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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Overnight Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


Taco Tuesday was on! I’m not going to lie, I was starting to expect that it was going to be a dud, but Nick got himself all fired up and ended up starting the whole thing! I had a feeling once Christie was backing out that Nick was going to carry the torch and start up the fight, and sure enough!

Nick overheard Christie say she was going to go off on him during dinner so he was fired up. He went up to the HoH room to vent to Jackson about it and got himself more fired up. After leaving the room and storming around a bit, Christie made her way up to the HoH room to find out what Nick was talking about. Midway through the conversation, Nick knocks on the door and starts yelling at Christie!

She asks if he wants to move it to the kitchen so everyone can be involved and he agrees. They head downstairs and Christie gathers up the house so they can listen in on the argument. Kind of weird, but I’ll still take it.


The argument didn’t actually have a lot of substance, it was basically Christie pointing out how Nick was playing the middle while Nick pointed out that Christie was disloyal to her crew. They basically repeated that talking point in various forms of yelling for a solid half-hour or so while the food that took Holly FOREVER to cook got cold. It was a fun argument because it was an argument, but it ended up being just two people blowing off steam because everyone just resumed what they were doing after.

Well, most people. Tommy kept sinking further and further into his seat during the argument likely just hoping Christie doesn’t mention him. It was actually more entertaining to watch him during it than it was to watch the argument. Nick then slipped away to the be bedroom to cry (which I actually thought Christie was going to do) and Tommy went to comfort him. Tommy is really working that jury vote seeing as he knows Christie’s is a lock.

The result of this is that Sis is now back to worrying she may be going home because the house may keep Christie to go after Nick. Nick’s game is basically blown up as he’ll likely be out the door soon. And Christie? Well, she’s likely still leaving on Thursday night so Sis probably doesn’t actually have to worry. I think even if Christie moved the needle tonight, she still has to get 4 out of 6 votes to avoid the tie which is a huge hill to climb. Especially when she knows she’s not getting Nick’s vote.  I’ll count the votes better tomorrow but it’s super unlikely Christie can get 4.

Alright, updates in the comment section. Have a good night!


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  1. AIO_7


  2. ElaineB

    Thx Steve! Your pics, especially the one of Jess, were priceless on the previous thread!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Elaine, I watched her face the entire time. Funny as hell. At first she looked scared to death someone would bring her name up. Then when no one really mentioned her except CC 1 time, she piped up and butted in as she usually does. Now that’s one fight I was REALLY praying for. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Nick and Jess get into it before the night is out.

      • ElaineB

        That pic looked a mix of surprise and OMG! I haven’t followed Jess as closely as others, but I am ready for her to RUMBLE! lol.

      • Patricia

        Dang we r not seeing anything on bbad this year. The fights use to b on bbad. But im missing everything. Thanks to all of u for the updates recaps n comments. Bbj is the only way i get info on these crappy ass cast. I know we have all said it but. Omg stop telling everyone u love them. Its just weird. I would give anything to know wat cliff is thinking bout while hes sitting at the table. Lol. These kids r getting on my last nerve. Lol

  3. kneeless

    Tacos for all in Nancy’s van on Thurs!

  4. NKogNeeTow

    *Just started my report on the previous page



    Nicole is still talking to Nick. He is talking faster than ever. He tells her that he can’t be any more transparent than he already is. She says it’s because of jealousy. He says there are only 3 people he is protecting. He says he doesn’t want to see Cliff go. He says he is protecting her, TT, and SS. He tells her that he guesses they will have to target him now. She tells him that that’s far down the line. She tells him that JJ wants to talk to her. He tells her then she should go talk to him. He asks if JJ wants to ask her if she still trusts Nick. She says probably. He asks what she’s going to tell him. She laughs and says “Probably not.” She then says she’ll have to see how it goes.

    Nick keeps sniffing, clearing his throat and making nasty noises. He tells her again that he’s so f*cking done with it and that CC makes him sick. Nick tells her to be careful what she tells JJ or he might keep CC. *Still ain’t happening.* He tells her to do whatever she has to do but he just doesn’t want SS to go home. He says that showmances are scaring people. He tells her that JJ/Holly are still targets no matter what they think. He says that Jess said that he wasn’t her target. He says he doesn’t believe it because she’s been after him since day 1.

    He says he just can’t deal with these emotional people anymore. Nicole says it’s just a game. He tells her that if it’s a double he’ll probably go an hour after CC but if it’s his time, it’s his time. She asks him if he wants her to go make apologies. He says that Holly came in to talk to him.


  5. BBBonbon62

    I would love some tacos right about now. Unfortunately, I packed a PB&J sandwich for my overnight lunch.

  6. BBBonbon62

    Evening NK and all!!!

  7. ShoeLover

    Wow!!!! I am gonna try my best to stay up for BBAD!!!

    Oh because Iove tattoos, I updated my avatar for a little sneak peak!!! I am a serious tattoo lady!! I am covered!!

  8. NKogNeeTow



    TT, Cliff, and SS are now in the room. Cliff says that he’s more worried about next week than this week. Cliff says that there was nothing that they heard tonight that they didn’t already know. TT says that he doesn’t look at it like he started it. TT says he doesn’t want that in the house. SS says good because she was worried, even though she knows she’s a pawn. She tells them that she genuinely feels that Nick has been protecting them and she believes him. They all agree.

    SS says she wants to win the HOH so bad. Nick comes back into the room and SS asks him if he wants anything to eat. He says no and he just wants to make sure they are alright. Cliff says that nothing has changed. Nick says good because he wanted to make sure SS is still safe. TT tells Nick that he thinks CC started it. SS says she’s going to go because she doesn’t want them to think that she’s taking sides, then she leaves.

    TT tells Nick that they were just discussing what will happen from here on. Nick asks what and they tell him that they want to move forward. Cliff says he’s going to leave so the others won’t get suspicious. TT starts to trash CC a little bit. Nick is relieved that they still want to keep SS and get rid of CC. Nick is saying that Jess is going to vote for CC to stay but he wants to know how Cliff and Holly are going to vote.

    Nick says that he was talking to Cliff and told him that if you can get to the top 5 you are a really good player. They wonder if they will get Zingbot. Nicole says that it might be this week. They also still think there might be a battle back. Nick says he really misses Jack and hopes he comes back. TT says Jack was so much fun. Nicole says that Jack never blew smoke at anybody and that he was always honest.


  9. mona77450

    Darn it! I missed all of the shouting! Logged on in time to see Jackson loading his plate 3 inches high and Chomping Christie talking with her mouth full. However, I have been Googling recipes for Mango Pineapple Salsa….that’s a new one for me and I’m from Texas! Our family does Taco Tuesdays, too. Usually without the yelling.

  10. mm22

    “I just can’t deal with these emotional people anymore.” said the therapist
    what a loser !!

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  12. Nikki

    It’s really too bad Cliff doesn’t throw TT under the bus based on the outsider information from last night. Now is the time. This would assure CC would still go. However, earlier I found a video of cliff telling the camera that an unsettling thing happened, but he would not get into it in detail. It did not merit anyone talking about it. He stated the HG’s are locked out of the backyard Until next vote and HOH. He stated that it would not effect anything. It almost seemed as if he didn’t believe it or that it was unimportant. HOWEVER, if the HG’s are thinking of keeping CC to take on NN, ones the time to throw it all out there… ESPECIALLY if Cliff, Tommy, and possibly Nicole were the only ones out there.

  13. NKogNeeTow



    Nick still going on about how he didn’t need to throw comps. Nicole says you have to feel it out as to is this a comp that you want to win. Nick goes through all the comps and tells them what he did in each one. He said the last one he gave his all and had nothing to eat. Nicole tells him that just because you’re playing a comp doesn’t mean you’re throwing it. He says he told himself that he had a Veto to play so he might as well play the best he could.

    TT and Nicole tell Nick that JJ was encouraging CC to go for*Is Nicole aligning herself with the wrong side again?* it. Nick says that was to get the target off of his back. Nick says that everything they heard is nothing that they hadn’t already. He says he wants to get to 5 but he would be honored to lose to either one of them. TT says he feels the same way. *Nancy, may I borrow your bullsh*t flag?*

    Nicole tells them that SS is going to win the DE and she’s going to win the next one. Nick start saying again how he was gunning for the last HOH. Nicole is talking about adrenalin again. Nick says that now it doesn’t matter because everyone said they are already voting CC out. He said that he heard she wanted to blow him up in front of everyone so he just wanted to do it. *Sh*t, this is no fun. I wanted to hear some name-calling, and screaming, talking about each other’s mothers and telling each one how ugly they are and that they don’t like each other’s dog either.*


  14. NKogNeeTow



    Nick is telling Nicole that JJ probably wants to talk to her about him. He says he doesn’t care as long as CC is still going. She says she’s going to the RV. He said he would come but, you know. He says he just wants to lay there by himself. TT tells him to feel free to walk around his own house. Nicole hugs him then leaves.


    CC is sitting around the table talking to Holly, SS, JJ, and Cliff. TT comes in and hugs SS from behind. Nicole walks through and goes to get her shoes then comes back and sits down. SS asks why she’s wearing shoes. They tell her because a bowl broke. She says then she’d better go get her slippers. Nicole picks her up and acts like she’s going to carry her. SS tells them that she made Jack carry her around and says she’s a princess in real life, then goes to get her shoes.


    SS is talking to Nick. He tells her that Nicole said that JJ was smiling the entire time he and CC were going at it. He says that he decided that he figured that since she wanted to blow him up, he might as well get it started. SS told him that she was getting paranoid when CC mentioned Holly and Cliff and she was thinking that Holly has to vote. She tells him that she really doesn’t know about going to 5 with Cliff. He says they can worry about that later. She tells him that Jess didn’t know that she was his target. He said she knew. SS leaves and Nick starts to read the Bible.


    SS is looking at Nicole’s puppet, while TT is showing his. She asks them how they made them. TT tells her. JJ asks them if they are taking the puppets into the DR for the vote. They love that idea. TT starts doing voices with his puppets. *Haven’t seen Why-Is-She-There-Jess, must be in the DR*


    • Avatar

      I think Nicole secretly made the puppets hoping that she can teach Sis something. Nicole it’s hopeless Sis should be studied by scientists to see how is she living without a brain.

  15. Avatar

    Finally got caught up and this Taco Tuesday will go down as one of the best Taco Tuesdays in history

  16. danmtruth

    Will we ever be able to have another taco tuesday in 5he bb house without remembering this day

  17. kneeless

    JJ broke a glass earlier. Sis was laying on the floor, rolling around. Funniest Sis comment, “I think I got something in my head!” Not sure if a shard of glass could permeate her hair.

  18. NKogNeeTow



    Everybody is jumping around and thought they had a bug on them. They are all laughing. CC started it and said it still never gets old. TT and SS were laying on the floor laughing. When SS got up she said she thinks she got glass in her head. *Even if it hits her brain she still wouldn’t be hurt* They decide to eat ice cream. JJ offers CC some of his ice cream called Chocolate Therapy. She says she wants to try it because she needs some therapy. JJ says it’s to rich for him and he prefers Moose Tracks. TT offers his tee shirts because he says he doesn’t want them. They are all eating ice cream. Holly and TT share a pint. CC offers the last piece of cookie dough before throwing it out.


    Nick is reading the Bible partially out loud and at about 100 mph.


    TT and JJ start imitating Bob and saying “Shut it down”, “Cool it”, “Stop it”. TT says that’s the worst feeling ever.


  19. kneeless

    Christie even eats ice cream loud!

  20. danmtruth

    NK talks 100 words a minute normaly then when he gets nervous 10,000 words a minute it seems he thinks he is so smooth

  21. NKogNeeTow



    Holly is telling CC that they are just so strong. CC agrees. Nick is washing dishes.


    JJ is getting in bed and listening to music. Cliff comes out of the shower and asks him what CC said. JJ says he believes she had some valid points. Cliff says he can see both sides. JJ asks him if they had a F5. Cliff says no and that they had mentioned it but they never actually made a deal and said they would talk about it after the HOH.

    JJ tells Cliff that TT slipped and told them (J/H) it was true. Cliff wiggles out of it by saying that was the first time he’s ever heard of it. Holly is now there and asks Cliff then why would TT say it. Cliff hedges again. JJ says that’s why he stayed true to Cliff and told him that if he won he wasn’t putting him up because he knew that was his comp to lose. Holly tells Cliff that TT slipped up and said that they had a F5. Cliff isn’t saying anything. She said she went to Nick and asked him why he made that deal with them when he had one with Cliff and Nicole. And that Nick wanted Cliff and Nicole to do his dirty work. Cliff says that he did what he had to do to stay in the game.

    Boat Room:

    CC is talking to Why-Is-She-There-Jess. She tells her that she knows she’s going home. She asks Jess if she’s talked to Nicole. Jess say no because she feels everything she says to her goes straight to Nick. *She is right about that.* CC tells her that she’s sure that Nicole and SS think that Nick would take them.


    Cliff is still trying to play it cool. He tells them that there is no nothing and he’s kind of a free agent. JJ asks him if he and Nicole would like to come with him and Holly. Holly says that what worries her is that Nicole is still close to Nick. JJ says that Nicole plays with emotion. Cliff says that he and Nicole discussed it earlier but not to an extent and she doesn’t know what she wants to do.

    Boat Room:

    CC is telling Jess that if she stays she’s not going after JJ/Holly but going after Nick and that she told him that.


  22. danmtruth

    This “blow up” has put NN in a very strong postion In his mind he has Sis Nicole Tommy and cliff a nice solid 5 yet 3 of them Tommy liff and nicole will go to which side has HOH
    Sis talking to nick about throwing the HOH to her

  23. Kari

    **okay, I do not know why but for the second time I have thought that I was commenting under the latest blog and somehow or another I ended up under Bella’s introduction. NK, or someone, if you could go in there and my posts that do not belong I really appreciate it**

    Checking in late today. It was our 31st anniversary! Cannot believe how fast the years fly. Although is a very simple day due to attempting to save for our vacation in mid September, we had dinner out.

    What was the most surprising is that my husband bought me the flowers you see in the photograph. Honestly I don’t believe he’s ever just impulsively done this. He knows I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional crap and wanted to make me feel better. That’s why he chose yellow flowers because they were “bright and sunny and thought it would help” Isn’t that the sweetest thing!? (There are also a few purple flowers hidng in there.)

    Now to try to go back and catch up on today’s activities. Hoping to find something of interest! Hope everyone had a great day!!

  24. kneeless

    Christie is so butt hurt that NN beat her at her own game. Now, let’s get NN out next!

  25. danmtruth

    NK we might be trading songs soon everyone is ralk8ng going to bed already
    Cliff is telling Tommy nick sis He is only doi g week to week deals It makes no sence to make long term deals

  26. Mimi Ryan

    Thank you Steve. Well, “poor” Tommy (NOT!!!), Poor Sis (NOT!!!) Who these people think they are is beyond me. Christie – GO TO JURY NOW PLEASE. Sis, really, someone is going to drag you along, so get over yourself. Nick, what is there to say really? We BBJ’s really don’t care for Nasty Nick. Tommy, well, I’d like to see you go sooner than later. Enough Said. Thank you BBJ Family, I love you.

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  28. danmtruth

    Not sure what it has to do with whats going on Just a good song and performance

  29. danmtruth

    Now CC trashing Sis to Jess calling her a floater asking what has she done in the game ThatCC came in and is playing the game unlike Sis Nice non campaigning

  30. danmtruth

    Did i just drop into opposite world Jess just said michie is big on this boys verse girlls she did not know where that came from or why Uhmm because Jess keeps talking about it

  31. kneeless

    Did I FINALLY figure out hos to do this!

  32. ElaineB

    Add to the list “Everthing happens for a reason”…..lol ‘love you’

  33. mm22

    Did nk fall asleep *laughing*

  34. NKogNeeTow

    *Just lost an entire segment from 2 system errors and a stall to get back to the BBJ site. I did write everything down so I’ll be typing from there. It won’t be in real-time, but I promise to give you all the info I have.*

    Started to try to type from notes but the screen keeps freezing. Afraid this is going to be finished log after the show is over because I’ve lost so much that I’m just going to restart the computer and write the rest from the recording.


  35. mm22

    Sis doesn’t seem worried for christy anymore she wants everyone to reassure
    her that she’s safe

  36. mm22

    I’ve about had it too – so sick of nick n tommy

  37. danmtruth

    Christie is so proud of herself She has been talking to jackson she is working that if its a tie he votes to keep her All he is doing is windi g her up to mess with nick because they know the ONLY vote she has is jess At least i hope jackson is not thinking that nick is that big of a threat to him

  38. NKogNeeTow

    *Back and trying this again. I’m going to pick up where I left off. Because I’m not including the commercial breaks I’m going to break up the segments so they won’t get so long.


    Holly says Nicole and Nick are sort of close and that worries her. Cliff says because they are getting low on targets he doesn’t know who his targets will be. JJ says that Nicole plays on a very personal level and doesn’t like going after people she likes. Holly says she hasn’t had to make those decisions. Cliff says Nicole is so stressed out right now. JJ says he feels sorry for her. Cliff says that’s the game.

    Boat Room:

    CC tells Jess that she knows Nick was trying to split up her and SS.


    SS and Nick are talking and he says that he doesn’t like it when someone says they love him then try to blow up his game. She tells him she wants to make sure she has his and TT’s votes. He promises she has. He says he talked to TT about it earlier. SS says TT was scaring her earlier because he was telling her that he feels sorry for CC because he knows how much she loves the game.

    SS says she thinks CC might talk to Nicole about keeping her. Nick says Nicole wouldn’t do that. SS says smart girl.

    Boat Room:

    Jess and CC still brainstorming. Jess says she feels bad that Nick called Nicole a POS. Then she changes it and says it was either Nicole or Kemi. *It was Kemi* Jess says that the only way that they may sway Nicole is to tell her that Nick has been pitting her and SS against each other. CC is banging her spoon in the bowl again. Jess says she just doesn’t understand what Nick’s hold is on people. CC says that’s what she said to him and he told her he feels bad for Cliff and it wasn’t his fault that everybody likes him and trust him and said it with tears in his eyes. Jess says he’s a therapist so he knows. CC says that she and Jess are the only ones who don’t fall for his flirting and BS. She says even TT falls for it.


    TT has now joined SS and Nick. Nick says CC tells SS that she has her back 110% but she’s not campaiging against her but for herself. TT says he doesn’t think she’s campaigning against SS. DumbAss Sis keeps saying that she’s worried about Nicole voting against her. Nick reassures her again and tells her she has to trust him. She says she just doesn’t want to be blindsided. She says she’s going to talk to Nicole tomorrow. Nick keeps telling her that she has to trust him and that Nicole is good and Cliff is a man of his word and is so good. *At this point I’m almost wishing that they would vote her dumb ass out. I’m SO sick of her. She’s almost as bad as CC but in a different annoying way.*

    • Avatar

      If Sis does get evicted representatives from Ripley’s Believe it or not will be standing right behind Julie to interview the girl without a brain

      • Patricia

        Bennett i literally bout choked n laughed out loud. My dog looked at me like im crazy lol. I bet a look like was on woa jess face. I missed that link of her face. But everyone said it was priceless. Lol.

    • Sassy

      I’d like to see SS leave and CC,Jess, JJ, Beth on one side and Nicole, Cliff, TT, Nasty on the other. I’m tired of the back and forth and would like to see them really battle.

  39. danmtruth

    Christie go now so we can hear the truth of how jackson feels as he talks to holly Go christie you have done your thing
    BULLSHIT ALERT!!BULL SHIT ALERT !! Holly just said she is a conservative girl from Wyoming BULL SHIT ALERT this about nick stroking Tommys junk

  40. danmtruth

    Christie barely got out the door and Holly brings up is this all just a plan by both nick and christie to save christis Good to heat from ja kson that christie is still his target Now holly is overthinking that it might be better to take out sis to lessen Nicks Army Well look at the votes at best its only holly maybe jess Even if you get tommy it puts it in jackson hands
    Dont over think it holly

    • NKogNeeTow

      DAN! How did you know! This was one I had on my list last night but didn’t post because I had over 10 songs listed…lol. Love the deep base in Melvin’s voice and Eddie’s high falsetto. I think this was one of the first songs they did right after David Ruffin left and Dennis Edwards stepped in as lead. I was sitting her singing every word. 🙂

    • Sassy

      I think he should tell the house if it’s a tie, I’m saving CC. Let her see her precious TT voting her out…

  41. NKogNeeTow


    Holly/JJ talking. She asks him how can she asks somebody without it being so obvious. He tells her to ask CC because she has nothing to lose. She says this is the reason she tried to take a back seat to everything. She said she knew Nick would put her up. He says he told her that. She said in the blow-up her name was only brought up once. He says so was his. She says she wishes TT and SS had gotten dragged into it a little bit more.


    Nick says they all know who’s running up there. Cliff says there aren’t enough of them around to not care anymore.


    JJ is telling Holly that he can see himself walking out the door without his duffle bag. She says she can very well go out before he does. He says he’s not bragging then he runs down his accomplishments and that it’s a good reason to get him out in the double and they can worry about her later. He says he’s not going to campaign against her. She said he wouldn’t have time because it’s only 10 minutes. He says it’s an easy choice, him.


    Nicole is in bed and Cliff comes in and tells her they want to stick with CC. She says okay. He says JJ asked him if he had a F5 with the other group and he told him no and the only deal was for 1 week to keep him off the block but with all the blowup they never finalized it and there was no f*cking 5. He said he wanted to make sure it was clear. She asked him what he said again. *She was having a SS moment* He repeats it and asks her if she’s good with it. She says yes but what happens if they win HOH. He says then he told JJ/Holly that they aren’t coming after them. Nick comes in to say goodnight. Nick hugs Nicole and shakes Cliff’s hand then leaves.


    Holly comes in and sits down. SS comes in and Holly tells her that TT just went into the DR. Nicole says they are calling everyone in about Taco Tuesday.

    Boat Room:

    CC says she has to get into JJ’s head. *Good luck* Jess says that he’s so tricky because he lies so much and you never know what he’s going to do. CC asks wouldn’t he want someone here who would go after Nick and wants to be a strong man with a group of girls? Jess says the way the guys look at it is guys vs girls. *That sounds more like her thing.* She says JJ wanted to disarm them by sending Kat out. She says it was very obvious. CC is chewing on her nails. Jess says that Nick never told her she was his target and that he told her she was safe. CC says everyone is safe with Nick.

    She says she will talk to everyone tomorrow. She tells Jess that she feels JJ is close to her. *She has no basis for this, she’s just trying to persuade Jess to talk to him for her.* She starts suggesting things for Jess to tell him. Jess says the only things she talked to JJ about is that they promised each other not to put the other up. She says she told him that the mental comps were her area. CC says she told JJ that he knew he was scared of her too. CC says to tell JJ how if Nick is not stopped he was going to win the game and that she’ll take it from there. CC thanks her for being her sane person and says TT used to be.

    • KelBel

      I must not be fully awake yet… NK typed “Nicole is in bed and Cliff comes in and tells her they want to stick with CC.” — I had to re-read that 5 times before I realized they want to stick with CC getting voted out. I could not figure out how the hell Cliff/”they” would flip their vote based on taco tuesday. Uffda, wednesday morning heart failure for a moment!

  42. danmtruth

    Why do these people all wonder who will put someone up YOU you put them up if your worried Jess could put sis up They could put her up as a pawn you win pov now you have the votes to take her out

  43. danmtruth

    Another frustration with the feeds im watching camera 2 someone on camera 1 talks about something you dont want aired The put fish on all the feeds WHY Just shut down with fish the feed that is doing what ever They dont need to shut every thing down

    • Sophie

      When I read comments like this, it just makes me think they do whatever requires the least amount of effort. I don’t get that AT ALL. Because people pay for those feeds, right? So, you’d think they’d want to increase the # of viewers paying for them, but instead it seems like they screw over the people paying. I’ve never paid for them, don’t think I ever would. Mainly because they cut away whenever things get interesting. To me, it just feels like they don’t care about the feed viewers at all.

    • Sassy

      I think they cut them all because they give warning and talk them over the loud speaker. They don’t want us to hear that part.

  44. NKogNeeTow


    CC rinses out her bowl and goes to the bathroom to get ready for bed.


    Holly is telling them that she should start reading the Bible. Nicole offers hers. Holly says the writing is too small. TT comes in. They start talking about where everyone is. Holly says her memory is so bad. SS says hers is too. *We know Sis, we know.* Holly asks them to not hold it against her.


    CC is leaving as Jess comes in. Jess looks around and follows CC out but goes towards the bedrooms as CC gets ice. JJ comes out on the landing. She ask him where everyone is. He says he thought they were down there. She asks him who’s up there and he tells her no one. He asks her what she’s up to. She says getting some water then coming up there. He says do it then goes back into the HOH.

    She gets her water, goes upstairs and sits on the bed while he brushes his teeth. She tells him this game is f*cking crazy. He is singing along to an Eminem song and she’s singing from the bedroom.


    Jess is now just standing in the middle of the floor, over-laughing at everything. SS tells them she f*cking hates them all to be honest. TT comes back from plucking some loose hairs. Holly says something about Nicole and they laugh and Jess whines “And here again I don’t even get the joke”. *Shut up and go away Useless.*


    CC is telling TT that Cliff, Nicole, and SS were in the RV when she said that she wanted to wait to talk to Nick. They start to laugh about when they were sitting up there talking and saw Nick coming upstairs to confront CC. JJ says that it worked out in her favor. She said she said to God that best case scenario that everyone opens their eyes that Nick is going to win the game and that she’s not scared to take him out and worst case is that nothing changes but at least she took the shot at exposing him for what he is. She says that she loves Nick but this was her only shot at staying. She says that Nick said that he didn’t throw the HOH but she know he did because that was the plan.

  45. danmtruth

    Feeds are 2 cameras on cliff reading the bible in the living room 2 in the HOH so why do we go to fish
    Jackson us frustrated he has told holly that chriztie is still his target Why he is not afeaid of sis Why he still thinks it does not help them to have christie still in the game Tells Holly to vote what she feels is best for her game he has no vote Holly stays in deep thought every reason she brings up about saving christie he has a logical answer She does not want to hear it She just wants him to say ok i want you to vote christie out to clear her conscious if its a bad decision This is going to be anothe long day and a half

  46. NKogNeeTow


    CC is telling JJ and Holly that Nick lied when he said he was going to win the Veto to take Jack off because he knew he wanted JJ to stay. JJ says he omits the truth.


    Nick is again talking 100 mph and whispering to TT. He tells TT that he doesn’t know if JJ made a deal with Jess or not. He says that JJ made a deal with Cliff and Nicole. Nick says Jess is coming after him but he can beat her in a lot of comps. I can’t catch most of the convo because he’s talking so low and so freaking fast. *I hate most of them all right now.*


    Cliff is telling SS and Nicole that she should stop being paranoid. SS says this is the last night she’s going to be paranoid. Cliff says goodnight and leaves.


    Cliff comes in and tells TT and Nick that SS is still worried there might be some kind of flip. *What happened to “Use the Veto on CC because I know no one will vote me out.”?* Nick asks who’s in there with her. Cliff says, Nicole. Cliff says he told her that once JJ has made up his mind he’s never going to flip. Nick says that even so she still has 4 votes. Cliff says it might be unanimous with the exception of Jess. Cliff says the votes are pretty much decided by now. Cliff gets into bed then reaches over the other side of the bed and picks up Orwell off the floor. *Heyyyyy, wait a damn minute….*


    CC is now repeating for the 100th time how she should stay to be a shield and let Nick come after her…yada, yadda, yadda. Holly just keeps saying “yeah”. She just keeps talking and talking and talking. Holly looks like she wishes she could throw CC’s ass over the balcony. CC says she knows this is putting SS a weird position. JJ says that SS should know that it’s just game and honestly that they knew going into the F2 or going into the F3 you have to turn on somebody and at some point, you have to say goodbye to the people you love most.

    CC says she hasn’t talked game with TT since Jack left because Jack was his go-to person. She tells JJ that TT loves him and he’s his go-to person now. JJ corrects her and says Nick is TT’s go-to person now. CC says she doesn’t know where TT stands now. JJ says he wants to work with TT but doesn’t think he will pick him over Nick. Holly says she’s tried to make TT see the truth about Nick but TT defends him so hard. CC says that TT can get further with JJ than Nick. JJ says he knows.

    CC says that if they don’t keep her she’s afraid they are going after TT. She says if Jess wins HOH she will go after Nick and TT. JJ says he heard Jess said that they had a deal. CC says no, that what Jess said is that if she won she wouldn’t put JJ up if he didn’t put her up.

  47. danmtruth

    NK hope it is just computer problems and nothing to do with the storms you were talking about
    Just as jackson gets tucjed in for bed tommy comes out to talk to cliff
    Now holly upset that she feels jackson is shutting her out because he wont tell her how to vote She comains he shut down and did not talk to her He was well i was just giving you room to talk

    • NKogNeeTow

      The storm finally stopped about an hour after I said I was taking a nap and signed off. I never did get my nap. A girlfriend called and we were cackling over the phone when I looked up at the computer and saw the fight breaking out in the kitchen. I almost hung up on her so I could watch…lol. She called me back and we talked so long it didn’t make sense to take a nap so I just watched those sloths until BBAD came on. The power was only off about 30 minutes 🙂

  48. danmtruth

    Well Kemosabe im down for the night i hope your safe from the weather storms and the computer gremlins Relax thanks for your service

  49. NKogNeeTow


    CC is STILL talking. She is saying that Nicole’s smartest gameplay is to just latch on to the biggest person in the game. Holly says then what happens when Nick goes home. CC says she doesn’t know what Nicole is thinking. CC says he’s this close away from being a genius. CC says that even Jess said that shei wants Nick out but if he makes it to F2 he has her vote. JJ asks CC did Nick know that when she was pitching Nicole as a replacement, if Nick knew about it. She says no, that Nick wanted Jess to go up.

    JJ said he was wondering. CC says that she didn’t say anything to Nick because Nicole is his person. JJ says but what if he didn’t tell Nicole. CC says then that’s a crappy thing to do. JJ says it would be interesting and didn’t say sh*t to Nicole. He said if that was the case that that would drive a wedge between them. She says she’s going to campaign that she knows Nick is her #1. JJ says he has multiple #1’s.

    CC says that she thinks that in the end Nick would take SS. JJ says Nick has been infatuated with SS since day 1. JJ says Nick is running the house. CC still talking about if she stays she’s still the biggest target. She said Nick said the only people he is loyal to are TT, SS, and Nicole and that he said he told JJ/Holly that if 1 of them ever nominated any of the 3 of them that he is using the Veto on them. JJ said Nick only told him that he would use it on SS. *This convo is going on longer than the fight.*

    JJ tells CC that Nick said that he would play if he got picked by SS but he’d rather not get picked at all but would play for SS. CC says she told Nick that she would rather TT play in the Veto for her. CC says that if Nick tries to deny anything she will call him a liar.

  50. danmtruth

    Just so you know some times how i like to end my night

  51. NKogNeeTow


    CC is saying that she is going to make her last pitch tomorrow and if they don’t believe her they don’t believe her. JJ says that Nick came up and knocked and he wasn’t sure he heard him because he was listening to music. He said that he left the room to go downstairs and Nick was sitting on the sofa outside the HOH. He said that Nick came in pacing and going off about CC and saying that she was saying false truths and running her mouth then he stormed out.

    JJ says he was watching on the monitor and saw CC and Nick pass each other and Nick went into the DR. He said that’s when CC came upstairs and she saw him walking across the screen and on his way upstairs. CC said Nick wanted to yell at her in front of JJ but she said if he was going to do it he was going to do it in front of the house. JJ says it’s usually best to do it 1 on 1 but sometimes you need everyone in the room so they can all hear the same thing at the same time. JJ says that TT, Nicole and Cliff looked upset.

    They start talking about how Nick says the same things to different people again. JJ says Nick’s job is therapy and their job is to get someone comfortable enough to open up and confide in you. JJ says that’s why he’d be a therapist worst nightmare because he doesn’t open up to anyone. CC runs down the order of Nick’s line-up on who goes. CC says Nick is a money man and is there to win the money. *Isn’t that supposed to be the objective of all of them?*

    CC tells them that if she won HOH she’s going to put up Nick and Nicole. She says she doesn’t even care if Nicole votes for her. She says she’ll be damned if she let’s that motherf*cker drags these people to the end with him. JJ says she gave it her best shot. She says she’s not the most physical, and JJ says she is. He says he was worried when he heard she was right behind him in the comp.

  52. NKogNeeTow


    TT is talking with DumbAss Sis and Why-Is-She-There-Jess. TT tells Jess that he told her that he couldn’t put Nick up. SS says she doesn’t even know if he has any deals. She says when are you even supposed to make those. *I’d like to grab both SS and Jess by the hair and just keep banging their heads together until they could recite The Theory of Relativity. I just can’t with either one of them.* Jess says she doesn’t know when you make them either, but she would assume early in the game.

    TT says he has no deal but he had one with Jack. SS says that Jack told her that her F2 was with TT so she thinks he would have honored it. She said she thinks CC told her she didn’t have one with Jack. TT starts crying and says he misses Jack. SS says she misses him a lot too. Jess says she wishes she could say the same. She says that at this point she wishes she could have backdoored him. She says nobody was giving her anything so it was the perfect time.

    She says you can’t blame him for wanting some to do his dirty work. TT ask her who is she talking about. She say Nick. She says that Nick wanted Jack out. She said that Nick tried to make suggestions to her during her HOH and she said no.


    Holly is saying that she feels like she can talk to TT and feels like they can have an honest convo. She says when she brings up Nick to TT it’s weird. CC says his walls go up. JJ says it’s the same way with Nicole. He says love is blind. CC says she knows that TT loves them. JJ says again that he wants to work with TT but his problem is with Nick.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Well, it was actually over an hour and a half ago but hey, at least I made to the end…lol. Alright Boys and Girls, sleep tight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Haven’t had time to go back and read comments so not sure who’s still here so here is a big blanket goodnight to anyone who is still awake out there. 🙂

  54. Sabrina

    Is there a time stamp on the blow up yesterday?

  55. Mary

    New thread….

  56. Leta

    Yummy Taco Tuesday! But, I had a nice crisp huge TOSSED MIXED GREENS SALAD in honor of the HGs. The way I see it, under the tossed we have SS for tossed brains and Holly for thinking about tossing her loyalty to JJ by contemplating evicting SS instead of CC. NN and CC come under both the tossed and mixed. Both for trying to mix everything up last night by tossing their opinions/mistruths of each others game to all. And I think they accomplished nothing but ruining Taco Tuesday with their petty fight ’cause no one likes cold tacos. JJ also comes under the tossed and mixed column, because he certainly played his part by egging on both NN and CC to have the blowout. No eggs on my salad. I’m extremely allergic to them. So why do we have chickens in our BY? The hubby enjoys the fresh eggs and I’m always up for pets. Nelda, Pancake, Twinkle, LaVern and Shirley are well socialized and spoiled rotten. I’m torn (yes, just like my butter lettuce was) where TT falls in my salad. I think maybe in the whole bowl of TOSSED MIXED GREENS SALAD. He certainly has tossed out a lot of mistruths, mixed a helluva lot of alliances together and if the other HGs don’t watch it — he’s gonna be sitting in the greens come finale night. That being said, my prediction for F3 — as of right now — is Cliff, TT and Nicole. If Nicole continues to do nothing but read her bible, either one of them won’t have a problem taking her to the F2 and collecting their money on finale night. Oh, and Jess? She was represented by the stale saltine cracker I ate.

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