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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Afternoon Feeds

August 28, 2019 | 139 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s campaign day in the Big Brother house and Nick is off to a roaring start by spending the afternoon reading. I never thought I’d be watching a live feed of someone reading, but here I am. All 4 feeds are currently on Nick doing nothing. Why?

Watching Nick read summarizes this week perfectly – boring. There has been absolutely nothing going on this week which has once again been hijacked by a terrible twist that doesn’t impact the game. While the results still likely would have been the same with Nick and Christie being nominated, we’d at least have a week with Christie stewing over being put up as a pawn by Holly. Now everyone knows it was Nick and he’s walking out the door so nobody cares.  About as blood free as you can get this week thanks to production and their ridiculous twists.

I’m not putting the sole blame on production for the week. Nick has done a terrible job campaigning and he’s basically been one of the first people in a few weeks to just roll over and die. I guess this late in the season, you can either smell $500k or you are anxious to get out of that building. Nick seems like the latter. Maybe he’ll surprise me with some spunk tonight but for now, nothing.

BBJ Pet of the Day

Here are four sent in by Patricia! Quite the handful she has going on with 3 kitties and 1 good girl! Meet Peaches, Patches, Angel, and Lilly Bell (the pup).  Thank you for the submission!


12:30 pm – Nick is reading the bible and still studying the birds. Talk about holding out hope that comp comes back.

1:30 pm – Jackson is searching for pimples to pop. What the hell am I watching? Why is this house so nasty?

1:40 pm – Downstairs, Christie is telling Jackson how she’s going to try to pull Tommy back in. She thinks Tommy and Nick have a super tight bond and Tommy will need someone after (lol even on the block she’s looking out for her future)

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Holly and Jess are doing Nicole’s makeup

2:30 pm – Nick is working Tommy

Nick says he’s not making deals. He won’t make a deal with Tommy and he should just stay because America wants him there (we don’t. We wanted you to get Christie out, bro)

Tommy leaves Cliff enters

Nick begins his campaign by rambling about how he is the prankster and he could have put up Cliff (is that a threat?). He also pushes America on him ‘would America reward someone who is lying?’

Nick points out how Christie will have a good end-game speech by surviving the block 3x in a row. If Nick leaves, there is no more ‘alpha male target’ after Jackson (what?)

Nick is talking so fast it’s like he’s speed dating this campaign. Every time Cliff tries to talk, Nick just keeps going. Lay off the speed

When someone looks at you like this, don’t even bother. They’re not listening. Cliff has checked out of this conversation

Nick’s back on America. Stop. We don’t have your back

Up in the other room, Nicole is done and Jackson is all about that. He says she looks Hotttt

Here is a better angle of her makeover

Good job, ladies. She looks all grown up. Our little Nicole has grown up!

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