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Big Brother 21- Tuesday Recap for 9/3/19



Good morning BBJ gang. Did ya’ll survive yesterdays snoozefest? The campaigning began but it was still such a slow day.  Everyone is still trying to appear good with everyone else and Jess is trying to avoid playing Big Brother. After several pep talks from Christie and Tommy, she did do some campaigning to Nicole.  I suppose we can give her credit for doing it but it’s going to be a ‘D’ for effort. If Nicole didn’t have such a big heart, I’d give it an ‘F.’  I don’t think it’s going to make a difference but because anything’s possible, I’ll stick with a ‘D.’

Everyone is lying to everyone so you can’t go off of some of the conversations they have with each other to know what they’re thinking. The game feels slow but it’s not because they aren’t playing. There’s actually an interesting dynamic happening at the moment.  I think it feels slower because no one can really show their cards yet.  This isn’t a season that’s having an open war with each other. Instead, everyone is trying to fake their way to the F4.  I usually prefer seasons like BB6 with Janelle and Howie, where there are two defined sides. Although, this type of game play  is actually more interesting to watch….if the people left were better players.  Most of them are what I’d consider average level players and that’s what’s making it feel like it’s dragging.  There isn’t anyone left in the game who hasn’t made some mistakes but they haven’t had to pay for them because they’re all working at about the same level. (Not including Jess)

As of right now, these are everyones preferences:

  • Christies F4 is Tommy, Jess and Nicole (or maybe Beth)
  • Cliffs F4 is Nicole, Jackson and Beth but he just wants to get there
  • Tommys F4 is Christie, Jess and Beth (but maybe Nicole)
  • Jacksons F4 is Beth, Nicole and Cliff
  • Beths F4 is Jackson, Nicole or Cliff and Tommy
  • Nicole’s F4 is Cliff and whoever between the duos isn’t lying to her
  • Jess wants to be BFFs with Christie

Obviously, all of this can change and it will as people leave the game. They’ll have to readjust their plans, the way Tommy did when Sis left. She was his perfect F2 and he’s had a hard time recovering. He and Jess are the most rigid players in the game, although Tommy’s getting better at it.  Christie is the opposite of Tommy and her game can change by the hour, because she’ll work with anyone at any time. Jackson and Beth think Cliff and Nicole would be easier to beat but they’ll take whoever is left from the other 2 duos if they can get them to target each other. The same goes for Cliff but he prefers Jackson and Beth over Christie and Tommy.

Nicole is a little different because her biggest area of reluctance for going all in with Jackson and Beth is her fear that she’s being played. She’s worried Jackson and Beth & Christie and Tommy are the real F4. It’s more about that and less about Jess this week, since she’s giving up a number (sort of) either way. I say ‘sort of’ because Jess hasn’t really been loyal to Nicole and Nicole is aware of it. For Nicole, keeping Jess will probably come down to whether or not she thinks she can believe Christie and Tommy over Jackson and Beth. She trust Cliff but that doesn’t mean she agrees with every decision he makes. I think she’s sticking with Cliff, but it’s worth looking at because once again, she’s the vote that matters.

Heres a rundown of yesterday:

  • Tommy was up late the night before trying to come up with a plan to save Jess. He sees there’s a new F4 and for once, it doesn’t include him and he knows he needs to break into it. He went over his plan with Christie early yesterday.
  • He thinks Jess needs to tell Jackson that she’s afraid Christie and Tommy are working with Nicole and Cliff. He said Jess can tell him that she hates to rat out Christie since they’re close but she’s trying to save her own game. The idea is to make Jackson not trust Cliff and also make him think Jess will turn on Christie. (It wouldn’t be a bad plan if they’d done anything at all to make it believe prior to now) They also know they have to work on Nicole. Christie didn’t know it would work because she said she didn’t know if Jess would lie.
  • Tommy talked to Jess about his plan and said he and Christie would keep working on Nicole.
  • Beth found a centipede, said it freaked her out, put it in something so production could take it away and said she wanted the house sprayed. Cliff and Jess surprised Nicole with it and Nicole isn’t a fan of centepedes:
  • Everyone travelled in a pack for a while doing group activities and this prevented any game talk. Probably out of boredom, they all became concerned with the centipede they named Franklin.  Some of them were concerned that Franklin was going to suffer a slow death if left where he was so they thought they should do something. They wanted production to take him. (Wtf did they think was going to happen after that? CPR? ER visit?) Beth, the person who was grossed out earlier, wanted the exterminator called and began the entire thing, became concerned too and started saying “where’s Franklin” repeatedly. (This chick is desperate for a storyline and I guess she’s trying to take Sam’s from BB20. She’ll be crafting dryer lint, hair extensions by the end of the week)
  • Tommy and Jackson faked their way through a chat about Jess vs Cliff. Jackson made it seem like he was maybe regretting putting Jess up (not true) and Tommy tried to appear as if he wasn’t pushing for Jess to stay.  (also not true) Cliff interrupted them and this was Cliffs move with everyone….all day long.  It’s exactly what he should be doing and he doesn’t need to give people time to scheme behind his back. This conversation was a bit different though because the day before, Cliff told Jackson thst Tommy and Christie were going to push to keep Jess.  Jackson told Clift he planned to test them and see which helps Cliffs game if it’s true. It let’s Jackson know he can’t  trust them. Cliff knew this but still couldn’t resist interrupting them.
  •  Christie talked to Nicole and was trying to find out if Nicole and Cliff were working with Jackson and Beth the same way Tommy and Christie thinks they’re working with them. Unfortunately for Christie, she did most of the talking and very little listening. Nicole did a good job here.  Christie was promising Nicole she didn’t have a F4 with them and went for the “on my sister’s life” routine. (I wonder if anyone’s done a wellness check on Christies sister lately because they need to make sure that girls ok) Nicole didn’t give up very much but said she wasn’t part of the 8, the 6 and didn’t feel like she was part of a 4. She told Nicole she would go after Jackson and Beth. She said she didn’t like targeting Beth but they were a package deal. Cliff interrupted this convo too.
  •  Beth made a card and asked live feeders to get on her Instagram, locate one of her friends on there and send it to them.  This told us a couple of things. Whoever was on duty with production, was either drunk or stoned to let this slide and Beth DOES know how live feeds work, after all.
  • Jess finally pitched to Nicole. In Jess’ defense, she told Nicole early in the day she wanted to talk to her but Nicole spent hours clinging to a group. It could’ve been a coincidence but I think she was avoiding the conversation.  Jess’ campaign involved Nicole always being Jess’ #1, saying Cliff was only looking out for himself and said she’d volunteered to Christie and Tommy to be a pawn in the future. She said Nicole was the only one she’s always trusted and told Nicole she needed to remember what Cliff did to Kat. (I have no idea what she thinks Cliff did to Kat)  This conversation was frustrating because it was extremely hard to understand some of the things that were said. Cliff interrupted this convo too. (I know there were a bunch of live feeders who were annoyed with him yesterday for this but personally, I thought it was funny. He was talk blocking and he should’ve been. Good for Cliff.  I couldn’t figure out what people thought they were going to miss, Jess’ Dan Gheesling game pitch??) Nicole asked Jess if she thought Christie and Tommy were working with Jackson and Beth. Jess told her no way! (Thank you Jess, good to know. Jess thinks this was a good thing to tell Nicole) Nicole told Jess she needed to think about everything.
  • Nicole went over her options to herself and us. She said there were good points in Jess’ pitch but she knew Jess was lying about always trusting her.  She said Jess admitted she didn’t trust her as recently as a few days ago. (The convo about why Nicole stuck with Nick)  She ran the numbers and looked at how many people would be mad at her depending on which way she went. (By “mad at her,” I hope she means who will go after her. Otherwise, I’m disappointed in Nicole. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now) She reminded herself she’s  been with Cliff for much longer than she’s been with Jess. She also knows Kat was Jess’#1, not Nicole.
  • Tommy and Chritie have become Nicole’s new best friends or they’re trying to at least.
  • Jackson and Beth did their own thing and didn’t do much to stay on top of the game. They did discuss the need to convince Christie and Tommy they arn’t with Cliff and Nicole. Beth said she’d work on Tommy and told Jackson he should work on Christie.  This must be a plan that will go into effect at a later time because Jackson worked on the black heads inside of Beth’s ears instead. (I have an image of that too but after what I did to you guys last week, I’ll be nice today and spare you)
  • Tommy and Christie tell Jess they’re both working to get Nicole.

That’s it for today folks but I expect more aggressive game talk today…..from Christie and Tommy.  Jackson and Beth will be after Christie regardless but I think Tommy’s really screwing up here. He can’t have it both ways. He can’t try to convince Jackson he’s really sticking with him and keep up what he’s been doing in recent weeks while simultaneously trying hard to save Jess.  Sometimes, it’s better to know when to cut someone loose even if they’re a number for your side. You should fight to keep the number IF the other side already knows you’re against them but that’s not the game Tommy’s been playing. It’s a blind spot he’s had all season imo.


Have a great Wednesday.




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  1. Betty Boo

    After watching BBAD, I do not know how they have all not been sick with food poisoning the entire season. They all have a tendency to lick their fingers and not wash their hands while preparing food. They were all out in the backyard for POP’s BBQ and of course there is no sink out there. Jackson handled the raw burgers, then everything else without washing his hands. Tommy handled ALL the hot dogs putting cuts in all of them. It appeared that Jackson, Tommy, Christie and Nicole were the only ones that participated in the meal prep. Holly, Cliff and Jessica just showed up when the food was ready. I seriously can’t believe Christie still eats without hiding after all the comments on her chewing. She literally attacked that burger.

  2. hogwild

    My respect for Nicole and her game as well as Cliff grows everyday no matter how much people try and pressure Nicole she stays calm and focused and doesn’t let anyone rattle her Cliff takes nothing for granted he works everyone and makes sure he is part of or around every conversation. This is pretty much how I see Jessicas game.


  3. mm22

    Mel thanks so much for clearing up that mess-All the lying is
    confusing as to the f4 and f2

  4. danmtruth

    Thanks Mel your rundown of who wants who in there F-3 was good
    The one thing i found funny was In christies pitch to Nicole her final 3 was 4 people But again thats christie for you
    Agree that the final 3 ride or die couples are playing too similar of games Cliff and Nicole are doing a better job of being the swi g vote Mostly nicole the last few evictions It is like Nicole and Cliff have switch scripts As Nicole is saying the exact something as cliff did a few weeks ago – i need to hear the pitch from BOTH nominees because i have no idea which way im going to vote – she even told jess she needs to hear how the house is voting All 3 other people ?
    Jackson needs to talk and listen to Nicole a bit more As Christie and tommy line about Cliff working with JJ outside of nicole Gives it legs to stand on Little things will mean a lot

    • Minkie

      Im with you Dan, Jackson should listen to what Nicole has to say a bit more.

    • Mary

      Wish Jackson did talk more game with Nicole without Holly around, though the sad truth is once he relays anything back to Holly she can change is mind. ie- Christie being his target and Sis being evicted. Also Holly keeps Jackson on a short leash. How many times has she interrupted conversations in his HOH room.

      • KelBel

        I wish there would be a live camera on his face when he watches this season and realizes how stupid he was for allowing the hairless cat (aka G-ma B) to control his game.

        I’d also like to see the expressions of all the hg’s when it’s revealed about TT and CC knowing each other. THEN I’d like to watch CC Chomps-a-lot lie and manipulate her way out of that. #manifestthetruthbro

      • Mary

        Me to KelBel, me to.

      • AIO_7

        “THEN I’d like to watch CC Chomps-a-lot lie and manipulate her way out of that.”

        “I’d never bad mouth Sis:
        Even if I did, I wouldn’t be.”

      • KelBel

        AIO, you just can’t argue with that logic…

  5. Alda

    I have to fast forward so much on BBAD.It is just so boring to watch live this season.Mel,I have been married many years and have never asked my husband to pop a pimple.He would think I was insane.These houseguests have known each other for a about a minute and feel so comfortable playing dermatologists on each other.Grosses me out.

  6. Minkie

    Mel, you are so right about Holly…she is looking hard for that story line.

  7. Avatar

    What we have here (after Jess’ departure) is similar to the final 3 situation that happens nearly every season where each person is claiming to have a final 2 with each of the others. This season we have three distict duos claiming a final four with each of the other duos. I think that is partially why this week has been so boring because final 3 week is boring every season.

    We can only hope the double eviction will spice things up.

    According to Mel’s final 4 list, Jolly is in trouble. Only Beth and not Jackson can play in the HoH competition, and only Beth and maybe Cliff will not target Jolly. I’m not convinced Cliff wouldn’t take a shot in during the chaotic night that happens during double eviction night, either.

    Of all the twists that BB has come up with over the years, double eviction night is by far the best. Nearly every year there is a bit of chaos and someone is able to make a big move.

  8. hogwild

    I’m going to try and manifest a Nicole win for HOH Thursday first because I’m pretty sure she will put up Christie and Tommy and we will finally get one of them out and I really want her to get the chance to hear from her family.

  9. Sabrina

    ” (I wonder if anyone’s done a wellness check on Christies sister lately because they need to make sure that girls ok) ” LMAO Mel!!

  10. Avatar

    Great recap Mel! Jess want to be best friends with Christi and someone needs to do a wellness check on Christi’s sister had me laughing out loud at work! Thanks for adding joy to my day!

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  12. Ronduh

    Here’s a little something to make your day! How’s this for a beauty contestant?!

    If she only knew how these cameras/feeds really worked. #BB21 https://t.co/5qccAfCgQO

  13. Helen

    Seems weird to be down to a F4 by the 12th of this month with almost 2 weeks to go after that……

  14. Nancy

    Thank you mel..I’m sliding in here late today, but still had some coffee leftover to sip a read morning Mel..
    Thanks for straightening out the F3, F2..I cant follow all the BS lying..I appreciate you.
    I’m soooo sick of these HG..so my avatar is about one true thing in a person’s life..the unconditional love from a pet..gotta go wash the van, I’m moving Jessica out of that house..let the JH be in conversational hell for a while…then I’ll swing by to check up on chompys sis…

  15. KelBel

    “Beth made a card and asked live feeders to get on her Instagram, locate one of her friends on there and send it to them.”
    –This must be what some people were referring to in the previous thread about may as well just give G-ma some paper and a pen. I sincerely hope no one sent that on her behalf.

  16. hogwild

    I see thumbys is up from their nap.

  17. Mary

    No disrespect to my fellow junkies, I would like Nicole win the 2nd HOH comp tomorrow night, that way she gets the pleasure of having the HOH room for a whole week to enjoy. I can visualize her dancing around listening to her music entertaining us. If she wins in the double she will loose that joy, and we maybe stuck with…………….. who knows what. Just my opinion.

    • Tam

      That would so wonderful and nice to see. She definitely deserves that. Would love to see her get to win, see her family photos, read her letter, and just have a chance to see her come into her own in this house. Let them all feel the heat and it be on Nicole’s HOH….Wishing, manifesting, praying….

    • danmtruth

      Mary fully on board with that give Nicole the HOH for the ful week She deserves it

  18. Tam

    Did Jess just say that she is quiet? Seriously, wth. Christie called her on that. And she said she is just her Liiivvvveeaaaahhh. This chick is definitely delusional….

  19. Tam

    I really hope that Jess’s daughter is not being bullied in school because of Jess. She is said that she is 13. There is enough pressures in life, she shouldn’t be bullied because of her mom being on tv. Bless that child and praying that she doesn’t have to deal with the effects of Jessica’s everything…..

  20. Tam

    Those poor fish…..They used to annoy me but just really sorry for them now…Thinking that have looked everywhere for the escape hatch….

  21. Helen

    Is this next week the last week they get the HOH room? I can’t remember if they close the room once they get down to 4

    • Mary

      Thought they closed off a room, though not the HOH room. I may be wrong. Know last year some just stayed downstairs with the others instead of sleeping up there when there were so few people.

  22. Tam

    When are they going to show the family segments to the HG or are they even doing it this year? Can’t remember right now.

    • hogwild

      I’m thinking they will show them Wednesday or Sunday if they do it this year.

      • Tam

        Thank you, Hog. I hope that they do that this year. If Nicole doesn’t win anything, at the least, she and Cliff would be able to see their families and hopefully ignite a fire that can’t be quenched until they win or just have that to hold onto until they are reunited with their families.

        WHy is Holly sick? Could be the leftover food or did she get hurt?

        Sorry for all the questions, been up and down for the last few days and trying to catch back up.

    • goldie

      Nobody want to see anyone’s but Cliff and Nicole’s.

  23. goldie

    Haven’t posted lately-this bunch has been almost too much for me. I do still read junkies and hit the thumb up button-a lot. Thank you all for the humor. I love Nicole, but she can really irritate me! She is young, why is she so WEAK???!!! I am 70 years old and in better shape. What the hell!! Work out just a little, run up and down the yard, the stairs— what the f–k else you got to do. This seems to be the laziest, unmotivated group of house guest I’ve seen in years, and since I’ve retired, I know lazy. Oh, and Cliff-he’s not that old-he does not look well. He should be worried about his health.

  24. Mary

    Did something happen with Holly this morning? I know she became sick to her stomach. WOW – Just as I write they show the HOH room.

  25. hogwild

    I think it’s the food they say she was throwing up all night my guess she ate something that was borderline bad or just over the border.

    • Tam

      They need to put a timer and alarm on the fridge doors. Between them leaving the fridge open, coughing and sneezing into it, and leaving food in there that goes bad it’s no wonder.

  26. Tam

    Wondering the same, Mary? The need a HAZMAT team to come in and clean that place, the filters, the ac system, the counters, fridge, etc. Can’t recall a season where everyone has been so sick.

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  28. hogwild

    Christie, Nicole and Cliff in the kitchen no way Cliff is leaving Christie alone with Nicole.

  29. Tam

    Jessica and Christie are just enamoring Nicole with compliments today. That would be have me seeing flashing lights and alarm whistles blaring and looking for the bus that they were trying drive over me. Be on guard Nicole….

  30. Mary

    As much as they eat in the bathroom, to me that is just gross. Have never seen anyone wiped down the refrigerator handles, and they (JJ) picks and eats out of everything without washing his hands. It’s one thing if you live a lone, but there are other people to consider. And yes there are those who constantly leave the refrigerator door open. Thought yesterday they said they cleaned out the frig. and found food in the way back that was there when Sam was.

    • Nancy

      Omg…nasty..I do remember them cleaning out fridge once..that was long ago

    • Tam

      I agree. I remember seeing Kat doing it once. She was wiping everything down. Bet they wished she was still in there now doing that. That girl loved using the disinfecting wipes on everything. The bathroom should have a sign on it NO FOOD ALLOWED….JJ putting the cucumber in his mouth, going in, and then coming out and taking another bite, then coming in and handing it Jack was just stomach turning. I can’t recall if he washed his hands or not. They also should have a sign up in there like restaurants have that say wash your hands …… It’s not hard to figure out but it seems some in this group just don’t grasp that concept….

      • Robin

        OMG, I thought I was the only one that could not get that image from my head. At the time I thought, “ Is this some bro ritual? The passing of the nasty cucumber shall commence. We are now doody brothers.”

      • Robin

        Your E. coli is my E. Coli until one of us is evicted!

  31. hogwild

    I feel bad for Holly being sick but this has nade her the center of attention of those in the house and we know she likes attention as the old saying goes becareful what you wish for you might get it.

    • Tam

      Hog you got it. I had a bad thought, forgive me for this…..But wondering if they need to give her an EPT test and freak JJ out…..Now that would give her some attention and get the house livened up for sure….Talk about speculation and paranoia running amuck

    • Mary

      Thought the same thing. Figured she is going to milk it for all it’s worth. I do hope she is okay, and gets back to her hair pulling self.

      • Tam

        Lol, I am sure she will. Can you imagine the hair pulling if they did give her a test!!!! JJ would be pulling on his as well…….

      • Robin

        This is a hoot!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I doubt if she needs one. One of her excuses for that fight the other night was that she was PMSing. Then the last few nights she was saying she had cramps. The night of the bbq, she and Foghorn were saying they were on their periods.

  32. Tam

    Now, Jess decides to bust out the disinfecting wipes and starts to really clean the handles….NK, should love this….Course it just a few handles and that was it….Not the entire surfaces or everything that should be wiped down…..Oh Jess……

  33. Helen

    I’m surprised more of these people haven’t had stomach issues this summer…poor hand washing when handling food..
    Monday night Jackson was outside grilling all different kinds of meats and never washed his hands in between..

  34. AIO_7

    I figure this has been altered, but damn it’s fugly …


  35. Avatar

    Does anyone believe tt & cc never discussed that they were both going to be on bb together after they just said that last year they were watching bb together

  36. Mary

    If I was the next HOH in that room, I’d be taking a can of Lysol and container of wipes up there. After the revel, ask everyone to leave and say I’ll be downstairs shortly. I’d wipe stuff down, that TV remote, light switches, door & bathroom handles, even the dresser drawer handles. Then give it a good dousing of spray. Then head back downstairs for a little while, kind of like I do in hotel rooms. Having JJ up there for so long and his eating habits, and lack of washing his hands. Nah…………

    • Tam

      Amen, amen, and amen……Just nasty….. If they brought in a UV light it would light up like a crime scene……..

    • Betty Boo

      Yes! I would request my Thieves cleaner to be in my HOH basket so I could clean everything myself, including the bathroom and shower. Do they spray down the shower at least between each other’s shower? Maybe I am a clean freak. I don’t think I could stay in there.

      • Mary

        I’m not OCD, but I carry a spray bottle of peroxide with me when I travel for the shower/tub, along with Clorox wipes and spray. My house may not be the cleanest, though it’s my dirt, and I’m big on washing my hands, especially when I’m cooking or baking.

  37. Betty Boo

    Also saw Holly lounging on the FLOOR on her stomach in front of the patio doors while waiting for them to open the backyard. Waving her dirty feet in the air behind her so we could all see how dirty the floor she was laying on actually was. I don’t consider myself a clean freak, but handwashing and general cleaning are a must. With that many people in that small space they need to sweep, mop and wipe down surfaces daily. What else do they have to do?

  38. Helen

    I think they must have told these housepets there is a double eviction tomorrow…

  39. Tam

    How many people is Tommy connected to with BB? He just said that a previous houseguest was his boss…..Why can’t these people pick up on this?

  40. Tam

    They are so bored that they are making puppets, smh….This is ridiculous. Next, I am guessing, that they will take one of the yellow comforters and make a Big Bird puppet. Definitely should have given them more games or something. The have not room should have been turned into a craft room for them. If they can’t clean let them craft, I suppose….

  41. Mary

    @Tam, check your messages.

  42. danmtruth

    Tam is there anything that Nicole does is not hilarious the funniest
    Tommy invited Nicole to his family beauty salon for a free style Tommy cant stop hugging nicole his BEST FRIEND The two are making up a song about all the HG christie is feeling left out Jess chimes in Singing of nick and tommy being cuddel buddies
    Did anyone see the show Happy on sci-fi Tommy reminds me of the kid show star Sonny Shine

    • Tam

      Dan, I just love Nicole. She is too cute. Love her quirkiness which makes her so funny. Her singing and doing a little dance while she brushed her teeth after the love fight the other morning was just the best. I wished she could be the aide in a few of my friend’s classes. Oh, that’s Tommy. I didn’t see that but he is definitely putting on a show. He probably is really fun to hang out with in real life. He is just so dramatic which is funny but can be very annoying at times. I just don’t like how they are all trying to be Nicole’s friend now, but didn’t have a problem with always throwing her name out or not coming to her defense when Bella was bullying her or blaming her for damn near everything in the beginning or middle. That would not be something I would forget no matter how nice they were being to me. She is just a precious lil thing and very forgiving. I just love her. Where is Cliff? I have had it on the background when it doesn’t keep going off so I may have missed something

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