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Big Brother 21 – Tuesday Recap for 9/10/19

September 11, 2019 | 80 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning. The activity in the house started earlier than usual today because the houseguests are already up. They’d planned to be up early and have a remembrance for 9/11. They’re talking about their experiences and the lasting effects that came after. We all have them in one form or another and there’s much I could get into but I won’t. My community sits beside a military base and most of our community as far as family, jobs, etc. is centered around it. 9/11 touches everyone and you certainly don’t have to live where I do to feel it. You don’t  have to have lost a relative on 9/11 to feel it. There will be a lot going on today where I live so I suppose I’m just saying, I’m going to focus on this for now and keep everything else for later and for myself.

This is what the houseguests made last night:

Ok, it feels unnatural to try to switch gears from 9/11 to Big Brother but it’s what I’m here to do. Yesterday was a very light and easy day for the hgs. I know a lot of feed watchers were annoyed by having to watch and egg hunt but it’s better than backgammon, isn’t it?  If we think we’re bored, how do you think they feel?  When things are boring, I can turn off the feeds, go for a walk, read a book, clean my house, go to work, etc. I’m not going to begrudge them trying to find something to kill the time they have left. (If they were smarter, they’d use the time trying to stay in the house but I still say, at least it’s not backgammon)

  • The day began with shower stool jokes. Jackson asked Nicole why she took it out of the shower. She said she had no use for it.
  • BB gave them some Origami crafts to do. They’ve been hoping for the family videos lately and Cliff said, now they’ll get a Martha Stewart tutorial video on how to make an Origami house. Jackson was having a lot of difficulties even with instructions and Nicole was trying to help him.
  • They finally got around to hiding the eggs Beth cooked yesterday after they dyed them. Jackson said he’d never dyed eggs before and Nicole said she still did every year. (So do I and don’t care who knows it)
  • This was Beths idea yesterday to keep Tommy from having time to talk game with Cliff and Nicole. They planned for a 5:30 start time. Jackson went to the hoh room to tell Beth everyone was waiting on her and they almost had an arguement. She said he shouldn’t come up and tell her everyone is waiting on her. She said she wanted to shower, said he came in hot and told him not to yell at her. He said he wasn’t and he was reminding her the time they agreed on. He said since she’s otb, she shouldn’t have the other 3 sitting around waiting on her. He said he didn’t care what time they did it and it was” just f*cking eggs.” He left and she continued to keep them waiting:
  • Once make up was finished, it was double bun hair time because she wanted to change her hair. (Who knew you had to have a specific hair style to hide eggs?)
  • They all put on their BB Comic costumes for the egg hunt. Nicole added a tutu for some pizazz:
  • They made up rules like which rooms were allowed, they couldn’t be hidden anywhere very high so it would be fair for Tommy and Nicole, etc. Jackson went first and hid one,….on top of the RV. (He can’t even be likable in an egg hunt)
  • Everyone stayed in the hoh room and one at a time hid the eggs. When Nicole went, she talked to us and explained her hiding choices. She debated over putting one on this ledge since it was in the open but she went with her gut:
  • Tommy took his puppet with him to hide his eggs. Between the puppet, the hat and the cape, I know there’s a joke here, it’s just not coming to me:
  • Beth’s turn to hide and she talked to the eggs instead of us but she made them so maybe she’s more emotionally attached than Nicole. I thought you’d want to check out the hair buns everyone waited for:
  • Cliff scared Nicole when he came back to the hoh room:
  • Everyone searched at the same time and here’s Nicole’s egg on a ledge right out in the open:
  • Beth goes by it:
  • Jackson searched around the area and missed it:
  • Everyone missed the Egg on the Ledge. After Nicole gave them hints, they found it. (Maybe she can market the Easter version of Elf on a Shelf) Jackson was declared the winner mostly because of his egg on top of the RV. Beth told Jackson maybe they should offer the hoh room to Cliff since he did well too.
  • Beth and Nicole began preparing for Taco Tuesday.
  • They also found some negatives in a suitcase but the camera switched off so that’s a mystery we’ll never have solved.  (I’m going to assume that deco suitcase has been on some CBS set for a long time:
  • Tommy told Beth he was probably going to tell Cliff and Nicole his secret. He said he wants them to have all the information so they can make a fair decision. He told her he has no idea who they’ll vote out and told her he was going to campaign but said it would be nice towards Beth. Tommy said, either way, he’s ready for this to be over. She told him being on the block next to him is the worst. They said how much they love each other and do the ‘you’re going to jury and I’m trying to get your vote’ routine. He also mentioned how he felt a little robbed of his experience because he’s had to play differently than he would’ve wanted. Beth said if she left, she wouldn’t say anything to anyone if Christie hadn’t already told them. (No idea if this is strategy from Tommy so Beth doesn’t tell them first or what)
  • Beth told Tommy she doesn’t sleep, has anxiety, can’t breath, wakes up in the middle of the night with panic attacks, wakes up shaking and drenched in sweat, has to walk around all day breathing with athsma and basically, hasn’t slept in years. (I’ve yet to see any of this happen. We’ve lived through a summer with Raven and if you’ve been watching BB for a while, you’re familiar with Danielle from BB14. She was the original and wow, what a nut)
  • This is Tommy listening to and finding out Beth’s knocking on deaths door:
  • Beth decided to go ahead and let Cliff and Nicole know she would be campaigning tomorrow. ( I don’t think I can remember a season that’s ever had this kind of designated campaign day)
  • Jackson actually did most of the talking for Beth and they told Cliff that Tommy has a secret he plans on telling them. Jackson said Tommy told them right before the veto comp and said if Tommy doesn’t tell them, he will.  He said he hadn’t told them because it’s something personal.

My opinion: I actually believe him because it’s as if it’s never occurred to Jackson or Beth how it’s related to the game. They’ve just approached it as something they should sympathize with Tommy over. I also think Tommy screwed up because once he began trying to pitch to Nicole and Cliff, he knew who was in charge this week and he knew Beth and Jackson already knew. Having this discussed the day before the eviction might not go well for him.

  • Cliff asked if it was about Christie and Beth said “why, do you know?” (As Nicole says….waaaaaaaow!) Cliff said he would wait to hear Tommy out tomorrow. Cliff told them he wanted to give Tommy the opportunity and listen to what he had to say. Once Cliff left, Jackson said he didn’t really like the sound of that and Beth said “I’m done.” She wasn’t sure of the best campaign approach and Jackson asked her if she wanted him to talk to them for her. (Great job, let Cliff know you’ve know this for days but said nothing to him)
  • Beth talked to Nicole a little bit. She told Nicole that Tommy said he wanted to leave and said he told her, he’s ready to go home. (Not true) She says she’ll campaign tomorrow but goes ahead and tells her there’s so much more she wants to do and said there’s moments she still wants to have. She said she hasn’t even gotten to do ‘Hot Takes with Hols’ yet. Nicole said “maybe you could do it tonight or tomorrow.”  (Haha) She also mentioned they’re at the point where she has to play her own game. (How many days are left again?) Nicole tells her she plans on hearing Tommy and Beth out.
  • Jackson and Beth continued going over the best approach for campaigning. He said she needs to seperate herself from him and not to include him in anything. They said they may have to spin it like Tommy has an advantage and will have Christie  pulling for him in jury. Beth plans to say she has more she wants to show of herself and how she hasn’t even really been able  to do ‘Hot Takes With Hols.’ (I don’t know what else she wants to do but this is a really stupid approach. If she sticks with this, her campaign will be all about her instead of what she can do for them. Besides, there’s only 2 weeks left so using the ‘I have so much left to accomplish’ thing isn’t going to fly)  She’s also upset at the thought of being backdoored on Jackson’s hoh and said she didn’t think it was possible. (One more time for the people in the back, it isn’t possible to be backdoored when all of them played in the veto comp. Tricked, vote flip, lying or changing your mind doesn’t equal being backdoored. Now, I’m not saying she hasn’t been backdooored this summer, I’m just saying Cliff and Nicole didn’t have anything to do with it)
  • Cliff and Jackson talked about what might happen and Cliff said he didn’t want Jackson to be caught off guard and let him know he was a little concerned over Nicole and Tommy becoming closer. Cliff also said, Nicole may realize if they keep Beth, she would be left out of a F3.  He said if it ended going the direction of Tommy staying, he knows it will end up being Tommy and Nicole vs Cliff and Jackson.  (Cliff tried to make it sound like it hinged on Nicoles vote but it really doesn’t. If Cliff doesn’t vote with Nicole, Jackson gets his way. Cliff’s trying to do a balancing act of saying he wants to stick with Nicole and Jackson both while also blaming the vote on Nicole and he did a pretty good job) Cliff assured him if Beth left, he’d still want Jackson in the F3 but said Nicole may want Tommy.
  • When Cliff said Nicole probably knew Jackson and Beth would stick with him over Nicole, for the first time, Jackson seemed to hesitate. Jackson said “yeah, that would be hard.”

My opinion:  I think Jackson screwed up here.  I do think Cliff was leaning towards keeping Tommy but I also don’t think he was a 100% and that’s because Cliff knows his chances are better with Jackson and Beth than Nicole’s are, assuming they lose the F4 comps.  Jackson has been letting Cliff know for a long time, when it got down to the end, Cliff was his F3 choice over Nicole.  Neither of them ever come out and say it but they say things like “I know what you mean,” “it’s been us working together the longest” and “we’re good, I know what you’re getting at.”  I know a lot of people got hung up on Beth making the comment to Jackson about what would happen if Tommy won the veto. Beth said “then cliff will have to go.” Jackson didn’t disagree with her but he didn’t agree with her either. Less than a week before that, Jackson and Beth talked about Cliff and Nicole. They both agreed Cliff would be the the bigger jury threat but said he’d be the easier one to beat and said he was the best choice.  This was even before Nicole won 2 comps. If by some fluke, Cliff won the final hoh comp, Jackson’s also felt confident that Cliff would take him to F2 over Beth.

  • Cliff and Nicole talked things over and planned for the campaigning. He went over the parts of his talk with Jackson but left out anything that made Nicole look bad. They agreed they were keeping Tommy. (This could obviously change) Cliff said his best chance to get to the F3 on his own is to evict Tommy but the best chance for both of them to get there is to split up the shomance. Cliff said unless Tommy and Jackson have a deal they arn’t aware of, it would make sense for them to go after each other. Nicole said she may have made Beth nervous when she talked to her and Cliff said the same thing may have happened when he talked to Jackson. (They’d already agreed if Tommy stayed, they weren’t going to blindside them) Cliff told her he found out Tommy plans on telling them a secret, says he may already know what it is and then the feeds cut out. They agreed to evict Beth for now but said they’ll wait to hear Tommys news tomorrow.

My opinion: Originally, I thought it was better for Cliff if Beth stayed but the only way Jackson takes him to F2 is if she gone. If she happened to win the final hoh, she isn’t taking Cliff and I have no idea about Tommy. Cliff is sure Tommy won’t take him and if true, he isn’t really worse off evicting Beth. Tommy should be harder to beat than Beth but I don’t see Cliff winning the last one anyway since the first 2 parts have physical components. Cliff gets to the F2 by Nicole taking him, Jackson taking him or him being wrong about Tommy and Tommy choosing him. (I wouldn’t mind being wrong about this) They don’t trust Tommy to stick with them but there going off of incentives. They think Tommy would rather go against them in the F3 comps over Jackson. If that’s true, they don’t really have to trust him.

  • Jackson and Beth said they have to say different things to Cliff and Nicole because they think Nicole is fragile. Beth said she’s so nervous that she can’t think and Jackson offered to talk to Cliff and Nicole again. Jackson also told her about his convo with Cliff and Cliff saying if it’s Jackson, Beth and one more, he thinks Nicole knows it wouldn’t be Nicole. Beth seemed very surprised by this. Jackson also suggested Beth offer to match any deal Tommy offers but they acknowledge they have no idea what Tommy is offering.
  • Cliff tells the camera he thinks as of now, they should keep Tommy. He said if he and Nicole end up otb together, he’ll have to campaign against her. (He should and no one should blame him even though people are already starting to after hearing him say it)

Today is supposed to be Campaign Brunch  Wednesday and we’ll have to wait and see how things go for Beth. Things could also change again if Cliff and Nicole feel threatened by Tommy’s news. I’m not sure it’s going to be the deciding factor.  I think finding out about Tommy and Christie while they were both playing the game would have made them huge targets as it should’ve.  Now, they might view it just a little differently because truthfully, most of them probably feel as if they have at least one person in jury locked in.  The advantage Tommy had was more during the game and less because Christie is in jury.  I think it could come down to how influential they think Christie could potentially be with everyone or at least, that’s what I think it should be about.

One last thing, tomorrows eviction will be exactly 2 months to the day that the H8ful alliance went after Nicole and the night Nicole and Cliff made a pinky swear and said it would be the two of them to the end.  Lets hope we see some great, or in this case, mediocre campaigning today and have a great Wednesday.





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