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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Afternoon Updates

Good afternoon, everyone


Just one more full day of this nonsense before a new HoH is picked. Please for the love of all things Big Brother let it be someone who shakes things up. I think the best case situation right now is either Jackson or Holly because the rest of the house will just fall in line and likely evict either of those two.

The house will come together and decide if they’re keeping Cliff or Kat this week but it’s likely going to be Cliff. It just makes so much more sense on a game standpoint. Both would be very tough to beat in the final 2 but Cliff would be easier to beat in virtually any physical/endurance comp coming up. While I’m not a big fan of that happening, I’m just looking at the game strategically and what those in charge should do in their shoes.

Other than that, there isn’t much to talk about so I’m going to jump into the BBJ Pet of the Day!


Here are Oreo and Rokkett submitted by Lynn. Two very beautiful kitties!


11:20 AM – Nick is laying in bed with Sis (of course) talking about how good they feel in the game.


Tommy wants to secure the 6 through the double eviction they still think is coming up

1:15 pm – Nick is explaining to Holly how he has to keep things equal because once one side gets too strong, he’s screwed.

Update – NK updated her information so feel free to donate here!

1:45 pm – Kat and Cliff are making rounds campaigning. As I said earlier in the week, it’s mostly irrelevant what they say because the house knows the pros and cons of both and it’s about keeping whoever works best for them.  Kat is talking to Christie and pointing out the major flaw in Kat’s game. Christie says Kat continues to say how Jackson is her #1 target to anyone who will listen yet Holly and Jackson are on board to keep her which is suspicious as hell. Christie is absolutely right which is why Kat is gone this week. She’s annoying, but a good player and sniffed that out immediately.


Christie says if she remained on the block she was going home. Kat disagrees. This conversation is going horrible for Kat because Christie is right yet Kat continues to obviously lie.

In another room, Nick is re-telling his conversation to Jackson how cool he is with him and Holly blah blah

Jackson says he still wants to work with him moving forward and Nick replies that he wants to get Gr8ful back


Nick says he can’t break a promise because that’s two jury votes against him if he does so he is definitely not putting Jackson or Holly up.  Jackson leaves and Nick whispers something to the cam which sounds like he just repeats that statement to us and how he has to play safe.

2:45 pm – Kat is campaigning to Nick

She tells him how Cliff is the smartest player in the house. Superfan. Beat David in coming back.  Basically, she doesn’t want to trash Cliff which is understandable but she’s pointing out how big of a threat Cliff is. One of her things is that he’s older so he probably doesn’t give a shit about the people in the house. Weird. I guess us old people don’t like youngins. Her main point is that Cliff is established in life and isn’t too concerned about backstabbing people. I guess that’s why he backstabbed Christie when he had a chance (oh, wait. He didn’t)

Nick begins fake crying. Maybe real crying but nobody cares.

Running out for a bit. Will likely create a new post after the CBS episode


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  1. AIO_7

    .” I think the best case situation right now is either Jackson”….

    I’m all for Jackson winning HoH. The question is … will Production let Chrusty or Tommy leave.

  2. hogwild

    I still think if Cliff were to win HOH he would go after Christie and Tommy.

  3. KelBel

    Those are some gorgeous kitties!!! <3

  4. hogwild

    They are nice looking cats even so I still maintain cats are jerks.

  5. ShoeLover

    Cute kitties!! My parent’s orange and white striped cat is also named Rocket!!

    You would think by now some of the houseguests would start realizing that they won’t win against Cliff and maybe Kat if they were in a F2 with either of them. I understand the needed votes in the house now, but if Cliff goes with any of them I see him winning. I can’t see this season as one who wins the most comps or the most competitive. I see this one as being the social game winner this year. They always talk about how honest Cliff is and he does stand by his word, and I think they will focus on that and choose him as the winner. If he makes it to F2

  6. Nancy

    Beautiful cats, lynn

  7. hogwild

    I think it’s funny Tommy is convinced there is a double eviction this week I can’t remember them ever doing with just one person already in jury. Have a good cat meme to post when I get home.

  8. HappyHippo

    On a side note it really pisses me off how they cater to JJ. I have feeds on in the background and he just told nick and tommy he had some nasty nasty dreams last night and they cut away to a different room. What’s the point in 24/7 live feeds if they cut away every time there is potential controversy. Ridiculous. Not that I care what his drama were…I’m just saying

  9. CatLover

    Beautiful cats Lynn.

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  11. Betty Boo

    No doubt Nick will win HOH, so we will have his nasty drama all week long.

  12. Katheryn

    Best case scenario is Jackson to Win HOH or Jess again 🙂

    • Nancy

      I would love nicole to win and show strength like jess did.

      • Colby

        I would like Nicole to win, but it worries me that she may be falling for Nicks BS.
        Maybe if Cliff stays she will listen to him instead of Nick.

      • Nancy

        I’m just hoping she hasn’t fallen for Nick’s koolaid, and is just passing time listening to him..pacifying him, so to speak..and I do believe she’d listen to cliff if they get time together..you know nick will be all over her, figuratively and literally

    • danmtruth

      Not jess she is full on christie is the best and she is so honest excuse me as i vomit

      • HappyHippo

        Not Jess. She’s a sheep at this point

      • Nancy

        But a ‘cool sheep’

      • NKogNeeTow

        The problem I have with Useless Jess is that she did exactly what I expected her to do once her HOH was over. She ran scared and reverted back to her previous annoying, ass-kissing self. Since her reign is over, she is back to being invisible again and is therefore once again, roaming the halls looking for conversations that she’s not invited to but tries to insinuate herself into. Jess might be capable of making strong moves but she has the nerve to do so as long as she has power. When she’s not HOH, she could always try to use that temporary surge of strength by trying to persuade others. But instead, she chooses to blindly run behind those whom she thinks she can hide behind.

        Simple Sis is the other bane of my existence. Since Jack has been gone, there have been a few times where she’s shown some glimmer of hope and take one step forward, only to turn around and say something stupid and stumble two steps back. SS winning HOH would be pointless because she would only be capable of thinking the thoughts others put in her head (think Nick/TT).

    • Purring

      I want Jess to win HOH because she gets things done and won’t buckle under pressure.

  13. Sophie

    Someone posted a link about a possible genetic syndrome JJ might have. I can’t find that post. Anyone remember what it’s called, or know where that’s posted? I think it was right, btw.

    • Mary

      Prader Willi Syndrome

      • Avatar

        I have a friend who’s daughter has Prader Willi. It causes obesity, intellectual difficulty and shortness. My friend has to lock up all the food in her house or her daughter will eat herself to death.

      • AIO_7

        ….”intellectual difficulty and shortness”.

        That’s why I don’t think Jackson has that particular disorder. His is probably more like a common oral fixation.

    • Mary

      Don’t know if he has it or not. It would explain his constant eating habits, it’s why I researched it. He did say he was obese as a kid and has been bullied. (( shrugging shoulders ))

      • Sophie

        I do think you’re right. I really do. Especially now that I’ve read about the physical characteristics, like corners of mouth turn down, and almond shaped eyes. Great call! That explains a lot.

      • ElaineB

        Might be best to leave diagnosis of medical conditions to the doctors.

    • Valerie

      It would be interesting if he had that. Says. No known cases of fathering a child. That they are usually short. So he seems to fit some if the symptoms but after reading it he seems to be missing some of the markers. If he does have it hope Holly doesn’t want biological kids with her southern gentleman as she calls him.

  14. Avatar

    I thought he had proders Willie syndrome..I mentioned it a few weeks ago..some one with this always hungry..that’s why I think he eats water Mellon so he don’t gain weight..most do real bad

  15. Lather

    Nick humps Tommy again last night and Tommy finally tells him NO, GUYS DON’T LIKE THAT.


    • Nancy

      Oh, Sick Nick was rejected..btw nicky poo..girls dont like that either…

    • Alda

      Nick acted really surprised when Tommy said that.The look on TT’s face was not a joke either.He was pissed.

    • danmtruth

      You can tell Tommy was not happy

    • NKogNeeTow

      This brings me to some of the comments on Mel’s morning recap. A lot of you think Nick should be ejected from the game for his behavior. It is no secret how I feel about him. In fact, it’s no secret how I feel about any of them…lol. But, as far as hoping he’ll be kicked out because of some of the things he says or does, it’s not going to happen. Remember, this is supposed to be a social experiment. And it’s not even an original concept. The first reality show was MTV’s “The Real World” which started in the early 1990s. I remember because I was completely mesmerized by it and watched it for years.

      When the HG get out of hand, either racially, sexually or otherwise, Production will only step in to talk to them about it. They might try to nudge them in another direction but they can’t or won’t directly interfere. The only time they will physically remove someone is if things turn physical and they believe someone is in danger of harming others or themselves. As much as we dislike it, Nick won’t be removed unless he does something so detrimental that it would cause the show legal problems if he stayed.

      To sum it all up, the best we can hope for is that the HG get so sick of him they kick his sorry ass to the curb.

  16. Good Dog

    This season blows. Generates about the same amount of excitement as would be watching Jack alone in the jury house . Remember how excited we were waiting to see who survived camp comeback? Ah, the good old days.

  17. mm22

    Lynn your cats are great! I really enjoy seeing all the pets and who they belong to-
    Steve great idea.

  18. Good Dog

    I’m starting to feel towards Jackson the way I felt about Cody. Hated him at first then rooting for him when the house turned against him.

  19. hogwild

    Nick really is an idiot his obsession of wanting to reform the alliance that back stabbed him twice already is unreal.

  20. Punkytripster2

    I think we can all be in agreement that Jackson is who would be best for the next HOH. We already got robbed with Crazy Christie coming off the block. A Nick and Christie or Tommy and Christie nomination would be good because if Sis or Nick or Tommy (depending on who was up) won veto they would have to make their game known. Who would they pick to come off the block. Jackson could tell Nick and/or Tommy that he is using him as a pawn. I want to say Cliff would do the same thing but yesterday he told Nicole that they would be better going with Christie and Tommy instead of JJ/Holly which really disappointed me. If he would have said let’s pretend were with them and then do what we want if we win HOH then I would be more hopeful.

  21. Sophie

    “Nick begins fake crying. Maybe real crying but nobody cares.”
    Probably the best line I’ve read to date!

  22. Punkytripster2

    I hope so Pablo and Hog my fingers are crossed too that if Cliff or Nicole win they take that shot at Tommy and Christie they are a lot more threatening than jJ and Holly at this point in the game. Nick keeps saying he has Nicole and Cliff but he admitted in the DR that he wants to work with CC, WoA, and Tammy because their the stronger group. Please Nicole DONT listen to NN #NickSTFU

  23. Avatar

    Jackson and Holly are as big of idiots as Christie or Tommy. All 4 of them need to be gone, in my opinion.

  24. mustangsally

    Did CBS change tonight’s start time?

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  26. Alda

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to see BB tonight.Our channel here in South Jersey/Philadelphia has been following a shooter all afternoon.Six police officers shot in Philly.The shooter is still in the house.Over 100 rounds have been fired.Prayers for the officers and this neighborhood.

  27. Avatar

    I agree, JJ and HollyBeth would mix it up. But I’m still gonna hope for a random win by Nicole because wouldn’t that be fun! Then she can return the favor and keep the remaining 6 of the H8ful out of the HOH room while she does as she pleases!

  28. Mary

    Oh my gosh, tomorrow cannot come soon enough. Listening to Kat crying, or talk about rubbing friends penis with their foot. Please tell me they hear the camera people laughing.

  29. SoftKitty

    I’m in love with Oreo and Rokket! They make a fabulous pair of bookends, Lynn!

  30. SoftKitty

    If you would have asked me two weeks ago who I detested the most, it would have been Jackson hands down. But now…. JJ has fallen to third after Nick, Christie and Tommy. And maybe even below Sis! My how this game changes week to week!

  31. caRyn

    Isabella broke up with Nick on Twitter. She doesn’t like that Nick is cozy with Analyse.

  32. Nancy

    Ever notice, jess speaks coherently, without hesitation or the word like, when in DR?
    Reckon how many takes it took to get that shot!?

  33. Helen

    Cliff best ramp up his campaign…Kat is gonna keep crying those fake tears and make everyone feel sorry for her..
    She cries on command and can stop on a dime…

  34. Helen

    So far Kat has promised veryone in the house she would never put them otb

  35. Mary

    Kat crying saying she doesn’t want to go, “I haven’t won an HOH yet” Wasn’t it last night she was telling Nicole she has been throwing them so she wouldn’t put a target on her back, that she could have won most of them?

  36. AIO_7

    o.k., Tommy won veto in a legit veto comp. That’s the way I like it; to see the whole thing.

    • danmtruth

      I need help In past OTEV i thought they rehid the answer after each round Just to avoid what Kat was doing By stashing answers in a corner If yoy can believe him Nick knew just where the answer to the last question In the oast i thought the answers were moved after each round to help keep it fair

  37. Nancy

    Please please please..did Sis say, ‘ pigeons are walking rats’…

  38. NKogNeeTow

    It tickled me watching Cliff do the Old Folks Shuffle when dancing..lol

  39. hogwild

    What you think everytime you hear Tommy or Christie say I love you.

  40. Mr. Beardo

    This crop of houseguests is straight up awful. I’m debating about even watching tonight’s broadcast. I should cancel my cbs all access.. Ugh y’all are the only bright spot on this blight of a season.

  41. Avatar

    You know, I am a huge BB fan which is why this season sucks so very much.

    Last year’s group was so much fun but also intelligent, to the point where the game was almost clinical. No huge fights, (after Bayleigh blew up of course), lots of blind sides and people just really good at playing the game.

    That is why I truly believe that CBS needed to shake things up and they went way too far. They put a group in the house that is emotionally unstable. Unfortunately for them, this is not entertaining. It is nauseating.

    Mrs. Moonves going after Jack, (who was also a major tool), was idiotic. There has been many people in past seasons that went well beyond what Jack had said. And to claim racism, well go back and listen to Bayleigh from last year and she was never even asked. CBS was trying to get us to fall in love with the idea of her and Swaggy P.

    CBS, this is a great game. You do not have to mess with it to make us watch. Just leave them be, like it was in the beginning. We will watch, I promise.

    Rant over

  42. SoftKitty

    Time to hit the hay folks. NK, I’ll read you in the morning! G’night y’all!

  43. Good Dog

    I think one of the reasons we all get along so well on this site is our mutual love for our pets. I don’t post much but read all comments everyday. Just can’t help it. It would be great if someone from our side wins Hoh. Interesting to see how everyone would react. At least the game is getting more unpredictable as who they would put on the block. If Nichole won, I know Jess would be sleeping in Hoh bed every night with her new bff.

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