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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I put Tuesday feed updates because I don’t expect the need to break into an evening thread today. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but it may be a long few days inside the house if last night’s house meeting was any indication.

Sam called a house meeting which is almost always guaranteed excitement, but it ended up a pep talk for Nick. Nick just confessed his sins of trying to play the game and said he made his bed and is basically now just waiting to get evicted. This created a situation where the Jacks wanted to play hero rather than villain and started pumping him up and encouraging him to keep going. Puke. You guys were supposed to all argue, not encourage each other to keep playing!

It was a house meeting that summed up the disappointing day quite nicely. And yes, I’m back on that again because it’s incredibly frustrating. Yes, Cliff didn’t want to seem like a scumbag and go back on some stupid word he made with Christie, but I think the entire house would have understood if he said “Look, Christie, you have to use the power. I’m going to give you the opportunity to use it rather than blindsided, but I can’t play this game not forcing you to use it. You made a huge mistake of telling everyone in the house about it, and I’ll look like a fool if I don’t make you use it. I’d hope you’ll respect my decision to tell you now and it earns some trust between us moving forward. I know you’re disappointed that I’m making you use it, but nobody likes people having power so I’m doing the entire house a favor by eliminating it now that you made the mistake of telling people.”


Something like that puts it on her for making the mistake and she’ll look like a spiteful and bitter person if she holds a grudge against Cliff for playing the game. Of course, I personally would have just told her she has my word and then nominated and tried to evict her so I wouldn’t deal with her wrath, but I’m also not in the house. If Cliff is worried about honor and integrity in the game of lies, flushing out her power by being open would have been the sensible alternative. What, did Cliff think he was going to piss off that side of the house less after he already took his shot by nominating Jack against Jackson?  C’mon.


  • 11:00 am – The house is up and sitting around talking casually
    • Jack and Sis just kiss in front of everyone because nobody cares at this point that they’re a couple which is incredibly dangerous in this game
    • Christie begins bitching that Kat gets to sleep in but she can’t without production yelling at her. But she’s not bashing Kat of course. She’s just frustrated.
  • 12:20 pm – Kat, Bella, and Sam are sitting around living room chatting
    • Bella asking about the Jess thing. Kat explains how Jess thought she had a power but Kat obviously didn’t and didn’t want people thinking that.
    • Meanwhile, Christie talking about how Instagram is screwing with people making them feel bad about themselves
    • Also how relationships are so fake on Facebook how they always look so happy but then they come into her store and bash their husbands and cheat, etc
    • This is an interesting topic because it’s true. People only display their best lives on FB, IG and it distorts reality making people think there is a much higher standard of life they’re not living.
    • Christie tells Sis how she doesn’t fully trust Jack as much as she wants to. Sis says she doesn’t have a final 2 with him. Sure.
    • Christie and Sis tell each other how they’d love to lose to the other person in the final 2. Sure.
  • 1:45 pm – Nothing at all happening. Everyone just chatting about personal stuff.
  • 3:00 pm – So, for the past 30 or so minutes, Cliff, Jess, Nicole, and Kat had a long conversation
    • They spoke game and how powerful the other side of the house is. It’s honestly just really frustrating listening to Jessica talk game because she’s so clueless and Cliff isn’t built to play in a house full of liars and manipulators.
    • Kat then runs to the havenot room and to talk to Christie
    • Surprisingly, they begin just chatting about getting Jackson out soon because they’re both sick of him. I’m waiting for her to spill the conversation she just had
    • Christie says she loves Holly but she looks way more pathetic than Kat because she (Holly) is standing by someone who willingly talks down to women
    • Christie mentions how nobody knows that Kat told her what Bella said. Everyone thinks it was Sam because Christie hinted to it and he confirmed it. This is part of last night’s meeting where Christie protected Kat and didn’t tell anything about what Kat said
    • Kat tells Christie about Jackson’s proposed secret alliance with her (Kat)
    • Christie tells her how Jackson was the person who cast the rogue vote and pinned it on Nicole
    • There we go, now Kat starts talking a bit about the conversation with Cliff and crew. She is re-telling how Cliff said if they’re going to vote out Bella, keep it secret because there is a chance Jackson does a rogue vote again
    • Christie says how much she loves Cliff and trusts him more than most of her alliance
    • Who knows, maybe Cliff’s plan to play honorable will get him far in the game. He’ll still get evicted before the final 2 if they do carry him. He’ll be Adam or Victoria
  • Jess enters then Jack enters and conversation is less game
  • 4:00 pm – It’s 7 pm (est) and 17 comments on this thread. Thanks, Cliff! Grrr
  • 6:30 pm – Dinner time for the house. Well, the haves
    • Jack is in the boat room talking to Tommy
    • He says all the people saying he is going to win BB21 has him SUPER HYPED!  Bro, you’re not winning. Even your own alliance won’t take you to the finals
    • Christie says she is obsessed with Cliff now. She owes him big. Tommy says not so much for him and he earned a little by the two-week safety deal
    • Cliff ends up joining because he’s part of their crew now
    • The room talks about ways to get around havenot rules. Jack says that you can easily raid the fridge and go up into the HoH shower and feeds cut.

This house has been dead but it may heat up tonight so follow along in our overnight thread


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  1. AIO_7

    Is Cliff this years Marcellus?

  2. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! Your post makes me feel dejected. Not for how or what you wrote, but that you won’t need to update, because nothing will happen. This is a time in the game, where a ‘big’ player should be going home, not even to jury. It is sad that Jack-Ass doesn’t even need to be concerned that there could be a 5-5 tie, and HOH would decide to send him out as the original nom. This should not be a slow, boring few days! Geeez, if this is the way the game is going to be ‘played’ now, Bella should have been voted out as soon as she was the re-nom, and another HOH comp played. Fast track this game, because with such a potentially pivotal decision, none of them seem to care.

    • HappyHippo

      I really hate that kat hasn’t wised the heck up! She could change her game with this decision and should. She’s at the bottom of the totem pole anyways! This is beyond frustrating

      • Purring

        I think that Kat is playing both sides but only spilling to one side and that side sees her as loyal so far but I think she could easily switch and give false info to the 6 or to CC. Cliff shouldn’t have just handed over his hoh to CC without even her compromising and voting out a 6. Now they know he can be easily manipulated. They should tell all the housepets that once in jury, no more money. Didn’t it used to be that way? Or maybe they get $50/week?

  3. HappyHippo

    So true about the social media. I’m 34 and it was only becoming real popular after high school and later. I never jumped on that bandwagon. This is the closest I get to “social media” because I know everyone is so fake on there. The grandparents still get pictures and videos of the kids but sent to them personally not where all of America can see it…

    • HappyHippo

      And I know I’m in the minority from the looks on people’s faces when they ask if I have Facebook haha

      • danmtruth

        I was active on Facebook a few years back Finding people i had lost cntact with I traveled for work and got to meet some great people Unfortunately in the last 8-10 years it had changed into crazy political post on both sides Everyone posting but not reading It just got frustrating No i limit it to wish people a happy birthday Congrats on retirement No post on where i vacation – who cares besides i want to get away from people What or where i ate TMI You dont need to know or care about that from me and i sure the hell dont care to know about that from you

    • Mello_One

      HappyHippo, & Dan ikr…I used to have a FB, but when all that Russian Bot Farm stuff came out during the 2016 election FB started eyeing accounts to make sure they were real. FB use to verify your account with a Cell Phone Numbers, but after the Russians, they told me I had to verify my FB account with my Drivers License, via online?! I thought to myself this is way too intrusive, & I am done with you! Privacy was always a concern with me on FB, so I don’t miss it at all.

      • Sassy

        I didn’t have to “verify” with any form of ID.

      • Mello_One

        Sassy, not even a Cell Phone Number???

      • Avatar

        I didn’t have to verify either. If that had been the case I never would have been on there

      • Kari

        Have had Facebook for probably 12 years and never once have they tried to get any of that kind of information from me. Odd..

      • caRyn

        Facebook sent me an email requesting my ID since I didn’t want to give them my cell phone number. It’s been a few years. At the time I did. It took a couple of days before I could sign back onto my profile. I did it because I wanted my pictures from my account because that’s where they all were. Now my account is deactivated because I could care less.

      • Mello_One

        Key word from my experience with FB is: “2016 Election” when the Russian Bots were on FB with “Fake Accounts.” Prior to that idk if they made you verify your FB Account, or not because I never had an FB Account until 2016…imvho

    • LynnD

      I love that Happy. I have actually stopped posting on my FB & I have an IG but don’t use it that much either. I had found some people are really disgusting vile on FB and I can honestly say it was a big reason (not the whole reason) I ended my engagement almost a year ago. And I have unfortunately seen a few friends marriages end over that stupid social media BS.

      • HappyHippo

        That’s what my husband always jokes when people ask if he has Facebook he says no I want to stay married haha!

      • danmtruth

        It is jyst scary The thing that is always the problem is when we type things they just sit their flat Its hard to indicate sarcasem irony It also seems to often people are looking for reasons to be mad Just relax

      • LynnD

        You have a damn good man Happy.

      • Kari

        I actually like Facebook. I blocked the majority of negativity and I don’t follow the national news. I have friends from all spectrums of the political religious sexuality preferences and I just try to stay in the middle LOL..

        I was able to find a lot of people I have lost contact with including some of my cousins.

  4. Avatar

    Bella wants to be on The Challenge. Does she show that the people on The Challenge will not be afraid to kick her butt if she acts like the rat that she is right now in the BB House

  5. danmtruth

    Most want to be some type of media star Jackson a would be body builder wants to jump srart his career Jack personal trainer to the rich Holly,kat,Sis more Instagram followers Jess more modeling spokesperson work Even Sam is looking to expand his standup comedy That is the problem everyone just wants to look good for that next show

  6. AIO_7

    Miranda the Baby Lady has a new video …


  7. Russell James Yost

    I think Steve brought this comparison up and I think it is accurate.

    In Survivor when you have a shot to take out a strong player, you take that shot because you don’t know when the next opportunity will come.

    Big Brother has a different dynamic and usually, folks stay loyal, longer. It probably has to do with the fact the eviction is a week-long and they are trapped with each other.

    I don’t know how strong of a player Jack is in the grand scheme of things. I don’t think he is playing a good game for the jury as I believe he is going to piss off most of the people in the jury house by the end of the game. However, he is definitely set to make it into the top 5.

    I know it seemed like Cliff didn’t have a way out of this, but damn…you trick Christie and put up Tommy and force the six to eliminate one of their own and you have a better chance of surviving the next few weeks.

    I am going to be stuck on this for a couple of weeks. If Cliff is able to eliminate one of the 6 he can potentially flip the house. It would take one of the remaining 5 to win to put him on the block and one of them would not be able to vote. At that point, you just have to be able to beat 4 votes and there is a good chance the alliance would break up the moment one of them went home.

    Cliff should know that to kill the snake you cut off its head. He missed a huge opportunity this week. I don’t believe it was a guarantee that he would have been sent home because this 6shooter alliance has cracks, unlike Level 6 from last year.

    • RebeccaC

      Wow, EXCELLENT point, Russell! If Cliff had somehow kept two 6-shooters on the block this week, they would be down to just FIVE after Thursday’s vote.

      “It would take one of the remaining 5 [shooters] to win [HOH] to put [Cliff] on the block and then one of them (as HOH) would not be able to vote.” Conversely there are potentially six “outsiders” remaining to vote as a block, easily beating the four 6-shooter votes if Christie’s power is already GONE. Cliff blew it on many levels this week. Sigh!

  8. jimbo

    True dat on social media. When you flip through someone’s photos, they all look happy and just having the time of their lives at dinner or a party or whatever. As a psychiatrist (not), I’d say that’s why so many young people are depressed, thinking the world is amazing for other people and dull for them. 5 cents, please.

    • ElaineB

      Makes me think of Peanuts Lucy’s stand ‘Psychiatric Help 5 cents’. lol.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I post NO people picture on my FB page, not even of me. Now my friends and family, on the other hand, most of them post pics of everything they take. I’ve even asked them not to post any of me on their pages, nor share any of me on mine. It feels so much like invasion of privacy.

  9. jimbo

    As for the game now — zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks, Cliff.

  10. caRyn

    Christie is going to talk her way to the end with her co-council
    Tommy. Tommy backs what Christie says. I know it’s his game and they knew each other coming into the house. In the back of his mind though he has to be saying to himself – that’s not what was actually said. What he does is validates what she says and adds to it. Their version becomes the truth until they need to put a spin on their truth, and twist the facts, and turn it around later in the game to suit them. Then they make excuses and say – I don’t think that’s what Nicole meant (after targeting Nicole the week before for words they put in her mouth). You never know if you are friend or foe although they come across as you are friends. Christie keeps changing her mind. This isn’t a season of going with what the house wants. It’s a season of going along with what Christie says.
    If I hear Christie say – If I’m being honest…(Ugh) Automatically know she isn’t being honest.
    It doesn’t matter what anyone says other than Christie. This is a social season. If she doesn’t like you you are a target. Period. You don’t have to keep your facts straight on what you said or what someone else said, or defend what you said because it doesn’t matter.

    • Alda

      caRyn,I believe you are right.I can’t see anyone going against Christie or TT,until it’s too late.

    • danmtruth

      Unlike season 19 with paul uou have two people who have bonded quickly I understand Christie dated his aunt for 7years Im not sure how much they knew or interacted with each other than They do seem to be able to back each others lies to the others

    • caRyn

      Christie and Tommy are a well oiled machine. You can see the difference when you compare them to Holly and Kathryn. Tommy piggybacks Christie and Kathryn spies for Holly. Recently Holly and Kathryn decided to align with Jackson, but not just the two of them (Holly & Kathryn) having each other’s back in the house the way Christie and Tommy do for one another. It’s an automatic advantage to know someone before entering the house and those two girls should have used it for their game. Holly should have tried to keep Kathryn off the block, etc.. Holly is lucky to have Kathryn but only uses her. Holly offers Kathryn nothing.

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  12. danmtruth

    She is so funny and spot on

  13. Alda

    Nick tells Tommy that Bella will be homeless after this.She was living with some guy when she came to BB.OK!! Nick says he told her she can live with his mom.His mom will love her because Bella is the best.

  14. hogwild

    To be fair to Cliff the lack of interest is not just because of the move he didn’t or didn’t make you also house a house of Faute/Hive wannabees in there.

  15. LynnD

    I’m watching last nights BBAD and have realized that apparently the people of Pop are as disgusted and board with BB 21 as we are. I feel they have done their best to find some kind of humor in this fiasco of a cast. Here are some of the updates coming across the bottom of the screen:

    House guests are recovering from a lackluster house meeting…. a beetle came in to see what was up in the house and immediately flew back outside…. Jack wanted Jackson to touch his weird growth…. Bella and Nick are in desperate need of a little magic….

    Another one is:

    Just tuning in? Here’s what you missed the BB 21 houseguest stories are changing room to room… the hammock is almost as lopsided as Christie’s retails…. Nick’s looking for a new sidekick in Nicole…. Jess is having trust issues….

    Pop’s comments, along with NK, Dan, Mel, Hog, AIO etc (our wonderful BBJ Family”s) I think are the only thing that is making this season somewhat tolerable. Something has just got to give. I seriously believe if they were going into contract negotiations after this season BB would be in serious trouble. I cannot even come up with anything witty or funny to even say about what I have been watching. I have actually decided to pause it and watch Southern Charm New Orleans. Hopefully I’ll be back soon.

  16. hogwild

    Here is my feeling about the rest of this week and Thursday’s eviction. Yes I am ashamed I actually remember this song.

  17. Helen

    It’s a long time until Thursday night…house can still decide to flip and keep Bella

    • hogwild

      Yeah they could be it’s highly unlikely this like survivor after the tribe merge when one tribe has the numbers advantage and the people on the bottom of that group talk about making a big move but never do.

      • Helen

        Why anyone wants to keep Bella or jack around is beyond me…either one can go this week and it won’t bother me. Since Bella and nick have the strongest showmance this year it makes sense to split them up..How they treated Nicole last week was disgusting.. she did the same thing to Jess the week before…
        Jack is a d bag..
        Can we just have a double eviction?

  18. g8trgirl

    Here’s something to rally around for a few minutes anyway.
    19 years ago today, after 7 rounds of chemo (supposed to be 8 but I almost died from the 7th), and 72 rounds of radiation, I am cancer free! I don’t usually share personal stuff such as this but yous guys are like family. And bored. Lol
    So, have a swig of an ice cold something (cuz I know it’s hot as hell everywhere in this country) and say “fat bottoms up!”
    Can’t wait to celebrate 20 with y’all next year!

  19. Edsel

    Most of the houseguests have been hanging around in the have not room. I think they are even bored of themselves!

    Big Brother isn’t usually this boring until the last two weeks of the season.

  20. hogwild

    Im have a simple solution for putting a stop to this breaking the have nots rule you get caught doing it you go on the block.

  21. HappyHippo

    Good luck tonight NK! these people are a snoozefest!
    I just thought about the poor cameramen and people that give out warnings etc how the hell do they stay awake??

  22. Holan

    Tommy has finally told Cliff that he hid Orwell the Owl during its time missing. The h8ful thought he might be doing a mission as America’s favorite player, and wanted to mess with it. Why else would a full grown man carry around a stuffed owl?
    While TT was telling the story, he made sure to point out it wasn’t out of spite… just to mess with him. I feel like anytime someone says what their motives aren’t/weren’t that it is for sure, the opposite of what is being said. Why else do you go out of the way to explain more than needed. Many of us saw the talk…
    i can’t remember every player that said “if I can’t win the money, he shouldn’t” or “he’s probably made more money than I’ll leave the house with.” Now, I remember that Jack said the last one cuz he threw a few F words in it… but that whole thing was when the h8ful were going out of their way to be mean. Ugh!

  23. Helen

    I’m really hoping Kat wins HOH on Thursday…she will backdoor Jackson

  24. Holan

    With how much production drops ideas in the DR, I was hoping they would spread doubt in the six shooters… or stir the pot about Jack.
    You know it’d be great TV to see Jack go home, especially after all of the work Christie did to get Bella up without using the DPOV… nope, not a fan of Bella, but I’d like to see some movement. Just let me live in denial for awhile. Jack leaves, the group final takes a hit, The group grows doubt and starts losing it… ok. I’m back. I guess I will just be thankful to see lying Bella gone.

    • Helen

      They will take a hit next week…Bella can go this week…Jackson will be OTB and go home next week….then it will be time for double eviction…great time to get maybe jack or even Christie out

  25. danmtruth

    All that talk of trouble with Snackson & Holly seems all over He is back to hanging on her He us out of the loop because he is not feeling good because he is on slop – poor baby – Holly wants to know how things are going to work once they get down to 8 – oh dont worry Christie and Tommy are not planing on seelng you two there You both will be in jury by then

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Gang! Getting another late start but reporting for duty. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to get online all day so I haven’t read Steve and Mel’s blogs yet, nor any of the comments (I’ll go back and read them after the show), so I’m not sure what I missed today.

    BBAD: Mean Girls and Morons (thanks Mugz :))

    Not sure what’s going on with Mean Girl Holly and Moron JJ but I just turned on the TV and saw them laying down. He’s wearing sunglasses and trying to look cool and she has her head on his shoulder. Guess he rethought that proclamation about not wanting anything else to do with her and realized he might be cutting off his “supply”. *Hell hath no fury like a rising phalis.*

    The guys ask Nick what he loves about Ratty. I’m not interested enough to listen.

    Simple Sis is telling everybody how bored she is. She says it makes her tired. Not as tired as she makes us.


    Nicole, the Waste of Skin called Jess, CC, AD, SS, and Cliff sitting around talking. Uncle Cliff wants to make chili dogs and beer.


    Ratty is asking Nick and Sam if she should go talk to Holly now or wait. Nick says he’ll talk to KK. Motormouth Nick is telling something to Sam about KK.


    Ratty is taking to JJ and Holly. She tells them that she realized she f*cked up (*Ya think?*) and she didn’t really learn but now she wants a chance to fix it. JJ tells her that she played too hard. She starts telling them that she’s nervous. She tells them she loves them both and respects and loves AD as a person. She feels they will all be great friends when they leave. She says she gamed so hard because she didn’t trust anyone and didn’t let anyone come to her. She says she wants to stay and let people come to her. She says she already had a bad reputation. She said she never approached people and admitted she was wrong but she’s acknowledging it now and this is her way of saying she’s sorry. She tells them that AD is a bigger target than her and he’s a huge contender. Her entire speil has “like” between every word. *I’d send her azz home just for THAT!*


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  28. danmtruth

    Stop the press Nick and Sam just now realize that CHRISTIE has been telling them lies Ohhhh my god congrats on day 33 the lights come on So now Nivk is banking on a new power because production will not want such a boring season
    Now looking at photo to try and figure how the pictures will be morphed for the comps Some how oer Christie almond eyes are roubd

  29. Kari

    So, maybe I’m still grasping at straws but what are the odds of the vote being a tie and Cliff having to break it? And what are the odds that he would pick Jack over Bella?

    Yeah, like I said, I’m grasping at straws…

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry about delay, screen locked up again.


    Boat Room:

    Ratty is telling JJ and Holly how emotional Nick is. Also how if they get AD out they get 3 people on their side, her, Nick and Sam and they have to think about playing their cards. She tells them that they (JJ/Holly) worked hard to get on the show so play smarter not harder. She says that they will be handing AD the money if they leave him in because he will take out everybody. She tells them they aren’t as tight with AD as Sis and the rest. She says that if she stays, she, Nick and Sam won’t be able to do anything crazy. She says that as long as AD is gone it gives Nick and Sam a better chance. She says that as long as AD is still in the game he’s a big target, but if he’s gone, they will have 3 targets (her/N/S) which is even better. She is promising the loyalty of Nick and Sam. She questions AD and CC’s loyalty to them. *This chick is WORKING it! Still can’t stand her though*


  31. Holan

    Bella isn’t stopping! She’s still talking AT JJ/Holly. She throw out a couple of good points and then they are drowning in all of the other words!

  32. danmtruth

    Here is a poll rather listen to —– or watch fish
    Jess Vs Fish –, fish in a land side
    Kat –Fish once more Fish
    Christie Vs Fish It is a broken record
    This is the season that the fish might get Americas player
    Give Bella an A for effort she is campaigning to Jackson and Holly keep her as a target and a number to take on who ever

  33. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Ratty is telling them that she doesn’t want to be disloyal but where is his (AD) loyalty. She says CC says she doesn’t want to go to the end with couples but she and AD are a couple. She says she hasn’t won anything then she runs down AD’s wins and near wins. She tells them if they don’t take they’re shot now it will be too late. She ask JJ what are the odds of winning 2 Vetos back to back and how many times will he want to keep pulling himself of the block. She tells them the order she’s going to talk to people 2 at a time.

    CC sticks her head in the door for a second and Ratty says that she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s campaigning. Ratty says everyone is worried about who wins the next HOH. She tells them that they can go up again next week. She says she’s not worried about getting to Jury but they should worry if AD gets to Jury. She asks them if she should talk to Nicole. She wants them to talk to Nicole and tells them she will tell Nicole that if anyone comes to her and tells her something to believe them (this is her plan to for them to campaign to Nicole for her). She says she will not tell anyone about this talk because she doesn’t want to ruin their game.


  34. Colby

    New thread.

  35. NKogNeeTow


    Boat Room:

    Ratty is gone and AD is there telling them that KK hates Ratty and Nicole. JJ says Ratty has Nicole, Sam and Nick and that Nicole is a push over. Holly tells them that Nicole keeps saying she’s stressed out. They say Nicole is ung8ful and they plan to put her up next week. AD leaves and Holly says she feels like they should talk about this later. JJ says Ratty made some valid points. Holly says that everything that Ratty said were things that had gone through her head. JJ says they will talk later.


    Ratty is talking to Nick and saying she hopes they show clips of when she (not sure who) was standing there taking jabs at her. She says they can’t get mad at her for taking her shot ad she’s going to campaign. Nick says that if Ratty goes he’s going to take it personally and going to blow things up. She says she doesn’t want it to look like she’s campaigning. She’s going to walk around and make it look like she’s just making rounds.


  36. NKogNeeTow



    Ratty is telling Nick that JJ said he would have less respect for her if she hadn’t come and talked to him. *He doesn’t have respect for her anyway* Nick tells her he is going to stay there and read the Bible while she goes to talk to people. She leaves and goes upstairs.


    Uncle Cliff and Waste of Skin Jess are playing Backgammon. Nicole is playing Checkers with Sam. Ratty is watching. Nothing earth shattering. No game talk going on. WoS is doing her annoying laugh and the hair is standing up on the back of my neck. Ratty and Nicole are talking about how if you eat to many M & s it makes the back of your throat hurt.


    JJ is cooking. CC leaves and goes to the bathroom. Holly goes over and gives JJ a few kisses. *I’m done with these 2. Neither one has any self respect*


    Holly is telling and KK about Ratty’s convo with her and JJ. She tells the that Ratty is convinced that she can get Jess and Nicole. KK says there can get no funny business with swing votes. They agree that there is no point for rogue votes this week. CC asks Holly what was Ratty’s pitch. Holly says that she’s not a threat.


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