Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Evening/Overnight Feeds


Good evening, everyone

There was little game talk today inside the Big Brother house as they spent the afternoon doing a fashion show (see the pictures here). The CBS episode wasn’t too eventful other than Cliff securing his 2 week deal with the alliance. We knew all that already.

It’s an even slower evening which is why I merged the evening and the overnight thread. It happens. The week is essentially wrapped up and everyone is just waiting for Bella to be evicted and gearing up for the endurance comp.   (get your live feeds here)

Not much to talk about which is shocking for me, but that’s how slow things are. Let’s get into updates until I crash

  • 7:00 pm – Bella and Nick are snuggling on the couch while talking to Sam
    • Many others are in the kitchen cleaning up
  • 8:00 pm – Bella is telling Nicole how she’s still going to campaign a bit but she knows there isn’t much hope
    • They are kind of hoping Jackson will flip. I mean that is probably the best chance but it’s still SUPER slim chance.  I can see them trying to convince Jackson to be the lone alpha
    • Nicole tells Sam that Jackson is just humoring Bella by giving her a chance
    • Nicole wonders if Christie told her Jackson was lying just to make sure Nicole votes out Bella. Overthinking it really, but it’s good to see them try
  • 9:50 pm – It seems Nick and Jackson are having words but the feeds keep cutting away. I’m trying to find it on the feeds
    • Nick is now in the bathroom venting to Kat
    • Christie heads into the boat room to chat with Jess about nothing really. Still can’t find anything about Nick but he seems upset
    • Nicole comes in and Christie tells her the plan is still on for voting out Bella
    • Nicole says a lot of people have been cornering her for the vote and it’s scaring her.

Ok, small update tonight, but I expect more updates in the comment section overnight.

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