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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


The slow week in the Big Brother house continues as the countdown to Kemi sleeping in one room to another is just over 48 or so hours. Or Jessica. But likely Kemi. Does it really matter at this point? Until the ‘other side’ actually gets together and stop fighting with each other, we’re going to see the first 8 person alliance actually make it to the final 8.

I have to say, as big of a douchebag as he is, and how stupid his initial approach was, Jack is emerging as a serious threat solely because of the power he seems to have over the rest of the house. When you can make blatant final 3-5 deals with 90% of the house, have everyone find out about those deals, and still not be a target, you’re playing with a bunch of bad people. I mean it’s not even like they are talking about evicting him but are just waiting for the right opportunity. There are very brief mentions of a few people wanting him out and one of those people will be leaving the game this week. He’s slowly picking off anyone with an independent thought which is going to carry him far.

And it’s tough for me to say this because I think he’s a really terrible player. It just shows how bad this house has been this year.  Every season they cast roughly half ‘popular’ type and half ‘outcasts’ and every season the outcasts get picked off one by one. The only thing that prevents a complete sweep of the ‘popular’ people every season are the rules where the HoH can’t play the next week and only 6 people play veto. Those two things always end up giving the outcasts a move where the main side is just forced to evict one of their own before they’re ready to. They really need to start casting stronger outcasts.


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  • 11:00 am – Most of the house is outside enjoying their last bit of sun before the weekly lockdown begins. It should happen at some point today
  • 12:45 pm – So, Christie stumbles upon Cliff cam talking privately and decides to leave him alone so he can share his thoughts.
    • I’m kidding. She listened to every word
    • She immediately runs and tells Holly and Sis everything she heard which is how Cliff wants to get the couples out first. He considers Tommy and Christie a couple (not showmance). He revealed all his secrets about any alliances he has and how he feels about everyone.
    • Needless to say, Cliff screwed himself and now the entire house knows his plans and intentions.
  • Christie has been spreading her information all around
    • She’s now telling Bella and Nick like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Congrats, Christie. You listened in on the old dude this year who is not a threat to anyone.
  • 4:00 pm – Ok, back from doing a ton of renovation work to my bathroom
    • Christie is still talking about Cliff. Jesus. Stop. Christie, you sound like an asshole. Cliff is a nothing to you right now. I understand targeting someone who is clearly going to go after you but talking about it all day makes you sound like an idiot.
    • Note – the house power of 8 people have been obsessed because they discovered the 50-year-old dude is actually trying to play what little cards he actually has. The guy’s main ally is out of the freakin game and only has a 25% chance of returning. This is killing me.
    • I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Christie is just incredibly smart and merely focusing her herd on an object on a week to week basis. Her band of morons are dangerous if there isn’t a set enemy every week. Idle hands are devil’s something something type of deal. This is a good strategy if intentional, but I don’t think it is.
    • They came out with some elaborate scheme. Put up Cliff and Nicole. See if someone uses a power, if not, no biggie. If so, Jess is the other option.
    • Cliff enters, talk ends. Good thing, this group of brainiacs were coming up with some brilliant plans lol
  • 5:15 pm – Jack goes to have a talk with Sis
    • Kind of sounds like he’s trying to slow things down with her
    • He says he wants to protect her by spending less time together
    • They ramble on to make him feel better but they’re totally going to hook up later.
  • 5:30 pm – Nicole is doing some self talk. I wonder if Christie is going to listen to this
    • She is talking about how Sam and Cliff are fan favorites and she’d totally root for them if she were watching
    • She doesn’t understand Bella’s game. It’s like she’s just throwing bombs everywhere
    • She says she loves the people in Camp Comeback. Some of the other people are ‘meh’, but then says that’s too mean. It’s not personal. lol. She is so sweet
  • 6:45 pm – Kat and Holly are in the HoH talking game
    • Holly says Sam is the biggest threat in the house. He’s big like Jack but Jack is a brute and arrogant
    • Kat can’t get a good feel on Tommy. She thinks he’s playing the floater game lol
    • Kat and Holly think Bella is disgusting. They say she’s dirty and gross and wouldn’t be friends with her in the real world.
    • Every once in a while they see glimpses of a good heart
    • They say whenever Bella cries with people, they wonder if she has a good heart or a sociopath
    • Shes’ the #1 person they don’t trust in the house
    • (random thought, I like hearing these two talk together. They should do it more)
    • They like Jess. Holly pumped her up before the competition. She told her to be a badass bitch and think of her boobs. Is that how girls pump each other up?
    • Kat says she’d rather go all the way or get out pre-jury. I agree. They say that because Cliff may want to go home to see his family so they may want to boot him before
    • However, pre-jury means they’re taking a few thousand from his pocket which I’m sure he’ll find helpful

Off to bed, update in the morning


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  1. AIO_7

    I think this is going to be a David and Goliath story, with Squeaky Nicole taking down the big, bad Jackass 2.

  2. Avatar

    Sam is kind of growing on me……..

    • AIO_7

      He better wake up soon to the Six Shooters.

    • HappyHippo

      Yea I don’t hate him

      • ShoeLover

        He may be loud and obnoxious, but he’s that type of dad!!! His kiddos are boys and he really shows and makes an effort to keep those two looking up to him as their hero!!!

        AS IT SHOULD BE!!!

        I am the only girl in my little family and we too are loud and obnoxious. Not as much because my kiddos are 24 and 20, but oh yeah the hero role was both myself and my husband!! Proud Navy Wife and Proud to take on the roll as mother and father when the time was needed!!

        So in a way I can relate to Sam when he is “fired up” sometimes ya just have to be that way.

        So I don’t hate Sam but I do know how it feels to play that BADDASS DAD ROLE!!!

    • Mimi Ryan

      Wow, this cast is terrible. No real players (I do mean BB players, not sexapades types). Boy Cliff is ease dropped on, Kemi is handling thing better every time. The Johnsons (I just can’t). Bella is a HOT MESS!!!! I’m truly disappointed.

  3. Painter1

    Looks like Bella has never herd the saying, LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS. She has been caught by Kemi who warned the others.

  4. danmtruth

    Even tho she has a chance to come back It looks like it is best for AD /Jack’s game For Kemi to go She is the one person actively challenging his power hold CC ,Nick, Bella Cliff, Nichole and even Sam Keep this it’s to early to go after him Most thinking to wait till only 8 or 9 HG left to go after AD The problem is they just let him gather more power Add to that Nick might not last that long Jack is thinking to go after Nick to force Bella back to them

  5. Avatar

    I might have missed it some where but does any one know what CC heard this morning eaves dropping on cliff ..??

  6. Sassy

    I just turned on the feeds, looks like BDAD is sad and trying to cry! Poor guy!! I caught end of convo, JJ was telling AD, they are the most unselfish people in the game and they need to start putting themselves first. I think they really believe this! They are so full of shit!

  7. Sassy

    Ovi/Cliff talking in Target room. Trying to figure out how to get the”cool kids” to start going after each other before they go after Nicole. Cliff thinks he’s in good with JJ/Beth because of the southern connection.

    Jess is talking in the bathroom, can’t stand the whine in her voice, next camera.

    JJ talking to Nick/Kemi/Sam/Beth about some race that is a bunch of rednecks and how it’s a big party with no security, no drama, just a good time. Blah blah blah. Next camera – oops it’s on JJ too. Now he’s talking about hazing having a purpose… Hmmm. Not surprised!!

  8. Nancy

    Amen, Sassy..Jessicas voice gets on my nerves too.. .plus, she never seems sincere ..thanks for ur updates

  9. Sassy

    At the table – CC, TT, David talking about having a timeline for the future. CC doesn’t have one, she goes with the natural flow of energy. CC thinks after this she’s going to get hired for appearance to talk to kids and stuff… Hmmm, I’m not sure that happens, but maybe. CC says it’s unreasonable to expect a 17 year old to decide their future, like picking a college major and such. They should be free to explore. David says the indoctrinated to go to college but no one talks about The debt. They aren’t wrong, but it really depends on the kid. I did a year of college then joined the Army. Finished my degrees after 40.

    Bathroom – Jess and Anal – like talking like about like, like, like, hair. Awkward silence. They have nothing to talk about and it’s painfully obvious.

    2 cams on table/ 2 on bathroom.

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  11. Sassy

    Anal spilled coffee on her bed and the washer is out of commission for a few days.

    TT/Ovi talking about how AD misses home and he had a bad dream last night. Yeah right! Liar!! He’s fake pouting because now that he’s screwed Anal, he wants to break up. Ovi/TT just checking in with each other on how they are doing.

    KK, Nicole, Beth joins the bathroom. Someone’s swimsuit turned her pants red. Jess talking about how to get paid for live social media stuff.

    JJ, Cliff, Nick talking college football.

    Kemi/Nicole cleaning their bedroom. Nicole is blowing her nose into her microphone. UGH! They start to whisper. Nicole is retelling her convo with AD. Nicole has a bloody nose from the dry air.

    Bella is cuddling with AD. He says Anal is giving him space today. He feels CC more than Anal, it’s just different. They talk about Bella’s bond with Nick, she think he’s the most caring and giving person she’s ever met. I guess she doesn’t know all the things he is saying. A personality test told AD he has a long fuse and doesn’t get mad easy. He says he has awareness of his feelings and keep his feeling in control. He understands he can only control himself. The house has taught him this. He’s so wonderful, or at least he thinks so.

  12. AIO_7

    What is this all about? (that’s Jackass 2, btw)


  13. Sassy

    Bella’s/AD break up the cuddle fest.

    AD belched into his microphone.

    JJ/Beth/David in the kitchen. David is cleaning, jJ is cooking. Beth walked out. JJ/David talk about cooking. TT kisses AD, AD sings with no warning. Small talk.

    Bella is making a game. AD sings again, no warning. Bella/Ad sit across table from each other with cups, made a hall out of tin foil, trying to get in cup. Boring! AD sings again no warning.

    TT/Nick/Sam join Anal/Jess/Kemi in bathroom. TT everyone is going to love his whole family. They probably all love Nick already. He’s excited for them to meet. TT says he needs to clip snicks toenails. Eek!! And then TT cuts them. They talk about the shape, etc…

    12 fish in a bowl, 1/2 drown how many are left?
    Answer all of them, huh? I don’t get it. I mean they say fish don’t drown, but in this scenario you said they did, so….

    Talking about shopping. I didn’t hear where. TT spends $80 on jeans. Ovi likes joggers, they look good on him. Oh Ovi!

    Nick is going to TT house right after the show.

    Kemi/Nicole in bedroom, still whispering. Kemi is going to talk to Jack tomorrow. She’s going to be straight with him. She has a good grasp of the H8ful, and the things that led up to her and AD not getting along. I think she’s gonna throw Bella under bus, talk about nails.

  14. Kari

    I miss Ian.

    Bronchitis really sucks by the way.. *sigh*

  15. Sassy

    Bella/AD still playing their game. More cups have been added. Looks like a mini version of beer pong, not sure what rules are.

    Kemi retelling Why she thinks Bella is a snake to Nicole. Wish they would speak up. Something about Jess and she can clear her own name, no context, whispers are to low.

    2 cams on boring game, 2 cams on trailer.

  16. LynnD

    URGH!!!!! Where do I start? I have FINALLY caught up on the episodes & the updates on here. Have not yet had time to read all the comments (ya’all been busy!) I have tried to read through NK & Dan’s summaries. (only read the last 2 days) so I am sorry if I repeat/vent on stuff already discussed. I found out 3 days ago my cable has POP so I am now able to record BBAD just haven’t watched it yet. I know, I know I am such a slacker. Also please forgive me for my ignorance on all the nicknames;

    I really like Nicole and Kemi is kinda growing on me. They really could go far (with Cliff & David) if some idiots would wake up. I read somewhere that most of the house is just being blind puppets to the 2 J’HOLES! You seriously do NOT need to watch live feeds to know this. (I am proof). That said I would like to see them as a 4 person alliance. Do they have strength? Absolutely not, but they have brains and personalities which can get them far if they worked together.

    BellaBitch just needs to go! I really do not have the time or energy to type anything else about her (she is a 2 faced JC wanna be)

    The 2 J’HOLES are just that! They use the girls and toss them aside like rotten eggs. Which is what I think they think of them as quickly as these girls have hopped on their train (sorry if this comment was not allowed). I do give them the credit though that they have been able to bullshit everyone into thinking they are best for everyones game (ok they have bs’d almost everyone) I think we are watching Paul 2019 x2.

    I don’t have much to say about a few HG at the moment. The girls who haven’t kept their pants on are just floating around the house thinking these guys are going to carry them to the end (they might but not for the right reasons). I actually saw an IG post late last night that Kat had a bf going in the house & he threw a big watch party only to be humiliated. (I really feel bad for the shmuck).

    Sam is also kinda growing on me (though I do not have much to go by on him either except what I read). Nick I still have no opinion on either.

    Ovi I really wanted to like. However, I like everyone else think he is trying to hard.

    Is that everyone? No idea…..I really am NOT loving or even liking very much this season. Too many robots with no thoughts of their own.

    I almost forgot…….WHY CAN’T THESE IDIOTS VOTE THE WAY THEY WANT TO? STOP SAYING YOU WANT TO VOTE WITH THE HOUSE (which is really the way the 2 J’HOLES want you to vote). I seriously despise unanimous votes unless it is warranted. Voting against your “ally” or someone you don’t feel needs to go is in the top 5 dumbest moves. Did ANYONE watch BB20 last year?

    Ok, I think my rant is about over (for now) so I just want to end this with letting everyone know how much I miss BB20 (speaking of watching BB20). Seriously, the good ole days of players who thought for themselves, stuck to their alliance or even flip flopped so much no one knew who the swing vote was 🙂 (WHO FLIPPED!?)

    I will leave you with this: GO LEVEL 6!!!!!! (I miss them so much)

    • LynnD

      I just realized that PMS is so irrelevant to this season I forgot she was even in the house. OOPPPS, my bad!

    • LynnD

      And now after reading Sassy’s update I realized I have not mentioned CC or TT. So I’m assuming at the moment I don’t feel either way for them. (since I didn’t even remember they were in the house). I guess I need to watch BBAD and read up more & get back to them.

      • danmtruth

        LynnD you have a better grasp on what’s going g on than the HG a d they are their Hope the new job is not stressing you out too bad understand the demands ds on your time thanks for the fly bye always good to get your perspective

      • LynnD

        Thanks Dan. The new job is a 2nd job so it is keeping me super busy with having a teenager. WHEW!

      • LynnD

        Sorry Dan what I meant to say is I still work my 8-4 office job but have taken on a 2nd job (it’s not a stressful job just time consuming). I also have an active teenager. A house that has had several issues lately and unfortunately living the single life again. (I really should not wake up in the middle of the night, read comments & attempt to reply to them). But all is good & I will catch up whenever I can. I will also keep throwing in my 2 cents whether it is wanted or not 😉

        But like I said before Thank you everyone for keeping us updated. It is more appreciated than you will ever know.

    • Kari

      Eyup.. freaking crazy how people do not seem to wake up and see what’s actually going on right in front of their faces.

      Hi Lynne!!

    • ShoeLover

      Miss LynnD!!! I was wondering when you would show and pass your clever remarks to us!!! You have pretty much narrowed it down to perfection. I still haven’t gotten the feeds and I do love staying up watching BBAD and following along with NK and Dan. I may miss a few nights but being able to rewatch after my DVR recording it all makes sense. Heck, I sometimes just replay for background noise during the day. So with all that, glad to see ya!!!

      • LynnD

        Thanks Shoe. It felt good to attempt to catch up. I missed my BB Fam. I fell asleep around 11 & just woke up. Decided to jump on here & catch up. I will throw BBAD on but do need to try and go back to sleep. Not sure how much I will be able to watch

      • LynnD

        I also have not yet renewed my account for the feeds. I feel I just won’t have the time to watch them (when my daughter allows me the laptop lmao) My ipad isn’t working so well. I’m also afraid if I get the feeds back it might totally suck me back in (like last year where my house was not getting cleaned properly & I was staying awake WAY too late) However, I do not see this cast sucking us in like last year. Not yet at least.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lynnie Poo, you may have had to catch up but you just proved you’re a damn quick study! Great post!

  17. Sassy

    CC is popping pimples.

    Anal says she wakes up in the middle of the night and is startled that she’s in the BB house. Sam always knows he’s here. Sam’s kid sleep walks, he tells a story. He has monitors in his kids rooms. Anal is doing her makeup.

    I wouldn’t mind listening to Kemi/Nicole, but they do to much whispers. Kemi said if anyone in the game touched her, she would beat the hell out of them. Kemi said she’s not campaigning to Nick or Bella because their minds are made up. They talk about Bella again. Kemi says Bella is spastic and scattered, she’s not drinking hotdog water or crap like that. They talk about moving in silence and give a quote about better to stay silent than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    I wish the 4 cams were in different rooms giving me more options.

    Kemi said Maybe this isn’t the game for her, because she’s not going to tell you what you want to hear after you f’d My game. Kemi wants to hide Nicks socks, they talk rules, then hide socks so his feet will be cold tonight. She says she knows it’s immature, but it makes her feel better. Nicole doesn’t approve but let’s it go and won’t tell.

    Still talking about kids in bedroom. Sam talking about 2 autistic kids that drowned at the same time, sad… he talks about parental fears, they all sympathize, but none of them have kids. Kemi/Nicole join them. Fish tank

  18. Sassy

    It’s still on Fish tank. Usually it will go to kitty’s not sure what is going on. Guess I’ll get some things done while I wait!

  19. Sassy

    Most HGs are in bedroom. AD/TT snuggling. AD is rubbing his back. Ovi telling a story about how he farted blamed his friend, who was then known as fart kid. Ovi said in 4th grade he was chubby kid with a mushroom haircut and polarized glasses. Ovi telling another story about his young self, it’s sad!! TT says once he was playing kickball, stepped on the ball and fell on his back. Sam went to a knockoff Harlem globetrotter type game, thought he’d be cool and jump up and grab rim during 1/2 time, didn’t go well. CC bought her first thing in 4th/5 th grade. Sam says it has to show to be cool. She was depants, whole butt out. Sam gots pantsed in a casino in his 20s. Anal does have a story. AD took medication at lunch, he would forget, nurse would call and the kids would say Jack has to go get his brain food. CC was a late bloomer, called mosquito bites, started period in 8th grade and automatically had boobs, then everyone thought she stuffed her bra. She flashed the school yard to show she didn’t.

  20. Sassy

    JJ/Beth in HOH room. Talking about getting rid of Nick/Bella. JJ says they could replace with Kat, trying to figure out who else they can pull in to be bottom of the H8ful. JJ says he’s trying to maintain relationships, so he makes sure he hugs Kat everyday. Huh??? This man is deranged! JJ says AD/CC are closer than him an AD. When Ovi told the Js about the power, JJ says AD told him to use it on CC, he’s willing to live and die by her. That opened JJs eyes. Beth wants to know what is everyone’s obsession with CC, she just doesn’t get it. Wants to know if guys think she’s beautiful or something. JJ says she’s just a guys girl. Beth wants to know if they will target her or if they all fear her or what.

    They continue to talk game, and options. They watch the spy cam and mention Cliff. JJ fluffs the bed. They cuddle. Beth says she’s a ball of nerves and she is f’ing frustrated that her name is being thrown out there. She’s worried that Nick/Bella/Sam are working together. How dare they! Beth has a savage side, and she doesn’t want to show it yet. JJ says to keep it hidden right now. They realize they are the bottom of the 6. JJ makes fun of Jack crying today. He says you can’t show emotion, that’s why he doesn’t show empathy, so it can’t be used against him. Don’t think he knows what empathy is. I guess he forgot he did the exact same thing the day he broke up with KK Anal wants Beth to sit Nick down and tell him what she knows and say Cliff told her. What would be the purpose of that? They talk about how Anal wants to start drama and believes everything she hears.

    Beth says CC is planting doubt in Anal. Beth says Jack watches CC in the shower… Beth says she’s going to play an honest game. JJ is considering telling Cliff, HE heard him talking this morning. And tell him he wants to work with him. He thinks he’s Cliffs side piece. Beth is Leary about saying HE heard him, because if it gets back to CC she will be pissed and it could go wrong. JJ doesn’t understand what she’s saying. JJ is focusing on how it will help him with Cliff but not how it will affect his alliance if they find out. Beth wants to talk to him together. I think she’s afraid she will be left out.

  21. Pumpkin

    I think Kat kinda looks like Janelle.

  22. Sassy

    JJ/Beth come up with their strategy, and decide to approach him now. JJ wants to do it alone, Beth is not happy about it and continues to try to invite herself into convo. They lost their opportunity to catch him alone. JJ has given his marching orders and Beth leaves. JJ watches from the upstairs balcony.

    Kitchen – Cliff/Jess/Beth/Ovi. General chit chat.

    Bathroom – CC/ Bella/Nick/AD/Sam – CC retelling Cliffs can talk to them. Nick wants to know the order, CC gets defensive and says she’s not going to talk about it here (she did bring it up). AD is eating in the bathroom (Gross!!). CC thinks it’s funny, she’s eating in the bathroom too. She’s chomping, hard to focus on convo! Sam doesn’t thinkbit affects him and CC says it does, but again doesn’t really want to go into detail. CC says she knows the pecking order, Nick wants to know what it is and she gets pissed and she said they can only talk in a secure location… they start talking makeup and hair.

    Bella is going to do Nicks toe nails. She’s gonna cut them first, but TT cut them earlier, how fast do his toenails grow?? Talk about how they know when stuff is being dropped off, Fish tank!

    Bedroom. Anal/KK – KK – I’m not playing a floater game. Anal, you are not a floater, you are playing a good game. Anal thinks she’s a target because of who she’s aligned with. KK doesn’t think so, she thinks Anal is playing a really good game. They think it’s hard to speak your mind because there are so many big personalities. KK says she hasn’t been talking any game this week. KK asks her if she’s ok, Anal says she thinks so…

  23. davidsgirl

    After reading Steve’s post and seeing what Cliff did, what an idiot!! He says he is a fan of the show and has talked about other seasons and houseguests and then pulles the cam time move. That is something that you do in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. That’s what Paul did and he whispered and checked often for people going to the bathroom. Oh Geez!

  24. caRyn

    Nick is worse in my book than Jack and Jackson. Not only is he disrespectful to Isabella, he is a jerk. It’s his tone and attitude – snippy. Very immature. Nicole won’t tell him her game plans and he gets pissy about it. He is moody. The other night he was grumpy and the hg felt his bad energy. The talk Nick had with Analyse was bat sh*t crazy. Asking her details about Jack’s body parts and how it was having sex with Jack. Analyse answered his questions too. Nick said that’s what I thought. So Nick has thought about what having sex with Jack and/or Analyse would be like.
    Jackson has a polarizing personality. He reminds me of Monte. He says the word honestly often. Works my nerves because he is normally lying when he uses the word. Sounds more trustworthy to say it to the hg, I guess.
    Kathryn talking to Holly saying she is in an alliance with Holly and Jackson. Holy smokes! That’s crazy talk too.
    I do like the banished camp. Wish it would have started sooner for David’s sake. What I like most about it is, even though only one hg gets to return as a player, they are all having the BB experience of being in the BB house. Ovi will have been in the BB house 30 days if he doesn’t return. It’s a very cool opportunity and experience and great memories for them.

    • Avatar

      I think Nick better have his resume updated because he is not going to have a job after this show.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I like the idea that the earliest ones out of the game got to spend a little more time in the house for the experience too. Some “real” fans (not recruits) have waited years to get on the show, only to go out the first night and never really get a chance to see/feel what it’s like to be in there or get to know the other HG better.

      Oh, I think a bunch of parents are looking for a new psychologist for their kids just about now. (I think that was his job). Unless he has a private practice, I don’t see a firm wanting to expose their clientele to him after seeing and/or hearing some of the things he’s said/done.

    • davidsgirl

      I agree with you about Nick asking Analyse questions about her and Nicks sexual encounter in the HOH bathroom. I thought it was really creepy. And just as creepy that she was answering his questions. I guess they don’t view anything as private.

    • danmtruth

      We are quick to slut shame the girls for flirting and using there sexuality to help there game play Well what is Nick doing beside trying to get all the girls intrested in him The Jackass twins brag about how they can control the girls How girls like jess and Nichole would never have a chance with themSo just flirting with them a bit they can control them These guys are so conceited

      • LynnD

        That thought just made me throw up in my mouth a little. Watching the episode the other night with Nicole in the DR saying she had no one to go to Fiji with made me so sad. That’s why the J’HOLES arrogance pisses me off even more. Nicole is cute and has a great personality and there doesn’t seem to be anything fake about her. I’m sure she will have plenty of fans reaching out to her when she leaves the house!

  25. hogwild

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Christie is just incredibly smart and merely focusing her herd on an object on a week to week basis.

    I am going to respectfully disagree she is a standout idiot among idiots.

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  27. davidsgirl

    Oh, well that is confusing about Cliff’s cam time. Steve had it noted at 12:45 pm so I thought that was the time Christie heard him cam talking.

    • Sassy

      I think that is when Christy told the herd about the cam talk.

    • NKogNeeTow

      WELCOME aboard Davidsgirl!

    • davidsgirl

      I checked into the Cliff cam talk and apparently from another site it says that Cliff was cam talking around 9:30 am and the Christie was running around tellling everyone. If that’s true, it’s just my opinion but I think 9:30 am is way too late in the morning to be doing that.

      • ShoeLover

        I wonder if the 9:30 time is eastern and that would make it 6:30 west coast time? I think 9:30 is a hit late in the morning but, if they are up half the night, some past 2am then maybe 9:30 isn’t too late in the morning for some of the night owls. The time frame usually gets me, because west coast is two hours behind me. So maybe if it is 9:30am west coast time, and half the house doesn’t go to bed until after 2am, its possible some are up and some are still sleeping. Ugh enough of my rambles… the time frame can be confusing at times.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    4:23pm: Jokers: Gr8ful has decided to nominate Cliff and Nicole if they win HOH next week

    Surprise, surprise. Does this mean that PMS gets a reprieve? I’m still hoping that someone will man-up and try to keep Kemi. I don’t expect it because of the mob mentality that BAD has instilled in them, but I’m still hoping for it.

    • danmtruth

      They all know each other iare coming after each other so they are just happy to have an easy target to vote out as long as it’s not them Also do not want to vote against the house and draw attention to themselves Yet they dont understand the power of throwing a hinky vote to blame on someone else

    • LynnD

      NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! They have to lose. I’m afraid an endurance comp is coming & then Nicole & Cliff are screwed.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    For H8ful to think they wield so much power, they seem to suffer from a lot of over-confidence, sprinkled with a heaping helping of paranoia. Like Steve said, they’re worried about the lame duck old guy.

    Get out the way pesky trees! You’re blocking my view of the forest!

  30. Nancy

    I thought the convo with nick and analyse was extremely odd..nick seems to voyeristic , makes the creep meter ping..I really wanna start pulling for someone but I just don’t feel it..I do like Sam, but not sure how much…

    • caRyn

      Nick has liked Analyse from the beginning. His questions when talking to Analyse were more about Jack. It wasn’t Nick comparing himself to Jack. Nick was curious in the way of what it would be like if he were to get with Jack. Analyse didn’t have any red flags answering Nick. Analyse should have asked Nick if he was planning on hooking up with Jack next. And if so, mention to Nick that she thought he was crushing on her. If another girl asked me those kind of questions I would know she was trying to hook up with my man. A man hasn’t ever asked me. They don’t want to know. Never would I tell anyone anything.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Ok, off to do some real world stuff. Sassafrass, keep us posted.

  32. g8trgirl

    I’ve never seen our Stevebeans so riled up! They really are a group of morons as I’ve stated several times over the past few weeks.
    At this point I’m pulling for Nicole. She seems, only seems to know some of what’s going on.

  33. danmtruth

    Even tho I’m not a fan of either The low people on the H8ful Ratbella & Nick in past seasons would be the ones trying to rally the others to challenge the H8ful But no the all fake smile like they are still to gather If anyone out side of the six shooters Ad, JJ, CC, TT, TP1,TP2 win HOH they should put CC & TT on the block Dont go after the top Pick off the bottom because of camp battle back You hope for David, Ovi or if its Kemi back no need to put a strong player in their

    • Sassy

      If you are going for the weakest, put the oxygen thieves up! They are the most likely to dish the dirt on everyone to save themselves, and the least likely to win the battleback. In the off chance they did come back, they would hold a grudge and create drama.

    • Holan

      Sassy is absolutely right!!! Either of those girls would bend over backwards to stay. They would be telling secrets faster than the Jacks change partners. Is that too crass? Plus, we could use the drama, in the off chance that one of them battled back into the house.

  34. Kari

    Okay just because of a little bit of integrity, it seems, I’m going to go for Nicole and David. I like it when the underdogs can kick ass when it’s unexpected and we can just hope that they will wake up and do just that.

  35. LO1004

    Things we learned today: Bella is a sloppy mess, Nicole is America’s Sweetheart, Kat is actually hilarious, and Nick has signed his death warrant w all this ‘im putting Nicole up’. Dick.

  36. caRyn

    First Isabella put a target on Nicole and now Cliff. Let’s hope no one else does. Nicole has been playing the game to the best of her ability and other hg are screwing her over. It’s a part of the game but I don’t want her out. She is at the top of my list. If she goes I would have to go with Sam.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ryn, I’m so ready for someone to put a muzzle on Bella. So far she’s but a target on Kemi, PMS, Cliff and Squeaks. I keep praying that she’ll slip up and put one directly on herself. They already don’t trust her.

  37. danmtruth

    Is Kemmi becoming closer with Kat now that she knows she cannot trust Bella

  38. Holan

    Bella cannot stop herself. She is currently telling Sam about the group of eight in detail even down to the fact that she thinks the other six will turn on Nick and her first when it comes down to it. She pulled nick up into the hog because most of the house is talking downstairs and she blabbers so fast that everything is out there.

    • Holan

      I meant to say she pulled Sam up into the hog room, but I associate her name with Nick and wrote the wrong name. Plus, I was so shocked that she could spill the beans so fast. She just keeps going and going and going… she’s like the energizer bunny when it comes to ratting our her friends, allies, random people in the house…. anyone.

    • Holan

      **Sam. I meant to say she pulled Sam up into the hog room, but I associate her name with Nick and wrote the wrong name. Plus, I was so shocked that she could spill the beans so fast. She just keeps going and going and going… she’s like the energizer bunny when it comes to ratting our her friends, allies, random people in the house…. anyone.

  39. NKogNeeTow


    Alright, let’s see who’s playing Musical Beds tonight!


    JJ eating at the counter while Bella washes dishes. He gets oj from the fridge and drinks it from a glass. *We all know that he only does that when everyone else is awake. Other than that, straight from the carton.*

    Target Room:

    A is laying on a bed with TP2 (H). CC is throwing around sea salt candy. PMS is droning on something about Steve (hubster) wanting to move but she doesn’t want to for another 6 years. *He’s probably packing up as we speak, so he can sneak away before she gets home*


    Bella and SamIAm discuss showers and shits.

    Target Room:

    The conversation is about baby blankets. TT says his mother wouldn’t let him bring his on the show. CC hass joined TP2 and AD on the bed. Cliff, Orwell and Ovi on another bed. Cliff and Orwell leave and AD says one day he’s going to challenge Cliff for Orwell.


    TP1 (S) is laying on Nick’s shoulder. KK is talking to them.


    Bella is spilling her guts out to Sam about the alliance of 8 and how solid they are because of putting Kemi and PMS OTB. He is standing there looking at her like “uh huh”. She’s overusing her hands, which makes her look like she’s lying her ass off. Her explanation is also disjointed. She is saying she wanted to tell him because she wasn’t sure whether Nick has told him yet.

    He wants to know how CC is telling him that she wants Jack to go. He says that if he goes to vote out Kemi, well maybe he shouldn’t vote out Kemi because she could be a number for him. Bella says that she doesn’t want Sam to tell Nick just yet, because Nick will run and tell AD. She says that anything that is said to him, he runs and tells AD. Sam seems surprised that Nick and AD are that close. She says “Oh yes”. She tells him that JJ was talking about AD too and wants him out.

    Bella says that everything that Kemi was telling her the other day, made a lot of sense. Sam says what Kemi says makes sense to him too. Bella tells him again not to mention anything to Nick because she says right now he’s (Sam) ok. Bella says right not she only trust Sam and Nick and if Kemi stayed, she’d trust her too. *It’s official. Holly is a fucking MESS!*


    • Holan

      It’s getting crazy. Maybe with Bella and Sam talking they will actually vote to keep kemi. Or at least not vote as a house and wake up…

      • Sassy

        I don’t think they could flip the vote. Kat would have to side with the outsiders and I’m not sure she’s ready for that.

      • Holan

        I know. It’s widhful thinking that Jess would get the boot and Kimi stay. Even a split vote would be great! The voting as a house thing isn’t necessary and annoying. Also, Jack will be upset and wonder who would possible choose to vote against him.

    • LynnD

      NK: “Alright, let’s see who’s playing Musical Beds tonight!” I just spit my coffee everywhere.

  40. NKogNeeTow



    Big Mouth Bella is STILL talking. She tells Sam that all the showmances are on one side. She tells Sam that the only reason she’s telling him this is because she feels sorry for him. Sam asks her if Nick really likes him. She says yes. She tells Sam that he is scheduled to go out 9th. *This chick is something else!* They see David coming on the monitor and she runs in the bathroom. David does not come in.

    Sam says that the next HOH they need someone small to win so they can take out JJ or AD. They look up and see AD and CC coming and run into the bathroom and loudly change the subject. AD asks where Nick is. AD comes in and sits on the edge of the tub while Sam is telling a story to Bella. CC comes into the bathroom too.


    KK, Kemi are talking about the Season of Paul.


    • Sassy

      Both Bella and Nick are obsessed with AD and Possibly jealous of the others relationship with him. Bella is an idiot for telling this, but I’m SOOO glad she did!!

  41. danmtruth

    Boat room Analysie Nick Kat now Cliff With Orville For a time Bella was in their also As soon Bella left Nick turns and bury his head in TP#1chest as she plays with his hair Kat and Kemmi sit back and watch them in some strange blind date show Zero game talk Nick ask TP#1 about her family She mention she has a 24 year old sister Naturaly he ask if she is cute and single
    Go up to HOH SamIam is in their with Ratbella talking about showmance Samiam thinks it hurts him that he is not in a showmance Sam is nervous that JJ was talki g to Nichole is being swayed by JJ
    SAM covering game talk with Bella when Jack and CC walk in with talk of when his wife’s water broke during pregnancy

  42. Holan

    Jack was nice enough to warn Bella to hang a towel over the shower so that she doesn’t have to reach for one in front of the camera after her shower… then, he made some selfish comment and lost his glimmer of kindness so quickly. I’m trying to see positive in the ones that are bothering me, like Bella and the jacks, but she blew up the games of everyone whenever possible and Aquaman Jack always finds a way to ruin a kind moment.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Steve Harvey trying to get us to sign up for Publishers Clearing House. Don’t do it! You never win anything and those people NEVER leave you alone!


    Target Room:

    JJ and TP2 (H) are talking about CC. They say she can’t keep her damn mouth shut. TP2 tells him that TP1 (S) is fed up with CC too. JJ says she keeps throwing stuff in TP1’s face that her man is all over her and that isn”t cool. JJ says he’s glad he didn’t get a chance to talk to Cliff because of CC. Holly asks why did she do that? She says everyone sucks but she had a good convo with KK today. Just then, KK comes in and they tell her they were just talking about her. TP2 tells KK that she was just saying how she is frustrated with everyone and the only one she wanted to talk to today was KK and here she is. KK jokes and tells them that she can’t be seen talking to them or it might be bad for her game.

    The 3 of them decide to say snarky things to each other in front of the others. KK tells them that CC and AD were walking by and talking about how PMS is so annoying. KK says that she loves PMS to death and she’s ann0ying her. TP2 says she (P) has to be nice so they’ll keep her. KK says yes, because she’s a number for them. JJ tells KK that they (CC and AD) are going to feed her misinformation. KK says that she’s trying to get info from them so she can bring back to TP2 and JJ. TP2 tells her she’s in a good spot right now and not on anyone’s radar. TP2 says that their F3 is going to be so funny.


  44. davidsgirl

    I think Jack was hanging out in the HOH bathroom in hopes to see Bella naked in the shower. Then he gave up on it but jokingly said “OOOOOO Bella”. To make her think he saw something. I think alot of these guys are just weird. Or really desperate.

  45. danmtruth

    HOH room now Ratbella just finish. Her showers SamIAM TT, CC Ad and TP#1 Ovi was their not sure uf he left yetUp their doing there favorite activity wat hing spy TV and trashing who ever is on their

  46. NKogNeeTow

    DON’T MESS WITH MY DISCOUNT! *Just randomly threw that out there.



    TP2 (H) is telling KK and JJ that Nick weirded her out today, talking about how rich she is. TP1 (S) comes in and sits down. JJ asks her if she slept alright last night. She mis-heard him and thought he asked where did she sleep last night. *Guilty conscience maybe?* He repeats what he said and she says “Ohhh” Then says she’s tired. He tells her she slept all day. She says she’s bored. She suggest that maybe they get everyone in the kitchen and decide what to do. JJ says “Umm, no”.

    They start talking about food and she says she ate something nasty today. She says she’s going to go and eat something because they are boring. She leaves.

    Sam is telling AD, CC and Bella that Ovi wanted to play 20 questions. CC said she just got up and left. They all agree that they are tired of playing that game with him. CC is talking about PMS telling stories. They are long and boring. Sam says she just pays too much attention to detail. CC says she just doesn’t care about her stories. She ask them to stop her if they catch her going off while P is telling a story. She says you only have a certain window of time then you lose people.


    • Sassy

      I love how bipolar these people are. One minute they LOVE PMS, the next she’s annoying and they can’t stand to listen to her. Maybe they are trying really hard to convince themselves they like her.

      I think Nick and Bella see Analdick separating and they want to be the ones to “comfort” them after the breakup. Dream come true for both of them. The only thing better would be a 4some, which I believe would be a BB 1st. Now to go wash my mouth out with soap!!

  47. NKogNeeTow

    POP has SO many commercials. They remind me of that song “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones, where he talks about the commercials. Good song.



    CC is talking about some ex that told her to never call her crazy. TT says he would go off if someone ever told him to calm down. CC is telling them that Cliff, Ovi and Nicole had an alliance called “Zing”. She’s telling them about Cliff talking to his family this morning while she was listening at the door. She tells them everything tht she heard. She says she wasn’t mad about it, in fact she thought it was cute. She is telling them that from what she heard, she is convinced Cliff and Squeaks doesn’t have the power. She says that if Ovi does have it, she doesn’t want him to come back into the house. She recounts who Cliff said the couples were and who Zing needs to get on board with their alliance and which order the couples go. CC has the conversation down almost word for word. TT says that he and CC never talk about anything while in bed that Cliff can’t hear.
    Bella is listening intently, but not saying a word. *Po thang probably doesn’t have any oxygen left from emptying her guts to Sam.*


    David is talking to TP2 (H). He is telling her that every question she’s asking, she is answering. She tells him he’s the one dressed like a mall cop. She asks him what does he think about the house. He tells her he thinks he’s going to come back into the house and pay his dues.


    CC and TT are still talking about Cliff. Bella starts whispering that she told Squeaky that she told AD about the Black Widows just in case her name came up, she didn’t want her (Squeaks) to be blindsided. *This chick lies like a rug. She told because she wanted to. The same way she tells everything else without being asked.*


  48. NKogNeeTow



    TT thinks Ovi would have used the power if he had it. CC is retelling them that Cliff said that if it comes to America’s vote that Ovi would get back in the house and Cliff said he’s going to do everything in his power to make that happen. They wonder why Cliff would think that Ovi has the power. Bella asks Sam if he had it and says “Not to put you on the spot.” Sam says no.


    David, KK and Squeaks are sitting on the oddly placed sofa. AD, TP1 & 2 (S & H) are sitting at the counter. They are talking about aquariums and fish.


    CC is thinking about outing Cliff and wonders if he would try to deny it. She says it wouldn’t matter at this point. Bella says she always tells Squeaky that she thinks she has the power and Squeaks says she doesn’t have it. Bella says Squeaks is so consistantly not saying shit. Sam says that they wouldn’t tell Squeaks that she’s a pawn. Bella says that maybe they should put both of them up to see which one uses the power. TT says he wonders if Ovi has the power, is it something that he could use to come back. He wonders if Ovi can use it even if he’s in Camp Comeback. CC says she doubts it because of what Julie said. TT says that Julie also said that David was out of the house for good but look where he is now. *She never said he was out for good*


    • Colby

      In the kitchen when they were talking about the fish……David, KK and Squeaks have been joking around about having an alliance because they have been feeding the fish together. In the kitchen one of the girls made a joke about Squeaks and KK being nominated next week because somebody may have heard that they have a secret alliance. Jack was not amused. LOL
      I think that is why he was trying to justify his noms to Squeaks later, plus trying to get info out of her.

  49. NKogNeeTow



    CC is saying she doesn’t want to win 2 HOH’s and have 2 people coming back in the house mad at her. Bella thinks that Nick wouldn’t put her (B) up. CC says she wishes she knew one of them (Bella, Sam or TT) was going to win HOH. Sam says that this is an important HOH because as of this one, it’s on. Bella says she doesn’t think that Cliff would come after any of them first. She thinks that he or Squeaks would go after JJ or AD first. TT says that the good thing is that now when CC does win HOH next time she knows who to go after. TT says he gets pissed when someone asks him who he’d put up. TT says if Cliff doesn’t know that CC heard him…he says that Sam could join Cliff’ alliance. Sam said then he could find out what is going on in that alliance. TT says he thinks Cliff knows that they know they know because he’s been acting strange all day.

    They decide to not let Cliff know that they know. Nick comes in and jumps on the bed. They told him he just missed the conversation. Nick says he loves Bella as a person. He says he has to say it that way now. They start talking about Kemi. They wonder if they’re keeping Kemi. Nick says NO. CC says oh, she thought they were going to shake shit up. Then she says never mind. The talk turns to PMS.


  50. davidsgirl

    I think alot of the grtful8 wants to vote out someone they see below themselves because they (grtful8) doesn’t want to have to wear a camp comeback outfit. I think they would be humiliated and know others were making fun of it and they don’t want to have to go through that. I think that after camp comeback they will start eating their own.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    More commercials….”When a man comes on the radio, telling me more and more, about some useless information. Trying to pry my imagination. I can’t get no…*enter guitar*…”



    Nick telling about a convo he had with Sqeaks and how he told her if she wanted to be down with them, she has to come forth with more info. They wonder if Squeaks won HOH who she’d put up. He thinks it would e Holly and Kat. He says Squeaks said she has an idea who she’d put up but wouldn’t say. TT said she looked like she wamted to cry last night.


    Squeaks is talking to AD. They are playing Checkers.


    TT is telling them that tonight they are going to whisper and chuckle around Cliff. They are trying to come up with a name for their 5 person alliance. They settle on the name “The Flaming 5”. CC says that’s good because TT is gay. The 5 are CC, TT, Nick, Sam and Bella.


    AD is explaining to Squeaks why he nominated the people he did. He said that Kemi is a strong competitor. He said he had to do what was best for his HOH. Downstairs crew are being unusually loud and it’s almost hard to hear them.


  52. davidsgirl

    Oh wow, the new alliance in the house is “fllamming 5”. Composed of tommy, sam, bella, nick and christie. These alliances are so impressive. Ha! Sam called those below himself “bottom feeders”. I hope alot of these people get reality checks.

  53. NKogNeeTow



    The Flaming 5 are reliving how JJ got to be Camp Director. Sam is saying how he and Nick bonded. CC is saying who she thought was a douche when she first met them. They start talking about their first impressions of each other. Sam said at first he felt taller than CC but now they feel like the same height. CC said she thought Sam was going to be a boring and generic guy. Nick said he thought CC was going to be so annoying. She says until he found out she was a savage and won the first HOH. Sam laughs and says because they all threw it. Sam says that if PMS had won the first HOH she would have put up all guys.

    Sam wonders if they have a Whacktivity tomorrow. Nick says no because someone has to go home first. They speculate again, what the comp might be. Nick pulls Bella in his lap and whispers something in her ear. She laughs and says he’s so annoying.

    They start to talk about gag reflexes. TT says he doesn’t have one. Sam says he is so sensitive he gags when he brushes his teeth. CC brings the convo back to Cliff again. She says he’s America’s Player.


  54. danmtruth

    Sorry NK they dulled me into coma
    Satisfaction is without a doubt a great song
    HOH crew saying saying how in two weeks they dont need to hide there alliance That’s nice except SamIAm is in the room with them For some reason Nick is tacking credit for ” flipping ” the house in the camp director vote How different things would be if Jess won
    TT and CC saying the HOH comp will be an eating something strange When did they ever do a comp like that CC says 100%

    • davidsgirl

      I do remember one time they did foods that were blended and then they had to guess the ingredients. That has been a few years ago. Really funny to watch them gag. Some of those mixtures were awful.

  55. kneeless

    We might have an all time high number of alliances this season. Since they’re not the brightest group I’m not sure they can keep alliances straight. Christie, STFU!

  56. davidsgirl

    The HOH room is filling up so game talk has ended. And I am suprised to see Analyse talking to Ovi in another feed . And in the Camp Comeback room to boot. Interesting.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Trying to keep up with all the alliances in the house…running out of fingers…



    Cliff, Orwell, AD, and Squeaks have joined the Flaming 5 (unbeknown to them). They are now talking about a comp being Fear Factor style, where they have to eat cockroaches and stuff. CC is telling them about all the nasty stuff they eat on Fear Factor.

    Camp Comeback:

    Ovi is taking to TP1 (S). He is telling her that he doesn’t talk much game with the rest of the house. TP1 is telling him that she doesn’t know why CC put him up. He says people don’t want him back in the game because they think he’d be on a terror trip. He says he doesn’t have any resentment towards anyone. TP1 asks him if he still feels good about her. He says he’s fine with her. She says she felt like there was nothing she could do and it was to early to try to shift the game without putting a target on her back. She asks him if he wouldn’t do the same thing. He hesitates and say no because he thought he would have been good for her game. She says he knows how she is. She is quiet in groups so she doesn’t talk game, so how could she, who can hardly get a word out, persuade the group not to vote him out. He asks if JJ and Nick fought for him.
    She says they fought very hard for him. She says her plan was to go with the house. She said that if she voted to keep him, they would have known it was her and she would be out the next week. *For all the good she is, she could be gone now and no one would notice except AD…maybe*


    Squeaks is talking to Kemi. She is telling Kemi that this is hard. Kemi asks if “he”(AD) said anything about her.


  58. NKogNeeTow



    Kemi is asking Squeaks if AD really thinks that everyone would put him up. Squeaks says she’s frustrated with herself and that this sucks but let them take shots at each other. Bella comes in eating chips and its down. *Welcome Mata Hari* Bella asks where Ovi is. They say they don’t know.

    Camp Comeback:

    Ovi is telling TP1 that a majority of people was with him game wise so there had to be someone pushing for him to be voted out but he thinks TP1 is in the clear. He says that side will probably be taken after this HOH. *Somebody PLEASE thump him upside the head!* He says he thinks they overestimated him last week. She says it’s because he throws out random facts.


    Bella is telling Squeaks and Kemi that she’s trying to figure out exactly what Camp Comeback is. Somebody come in and says they’re going to play Hungry Hippo, then leaves.


  59. danmtruth

    Kemmi &Nichole going over everything they have heard
    The crazy thing with many of the alliance they are just different combination between 8 people than you have Ovi who thinks he is part of a alliance but isnt than Nichole cliff are trying to add Kemmi to there alliance it is crazy all the different sub alliance that the H8ful have spawned

  60. kneeless

    What’s up with Sis talking to Obi for so long? Did Jack send her in? Finding it strange!

    • Sassy

      She’s feeling out of place. She is infatuated with AD since their shower scene, and he wants nothing to do with her now. Was he really that good? Was she really that bad? Commitment issues? Just an asshole? Who knows, but that relationship is ending and he’s already looking forward to others.

  61. amareels

    OMG, Kemi, Squeaks, Bella and KK are eating Lays potato chips so loud! I suddenly have a craving for chips.

  62. NKogNeeTow



    Ovi and TP1 talking about the house playing sides. He asks her what she’s heard. She says she heard that people are trying to split her and AD up. She says there is nothing she can do about it now. He asks her who he should keep his eyes on. She says she doesn’t know who she can trust except TP2 (H) and AD. She says she just wants to get Kemi out because she had her name in her mouth. *I hate that term* TP1 starts to say that if people vote for her…then TP2 (H) comes up and asks them what they’re talking about. He says her. She asks good or bad. TT shows up and the convo ends. They start to talk about the fish tank. They have catfish in there now. *I was praying for Pirahna and someone with slippery shoes*



    Squeaks, and Bella talking. Squeaks tells Bella she wants to talk to her privately. Bella asks if she and Kemi talked. Squeaks says yes, Kemi has an inkling that she is going to go. Kemi returns and they change subject to food. Bella wants crepes with Nutella. Bella gets warning about mic.


  63. danmtruth

    Ratbella telling Nichole she looks board No she is trying to figure how to hide your body after she kills you

  64. danmtruth

    Its Its official BB as Jess has brought out the bible It’s nit BB till someone on the block starts reading the bibke

  65. kneeless

    Bella, like, trying to explain, like, her situation, like, with Kemi. I am liking how Nicole isn’t letting her off the hook too easily. Like, go, Nicole!

  66. NKogNeeTow



    Sam is explaining something from the Bible to KK, PMS, Cliff, and Orwell. He is looking for Sis. They tell him she might be with Ovi. Sam leaves. PMS tells them she feels it’s time for a change in the house. Cliff says otherwise they will just get picked off one by one. PMS says there have been 20 seasons of this and people always gets asked why do they think they got voted out. She says all of them in the house don’t want to feel they played too fast. She says the house vote is a weird way for people to do some underhanded shit. KK and Cliff tell PMS they think she’s good and that they haven’t heard anything. He says until she actually hears the name announced, just keep doing what she’s doing. Cliff leaves. PMS tells KK she wonders why people aren’t coming in there going to sleep.


    Squeaky, Nick and Bella are talking. Bella is telling them that she was lowkey and the next day she (PMS) told KK that someone was trying to flip the votes. Squeaks ask Bella where did PMS get this information. Bella says she doesn’t know. *She is tap dancing her ass off* Bella says it must have been Ovi telling her. Bella says they clearly can’t trust her. *To bad they don’t know PMS isn’t the only one they can’t trust. Who wants to bet that this convo will be repeated to the H8ful later on tonight, only it will be told that Squeaks was telling it*


  67. kneeless

    That damn Plexaderm commercial is like a on entire show! I’d rather have my she shed burn down!

  68. danmtruth

    Ratbella nick are throwing Jess and Kat under the bus to nichole because nichole saud she was confusd with the tine line Kemmi jonied them Nick trying to help back up RTbells lies both talking fast

  69. davidsgirl

    I’m signing off for the night. Have a good night all.

  70. NKogNeeTow



    PMS is now with Nick, Bella, Kemi, and Squeaks. They are talking about some cake that someone who baked a cake that tasted like garbage.


    TT is telling AD, TP2 (H), TP1 (S), and CC about someone (Cliff?) saying that she (Squeaks) would put Holly up. TP2 says that she trust her so don’t let it get back to her. TT wants to hide Orwell tomorrow. CC says she thinks Cliff is America’s Player and that’s why he carries Orwell everywhere and talks to the camera in the morning. *facepalm…smh…banging on the table…stomping my foot…”When will it end”?” NOT TODAY RON!”


  71. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Ovi is talking to KK. She is asking him if he’s heard anything.


    Cliff comes in looking for Orwell. He leaves and they start asking what’s the biggest conspiracy theory. Nick or Sam says it’s the “Magic Bullet Theory”. He said it was about the bullet that killed Pres. Kennedy.


    Cliff comes in looking for Orwell. He says he’s missing. They say “Oh NO”. They ask where is the last place he saw him. He says he’s going back to the bathroom to look again. He leaves and the HOH crew goes wild with laughter. TT tells them that tomorrow they will tell him it must be the BB Sabatour.


    Cliff goes back and they tell him that he has looked everywhere, then leaves to look around some more. They ask him if he can sleep without him.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Well, what do you Guys think? A bit more entertaining than the past few nights. Nothing earth shaking but still, better. Alright Kidlets, our Gerardo has returned back to the fold and all is right with the world. Sleep tight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    Night Dan the Man, Gerardo, Knees, Amareels, and Davidsgirl. Thanks for keeping me company 🙂

  72. Kari

    Geraldo!!! We were wondering where you were and if you were okay! Glad you’re here! Now we can finally tell someone to STFU..

  73. danmtruth

    Damn them i cant sleep now till i find out

  74. danmtruth

    2:30am central time Holly talking to Nichole that TT told her that nick came up to them and said Nichole was coming after Holly and Anelyse
    Now Anelyese is telling JJ she feels like she is a target because of Jack

  75. Avatar

    Can someone explain why these people sign up for this game???? Does no one want to win?? I would take all the blood on my hands!!! Where are the players who want to win and actually play the game? This is the worst season!!! Or 2nd to worse. Really??? Even the feeds are dull. I know beginning is usually slow but these folks are just awful.

  76. danmtruth

    Morning early risers just wounder if Cliff will do his morning chat today It us part because these players are board It’s aslo the way the H8ful justify their actions The way they acted personally hurt and betrayed after hearing of Cliff wanting to get them out News flash Mcfly everyone is trying to get each other out No some of the hate comes from them knowing they never thought Cliff was doing anything other than doing what they were telling him to do
    It is nice to see the bottom feeders (SamIam term ) finaly seeing the light But fir any real opposition to fourm Kat and Bella and Nick ( excuse me as i swallow what i just trew up in my mouth back down) to get the numbers now
    This plan to vote with the house so you dont paint a target on your back is not working Does anyone remember an old far side cartoon Two deer standing one has a big target on its chest His friend says “bummer of a birth mark ” well Cliff ,Nichole and all non 6Shooter thats how they see you Sorry to break the news but SamIam, Nickabella that is you also I would go as far as saying the only true alliance are the 4 Jackass of hate Jack ,Jackson, Christie, and Tommy

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