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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Evening Thread

Good evening, everyone!


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house which means the last full day of campaigning for both Jack and Jackson. Well, mostly for Jack. He knows he’s in rough shape right now and is desperately trying to flip votes. He still hasn’t enacted ‘plan blackmail’ where he’s going to threat Kat that he’ll expose her game unless she votes for him. I am anxiously awaiting this to see just how much she laughs at him. He has two things on her. First, she played as a mole for their alliance early in the season. Second, she knew about the flip vote that got Cliff out.

The big thing with that is – nobody will really care. Kat has been friends with Jess so she may be a little hurt, but that’s about it. All these ‘evil’ things Kat did were early in the game when she was on her own so the chances of Nicole, Jess, or Cliff even blinking an eye at learning about that stuff is slim to none. I actually really hope Kat calls Jack on that bluff and we get to see what happens when he reveals it to the house and nobody cares.

Tonight on CBS is the veto episode, so I know a lot of people are tuning in after that to find out what they think will happen tomorrow night. Here is what to expect:


Jack is going to jury

Not much else to it. Nick may or may not create a tie, but in the event of a tie, Jess is voting out Jack. When you watch tomorrow night, here is how the votes should go:

  • Christie, Sis, Tommy – Jackson
  • Holly, Kat, Nicole, Cliff – Jack
  • Nick – swing vote

If Christie, Sis, or Tommy vote Jack, they’re voting with the house and he’s gone. If Nick votes Jack out, he’s gone. However, if Holly, Kat, Nicole, or Cliff vote out Jackson, Jack will stay. So you’ll know the result based on the first few votes tomorrow night.

Before I begin the updates tonight, I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated this season. It really helps keep the site running as this beast is quite expensive per month. I squirrel away donations for the winter to pay those big fees. If you’d like to donate, here is the link.


Also, join the live feeds


1:45 pm – Christie is talking to Jack in the shower.

They then go into the bedroom to talk some more. Updates on this shortly.


Meanwhile, get a room:

2:20 pm – Jess is talking to Nicole. They aren’t sure who they want to go home but they know that Jack will come after them where Jackson is still up in the air so they’re going to keep Jackson but they’re not confident about it .

Nicole knows that after this week, that 6 is going to try to reform and become an alliance once again likely with Nick. She is very aware of her surroundings. Her awareness of the house has dramatically improved since that rogue vote opened her eyes to the alliance.


Apparently, Jack is going to try his blackmail attempt after dinner. Fun times.

5:05 pm – Kat and Jess are talking in the HoH room

We’re still on Blackmail Watch and Jack has yet to come to Kat about his ridiculous proposal. Do it, Jack!

They continue talking about the future. They hope that Holly and Jackson are on their side but don’t expect it and don’t tell them anything important. Basically use them to keep getting out Tommy, Christie, etc.

Meanwhile, downstairs, frick and frack are sitting here happy because Cliff convinced Jack that he’d work with them.  (pretty sure Cliff was humoring Jack)


In the other room, Nick is still convincing Jackson and Holly he’s voting with them.

5:30 pm – Frick and Frack are still talking when Jack comes in to join the conversation.

Tommy leaves and of course he ‘loves you guys’. Stop saying you love everyone. Hate that. (minor rant)


Jack tells Christie he’d die for her. She says ‘ditto’. Not exactly the reply I’d want from something so serious.  “I love you”, “ditto”

Sounds like he’s going to use the Kat blackmail as last-minute if Cliff doesn’t fall through.

Jack ends up telling Cliff about the blackmail plan and Cliff says he’s going to really think about working with him (he’s not really thinking about it)

6:00 pm – Feeds down for likely midway party


7:45 pm – Feeds still down

8:00 pm – Cliff is re-telling the old conversation with Jack. He wants to tell Kat about it to prepare for it. Nick says ‘they’re going to know it’s you and they’ll target you’

Cliff says he doesn’t care that Kat was working with them. That was when they were all kind of floating and working alone. Jack enters.

They talk a little about it and then Cliff leaves. Jack tells Nick it may have been a mistake to tell Cliff about it. Nick says he doesn’t think Cliff will say anything but he (Jack) may want to tell Kat before it gets back to her. Nick tells him that Jack will be back anyway from battle back they think is happening.

Jack says he’s going to give a general campaign to Kat and trust Cliff not to say anything.


Closing this. Overnight thread is here


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  1. hogwild

    I really love the logic of the three stooges Jack, Tommy and Christie no offense to fans of the Stooges with the comparison but the plan is we have been jerks and assholes to you for most of the season so to get you not to vote me out I’m going to double down on that and be an even bigger jerk and A-hole by trying to blackmail you.

  2. NKogNeeTow

    I just signed up for the Feeds and am listening to them in the background as we speak (Lord, I’ll never get any rest now…lol)

    DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP THROUGH THIS SITE SO STEVE CAN GET CREDIT FOR IT. As a major Blogger, he may get a chance to go to the Finale. If he goes, we all go (figuratively). Let’s support our Fearless Leader! 🙂

  3. NKogNeeTow

    One thing I was thinking of, with the first going to Jury this week, this eviction will show how well the remaining HG handle Jury management (think Josh). Will they keep in mind that the same people they vote out will be the same ones they need to vote for them in the end? The winner should be based on gameplay but we know that hasn’t always happened. In the past, some jurors vote emotionally instead of logically (which in itself is hard with this group).

    Just thinking out loud. 🙂

  4. NKogNeeTow

    There was an interesting convo in the HOH between Nicole and HOH Jess. Nicole made sure she reiterated to Jess that AD is the nucleus of his group. She repeated it over and over like she wanted to make sure Jess had it emblazoned in her brain.

    • ElaineB

      I think the others of the Defunct Six will be easier to pick off by the Outsiders, if Jack-Ass is gone. He has the trio: Ana, Tommy, Christie, which makes them a good foursome (yes, maybe even for sex…who knows with them). I used to like Holly, but she is on my shit list now, for all her gross-mance, with Michie-Ass. I don’t watch him a lot on feeds, but did see him cramming pieces of watermelon into his mouth, with the fridge door wide open. Damn girl (Holly), set the bar higher!

    • danmtruth

      Nugget is showing some game muscle She understands how jack is sooooo insincere Remember she was with Kemi when jack gave the sugery im only doing this because i care water bottle speach His delivery to her last night on the hammock The tone was very similar and thats what nicole heard To jack he was dazaling her with his charm How wrong can he be

  5. Nancy

    Nicole’s mantra..’AD is the nucleus’
    Get it Jessica..retain it Jessica

  6. Lather

    I swear last night on bbad those two, J & S, were in bed, face to face a foot apart pleasuring each other. No shame. Full camera view.

  7. Sassy


    AD/Cliff – AD is pumping up Cliff. Cliff asks if he can actually be IN the group, like meeting and talk etc… AD plugs his high status in the game and basically says he can if that’s what Cliff really wants. Cliff bargains if there is space for him, maybe. AD only wants to talk in truths (hehehe!!). AD praises himself for some time. He’s great, honest, blah blah blah. He says TT, Sis want to give him 3 and AD is offering 4, but has to be reciprocal or it can be 3 weeks without being reciprocal. Cliff explains that there’s no need to make these offers if he’s part of the group, it should go without saying. AD repeats the deal.

    I’m not sure if Cliff is seriously considering this. He’s not giving a direct answer. Cliff says he’s waiting on a few people to decide what they are doing. AD says NN will go with the numbers. AD is not going for HoH this week and is willing to go OTB to show his loyalty. AD says if Cliff gets HOH he will totally back him. AD has said a couple times he does not know where CC will vote. Cliff thought they were good with each other. AD said he always said he would do anything for CC but she is playing her own game which is fine with him.

    AD says he’s trying to make this a house vote. They talk aboutNicole, nothing really. Cliff says he’ll give his answer tomorrow at noon.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    AD just took Uncle Cliff into the boat room. Could this be his big pitch?

    Cliff asks AD if they work together going forward, does that mean he’s getting into that group. AD tells him it depends and he knows he is a powerful player. He says that if it’s something Cliff wants, he’s (AD) has built his way into his group that he can make it happen. He says he doesn’t want to campaign against JJ. He tells Cliff that it makes him more comfortable to do that (to be part of AD’s group).

    Cliff says that if something happens, he doesn’t want to be out there all alone. He says he knows it’s CC/TT and AD/SS. AD told him he doesn’t want to jeopardize Cliff’s position. He tells him he wants to offer him a deal from himself and multiple people (CC/TT/SS). He says he doesn’t usually speak for other people but he knows that TT/Sis wants to offer Cliff 3 weeks of safety but he would like to offer him 4 and that Cliff can put him up as a shield.

    Cliff says that if he does that then he would be pissing off some people. He says that if they are working together there would be no reason to put him up. AD offers him the deal again. Cliff is hedging but not confirming. AD tells him that he understands if Cliff doesn’t feel comfortable making the deal. Cliff says at the end of the day he has no issues with it. He says he’s not saying yes or know but he wants to see where the collateral damage will be. *The collateral damage will be AD..lol*

    AD tells him he hasn’t spoken to Nick yet but he will and that so far Cliff is the 4th. He says he doesn’t know about Nick yet but he knows he can speak for SS and TT and if he wants to speak to CC and Nick he can. Cliff tells him that he’s a strong player (AD). AD tells him he’s willing to go back up to prove his loyalty to the house. Cliff says there will be some pissed off people and one of them may get HOH and if that happens he wants to see what happens first.

    AD tells him he knows where SS and TT are going to land but not sure about CC. Cliff says he’s always assumed that AD and CC were tight. AD says she was always someone he was loyal to. AD says she’s playing her own game but he does trust her.

    When the convo finishes, AD tells Nick that he thinks Cliff is going to take the deal. *This entire convo was funny as hell.*

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Damn, I KNEW this was going to happen if I got the Feeds! Now I have to tear myself away long enough to get other things done and just TRY to only listen to them. lol

  10. Sassy

    Target Room

    AD thinks Cliff is gonna take the deal. He tells TT/SS/NN about the convo. CC walks in, convo stops. TT asks what he’s gonna say to Beth. AD said he’s gonna say the same thing to Beth that JJ said to SS. CC asks how he feels and AD says good. He tells her he thinks he has Hogg. He said Cliff is partial to Nicole but he understands she’s not a competitor. He retells that Cliff wants to be IN the group. He thinks it’s shitty for not wanting to make a decision until noon tomorrow and that may postpone his talk with Kat.

    NN, SS, TT, CC and AD are celebrating. CC wants to have a convo with Cliff, so they can decide together who to vote for. I think NN is all in with this side. CC is tossing around the Bible. CC asks if anyone has recommendation. CC leaves to read the Bible.

    AD tells how he didn’t say anything bad about CC. He thought Cliff was impressed with the 4 weeks. AD continues to Pat his own back. Nick is gonna talk to Cliff tonight. AD TELLS the group Hogg is a bad ass player!

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Uncle Cliff is now in the HOH telling Nicole about AD’s pitch. She says “Is he God?” *LOLOLOL* Cliff says AD’s math is wrong. He says AD says he’s going to talk to Nick but Cliff seriously doesn’t think that AD is going to tell Nick that Cliff has a higher ranking. *This is getting funnier by the minute.* Cliff told Nicole about AD telling him about the “good” talk he had with Nicole. Cliff says that if he took AD’s deal, he’d obviously be devoured by wolves. He says he’s not taking it (the deal). R-O-F-L.

    • g8trgirl

      Thank G-d cuz for a minute there it sounded like Cliff was really falling for Jack’s crap.

      • Purring

        It will be funny when AD realizes that Cliff was just stringing him along. I wonder if he is stalling because he knows talking to Kat would be stupid or if he is scared of her reaction, maybe she will blow up at him and he is scared of that, the big macho ego that he is?

      • ElaineB

        Get out ‘power’ players when you can. Deals can be the devil in disguise, and since you can ‘bounce checks’ in the BB house, gotta be careful who you trust. Yea Cliff!

      • ElaineB

        LOL at my own words related to Cliff. He passed on the opportunity to take out a ‘power’ player on his HOH. C’mon Cliff, NOW is the time!

  13. hogwild

    Kind of unrelated but why do people come to you when your in the shower wanting to have a conversation? That is not the place I want to have an in depth game converstaion with someone.

  14. Mary

    Hit the door Jack, and leave the carrot.

  15. Avatar

    I just got home from work and am watching last nights BBAD so this is old news but Nichole must be tasting like some really great BBQ because Jack is blowing so much smoke up her ass!

  16. Sassy

    I walked away to cook dinner and now my feeds don’t work. I guess it’s time to move into something else for the night. I may check back later.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nooo Sassafrass. Get those feeds back up and running girl! I need to run out and try to get some stuff done and I need somebody to let me know what’s going on while I’m gone. It’s only going to be for about an hour but still… That’s why I hate getting the doggone feeds, I’m too damn nosey to not know what happens…lol

      • Nancy

        FOMO..is real

      • Charlotte

        NK, thank you for being nosey! Along with all the others that keep us informed. Love my summers with all of y’all!

      • ElaineB

        NK, you are at your BB Best when you get the feeds!

      • Sassy

        They still aren’t working. I was planning to watch til midnight when you start to do BBAD, but I guess not. I figured it might get good, a lot was talked about today, and since everyone tells everyone everything, it should cause a little drama!

      • Avatar

        Thank you NK.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Just finished watching the show (good thing I record it). It wasn’t bad. I’m hoping that things will get ramped up tonight.

        Keep trying Sassafras! You’re going to need those feeds tonight in case something happens and ESPECIALLY tomorrow. You know these numbnuts are going balls to the walls tomorrow…lol

        BTW: Did AD do his blackmail thingy with Kat and if so, how did she take it?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Elaine the feeds will have me in a zombie state…lol. Last year between BBAD and the feeds, I got a total of 2-4 hours of sleep a night. I spent a lot of time with my head on the keyboard zonked out..lol.

      • ElaineB

        Am going to Fed-Ex ‘No-Doze’ to you NK. Just remember, you will have three seasons to sleep. LOL. You da best girl! Thx for all you do! *kisses*

      • NKogNeeTow

        Since BBAD doesn’t come on until 1 tonight, I’m debating whether to try to get in at least an hour nap but I’m afraid I might oversleep. Now with these daggone feeds, I’m also afraid I’m going to miss something good, like a fight or something. lol

      • ElaineB

        NK~ Like you said, BB recap is part of your DNA. Which ever way you go, us Junkies will continue to be entertained and informed. *smoochies*

  17. kneeless

    Jess & Kat talking in HOH. Jess saying that Sabrina’s grandparents live in Dallas. Jess & hubs have talked abt moving to Dallas. Kat responds that living in Dallas would make travel easy, with the airport! Kat, Chicago has a major airport! smh & laughing at the same time!

  18. kneeless

    I hear tonight is the finale of Orgy Island. Why don’t we just send these sex-crazed couples there.

  19. danmtruth

    This is prime gladas Kravitz’s time so many side conversations CC is funny because everyone who checks in after talking to Jackson she quickly ask so is he/they coming after me I know they are STFU everything is not about you CC

  20. danmtruth

    So Jack in a last ditch effort to get Cliffs vote Just told him the plan to kind of sorta blackmail Kat with the info that Kat knew about the house flip to send Cliff out That she voted to keep Cliff to hide that she was a mole for Jackson and holly Also that kat did not tell Jess Cliff stood by his thanks i wont tell you what to do It just gives me more to think about old Cliff still wont tell him how is voting haha Way to give away your big bullet to someone who calls kat his bb daughter Now CC has Cliff in the boatroom

    • Alda

      Dan,don’t you think Jack told Cliff about his blackmail plan thinking that Cliff would warn Kat that she better keep Jack, knowing Cliff would try to protect Kat?In turn,Cliff would also vote to keep Jack.

  21. SoftKitty

    Went to the dentist today. Have to get a root canal. And yet, I still think JJ, AD, CC, and TT, are worse than the $1000 I’m going to shell out for this painful procedure!

  22. Pink13

    A banner running on the TV screen tells me that tomorrow’s show will be aired at 1:30 am due to Cleveland Browns pre season foot ball! CRAP!
    I have all access, can I watch live episodes on there?

  23. Nancy

    I know kat is a mean girl..but I have a love/hate with her..she just makes me laff.

    • Avatar

      Like Mel says, she is a funny mean girl….I like her.

    • LO1004

      I dont like her anymore. It’s one thing if she made a comment here or there, but it’s all the time now. Every chance she gets. She’s mean spirited and I’m not on board. And, Holly never seemed to be a mean person, but the more she hangs w Kat, the meaner she gets too. It’s sickening.

  24. hogwild

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe tomorrow night which jackass bro will go?

  25. Painter1

    Watching the show and just saw JJ listening in on CC,,AD, TT. Talk about their plans Paybacks

  26. danmtruth

    Why are the feeds down ?whats with seeing puppy’s

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  28. Sassy

    Tommys birthday is tomorrow. Happy birthday Twinkle Toes enjoy celebrating without your eye candy!!! What a present…

  29. Nancy

    I ain’t waiting till tomorrow..I hv jacks moving van up and waiting…I’ll even take jackson..I’m ready

  30. Mary

    Just curious, have any of you heard Cliff use the F-word during any of his conversations with other house guests?

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, check your messages.

  32. ElaineB

    “I’ve been a pretty decent guy in this house”….oh Jack-Ass, if you only knew. By the way Christie, David, Ovi, and Kemi…..didn’t “deserve to go”.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Why are the feeds back on in the bathroom with CC and WoA talking, yet the 4 cams at the top still show the puppies?

  34. NKogNeeTow

    WoA just told CC that tomorrow she’s wearing a short, low cut romper to give AD something to remember if he’s leaving.

  35. Vikki T

    AD campaigning to Nicole – “I was loyal to a fault to one side and I now want to show that I can be loyal to almost anybody.” Boy, that would really make me want to run in front of everyone and vote for him to stay. And he cannot even keep eye contact with her which is a true sign of a liar.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    AD has Nicole cornered in the boat room. He just apologized for the way he treated her. He said he’s not going to campaign against JJ. He’s laying it on thick and telling how much he trusts her and thinks she’s a great person and would to be able to prove himself to her. Says his campaign is simple and he just wants to prove how loyal he can be. He said groups are changed, people have changed. He said it’s not much of a campaign. She told him it’s a great campaign. He apologized to her again. She said she just wants to move forward. He told her he really enjoyed his time with her last night and getting to know her. She told him he’s a great person.

    He says he hopes some things change in the upcoming hours, then he says he knows some things will change. *He has NO idea! lol* He tells her no matter which the votes go or how it ends up, he still has her back. He says that if he comes back he will still have her back. *You couldn’t wade through this sh*t with combat boots.* They leave so he can go get Kat.

    On second thought, maybe I’d better not chance taking that nap.

    • danmtruth

      Jack has fooled himself into believing this is working Jack just how low has your game got that he is seeking advise from Nick Stop and think YOU ARE ASKING NICK FOR GAME MOVES At work we call that for cause testing time to pee in a cup because you got to be doing so.e hevey mind altering drugs

  37. ElaineB

    *Getting the waders out*

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Oh, oh…Kat’s turn. He’s talking to her now. He told her he would never be able to say sorry enough and tells her he wants to move forward being an honest person. He said she’s an incredibly loyal and honest person and he thinks she’s in an incredible position. He says he can only carry himself a certain way and can only prove himself by his gameplay. He says he can do that by being a shield. He said he trusts her and always will in the game and the things that happened on day 44 was his fault and he should have come to her first to talk to her. He says he respects her vote and whatever she chooses will be best for her game.

    He said that this game will show and reflect her as a person who is bright, intelligent and incredibly respected and he’s like to work with her going forward. He apologizes again. She says she doesn’t hold it against him. She says as far as the game move goes that every time he’s told her he had her back, he had her back and every time he told her she had his vote, she had his vote. But she wants to know why wasn’t she ever included in any of the alliance stuff and that she just wants to know why. He says he always wanted her to be the 7th. She said everyone said they were 7th. *LOL* He told her that although Nick/Bella was 7th and 8th, he told JJ he wanted to bring Kat in but JJ said no. AD said since JJ didn’t want it he said okay. He said but obviously, now he wants her a part of it. She says that now since the 6 have imploded she knows that he’s looking for the future. She says that if it’s just him, CC, and TT, they don’t have the numbers. *Straight, no chaser*

    She said that she just wants to make sure the person she keeps won’t be responsible for her demise somewhere down the line. He says the writing is on the wall. She asks him what he means. He gives some kind of jacked up response (no pun intended). He says he has spoken to Jess and he knows she was feeling left out and now he feels the same way. He says now he’s just trying to be loyal to people.

    • danmtruth

      Thanks just switch over was litening to cliff tell nick and holly there is no way he is not voting jack out Nick agree was just thinking how to break it to Jack tomorrow Sorry dude im hearing the votes are just not there

    • Nancy

      To little to late..pack..get in the damn van..leave those people alone..a week ago you had no time for them..you are an arrogant buffoon who thinks he’s better than other…(may I bbj )..#STFU AD

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