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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house and that means it’s campaign day for Cliff and Jessica! It’s their last chance to try and stay safe this week but they’ll have to work strategically because one of the voters has been puking her brains out since around 4 am. Holly (who looks exactly like Audrey in that photo above) is suffering from serious stomach issues which further exposes the thing least talked about this season – all the stomach illnesses.

I have blogged this show including three alternate seconds (BBOTT,CBB,CBB2) since BB13 and I’ve never seen a group of people ask sick as this group has been this summer. In fact, I can only really remember a handful of times someone has been sick in all the seasons yet this season there have been numerous people with intestinal issues. What is up with that house? I think I can think of one issue and that is the extremely unsanitary way they cook. I don’t often watch them prepare dinner, but whenever I do, I see really bad habits like not cleaning cutting boards or draining chicken juices into a sauce. I’m nowhere near an expert at cooking. The best I can do is make mac and cheese using the instructions from the box. However, I do know how bad cross-contamination can be as I have seen a number of people yelled at about it from Gordon Ramsey.

In ironically the cleanest house in a long time (there have been virtually no ants), this is the most dangerous I’ve seen it for food born illnesses. Needless to say, the only thing I’m surprised about today is that we don’t see more people sick on Wednesdays after watching how they prepared Taco Tuesday a few weeks back.


As far as the game goes, it’s still a battle to win over Nicole. Once again, she is the swing vote. For someone who has done virtually nothing this season other than be one of the few good people in the house, she has had a lot of power in who actually goes home every week. This week is probably the biggest decision for her as the rest of the season, and possibly her shot at at least $50k, rests in her hands. Cliff is a huge pawn for Jackson and Holly while Jess has been one for Tommy and Christie. Nicole has to choose which side she wants to lose its key pawn which could drastically hurt their power moving forward.

Let’s see how the day unfolds. Sorry about the delay today. I actually had most of this written up but had to run out before I could publish

Also, thank you a ton for donations!  You guys are amazing.

BBJ Pet of the Day


This is Bruno Mars sent in by Linda!  He is a rescue cat who loves looking at the other rescues on the feeds! Very beautiful kitty


2:00 pm – Holly is still in bed and Tommy is chatting with Jess in the bedroom


2:40 pm – Nicole and Cliff chat in the bedroom

It’s pretty much a sure thing that Nicole is voting to keep him. They talk about the potential DE tomorrow and Nicole is thinking Tommy and Christie

Nicole says she’d rather be second to Cliff than fourth to someone else.

Cliff doesn’t want to make promises to Christie but obviously wants to try to get her vote


4:30 pm – Jackson and Christie are playing backgammon while Holly rests her salmonella. I joke about it but I may be half serious.

5:00 pm – Jessica went upstairs to have a small push. She leaves and Jackson and Holly say how they want to keep her but they just can’t. Cliff is just better for their game. It also makes them sick how suddenly Christie is kissing Nicole’s ass

Jackson heads downstairs and Cliff tells him that Christie and Tommy are throwing them under the bus.

6:30 pm – dinner time. Holly is at the table and looks much better than what she did. She looked like a ghost earlier so it’s good that she’s feeling better.


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  1. Avatar

    *Yes the first post is mine*

    They should really have someone talk to the HGs about that they are constantly getting sick.

    • Tam

      You go, Bennett!!!! Steve cracks me up! Maybe they should have a surprise visit from Gordon when they are cooking. I agree with the cross contamination and eating after each other. Yuck…..

      • Avatar

        I as much sick from watching them cook as I do when I see my uncle eat spaghetti with either peanut butter or mayonnaise

      • Tam

        Bennett, that just made my stomach turn. I agree with you. And now Tommy says that he is going to make chicken soup and asking how. Now they all are and I just can’t with them. Would be terrified to eat anything there.

      • Robin

        Are they so ignorant or are they all pretending not to know, to avoid having to do anything?

      • mustangsally

        OMG Tam, brilliant idea, is he the one from Kitchen from Hell, or whatever it’s called? Would love to see them get schooled!

      • Tam

        Yes, Mustangsally, I watched one of his shows where he did restaurant makeovers and he was brutal. But, it was for their own good. It showed a softer side to him than I was expecting because I had never watched his shows but had heard about him. I, agree, I would, too. Just seems odd that they wouldn’t know better.

  2. danmtruth

    Wow nicole leaves the room to go to the DR conversation stops Tommy has no one to perform for No more silly songs No more happy talk No energy

    • hogwild

      Thank God Nicole please don’t fall for his B.S. I don’t think she will but always that slight chance. My theory on why so many getting sick this is something I noticed since I just started checking out theses feeds it seems like their idea of washing dishes is just rinsing them off and putting them up I have never seen anyone use any diswashing detergent.

    • Tam

      Lol, Dan. I agree. He is powering down for his next performance.

    • Avatar

      Maybe production told him he will be evicted soon because production hast to do something to gets the ratings back up after Sunday’s episode was listed as the lowest rated BB episode since 2000

      • danmtruth

        But they are such a great cast Jusy ask them They might be the most loved cast Christie cant wait to see ALL the new and exciting opportunities they will be offered after they get out of the house

      • Avatar

        Yeah Christie will get a job offer by TruTV as one of the commentators on World’s Dumbest and let her deal with Tonya Harding

      • Avatar

        I can definitely agree with the boring BB. I wad not into any of the HGs at first site.. Jackson 1 annoying thought he was Capt. America lol .. he’s the worst for me. I seem not at all liking the course of action from beginning. If Jackson n Holy don’t make it to the end, which (I hope He at least does not make) there’s something wrong. Lol

  3. Alda

    Bruno Mars is a very handsome cat.

  4. hogwild

    Holly was messing with her hair and is out of bed she must be feeling a little better.

    • Tam

      We will see. She may use this a deflection from DE.
      Watching news now and heart just goes out to the Bahamians, everyone in FL, GA, Carolinas, and everywhere else that is going to impacted.

  5. Tam

    Yes, he is and I love his name….Too cute with him watching the tv

  6. AIO_7

    …..”and possibly her (Nicole’s) shot at at least $50k,”…

    Say Nicole does make it to F2 but doesn’t win; she can still pocket the 25k for AFP. That would be 75k … not bad.

  7. hogwild

    They just called Holly to DR upstairs is that the one for medical stuff?

  8. Tam

    Christie better wash her hands after messing her hair before preparing to cook……Nope she didn’t in BA. Praying that she does in kitchen.

  9. hogwild

    Watching Nicole and Cliff strategize is fun they are clearly on the same page.

  10. Mary

    No ants this year, even they don’t want to come into this environment. LOL

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  12. davidsgirl

    I agree with Steve about the cleanliness of the House Guest this summer in the kitchen. And then I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Jackson take his hands and put them in a bowl of food and just eat with his bare hands and then put the bowl of food back in the refrigerator. Uuuuggghhh! So gross. I tell you that guy just makes me feel like throwing up. He has acted all summer like he was in a fraternity house.

    I also have to wonder about Holly and think, could she be pregnant!? With the way she is complaining about the nausea it makes me wonder. I know last year when Bailey kept complaining about her breasts getting bigger I had told my husband that I was sure she was pregnant And sure enough she did confirm that later.

    • Nikki

      I wondered THE VERY SAME THING!!!!

      Will they be throwing a baby shower at the reunion?!?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Are you kidding me? Like Mama Michie is gonna let that happen. If she even thought that girl was pregnant, she’d jump up on that stage on Finale night and yank it right of her on live TV. My guess is that once she gets her hands on her boy on the 25th, little ole HollyBeth will never lay eyes on him again. You see the first thing he did after he issued her out of the room after that fight. He went straight to the dresser and picked up that picture and kissed it and said, “I love you mama”.

      • Tam

        NK, LMAO…..Yes, he did. And something tells me that HollyBeth would be so jealous of Momma and Momma would knock her out……Reminds me of an old saying I heard from my great grandma, don’t get in the middle of a ring tailed roozy…cause somebody gonna get a doozy…

    • Delta

      Oh I really hope not!!!

  13. Sassy

    Huh, I haven’t watched the show or read this blog or twitter in almost 2 weeks and it feels like nothing has changed. I was bored with the HG and decided to take a girls trip to Myrtle Beach instead. I love being retired!! My husband is taking me to the mountains this weekend, gonna go to the Land of Oz, it’s the movies 80th Anniversary. We are watching the movie Friday as a family, before we leave. This has been my summer of mini trips!

    I may watch tomorrow night to see if the DE is any more exciting, but this season has just been a dud for me. I tried rooting for someone, but no one holds my attention long enough.

    • mustangsally

      Welcome back Sassy, I’m jealous, not much of a fun sun summer here, my husband either working or caring for his mom.

    • Mel

      Same people in charge for 3 weeks so you’re right, not much opportunity for things to change yet.

      • ElaineB

        On the episode, when Holly was complaining there is no place to go. Granted, she can’t take her dog for a walk in the woods, but she could have removed her ass from the HOH room! OMG, and then the ‘victim tears’. Personally, too much time was spent on this so-called relationship. I am with Jackson. Get us to the end, and then…….er….uh….’we’ll see’. Holly has become weak, and initially I ilked her.

    • Nancy

      I’m am thrilled your retirement is working out so well for you..you enjoy your hubby, kids,friends everything you missed while working..I retired from AT&T after 35 yrs..I missed all kinds of fun things working crazy hrs..I’m so happy for ya..and jealous..lol

  14. mustangsally

    Would love it if Production would call them out, Christie…wash your hands, Jackson…use a glass you pig, , ohhhh, Beth being pregers, never considered that.

    • Tam

      Christie pulling her shorts out of her butt then went to back to cooking earlier. That’s when I clicked over to the news. Just makes me sick watching them cook. Baffles me when they were trying to figure out how to make homemade chicken soup. But, it does makes sense. I think that they should call them out for poor sanitation habits.

      • mm22

        Yup christy is not the occasional “oh my panties are caught” butt picker – she
        has major issues with all her bottoms especially the jorts !

  15. TeeJay

    Ok yall, stupid question…why would Nicole get closer to 50K? Is that if she wins AFP?
    I’ve tried to find rules about other reasons for extra money but the only things I can find is a weekly amt for time in house or jury house, winner gets the 500,000.

  16. Patricia

    Amen sick individuals. If i was cliff n nichole i would tell them either wash ur hands or dont touch my food i will fix my own. Ever since they started jj leaving fridge open n eating n drinking straight from containers has made me sick n pissed. Omg how were these kids raised. Lol.

  17. Helen

    Jackson and Holly talking to Nicole up in HOH…Holly doesn’t appear to be quite as sick as she’s pretending to be…

  18. Mary

    Holly seems to have a lot of medical issues she’s talked about, reminds me of another house guest a few years ago.

  19. davidsgirl

    It’s going to take Jess 8 hours to pack. Ha!

  20. Helen

    I just don’t understand Cliffs logic wanting to be in a F4 with someone who has won the last 5/6 competitions…plus Holly has won 2 HOH….plus being a showmance…
    Someone help me here…..

    • davidsgirl

      He just had his talk “campaign” talk with Christy and she asked him alot of questions. I know it has looked like you said above, but he said if he stays and wins HOH he’s gunning for Jackson and Holly. He doesn’t feel he owes them anything. He has kept this close to his chest until now.

      • Helen

        I thought he told Nicole he was going to put up Christie and Tommy?

      • davidsgirl

        Yeh, you never know. All these people are just saying what ever they have to to stay alive through an eviction. I don’t know what to think either. So I am just going to wait till tomorrow and see what happens. (I don’t think these people know what they are doing till the last minute again.)

    • hogwild

      I don’t think he really does what i think he is trying to do is lay the groundwork for Christie and Tommy to go after Jackson and Holly if one of them win HOH and do the same with Holly to go after Christie and Tommy if she wins it. From what I have seen if Cliff or Nicole wins HOH they would put up Christie and Tommy with Jackson as the renom if one of them comes down. Don’t forget Cliff needs Christie or Tommy to vote Jess to keep this from being a tie and Jackson as the tie breaker.

  21. Mary

    Is it just me, if you were sick to your stomach most of the morning, having chills, ect. , would you want people playing a game in the bed you were laying in? They couldn’t even take it over to the table.

  22. Joy

    the HGs lack of cleaning probably killed all the ants and they went elsewhere for food.

  23. Avatar

    What the heck do they expect, really… drinking out of containers, standing all but butt naked in front of open frig door, no hand washing. I know, I don’t have to go on. Seriously, what the he!! is wrong with these idiots. It’s disgusting. oooorr holly caught something else.

  24. Avatar

    Haha they just showed Jess’s scream again it never gets old

  25. Robin

    Gosh they are giving our model Jess a soft focus lens.

  26. hogwild

    Watching tonights show loved Nicoles expression up in HOH room when Jackson and Holly started going at each other she was just OK I don’t want to be here anymore heading for the door.

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  28. Nancy

    Tommy was trying to muster up his best constipation face to console the crying Jessica

  29. AIO_7

    Hollybeth, just reminisce about the good ole days …


  30. Nancy

    She wanted more air time…there ya go Holls

    Kinda embarrassed to be a female with that display..remind me again who’s 24.. oh, the reasonable sounding young man..

  31. hogwild

    Glad Cliff filled Jackson in on Christie and Tommy planning on tossing them under the bus helps keep the target off him and Nicole if Holly wiins HOH.

    • Avatar

      That’s if he believes it if not Cliff should reveal what he heard in his eviction speech since production can’t intervene in that without the causal views seeing their bias

      • hogwild

        He should he already doesn’t trust Christie and even though he likes Tommy he knows they are joined at the hip. Plus this is the second time he has saved her.

  32. AIO_7

    I hate this Hide the Veto competition on so many levels. And not the least of which, we really can’t know for sure who actually did win.

    So, Tommy will “win”. Let’s do our best Richard Simmons high kick together, shall we.

  33. Tam

    I love BB. In saying that I have to say also that CBS is really doing an editing job on this episode……I am soooo thankful that I found this site and the have the live feeds!!!! It’s totally different from the the CBS editors perspective……But, I couldn’t handle being under the constant microscope of being filmed 24/7 either.

    • danmtruth

      Agree on all counts Tam it is like we are watching two different shows After seeing the network shows with the DR sesions You think back to when they were called in How long they were their More importantly how there outlook on things might have changed

      • Tam

        Right! I wonder how they are going to feel after watching all this back after they are done with the show……I remember JJ saying you will see when you go back and watch it in however many days he said…..To be a fly on the wall then!!!!

    • Amber

      Love the blog too. I would never go on the show after reading through comments here, twitter, etc. People are beyond mean and judgmental. I feel sorry for them all when they get out.

  34. Tam

    This is who I think HollyBeth is trying replicate……The LA image….just imo…..She could be trying to get cast for this soap since they tend to that….Have no idea why, but they do….

  35. Avatar

    Am I the only one who thinks it is suspect that Michie just happens to “remember a spot” he hasn’t checked, and yet they don’t show him finding it?

    It is now more than obvious production is supporting Tommy and Christie

  36. Helen

    Cliff says Christie and Tommy were just saying Michie and Holly are also working with them. Jackson says they are trying to setup for whoever goes – to pick up the remaining bottom feeders

    Ummmm…did Jackson just imply he considers Cliff a bottom feeder? Sounds like it to me…..

    • AIO_7

      “Ummmm…did Jackson just imply he considers Cliff a bottom feeder?”

      Sounds like it. Poor Cliff has drank in all the smoke that JJ has blown up his ass.

      • Helen

        Actually Jackson didn’t imply it…he flat out said it to Cliff….
        But hey,if Cliff is happy with 4th or 5th place…you go dude…you do you…thought he was smarter than that…

      • AIO_7

        That’s one reason Cliff won’t be my AFP. If Nugget happened to win the whole thing, then I’d vote for Cliff.

      • ElaineB

        Cliff has been a more active participant in the game, than Nicole. Yes, it has put him in some tough situations, but he has navigated his way through. Nicole has been protected. I like Nicole, but to vote for her as AFPLAYER over Cliff, nope. If people have felt sorry for her this season, she might get it. To me, that is not why that award of $25K should be awarded. All of these folks signed up…for the GAME!

  37. Nancy

    Soooo, there’s nothing JJ wouldnt do for holly…reckon that includes throwing away half a mil…cause he very well could .

  38. Mary

    Jess hasn’t gotten out her PJ’s, that is what she wore to bed last night.

  39. Sunny

    That hour was just painful to watch! I’m glad I was out of town and missed Thursday-Sunday stuff. Oh wait, there wasn’t anything to miss! 🙂 I don’t know how you live feeders can handle all the excitement. So thanks for all those who post and keep those of us who don’t watch, up to date.

  40. mm22

    Who is ugly eating soup? CHRISTY!

  41. hogwild

    Tomorrow all I want is for Jessica to be voted out and either Nicole, Holly or Cliff win HOH.

  42. Delta

    Ugh there are too many things wrong with tonight’s episode! First off that argument was brutal to watch. I watch BB to see a game. I don’t want to see someone’s personal relationship problems. Yes I know Jackson and Holly made it part of the game, but production didn’t have too. In my opinion, Jackson had a funky attitude during that argument and Holly should have played nice, then turned on him at just the right time in the game as she cut him out of her life.
    Secondly SHUT THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR! They are killing my soul.
    And I like Tommy. I just don’t like Christy, and Tommy gets a bad reputation for playing with her. “I would play with her also IF it would help me win the money.” “It would test every bit of my patience watching her eat and listening to her cry, but I would play.”
    Finally, I don’t think Cliff is a bottom feeder. He is playing the game. He is listening and making deals when needed. He was sent out first and won his way back in. Then he was evicted and won his way back in AND took HOH when he most needed it. That is game play. I hope he keeps up the good work. I would like to see him win! Cliff for AFP!

    • danmtruth

      Delta right there with you on the refrigerator door Ours has an alarm that goes off if left open to long Add to that drinking straigjt from a bottle no good But must disagree on Tommy To fake to many i love you To much screaming for no reason Just always over the top

      • Delta

        Newsies is one of my favorite broadway shows, so I’ll admit I liked him from the beginning. I also think he would entertain me in the house. I’m not a loud person, but I love to laugh and meet new people. He has stories. It’s interesting. He is probably not fake. (I grew up in a small town at a private school with mostly fake people. It was the original “mean girls.”) He may genuinely not like to hurt people, so he says positive things
        to them like “I love you.” I don’t think he intends to hard or backstab anyone. He will probably feel remorse for some of the things he did or said. But that’s just my read on him.
        I also don’t see the feeds, so you have much more insight.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Delta, you should watch some of his facial expressions when they aren’t looking. Cracks me up. You can tell the insincerity in his face but when he’s looking directly at them, he hides it well.

  43. davidsgirl

    That argument with Jackson and Holly went on for at least 3 hours, they went at it for about an hour and then later when he talked her into going to bed with him (“so they didn’t give the house anymore to talk about”, that was the plea Jackson gave Holly to get her to sleep with him that night.) But then later they ended up going at it again up in the HOH and that went on for 2 hours. He did keep his energy up though, during the fight he ate 2 protein bars and drank the rest of his wine. By the time things calmed down, she looked like a mental case and he looked like he wanted to blow his brains out.

    • Delta

      That’s so sad. Too personal to be played out on TV.

      • danmtruth

        Thats just it and also what started it The things she said Often the HG firget they are on live feeds Also listing to each of them that they are not sure when the feeds are on Just what part of 24/7 dont they understand Every year HG say they forgot they are being recorded

    • NKogNeeTow

      DG, he didn’t try to get her to sleep with him. She kept whining about her image, so he told her that she could sleep upstairs if she wanted to, to protect her image in the house. He told her it was her choice then he walked away. She had told him she had already made a bed downstairs but later she eased on up there on her own. She always had the option to sleep downstairs. There were plenty of empty beds.

  44. Mary

    Personally think they need to call them all in the living room and have a meeting about hygiene, and washing their hands before and after they touch food. And tell that hair flipping Christie, to tie that sh*t back if she’s in the kitchen when people are preparing food, she does it when people are eating too. Her and I would be mortal enemies, and I have news for her, I could talk just as loud as she does, and she my friends wouldn’t get a word in edge wise until I’m finished. Then my hand would go up and I would tell her ” Talk to the hand because the face quit listening”.
    Plus no more eating in the bathroom where people are taking a sh*t. I don’t care if the door to the toilet goes all the way up. It’s gross. Now onto Mr. Jackson Michie, keep your F’ing hands out of the cereal boxes, unless it’s yours in the HOH room. Get a bowl and pour some in there and eat out of that. And if your going to nibble lunch meat all the time, wash your gross pimple popping hands first. Plus start using a glass to drink, I can see your lips not touching the container, it doesn’t matter, we all know you can guzzle. You’re a gross pig and you need to learn some manners.

    • Nancy

      LMAO.. GET EM GIRL..

    • Tam

      Preach it, Mary, preach it…..And don’t stand in front of the fridge and eat with doors open….For the love of all things Holy and just respect…..Just sickening to see that.

    • davidsgirl

      Oh my gosh, I’m rollin’ laughing. I glad you stopped when you did. Couldn’t take much more. 🙂

    • Mary

      I forgot about Twinkle toes Tommy licking his fingers the other night when he was making those so called cookies, every time he filled one he licked his fingers, and proceeded to the next. YUCK!

      • davidsgirl

        Ha! Aiyeeeeeee!

      • Tam

        Don’t forget HollyBeth licking the spoon. Not sure if she was using it to cook or cleaning it up, but uggghhhhhh, they seriously need a course with Gordon R. When Christie picks her shorts out of her ass and continues cooking, eat or whatever she is doing in the kitchen I just have to go to another place mentally. It’s all just too much.

    • Mary

      I usually try not to swear, or keep it to a minimum. Though at dinner tonight watching Christie messing with her hair yet again when everyone was still eating sent me over the edge. So if I offended anyone, I apologize. I’ worked in the snack food industry in my early years. Even worked every other weekend in a nursing home in the kitchen (they call it dietary) to help out a friend a few years back . After watching these people for over 2 months and the way they handle food and some of their other habits just have me shaking my head. I also would never go barefoot in that house, no offense, but when men pee there is splash back and all you ladies know what I’m talking about.

      • danmtruth

        I thought i remember hearing that part of the boot camp before they go into the house is a course on food saftey and handeling Along with how to use the mic How to change clothes without flashing As we can tell many of those clases

      • Tam

        Don’t apologize. These people make you want to go on a tourette syndrome rampage….

      • Tam

        Dan, there is BB bootcamp? What!!!! How did they get in because it seems like they have failed at everything you just mentioned. Christie took off her poison ivy bathing suit top one day and just let the girls loose and they quickly fished us.

        And yes, Mary, I think that’s why those strange u shaped rugs were invented…..lol

      • Nancy

        Mary, that was something important to you..and the pigs in the BB kitchen just made you speak your mind..I’ve seen only a few offensive things on this site, and you venting wasn’t one of them..

  45. Mary

    None of them talk about being constipated like other years, it’s because they all have diarrhea from the way they eat and handle food. Okay I’m done ranting. …..maybe LOL

  46. Tam

    Thanks Jackson’s mom for contributing to the Affluenza syndrome……..I still don’t understand how that all worked out. He signed a contractor and he has went to law school (I believe he said, but don’t quote me) so he should be able to understand what he signed. Why did his mom have to intervene? He is a big boy that goes and does as he pleases so why step in something that he signed up for. And what is the deal with Vegas? Is that part of a promotional tour that BB has or is it just a group thing that they do? Confused about that.

    • davidsgirl

      Last year when the show was over alot of the houseguests went to Vegas to party. Sam did not she went straight home, she was done with the group. Ha! Anyway some of them this year have talked about going after the show.

      What I saw on the internet about Jackson’s Mom was that she felt her son’s mental and physical health was at risk and didn’t agree with some of the things done on BB, so she contacted her lawyer. I agree with you, he is a big boy and signed a contract. What the heck, and we are into season 21 plenty of other seasons have survived hard times in the BB house. It won’t kill them.

      • Tam

        Ok, that makes sense. I don’t blame Sam. She was over it. Yes, this show has been on for years and a few have gotten sick from the slop due to allergies, but never saw anyone’s mom or relative threaten to sue CBS over it. Just wild and I wonder how he is going to feel about it after the show if he doesn’t already know.

      • LynnD

        It just goes to show that the big baby still has Mommy taking care of him. This is exactly why he acts the way he does. Mommy will fix every bad thing I do!

  47. Nikki

    I see Thumby is hard at work.
    Is it an automatic down thumb?

    Like – I wish for world peace…
    Will that get a down thumb?

  48. Mary

    Holly, take a small glass of water and put a teaspoon or two of baking soda in it and drink it, that will get rid of the acid in your stomach.

  49. Helen

    I see the Queen has descended from her Ivory tower and is now stuffing her face after her mysterious 12 hour near death illness….

  50. ElaineB

    Jackson is back to being Michie-Ass after watching the ‘trash the house’ episode. Tossing food, just to do it, is no good. If anyone had done those to his watermelons in the HOH, there would be hell to pay! Send Mama Michie the food bill, please!

  51. Tam

    Did Taco Tuesday become Montezuma’s revenge….Did they drain the grease off the meat? I think I remember them saying the meat was greasy. When Holly said that a fly could have landed on her food, uggghhhh, that just grossed me out. Whew, I don’t know if I could eat anything after that…..Happy place, happy place, happy place

  52. hogwild

    Oh shit Nicole and Cliff just told Jackson and Holly everything Tommy and Christie have been saying abiout them.

    • Tam

      Now, if Cliff would just reveal the “secret” it would really get interesting.

    • Tam

      Heard them bitching earlier about Christie being so fake and ass kissing…..Then HollyBeth just made comments about who swears on their sisters life and the bible…….Ummmnnn, Christie….

      And Jess using the boat room to do her campaigning……..Doesn’t she realize that the room seems to be cursed…..Between blow ups, injuries, being eavesdropped on, etc. I don’t know if I would use that room except to escape

  53. danmtruth

    Holly JJ Cliff and Nicole exchanging stories Holly tells everyone how christie made a deal not to put H/J up swore on her sisters life and the bible Nicole was WHAT she swore to me on her sisters life and the bible that christie was going to put H/J up Nicole started laughing

  54. danmtruth

    Cant believe Tommy let them alone Christie went into the DR Jess was no where to be seen Tommy was out of the living room letting them comoare notes Nit a good thing for the long island duo of C/T

  55. Tam

    Jess, Jess, Jess….spit it out………Nevermind, just go pack and go out gracefully…..Where is the Jess from the HOH? This campaign is painful….

  56. ElaineB

    Jessica, in speech to Holly, “We all love each other” *crickets* No you all don’t love each other. You can like each other, tolerate each other, dislike each other, but stop with the ‘love’ word. Grrrrrrrrrrr, this season has driven me crazy!

  57. Tam

    Oh Christie…walking around on eggshells because of JJ, really? If she had won HOHs then she would have a different tune….She definitely will be a bitter jury vote, not vote for good game play like she has said before…….We can just pretend…..Hell, she has been doing that all season, SMH at her…..

    • ElaineB

      Jackson talking to Cliff about Christie…..Um, Michie-Ass, there was a prime opportunity to get Chrisite out over Sis….and the House choked, including you! She didn’t add anything to taking out Nick (which she said she would do). They still have the devil…..lol, if they get evicted before her.

  58. LynnD

    Good evening BBJ Fam. I am in serious bb withdraws even though I can’t stand most of this cast. I jusmped on for 5 min last night and fell asleep. I have no idea what going on or who is ganging up on who at the moment. I just know the first thing I see when I turned on bbad tonight was Jessica and her annoying voice. But then they flipped over to the whispering CC and TT. So my goal for this evening is to have this on do my best to keep up with NK’s updates and attempt to read the blogs I have not been able to read. So I’m going to see how well my multitasking skills are doing tonight and hopefully put in my two cents here and there where I can my goal is to be back.

    • danmtruth

      Thanks for droping in LynnD it has turned into a game of chicken betwee the 3 couples Jess might as well not even be their She has left her game up to everyone else

      • LynnD

        Thanks Dan I can see that.But thats what Jess does. She makes every one do everything for her. I heard she didn’t even bother help cleaning up from the hide the veto competition she pretty much just stood around and made herself look busy while she did nothing that pretty much sums up her whole season…..NOTHING.

    • Nancy

      Nice to “see” you. Lynn

      • LynnD

        Thank you Nancy. Im beyond exhausted and this is the 4th time I am trying to post this response. These pop ups are working my nerves. Hope everyone has a great night & I will attempt to keep watching from my comfy bed.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Wednesday, Thursday…

    Boat Room:

    Foghorn Jess is draggggggging out worrrrrdddddssss to Holly, who is so bored and tired of waiting, she’s finishing the words and sentences for her. Holly is almost at a loss for words. She asks Foghorn if she has anyone left to talk to. Foggy tells her she’s talked to everyone already.


    CC is whispering to TT and she is SUPER PISSED! She says that everyone is walking around on eggshells around JJ and he’s running the show. She says he’s also lying to Foggy and teling her she’s not the target and she’s f*cking sick of it. TT asks her if she talked to Cliff. She says Cliff gave her his word that if she stuck her neck out he would take a shot at H/J and she’ll just have to trust it. She says Jess is going home and she’s sick about it.

    She says it bothers her that he has been in power for 3 weeks and they just have to pretend that they didn’t compare notes. TT asks her why. She says she doesn’t want to cause waves before tomorrow. He says he wants to talk to Nicole to make sure she’s gunning for H/J too. CC says she’s just sick of them both. She says Holly makes tuna and eats it then says she’s sick then goes and eats banana bread all day.

    CC says she’s sick of the way JJ is playing all of them. She says that Holly complains about being JJ’s girlfriend then stop being JJ’s girlfriend. CC says she’ll wash every dish but no more of J/H. She says Holly never washes a dish. TT says he’s going to asks Cliff what’s up and is he working with them (H/J ) or us (C/T). She says she’s so sick of blowing sh*t up. TT asks her if it’s worth it. She says that’s why she’s cranky, trying to figure stuff out.


    Cliff is telling JJ that CC is gunning for it. JJ says she swore in blood that she wasn’t coming after them but he knows she will. He tells Cliff about the deal CC made to be a pawn. JJ says she swore on the Bible, her sister’s life and everything and now she’s going to look like a fool in front of America.

    ** System is taking almost 5 minutes for writing to appear in comment and almost 10 minutes for comment to post. Keep getting “Page is unresponsive” error message. This seems to happen only at night. I’m going to restart, then pick up where I left off from the DVR. Segments won’t be in real-time but running about 20-30 minutes behind but I promise I will get it all in.**

    • KelBel

      “CC is whispering to TT and she is SUPER PISSED! She says that everyone is walking around on eggshells around JJ and he’s running the show.”
      —Well, CC, if you hadn’t pledged your game to JJ in order to stay in the house, you’d be in jury where your chompy ass belongs. Funny how that works, isn’t it…those who win HOH DO indeed run the show. Now sit down because your ass doesn’t win anything.

  60. danmtruth

    Christie Tommy talking first they wanted to talk to holly and give her an ultimatum to vote out cliff to prove her loyalty than they talk about throwing the hoh to cliff if holly drops out Christie is not going to wash any of JJ dishes Again listening to these two i feel like i need a neck brace to protect myself from the whiplash of the suddon course change they make

  61. NKogNeeTow

    **Continued from first segment**


    Cliff tells JJ that CC told him she had a 1 week agreement with Jolly. He said he knew that wasn’t the case because she offered him longer than that and he told her that she had to include Nicole. JJ said she just wanted to be spared that week. JJ says he thinks she’s going to throw it because she’s given her word to so many people and has made promises to so many people and gone against her word.


    CC is telling TT to let him (Cliff) sleep on it and act a little distant. CC says they have to fight and regardless one of them are playing next week. TT says that as lone as they get one of them out then they can have a F4 with N/C. CC says that the next to go is Cliff, then Holly (if they take out JJ).


  62. danmtruth

    Reason #52496 that i dislike Tommy and Christie :
    Your both over 25 if your going to wear a baseball cap DONT wear it backwards Your not hip Your not urban Its NOT a fashion statement
    Rant over from grumpy old man

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Nope, still a bad lag and it’s getting worse. Now when I try to type in comments, it keeps jumping back to my profile. Do you think it might be the amount of comments? There are almost 300. But those damn Ads have no problem jumping out in the lower right corner of the screen. PISSED!

  64. danmtruth

    Christie and tommy back with there BEST CLOSEST FRIEND nicole –save it sally

  65. Mary

    Goodness gracious Jackson is finishing Jessica’s sentences, because she can’t get it out. LOL

  66. Nancy

    I’m not gonna make it tonight..I will leave a sign up sheet so I’ll know who’s going with me to drop Jessica off at JH..then a quick stop for wellness check on CCs sister..
    Sleep well you beautiful people.
    Turn the lights out when you leave…

  67. NKogNeeTow



    TT and CC are still talking. He says Nicole gets to hide behind a bigger target now if Jess stays. They says they both love her. He says she’s a genius and he would vote for her if she wins a few comps. CC says she’s going to miss Jess, then she tries to cry. She says it seems hard, then starts laughing. He asks her why she’s laughing. She says how intensely she feels everything and it’s too much. She says she feels hate, love, annoyance, skin crawls, resentment and things that she shouldn’t be crying but she is. She said can’t wait to get out of there but happy she’s there.

    She names off a range of other emotions and says she’ll need major therapy when she gets out of there and here she was judging Kait Herman but she’d probably be her best friend. TT starts laughing too. She says she’s sorry he’s subjected to this. She says if they make it to F2 it will be a miracle. He says he doesn’t see it that way. She wipes her nose like a snot-nosed kid and sniffs. She asks if he did GBMs, he says yes.

    She says she’s going to wash her face. TT leaves as Jess comes in. CC asks her how she feels. Jess whispers something to her about Holly but she doesn’t have her mic on and gets a warning. CC asks her how Holly could tell her that wasn’t his target. Jess says she didn’t say that. CC tells her that she was crying hysterically and TT was laughing at her. She says she did her GBMs and it made her sad.


    Cliff tells TT that he waves to TT even when he doesn’t see him. Holly says she loves the little hallway bed. JJ says he would love it if it wasn’t so hot. Cliff says it’s the best bed in the house. JJ says but the tempurature is the worst. Cliff says he has slept in every bed in the house.


  68. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole is telling them that all of her showmances have left. She said she had one with just about everyone there. JJ says except she’s his sister, he’s with Holly, TT is gay and Cliff is married. She says true. She says just for the record she was joking. JJ says Kat had a thing for Jack. Holly didn’t get it. JJ tells her it was a joke. Cliff said that when they first moved in and he saw that big box of condoms he thought there were some people who were going to go to town in there.

    JJ says it wasn’t a box of 12 but 150. Holly says she’s hungry. JJ tells her to eat some pasta. She doesn’t want that but asks if she could Krave. JJ tell she chocolate cereal with sugar and milk and nothing else above that fridge is a good idea. Nicole offers her some tortilla chips. She says that last night she threw up queso. She says that her and JJ have been sick on each other’s HOH’s. Cliff says thank God they got sick one at a time instead of everyone at the same time with only 2 bathroom in the house.

    JJ says he has only slept in 3 rooms in the house. Holly and JJ say they haven’t slept in the RV. He says when he moved in he put his bag in there. Cliff says he started on the same bed as CC. Nicole says she’s stayed on the same bed the entire time except the night she slept in the buck room because of the clowns. She said she still woke up with 2 clowns (TT/Cliff). They laugh. Cliff tells her she’s like a little flower that was just waiting to bloom. She says she’s always been there it’s just that they now hear her more. She said before, no one did because it was always too loud.


  69. Tam

    Still feel bad for the fish…..

  70. NKogNeeTow



    TT and Nicole are playing with the dolls TT made. The 3rd doll Ariel is laying on the counter and TT starts laughing saying she passed out. TT and Nicole are talking with English accents for the dolls. TT says Ariel looks like one of those Worry Dolls. CC pins a feather in Ariel’s hair and starts to play with her. The 3 of them are having a good time with the dolls. CC makes Ariel asks TT’s doll to make her a brother. TT says then to the HOH room. JJ laughs. Ariel asks why they don’t have arms. Cliff says she looks like a test tube baby.

    TT wants to change the headband on his doll. CC tells him how. She lays Ariel down while she helps TT fix his doll. They like the way he looks. Nicole’s doll’s name is Amber. TT’s doll is the father his name is Azool. CC and Jess think Amber is beautiful. CC says Azool is her favorite. Jess makes a face and they make fun of it. She says she feels like a muppet when she makes that face. They say they can’t wait until 10 so they can go to bed.

    No one is paying attention to Dry-Azz Holly so she tells them that she was laying on the bathroom floor earlier. She says she made a bed on the floor. CC has laid Ariel down on the counter and Productions says, “Ariel, no napping.” This sends them into a frenzy. They are alls screaming and laughing, and clapping. CC says she’s without words. JJ repeats what they said. TT yells that his daughter is famous. Cliff thanks BB for that. TT says, “My daughter is more famous than us”.

    Cliff says he guesses they’ve gone from F7 to F8 and apologizes to Jack and Nick and tells them that Ariel has just won the battleback. JJ says that since they have another HG then he guesses they have to have a DE. TT says the dolls are coming to the eviction tomorrow. JJ asks if there has been an Ariel in past seasons. Jess says no. Cliff says he would know that name so no. They are still laughing and discussing Production’s announcement. JJ gets called to the DR.


  71. ElaineB

    OMG Christie in HOH…she is PMSing again! Good to know that Christie will go down in BB history as the PMS Queen! All I can say, is I feel sorry for Tommy’s aunt.

  72. NKogNeeTow



    TT tells Azool no knifing. Nicole says Amber is climbing on the furniture. Nicole, TT, and CC have a debate over which doll is the most famous and the best. Cliff asks them if they’ve seen “Castaway” with Tom Hanks. They say yes and they loved that movie. Of course this leads CC into telling them about a dream she had where Jack was Tom Hanks. *Can’t WAIT for that DE!* Nicole wants to make the dolls a couch. TT says they can take a shoebx and cover it in fabric. Cliff says they can use a saltine box.

    CC gets a cracker box and Cliff tells her how to cut it. Jess asks what they are making. Nicole says something for them to sit on for eviction night. CC cuts the box carefully.


    Foghorn Jess enters with JJ. He says the room is a wreck. He asks her how did it go today. She says as good as can be expected and she told everyone the same thing. That she will be the sacrificial pawn of the year. She says everyone is waiting to talk to him. He says that CC/TT are pushing for Cliff and he hasn’t talked to him today. He says Nicole is close to Cliff and Holly hasn’t spoken talked to him about game all day. He says that if came down to a ties that he more than likely will break it in his favor and it’s nothing personal against her. She says no, not at all.

    He says he told her that at no point would he lie to her or sugar coat it and she deserves to know and that there is still time but he just wanted her to know. He says he’s looking at who’s with who and who would be better for his game. He says he knows that’s not what she wants to hear. He tells her that Cliff didn’t offer a deal nor did he ask for one. He says at this point he’s not taking any deals. She says she’s not offering any.

    She said she told Holly that when she looks at how she’s played the game and looks at him and Holly, from what she feels, it’s not a deal and on a game level that him taking out SS and her doesn’t look the best. she says she’s not a strong of a person as Cliff is and tells him how many times Cliff has been out and came back. She says that if Cliff stays he will win and it’s because he’s an amazing game player and she knows because she’s been in an alliance with him. She says she’s not throwing Cliff under the bus. *Like hell she isn’t”*

    She says that this leads her to believe that he (JJ) is working with him (Cliff) and if it comes down to her vote, she will look at that. *A veiled threat…from Jess, huh*. She says on a game level she’s been so upfront with him and Holly and she knows that Cliff has made a better deal with them and he’s a f*cking genius. She says on his resume it would look better if it said he took out SS and Cliff.

    JJ says it’s not he’s taking Jess out to just take her out. He says it’s not so much that he wants to keep Cliff and just because he wants to keep him doesn’t mean he’s working with him. It just means he’s looking at things down the road. She says that’s not how she’s stating, it’s just how she’s looking at it. She says she doesn’t know anybody’s gameplan and doesn’t know what anyone is going to do. She says she’s just offering to be a pawn. *In other words, a deal…which he just told her he would NOT make. Wednesday, Thursday.*


  73. NKogNeeTow



    Foghorn is still trying to make a plea. She says she doesn’t think why anyone would look at that (her offering to be a pawn) and wonder why it wouldn’t be good enough. She says it’s not a deal. *This poor fool. What the heck does she think a deal is? You keep me, I go up as a pawn…A Deal* He’s still not biting. She tells him where he wants to go she feels that he maybe have known because Cliff told her he was leaning towards keeping him. He’s not saying anything.

    She says that going into the next HOH she wanted him and Holly to feels safe. She say the fact that no one talks game in the house in a way that helps or benefits anyone else is hard. She says she doesn’t want to make promises and doesn’t want to throw Cliff under the bus. *Yet she keeps trying to* She says that JJ and Cliff asked her to vote their way and she did and has been nothing but honest and loyal to what they have asked her to do. She says she’s played to the best of her ability. *Bring in a fresh set of BS flags Nancy*

    JJ says he’s been going back and forth in his head and told her he’s let her know the way he was leaning and that’s how he is leaning. He says he knows it’s ideal and he loves her too much to be anything other than upfront with her. She says she respects that. *No she doesn’t * She tells him no hurt feelings but that it’s confusing to her. She says she will see at the end his reasoning for it. She says she kind of expected it. She said she kind of knew how it was going to go.

    He tells her that it’s only if it goes to a tie. He says she should still campaign. He says they need 4 people to vote and 2 to make it a tie. He said he’s not telling anyone how to vote. He says he wouldn’t expect anyone to vote the way he wants and should vote what’s best for them. He says he hates hearing there is no reason to campaign and so there is a reason to do it. He says he can only vote if it gets to 2/2, He says CC has been his target for a month and she’s still there. He says he just doesn’t want to hear her throw in the towel.


  74. danmtruth

    Holly doing a camera talk First shows the stupid poster she made
    Talks about how she cannot trust christie yet she trust tommy even though they are a duo
    She trust JJ fully because he is like her and is playing this game with integrity WTF

    • Tam

      Dan, I was trying to listen to her but JJ was yelling over here on the camera. That was funny. Saw her holding up a sign looking life she was trying to signal help from being held hostage. She trust Tommy still? Don’t know where to start with her. I did catch something about Hazelnut Chocolate and felt jealous. That sounds so good. Wait, I thought, never mind. Oh dear Lord, smd. Playing game with integrity. Ok. Poor Nicole can’t escape Jess. She is trying to just cool down and rest and Jess is still hammering her, it seems, up there. Jackson is telling Cliff and HollyBeth that Tommy is a wild card. YES, glad that you are finally seeing that. Stick to that fact and don’t let HB deter you with her willey ways. Tommy is in the onesie just cracks me up, but I wished I had one because it looks comfortable!!!!

      • danmtruth

        Poor nicole has been stuck with jess for going on 1 hour and 45 min that poor girl
        Tam the hazzelnut came up when JJ tried to offer tommy some nutteka They told him tommy cant because he has a nut allergy JJ did nut understand that hazelnut was a NUT This is who T/C gave pegged as a genius

      • mm22

        Haha when I saw tommy’s romper I thought “hey I just bought one exactly
        like that in 3T for my grandson from carters” no joke grey – hooded

  75. NKogNeeTow


    JJ is telling Foghorn Jess there is a different strategy and means to get to the end. He says if it comes down to him casting the vote it will be for Cliff to stay but that doens’t mean that he wants her to go. He said he hasn’t told Cliff how he’s voting because he hasn’t asked. He says that as far as CC, TT and Nicole, he doesn’t know where they stand. He says hkm, Holly, TT, and CC were in an alliance and that got shot to sh*t. He says that as far as how they will vote, her guess is as good as his.

    He says he’s dying to find out how tomorrow night will turn out. He says he wouldn’t be surprised how it ended because at this point in the game it’s every man for himself. She tells him she’s not a campaign girl. She says she wants to be there and wants to play. She says she understands his reasoning. He asks what she means. She says his reasons for wanting to keep Cliff. He says it’s not because he’s working with Cliff.

    She asks if she’s leaving because Cliff is a bigger threat next week. He says that’s part of the reason. She says she’s not going to sit there and be the crying pawn or the rook or whatever you call it. He says he’s never equated her with a chess piece. She says she gets it. He tells her he loves her to death. She says that she’s not going to be like Kat and not hug and kiss evedryone. He said it would break his heart if she was leaving and he couldn’t get a hug and kiss out of it. *Lord, these people are so full of sh*t*


    • Tam

      Nk, yes ma’am they are. They are spilling tea and and mopping the floor with each other. Christie has had her number picked finally.

    • danmtruth

      Tommy Christie in bathroom brushing teeth and once more having circle talk first how they cant trust cliff than how they are going to throw the hoh to him next week One thing they never change on is there hatred for Jackson He went 4 years college to be a lawyer Took the LSAT and pass — LSAT is NOT a pass /Fail it just gives a score to rank and comoare with all that took it — dont forget jackson wins at backgammon Well that settles it get hus mensa membership ready
      Cliff taking a shower and christie trying to talk to him Than said she will talk to him tomorrow
      Cliff did a good job of covering up his time talking to J/H christie left and reported to Tommy
      Poor nicole trap in have not room with Jess Nicole just sits their smiling
      Back to Cliff and christie and christie is swearing on her sisters life she is not going after him Cliff is trying to pitch to ler nivole win if holly is out If cliff can pull this off great game play Now tommy has joined tgem in the RV

  76. NKogNeeTow


    The torture in the HOH is now over and JJ and Holly are standing on the landing telling everyone goodnight. Azool, Ariel and the other doll are sitting with Orwell who is looking like “WTF?”. Holly whispers something to JJ. He says he’s going to asks her because they had a f*cking deal. They go ito the room and Nicole comes upstairs. Everyone is standing around the fishtank.


    Foghorn Jess is washing dishes. *NOW she decides to wash dishes. Her last night in the house. SMH*


    Nicole is feeding the fish. Holly keeps looking for her fish. She says she’s always disappearing. Once the fish are fed everyone leaves and JJ calls CC into the HOH. He asks her what’s up. She says she’s sad and sad that Jess is leaving. She says that she’s scared of Cliff in the game. She says that she’s still rolling with JJ and trust him and whatever the plan is. She says that she just hopes it’s the right decision to send Jess out and she’s is really upset. *That ain’t gonna work Toots*

    She says she’s emotional about it and feels off and Jess is so sad and didn’t even pitch anything. She’s trying to work push the ‘poor pitiful Jess just doesn’t understand why her’ game on him. CC says she doesn’t know what to believe. JJ says Jess didn’t pitch him anything either. CC is telling JJ all the things that Jess should have said. CC says she respects that more than someone who can just plow through everything and Cliff is just so loved.

    JJ tells her that there have been no deals made with Cliff. This throws CC off a bit and she starts to stutter. She says that Cliff feels really good with JJ.


    TT is working on Nicole again. Nicole brings up that he took CC down. Tt says that Cliff probably told Jolly that he wouldn’t put them up. Nicole says they just have to see where the pieces fall tomorrow. TT tells her that he just doesn’t want to have to put her and Cliff up. *Another veiled threat* He says that Cliff is smart. She says it’s scary. He says it is and he doesn’t know what to say to JJ/Holly. He says CC asked him if they should confront them or just not say anything. Nicole says what she sees it pair, pair, pair. Nicole says she’s really scared. TT tells her that she has him. He says he’s going to try to win tomorrow. He says he’s going to try to win tomorrow but he’s pretty sure that Cliff will try to throw it.


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  78. Tam

    Nicole has the patience of a saint. I would have told Jess, I have heard you and I understand what you “trying so hard” to say, but I am tired gf and I just can’t function right now so we can pick back up on this tomorrow. Going to bed so see you in the merrnning. If you are sleeping up here, get in bed and power down. Hint, hint,go downstairs and work on Tommy and Christie……..Poor Cliff for having to listen to Christie…..Oh my word, they are working it tonight….Bless your heart, NK. I know you are power through this….Need that OVC to get through. I am craving one, but I know better. Christie making her case reminds me of the sign language person trying to sign in the middle of a storm forecast and not getting all the information and getting frustrated. How stupid is Christie to believe that she can tell Cliff and think that he wouldn’t use that information against her even if he wasn’t working with JJ? She can’t help herself. Bless her heart…….

  79. NKogNeeTow



    CC is telling Holly and JJ that she’s scared that she’s losing Jess and she has all these feelings. She tries to cry again. JJ says they are all crumbling. CC says she tells herself what’s the worst that could happen because she made it to F6. She says Cliff scares her but she loves him. Holly says she loves him too. CC says she’s off today and it’s her hormones. *I’m so sick of these b*tches and their hormones.* She keeps saying she’s threatened by Cliff but she loves him.

    JJ tells her don’t apologize for it. She says it has nothing to do with Backgammon or him. He says he was trying to give her space. He says that he feels that if she won HOH he’s be out the door. She says it’s not him. He asks her if their deal is still standing. She says he doesn’t have to worry about her. She says she just has to separate game from emotion and hates to have to vote Jess out. She says she’s glad JJ asked her how she was feeling. She says Jess’ only thing to her was that she would be a pawn.


    Foghorn is telling Nicole and TT about her talk with Holly and says that she said she doesn’t know how she’s going to vote but that it’s clear that she and JJ are a united front.


    CC says she knows she’s not cut out for this game and is overthinking things and she’s in her own head and her hormones. *Those f*cking hormones again*


    Nicole tells Cliff and Foghorn that regardless of what happens tomorrow she loves them both.


    CC is saying that all Cliff said that made him says WTF was that he was trying to feel out her and TT’s relationship with Holly and JJ. She says she told him she was OTB and had made up with everyone. She said she told him that at that point they were all playing their individual games. She tells JJ that she’s glad he pulled her aside.


    • danmtruth

      Cliff went up to report his conversation with T/C to J/H jackson is laughing Holly is just pissed off that they are going to throw it because they want to make her feel comfortable Cliff has alrady got Christie to suggest to throw the comp to nicole if she is sure nicole would put jackson up If cliff can pull this off he is a top player

  80. Tam

    Well, NK, you have a great night or try to. I am going down. Trying to hang in here. But, it’s time to go to bed. Pushing my limits. Thank you for all that you do. These couyons are making me fifolet. Good night everyone, stay safe and check on your friends and love ones.

  81. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole, TT, Foghorn, and Nicole are there. Foggy tells Cliff he never got to be a HN.


    JJ is telling Holly that CC said she’s not coming after then and she swore on the Bible, her sister and everything and he wanted everyone to hear that. He said let the pitchforks come out. Holly says she’s full of sh*t. He says whether or not it affects his game he wanted it to be heard by all of America. *Oh, we’ve heard more than that.* He says he also wants Nicole and Cliff to know it too. He says he saw Cliff outside the door listening. He says he is going to tell him why he was talking to CC.

    Holly asks JJ if Cliff is being schiesty. She said at first she started to question him if he was planting seeds. She wonders if CC is saying things to cover the fact that she is working with them, JJ says she’s saying those things to cover her ass. He says that if she wants to show her cards, she told Nicole that she was coming after them. She said those would be 2 jury votes that she will lose.

    He said if he was CC he would throw the f*ck out of the comp, go to them and tell them what she did, then go to Cliff and Nicole and tell them the same thing. He says that way she doesn’t have to lie and thinks she’s safe with everyone. He says he thinks she’s going to throw it because who would she put up. He said she’s not going to put up TT.


    CC is now there and telling them she was looking for everyone and they are all there together. They tells her they are in there hanging out because it was so hot downstairs. JJ comes in and ask what are they doing in his old office. He says he got the decorators to come in and ask if they like what he’s done with the place. CC says she came in to see what they were doing in there and said she asked them if she should leave and they said no.

    JJ says that was his favorite room to sleep in except for the mattress’. CC ask where’s Holly. He says probably not. JJ asks if they think it’s a De tomorrow everyone thinks so except CC.


  82. NKogNeeTow



    They are discussing which HN beds are the most comfortable and uncomfortable. CC wonders why they can’t blast the air in the rest of the house like in that room. JJ says he thinks it’s just less lighting. Cliff and JJ are starting to play Backgammon. Holly tells them goodnight and says she tried to get NightQuil but didn’t. She says goodnight and leaves. Jess and CC sit nearby and watches the game in silence. TT is sleeping on one of the beds.


    Holly is cam talking. She says most of the day she was throwing up. *She really thinks someone cares. Po thang* She says she can finally eat again now that it’s 10. She is eating a chocolate hazelnut candy bar. She says in case the live feeds are on, let’s talk. She shows the card that she made. She says she left it out in hope that someone will screen shot it and put it on her Instagram. *No matter what this b*tch does she’s still dry.*


    The cam changes to the game in the HN room. *Because even the cameramen don’t like Dry-Azz Holly. They just can’t say it outloud* The game goes on.


    Dry-Azz is saying that even though she was deathly ill, she still has some fight in her. *If she was deathly ill, she wouldn’t be able to talk. She’s still talking. Why is she still talking?* She says she is scared they are going to have a DE or there may be a surprise during the week.


  83. danmtruth

    Cliff Nicole having a nice talk Cliff being honest T/C win they put combo of JJ,Holly,And Cliff J/H will put up tommy and christie Nicole is talking about possibly putting up one of each Cliff is leaning towards J/H

  84. NKogNeeTow



    Half-Dead-Dry-Azz is still talking. She says she trust JJ fully and they leave with morals. *Yeah, we saw that the night you two were coal mining in the bed next to CC and SS* She says they try to let integrity spearhead their decisions. *Again, see above sidenote.* She says it’s hard to stick to your word and she’s lucky that she has someone who thinks similiarly to her and it’s nice to have someone who has her back. She says aside from him she doesn’t trust anyone at all.

    She says it’s a different dynamic from what she’s use to and she’s from Wyoming and you trust people because thay have good values. She says in that game you have to forget everything your parents have told you and reprogram yourself. *She said some other bullsh*t too, but I keep drifting in and out of listening to her.* She says she has very strong connections with people in the house and she sees a connection but also sees some who aren’t genuine in the house. She goes on and on because this is the Holly Shpw. This is her chance to breakout and not be just “the showmance girl.” *No one still cares.

    She looks up and sees Cliff on the monitor. JJ comes in and ask her what she’s been doing. she says talking to the camera. She says she doesn’t even know if the camera is still on her. *She knows.* She asks the camera if they know JJ. He says she’sher better half. Cliff came in with JJ and says he’s trying to get Nicole in there. She says he’s not lying thne ays she’s just kidding. He tells her she looks pretty. She says she looks like a hot mess.

    Cliff says that CC said that JJ asked her why he was so pissed off with her. JJ says because she was sketching him out and he wanted to hear her say what she said. Holly said that didn’t take long. Cliff tells them everything CC said. JJ tells him that she said she’s gunning for the HOH and if she wins they (H/J) are safe. JJ goes over the entire convo with Cliff.

  85. NKogNeeTow



    Half-Dead-Dry-Azz is still talking. She says she trust JJ fully and they leave with morals. *Yeah, we saw that the night you two were coal mining in the bed next to CC and SS* She says they try to let integrity spearhead their decisions. *Again, see above sidenote.* She says it’s hard to stick to your word and she’s lucky that she has someone who thinks similiarly to her and it’s nice to have someone who has her back. She says aside from him she doesn’t trust anyone at all.

    She says it’s a different dynamic from what she’s use to and she’s from Wyoming and you trust people because thay have good values. She says in that game you have to forget everything your parents have told you and reprogram yourself. *She said some other bullsh*t too, but I keep drifting in and out of listening to her.* She says she has very strong connections with people in the house and she sees a connection but also sees some who aren’t genuine in the house. She goes on and on because this is the Holly Shpw. This is her chance to breakout and not be just “the showmance girl.” *No one still cares.

    She looks up and sees Cliff on the monitor. JJ comes in and ask her what she’s been doing. she says talking to the camera. She says she doesn’t even know if the camera is still on her. *She knows.* She asks the camera if they know JJ. He says she’s his better half. Cliff came in with JJ and says he’s trying to get Nicole in there. She says he’s not lying then says she’s just kidding. He tells her she looks pretty. She says she looks like a hot mess.

    Cliff says that CC said that JJ asked her why he was so pissed off with her. JJ says because she was sketching him out and he wanted to hear her say what she said. Holly said that didn’t take long. Cliff tells them everything CC said. JJ tells him that she said she’s gunning for the HOH and if she wins they (H/J) are safe. JJ goes over the entire convo with Cliff. He said that CC said that Cliff was trying to feel her out and trying to compare notes to see if they were working together.

    JJ says he asked her if she blamed him. He says he wanted to ask her because she was acting odd and should he be concerned. He tells Cliff that his loyalty is to him and Nicole and that at the end of the day they’re good. Cliff says the same. JJ says he wants to be in the F4 with them. Cliff says then they will fight it out. JJ says that Nicole told him she’s gunning for it. JJ asks did CC not think that they were going to compare notes. Holly keeps interjecting things into the convo but neither of them is acknowledging her. JJ says that hopefully, she has no idea that the 4 of them are working together. *Fool* Cliff says that he tried to plant that he and Nicole are just 2 poor little things that are getting dragged along. *Fool*


    CC is telling TT about the convo she had with JJ. TT is standing there chewing his nails like they are steaks.


  86. NKogNeeTow



    JJ says he doesn’t want TT or CC in power. Cliff says that if either one is they are screwed. They says they would keep Nicole. Cliff says they just have to win it. Holly is still trying to get a word in edgewise. They are still ignoring her. *LOL* JJ says he truly thinks that CC is oblivious to the 4 of them. *SMH* Cliff says he thinks they are all in the RV and he is going to go and hang out for a while. JJ tells they will talk later. Holly says they can reconvene in the morning. JJ shuts her down by telling her that they won’t have the HOH room. *Love it when she gets shut down…lol*

    Cliff says he will wait until things settle down downstairs and he will grab Nicole and bring her upstairs. JJ says that the lights might be off but to come on in. . JJ says he just wanted to reinterate it to America what she said. Holly keeps saying “yeah”, but nobody’s listening.


    CC is telling TT that she doesn’t want JJ telling Cliff anything that isn’t true. *Oh, you’d prefer to be the one?* She says that then that will make Cliff gun from the HOH, thinking that he can’t trust her. She says she doesn’t want JJ to plant any seeds in Cliff;s head.


    JJ says he doesn’t buy what she says and if she burns them the writing is on record. Cliff says he’s never promised that he would come after them (J/H). He says she might think he is but it’s not true. JJ says they owe her nothing and they flipped the votes around for her to stay. *So he thinks she should be eternally grateful. Doesn’t work that way Son.*


    TT is telling CC that it will be fine. She says if it’s a DE, TT says Cliff will wind up throwing it if he trust them. TT says he doesn’t want it to seem like he’s bombarding him. She says she’s going to bed. TT says he will talk to Cliff and tell him he just wants to touch base with him and tell him he doesn’t think that any of them stand a chance with JJ in the house. he’s going to tell Cliff that he’s not his target.


    JJ is telling Holly that they both were doing the same thing, it’s just a matter of who has Cliff and Nicole’s loyalty.


  87. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is in the shower. CC tells him goodnight and leaves.


    Holly is saying that she’s good at memory stuff but not math. JJ says he’s not good at math either.


    CC is telling TT that she told Cliff they will talk tomorrow. She tells him goodnight then leaves.


    Holly is lying again. She says that memory, she’s not so good with. She just told him not 5 minutes ago that she was good with memory. *sheesh*. She says she can remember when she was 2 years old. *And here we go…* She says she remembers very distinct things and her mom was so blown away by it but after all of her head injuries she can’t get into her own head. *Can’t wait till next week. I want Jess/CC tomorrow, and this buzzard next Thursday. Is that wrong?*


    Foghorn has Nicole cornered and telling her that Cliff can make the 3 or 2 but she honestly can’t see him taking Nicole there. She says he has so many relationships they want to keep him as a potential target and he wil get himself out of it. Nicole just keeps saysing , “Um hum”. Foggy goes over how many times Cliff has escaped. She says she doesn’t want to make it like she wants her to so desperately pick her. *Yes you do*


    Buzzard Bait is still talking.


    CC is trying to do a snow job on Cliff. He’s just standing there listening to her. Watching that noose get tighter the more she talks. She tells him she just wants him to know she didn’t give him any guarantee. She says on her sister’s ilife, she just told him enough to make him think they are good. *It must be taking everything in Cliff not to laugh* She says she doesn’t care how mad he is she’s taking a shot at him and putting him up. . Cliff plays along and tells her that if she takes the shot he has her back.

    She tells Cliff that JJ just wants to make sure he’s scared enough that he’ll gun for the HOH. She says she just wanted Holly to feel comfortable too. She says she just wanted Cliff to know that JJ is going to try to scare him. She tells him that TT wants to talk to him too. He says that he feels like he has to win tomorrow.


  88. NKogNeeTow



    TT is now talking to CC and Cliff. CC is saying that she wanted Holly to feel like she needs to win. Cliff says she’s sure that’s why JJ is panicking because he can’t compete. Cliff says Holly has been sick all day but she might fine tomorrow. Cliff says he talked to each of them individually but he’ll tell them again that if one of them takes them out he’s not coming after them but he’s not doing anything against Nicole. She says that once it gets down just them they have to do what they have to do.

    TT says when he’s watched the show people always root for the underdogs and he feels like they are the underdogs this season. *He forgets his former alliance* He says especially Cliff. Cliff says that he feels like since they have been in power the last 4 weeks they have all been kind of stagnant. CC says it dosn’t feel like the HOH, it just feels like their room She says she wants Nicole to get her pictures and if she wants to take a shot at them she can have it. *This is her pitiful attempt to set up Nicole to go after H/J*

    Cliff says he’s fine with it. CC says she’s scared of JJ getting into Nicole’s head and she thinks she is very smart. Cliff says he doesn’t think so .CC says she J/H are very good. Cliff tells them JJ told him exactly what they expected. She says her deal with them is done and if she can win and get them out she will. Cliff tells them he doesn’t want them to worry he would come after them. They say goodnight and Cliff goes into the target room and say, “Oh my God, this game”, and laughs. TT says, “I know”. Cliff says he’s going to the bathroom and calling it a night.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Took a while but got through it as promised. Pleasant dreams to all out there and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  89. BlueberriLover

    Has anyone ever gotten pregnant from a showmance? Hubby was saying “bet she’s pregnant” lol

  90. Helen

    Nicole had the best plan last night if she won HOH…put up one from each side..
    I’d put up Holly and Christie ….if Jackson wins veto and takes Holly down she can say she has no choice but to put Tommy up because of course she’s not gonna risk Cliff…that way when Tommy stays and Christie goes no enemies are made and keeps a huge target off herself and Cliff.
    Same with Tommy if he won veto and took Christie down…Jackson goes up…
    If she won and put up both of one duo it just draws a line…don’t need to lose two jury votes over it…

  91. Houseguest Doug

    First of all I want to congratulate CBS (Production) on airing the most annoying and useless episode of Big Brother in its 21 season history.

    So nice to get that extra special glimpse of Jackson and Holly “FAUXMANCE”. Did we really need to see a entire episode dedicated to this “Relationship”? Answer is NO!

    5 minutes in I wanted to rip my eyes out and ears off. What did we learn that we already didn’t know. Jackson is cold, narcissistic and has to be the Alpha in all situations. He shows no real compassion or empathy. If it was a choice of a relationship with Holly or winning the game he would choose to win the game. At 24 yrs of age he has not sewn his wild oats yet and Holly will be just another notch on his belt.

    Holly needs to understand Jackson is 24 and immature and is not the type of person who has empathy. There is no romance or passion in his soul. He is cold and needs to grow up a little. She is in her early 30’s and clearly in full nesting mode and Jackson is not there yet. I hope she reads the tea leaves and soon realizes this is no Jeff Schroeder. Jeff like to make fun of Jordan’s Country bumpkin mentality but there was also genuine love, compassion and caring there. Jeff is a very nice person who is not hung on himself like Jackson.

    I am not getting the warm and fuzzy about this relationship and feel it is doomed. I give it a month or less after the show ends. Jackson needs to learn respect for Women apart from his Mom and develop some self awareness. Contrary to popular belief he is not gods gift to women. I hope Holly gets that.

    I would like to see Holly get a back bone and be a strong assertive woman. Watching the show last night was like watching what women were like back in the 70’s. Wake up and smell 2019 where women don’t need a man to make their life whole. Show some pride and strength. Don’t cry over Jackson. He is so not worth it.

    I don’t really have a house guest I am cheering for this season. I find this cast not relatable or likeable. I have tried to like someone one but in the words of Dr. Will Kirby. “I hate you all”

    I guess it would be nice to see Cliff win for all the over 50 crowd. Nicole for all the quirky people or people who get left out of things because of looks or nerdiness or they just don’t fit nicely into society box of perfection.

    More I see of Jackson the less I like him. Too much ego and narcissism for me. Christie is just too much of everything.

    Tommy is an interesting case. He started out the game very bubbly and flamboyant. He over did it with the New York accent. As the show has gone on his real speaking voice has come out. Yes he still has the Hells Kitchen accent but its not done over the top. Also, he is acting more normal and not announcing to the world he is gay in case no one noticed. I am all for LGBQT rights and having PRIDE in your sexuality I just don’t think it needs to be pushed in your face and shoved down your throat. Just be who you are with out the side show. I would be happy for Tommy if he won. Be nice for the LGBQT community.

    Holly & Jessica I don’t think stand a chance in hell of winning. Both are nice people but not interesting or compelling.

  92. Avatar

    Good morning all this has been the I won’t say my least favorite season that still goes to BB 16 but this is getting close. I hope some how Nicole wins HOH and sends Jackson out. At least that would give the others a chance att the HOH and verso that will set the final 3.

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