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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

July 23, 2019 | 113 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I put Tuesday feed updates because I don’t expect the need to break into an evening thread today. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but it may be a long few days inside the house if last night’s house meeting was any indication.

Sam called a house meeting which is almost always guaranteed excitement, but it ended up a pep talk for Nick. Nick just confessed his sins of trying to play the game and said he made his bed and is basically now just waiting to get evicted. This created a situation where the Jacks wanted to play hero rather than villain and started pumping him up and encouraging him to keep going. Puke. You guys were supposed to all argue, not encourage each other to keep playing!

It was a house meeting that summed up the disappointing day quite nicely. And yes, I’m back on that again because it’s incredibly frustrating. Yes, Cliff didn’t want to seem like a scumbag and go back on some stupid word he made with Christie, but I think the entire house would have understood if he said “Look, Christie, you have to use the power. I’m going to give you the opportunity to use it rather than blindsided, but I can’t play this game not forcing you to use it. You made a huge mistake of telling everyone in the house about it, and I’ll look like a fool if I don’t make you use it. I’d hope you’ll respect my decision to tell you now and it earns some trust between us moving forward. I know you’re disappointed that I’m making you use it, but nobody likes people having power so I’m doing the entire house a favor by eliminating it now that you made the mistake of telling people.”

Something like that puts it on her for making the mistake and she’ll look like a spiteful and bitter person if she holds a grudge against Cliff for playing the game. Of course, I personally would have just told her she has my word and then nominated and tried to evict her so I wouldn’t deal with her wrath, but I’m also not in the house. If Cliff is worried about honor and integrity in the game of lies, flushing out her power by being open would have been the sensible alternative. What, did Cliff think he was going to piss off that side of the house less after he already took his shot by nominating Jack against Jackson?  C’mon.


  • 11:00 am – The house is up and sitting around talking casually
    • Jack and Sis just kiss in front of everyone because nobody cares at this point that they’re a couple which is incredibly dangerous in this game
    • Christie begins bitching that Kat gets to sleep in but she can’t without production yelling at her. But she’s not bashing Kat of course. She’s just frustrated.
  • 12:20 pm – Kat, Bella, and Sam are sitting around living room chatting
    • Bella asking about the Jess thing. Kat explains how Jess thought she had a power but Kat obviously didn’t and didn’t want people thinking that.
    • Meanwhile, Christie talking about how Instagram is screwing with people making them feel bad about themselves
    • Also how relationships are so fake on Facebook how they always look so happy but then they come into her store and bash their husbands and cheat, etc
    • This is an interesting topic because it’s true. People only display their best lives on FB, IG and it distorts reality making people think there is a much higher standard of life they’re not living.
    • Christie tells Sis how she doesn’t fully trust Jack as much as she wants to. Sis says she doesn’t have a final 2 with him. Sure.
    • Christie and Sis tell each other how they’d love to lose to the other person in the final 2. Sure.
  • 1:45 pm – Nothing at all happening. Everyone just chatting about personal stuff.
  • 3:00 pm – So, for the past 30 or so minutes, Cliff, Jess, Nicole, and Kat had a long conversation
    • They spoke game and how powerful the other side of the house is. It’s honestly just really frustrating listening to Jessica talk game because she’s so clueless and Cliff isn’t built to play in a house full of liars and manipulators.
    • Kat then runs to the havenot room and to talk to Christie
    • Surprisingly, they begin just chatting about getting Jackson out soon because they’re both sick of him. I’m waiting for her to spill the conversation she just had
    • Christie says she loves Holly but she looks way more pathetic than Kat because she (Holly) is standing by someone who willingly talks down to women
    • Christie mentions how nobody knows that Kat told her what Bella said. Everyone thinks it was Sam because Christie hinted to it and he confirmed it. This is part of last night’s meeting where Christie protected Kat and didn’t tell anything about what Kat said
    • Kat tells Christie about Jackson’s proposed secret alliance with her (Kat)
    • Christie tells her how Jackson was the person who cast the rogue vote and pinned it on Nicole
    • There we go, now Kat starts talking a bit about the conversation with Cliff and crew. She is re-telling how Cliff said if they’re going to vote out Bella, keep it secret because there is a chance Jackson does a rogue vote again
    • Christie says how much she loves Cliff and trusts him more than most of her alliance
    • Who knows, maybe Cliff’s plan to play honorable will get him far in the game. He’ll still get evicted before the final 2 if they do carry him. He’ll be Adam or Victoria
  • Jess enters then Jack enters and conversation is less game
  • 4:00 pm – It’s 7 pm (est) and 17 comments on this thread. Thanks, Cliff! Grrr
  • 6:30 pm – Dinner time for the house. Well, the haves
    • Jack is in the boat room talking to Tommy
    • He says all the people saying he is going to win BB21 has him SUPER HYPED!  Bro, you’re not winning. Even your own alliance won’t take you to the finals
    • Christie says she is obsessed with Cliff now. She owes him big. Tommy says not so much for him and he earned a little by the two-week safety deal
    • Cliff ends up joining because he’s part of their crew now
    • The room talks about ways to get around havenot rules. Jack says that you can easily raid the fridge and go up into the HoH shower and feeds cut.

This house has been dead but it may heat up tonight so follow along in our overnight thread

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