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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


The slow week in the Big Brother house continues as the countdown to Kemi sleeping in one room to another is just over 48 or so hours. Or Jessica. But likely Kemi. Does it really matter at this point? Until the ‘other side’ actually gets together and stop fighting with each other, we’re going to see the first 8 person alliance actually make it to the final 8.

I have to say, as big of a douchebag as he is, and how stupid his initial approach was, Jack is emerging as a serious threat solely because of the power he seems to have over the rest of the house. When you can make blatant final 3-5 deals with 90% of the house, have everyone find out about those deals, and still not be a target, you’re playing with a bunch of bad people. I mean it’s not even like they are talking about evicting him but are just waiting for the right opportunity. There are very brief mentions of a few people wanting him out and one of those people will be leaving the game this week. He’s slowly picking off anyone with an independent thought which is going to carry him far.


And it’s tough for me to say this because I think he’s a really terrible player. It just shows how bad this house has been this year.  Every season they cast roughly half ‘popular’ type and half ‘outcasts’ and every season the outcasts get picked off one by one. The only thing that prevents a complete sweep of the ‘popular’ people every season are the rules where the HoH can’t play the next week and only 6 people play veto. Those two things always end up giving the outcasts a move where the main side is just forced to evict one of their own before they’re ready to. They really need to start casting stronger outcasts.

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  • 11:00 am – Most of the house is outside enjoying their last bit of sun before the weekly lockdown begins. It should happen at some point today
  • 12:45 pm – So, Christie stumbles upon Cliff cam talking privately and decides to leave him alone so he can share his thoughts.
    • I’m kidding. She listened to every word
    • She immediately runs and tells Holly and Sis everything she heard which is how Cliff wants to get the couples out first. He considers Tommy and Christie a couple (not showmance). He revealed all his secrets about any alliances he has and how he feels about everyone.
    • Needless to say, Cliff screwed himself and now the entire house knows his plans and intentions.
  • Christie has been spreading her information all around
    • She’s now telling Bella and Nick like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Congrats, Christie. You listened in on the old dude this year who is not a threat to anyone.
  • 4:00 pm – Ok, back from doing a ton of renovation work to my bathroom
    • Christie is still talking about Cliff. Jesus. Stop. Christie, you sound like an asshole. Cliff is a nothing to you right now. I understand targeting someone who is clearly going to go after you but talking about it all day makes you sound like an idiot.
    • Note – the house power of 8 people have been obsessed because they discovered the 50-year-old dude is actually trying to play what little cards he actually has. The guy’s main ally is out of the freakin game and only has a 25% chance of returning. This is killing me.
    • I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Christie is just incredibly smart and merely focusing her herd on an object on a week to week basis. Her band of morons are dangerous if there isn’t a set enemy every week. Idle hands are devil’s something something type of deal. This is a good strategy if intentional, but I don’t think it is.
    • They came out with some elaborate scheme. Put up Cliff and Nicole. See if someone uses a power, if not, no biggie. If so, Jess is the other option.
    • Cliff enters, talk ends. Good thing, this group of brainiacs were coming up with some brilliant plans lol
  • 5:15 pm – Jack goes to have a talk with Sis
    • Kind of sounds like he’s trying to slow things down with her
    • He says he wants to protect her by spending less time together
    • They ramble on to make him feel better but they’re totally going to hook up later.
  • 5:30 pm – Nicole is doing some self talk. I wonder if Christie is going to listen to this
    • She is talking about how Sam and Cliff are fan favorites and she’d totally root for them if she were watching
    • She doesn’t understand Bella’s game. It’s like she’s just throwing bombs everywhere
    • She says she loves the people in Camp Comeback. Some of the other people are ‘meh’, but then says that’s too mean. It’s not personal. lol. She is so sweet
  • 6:45 pm – Kat and Holly are in the HoH talking game
    • Holly says Sam is the biggest threat in the house. He’s big like Jack but Jack is a brute and arrogant
    • Kat can’t get a good feel on Tommy. She thinks he’s playing the floater game lol
    • Kat and Holly think Bella is disgusting. They say she’s dirty and gross and wouldn’t be friends with her in the real world.
    • Every once in a while they see glimpses of a good heart
    • They say whenever Bella cries with people, they wonder if she has a good heart or a sociopath
    • Shes’ the #1 person they don’t trust in the house
    • (random thought, I like hearing these two talk together. They should do it more)
    • They like Jess. Holly pumped her up before the competition. She told her to be a badass bitch and think of her boobs. Is that how girls pump each other up?
    • Kat says she’d rather go all the way or get out pre-jury. I agree. They say that because Cliff may want to go home to see his family so they may want to boot him before
    • However, pre-jury means they’re taking a few thousand from his pocket which I’m sure he’ll find helpful

Off to bed, update in the morning



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