want them to be a target. *TT lies with the innocence of a child…a demonic child.*

    TT tells them that their reasoning is the same reason he’s trying to stay away from CC so much. To not draw attention to them as a group and that he’s trying to spend time with everybody. TT says he could tell Jess was mad at him this week and told him that based on his speech there are other people he could have put up. He says he told her that he has a great relationship with Nick so he couldn’t put him up.

    Holly say on a personal level Nick is one of TT’s best friends in the house but on a game level she feels that …and then Nick walks in and jumps on TT and starts to hump him vigorously. TT is very annoyed by this and tells him “No, Nick, that is not what guys like”. Nick laughs it off. TT is really serious. Nick says that POP has probably seen him hump TT like a jackrabbit plenty of times. TT changes the subject to playing BB. *I’m telling you, that f*cking freak HAS TO GO!*


    • Sophie

      Did NN tell TT that guys love it and he’s never had any complaints? Cuz NN is a stud. Legend in his own mind.

      • danmtruth

        TT did not appreciate nick jumping on him and start jackhammering him Nick was surprised to hear that someone did not like him humpi g their legg like an over sex jack Russell terrier

      • Sophie

        I literally shuddered when I read that, danmtruth. Literally. That NN thinks his stuff is that great. Just the way he walks is creepy to me. Made me think of a creeper the first time he entered the house.

    • Mary

      Hope one day when NN is walking by, TT does a high kick right where it matters, and NN drops to the floor.

    • Patricia

      Omg i have not seen any of this crap her does. N im glad of that. Lol. But like like totally gag me like with a like spoon. Ugh stfu wos jess. N lets just get cc eating n talking with jess. If i was in there day one i would tell that bitch. Shut ur damn mouth n dont talk while ur chewing. N i would tell her that with every bite omg this chick is damn disgusting almoat as much as nn

  38. NKogNeeTow



    JJ, Holly, TT, Nick are talking about GB messages. Nick is saying tomorrow is going to be so hard because of the campaigning. JJ brings up Cliff and how he would spin his injuries. TT brings up is it better to keep the extra guy. Holly says she feels it’s almost better for Cliff to stay to keep the target on him. Cliff comes in and they skirt around the conversation. They tell him how they were talking about the DE. Cliff says he is already packed. JJ says so is he, from last week. Cliff is now acting like Jess and just walking in and inviting himself into convos.

    Holly says she’s going to have to have a suitcase and a trash bag to take all of her stuff out. Cliff stalls and changes his pants while they talk. Nick talks about the clothes he can’t find. They run out of things to talk about with Cliff in the room. TT yawns and Nick asks him if he’s ready to go to bed.


    CC, SS, Kat, and Jess are all laying on the bed. CC looks at the monitor and sees TT and Nick coming and remarks, “Oh, here come the boyfriends. Guess I’m getting kicked out.” *Green eyes?* Someone says “We should all pretend like we are asleep.”


  39. NKogNeeTow


    The girls pretend like they are asleep when Nick and TT come into the room. Nicole is now in bed with them. He just looks at them and then says something and they start to laugh. He asks where SS then starts to look everywhere in the room for her. CC says so basically SS owns Nick now. TT goes and brushes his teeth. CC says that she’s going downstairs. TT tells her that she can sleep there if she wants to. She says she’s sleeping in the RV. He tells her then come up and sleep there tomorrow.

    Nick lays down across Kat. Jess talks about the color of his hair. He gets up. CC says she’s going downstairs. As soon as she gets up, Useless Jess *Yes, that is her new name* jumps up too. Everyone goes around hugging each other and telling each other they love each other *gag* and say goodnight. CC is the last one to hug TT and he tells her he loves her so much. The girls leave and Nick yells “Just bros sleeping.”

    TT tells Nick that he just has to figure out how to talk to JJ/Holly (he already has). He tells him how Jess keeps saying that the alliance is getting back together. TT says he talked it out in the DR and he thinks that its best that Cliff stays. He says that he wants to wait to offer Cliff a spot in the alliance. He says that he wants to tell Cliff the truth and tell him that Kat actually offered him a better deal and that Cliff wants to make a group deal and he only wants to make an individual deal. TT says he’s worried about losing 2 jury votes if he puts up Holly/JJ.

    Nick says he could never put up Nicole and Cliff. He says that Nicole or CC winning would be ideal. TT tells him that CC doesn’t want to win it so she is okay with Nicole winning. Nick says so does that mean he’s f*cked? TT says no. TT says that he thinks Cliff is going to win. Nick says “And just do it for us. I think Nicole will too.” (Put up JJ/Holly). Simple Sis comes in and asks them what’s wrong. They tell her nothing. She says they are scaring her. *Her thought process scares me.*


  40. NKogNeeTow



    Simple Sis is telling TT and Nick that CC says she wants to win because she thinks they(JJ/Holly) won’t win. She asks if they think it’s better that they don’t do the deal with Cliff. Nick says that TT doesn’t want JJ/Holly to hear about it. TT says that Kat came to her and offered that if she wins she won’t put him, CC or SS up. He says Cliff isn’t offering that good of a deal. TT says he doesn’t know if he wants to keep Cliff safe over Holly because he loves Holly because he has worked with them since day 1. He says he’s a loyal person and has been to his friends since he’s been in the house. * Tell that to Jack*

    TT says he would rather make a deal next week when his vote counts instead of this week while he’s HOH. He says he doesn’t know whether it’s safe to make a deal yet. SS asks him what if she takes it? She says she doesn’t feel safe with Cliff unless she takes the deal. Nick brings up Nicole. TT says he loves Nicole. Nicks says that if Cliff doesn’t take the deal, what are they going to do, go make the deal with Kat and keep her. TT says that he should go talk to Cliff and explain to him that he’s not making any deals this week and he gave his word on it. He says Cliff asked him where JJ and Holly fit into this. Nick tells them they have to do what’s good for their game.


    CC and her new best friend Useless Jess are laying on the oddly placed sofa. Jess told her about all the convos that were going on today. *Okay, after all the good she did last week, she’s officially back on the dark side and I’m officially done with her again.*


  41. danmtruth

    How bad of shape is kats game that she is taking advice from Jess

  42. NKogNeeTow



    Simple Sis asks them if they think they could get to F3 better with Cliff. Nick says he doesn’t have to go the the 6 with them and he is protecting them against Cliff and Nicole. Sis asks do they think they could beat Cliff. TT says if it’s mental, Cliff is scary. Sis says she feels more secure and safe if Nick would choose him and TT as an F3. She tells Nick that she doesn’t want him to throw it because he feels he’d be better with Cliff and Nicole. Nick says that Nicole can’t beat him and he doesn’t mind going to F6 with Cliff and Nicole then letting them go. He says he’s just worried about juggling everything with JJ/Holly.

    SS tells Nick that he’s thinking about the Jury. *Well, duh. You should be worried about that too Brainiac.* TT tells Nick that he has to put up JJ/Holly together. SS says she feels like TT is trying to protect Holly. She says that she loves Holly but not interested in protecting her. Nick asks TT what has JJ/Holly done to not isolate themselves. SS says that they have been talking to her a little because they know that if Kat leaves they have no one else to talk to. She says that she feels that if Kat stays, they will drop her and stop talking to her. Nick tells SS that so basically it’s who has her back really. She says yes.


  43. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling TT and Simple Sis that he loves JJ and he would keep him. TT asks him what about on a game level. Nick says he feels like he could beat anyone there in a comp. *More braggadocio* Nick says he loves kat and would keep her there but he can’t have her there with JJ/Holly. The guys agree that they love Holly but not so sure about JJ. TT says he was in a tough position because he knows that JJ wouldn’t have come after him even though the house wanted him to put him up. He said that the road trip did his work for him and got him off the hook with that one.

    SS says that when CC was OTB, JJ told her that this was the time to get her out and get no blood on their hands. She said she played along with it and told him that if they kept CC she would always be a bigger target. She says that Cliff told CC that if she had stayed OTB she would have gone home. Nick asks TT didn’t JJ say that TT shouldn’t be there. TT says that was early on and that Holly had no idea he said it.

    SS says that in the beginning and all the way up until last week she didn’t want to work with CC. She says she trusts her now and CC has calmed down a bit. Nick says that CC has gone through the same transformation that he has. *So she’s turned into a sex fiend too?*


  44. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling them that she (Holly) is trying to get Kat to stay. TT says he feels their relationship with Holly is better than theirs with JJ. He ponders how to justify taking Cliff over Holly in a F6. Nick says that then TT doesn’t really have an allegence with Holly. Nick says that if he wins next week he is putting her up. TT says great but doesn’t sound convinced. SS says that if he put Holly up next to Jess, Jess might stay. She asks Nick isn’t he worried about that since Jess only wants to target guys. Nick says he’s not worried about that because he talked with Nicole about it. *Since when does Nicole control Jess, especially now that Jess is back under CC’s spell*

    Nick asks them if JJ/Holly win, who would he put up? SS says she talked to him about it today and he said he wasn’t sure. TT said he just said that to throw her off. TT says that Jess was annoyed about his speech when he put up Cliff/Kat. Nick asks them if they think JJ/Holly would put him up. They tell him they don’t know. SS says that Holly said that she didn’t know where Nick’s head is and she thinks he’s trying to split them up and is a troublemaker. She asks him not to say anything.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I’m going to read the blogs and comments and HOPEFULLY stay away from the Feeds and Chat (reading the chat is better than watching the rooms). Have another early call tomorrow. Wish me luck and until then have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, Sophie, Kari, and whoever else that is still up. 🙂

  46. Sophie

    They’re so dumb to even be considering keeping Cliff. They’ve got to know jury is going to like him more than the others. That alone would have me campaigning to send him packing!

  47. danmtruth

    They are just looking to keep him this week
    Strange how nick keeps talking bad about christie he wants to jeep other people beside her
    Now wd get to hear how he LOVES everyone

  48. danmtruth

    And with that i need to find a pillow to kiss

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Patricia, I’ve answered your message. To see it, go to the upper right-hand corner where you see Howdy and your name. Hold the cursor over your name and a drop-down box will appear. You will see “Inbox” and “Messages”. Click on them to read it. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Patricia

      Oh ok i think thats the prob. I dont see a howdy or my name lol. Im on my iphone so thats prob why. I guess i will continue to go threw the comment section. So i guess thats the reason i dont get any notification when someone comments or msg me. Lol. Thanks hun.

  50. Nancy

    Well, I just missed all kinds of things last nite..sounds like nick held a sex ed class..ewwww.
    Thanks NK for doin what you do best..enjoyed catching up , reading what all u nite owls had to say..nothing like a good laff in the morning

  51. BBGurl

    this really is off topic at the moment but… I’m really f’n pissed off that Crusty Chewbaka was allowed to get taken off the block. What was the point in having the field trip then? The loser who we voted on should have only been able to come down if they won the Veto themselves.
    Also, from that video clip, it sure looks like Tammy did NOT legitimately win HOH. And that production would rig this particular HOH is bullshit. Actually, rigging any comp is bullshit.
    ok, done venting…..for now. lol

  52. Avatar

    . I am banging the table with gratitude for Tommy this week (he is making Analyse look brilliant). From his reassurance to Kristie that America doesn’t hate her..hard to tell if she hears this stuff over her own blubbering and loud chewing..to his diehard efforts to reunite the six shooters (or the gr8teful 8 by adding the entire household to the alliance), Tommy lifts my spirits and entertains. He is delightfully delusional in his worry over juror votes and A.F.P. (I see neither in his future). Tommy provides further proof that this season’s houseguests are playing a good game.of some sort..just not Big Brother. Can’t wait to watch more of Tommy (who has no vote this week) agonizing over who to evict this week. Tommy, you made the nominations! If you and the rest of the house are struggling with the decision perhaps you should have nominated someone else..the guy humping your leg maybe?

  53. mm22

    *or the gr8teful 8 by adding the entire household to the alliance* so funny !

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