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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


The clock ticks slowly in this house when there is no drama and they’re all locked inside. On the bright side, there is an endurance competition tomorrow night, on the flip side, this cast will probably make it last like 30 minutes before they all give up. I don’t see it lasting very long because there is not much of an ‘other side’ at this point. Once Sam and Jess fall, Nick and Nicole will try to stay up a bit and could make it interesting, but once they’re down, it’s just a matter of figuring out who gets to have HoH this week.  I think Nicole has the body type to be a serious threat, but I don’t think she has the fire to make it through the burning pain that usually comes after an hour or two on a wall. We’ll see.

Bella made a push last night to stay in the house, but it’s just not happening. She’s too disliked overall and it’s going to be nearly impossible to secure 5 votes to form a tie.  Jess is far too weak of a player and likely won’t vote to evict Jack unless she is 150% certain they have the votes but it will never get to that point. Kat doesn’t want to keep Bella and she is essentially the deciding vote. Due to Kat’s unlikeliness to commit, it’s entirely possible that none of that side except Nick votes to keep Bella. They’re a bunch of sheep all ready to bolt from any trouble and can see a pack of wolves watching them.

  • 11:30 am – House is waking up.
    • Christie, Nick, Bella, and a few others are talking about the meeting the other night
    • Christie says the plan Nick came up was actually brilliant (and it should have happened)
    • Meanwhile,  Jack is campaigning to Nicole by fluffing her up and praising her
    • The talk ends and Nicole says to camera she has no clue who to vote for.
  • 12:30 pm – Nothing going on. Christie is showering and still talking. Does she ever stop
  • 1:00 pm – Sam is talking to Cliff about mulch. Riveting.
    • Sis is getting some freckles
  • 1:40 pm – Fashion show in 30 minutes I guess
    • Jess, no. Take out the arrows.
    • Production told Jess the arrows were weapons and had to take them out. Good save, production. Now they can air the fashion show without uproar
  • 3:30 pm – Here are the judges for the show
    • Tommy tells Kat there are 4 oceans lol. And she wants to clean then all without getting her hands wet
    • The final 3 (Cliff, Christie, and Jess) do a dance-off to show what they believe in
    • Cliff is the story of life
    • Christie is equality
    • Jessicas was a save the water rain dance.

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  1. hogwild

    Just BB 19 part two.

  2. Pink13

    Why can’t people vote how they want!?! No one knows who does what! Just stupidity!

    • hogwild

      It’s easier to just to take the path of least resistance and hope everything works out for you than try to make it work out for you. Six people have the game in their control four are SOL and they are because the last two are content just to sit back and wait till it’s their turn to be voted out,

  3. Avatar

    You know it’s bad when I am starting to miss Fessy. He was a doofus but a more lovable doofus. Can someone give these guys a how to play big brother handbook.

    • Sassy

      The problem is they tried being themselves and the DR scolded them because Social media was on fire over how awful these people really are, so now we get fake nice and disingenuous I love you’s. You can’t have it both ways, so this is what we are stuck with.

      • danmtruth

        Last night CC,AD,TT talking about Cliff proving his loyalty AD said the proof is in the pudding This caused an audible gasp with The three looking at each other like kids caught saying a bad word in school Quickly CC add slop pudding nervous laughter from TT Eye roll from AD These people just dont get it

  4. Sassy

    The sad part is, it doesn’t matter who gets HOH. The BEST anyone can hope for is getting rid of CCs power next week. The ONLY way that is not the best and only hope is if Nick or Sam win HOH AND Veto.

  5. hogwild

    Sadly for Nicole it really doesn’t matter who she votes for Thursday the targets going foreword are her Nick, Cliff and Sam unless one of them is HOH or someone on the six decides they want to go after a threat among them unlikely.

    • danmtruth

      If Sam & Nick are dead men walking than so is Jess and Nichole For no fault of her own The people who claim to have because of moral reason saved her last week Now want to get rid of her because she has not been greatful enough To dare say she will look to do whats best for her game The nerve of her not to just blindly offer her vote as they see fit

    • Helen

      Not necessarily….Christie and Kat we’re both talking about getting Jackson out…

  6. danmtruth

    You have 2 players Christie & Tommy who are doing a good job of playing all these people into handing over there game
    Kat feels she is sooo clever As she runs to Christie with everything she knows Thinking Christie will take her and Holly to the end
    Jess needs to turn in her Hellen Ready memorial I am women hear me roar award Lets see the evidence First night for camp director she proposes a womens block vote along with Tommy to have her as camp director That lasted untill Christie walked into the next room and decided to go with the big strong guy Then when Christie is HOH first week who are her first two noms ,,wait for it ,,,,,2 women Yes Jess i see why you want to work with her because Christie said she would like to work with you

  7. hogwild

    If the HOH comp is indeed the wall comp that could work in Nicole’s favor as that does not usually suit the big muscle guys very well. I hope she has watched before and seen how well that kneeling down stance worked for James in BB 17. I think it was 17.

  8. danmtruth

    Now the house is playing dress up Tommys idea to distract everyone
    The shame is despite knowing the vote should be all but licked down Mean Girl stupid club cant stop being upset and worried who Bella Nick and Sam are talking to More importantly who talks to them and does not give Tommy or Christie a transcript of what was said with in 5 min of said conversation ending

  9. kneeless

    If this HOH is endurance, I can see Tommy winning if it’s the wall. He’s smaller build & has good core strength from being a dancer. Nicole should do well, but like was already said, not sure she has the stamina. If Tommy wins it will be another extremely boring week. Time will tell…

  10. Cat Lady

    I don’t think any of these houseguests will be popular after the show is over.. I can’t say enough how disappointed I am this season..

    • hogwild

      No argument on that at least 18, 19, and 20 had some interesting after show people. Cody and Jessica from 19 going on and winning Amazing Race getting married and having a kid Victor and Nicole from 18 following them down the Race and getting married road Tyler and Angela being the couple from last season that is still making it outside the game. Don’t see anyone giving a flip about this group after the season is over.

      • danmtruth

        If anyone the first 3 are doing a good job Ovi seems to be following in Kaitlyn’s footsteps Making fun of how poorly he played Saying i was playing the wrong game I was on BB Yet i played lime i was on a backing compation
        Kat and Holly will get a boost in modeling jobs as should Jess Tommy will have a few doors open But over all looking at the last 4 seaso Not many have had much of an impact Dont see any breakout star

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  12. Mrs. Frisby

    Who ever wins HoH, I hope they backdoor Christie.
    I think if you cheat as a have not and get caught you become a permanent have not, caught again your deported.
    No No No, Kat you were my final pick, but I can’t pick a bath salts face eating, . ….oh my gaaaaahhhhdRaaaaalllphhhhh!!!; gross WTF, Cm’on!

  13. Mrs. Frisby

    My thoughts are so jumbled and scattered at the same time- need to decompress from work.

  14. hogwild

    Well these updates are bone crushingly boring no disrespect to our brave and courageous feed watchers you are doing all you can with what you have to work with.

  15. Avatar

    So…..in regards to Sis being an Instagram influencer, does any one else wonder what her platform might be? Maybe teaching other spoiled entitled girls how to be a ‘potty mouth’. Just wondering.

  16. Avatar

    Are we sure it’s endurance? Last week they were all dressed in athletic clothes as if it was an endurance comp, but we saw what type of comping really was.

    • hogwild

      No I’m, pretty sure it’s just speculation it is on my part if it is the wall comp it would good for Cliff not being able to play in that as it would not benefit him I can see him doing well in the mental comps.

  17. Mello_One

    Idk….I’m convinced that Jackson must have a relative, or someone who works for CBS, or Big Brother. Because he has broken penalty rules, by constantly eating while being a Have Not, and Jackson is always sleeping on the house Sofas. Why isn’t he being held accountable for breaking rules?!

    I believe that they have assessed Jackson one Penalty, but then he keeps Eating?!

  18. caRyn

    Outside the BB house it doesn’t look good for the hg to evict Isabella. Especially after the comment Jack made – rice pudding. Production has warned Jack three times at least this season and the other hg know this. I don’t know why they are oblivious to the viewer’s perception. Jessica isn’t the target next week thank goodness.

  19. hogwild

    Were those last two pics posted in the updates really necessary? I can never unsee that.

  20. ElaineB

    “Save the water” rain dance, as the HGs waste gallons of water to wash three plates.

  21. danmtruth

    I think it might had been BBAUS they had a bike the HG had to r
    Pump to fill a battery to run the house So hair drying becomes a big thing So yes make these HG earn some privileges

  22. hogwild

    No more pics please my hamburger is trying to come back up.

  23. HappyHippo

    Dang it what did I just miss..the live feeds cut from the boat room to the kitchen where holly was telling kat she was so nervous and her chest hurt?? Is something brewing or is this future stuff they were discussing ? Prob just getting my hopes up

  24. Avatar

    Really awful job by the houseguests today

    made this account just to say that

  25. Mel

    Who saw Cliff twerking? It was hilarious!

  26. Russell James Yost

    Chaos power = worthless

    Seriously one of the worst powers I have ever seen in a game.

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  28. Mrs. Frisby

    I like Cliffs’ and jj’s old glory hats.

  29. Kari

    The only thing that is halfway entertaining is when they get bored and do silly shows. Some of the makeup around the eyes is actually kind of cool. Cliff looks hilarious.

  30. Mrs. Frisby

    Time for The InBetween.

  31. Alf

    This is like the biggest bunch of fake people I think BB has ever put together.. calling them BF’ers instead of BB’er players that being Big Fakers…..

  32. LynnD

    URGH! Seriously Tommy and Christie welcome to Big Brother. I’m just now watching tonight’s episode and apparently guess who just woke up and found out their in a game? Oh and maybe feel that becoming crybabies will make everybody feel oh so bad for them.. Also apparently their reality check let them know that they are not totally in control. Now maybe you know how others feel? Oh wait……No you don’t……YOU’RE NOT ON THE BLOCK!

    • danmtruth

      No doubt those two were given the golden edit tonight So now we know who production sees as possibly in the finals
      Once more when pridution needs a certain outcome nithi g like having a timed comp Where we do not get to see how well they did in real time 2:58 fir Jackson ??!! ?? and thats with min 30 sec of penalties?
      Tinfoil hat off now
      Dedicated to me

  33. LynnD

    As usual I posted my comment before I read any comments that have been posted so please forgive me if I repeat anything anybody has said. Time is not my friend lately.

  34. Alf

    Everyone should pick now who they think will win. Me, I think it’s gonna be Jackson.

  35. Mrs. Frisby

    No worries it’s a big brother of wibley wobbly, timely whimy stuff.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    “Tommy tells Kat there are 4 oceans, lol. And she wants to clean the all without getting her hands wet”. Sounds like a Sis move…LOL

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