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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap for 8/20/19

August 21, 2019 | 71 Comments
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Author: Mel


“I just love this game so much. I just give so much. I gave so much. It was hard and I was so much myself. I was so bold, opinionated and vocal. I always gave a million percent and that’s why I’m a target and probably going home.”

Christie (early yesterday)

“Manifest the truth, bro”

Nick (Taco Tuesday)

It was a slow day in the BB house yesterday but it heated up last night. I’m going to rush through this today because I have early, out of town appointments and have to get an earlier start. Now that my move is over and my cars out of the shop, I have some catching up to do for work so I’m just going to jump into this recap.

One thing I want to talk about even though it’s been covered is what Cliff  may or may not have heard the other night since people still seen to have questions about it. Cliff said something happened (cam talking) but he didn’t say he knew or understood what was said. He simply said they heard some things and weren’t giving it any merit. We don’t even know what he could make out other than it being about Tommy. From what he said to Tommy, it does sound like he may have understood it but we really don’t know. This was also someone playing audio, not yelling over the wall. If he heard correctly, I’d he’s already figured out the relevance for jury votes. It doesn’t mean he’s going to camera talk and tell us tho. People have questioned why other people weren’t taking about it if they knew. Here’s the thing, we know production tells them to stop when they start talking about things they arn’t supposed to be saying. There are levels of priority given to different things. Anything that will cost them money (like singing) gets shut down quickly. Banner planes (back in the day) and shouting over the walls are also a very big deal. This doesn’t get treated the same as when they talk about a DR and get told to stop. With something like this, they could even be spoken to as a group and strongly told NOT to talk about it. (It’s happened before and could explain why the feeds were down for so long)  Even if they only talk to them in the DR, they don’t leave any room to wonder if they’re serious. Cliff has always tried to follow the rules and he’s the first one to stop when they begin saying something they shouldn’t so I’m not surprised he isn’t trying to talk about it. This isn’t a BB voice saying “stop that” over the intercom.” This is more on the level of having you sent to the DR and having the fear of Grod put in you. (Allison Grodner, that is) I do think it’s unfair if it’s true that they told Christie that Tommy could tell her when no one else who may have heard is supposed to be sharing it. Then again, who ever thinks BB is fair?

On Monday, I mentioned Christies plan to out Nick’s game during Taco Tuesday but within a few hours, she’d already questioned him about everything. By Tuesday, she was still planning to do it but she spent the day going around the house telling people. She had a ‘why me’ and ‘it’s not fair’ pity party. Eventually, she decided she didn’t need to do it.  It’s comical when she says she wants to flip the house around and changed the trajectory of the game. (This week is one of the only times this season she hasn’t  been in control but she makes this sound as if she’s an underdog)

She worked up some tears for Nicole:

Nicole sat through the entire story of how bad Christie’s had it in the game:

As you know, Sis recently learned about daylight savings and Tuesday they covered how many days are in each month because she thought they alternated. For example, since July has 31 days, August would have 30, September 31 and so on.  She may not be playing but at least she’s learning some stuff this summer. Sure, its the same stuff my granddaughter will learn in 2nd grade this year but still…

Christie talked to Jackson and told him she wasn’t going to give up, was going to campaign and expose Nick. Jackson encouraged her to do it and gave her props for not being a quitter. He agreed it was probably a really good strategy. (He still wants her out and what does he care if she exposes Nick?)

Tommy encouraged Christie to make her campaigning only about going after Jackson but she didn’t like the idea. She said Nick is the one who is working with the whole house. He tried to point out, if people are working with him, they won’t want to get rid of him.

Since Christie already spoke to Nick the day before, he went to everyone and spilled (some) ofhis own secrets to cover his butt and told several of hers too. Tommy and Sis sympathized with him and Tommy said it was unfair he even had to do it. Tommy told them he saw what Christie’s game was like when she let them (Tommy and Jack) take the fall for trying to flip the vote against Kat. He said she playd innocent but she was in on it. (Yep, he’s officially accepted she’s out the door)

Nick made sure Beth and Sis knew Christie never planned to go to the end with the couples, was fully in on the plan to flip the vote to evict Kat and was the reason he began talking about getting rid of Jack. (True) He was lessening the impact of anything she planned to say.

Sis found time (even as busy as she was asking for a power) to list off the clothing brands she likes and asked us to pass this on so she can be an Instagram model when the show is over. (I don’t know about the clothing designers but furniture makers of stools should jump on this quickly before competitors come in and make her any offers! Maybe a mattress company too, I rarely see her standing and she’s called ‘Leaning Sis’ on Twitter, after all)

Cliff and Nicole made time to talk about what they should do moving ahead. They know what Nick’s doing and don’t really care but Nicole did warn Cliff that Nick may be planning to cut Cliff sooner than Cliff thought. They’re torn over which side to te to work with next week. (Cliff told Tommy he’d like to work together when they met the night before but it sounds like he avoided making an actual deal with him) They feel pretty good about Jackson and Beth being genuine but not fully. They’re also nervous about going too far with them because ofcomps. (They should be) Nicole told Cliff about Jackson saying he had some stuff to tell her but said he’d tell her in a day or two. (That was a mistake the moment he said it. Jackson and Beth discussed being afraid info would leak so Beth suggested waiting until Wednesday or Thursday to talk to Cliff and Nicole with any real detail. This happened the night before, I think) It made Nicole feel like he was buying time to make up some stuff to try and influence her. She said if he had info and wanted to talk, why wait two days? (He shouldn’t have said anything if he wasn’t ready to share info) Nicole may trust Tommy a little too much, they both think Jess is losing it and talking too much. They talked about maybe having to let her go sooner than they wanted. Nicole said her relationship with Jess has become weird. They talked about the idea of putting up one person from each side if they won, instead of two from the same side and agreed to think about it more. They both hate to evict Christie over Sis but cant see a way to avoid it and further their own games. They both also hate the idea of Sis winning the game.

Sis went to the hoh to ask Jackson if Christie is the target. He said “she’s always been the f*cking target.” She said she was just checking.

Tommy and Nicle ripped up things from around the house for craft time. (BB20 Sam would be proud)

They made puppets named Azel and Amber. Yeah, they’re that bored. This image might be a little fuzzy because I blew it up so I could cut Beth out of it. She’s always prancing around in front of the cameras and it’s annoying. I said yesterday I could be petty, right?

A Twitter user made their own to match Tommys puppet from one of his botox imitations the night before:

Christie began talking about her ex, that she missed her and said they only broke up in January. (No way she doesn’t blab about knowing Tommy while she’s in Jury)

Beth must’ve cooked for hours, it’s tacos, what the hell takes so long?

Taco Tuesday finally got going and sh*t hit the fan. Christie and Nick went at it. Jackson had put in work to keep Christie pumped up but Nick set it off by saying “do me a favor and keep my name out of your f*cking mouth.” He knew what she was planning and he was fired up. You can get the details from Steves previous overnight thread.  I’ll just share a few pics.  I’m with Steve, everyone’s elses reactions were better than the argument.

Tommy wishes there was somewhere to hide:

Christie doing what she does best:

Nick, as he started to yell:

Jackson (my favorite one) enjoying the show:

Sis, hoping there isn’t a Q&A part to the evening:

The surprising moment was Jess deciding to join in for a bit. When Nick said Jess was his target, she said “I didn’t know that.” He named all the times she tried to get him on the block  and she said “what are you talking about?” Hahahaha (The entire house knows he’s her target)

In my opinion, two things should’ve happened during Taco Tuesday Smackdown. First, Christie should’ve sealed her fate instead of helping herself. She only showed she’ll accidentally tell everyone’s business to make her argument. Second, Nick will do the same thing and the way he recounted “day 7, day 15, day 33” and told everyone what she said on those days should make people nervous. Even if he’s only close, I wouldn’t want to go against him in a days comp. (Je’s either right or very close to it on those days)

Nick headed to bed to be a victim after it was over. Tommy, Sis and Nicole went to console him.

Nicole didn’t like the way Jackson was smirking and enjoying all of it. She said he instigated it and Sis agreed. (Not smart Nicole)

Christie talked to Jackson and Beth. Are they Jolly now that Kat’s gone? Nah, I’d go with Jeth if I had to pick something.  Jackson gave her props for what she did (I’m assuming it’s fake) and he told her, Tommy was the vote she’d need to try and get if she had a chance to stay.  They discussed Nicoles loyalty to Nick and said he’s the only person that’s stabbed her in the back this season but yet she remains loyal to him. (that isn’t true, they’ve all treated her like crap at different times but I see their point) Jackson wondered if Nicole knew about Nick saying he’d rather lose to someone 5 to 4 instead of win against someone like Nicole 9 to 0. They talked about Sis floating her way to the end and how unfair it would be.

Jess was confused why everyone was acting like it’s the guys vs the girls. (I have no idea??)

Christie asked Jess if she could talk to Nicole and try to get her vote for her. Jess warned her anything she said to Nicole would go straight back to Nick.

Clifd, Nicole, Tommy, Sis and Nick were talking and they all sided with Nick. They said they believe him and arn’t bothered by the game he’s played. Cliff and Nicole assured Sis they’re keeping her this week. They all said they needed to be working together instead of letting people pit them against each other. (Only time will tell us if this is complete bullsh*t)

Jackson asked Cliff if theres a new “5 alliance” and Cliff assured him there isn’t.

Nick told Sis he would also go after Jackson and Beth over Jess. He told her Nicole would too but then told Sis he shouldn’t have said anything. Sis wants Nick to throw her the hoh so she can put Jackson otb. (Isn’t one of the biggest issues with Nick whether or not he’s throwing comps? It’s just a little ironic)

Jackson told Cliff he gets concerned about Nicole because she plays the game emotionally. He’s afraid she won’t go after anyone she likes. Cliff mentions how he thinks Sis will spiral once Christie leaves. (She won’t. She’s too shallow to worry about anyone else for very long)

Jess said “the fact that Nick is saying I’m his target because he’s mine is complete and utter bullshit.” Jess also said Nick may be her target but if he gets to the F2, she’ll vote for him to win. (I don’t really try to put the things she says in any kind of context because usually, there isn’t any)

Beth began to worry about Sis and said she was confused. She doesn’t want Sis to skate by to the end, said they haven’t talked game in weeks and deep down, she thinks Sis resents her.

Tommy brought up the night before several times yesterday. (voice from over the wall) We don’t know what he said because the feeds cut but he’s obviously worried about it.

I’d imagine Christie is still leaving and I don’t  see Jackson changing his mind about what he wants but this season, nothing is a given.  This is the season with potential vote flips an hour before the live show, after all.  The only realistic way I could see Christie staying is through Beth.  Her wheels were turning last night and if she decided to keep Christie, Jess would do it.  Tommy would probably have to do it if he thought Christie could force a tie. Beth would obviously have to have already talked Jackson into it too. That’s a long shot. (I think Tommy’s glad shes leaving. Having someone you know in the house is a huge asset but having them in jury, campaigning for you, is probably a bigger one.  He just needs to threaten her that he’ll kill her if she tells anyone in jury about them.  He’s probably also looking forward to playing the game without spending time babysitting her because she’s so unpredictable)

Today is campaign day so it may not slow down just because they had an eventful Taco Tuesday. Today is when Christie will try to get people to understand why the info she spilled last night is important. She didn’t exactly drop any bombs last night but today may still be fun to watch. At first, it bummed me out a little that I didn’t like many people on the cast.

This is the part of the game where some viewers become more invested in the players emotionally. We’ve been ‘getting to know them’ for a couple of months and have a lot of time invested by now. This season, it’s the time where our dislike for the cast can finally pay off.  I mostly don’t care who leaves over the next few weeks because I want so many of them to be evicted.  Sure, it will be great if Nick leaves after Christie but am I going to cry if it’s Jackson? Nope.

I have a couple other things to mention before I take off for the day. When I read Steve’s update yesterday about the messages for donations, I felt terrible because I wasn’t aware there might be a problem with them. I’ve emailed everyone individually who has donated and hope you’ve received them. Thank you all so very much and I’d appreciate it if someone would email me back (whoever has time) or msg me on the site just so I’ll know if you’ve gotten one. In the meantime, we know who you are and you’re all very appreciated.

I’ve also seen some confusion over friend requests on the site. I don’t get an alert to let me know I have a msg and I’m terrible about remembering to check. (NK can attest to that one) I do check to see if I have any when I think of it so if I’m ever late in responding, just know that’s the reason. If you’re sending me a friend request, go to the bottom of any of my recaps but just before the comment section begins and you’ll see my name on the left side. You can click on that instead of searching thru the comments looking for one of mine to click on.

Lynn: May you old phone R.I.P.

Leta: Thanks for the Lavender advice.

KelBel: Glad to here my Beth crusade is starting to pay off.

Have a great Wednesday!




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