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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap for 8/27/19

August 28, 2019 | 114 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning and thank you all for the Birthday wishes yesterday and happy birthday to Sabrina too! It’s a good thing my birthday wish wasn’t fun feeds because that definitely didn’t happen yesterday. For the mess that some of these hgs seem to be, as a group, they’re a surprisingly very structured house. What I mean is, they’re very routine driven. The still sit down to dinner together (after 2 months) and they have specified “campaign days.”

Steve touched on this last night too and it’s one of the things that interests me about BB. Every season, the cast has their own way of doing things. Sometimes casts are boring and go to bed early, some seasons are a free for all into the late night, some years it’s a clique mentality and some always have group activities. Some years, they get more alcohol than other times and some casts use the hot tub a lot. They all end up in some type of house routine.  This season has specific days for specific things and it began way back with camp comeback. On another season, no one may have even thought about making rules for talking game with the campers. Jackson and Jack had rules for the food, kitchen and obviously Kemis shaker bottle. They have unwritten rules for deals made in the house too. I doubt theres another season that’s used the word “deal” as much as this one.

They always have dinner together but  yesterday was the official Taco Tuesday.  It was nothing like the last one and very little game was even talked about yesterday. The recap will be more of a lightly tossed word salad of meaningless conversations from yesterday because that all I’ve got to work with today. Today is officially campaign day so maybe Steve will have something earth shattering this afternoon. (I started some of this last night so if it feels disconnected or as if two different people wrote it, that’s why. I do that often and if my mood is different, it can make for a strange recap)


Jolly=Jackson and Holly 

  • Jackson plans to shout out one of Beths relatives Thursday since she doesn’t get to vote. Tommy is convinced her family loves him for doing it. (You think they loved him when he hooked up with Kat for a week and then bounced over to and on top of their daughter?)
  • Everyone discussed evicted hgs as they do regularly and Christie said she was scared of Ovi and Beth thought maybe he was a genius. Nick said he was the cool college kid and Beth said no, he was a nerd. Christie said she likes Kemi but doesn’t like some of the things Kemi did. (No idea what these are unless it was NOT kissing Christies ass)
  • Nick told Nicole his plan was to tell Jolly he and Nicole are very close so if they keep him, Nicole will work with them too. (Let’s not) He told Nicole she should work with them if he’s evicted. (Already covered) He said Christie was going to run her mouth since she’s confident this week and hopefully sink her own game.

Nick may be better for Nicole’s game than Christie but I really dislike the way he thinks he’s the only one playing the game out of the two of them. He told her the other night she wasn’t AFP material. He did say “no offense” but it irks me when anyone says “no offense” and proceeds to say something offensive. (He may have just convinced me to vote this year)

  • Nick said he couldn’t figure Nicole out in the beginning of the season. Cliff said he thought she could be the Assistant District Attorney for Long Island. She said “you never know.” (He did say that the first week)
  • Nicole told Nick she knows everything Jess says lately comes straight from Christie. She said Nick can use that and tell Jolly that Christie is now saying she’ll only put up guys now too. With Nick there, it gives Jess and Christie another target.
  • Beth said she thinks she was supposed to hate Kat because she said in her interviews that she hated basic bitches. (Kat wasn’t good at BB but she was funny and I wouldn’t call her basic)
  • I had a Kryssie flashback because Jackson was reading the rule book. He was worried because he moved a camera and some of them talked about how the rules say you can be evicted for messing with a camera. Jess went into the whole story about Chima and as usual, made a mess of it. (Haha, she really is the BB19 Alex and BB20 Haleigh for this season. Chima didn’t  cover a camera, she threw her microphone in the pool when they kept calling her into the DR in BB11)
  • Nick told Nicole the only person who’s left that he misses is Sam. (Bella says hi)

Here’s a couple random things from the last couple days that didn’t make it into the recap:

  • Beth asked if the live feeders if we would like to see her feet:
  • They took a group pic with the snapchat glasses and Beth asked if everyone could be seen. Someone said yes but Nicole and Cliff are hidden by Jackson and Beth. Is it just me or is Jess the only person who doesn’t look like a serial killer or as if they’ve just escaped from somewhere they need to still be?

Later in the day:

  • Jackson got Nicole with 2 pies and Cliff was cleaning it up. I hadn’t noticed but Twitter is complaining about Jackson tossing a lot of pie but never cleaning it up. People also aren’t happy about him making pies when it’s not his punishment. (I get the point but is this the hill we’re really gonna die on? There’s so much worse things Jackson can be raked over the coals for imo)
  • This wasn’t anything like the last Taco Tuesday. The hg’s all had face masks instead of drama. I’m guessing that’s pie on Cliffs shirt but have no idea:

Tommy was trying to get Nick to tell him his strategy so he could tell Christie but Nick wasn’t giving it up. Instead, Nick said if he was in jury, he’d finally be able to tell Jack a lot of things he couldn’t say before. (For all I know, he may have meant more sex conversation about Bella and Sis) Tommy may have taken it to be about Tommy and the game. Tommy said he’d love to see Nick come back in a battle back. Nick told Tommy he was staying so it didn’t matter.  Later, Nick said he plans to tell Tommy that Tommy says he plays a loyal game but he’s already voted out Jackson and Sis. If he votes out Nick too, it could look like bad jury management. (I don’t see this working because Tommy is also loyal to Christie as far as Jack and Sis are concerned) I will give Nick this much though, he’s still hanging out with Tommy but he doesn’t trust him and isn’t sharing as much info anymore. (Now, if he’ll just spill all Christie and Tommy’s secrets he may know to Nicole before he leaves, I’d be happier)

  • Beth has to have chewable advil because she has an “esophageal stricture.” She said it means she can’t swallow. I don’t know anything about this but she also has scoliosis which gives her daily headaches, a sprained groin, the rash she’s had all summer, allergies to hay and horses and a long list of other ailments. (If I look at Beth and squint my eyes, I can see Raven)
  • Nick talked to the camera and said he had a great campaign he thought was going to work. He said he would pitch it to Nicole first but felt confident he was going to stay.

  • Jolly had a disagreement over dinner prep. He said she’s controlling. (He’s hateful to her and she speaks to him like she’s his mother so I see both being the problem) I don’t even know if this was real because they recently mentioned having and argument hoping it made an epispde.

I wouldn’t have an issue with this if they did it as strategy for the game. (Not that I think it would work) Doing it because they hope they get more air time on the episodes is annoying. This is what we get when we have people who both live in LA, working as servers while they’re trying to “make it.” I’ve said before that I think Beth has real potential to win the game. She’s liked, can win comps and has Jackson in front of her as a target. If she was more concerned with the game than she was about the way she and Jackson were being portrayed, she might be a good BB player.

  • Jess told Nicole she found out the name of the 6 person alliance was 6 Shooters. She said that’s why they would make the fnger pistols during their group dances. Jess said she thought it added insult to injury. Nicole said she just thought it was very arrogant. Nicole said she worried a little since they were still there with 2 of the pairs from the alliance, referring to Tommy & Christie and Jolly. Jess didn’t get it so Nicole had to explain. Jess said Tommy wasn’t part of a pair.
  • Nicole admitted she intentionally held open the door for Tommy  when they came into the house. (She knows about the “first in” curse) It also drives Nicole “insane” the way they do the finale when the winner is announced. She doesn’t like the way the winner comes out first and the 2nd place person afterwards. (These are silly things but that’s always driven me nuts too. The winner should be the last person to leave the BB house since that’s the goal to win the game)
  • Beth worried about Nicole a little. She said Nicole was manipulative and hoped she wasn’t fooling them. Jackson told her they were fine. Cliff also said Nicole was good with them and when Nick left, she’d be completely solid. (Cliff will say whatever he needs to say. I like that about Cliff)
  • Jackson seems to go back and forth from worrying about Tommy to wanting to throw the next hoh. He’s sure Jess won’t put him up (that’s a recent change) and is sure Christie will go after Cliff and Nicole.
  • Nicole went over her days while alone. (If she can make it to the end game mental comps, she could do very well)
  • Jokes were made about the episode only showing Jackson hitting Nicole with pies and not the times she got him back and how he’d  look like a big douchebag. (Haha)
  • Tommy made cookies from bread with the crust removed. They had milk in wine glasses. That’s all nice but I couldn’t get past Tommy continuing to lick his fingers while he was making them.
  • When Cliff and Jolly met up, Jackson confided to Cliff that Christie offered he and Beth a F4. (She did but she didn’t mean it)  Beth hopes they can make Christie feel safe enough this week so maybe she won’t try very hard for the hoh.
  • Christie and Beth discussed who people would nom. Christie assured her Jess wouldn’t put up Beth. They both think it will be Cliff and Tommy or Cliff and Nicole. (I’ve missed something or Jolly had 1 conversation with Jess and now think they’re fine???)
  • Nick practiced his campaign to Nicole. It’s the same old, same old and the only part that stood out for me was Nick referring to himself as a condom. That part sort of rang true…

Well, that’s about it for yesterday. Hopefully today will bring more excitement. I dont think anything Nick does will work for him. Not only has he waited for “campaign day,” he’s used the wrong strategy from the start. Nick is a very paint by numbers player anyway. He goes through the motions for a pitch but doesn’t put the time and energy into doing what makes a pitch believable. Remember, this is the guy who simply told Nicole they were a pair. He didn’t put any time into building a relationship or a friendship before he announcement it either.  He’s put the time in since, but that happened a while back. It only worked because of Nicoles options in the game and probably her personality. I think it will take something big for Nick to stay because when players start planning for the next week as if you’re already gone, you may as well be gone.

People can say what they want about Nicoles lack of game but she was expendable to people for quite a while, including Jackson. When Beth’s mentioned not trusting Nicole a few times or said she worried they’d look bad to America by turning on their friends, (Christie & Tommy) he’s defended Nicole. We expect that from Cliff but her social game is why Jackson is crazy about her. She’s working the strengths she has because she’s never had any power. She HAS played the game and was tormented for a week because of it. I agree that it made her become too timid afterwards but she’s never stopped playing the game and she’s always had plans we know about because she’s a cam talker. Nicole’s also played in about half the amount of comps most of the other players have played. Am I saying she’s a great player? No, I’m not but I am saying she’s an average player, especially this season.

Cliff is another one who gets talked about for being a slacker. Cliff is an amazing floater and his plans (so far) have worked the way he planned. Yep, I’ll say loudly for those in the back….HE PLANNED THIS. Roll the tapes back and listen to his detailed strategy to further himself in the game. I’ll always give people more credit when something happens that they planned as a strategy vs something that just magically worked out the way they’d hoped. Where Nicole has a good social game and a little strategy mixed with the magic, Cliffs has been complete strategy.  He may not win this game but I’m gonna give him some credit for what he’s done. Surviving and being friendly to these a**holes for two months, who are half his age is an accomplishment by itself.

Neither Cliff or Nicole are people I think have good odds to win, I just wanted to point out the things I feel they’ve done well so far. Have a great Wednesday.



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