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Big Brother 21 – Veto Information And More

Good evening, everyone!


I’m going to take a gamble and assume that tonight’s CBS episode will be left as a Cliff-hanger (pun intended) where it ends like “what will Jackson do with the power of veto and find out who goes to jury tomorrow!” and everyone rushes to their favorite Big Brother spoiler site (this one!) to find out what is Jackson going to do!

I’ll tell you what he’s going to do, but first let me ask you.. what do you think he’s going to do? Kick his girlfriend to the curb and take some dude he just formed an alliance with like three weeks ago?  Exactly. I’m pretty sure you know what he’s going to do without me confirming it.

So with that, today is Cliff’s last full day in the Big Brother house and he had a good run. I’m not going to talk much about him because I had an appreciation thread about him yesterday. I think the big question moving forward will be America’s Favorite Player. Who gets it? I’m going to put up a poll of the people who actually have a chance and want to see what you guys think….


I obviously left out a bunch but those are the only people who have ever really been mentioned by fans so I wanted to narrow the poll a bit. I’m sure people like Ovi may get some votes, but he’ll never actually contend.

Inside the house, Cliff and Nicole have been trying to work Jackson to keep Cliff but it’s really falling on deaf ears. They can give Jackson all the guilt trips they want, but I’m pretty sure he knows he has the best chance of winning if he’s sitting next to Holly rather than those two. At this point, I don’t think he actually has any shot at winning, but he’ll likely receive the most votes against Holly. What he did to Tommy was suicide for his chances at winning this game. The ironic thing is that Jackson would have had a better chance at winning the game had he just accepted fate and let Holly go. As nice of people as Cliff and Nicole are, Jackson’s former alliance was in jury and could pull for him. I’m not going to bother counting hypothetical votes in the event that they kept Tommy, but I’ll just say Jackson’s chances of winning the game were much higher before that move. If whatever clip they send to jury with Tommy features that little part about him screaming at Jackson, Jackson is toast. It was painful to watch and there is no way the jury will give him half a million.

Alright, inside the house will be more of the same today, but I leave you with this image that I created…



I wasn’t going to post updates because the house has been dead but there is a little game talk going on so I figured I’d jump in

6:45 pm – Cliff is having a conversation with Jackson and making his pitch

It’s not much of a pitch. Jackson is basically explaining in different ways how he’s going to take Holly. Cliff is pushing ‘words’ but we saw on CBS tonight how ridiculous he (Cliff) looked trying to make all these deals. Deals in games like this should never be taken seriously but for some reason, Cliff acts like they’re binding. When they approached Holly and told her that she could play in the PoV was absolutely cringe-inducing.


Cliff tries the ‘you do know that Tommy isn’t here because of him’ and Jackson says he knows. Nicole is more to blame but she’s safe. He’d rather take Cliff over Nicole but he can’t.

Cliff – “It is what it is. If you can live with it”. Cliff with the father guilt trip uppercut

Jackson pretends he’s going to think about this some more

Cliff tells Jackson that if he’s in jury, he’s likely voting for Holly or Nicole and Holly would be better suited in jury campaigning for Jackson rather than Cliff campaigning against.


7:00 pm – Cliff leaves and Jackson stews on that. He says “are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? Threatening me?”

8:50 pm – Nicole is downstairs talking to Jackson who is still upset and venting over the conversation with Cliff

He is really upset that Cliff threatened him.


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  1. Painter1

    Maybe Jackson gets the stool for take home prize. He can tell how it is worth $500000 to him lol

  2. Avatar

    For AFP, Cliff lost the vote for me because he is naive and made horrible “deals” at times there were no deals to make. Kemi or Sam aren’t worth a vote. Kat deserved a spot before them both.

    Is it actually “Player” or “Houseguest”? Player wise Jackson and Christie deserve spots despite how I feel about them. Houseguest wise, Cliff, Nicole and Tommy are the top.

    My gut tells me Nicole wins it.

  3. hogwild

    The funny thing is if Holly does win the half million she will still be more pissed off over the fact the fans liked Nicole better than her and voted her AFP.
    I did vote her to win in the poll Cliff still has an outside chance Tommy tried to hard to be the entertainer and showman to much Sam would have had a real shot if he could have stayed in the house longer I feel bad for Kemi and the shit she had to put up with but I don’t see that being enough to get her the votes people evicted before jury usually don’t have much of a shot at AFP.

    • Avatar

      I’ve thought a lot about why the lie told about Tommy, amongst other things, that bothers me & truly makes me want to see him burned bad. It’s also a nightmare if Holly wins but I would wish that over Michie. Thinking I’m getting closer to understanding my disdain…he went in with his mantra being “his word is his bond”! Brett never played that card, neither did Evil Dick, nor any of the others that used lying as their strategy. But biggest is his special treatment by bb production in such an obvious way, in my opinion. Also his bragging & pompous attitude in early weeks that he’d made bb history by shagging two women in first two weeks…giving details without worrying about their image in the least, even Jack didn’t do that & shot Nick down when nick asked him about hitting it with Sis. All this said, I believe this unnerves me the most: https://youtu.be/kG6eBqFOdQU

      • Nancy

        Thank you candy, I hadn’t seen that link

      • twaddle

        His “word is his bond” is a very convenient mantra to have if you happen to be the physically strongest guest in the house. Always wanting “clean play” and wanting people to be able to compete all favors the strongest competitor, which is definitely Jackson

        So I don’t think his fair play mantra was an example of good sportsmanship at all. It’s an attempt to set a tone for the house where backdoors are looked down on

      • LynnD

        Did you see the post on that account with the girl on his lap? It says it’s his long time gf he is very in love with & that the relationship with Holly is fake & made up by production. She claims “production” is controlling him. Honey I don’t think it’s “production”. I think Momma is slightly too controlling (I see he comes by it honestly) and I think he forgets there are camera’s & Momma is seeing a side to her precious baby that has always been there & has just always bullshitted that delusional woman.

      • Houseguest Doug

        How is Jackson lie any worse or different than Christie selling out Nick which was a fabricated lie or her selling out Analyse or the constant swearing on her Sister which she doesn’t have?

        Everyone in this house lie’s every season. Jackson has done no worse or better than anyone else in the 20 seasons of this show before him. The game forces you to lie and back stab.

      • Amber

        I don’t think it’s worse than any other lie either. It worked is all that matters. If telling people over and over his word is his bond made them believe him more then good for him.

  4. AnnaM

    I doubt he’s taking his girlfriend because he’s in love with her. I think he’s taking her because he thinks he has a better chance of winning sitting next to her. I could be wrong but I don’t see him in love with her as much as she is infatuated with him or even himself for that matter. I remember hearing that he told Nicole and Cliff that he was ok with them sending her home at one point.

    • hogwild

      Oh he’s not to taking Holly because he loves her I said on a previous thread he will be over her before the confetti is swept up.

      • Tam

        Agree and Lol, Hog……He may use it as a distraction for run and hide from her during that time. Hoping it will be a distraction once she sees all the lights and flashes back to the pageant days…..

      • hogwild

        That might work for him unless he tries to back for the shower stool.

      • ElaineB

        He will keep her, because sex can continue up until finale night! In the episode, he said that ‘Hols’ is his f2. Outside of the house, we wil be ‘best of friends”…..meaning, Hols, sex with the shower stool has been great….but I got confetti, am going home to Mama, and have watermelons to buy!

      • twaddle

        If Holly wins, I expect her to drop Jackson like a hot potato as well. I don’t think her intentions are any more noble than his

  5. hummingbird

    It is my dream that if the jury sees Holly and Jackson as the final two, they collectively refuse to vote.

  6. jimbo

    I’d vote for Nicole. If not for “naïve Dad” Cliff fatherly talking Nicole out of doing what she knew in her gut was right (vote out Holly and keep Tommy), she’d be in a great position. Little did she know that her sweet daddy was worried that Tommy would take Nicole to the final 3, and Cliff ridiculously “read” that Jackson was in his corner (rotfl). Her downfall was getting wrapped up with a terrible gameplayer in Cliff that used his aged-wisdom way of talking to influence her. Let me ask you this — what in the world good did it do for Cliff to tell Jackson they were going to vote out Holly?!! They should have waited till 30 minutes before eviction time to tell Holly/Jackson! ANOTHER REALLY BAD DUMB STUPID MOVE by Cliff. It only gave sufficient time for Jackson to outsmart Cliff, and doom Nicole with him. But, we do know that Cliff did this because he was sooo sure it would put him in good graces with Jackson because Cliff was “playing it” to Jackson that this was Nicole’s idea to vote out Holly. Cliff wanted Jackson to target Holly and not him. He was being disloyal to Nicole, and it ALL blew up in his face because his read on Jackson was idiotically wrong. Cliff might win AFP because of that fatherly persona he played. But, sorry, this guy was awful at the game.

  7. jimbo

    One last comment about Nicole. After watching Sunday’s show, it was really impressive that she watched the Tommy/Jackson fight, and pegged Jackson totally 100% as lying, and even nicely explain how she read that he was lying! THEN, doofus Cliff just drones on Nicole over and over and over, finally putting confusion in her mind. I can’t really fault Nicole too much there. This is a man that puts out fatherly wisdom in that slow, droning speech of his. Nicole’s young and unfortunately gave in to his slow waves of pushing and prodding.

  8. Avatar

    Please can we stop talking about the stool……..

  9. Nancy

    I was watching HollyBeth slather makeup on, it must be her bedtime..

  10. Gerardo for AFP

    #ByeCliff, you done pissed me off. No AFP for you.


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  12. Colby

    I’m still curious as to why they haven’t gotten messages from home / family. I guess they still could, but it seems to me that they usually do that before now.
    When I previously mentioned that only Cliffs family had done a ‘family at home segment’ somebody joked (I think) that maybe the others were embarrassed to.
    Maybe there is some truth to that.
    We know Cliff’s family wouldn’t have a problem with taping a message, and doubt that Nicoles would either. She has done nothing to embarrass them.
    HB’s family may have a problem showing their faces on National TV and saying’ We are so proud of our hypochondriac, conservative porn star daughter. Good job! Keep doing what you’re doing.’
    As I recall, her second HOH letter and pictures were from a friend, not her family.
    It will be interesting to see who shows up at the finale; parents / sisters, or friends.
    Maybe after MAMA Michie threatened to sue, CBS decided to have no dealings with her except through the legal dept.
    I would love it if they banned her from the finale.
    Probably won’t happen, but they may make her sign a bunch of legal waivers so she doesn’t try to sue them for not flying her out on a private jet or putting her up in the penthouse of a 5 star hotel.

    • Ashley

      Colby, it was me who said the family members were probably too embarrassed to show any kind of support for these people (minus Cliff and Nicole). As a parent, I love my son to death, but if he acted like Nick or JJ and had sex on national television, I’d be BEYOND ashamed of him. Love him, yes. Proud? No.

      • Nancy

        I’ll always love em.
        But I dont always like what they do..
        Who did HollyBeth get her first HoH letter from? Mom? I dont remember

      • Nancy

        Btw..I was referring to kids.. not the HGs

      • Colby

        Ahsley, sorry I didn’t remember who it was.
        Nancy, that it what I have always said about my kids. Always love them, but don’t always like them.
        I think she said the letter was from her Mom & Dad, but her Mom wrote it.

  13. AIO_7

    It was like taking candy from two babies.

  14. AIO_7

    After that televised performance by Cliff, how about we have another Cliff Appreciation Day. /s

  15. Nancy

    I’m listening to cliff making his deal again, and it just sounds stupid..I cant believe he thought it would work..cliff must have been exhausted and not thinking straight..I mean we’ve hashed this over already but hearing it again just blows my mind..

  16. Cheryl

    I hope someone sends Holly and Michie THIS website when they get home and they read it from top to bottom!

  17. Avatar

    Major edits of vito competition i guess because what they showed no way michie beat nicole’s time

    • AIO_7

      They don’t necessarily replay them in the order that they actually participated either. Back during BBOTT, when they showed the competitions on the feeds, then network show didn’t show them in the order they were played.

  18. Nancy

    Nicole could have won that, she didnt hustle..she just walked to the buzzer..I believe in my heart of hearts if she’d put more pep in that step the POV could’ve been hers

  19. Sunny

    Shocker!! They didn’t show the help Jackson got in understanding the questions. I wonder how long it would have taken him to figure it out on his own? He didn’t win that honestly – he was helped to win that.

  20. Nancy

    Oh fuck..his crying monologue is killing me!

  21. danmtruth

    I just got done watching michie doing the POV than his his unsettling post POV DR session His childish pouting because he thought he did bad Than his praying to god to let him do better than his competitors How dare you All you can or should pray for is to do your best What makes you so special that god would chose you over anyone else their I never understood people who do and think that Sorry michie just shows how selfish you are

  22. Avatar

    I’ve thought a lot about why the lie told about Tommy, amongst other things, that bothers me & truly makes me want to see him burned bad. It’s also a nightmare if Holly wins but I would wish that over Michie. Thinking I’m getting closer to understanding my disdain…he went in with his mantra being “his word is his bond”! Brett never played that card, neither did Evil Dick, nor any of the others that used lying as their strategy. But biggest is his special treatment by bb production in such an obvious way, in my opinion. Also his bragging & pompous attitude in early weeks that he’d made bb history by shagging two women in first two weeks…giving details without worrying about their image in the least, even Jack didn’t do that & shot Nick down when nick asked him about hitting it with Sis. All this said, I believe this unnerves me the most: https://youtu.be/kG6eBqFOdQU

  23. jimbo

    Here is an unpopular opinion: Jackson deserves to win hands down. I’m sure that’s driving some people batshit crazy, but who else? Nicole was taken down and seduced by Cliff’s faulty gameplay. Watching Cliff on tonight’s show was painful…just brutal.

  24. Colby

    I didn’t watch the show.
    Did they show any jury house stuff?

  25. hogwild

    Cliff making his last pitch to Jackson on the feeds it won’t change anything Cliff knows this even so I like the fact he is still making the effort instead of doing what some do and just pack it in and what for the vote.

    • Nancy

      I just feel at this point he needs to stop..its kinda sad, to me, that he’s continuing to ‘ campaign ‘..just let it be what it is..over.

      • hogwild

        How many times have we complained about players on the block just giving up? If Sis had done what Cliff is she might not have gotten voted out when she did. Cliff will still go out tomorrow but I will always respect someone who goes out fighting.

      • Nancy

        That’s true hog..but in this instance I think hes given all the pitches he has..I dont know why it bothers me this time..like you said, I want them to fight til the end..but for some reason cliff should just let it go…and I liked cliff..I wanted him F2 w nicole..

      • hogwild

        I think it has more to do with Cliff just not wanting to leave without doing everything he could to try and stay. The only thing worse than getting voted out at this point in the game would be going out wondering what if I had did this or tried that.

      • LynnD

        The difference is he has only 1 person to campaign to. He is just saying the same dumb shit over & over. Earlier in the game you want to see them campaign hard bc there are more people in the house voting. You campaign to the right person, get them to flip & then they help you campaign. Listening to him repeat himself to the same jackass 24/7 is just stupid at this point and annoying.

      • mona77450

        Cliff completely shut down Jackson with his “have you thought about the jury votes if Nicole and I are over at the Jury House campaigning for Holly?”

      • hogwild

        That is something he should think about jury management is an important part of the game and bitter jury has cost people before.

      • mona77450

        Hog….Jackson didn’t say anything after Cliff started talking about jury….

      • ElaineB

        This damn ‘love you’ at every turn team of HGs, better not vote bitter! I had to put up with their BS all summer. Between Holly and Jackson, he played the better game throughout. She won comps to fill in the gap, but she rode his coattails (and other parts), to get where she is. Though I think Jackson is a phony and am glad I don’t know him, I still have to give him the win, if it is between the two of them.

      • Alda

        Love seeing Jackson so pissed.made my night.

      • Tam

        Alda, I love it. When he gets mad he turns all red. Reminds me the child that holds their breath during a temper tantrum just to try to get their way more. The more you ignore them the madder they get until they finally have an epic meltdown…..

  26. Sunny

    It will be interesting to see if Jackson really does lose because of what he has promised and not delivered. He has played the best game as far as winning comps,etc., but has he done well enough in jury management? I don’t think so. It’s going to be interesting at finale night. I really don’t want Holly to win if it’s her and Jackson but I REALLY don’t want Jackson to win because of his attitude and superiority over how terrific he is versus everyone else.

    • AIO_7

      “I really don’t want Holly to win if it’s her and Jackson but I REALLY don’t want Jackson to win”…

      That would be like the man who saw his mother in law drive off a cliff in his bran new customize Cadillac and he had mixed feelings about it.

    • Nancy

      I’d rather see Jackson win then HollyBeth…and , Sunny, I do NOT like Jackson either.. it hurts me to think of HollyBeth getting all that money for virtually doing no game play.

      • Sunny

        It bugs me that Holly would get money but I think I would be more happy to see how upset Jackson is that Holly beat him. He thinks he’s so superior to everyone else in the game and comp wise and maybe strategy wise he is, but those 2 parts aren’t the whole game. I do have a mean streak in me, it just doesn’t come out very often, but I will let if fly in this case. 🙂

      • Nancy

        Lol..I get ya, Sunny

      • mona77450

        If Jackson had been nicer, especially to Tommy, then I would think Jackson would have more support with jury votes. I’m sure that Tommy has informed them about Jackson’s lie. With Tommy’s popularity though, the jurors may want to send Jackson a message…something more than “not cool bro”. The broadcast tonight said that they will show what has been happening at the Jury House on tomorrow’s night program. It sounded like there was drama. Of course, then Dr. Will shows up with his usual “but he’s more deserving of your vote because he’s a comp beast and he played a better game”.

      • Betty Boo

        Part of the game is getting people to vote for you.

      • LynnD

        Can we please try to be a little positive that Nicole makes it to f2. The thought of the “momma’s boy who can’t keep it in his pants” & the “hoe who can’t keep her legs closed” being the 2 choices for the money makes me physically sick!

      • Amber

        Nicole can definitely still make final two. If Michie throws the first comp to Holly and happens to lose the second, she’s got a very good shot. Or if he wins the first she’s just got to beat Holly in the second. Third is luck more or less so she’s still in there

    • hogwild

      I think it will be a toss up with Jackson and whoever he is in the F2 with assuming he is in it he probably will be but on the chance Nicole wins that last HOH she could vote him out. It really all boils down to how bitter this jury is as you say Sunny he did good in comps but the only votes that i see as locks for him are Jack and Nick.

      • Sunny

        With how Nicole spilled the beans on how the final HOH works, I’ve read they’ve figured out that Holly should win the first one, and then Jackson goes against Nicole in the physical/mental comp so he can beat Nicole. They believe Nicole could beat Holly in the 2nd part. That’s assuming that the comps are the way they have been in past seasons. I don’t have a lot of hope that Nicole is in the final 2, especially with how CBS is pandering to Jackson.

    • Sunny

      My momma always told me, nobody is any better than you – BUT you are no better than anyone else! Maybe Jackson’s momma should have told him that?

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  28. Avatar

    Well Kat might have a heart attack on finale night because Brett is thinking about attending the finale.


    • Joy

      Kat showed me who she is/was and I believe her. She hooked up right away with a guy she (hardly) knew on a television show. She has fake personality a lot like Beth. She wears a lot of make up to cover that not so pretty face that she picks to death (and eats scabs and skin cells). We saw her do this more than once on the feeds and it was discussed. She was vocal about not wearing underwear and after having sex with some random dude tries on someone else’s bathing suit. This bitch is ANOTHER nasty human being that I hope to never cross paths with. Brett wouldn’t give her the time of day. IMO.

      • Avatar

        Wow. I’ve never commented before. My mom does regularly but I’ll leave her nameless. To say all that and then call someone a nasty human being is interesting. Caught my own mom calling Holly a ‘buzzard’ which means old to me. Didn’t pass up the chance to point out that hypocrisy either. Holly and Kat are both beautiful. I doubt they’ll be much bothered by people with dog, cat, cartoon and stool avatars bashing their appearance. They shouldn’t be either way. I have two daughters. One likes Holly and one likes Nicole. They argue about who should win etc. I’m very proud to say that they don’t trash each other’s favorite’s appearance. They shout girl power at the tv and want a Nicole/Holly final two. Grandma had a long night explaining to them what a buzzard is and why she was wrong to say it. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the season as much as my girls will.

      • KelBel

        Jeff, I suggest you watch BBAD or the live feeds and tell us how proud you are that you have a daughter who supports the things Holly does. I DO NOT suggest allowing your daughter watch it herself.

      • mm22

        Hi Jeff

    • Colby

      I think that would be hilarious.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think I need your advice on whether or not to be proud of my daughter. They don’t watch the live feeds. That would be inappropriate for them, like this comment section. My daughter likes her because she’s athletic and pretty and loves animals. I’m proud that she doesn’t search for negative things to say about people. I’m proud that she doesn’t call names. I’m also proud that they saw how awful Cliff is at the game haha Smart and kind! I couldn’t be more proud!

  29. hogwild

    No matter what happens on finale night I just want to see Nicole win AFP so Holly’s head will expolde when she has to accept the fans like Nicole more than her.

  30. hogwild

    On the bright side hockey season starts two weeks fro tomorrow.

  31. Colby

    JJ telling HB what Cliff said about jury votes.
    She tells him that is BS and it’s just a threat, but you know inside she is jumping up and down thinking she iis going to win the whole thing. LOL

  32. Sunny

    Anyone have any thoughts on if Cliff tells the jury what happened, that it would affect their votes? I believe Tommy’s word has more weight that Cliffs with the jury. Plus as others have stated, I’m not sure that Cliff goes to the jury house. I’m not sure why not, since the jury house isn’t that far away and the finale is a week away. Didn’t they used to have the jury house in Mexico? That I could understand not sending the 4th person then.

    • mona77450

      When all the jurors gather to talk to Dr. Will, that is when the 8th member of the jury (Cliff or Holly) joins the group. It is taped so I guess that new jury member might have a short time to make his/her opinion heard with the other jurors. Not much tine, though.

    • Colby

      He may not go to the jury house, but he will still be part of the jury discussion.
      If the jury is already pissed at JJ over how he treated Tommy, Cliff’s input will just be icing on the cake.

  33. Avatar

    Even EvelDick is pissed how production made sure Jackson won the veto


  34. Tomi Myers

    WOW WOW WOW, Walked in from work 15 minutes ago and came right to the live feeds. HOLY COW, SNACKSON IS LIVID. Saw him pull FAH into HN room & told her Cliff said he & Nicole will be voting for FAH to win the 500K at F2 because FAH kept her deal and threw the HOH comp. OH MY, I’ve been waiting for the tide
    to turn and see Snackson livid like he is. And what does FAH do??? She runs to Nicole as if besties, and asked if Nicole wanted to paint their nails…
    Has anyone else noticed or is it just me, but when Snackson is really mad, his cheeks flush bright red and he clenches his jaws? Well that’s him right now…
    WOW, just when I was giving up on this season, Cliff pulls out that wild card!! Got Snackson ALL WOUND UP!! I LOVE IT!!
    I’m gonna be glued to the monitor tonight. lol

  35. Avatar

    Cliff, Cliff well you made many many deals, and most weren’t necessary, or strategic. This is Big Brother not Big Deal Maker. Sometimes you just have to let go of your deals and PLAY THE DARN GAME. Cliff has been shoving Nicole under his wing of protection since the Angel days. What could have been if Kat had stayed instead of Cliff? Kat, Nicole, Jess, pull in Tommy and Christie we get Jackson out. Maybe Holly gets her chance to dump Jackson and play for herself, heck even help blindsided him. Well I know just a silly dream, but dream is all we got cause WE have a showmance and a comp threat sitting in the driver’s seat…….so AFP Nicole, she started playing late, but she gave it her all, she needed a better partner, thus my dream …..of Cliff leaving earlier.

  36. Avatar

    If Jackson is mad then I might have to pull an all nighter better start brewing coffee with a few of Christie’s tears in it

    Go ahead and post the cow chew gif I know you want to

  37. Sunny

    Could Holly really be that smart? She’s been playing Jackson all along? She knew he was an alpha male and would go far in this game but not win because of his arrogance? Maybe? Really? Who am I kidding – no way! LOL! Or?

  38. Vikki T

    JJ keeps grinding to HB that C/N might cost him 1/2 million bucks (over and over again). She needs to tell him: why yes, you are an ass and woo how I might win it!

  39. Avatar

    OMG this would be so funny if some girl does this to Hollybeth on finale night


  40. Vikki T

    How did HB have a dream about her dog. We all know she does not sleep. If you don’t remember, she will tell you all about it…..many times.

  41. hogwild

    Some advice for Nicole if Holly approaches you with the shower stool RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. hogwild

    I do appericate Cliff tossing that last gernade on his way out it won’t keep him in the house but it should make Jackson more uncomfortable than he would have been.

    • Nancy

      Well, I was wrong hog…its not gonna save cliff, but glad he tossed that grenade..so glad cliff kept on talking..LOVE seeing JJ shook up..
      Hope mama dont put a ‘hit’ out on cliff if he doesn’t vote for JJ….but he already said was regardless

  43. Avatar

    Apparently Snackson plans to destroy Nicole and Cliff in his speech tomorrow. You idiot cliff can use this as evidence to get the other jury members to vote for Hollybeth or Nicole and mama can’t help you if you trash them on live TV


  44. mona77450

    Jackson sitting on the couch and Nicole and Beth being chummy in the kitchen….. hmmmm

    • mona77450

      Jackson now relocates to the couch in the kitchen….Nicole tucks him in and gives him a hug. Earlier when Cliff was making his final plea to Jackson in the HOH (and before Cliff mentioned the jury votes) Jackson said this situation was all Nicole’s fault.

  45. danmtruth

    Once more Jackson finds a reason to blame someone else He is going to lose because C&N are going to lie about what him backstabbing them and other people Remember it was not a lie that he told about Tommy That was just good game play Yes it was good game play BUT it WAS still a LIE
    Jackson take responsibility

  46. hogwild

    I’m betting Holly suddenly likes Nicole a lot more than she did a few hours ago.

  47. Avatar

    Is that Jack*as trying to guilt Nicole with his family’s problems while throwing Cliff under the bus

  48. Tam

    Is he really saying that he won’t strong arm or threaten someone? Seriously asshole…..Isn’t that his MO? He can’t be this self righteous and delusional……..How is this possible? He is living up to his POMPOUS DOUCHEBAG tag…..He is so stupid……

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: The Story of Pot and Kettle…


    JJ is telling Nicole that if he were Cliff he would not dangle a vote over his head, he would not try to tug at his heartstrings, he would not bring up the financial situation. Then tells her how his dad works at 62 and the market crashed on his mom. He says he would not do it, then gets up and storms out of the room. FAH tells Nicole that she makes bad jokes and cooks. Nicole says she makes bad jokes and pretends to cook. FAH ask Nicole to get her something out of the SR.


    Nicole cam talks and says all those things are exactly what JJ does. She says he does it all the time and is one of the biggest whiners and complainers in the game. She seems both amused and astounded by him. She gets the coconut milk and takes it back to Holly.


    Nicole gets called to the DR. Just as she’s leaving, JJ comes back in and Cliff returns from the DR. FAH is cooking and she and JJ are taste testing from the pan. Cliff says he has to go back to the DR but has to change first. Whatever it is in that pot it’s going to be heavy in salt and coconut milk. JJ steals another piece of meat and tells her it’s outrageous. She tells him just wait until she adds the peanut sauce.

    Cliff comes back through the kitchen and FAH asks him if the wants to take a piece of chicken with him. She says she hasn’t done the peanut dipping sauce yet but it should be ready by the time he comes out.


  50. mona77450

    I applaud Nicole during the Veto competition shown tonight. I believe she was the only one who knew all the answers immediately but had a horrible time with the sling. I laughed when she pulled the sling back and the ball just dropped.

  51. Avatar

    Cliff go back downstairs and get Jackson even more pissed off your idea you are talking about in the Have Not Room is going to make Norman Bates and him mother to murder Orwell and blame it on Nicole

  52. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff walks in wearing his cowboy hat. He says he hid his Hide Your Veto in the bathroom and ask if he can hide Orwell in there as well. *We’re back to this idiocy again.* He says he would hide him in the shower but his feathers might get moldy.


    The Vultures are still cooking. Clif walks in then goes upstairs to the HN room. He talks about hiding Orwell again. He fills us in on his earlier conversation. He says that if he goes home tomorrow he’s going to give them (H/J) one last prank and says before eviction tomorrow night, he is going to hide Orwell, the dice to the Backgammon game and a few Chess pieces.


    JJ is raging and FAH is telling him it’s bullshit. JJ says are you fucking kidding. He is cursing and pacing about Nicole, Cliff and the votes. He says it pisses him off. *Oh well, thems the breaks. You make your choice, they make theirs.* He walks up behind FAH and gives her a nuzzle. He tells her that whatever that is she’s cooking, he says is bland *Yeah cause who doesn’t like their food with a slab of salt?* He asks her if she has any other spices. She says she can add chili flakes.


    Cliff is still going on about screwing with J/H over kicking him out of the house and Orwell. *Fair warning, unless he says anything even semi-interesting, I’m not even going to type it. He has finally worn me down.* He does say that he loves Nicole but she’s gotten him in a little more trouble than Orwell. *Being from TX he should be aware of Kenny Rogers’ song The Gambler. “You’ve got to know when to hold em. Know when to fold em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.” Maybe he should have known when to stop making deals.*


    • ElaineB

      One thing that Jackson can’t control is the jury votes. Okay, maybe I am leaning towards them being bitter and denying him the win. Lol. For all the damn ‘love you’ crap, I just don’t see it happening, but gawd Jackson is a jerk!

    • ElaineB

      Don’t blame you NK. Cliff had his chance and he blew a pivotal decision. Yes, as Kenny Rogers sang,
      ‘Know wihen to fold ’em”…..it is that time, Cliff!

  53. Avatar

    BB Twitter getting Savage saying they are ready to show Snackson the receipts of his BS about not treating and strong arming anyone


  54. Tam

    HB is such a dumbass. She can’t comprehend that they ask you to clean the mirrors in the kitchen so the camera can see and all she can focus on is the pivotal cameras……..Smdh…….

  55. Avatar

    Hey Jack*as newsflash Cliff can’t threaten your reputation if you destroyed it yourself with your actions.

    And Cliff that photo of that mysterious man with Orwell might have been made to be just a part of the decor

  56. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is standing watching JJ play Solitare. No conversation between the two. Cliff shows JJ a card. JJ thanks him. The camera keeps showing the bobbing head owl in the HN room. Miss-I’m-Final-3-Suck-It-Cliff is still slaving away at the stove. Cliff walks out and MIF3SIC rips into a roll of paper towels and she and JJ glance at each other. They begin to whisper and he is going over it again about how he’s being threatened by “Them”.


    Cliff is still trying to find a place to hide Orwell. He’s not saying anything interesting yet so I’m not giving him that much attention. Instead of all this stupidity, he should be in there riling JJ up to the point that his head explodes so that even if he does get booted, JJ will be so mind-fucked that it throws him off his game for the next comp. *But that’s just my opinion.*


    FAH is saying that she’s cooking curry with basil. JJ says he doesn’t want that much rice and it doesn’t save well. She gives him a taste and he says that’s a one-way ticket to flavor town. *Well, somebody’s been watching Guy Fiereri.*


    • Tam

      I agree, NK. I would be there just to keep his mind occupied from the chicken. You know he get HANGRY quickly. Right now he doesn’t know to be mad because he is about to flip chick out over the chicken. Keep him off his game. Offer to play chess and mess with his mind, let him fume all night long and just jack his game world up so he keeps up HB………Play the game that he is playing…..Hold them and then fold them……..
      I bet he does watch the FOOD NETWORK……..Like a sports channel……There he goes again after the chicken…….
      He would hate me, get your ass out of the kitchen when I am trying to cook.

  57. Nancy

    “Being threatened “..how dramatic can you get..if mama even thinks her baby is being threatened, clif will receive a cease and desist letter in the BB house before he’s voted out.
    It’s a game little boy, suck it up..I’m sure HollyBeth will give you a hundred or so if she wins

  58. Avatar

    OMG Detective Cliff is worse than hiding/finding Orwell Cliff

  59. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff walking around with Orwell. *BB can you just show me the aquarium, please? At least they are calming.*


    The Vultures are whispering and occasionally they say something out loud to throw anyone coming in off. He whispers something to her and she says they did not come there to be fooled. *You could have fooled me.* They are back at the stove again. God only knows what they’re cooking now but it’s sizzling and smoking. He says every time he looks at it he just wants to take a piece. She asks if Nicole is in the DR. He says someone is but he’s not sure. *She is.*


    Cliff is now going through the fridge and says the cookie dough was used by JJ to create mistrust.


    FAH is dumping something from a bottle into a bowl and about to put it in the microwave. JJ is still sizzling at the stove. He tells her that this leftover is going to be so good. She says “Yeah” *This girl does not have spectacular vernacular. *


  60. Avatar

    Tommy is winning AFP, it’s not even close. 99% of America that does watch the broadcast showdoes not watch the live feeds and is not even the slightest bit curious as to watch a computer screen 24 hours a day.

    Tommy was the most entertaining by far, and will win AFP easily. They also do not obsess over Holly either.

  61. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole has now joined Cliff and Orwell. He tells her he’s just wandering around trying to have fun. He asks her if JJ got pissed. She says he said he’d be damned if he’ll be bullied by Cliff and let him dangle 500K in front of him like a carrot. Cliff says he doesn’t care. She says JJ is holding his shit together but he wants to flip out of Cliff so just be prepared. Cliff says whatever.

    Nicole leaves and Cliff cam talks. He says boo-hoo-hoo, what is he going to do? He says he’s not holding 500K like a carrot, he says he’s holding it like a knife. *DAMN Cliffy! That’s kinda gangsta!* He says if JJ is going to boot him out the house then he has to learn there will be consequences. He says he will have 4 days in the JH to say whatever he wants and there isn’t a damn thing JJ can do about it. *HAHA! Now THIS is the Cliff I want to see tonight!* FAH comes in and tells them dinner is ready.


    Nicole is on her way back to the DR. She leaves while JJ washes a few dishes.


  62. BBGurl

    Good evening Nk. Have been laid low with a migraine all day so I’m just getting caught up. Doesn’t appear as if I have missed much. I see that dumbass redneck hillbilly has gone from groveling yesterday to threatening today. LOL. Wish I could get a message to him. “STFU Clown. You tried to be a player but you got played.” I feel sorry for Nicole, when she gets out and sees how DRH threw her under the bus, on multiple occasions. I’ve been thinking about jury votes in a F2 of Michie/Holly
    Jackass-hole- votes for his bro
    Analease- votes how Jackass-hole tells her
    Tommy- superfan, votes for Jackson’s superior game play
    Crusty- votes with Tommy and Jackass-hole
    Clueless Jess- votes like her BFF, Crusty.
    Nick- votes for Jackson, Holly evicted him.
    Kat- votes for Holly
    DRH- votes for Jackson if he’s truly a superfan. votes for Holly if he’s a bitter betty.
    Nicole- votes for Jackson, because she said he’s played a great game and she’s not the type to be bitter.

  63. Avatar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the food FAH cooked tonight was one of the dishes she made in her short-lived YouTube channel. And could Jack*as stop praising her food it’s just as annoying as talking about Orwell Cliff

  64. NKogNeeTow



    FAH is setting the table. Cliff is circling the table like a buzzard. *He must be related to FAH.* Nicole runs in and out. FAH says “Alright kids, let’s eat.” Cliff tells her it looks so good. They fix their plates and JJ says he’s so excited. He says the chicken is outrageous. FAH starts talking to the Live Feeders. She tells what’s on the menu. *Nobody cares, just eat that gruel and shaddup.* Cliff says it’s amazing. *Know what would be more amazing? For you to start talking about jury votes now and cause The Vultures to lose their appetites.*

    FAH says the food needs more of a kick and she’s going to add some more basil. She then says the curry needs more curry. JJ tells her she outdid herself on that one. *He’s so stupid he’d eat shit if she told him to.>rolling eyes<* She says she ran out of curry but they can add more red pepper flakes or basil. *What the hell is it with her and basil?* She says this is her go-to food, she can never eat enough Thai. JJ keeps telling her how good it is and she keeps complaining about it needs more curry.

    JJ tells her again that she outdid herself. Cliff says that considering what she had to work with she did good. She says she didn't want to kill Nicole with the spices. *No, but you'd damn sure kill her anyother way you could think of.*


  65. BBGurl

    As a self reported superfan, doesn’t DRH know he goes to a hotel instead of the jury house? The only time he’ll meet with the other jurors is at Dr. Will’s round table chat and that’s a brief meeting at best. I feel like the jury members only tolerated him with the exception of Kat. And they are arrogant enough to think he didn’t deserve to even be F4. All his shady deals have surely come to light in the JH. I don’t think he will have any influence on the jury.

  66. jennyc

    LOL @Cliff telling Boxhead that Holly would be better jury management for him.

  67. Colby

    Cliff is wandering around looking for a place to hide Orwell.
    For those that missed it, he told Nicole earlier that he is taking a couple of the cards and some pieces from each game and hiding them with Orwell before he leaves. He plans to tell them in his speech that they will have to find Orwell to be able to play games.
    Of course he plans to tell Nicole where, and she can keep it going as long as she wants.

  68. NKogNeeTow



    The 3 Blind Mice are finally eating dinner in silence. *Guess they ran out of praises.* FAH says she asked for Sushi in her HOH. *Aww, but not THIS HOH. 😉 * They make small talk. She says she’s full. JJ says the same but he could actually make himself sick eating it. *Let’s see if you still feel the same when you’re spending the night either blowing you butt out farting or in the toilet…lol* She goes into telling them about her dish and blah, blah, blah. Nicole comes out of the DR and goes into the camper. JJ says he’s going to start on the dishes.


    Nicole is cam talking and she says she kept her cool and it’s going to happen. She sings as she walks out and into the kitchen.


    Nicole comes in and gets ready to eat. Cliff gets a glass of milk and JJ watches them from the mirror over the sink while he’s washing dishes. Nicole sits down to eat and FAH starts telling her about the curry wasn’t like she wanted it to be. *Is there anything she doesn’t have an excuse for?* JJ gets called to the DR and ask BB if he needs to bring his hat. They answer “yes”. He tells them he will be there in a jiffy.

    In the meantime, FAH is worrying the hell out of Nicole about everything that’s wrong with the dish. *I wish Nicole would just spit it out on the floor for spite and say “WTF?”. In real life, Nicole tells her it’s good and maybe the best thing she’s fixed yet. Cliff says it may be the kind of dinner that tastes better the second time around. FAH says she was thinking about that.

    Nicole tells FAH that she would like to say that as a person who means what she says, she respects FAH as a player and she said she said she was going to do something and she did it and she hasn’t given her enough credit. She tells FAH she hasn’t thrown anything around or slammed anything. *Throw that Michie shade Nicole!* FAH says that she has tried so hard from the beginning to play an honest game. *Damn Nicole, you opened that door…lol*

    FAH tells them she has tried to play an honest game. Cliff tells her it’s appreciated. FAH tells them they are all thirsty for it and are all trying to get there the best way they can. She says that it doesn’t mean they are always right and right is subjective. Nicole tells her that was the argument she tried to deliver to JJ a couple a days ago and she wishes he would be more objective. She says she just wishes he’d be more honest and just say he’s taking FAH. *Aww shucks. This is gonna cause him to have a cerebral hemorrhage when Stoolie reports this back to him.*



  69. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling FAH and Cliff that she feels like this game is like a tunnel getting more and more narrow and they are all trying to get through. She says she just doesn’t want tomorrow to blow up. She says that she feels like JJ will make it that way. Nicole says she just wants to say her piece to JJ but she knows he will get frustrated. Nicole tells FAH that JJ made a deal and if he doesn’t honor it, he will see when he gets out that it looks bad. *Does she realize that not only is she talking to the person he’s taking to F2 but who is also OTB and will do whatever she has to do to stay too?.*

    Again, Nicole is doing more campaigning for Cliff than he is. He says that he just hopes that everyone will still be friends when they get out. FAH says that’s something she is sure of. *At this point I’m not sure who I’m more afraid of, Cliff/Nicole or JJ/FAH. One duo is about as dumb as the other.* FAH tells them she hope that when they get out they will be friends for life, that she will be sure of. Nicole sings FAH’s praises again. *Does she even want to win any f*cking money?*

    Nicole tells them she just wants to shake JJ sometimes and tell him just say what it is. Just say he’s breaking the deal and it’s done. *What difference does it make? It’s not what he says that counts, it’s what he does.* Chicken-Shit Cliff says it will be alright, it’s just a game. *Where is the Al Capone from the SR?* FAH says that like JJ says they can walk out the game with their heads held high and not like Kat who walked out without talking to anybody.

    As Nicole and Cliff continue to campaign to the WRONG person, FAH just keeps going “Yeah”, which is a dead giveaway to “Keep talking and giving me more info for him to use against both of you”.


  70. NKogNeeTow



    FAH is telling Nicole and Cliff that she feels bad for Jack and Kat. Nicole says it’s been a long time. FAH says they are probably bored equal to them. She says they get comps and they get TV (JH). They are looking at the Memory Board and talking about the people who have left. FAH is eating a big bowl of mango. After she eats directly from the bowl she offers Cliff and Nicole some. They decline. *Girl, nobody wants any part of those cooties.*

    JJ comes back and dips into the bowl and says he can’t stop eating and someone should take it away. Nicole tells FAH that JJ was asking her if FAH was a good cook. FAH thanks them for being her guinea pigs and says she’s never made it before. Nicole asks her if they should be concerned. FAH washes the dishes as JJ stands next to her shuffling cards. Nicole just sits at the table whistling. She catches herself and stops. JJ starts doing cat-whistles at FAH. They get a warning.

    FAH launches into a story about her whole family is epic at whistling. *Somebody PLEASE stick a sock in her mouth!* She goes into the story and Nicole just sits there and smiles at her. Cliff asks if she wanted him to put something away. FAH tells them that she thinks the last 2 dinners have been her favorite. JJ sits there and shuffles the cards.


    • Tam

      He said something earlier that he was sick of them not doing their dishes. But, I recall Christie going off to Tommy about them (JJoly) doing the exact same thing. Funny that Nugget spoke the truth about JJ being able to dish out but can’t take it. That applies to this situation, too. Guess he is showing them.

  71. Nancy

    If nobody’s head is gonna explode, I’m going to bed..somebody spilled grape juice last nite, I didnt appreciate it..make sure all glasses stay upright, put em the sink on your way out..turn the lights out..
    Rest well my bbj friends

  72. Avatar

    Ugh HB mention the conversation you had while Norman Bates was in the DR so sparks can fly

  73. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is washing a few things out. FAH says that tomorrow is going to be a busy day so at least they have leftovers. She and Nicole talk in those horrible English accents. JJ sits at the counter playing Solitare and looking like someone pissed in his Wheaties. FAH puts on his hat and goes over to him and asks if she should go to the DR minus her glasses. She puts them back, takes the cap off and runs her fingers through her extensions then puts the hat back on and checks herself in the mirror.

    She goes over to him and puts her arms around his neck and he whispers something in her ear and she makes a “Yikes” face.


    Cliff is putting on plastic gloves and gets ready to polish his boots. He says the boots aren’t too bad but could always use polish. He details to us what he’s doing as he polishes his boots.


    Nicole is still washing dishes. JJ is still sitting there shuffling cards and looking like he’s still trying to figure out the Wheaties pissing mystery.


  74. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is puttiing something in a plastic bag.


    JJ is playing one mean game of Solitare. And by mean, I mean the expression on his face.


    Cliff polishing his boots in silence. He finishes then leaves.

    Outer Bedroom:

    FAH is on the bed on her knees. Probably getting ready for her late-night plaster job. She’s picking through her hair again.


    Cliff comes in and asks Nicole if she’s going to feed the fish. She says she will feed them now. JJ asks her if she can grab a glove, as he shuffles through the cards again.


    Cliff comes in and JJ asks him what time will they wake them tomorrow. Cliff says he thinks 9 am. JJ just sits there staring off and shuffling through the cards.

    Outer Bedroom:

    Nicole passes through and tells FAH that she can’t find her pants but will look for them after she feeds the fish. She goes in the SR and gets the fish food. She comes out and announces that the fish feeding ceremony is commencing.


    JJ asks Nicole if they need to thaw out the food. Nicole says she doesn’t think so. She says she has oFISHially gone nuts. She calls Cliff and they all go upstairs. Nicole tells Cliff that it’s time to feed the fish and she sings a song about it. As Nicole feeds the fish, FAH talks to them. They talk about which fish are eating the most fish. JJ says the one with 2 fish in his mouth is a pompous douchebag.

    JJ makes a remark about the Jack fish and Nicole says the JJ fish has 2 sides to him. *Shady Nicole* They all says goodnight to the fish then break up. JJ says he’s going to brush his teeth then come downstairs. FAH says she’s going to go downstairs and brush her teeth. Cliff says since this is his last night in the house he doesn’t know why he hasn’t been called to the DR more.


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  76. Tam

    Is HB clipping her toenails at the dining table? I hear them snapping. Ewwww. WTF is wrong with her……Damn that is just a NO NO NO…..Nicole you are a sweet girl. I would be telling her GIRLLLL, that is not right and you don’t have to smart to know that. Bathroom and we can continue any conversation that you want. That’s just nasty…..Damn it…..Worse than those crack pants……Can’t unsee this…..

  77. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is sitting at the table playing Solitare. Nicole is just sitting at the table and asks FAH if she’s going to bed. Nicole goes to the bathroom to grab a plastic bag and comes back. FAH leaves to go get her glasses and Nicole tells Cliff that it will be okay and it’s just a game. She asks Cliff to put in a good word for her in the JH. She tells him some points to tell them about her. She goes through all of her points. He laughs a little while he continues to play cards.

    She says she had a feeling that they were being hung out to dry. He asks her how she figured it out. She tells him then continues to tell him what to tell the JH. FAH runs through the kitchen really quick but it’s obvious she’s trying to listen. Cliff gets called to the DR and asks if they would like to take over the cards. FAH is now sitting at the table and goes into “I hate to get called into the DR so late because it’s so hard to sleep.” *Don’t take the bait Nicole.*

    They both try to figure out what is going to happen tomorrow. Nicole asks where JJ is. FAH says in the HOH brushing his teeth. Nicole tells her that if they go into next week, to keep her under consideration. FAH tells her there is nothing that is assured going into next week. Cliff walks through on his way into the DR. FAH tells Nicole she hopes she will take “them” into consideration. FAH tells her about JJ and the people he may have made mad going to the jury.

    FAH says it crosses her mind all the time and don’t think that nothing is being taken into consideration. She tells Nicole that she loves them both (C/N) but obviously she’s in a showmance with “him”. *If Nicole can’t see that then she is truly clueless.* They sit there polishing their nails.


  78. NKogNeeTow



    FAH is doing something to her toes (on the bench). JJ is walking around rattling dishes. Nicole is polishing her nails. Nicole finishes her nails and holds them up and thanks BB for the beautiful polish. She and FAH try to decide what color to do their nails. JJ is still banging pots and pans. *See, told you it was a theme.* Personally, I think he’s trying to intimidate Nicole with the noise. Nicole asks him if he wants his nails painter. He declines. She asks him if he wants at least 1 nail painted.

    JJ joins them at the table. Nicole says feet freak her out. She and JJ start talking about how Tommy liked feet. They say it’s strange. Nicole says that someone stole her taupe polish. FAH says she took one out of Jess’s bag when she was leaving. Nicole says “Then you stole it.” FAH tells her how she came about getting it. Nicole tells her then she can keep it. Nicole starts reading the names of the polishes. JJ corrects her on some of them. JJ tries to remember the fake name he came up with for one of the polishes. Nicole tells them that she assumes she knows which way tomorrow is going to go.


  79. Tam

    Jack with him Nicole…..Mess with his head…..She is taking her subtle shots…. Jury Management is a big thing…..Love it…..And mentioning David….Bahhahhahaha…..Go nugget……

  80. NKogNeeTow



    JJ is telling Nicole to elaborate. She says she doesn’t want to. She says to look at that face (his). He says if it’s about tomorrow, he has a 500k decision to make. She says then just think about Jury management but not to worry, he’s good, they both are good. He doesn’t look happy. FAH changes the subject and says let’s talk about who we’d like to see at the Finale. Nicole says she would like to see Paul. She and FAH talk back and forth. JJ is now silent and appears to be in deep thought.

    He suddenly says he’s just thinking. Then he says that he gets jury management is a big part but he would hate for anyone to hold it over his head but if that’s what’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. He said he’s done what he could and has adapted. He says that opinions are opinions and if someone were to beat him he’d just say good for them but he wouldn’t hold anything over their hears. Nicole says it’s just a game. *She and JJ are playing verbal cat and mouse with each other.*

    Nicole shows them her fingers. She tells FAH that they should do twin day because she has a denim jacket and hat. FAH says she was thinking about that today. *#STFUFAH* Nicole says they can even do triplet day. FAH says that would be so cute. They discuss what color clothes they have that they can coordinate with. Nicole says they can wear their hats backward. FAH says they can find shirts that are at least the same colors.

    JJ is still sitting there trying to look sad. *Now he’s trying to mess with Nicole’s mind.* She shows him her nails and tells him she didn’t mess them up to bad this time. She asks him if nail polish would cheer him up. He “tries” to sound sad and tells her no, he’s just thinking.


  81. NKogNeeTow

    Would you believe Verizon is doing a stupid EAS test now? Those dirty so and so’s.

    • Avatar

      When this BBAD is over I’m going to watch the latest episode of Ken Burns’s Country Music documentary since I need something to make up for the letdown BBAD was and I’m going to have to wake up in 3 hours anyways

    • Tam

      I feel you, NK. I have been getting the ALERT FROM HELL telling me about seek immediate shelter, flash flood warnings, storm updates. Yes, I know….Already freaked out and trying to cope but that tone just scares the hell out of you…….Necessary but so freaky and just can’t rest when you are living on edge at the moment waiting to hear and then antipaction at when is the next one coming…….
      Verizon is a different animal (beast) within themselves…

  82. NKogNeeTow



    FAH is polishing her nails. She says she is so mad she didn’t get the GBM she had for him (J). She tells them what it was and Nicole says that’s so cute. Nicole tells them what she was going to say to Sam but remembered that he was married and it would have been inappropriate. JJ gets up and comes back and ask who was playing cards. Nicole says Cliff was but said that since he had to go into the DR, whoever wanted the cards could either finish his game or start a new one. JJ takes the cards and starts a new game.

    FAH tells Nicole that she wanted to tell Nicole that since she is JJ’s big sister, she was going to tell Nicole’s sisters to move over because she was the new sister. *Gag*. Nicole says FAH is like her sister’s hybrid. She says she misses them so much. FAH tells her that somebody (from Nicole’s family) will be there for her. They joke that Nicole will look over and see Zingbot will be sitting in the chair.

    Nicole and FAH talk about it’s late September. Nicole says when she left all the flowers were blooming. She says when she gets back a whole season will be lost. FAH says when she left the buds were just coming out on the vines. Nicole says she feels that she will start to tell her family stories about the house and they will say “We know”. JJ ask them if they can imagine when they get home and trying to tell people stories from the house.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Hope everyone gets plenty of rest for tomorrow night. Until then, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

    • Tam

      Nite, NK. Thanks for the recap. You have a great night and day tomorrow. See you on the flip side…And seriously praying that these creeks don’t rise. It is really storming. Ready for this thing to move North. Flashing back to Harvey somewhat except for less wind and force……..

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Nite Tam, Bennett, Tonto (wherever you are), and anyone else who’s still awake out there. 🙂

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, when you get a chance, check your messages.

  85. ShoeLover


    A slow but not completely boring BBAD!!

  86. Avatar

    If Holly wins between her and Jackson, that is just a bitter jury.

    • AIO_7

      I don’t mind a bitter jury. I’m bitter right now. Never have understood why it is a crime for the jury to be bitter. They should do away with the whole jury thing and let America vote.

      • Betty Boo

        Yep. I’m bitter here too. The edit JJ has gotten is a joke.

      • Ashley

        Completely agree with you, AIO! But if America voted this season, who do you think would win between JJ and Beth? It’s choosing the lesser of two evils, IMO. I don’t want either of them to win.

      • Tam

        AIO, I fully agree. America should be the deciding factor since Production controls the game. Bad enough that we pay have paid to watch the real things going on and then they only allow us to see what they want or try to narrate the story. Let America have the say.

  87. Avatar

    Thanks NK for all you do. It would drive me insane listening to all these conversations. From all the conversations I have read, does Holly even want the $500,000? It looks like she wants Jackson to win it and is good with the $50,000 and an annual trip with Mr. douchebag. She hasn’t even played the game and is going to win either $50,000 or $500,000. I know Michie is going to throw the first HOH comp to Holly if he can. But, I am hoping Nicole beats Holly in the endurance comp proving she can, Michie will probably still win it and Nicole kicks Holly’s tail in the 2nd HOH comp and wins the whole thing. Second scenario I would be happy with is Holly wins the endurance, Nicole beats Michie in the 2nd comp and then beats Holly in the 3rd HOH. I am not sure why people don’t think Nicole can win the comps. She has proven herself to be a contender. And why are people wanting Jackson to win when he cheated as a HN, used production in his campaign, and BB completely changed the game to accommodate him. TeamNicole here! I love underdogs who have a fighting spirit.

  88. Houseguest Doug

    Cliff was doing really well up until the last 2 weeks. Then he has fallen apart like a cheap suit.

    If Jackson wishes to keep a relationship / friendship with Holly there is no way no how he can vote her out. If he wants out of the relationship this would be his out. Personally I don’t think he has the balls. With a week left to go he is not going to suddenly send Holly packing along with any hope he has of winning this game.

    Jury may or may not be a fan of Jackson but they will respect his game play and realize he has played the best game in a season of really bad and stupid game players. Basically he is the King of shit players. (Nice casting job CBS! NOT!)

    So let me get this deal straight that Cliff honestly in his head thinks is a fair and good deal. Jackson you take me to Final 2. But if I am the final HOH I will be taking Nicole? WHAT? Seriously? Who in the hell is going to honor that deal. It is laughable. Cliff is a fucking idiot.

    I also cannot believe Nicole and Cliff honestly thought that Holly would throw the POV comp. Are you crazy she was pissed off she had to through the HOH. Holly would have won that for sure and with Jackson winning POV. Cliff is gone in that scenario to.

    I am not sold if they kept Tommy that Jackson wins the POV Tommy would be out the door anyway and it would be Cliff, Jackson and Nicole in the F3. That was the smarter move to keep Tommy. Now they’re screwed as Cliff is walking out the door tonight and it would not shock me if Jackson wins the final HOH.

    Jackson wins the Final HOH bye bye Nicole and hello $500K.

    Nicole and Cliff only have themselves to blame. Played a decent game up until the final two weeks then shit the bed.

    Happy to see Holly opted for the Lulu Lemon BLACK tights instead of those god awful flesh tone tights.

    For the love of God will someone please tell Nicole NOT to wear her socks over her tights especially her Sandals. It is almost as bad as an over weight middle aged man wearing a Speedo, shirtless, black dress socks pulled up to the knee and Sandals.

    Cliff’s health deeply concerns me. It is clear he has some pulmonary issues. I know what someone with High-Blood Pressure looks like. He is not too much older than myself but he needs to get more exercise and improve his diet. Just ask yourself this.. How many obese people over 65 years of age do you know that are still living? I promise you not many heavy people make it passed age 70.

    I know Jessica was promoting inclusion of big people being a model. While I agree people should not be judged, left out or bullied based on their weight or size. Yes, they should be accepted like everyone else. However, I will not endorse the ideal that it is a healthy or safe life style. At the age of 45 I was 6′ 245lbs. I had high blood pressure, acid re flux and not eating right or enough exercise. Having two kids under 15 years old. My Doctor asked me. “Do you wish your kids to celebrate your 50th b-day or attend your funeral when you turn 50?” That day forward I made healthier choices of what I eat. I make sure I walk 15,000 steps a day. I exercise regularly and get enough sleep and cut out Soda Pop, Potato Chips, and I will occasionally have fast food but not often. Happy to say my blood pressure is optimal now 75 over 90. (It was 110 over 150). I am down to 200lbs but it is mostly muscle now instead of fat. I no longer have to take blood pressure meds and my acid re flux is gone so no more meds for that either. I was told at my last doctor appointment I am as good a shape as someone who is 35 years old. I am 52.

    Not to sound preachy but if you’re 25lbs or more over weight. Time to think about the end game. If you wish to be around for a lot longer. Reduce your waist line. You will feel better about yourself and have way more energy and you will be a lot happier person.

  89. Tam

    It’s a nightmare around here. Having flashbacks of Harvey. It’s not as bad, but water is rising, flooding people out of their homes, trapping people on the interstate, and putting everyone on edge. Between the storm raging outside, the alerts going off all night, and having to make sure that the water isn’t rising to the point of having to grab things and escape, and worrying if your family and friends are safe it’s been a night! Makes everything else seem trivial at this point. Like I have stated, this site is my place of escape. Guess that’s why I get upset about the houseguest acting like it’s SOOO HHHAAARRDDD being trapped in their paid studio gig being cut off from the outside world. I can totally relate to that. It’s how I live daily. Being housebound for months on end is hard. But they are getting paid, don’t have to worry about where the next meal is coming from, trying to make sure that you do options to get out if you need to. Count your blessings and never take anything for granted. Sorry had to vent….Been a long night and feeling like it’s going to be a long day. Hopefully it will be passing like they said by tomorrow or the next day, but that only leads to more stress because that’s when the real flooding usually happens because it all the water starts free flowing south towards us on top of what we already have. 2 feet of water has fallen i a couple of days so we are inundated right now. Galveston and the surrounding area has been hit hard. 1 to 2 inches of water an hour is what we are getting now and it is settling down now. Watching friends loose everything and their town almost completely wiped away two years ago was hard enough and worrying that they will be completely gone is a concern. Everyone stay safe, count your blessings and always check on your friends and family. You sometimes don’t know that people are suffering in silence and hide it from others well. Sorry had to vent….Crisis hotline is busy today…….lol to keep from crying……..

  90. Avatar

    Cliff blew it when he convinced Nicole to vote Tommy out! Jackson played the best game! If the juries are honest Jackson played the best game. Lying cheating kissing ass are all part of big brother along with the comps. Should never be personal or don’t play!

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