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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Ramblings

Good afternoon, everyone!


I want to give Big Brother a huge thank you for giving these people some paper and an origami guide because that’s literally what they’ve been doing all afternoon long and it’s slowly killing me. I hate that the house is already in final 3 mode with 2 weeks left in the season. The only bit of entertainment we’ve had the last few days has been Holly freaking out about Jackson potentially going on ‘The Challenge’ at some point, and she’s likely walking out the door on Thursday.

Hopefully things will be fun tomorrow if/when she realizes that she very well could be leaving. She was a mess for the brief period on Saturday when she realized she wasn’t safe. Let’s get that going again. Maybe the DR can put that in her ear so she starts to worry?

On a random note, it’s funny how the house was 6-4 in favor of the girls and was close to 6-3 until the house flipped on Kat over Cliff. Now it’ll be 3-1 in favor of the guys after Thursday which will mean 5 of the last 6 evicted have been women. Not that it really means anything overall but it’s just something I thought of early in the season when the guys were hurting.


I’ll keep watching the feeds to see if anything happens tonight but hopefully something will otherwise Mel is going to have a very quick update tomorrow morning.

3:30 pm – Feeds down. Possible luxury comp, possible videos from home

4:00 pm – Feeds back, everyone in the HoH room. May have just been a lockdown.


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  1. TeeJ

    As long as I can remember I have cheered for the overlooked in life. A fan of the underdog. And I really dislike bullies. Even though I am pretty good at playing devils advocate, I just cannot get behind any of the other options. Go Nicole and Cliff!

    I thought Jessica Graf from BB19 was really aware of what was going on in her house. Cliff and Nicole have accurately assessed the house all season. All while being seen as floaters and being shunned for most of the season. They have both done well overcoming some questionable moves. Makes me feel like calling them “Floaters with a plan”, lol.

    That said, the only person guaranteed to make F3 is the next HOH. The risk of meeting Tommy in a F2 is a risk. So is Holly’s loyalty to Jackson. Given the option of competing against Tommy or Holly for both HOH and POV, keeping Holly makes the most sense. Holly has gotten in Jackson’s head before like when she got him to keep Christie on his first HOH. If JJ really wants Holly to stay, he needs to tell Nicole about Christie and Tommy. Plus, it supports my preference to keep Holly in the game. And if they keep providing alcohol, Holly will be able keep Jackson from a good night of sleep.

    Not that Tommy would honor an agreement unless he gives his word AND promises to ally with Jackson to get past next week but, it absolutely makes sense for Tommy and Jackson to partner up if Holly leaves this week.

    P.S. I think getting Tommy out is also better for the resume. He has won some comps and has played the social game better than most. We might be very bored with him but he was really good about showing the love to everyone in his alliances. And 4 of them are already on the jury.

    • TeeJ

      Wow. Not sure where ALL THAT came from. Yikes.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Agreed on all counts Teej.

    • Painter1

      I agree that Tommy should go. Tommy and CC really had an advantage knowing each other in the house. With CC in JH pretty sure she is selling Tommy to everyone who already loves Tommy. He has played a great social game up to this point. If Nicole had this information I bet she would change her vote. Wonder why Cliff has not said anything about that info he got while in the back yard.

      • Ann

        Omg, Cliff knows about Tommy & Chrustie?

      • Mello_One

        Ita with you Painter1, & everybody in the Jury house loves Tommy! But we will just have to wait & see.

      • Avatar

        Kat & Holly know each other. Holly told Jackson earlier in season she’s got lots to tell on Kat. Holly & her ex did the music video on Jackson’s parents place. She’s been to his home. One of her besties was Jackson’s roommate!

    • danmtruth

      It is so hard to chose between Tommy and Holly Tommy has proven how well he can do high level mental gymnastics when it comes to if he gave his word , made a promise, or shoke on it In other wirds Tommys word means nothing He is a bigger threat in mental comps than Holly He also has a strong social game along wirh a majority of the jury votes Yet if jackson is on board with evicting holly It helps to have 2 V 1 in the next comp

  2. Avatar

    I don’t care how little of a mom I am..I would whoop my son’s azz if he brought home holly..and I would think his mom will do the same…this might not be too popular but Nicole is getting a big head..I miss the little sweet shy girl..I am still rooting for her and cliff to be in top 2..

    • Nancy

      I agree debbie..I dont want my son, if I had one, bringing home a needy, clingy , insecure girl..shes become pitiful..I also agree, nicole seems to have a tiny bit of a big head, and kinda acting silly..that doesnt diminish the fact I’m rooting for her to win , shes my favorite..
      New avatar with lil Nancy bringing more wine to HollyBeth so she complete her spiral..

      • Tam

        Sounds like his mom and dad should him off their credit cards and let the young man build some character through life experiences that aren’t financed by them. No way would I allow him to live his good life by bringing her around to drink my wine, trash my son, and contribute to the downfall that she seems to aspire to. imho
        Let’s hope that production continues to distribute the cheap wine for the cheap whining to continue…….Spiral and dip

      • MartyMar

        Omg, love the wine-carrying Nancy! Yes, let’s help Beth with that spiral…

    • danmtruth

      Might be blinded but i dont see Nicole getting to big of a head It might be people are listening and letting her talk more Not to kention Nothing she say will Tommy not find ABSOLUTLEY the smartest thing he has ever heard

      • Ann

        With his FAKE ASS (Tommy)

      • JennX

        Dan – I think Nicole is exhibiting classic introverted behavior. Introverts appear to be the quiet ones, until they get comfortable with a group and get to know people. Then they just blossom

      • Nancy

        That’s probably what it is Dan..I’m just seeing a different perspective..and
        @JennX, I agree about an introvert becoming comfortable in a group, then blossoming..and this group has really been praising her..sadly I only believe cliff is sincere, possibly Jackson..I enjoy the sibling like banter. So I’ve decided my head is muddled..nicole is being her true humble self

      • ShoeLover

        Yes and yay for Nicole!! She has said a couple of times, “I’ve been here yall, I’ve said this stuff all the time. You just weren’t listening.” I don’t think it’s a bug head, I think its Nicole and her being silly, sweet, cute Nicile. Maybe we weren’t listening as much as we should have.


      • Nancy

        Yep,Shoes..I forgot she keeps saying, I’ve been here..shes just come into her own. No longer being shunned..at times I believe she surprises herself..I know her mom and dad are bustin with pride.

  3. Avatar

    This morning I began to think about why would CBS ever extend Swaggys contact when it came to me. What if they are already creating plans for BB All Stars and production wants him in it. I really hope that I’m wrong but it wouldn’t surprise me knowing how crappy production is these days

    • Tam

      Oh noooo, Bennett. I pray NOT. They are really think that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel on that. He is nowhere near an all star, in my book. The only stars he could ever hope to see is if he hits himself with one of his weak ass t shirts from one of those cannons. I definitely won’t be one to watch that BB. Maybe if it is too see him go out as quickly as he did in his season. I can agree with you that production is overreaching if they are trying to cast him as that. It should be a season of rejects if he is in any way cast….You are spot on with production and their ability to do anything right….

      • ElaineB

        They are definitely ‘scarping bottom’ when the second HG evicted is considered an ‘All Star: LOL.

      • Jenny

        The only stars he could ever hope to see is if he hits himself with one of his weak ass t shirts from one of those cannons.

        ^ hahahahahahahahahahahaha Tam that was awesome

    • danmtruth

      Bennett im afraid i must agree with you on the BB Allstars with Swaggy and his love Might be an all star with partners Talk about a train wreck in the making

    • Ann

      Please don’t put that out into the universe Bennett. Lol

      Will there be a celebrity BB this year??

    • JennX

      If the put former houseguest that are the caliber of Swaggy then CBS should not legally be allowed to call it an All Star season. False advertising.

    • Kari

      Omg please no..

  4. Helen

    Nick,Jessica and Christie all said if Jackson makes it to F2 he has their votes…add Kat to that and probably Jack…
    Quite honestly,the only votes that I see for Tommy in a F2 are Jack,Christie and Analyse..
    Nick was not happy with Tommy at the end…Jessica was never close to him..The rest of the votes would be up in the air..
    If Jackson were in jury with Holly I could see their votes going to either Cliff or Nicole…

    • Helen

      Plus,if Nicole has any hope of winning even against Cliff she needs to build her resume here…taking out half of a power couple will do that…Cliff played the better game in the beginning and although she is liked by everyone so is Cliff…Nicole never had really close bonds with anyone other than Nick or Tommy …and that has been later in the game…she never really clicked with the girls other than Jessica and that kinda went south…..

    • Alda

      Jack said he was rooting for Cliff to win.

  5. Avatar

    I can’t wait for tomorrow nights episode. I want to see Holly be put on the the block for the first time by Jackson. Karma taste so good it’s got be fattening!

  6. Avatar

    Since it’s slow I will let you hear one of the songs on tonight’s playlist early. This one is Kygo and Whitney Houston’s Higher Love. Its one of the hottest songs right now and the music video will definitely get some nominations for next year’s VMA Awards.


  7. hogwild

    The problem with trying to figure out jury votes is we have had three more people head to jury soon to be a fourth and we have not seen anything from there since Sis went in so we have no idea who has what to who in there. I suspect we will see something Wednesday or Thursday and get a lot clearer picture about how they feel about those left. I hope we get the see their video messages from home this week I always enjoy that.

    • Tam

      Agree, Hog. It always lights a fire in them and ready to see Nicole get pumped again and play like never before. Plus it’s always special to see family when it’s really needed and wanted. Always warms my heart.

  8. hogwild

    Since it will likely be another slow light let me add this for your listening pleasure.

  9. hogwild

    It appears they are finally doing Holly’s egg hunt.

  10. danmtruth

    Earlier today there was talk about a conversation Jackson and Holly had in the shower no mic’s Before they went in jackson mention a letter from home and Holly about something she could only talk about outside of the house The question was did it involve in a letter or word from the DR It seems that Jackson old love was abusive to him so Holly calling him an asshole hit deep The question is did his parents send a letter to production to complain warn him about Holly The next thing was Holly experience with a reality tar with the guy from the bachelor It is the reason she did not want to see Jackson on the Challenge After seeing what happened when her boyfriend was offered a spot on another show and he cheated on her with anything that moved Could be she saw a repeat with Jackson in the making This is all speculation but these two have some large pieces of life luggage

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  12. Mel

    I’ve realized Beth needs to go this week. No, it has nothing to do with strategy and I don’t give a damn! I don’t care who it helps, who it hurts, I want this! I neeeeeed this! I can’t listen to these two argue anymore….and over a stupid egg hunt. Please, for the love of everything Big Brother, evict her!!! Please don’t make me keep getting up early only to recap the latest thing these two assholes havd fought over!

    Thank you
    That is all.

  13. Tam

    Hog, I gotta rant. Saw your comment so checked in. Grrrrr. HB egg hunt…..That she is late for it, too, because she is vanity primping and worrying about some damn buns in her hair. First she was mad about the time because she wanted to shower. Now it’s something else. Dear Lord above…it’s Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, as NK says……Now NatGeo again……She is just beyond words right now…..She is a challenge or challenging my nerves more like it…….Need to change the channel back to whatever I was watching. Check back with y’all later. Hopefully things will pick up and be more entertaining. The only entertainment she provides is when she is drinking sadly.

  14. Avatar

    First, I’m new to the site & there are lots of abbreviations etc that I’m wondering about…what is RAH, how did Holly become Beth (I remember a houseguest calling her Beth by mistake?), & any others that seem to be used on this site. Can someone give me a rundown?

    Next, did y’all see Cliff call Jackson & Holly our on wine night? They were reminiscing & Jackson talking about banishment and the vote that put Cliff in Camp Comeback. Cliff, straight up called bullshit on them taking him in storage room to say they did it because they KNEW he was coming back!!! Rotflmao

    • Mel

      Welcome Candy,
      You’re correct and she’s Beth because David accidentally called her that and she got mad about it. FAH is Holly but I don’t know that one.. (I think it’s fake ass Holly but I’m not sure)
      Anyone else wanna chime in?

      • Joy

        you are correct Mel. Got name from NK i believe.

      • Tam

        Welcome, Candy…
        Mel, you crack me up and please continue to do so.
        FAH is Fake Ass Holly per NK, I believe, don’t quote me on that. Possibly totally wrong……I can use a thousand off the top of my head and none of them kind because I don’t like her pure and simple. I know that she is probably a different person off tv, but it is who she is showing me is that she is the reason I can’t stand HoBeth, McBeth, SFW, STFUH, and she is a true couyan…..Because of this part she is choosing to play.
        Did that help, Mel… lol……I was craving something sweet and then she busted out those damn things on her head and it left me……Now I want something salty to match my mood…lol
        New game. Hide her and no one look……….

      • Mel

        Tam, I started thinking of cinnamon buns.

      • Tam

        Right Mel…….She ruined that for me…..Lil’ Debbie help me hang on….

    • Avatar

      Here’s a few nicknames we have given to the HGs and the ones that have already been evicted

      Holly: Ma, Ma Kettle, Beth, The Hag

      Jackson: Dr. Walter Melon, Snackson, Pa

      Cliff: Boss Hogg

      Tommy: The Human Rocket

      Jack: AquaDick or AD for short

      Jess: Waste of Skin, Why is she there Jess

      Christie: Crusty, Cruise Missile, Crusty the Cruise Missile

      Analyse: Simple Sis or SS for short

      Nick: Nympho Nick

  15. Tam

    Y’all have probably already seen this but this is what I am thinking that his momma is trying to keep secret so his image won’t be tarnished or HoBeth’s words don’t trigger him into anymore actions that could bring things about. I don’t know about now, but years ago surviving many incidents a situation took a turn and someone that was arrested in Tx for a domestic violence charge and take Anger Management courses that it won’t go on your record, but if you get a second charge then it does become a charge on your record and you face more severe repercussions. Things have probably changed so I don’t know how the law works now. Just thankfully survived and got out of the situation. He might be facing a similar situation and they are trying to protect him. I don’t know. I just don’t understand why CBS didn’t do a better background check. Really thinking that this maybe part of the problem with those two…..Cargo ship full of bs

    • Joy

      ahhhhhhhh, fourteen charges? If all this is true CBS is gonna be in a world of hurt. You can’t miss something like that when you have to take care of (and insure with liability protection) the well being of a bunch of strangers in a house. tsk tsk tsk. Les Mooves is probably laughing his ass off.

    • Robin

      Tam, no doubt … this is shocking. That fact that it’s dated July tells me I’m not the BB fan I thought I was, but then I don’t read the tabloids or the web versions of those. Domestic violence should never be tolerated, but we’re seeing charges without dispositions.. ( sp I know). Either way, not sure how he got on this show or why in God’s name they let him stay if this is known. Now, if the charges were dropped, might not show up in the usual published courthouse records. Surprised he passed the psych test.

      Really sorry that you have experienced this kind of abuse. My oldest sister went through abuse for years so I understand what that means.

      • Tam

        Thank you, Robin. Girl, I don’t ever keep up with the tabloids, don’t have social media except here, lol. But I had to do a search because some of things that I witness on here daily started me to thinking that something is going on behind the scenes. With their conversations, somethings just are making sense. I am not a psychiatrist or detective, but something seemed quite fishy with all the special treatment that they have been shown. Just knowing what I have witnessed I see the flags now. Trying to give them both the benefit of the doubt. I just see some patterns that I have experienced and hindsight is 20/20. Just glad I was delivered from these situations and came out on the other side. Not fun to revisit it or think about it. Nightmares still remain but I am stronger for it and know That Is Not Happening Again. Rather the beatings, choking and others than the emotional and physical. Like I said, it will never happen again. At some point you just have to love yourself more than the need to be loved. Hopefully they will grow into better people and situations. After they see the season and the the ripple effect it will be eye opening and make them stronger, better people. Accountability is a major step. Makes you appreciate the small things and the safe places that you can find. Life is sure not kind, you just have to choose to be kind. Doesn’t mean that you can be outspoken, snarky and have a little opinionation to blow off the steam. Gotta laugh at yourself to drown out the laughter from others……Ain’t life grand…

      • Robin

        No doubt those kinds of experiences leave an awareness of the warning signs that others can only imagine. A separate thing is whether these things are real or fictional. Personally I think smoke usually means some fire but also at the same time we’re looking at sensationalized media. This kind of attack is also part of the price of 15 minutes of fame.

        The fact still remains that the network needs different (read, better) method of selecting and vetting house guests.

      • Tam

        correction *can’t be*……..

        Agreed Robin. They should do a better job and stop with the type casting. Diversity is cool when it comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, genres, and people. They have shown that trying the fill the roles is just not working anymore. I would love to see Janelle or Evil Dick come in if that are planning on doing the All Stars bs and see him wreak havoc on everyone’s roles. He is not my favorite player in any means, but he would be entertaining to watch him rattle the social norm if they plan on casting the one I dare not speak…….It would be like watching what I think they call WWE and love island cast……..Fan of neither fyi…just some fun thinking about it……..

    • Avatar

      He has shown very aggressive behavior. Christie called him out & Kat began screaming at Holly about his aggression towards her…scene in boat room & feeds cut immediately. Production gave him warnings & he cut the crap but watch his jaws tighten & fists clench!

      • Tam

        I believe he was going through some steroid withdrawal or something. No doctor but that’s imho…….Dude was stressed…..He put himself in time out if I can recall correctly, but I am tired, can’t remember shit anymore, and pushing my limits……

      • Colby

        I absolutely agree with you Tam.
        I think steroids were the ‘medication’ he was withdrawing from.
        They allow prescription medication there.
        That would also explain his ‘nicer’ personality after he withdrew.

  16. JennX

    I feel very sad for Holly who is trying so hard to be someone she isn’t. She so over focused on her “image” and “storyline” that she has been self-defeating all summer.

    Want more airtime? Show yourself to be interesting! And don’t waste more than half of your screen time opportunity with “showers” and hours and hours and hours worth of make up.

    Don’t want to be seen as the showmance girl? Then don’t lock yourself away from the rest of the house with him and for damn sure don’t follow him around begging him for validation!!

    Don’t want to have your sexcapades blasted all over the Internet? Then don’t have sex on a 24/7 TV show! You can say no. If you did say no and he tried to force himself on you then I’m sure BB and/or your housemates would have broken that shit up immeadiatly! (I know he didn’t force himself on her, but he did pressure her)

    Please Holly, be yourself… your real self. Not Beth, the fame whore attention seeking idjit that you have portrayed yourself to be.

    • ShoeLover

      It looks like she has gotten skinnier or is she doing something with her makeup to accentuate her cheekbones, because to me her pretty face isn’t pretty any more and her hair has thinned out as well. You can tell by her hair part.

      • Avatar

        I’ve thought same thing. At first I thought she was attractive, much older looking than her said age, but pretty. The more I’ve watched her the less attractive for sure.

      • KelBel

        Agree, Shoe. I was bored on the ride home from work and looked up her FB page. I don’t know if there’s any truth to the accident she says she had, but her entire face is different. And no scars that I can see, which if someone has to have extensive reconstruction due to an accident, you’d expect to see scars. She looks like she has always been thin/petite, but once she gets into the modeling and especially with the Bachelor-show dude, she turns scary-skinny. I’m no dr, but I don’t think make-up can accentuate a person’s cheekbones as much as hers changed in a matter of 3-5 years. It’s really sad, she was a beautiful girl before and now she’s fake and still extremely insecure.

  17. hogwild

    I see mommy and daddy finally let thumbsy back on the computer.

  18. Ronduh

    I’m sorry but Holly is f*cking crazy. That girl needs serious help with her issues! Not saying Jackson isn’t an ass but this girl….she just ain’t right in the head. You’re on tv dumbass! I feel bad for her but jeeze pull yourself together! That’s all!

    • JennX

      I don’t think either of them should have been able to pass the psych eval part of the casting process.

      This shit doesn’t make “good tv”.

      CBS was trying to act all woke about racism when Jack was evicted… but the majority of the casting choices show how un-woke they are. They need to cast a diverse group of people who are fans and know the show (casual or super fan). Not have a preconceived list of stereotype roles to fill

      • Tam

        JennX, they are about as “woke” as a butt drugged pysch patient in Rusk…..They had Swagggagg on when he is about the worst excuse for humanity right now with doing what he did to Kevin. Just wrong on any and every level……

      • Mello_One

        Exactly JennX, but every year they cast some people that are on the edge of being certifiably having some kind of mental issues….Anybody remember Sam BB20???

        I am all for more Diversity also on the show, & for the powers that be to stop casting for Showmances. That currently is Big Brothers main objective; to cast for a reality show romance.

      • JennX

        Mello – I’m all for the diversity! But their casting dept seems hellbent on checking off boxes for “meat head jocks”, “token old player”, “token socially awkward”, “token LGBTQ”, “token person of color”, “mean girls”, “potential showmance” and “game mastermind”.

        This year they tried to step up with more than one person of color and more than one gay person. They tried but fell flat on their asses. *insert Jessica’s Wall Scream*

    • Avatar

      And she spent a lot of conversation talking about how crazy Jess & Christie were tonight followed up about 2 hours later talking to Nicole about she doesn’t talk negatively re houseguests that left before. Sure glad she plays that honest game she brags about…NOT!

  19. hogwild

    Here is what Hollys game now looks like.

  20. Mello_One

    We all know that when Survivor crowns it winner, & wraps up their season they have a Reunion show that follows…As sure as today is Taco Tuesday, Big Brother should have a Reunion Show also?! C’mon CBS, give BB an hour long Reunion Show!

  21. Mel

    I have to take my dogs to the groomer in the morning so maybe I should go write the recap now:
    “Origami….Egg hunt….
    Beth gets mad at Jackson….see you tomorrow.”
    I could be done a day early.

    • NKogNeeTow

      LOL. Can I borrow that for tonight? I’ve been stretching as much as I can. I spend half the time trying to keep from nodding off and the other half trying to keep from banging my head violently on the table.

      • Tam

        NK, zumba and smelling salts, I guess. Feeling ya….Glad that I burnt my finger, less painful then some of the feeds at times of watching everyone just trying to pass the time. CSPAN has been more interesting at times….

  22. Ronduh

    Tommy just told Holly he was going to tell cliff and Nicole about him and Christie tomorrow…he doesn’t want to have any secrets even if it means losing half a mil.

    • Betty Boo

      I think Tommy didn’t realize how much everyone despised CC until she left, and that’s why he’s so worried.

    • Tam

      This is going to be good. Can’t wait to see this……..Nicole, that is. Cliff has known. I image he is going to play dumb to it…..

      • Ann

        Tam, when did Cliff find out about Tommy & Chrustie?

      • Tam

        Someone from the outside made an announcement that he overheard and someone else, I think. They had a big lockdown, and I think, that they called him the DR and told him to either not say anything or sign a NDA. Not really sure, but he knows……And know if he doesn’t it is going to be known and confirmed…..Get your popcorn out, gf, cause this maybe good. I am sure TT is going to be covering up, dodging and weaving to make an illusion.

        Now, Nugget is pretty forgiving, but I know I would be like Hmmmmmmmnnnnnnn. So much track covering in her and smoke being blown, it’s interesting. Now she is getting a sister talk with HB on her campaign.
        So proud that Nugget is not letting HB control their conversation and talking about things that she wouldn’t wouldn’t want the world to think of her. And not even taking digs at Holly, but if I was Holly I would feel like damn, I have screwed myself…..Feeling like I am watching HB being like, literally, yeah, and OMGawd, etc., basically a Jess, Sis, and combo of all them…….HB just doesn’t seem like she knows what she wants to say and trying to say something except she isn’t making any points except excuses. Nicole is being so rational, sweet, supportive and patient. Oh Nugget…..you are too sweet…..but I hope that she isn’t buying the bs that this girl is selling……

  23. hogwild

    They have just been doing Holly’s egg hunt on the feeds so here is another song for tonight.

  24. hogwild

    Here something for tonights playlist from way way way back.

    • Tam

      I remember this playing when I was with Mawmaw and Pawpaw. I got my two girls, one beside the bed, and then my one from grandpa by the bedroom door. Here is my tune for them, lol. And NO ONE TAKE OFFENSE…..I don’t condone Violence or agree with the other things that are going on this crazy world. But I take my own protection very seriously…….This is not to offend or upset anyone so please don’t see it as so. Don’t care if you don’t agree, but this is my voice and right…….I’m from the south so this is just a norm for most folks I known, know and have grown up with……Just having a little fun with songs…..Plus I love music that speaks to me…….And I love Mozart…..Bach, Beethoven and Kenny G…..I love all music…..

      • danmtruth

        Tam from reading your pist why does this not surprise me
        No offense ment but i must admit i have met a few
        Moonshine bandits

      • Tam

        Dan, lol. No offense taken. I haven’t met these moonshine bandits. But I have Known a few in my time. Dreamsicle, Voodoo, and watermelon moonshine was always good. White lighten to hush a few interrupting the fun…..Good times. Can’t do that anymore….Video reminds me of a time or two 🙂 Dive bars weren’t always my forte’ but wasn’t scared roll up in one or two….Raves, Techno and Country clubs to the biker bar….Those were fun times…….Days gone bye…….
        Thanks for the laughs and stroll down the fun side of 6 laned memory lanes and back bayou drives……….

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  26. Avatar

    My laundry if finally done so night y’all

  27. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Could our night get any better? I hope so. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Feeds today or even get into comments. But I’m hoping that something exciting happens.


    Cliff, FAH, and Nicole appear to be looking for something. JJ comes in and shows them where he hid his? Is this the egg hunt? FAH has some sort of Princess Lei hairdo or hairdon’t and Nicole is wearing a tutu. FAH goes into the kitchen and is shopping something in the microwave.


    FAH says she’s hungry and ask if they should eat now or wait until TT gets out of the DR. Nicole says she found 2 eggs. Cliff says JJ hid his pretty well. Nicole lays down on the bench at the table while JJ gets food from the fridge to heat up.


    FAH goes into the bathroom where Cliff is sitting on the sofa in deep thought. He tells her they had so many eggs hidden in the bathroom. *Yuck* She says she knows and goes back to the kitchen. Nicole gets the plates and JJ finds some guacamole in the fridge to add to dinner. He thanks FAH for cooking. JJ says he loves how cold it is now. Nicole says he last taco day they had 7 people.


    Cliff is still in deep thought.


    Nicole is putting all the taco fixings on the counter. The camera keeps showing the food lined up on the counter. *I wish they would show them washing their hands.* FAH is stirring the taco meat in the pan. Nicole pours herself a glass of Sprite and ask JJ if he did anything to it. Dinners ready and FAH says “Let’s eat. Cliff has now joined them and pours himself a large glass of milk. Nicole is fixing herself a taco. Nicole says something about walking around the house for 2 1/2 hours straight. Cliff is unusually quiet.


  28. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is fixing his tacos. Nocole, TT, and FAH are eating. JJ tells FAH that he loves how in her basket she requested beets, chips and salsa. JJ is fixing something in the frying pan. JJ starts to say something then says never mind. FAH asks what he was going to say. He says he was going to make a joke and tell her that’s one thing that she and his ex has in common. *There ya go! Make those digs so we can get some excitement tonight!* JJ wants to add some turkey to his omelette.

    TT is happy with his new look (facial scruff). Nicole tells him he always looks good. TT says dinner was so good. JJ standing at the stove eating out of the pan. TT says the origami was so fun. FAH agrees but says she doesn’t want to do it again. Cliff is no longer at the table but can’t be far because his glass of milk is still on the table. TT says he’s going to take a shower. JJ asks him with the new shower head?

    JJ sits down with his plate. He has a HUGE omelette and an even bigger pile of guacamole. Nicole asks if Cliff went to the DR. FAH says she doesn’t know. She says like Jess, she knows nothing. JJ says she always said the but probably knew everything. He and Nicole start to talk about Jess and how she was being weird in the bathroom that day.


  29. Lvblkjk

    JJs food looks gross

    • NKogNeeTow

      Have you ever seen a pile of guacamole that high for just one person?

    • Ann

      That looked so gross but I have to tell u one of my daughters eats avocados every single day with every meal. She even eats it with her eggs, on a sandwich & she even peels them & eats it by itself just like that. I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say she eats those things every single day. When she leaves to go to work in the mornings she has her bag with 2 avocados to eat with her lunch. I don’t like them myself. I guess my daughter eats avocados just like Jacko eats watermelon.

  30. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff and JJ are eating. They talk a little about Ovi. FAH is washing dishes. Very minimal conversation is going on. Silence really (and we’re only minutes in…WWHHHEEEE!). JJ offers Cliff a napkin. JJ says he wishes they had normal plates. Cliff says he’s tired of everything in this house and says when he gets out he’s going to have tacos on Thursday just for spite. JJ says they don’t do anything but just sit in the house.

    Nicole and JJ have a few exchanges. She says she’s going to change her top. She ask what time they will wake them up tomorrow. Cliff says he thinks. JJ says last night was the first time he’s gotten any sleep in 2 weeks. The person I despise the most in the house jumps in and says “yeah, I know, it’s weird”. *That cheap trick knows good and damn well she connived him into taking that room back from Nicole because she thinks her ass is supposed to be parked up there like a speed bump all day and night.*


    • Tam

      LOVE IT, NK……..Preach…….I had my rant earlier about this….Princess has to be in her ivory tower….Grrrrrrrrrrr. Guess she believes that they aren’t on full display up there. Palm to forehead….

  31. NKogNeeTow

    While we’re waiting I’d like to thank those who have kindly sent donations. I haven’t forgotten about you. Since none of them contained your BBJ screen names I’ll be sending out personal emails. 🙂

  32. danmtruth

    FAH talking to JJ about the plan to campaign Wednesday She feels its time to srart the wheels turning Uummm first you should check if your partner is joining you on this trip Its looking like he is not Holly is not sure what to say to Nicole and Cliff Kniwing Tommy is going to say he knew christie Holly wants JJ to do more campaigning to undermine tommy I think the train has left the station without her
    Cliff is more worried about doing something for 9/11 in the mirning than worry about the vote now

  33. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about Celebrity BB and who was on it. Nicole is finishing washing the dishes while Cliff puts them away. FAH goes to the SR and JJ follows her.


    FAH tells JJ that TT is planning on telling Cliff and Nicole about him and CC tomorrow. She is extremely worried. Scared even. *LOL* JJ says that’s good. She ask him is it because if they want to flip and back door her they could use that as an excuse. He says it wouldn’t make sense because CC will be in the JH campaigning for him. She says she knows, they have to use it.

    FAH asks him if he thinks that he should say something to them ahead of time and tell them TT is going to drop a bomb on them and just be ready? She ask does he think it would be benificial. He says no because that would make it look like they were keeping something from them. She says it’s not their secret to tell and she didn’t want to tell them but she feels like TT will says that they (J/H) already know. She says plus he told them before the Veto.

    She says that she thought the timing of him telling them (J/H) was weird and she was suspicious. *She always has the best hindsight.* JJ agrees. She tells him to just think about it tonight and by tomorrow tell them that TT is going to drop a bomb. She says she doesn’t know if it’s going to look like they kept something from them or not. She says or tell them, “Hey, Tommy is going to drop a bomb on yall and I don’t know if he’s going to use it in his campaign and that he told them before the Veto thinking it was going to sway them (J/H).”

    She asks if that’s to risky or do they just let it happen. She says she obviously needs to acknowledge it in her campaign. Or does she wait and campaign second and tell them that TT told them Wednesday. She says maybe it’s smarter to let TT tells then tell them yes, he already told them thinking that JJ would win the Veto and it wasn’t their secret to tell. JJ says if she wants him to blanket it he can say that TT told them a personal secret and they should be aware that he’s going to tell them.

    She ask should they mention that he told them before the Veto. JJ asks if she talked to them anymore since the RV. She says no and they haven’t said a word and Cliff is acting strange towards her. *That’s because he’s as sick of you as we are.* She says she’s so scared and TT told her he’s going to be campaigning hard and he feels like he has hope. She says she doesn’t know why he feels like there is hope.

    JJ ask her something I couldn’t hear. She says no. JJ says TT sounded like he was begging him about something (couldn’t make that out either). JJ says he’ll talk to them. She says she just wanted to get the wheels turning. They leave the SR. JJ goes into the kitchen and tells Cliff it is cold. Cliff tells him to put on some sweat pants. FAH goes into the room and starts to put away clothes.


    • Tam

      NK, what gets me about HB/FAH is that she says she is playing her own game. I know that they (her and JJ) are playing as team, but she can’t even make a thought without him. That just irks me to no end about her. She should take the lead for a time or two to show that she is making game moves instead of looking like she is being led by the bridle. Does she honestly think that she is going to be the winner by making these moves that she has made. I see having a teammate and running things off each other, but taking a backseat and letting someone have that much power of your game when the prize is so high is stupid. If he were to be voted out what would she do then? No one would take her seriously and the season would be wasted. Sure she won physical comps, but what other contributions besides running with a herd in the beginning of the season. I don’t see any benefit in manipulating JJ to do her bidding by trying to expose something that TT told them in trying to garner there trust and inch into their frame. What is the purpose of the brunch as a campaign. This is not RHOH or whatever the hell they call those shows. Sure a brunch is nice, but I don’t see it as much as campaign. I think working to build personal relationships would be a better strategy at this point and before. What is the logic here? What am I missing with this? Help me out here……..

      JJ has been doing that, at least……He seems to have his eye on the prize…..

      Glad to see them doing something for 9/11….Nice to see Cliff show them what is really important in life by never forgetting what we as a national have been through and all the sacrifices that have been made so we can have our freedom………Much respect to Cliff……..

  34. NKogNeeTow



    TT is brushing his teeth while JJ sits on the sofa. Cliff washes his hands as FAH comes in. As Cliff dries his hands, he just looks at them then sits down. He asks what time it is. TT says 9:50 and they should go to bed early. JJ says there are only 5 of them there and he had FOMO when there were more people in the house. Cliff and JJ whisper something. Cliff says when more were in the house he’d panic if a lot of them were up late. He says now not so much since there is so few of them.

    Cliff says he’s glad they are going to be able to do something tomorrow. Everyone agrees. JJ asks if they think they will show family videos tomorrow. Cliff says he doesn’t think so. Cliff, TT, and FAH don’t think they will get them this year. Cliff says it’s funny that they didn’t get any luxury comps. They say they hope so. Cliff says if not, they are getting near the end and he can put up with anythng. They discuss what day it is. Cliff says tomorrow is the start of week 13.

    Cliff says it’s a long time to put your life on hold. JJ says its like a hall pass but without friends, cell phones, work, and you are transplanted into a fake world. Nicole says it’s crazy. JJ says he’s not saying it’s a terrible thing. Nicole asks how to spell Fabreze. They discuss the spelling. *They are really reaching and struggling for conversation.* Cliff asks what would they think if they were in the house without the comps. JJ says Real World or Jersey Shore.

    JJ laughs and says “the Challenge”. Nicole yells let’s not open that can of worms. FAH says please not. Cliff says he doesn’t think he could stay in the house with 16 people. JJ says there would have to be alcohol. FAH mumbles something. They discuss who slept with who when they first came into the house.


  35. danmtruth

    Is it me or was FAH doing more dish washing than usual
    The group activith is to make a 9/11 memorial message out of froot loops on a blue fitted sheet Nicole working on it so naturaly Tommy FAH right their now jackson has add his artistic tallent Cliff is gathering food stuff to help spell out the message

  36. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is talking about someone ranting out by the pool. Nicole says it was awkward and weird. They are talking about Jess. JJ says Jess did and said some interesting things. He says he didn’t follow what was in her head and wondered how she came to some of her conclusions. TT says he never talked that much to her. Nicole goes into her jess and the bathroom story again. She says she had to walk away from Jess because her thoughts were random and it was the most game Jess had ever talked to her and it was a rant.

    JJ says on day 58 he thought Jess had lost her sanity. He says she a crazed look and he voiced his concern. Nicole said she walked into the shower and Jess was just staring off glaring. FAH has nothing to contribute so of course she has a story. She says if was scary. She says Jess had a few days leading up to that where she looked dead in the eyes and she knew the house was closing in on her so she talked to her. She says she continued to notice that Jess was just done. *Bitch please*

    Nicole says he walked in the room in the middle of the night. FAH says with a wine glass and she thought Jess was going to throw that water at them. *That was that wine she had been hiding in her bosom.* Nicole starts to go over the rants that Jess had. Nicole tells the story again about the bathroom convo then says 3 days later Jess told her she was the only one she trust. She says Jess changed it to not trusting Nicole again so that’s why she didn’t feel bad voting her out.

    JJ notices lavendar oil and ask if it’s Sam’s. Nicole says yea and she refuses to throw it out. TT says that’s sweet, like a ghost in the house. Cliff says soon there will be a lot more ghost in the house. They start talking about merit badges they thought they would get for playing comps. Cliff says he doesn’t see anymore twist or surprises at this point and time. Cliff talks about America’s Field Trip and says Nick messed up the Prankster.


  37. Kari

    I just wanted to say good night.

  38. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is talking about slop. JJ says he’s been nominated and taken himself off the block, been punished, been a HN. *Well, not officially a HN*. Nicole says she’s slept in each room at least once. She tells JJ that if he wants to sleep in her bed she can, it’s a good bed. He tells her that if she wins the HOH she won’t have to worry about that. He says she has a good chance of winning it because he can’t compete. She wonders if she wins will she get a letter from her sisters.

    Nicole makes a joke wondering if they combined all of her letters into one because they probably figured she wasn’t going to win more than once. JJ says he doesn’t think that anyone in the house takes nothing personal. Cliff says it’s just part of game strategy and it is what it is. FAH isn’t talking to much. *Her azz is scared y’all*. Nicole says those tacos are talking to her.

    I spoke to soon! FAH starts talking about she was wiped on her ass for days and said she didn’t feel right for days and felt depleted. She says her lungs are still wheezing and it’s hard to catch her breath. *TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY*

    Cliff says if the Finale is on Wednesday, whoever is still there, Taco Tuesday will be their last meal. Nicole says it’s exciting but scary. She says she should brush her teeth then go to bed. Cliff says he might have to get up and do a little more planning for tomorrow. Nicole tells them let’s do it now. Cliff, TT, and Nicole get up to leave and JJ whispers to Cliff. Cliff comes back and JJ tells him that TT is about to drop a bomb.


    • Tomi Myers

      I realize this is BIG BROTHER, but JAX wispering to Cliff about Tommy about to drop a bomb, imho, is SO UNDERHANDED. I’m praying, PRAYING, the bomb backfires in J-OLLY’s FACES. I really do. It will show Cliff and Nicole that J-OLLY KEPT THIS SECRET FOR DAYS, NOT HONORING THEIR “F4” agreement/alliance. They KEPT this secret from the 2 of them…AT LEAST, THAT’S HOW I WOULD TAKE THE NEWS, (if I were them), but that’s just ME!!

      • Ann

        I would take it that way too Tomi Myers. Tommy should’ve kept his big mouth shut. Not that I care because I don’t like the guy at all. The idiot should’ve known it was going to place a huge target on his back. Nothing good can come from a secret like that so late in the game especially after the lies that they told about living so close to each other but having never met. He’s letting Jacko & the Whacko know he’s going to tell Cliff & Nicole because he has to beat them to the punch so he won’t look so bad. Liar, Liar pants on fire, Tommy is going to be in deep doodoo.

  39. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling FAH he’s not done. She says it sucks. He says he didn’t say the plan was still good and he did not like that. (I think he’s talking about Cliff). She asks him if she should have been campaigning all week. She says she didn’t want to overdo it. She says she didn’t want to overkill. She says that TT preferenced that he was going to campaign at night so she thinks he wants her to go first. She says she wants him to go first. She says she wanted JJ to talk ot Cliff when she wasn’t there. He says he just asked her and she told him to do it. She says she thought he was going to do it when she wasn’t around.

    She says something about conspiring. She says she senses Cliff actin-g weird towards her. She mumbles something but I can’t make it out. JJ says she needs to talk with him tomorrow morning. She ask if she should talk to him tonight or wait till morning. JJ says she should talk to him as soon as possible and ask if everything is alright because she senses something weird. He says she should go talk to him right now. She tells him to lets go st up the thing. He tells her that he’s coming and she leaves. He sits there with a strange look on his face.


    Nicole and TT are setting up the coffee table in the living room. Cliff says he’s going to ask for more Fruit Loops. TT, Nicole, and FAH work in silence. Nicole suggest they write 9-11. TT says they should add “We remember”. Nicole says they use to do a lot of crafts like this in school. JJ has now joined them. He says it’s weird of what cereal is. Like rings of dried what. TT tells him what cereal is made of. JJ says it’s such an interesting food. Cliff comes back from the DR. JJ says he’s glad they have Nicole because she’s good with this.

    JJ separates the colors while Nicole and TT writes the message out. TT wonders whether they should add more foods. TT tells them great and good job. FAH sits back on the sofa. She’s already washed dishes. She’s fulfilled her quota for today. Nicole tells them that if anyone wants to take over something she doesn’t want to leave them out. FAH says she can start on “remember”. TT stands back. Cliff comes back with a flower.


  40. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    They almost have their 9-11 message complete. Production calls them to the SR. Cliff goes and you can hear him thank BB. He got another box of Fruit Loops. They are using dental floss to make sure the letters are even. Everyone is pretty much working in silence. JJ is sitting there with strange look on his face. *Could it be because even though FAH wants to pull the trigger first on TT, JJ already knows they are planning to wrap her azz in pigskin and drop kick her out the door?*

    Nicole offers Cliff more flowers to add to the poster. TT says they also has Kemi’s birthday crown. FAH says she has a Forget-Me-Not. JJ asks TT what his shirt says. Nicole comes back with a giant sunflower. The camera keeps zooming in on JJ’s face. He looks like he wants to just get out of his own skin. He says it was fun playing hide the eggs today. Nicole says they should play Hide and Seek tomorrow. FAH says they should play Sardines. JJ asks what is that. She says it’s Hide and Seek backwards. She says one person hides and everyone looks for them.


  41. NKogNeeTow


    Living Room:

    Cliff is sitting down looking at the message. JJ is draped across the sofa looking extremely bored. The girls finish up the message. TT says it’s beautiful. Nicole and FAH put on the finishing touches. JJ gets up to look at it. TT wonders if they should get rid of the dash between 9 and 11. They take out the Fruit Loops dash and just leaves the small flag in between the numbers. FAH puts the large sunflower at the bottom. Cliff says it almost blocks the bottom of the message. JJ suggest that they put it in the corner at an angle. FAH moves it and they all agree it looks good.

    Nicole looks at it kind of sad. JJ and TT say it looks good. They all stand back to take another look. JJ gets a bigger flag and places it in the upper left corner. Cliff says it kinds of crowds the sign. JJ moves it near the large sunflower. Cliff and Nicole go up on the landing and look down to check it out while JJ continues to move the larger flag around to see how it looks. FAH asks if they should just replace the large sunflower with the larger flag. JJ moves it again.

    TT and FAH are now on the landing and the 4 of them are looking gown. Cliff comes down to try something but JJ has placed it in a spot that they all like. Cliff climbs up the ladder. FAH ask JJ to bring fish food upstairs. Nicole asks him to also bring gloves. Cliff looks over the balcony and says it looks good and he doesn’t know why it still chokes him ups. The 4 of them look down and the message in silence. JJ ask Nicole where the gloves are.


  42. NKogNeeTow



    Everyone is gathered around the fish tank. Nicole notices the size of some of the fish. FAH says the Katfish stirs up a lot of shit. Cliff says he wishes he had a fishing pole. Nicole tells him no, they are their pets. Nicole tells them the names of some of the fish. *The are really struggling for conversation.* JJ comes up with the fish food and the Chess board. Cliff asks TT if he wants to play Chess. He and TT set up the board. Cliff asks Nicole if she wants to play some Chess.


    JJ tells FAH to approach Cliff like “Hey, can we talk tonight” and says “Please,I don’t want to seem pushy and it’s your thing but we had a F4 and I want to make sure that we are all on board for it.” She says she’s going to talk to Nicole right now. He tells her to go before Nicole comes back upstairs. They leave the HOH and go to the kitchen. FAH goes into the living room where Nicole is checking the message again and cleaning up. FAH helps her clear the area.


    Nicole goes into the room to get something and FAH comes in as Nicole is leaving out. Nicole tells her it’s going to be an emotional day tomorrow. FAH says “yeah”. They leave and go back to the kitchen. Nicole snacks and FAH comes in and whispers something to Nicole. They walk back to the camper and FAH laughs and tells Nicole to eat shit as they walk into the camper.


  43. danmtruth

    FAH having the longest talk she has ever had with Nicole Saying how Holly was like her growing up sheltered she has social anxiety How her and jackson are at different stages in life But he has been so good for her He was the first boyfriend who ever supported her How she wants to spend as much time as she can with him So now she is begging to keep her soholly can be with JJ more WTF Than we get the hope that america can see what a conservitive girl she is How she has not gone out on second dates because she refused to kiss a guy Than again it took her all the way to day 23 before she kiss JJ than again for 20 of those days he was with Kat earlier in the day JJ was asking Nicole if she took the stool out of the HOH shower With that creepy laugh Holly pipes up its great to have a place to sit and rest ,, , , uummmm ok if that your story
    Holly keeps pushing what a conservitive girl she is how she had guys in college break up with her because she was so conservitive

    • Tam

      Dan, Right!!!!!!!! Smdh……..Love that Nugget isn’t letting her dominate the conversation. And I hope she isn’t buying this load of bull. Wait till Nugget finds out about the TT/CC connection. Wonder how she is going to feel about them knowing and not saying and then feeling towards TT.

      Are you having freezing issues and the box jumping around on here? Trying to type and it having to chase it…..

  44. Tam

    It’s getting good, but can’t keep chasing this screen and trying to type. Y’all have a great night!!! Catch y’all on the flip side…..Thanks for the fun and laughter………

  45. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is talking kind of fast and I’m trying to keep up with her convo. FAH tell sNicole that it’s part of the game and says she talked to TT today and he said he just wants to go home and was just done. She says she’s feeling it now too. Nicole says is it because they see the end. FAH says it’s because they are starting to hit a wall. She says she actually likes it like this better. Nicole takes over the convo and says if it’s because certain people not there.

    FAH says her anxiety is knowing that the end is near but not ready for it. She says she’s burned out but not ready for it to end even if it’s for a few more days. She says she wants to do a lot more hot takes and memes and she hasn’t played in that many comps. *This fool is talking to someone who played in far less comps than she did.* She says she wants to play more. She says there is so much on a personal level that she wants to get out. Nicole tells her if she wants to do some hot takes tomorrow they can.

    Nicole tells her that yesterday she went in the HOH to grab her stuff and she had a moment. She says you always want what you can’t have. She says she wants to see her family but at the same time it’s like this is going to end and it’s scary and she feels safe in there. She says today she woke up anxious. She says she has days when she wakes up and thinks she’s still home.

    FAH says their minds are already starting to transition out of the house. Nicole says that she and TT, Cliff and JJ were sitting in the hammock silent. She says she’s so excited but so scared. FAH says it’s at the point that you start to reflect on everything and wonder what you did, if you made an impact, did you make your state and family proud. *She is stalling about the talk about TT* Nicole starts to talk about the number of people in the house and when they reach the point when there is nobody left. She says she doesn’t know how to describe it. *This is just getting monotonous now.*

    FAH is whispering and mumbling. Nicole is talking a mile a minute. *I’m not even trying to keep up with this drivel right now.* FAH says she tried to get baking soda for tomorrow but she’ll just do something else. FAH is babbling. Nicole is babbling. I’m babbling. It’s just a damn babblefest. FAH starts talking about her social anxiety. She says even though she was snapped up in an alliance quickly she felt her voice was stiffled and she didn’t agree with a lot of things and her voice never mattered and she was stepped on. She says she felt like she was in a high school clique and she didn’t feel good about it. She said there were loud personalities in the group but she always saw Nicole and never really underestimated her. *The switch on my damn brain is actually flickering on and off right now.*

    Nicole tells Fake-Azz-Holly she appreciates that. She says that some of the people told her they could only talk to her when others weren’t around. She said in the beginning she would try to talk to people one on one or a few at a time. She said some of the people told her they would talk to her but only if someone else was in the room. FAH tries to convince Nicole that she was one who didn’t request someone be around when she talked to her.


  46. danmtruth

    FAH toss Tommy under the bus as nicole says how she worries about people thinking what a fool she was for believing someone or just lying to someone Holly says how Ovi tried to make an alliance with her but she was already with G8full So she just said no thank you i dont feel it would work While Tommy just said yes than went around and made a lot of jokes about it Not like holly ever made fun of Ovi
    Holly is worried that most of the jury is made up of people she was working with at one time but was trying to break away from them Now she is upset with the people she used to work with How they keep bringing up Kimi How she never like how people keep talking bad about her because holly always liked Kime WTF world did this happen in

  47. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling FAH that she wondered what her place was in the world. She says she’ got more comfortable with herself as the season went on. She says she’s had a lot of time to think about what she wants. She says she didn’t expect that. She says when she came into the house she thought she was a butterfly but realized she was a caterpillar.

    FAH says she feels like she’s become less sure of herself. Nicole tells her that can be a sign of growth too. FAH says she thinks it’s because of part of her personal life being exposed. She says that was hard and she didn’t plan on that at all nd didn’t expect the other layer of it. She says she didn’t count on JJ being in the picture and having that being a worry outside the house. She says she doesn’t think she would change it but it wasn’t expected. She’s still stalling.

    She says when she gets out of the house it’s the reality of the world and no matter whatn they will still stay friends and they are bracing themselves. She says she told him that he is important to her and he will still be important to her no matter what. *That’s a lie, he told her that.* TT comes in and asks if he’s interrupting. FAH tells him it’s girl talk and he leaves. Nicole tells her that of all the couples, she could see the 2 of them. *You have no idea how much this is draining me.*

    Nicole says she can see the bond between FAH/JJ. She says she loves them so much. FAH says it’s going to be weird to navigate and because of his age there is so much he hasn’t done and she’s done so much because she grew up sheltered and she struggled with social anxiety and happiness and self acceptance. She says that high school was not good and she just threw herself into situations because she knew she needed it. *Not one damn part of that made any sense.*

    She says she tries to stay busy and distracted because it’s easier that way and by forcing herself to do a lot has made her do a lot. JJ sitcks his head in and says goodnight.


  48. TeeJ

    TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY – another day or two and you will have the title song to this 70’s show.

  49. danmtruth

    FAH crying again how she has not been able to show her character How JJ has his watermelon nicole has her clowns and pie But poor holly has not been able to show who she was She did not get to be on slop never had a punishment did not get to play in a lot of comp Poor holly never had a chance to show who she is You mean an extra appendages on JJ once more back to the shirt off the shoulder look After her long talk with nicole she is smart enough to realize things are not looking good JJ is in for a LONG night

  50. NKogNeeTow

    BACK: Running behind because I had to switch to recording a while ago.


    Nicole is telling FAH that she fears she had messed up. She says she worries about her cursing because she’s a teacher. She says her family knows her and she doesn’t think they would judge her for that but other people might think it’s odd but it’s like on a small scale. She says she told TT that to her a flirt might be very severe and she worries about that a lot. FAH tells her she one upped her there. FAH says she’s terrified what her parents are going to thinks. She says they are very conservative, and comes from a conservative town and has been dumped before because she won’t sleep with a guy. *You sure made up for it here Sister.*


    Cliff and JJ are playing Chess in silence.


    FAH is telling Nicole about a mistake. Nicole says she wouldn’t call it a mistake and she thinks that as long as you are true to yourself and what you feel is true then she wouldn’t pick herself apart about it. FAH says they didn’t even kiss till day 23 and a lot of the couples were a lot faster than that. Nicole says watching the show she would think that’s ridiculous but she gets it.


    Silent Chess games still going on.


  51. danmtruth

    JJ breaking the news to Holly that Ciff says nicole feels holly wont take nicole to a F3
    Holly wants a meeting with all 4 in a room

  52. NKogNeeTow



    Silent Chess game still going on.


    Nicole tells FAH that they all are going to have haters and lovers and as long as they come to each other’s defense she thinks they will be fine. FAH says the haters and lovers she knows comes with the territory and she says it doesn’t bother her. She says it’s her family and friends and her families friends and they live in a small town, and blah, blah, blah.


    Game still going on.


    FAH is telling Nicole that you just don’t know and the only thing she can do is be as honest as she can be and do her best and not contribute to the other people looking stupid. *Girl, have you checked the mirror?* She says that Ovi tried to make an alliance with her and she didn’t want to do that and turned him down. She says that Ovi then asked TT and Jack and a few others later and they said yes and made a fake alliance with him and they joked about it all the time. She says she doesn’t care if people make her looks stupid in the DR but she doesn’t want to make someone else look stupid because that sucks. *I’m looking over my glasses while sipping my tea with my pinky up on that one.*

    FAH says she’s terrified of having regrets in the game and if she lied he way through the game then walked out of the house that would be her biggest regret. *Picture JJ taking a swig of that drink during CC’s speech. That’s me right now.*

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Against my better judgement, I’m going to pop over to the feeds to see what the hell is going on or are they still pussyfooting around. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  53. davidsgirl

    It is just amazing to me how arrogant Holly and Jackson are. They think it should just be smooth sailing to the end and it even has an air to it that it is owed to them because they are so great and special. They literally think the rest of these people are below them. It is just so sickening. Big Brother checks bounce all the time and no one owes them anything. And they are all equals they are deserve the chance to win.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tonto, TeeJ, and whoever else is still awake out there. 🙂

  55. danmtruth

    JJ is coming up with a cover story to get nicole to believe that JJ would take nicole to F-3 dont know why but i do think he is looking to dump Holly The more holly is talking about taking different paths after the show JJ was saying holly just needs one of the two But holly points out nicole said N&C are voting as a pair

  56. danmtruth

    Holly now complaining how shity it would be if nicole backdoor her – no this is not a backdoor because you had a chance to win veto – also that the shook hands on it How will this look to nices family and coworkers Isn this the same argument that kat gave when she left This is goi g to be some hard campaigning Wednesday

    • KelBel

      Is guilt-tripping G-ma B’s only campaign strategy? She has used it on JJ as she follows him around like a lost dog, now it’s what she is using to make Nicole feel bad and keep her? Damn, G-ma, you need to grow up!

  57. danmtruth

    Cliff talking to nicole both agree they are voting as a team The talk is how foolish America will see them if they dont take out the showmance

  58. Mello_One

    @ 12:33 am 9/11/19
    Jackson & Holly have this discussion in the HOH Room, about reasons to give Nugget, & Cliff to evict Tommy.
    “Jackson says, Tommy has the votes in Jury, Jackson thinks 6 votes locked. He also says the whole family loyalty to Christie in the Jury will be another thing to say against keeping Tommy.”

  59. danmtruth

    Promise last post things to watch for
    1) Tommy telling Cliff and Nicole about his and Christie bond Im sure he will say how he did not agree and or know everything she did
    2) Holly telling Cliff that as a member of 6shooters Tommy was always pushing for cliff to be a target
    3) holly just wants to make it to F-4 so she last longer than Tommy Was this not the same logic Christie used on H/J to survive
    4) getting H/J with N/C in a room and asking them what happened to the promise of F-4 together How would going back on there word look to there family & Friends – it would look like they wanted to win
    So it should be a busy day Look to see how hard JJ csmpains for Holly with hiw much time he spends with each All in All a busy day of meetings Lets see if Tommy has out maneuvered H/J
    3:30 am in Chicago time for me to kiss my pillow

  60. Helen

    Some of the arguments that Jackson and Holly are coming up with to get rid of Tommy this week actually reinforce Nicole and Cliffs strategy to keep Tommy over Holly..
    1. Keep the lesser threat…meaning Holly…reinforces Jackson and Tommy trying to get each other out as opposed to potentially getting either Nicole or Cliff out at F4…
    2. Christie and Tommy relationship…Cliff has known for weeks…Nicole has always suspected something…Isn’t going to be as big a bomb as everyone thinks.I remember at the time Cliff in the boat room telling us he didn’t think it was that big of a deal…
    3. Jackson and Holly telling Cliff and Nicole how they are playing separate games and need to do what’s best for their own games…Guess Jackson won’t be too upset when Holly goes this week

  61. Mary

    Seems Holly is starting to panic. The bologna Holly was trying to sell Nicole last night was laughable, don’t know how Nicole kept a straight face during some of it. Nicole is a thinker, she has spent time alone reflecting on things that have happened the last 85 days. Have lost count of the excuses Holly has given for this, that and the other.

  62. Sabrina

    Agreed, the last few days have been so BORING. I think if they don’t keep Holly getting evicted as a complete blindside, they won’t do it at all.

  63. hogwild

    As we go through another BB day and get ready to watch Nicole crush BB comics tonight let’s take a moment to remember what happened to our nation on this date in 2001 and honor those who lost their life that day.

    • Kari


      My husband worked for a hotel right near the Sea-Tac Airport. Shuttle driving. Our apartment was directly under the flight path.

      I was online that’s morning my daughter was still sleeping being she was almost 2.there was a Yahoo friendship chat group that I would talk to people in and one of the gals from New Jersey posted “Turn on your TV America’s being attacked! ”

      I turned my TV on just in time to see the second plane hit. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced. I was numb. How could this possibly be happening? This must be a movie right? Sadly, no it wasn’t.

      During the time when the airlines were shut down it was so eerily quiet where we lived. Also my husband being a shuttle driver didn’t receive any tips during that time because nobody was going to the airport.

      the first day that the planes flew over again I actually became afraid thinking it was another attack as it was not a commercial airline. I had not yet heard that they had opened up the airlines.

      We had lots of candles all along the foyer lit for quite a few nights. Right outside of Street where anybody could see. We also hung up patriotic decor.

      I still burn a candle every September 11th in memory. I wish more people would.

      Never Forget.

    • Mary

      Remember that day very well. Was glued to the TV watching it unfold was so horrible, the 2nd plane hitting live. Know it’s part of our history, though when they have done the documentaries about it, I have heart felt feelings for the family members who watch (if they watch) of the people jumping.

      • Kari

        I thank God everyday that I did not witness the people jumping out the windows. I couldn’t handle it so I had to turn off the TV

  64. Houseguest Doug

    Nicole and Cliff can go ahead and evict Holly. To me it would be a $500K mistake!

    They will kick themselves if one of them is up against Tommy in the F2. Tommy is the favorite to win the show. Nicole has made great strides of late to move herself up the food chain. But most of the Jury House have not seen this new Nicole and I am not sure Christie or Holly if she is evicted if going to sing her praises.

    You have Tommy set up on a tee to kick out of the house. You cannot get Jackson this week but Holly vs anyone in a F2 you’re going to win. No one is voting for Holly.

    But alas we are not dealing with Rhode Scholars in this game and they will vote with emotion instead of thinking it through. But we all know that Production would love them to keep Tommy in the house and send Holly out. She is just taking up space and boring us with constant arguments with Jackson. This relationship has zero hope of lasting. ZERO!

    As much as you all hate Holly so does the rest of the Jury House, which is why you keep her and send Tommy then Jackson packing.

    You’re also doing Jackson a MAJOR favor by sending Holly out the door. Takes the pressure off him and now he can focus on his favorite person in the house. (Himself) and he will also use it as a motivation to beast out the next HOH and POV comps. You don’t need to add more fuel to the Jackson fire.

    Be smart send Tommy to Jury duty.

  65. Mary

    @ Doug, who in the jury house hate Holly? Nick would be the only one I can think of, most dislike Jackson.

    • Kari

      I haven’t noticed any of the other housemates disliking holly either? I don’t understand where you’re getting that feeling?

      • Betty Boo

        Since there’s only 5 in the house now, and more of Holly being shown, it has made me REALLY dislike her. I don’t know if it’s because the bigger personalities in the house were so much worse, or they didn’t show her as much, or she wasn’t as bad back then. The feeling is because WE would never vote for her.

  66. Betty Boo

    I don’t think it matters who they vote out tomorrow. Most of the jury will be part of the 6 shooters and will most likely vote for whichever one of that group is in F2. It all comes down to who wins the Comps and Vetos. I think they should keep the deal they made. Play with integrity. Don’t make deals you can’t keep. And yes, I know its a game for $500,000, but you have to live with yourself when you get out of there.

    • Mary

      Keep their promise, like Jackson promised Sis he wanted her to stay, that she wasn’t his target? Then Holly got into his head because why?, she claims Sis was her friend and she didn’t like Christie. Would bet if either Cliff or Nicole were on the block with Tommy, that Holly would want to keep Tommy, she’s said it before many times that she wouldn’t put up or vote out Tommy. To me it doesn’t matter who goes. Think most of on here are just sick of her being a drama queen, she has an excuse for everything.

      • KelBel

        I’m hoping the 6shitters grew some brain cells as they watch their alliance keep showing up in the JH…. hey, these outsiders were able to take out an alliance of strong people, maybe we should consider the talent that took.

        I know, I know, I’m giving them credit for brain cells that do not exist, but a gal can only hope…

  67. Kari

    People are saying this had only aired one time. But actually it’s been aired twice. Once right after 9/11 happened and again and on the 10-year anniversary.



    • Mary

      Gosh there are all kinds of videos on U Tube about 9/11, sadly most are heart breaking. Didn’t know until a few years ago, my niece who is a trauma nurse volunteered to go to New York to help, they told her there was no need.

  68. Mary

    Mel’s thread is up.

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