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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


First, I want to take a moment to recognize the lives lost 18 years ago today. I don’t know if I can add to any of the beautiful words that have been said about this tragedy, so I’ll just say the one thing that always touched me was the night before. Every Sept 10th, you often see people talk about how x years ago people were saying goodnight to their loved ones not realizing what would happen the next day. That is always a powerful message because it really rings true on any day. You never know when the last time you said ‘bye’ will really be the last time so just never take it for granted.  I won’t be preachy, I just wanted to say that.

Alright, on to Big Brother…

This morning I woke up earlier than normal and was sitting at my computer like normal when the feeds cut to fish. That is because Cliff requested to be woken up early around the time of the planes hitting the WTC so he can pay respect. They actually did it and supplied a large American flag for them to display. Everyone woke up around 6:30 am and got fully dressed and went into the living room to reflect on the event. I thought it was a beautiful tribute and easily one of the best I’ve seen since blogging this show. Thank you for doing this, Cliff.


On to the actual game part of Big Brother…

Tommy plans to reveal his secret to Nicole and Cliff today which is about as dumb as when he revealed it to Jackson and Holly. Well, probably a little less dumb because he already let the cat out of the bag so by hiding it from half the house makes it look worse. It was dumb to reveal it at all but I guess it makes sense to tell those two about it in the event that Holly or Jackson beat him to it and makes him look sneaky. It may swing the vote back into Holly’s favor but he may as well go all-in on being ‘Honest Tommy’ moving forward.

I’ll update this thread because I do expect some campaigning. I am not sure what will actually happen, and it will probably happen later tonight, but I want to keep this open in the event this group does something other than sit around and sing all day.



5:45 pm – Had to run out for a few hours so I’m still catching up

I see that Tommy did his reveal to Cliff and Nicole. Like I said, he didn’t have much choice now that he spilled it to begin with (which was the original mistake).

In a conversation later, Jackson points out how Christie was able to flip the house multiple times and she will easily flip the jury for Tommy

Holly is currently campaigning to Nicole and continues hard to try to cry but no tears are actually coming out. Kind of awkward.


Holly finally makes a good point that she doesn’t have very many jury votes if she’s actually in the final 2

Oh, and not many high traffic nights left to make sure many see this – Thank you a ton for donations this season!

Holly begins tearless crying again to Nicole saying how she just can’t leave 5th. She’d happily take 4th. Why? Does anyone fall for that? No, you want to extend your stay. You won’t happily take 4th any more than you’ll happily take 5th. Don’t lie. Just focus on reasons why it’s better to keep you over Tommy

6:15 pm – Jackson asks Tommy how it went with Cliff and Nicole. Tommy said ‘good’ then says ‘oh I didn’t tell you. Remember when there was an incident in the back yard’… feeds cut. This is referring to when the guy with the megaphone blurted out Christie and Tommy’s secret but only he and Cliff heard it. Cliff clearly didn’t tell anyone for some reason


Holly is now going to campaign to Cliff

6:30 pm – In talking to Holly, Cliff mentions how weird it was that Tommy revealed that. How little he had to gain from that. Cliff can see it. It was a stupid move. Holly then points out how that also made her upset at him thinking back to the big blowup fight that he instigated about Holly and Kat knowing each other outside the house. She says that was hypocritical of him and he’ll talk to him outside the house

It’s good to see Holly finally throwing Tommy under the bus a little. It’s about time someone did. They have been babying him all season

Holly continues … She wants to just be an inspiration to girls and doesn’t care about the money. She says if she is backdoored on Jackson’s HoH, it will taint her entire BB experience.

This whole conversation is all about Holly. She’s made few little effort in convincing Cliff as to why he needs to keep her over Tommy. Her legacy, top 4 is good, blah blah. This is embarrassing how Holly made final 5 and someone like Christie is in jury


I just want this to wrap up so he can talk to Nicole and I can see where his head actually is right now



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  1. Avatar

    Yeah it was really dumb for him to reveal that at all but he could probably use it to his advantage when talking to Nicole and cliff. He can tell them that he told Jackson and Holly on Saturday and make it look like they were hiding it from because clearly at least Holly was trying to keep their options open. If Cliff remained on the Block tomorrow I have no doubt they would have voted him out. I believe Jackson already covered his bases by saying that Tommy was going to drop a huge bomb on them but told them it wasn’t his secret to tell. If I were Nicole and cliff that would be a big red red flag because it makes it look like he’s more loyal to Tommy.

  2. Helen

    These people!! Sitting there justifying sending Sam home to his family instead of to that awful jury house..(they didn’t say awful but make it sound that way)..
    The jury house is a paradise! Plus he would have gotten paid which might have made a huge difference to Sam and his family!!

    • Mel

      I’m not big on defending them but in this case, Sam practically begged to go home before jury if he wasn’t going to go far in the game. Hes continued to sy it after he left. He said he would’ve hated being in jury and away from his family if he was out of the game.

  3. ShoeLover

    Virgina Beach, VA. Said my goodbye kisses to Daniel as he left for work at 6:00am. Shuffled my Aaron off to first grade at 7:30am. While Noah napped his early morning nap, me sitting on my living room floor watching the Today Show folding up the laundry. And then it all happened. All lines were busy. I couldn’t even contact my friends. I had three girlfriends whose husband’s worked at the Pentagon. I couldn’t get ahold of Daniel. The schools went on lockdown so I couldn’t get my Aaron. My heart sunk into the fear and unknown. A very sad day. I was afraid for my girlfriends and their husbands, I was afraid for everyone. It wasn’t until around 1:30 Daniel came walking through the door with our Aaron in his arms. We both cried and cried the rest of the day. He had to go back to work at 5:00pm so he could do what he was supposed to do, continue working and fighting for us and our country. Daniel was an intelligence officer in the US Navy at the time and for 23 years committed himself for us and our country.

    God Bless Everyone and many many prayers for all of those families who lost their loved ones.

    Always and forever never forget that day!!

    • nancy

      Please thank him for his service and you as well as a military spouse.

    • Alda

      Shoe,i got the chills just now.So glad your husband was safe.Thank Daniel for all his years of service.Yes,God Bless all who perished that day,and their loved ones left behind.

    • Nancy

      Thank him for his service..thank you, as his wife, for holding the fort down at home..


    • danmtruth

      Shoe thank you for suporting him so he could do his job with a clear head thank him for his dedication and thank both of you for the sacrifices you have made over the years

    • Mel

      Thanks for that story Shoe. I thank him for his service and your family for their sacrifice. One thing I know from working with military families every day is that even if only one member is serving, the whole family is sacrificing of themselves too.

    • ShoeLover

      Thanks Everyone!! I will personally let him *Daniel* know. This is always a touching moment for us. We lost 16 friends from that day and on I try not to publicize our loss, but sometimes you want to shout at the mountain tops why!!!???!!!! Then you straighten yourself up ( as one of girlfriends says ) and push on because life wants you to be the voice of the ones you lost. I am extremely grateful for all my husband and his squadron ( VFA – 15 ) has done and his time on USS Constellation during SHOCK N AWE. Daniel has been strong and supportive of me when I can’t share my thoughts and fears because of his job. Today, those are the only things I can share. So much hate towards the military and what not during and after the war has only made me say…. ” I am just a wife that supports my husband for all he does for you, me and single US Citizen today tomorrow and even yesterday. I love and live for my BBJ Family and any and everyone around the entire world!!! That’s just me.

      • ShoeLover

        @ NK

        Sorry if I came across political. I never want to be that person.


      • Mel

        You arn’t and nothing political about that statement. Our military protects us all, no matter our politics.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shoes, today is a day of reflection, not politics. I think it’s fitting and proper they you guys have shared your personal stories. We all remember and we all thank our first responders for their service. 🙂

    • Nancy

      Shoe, you have me with tears..our men and women of the military are so selfless and the families at home, equally so..I’m proud to know you, even if it’s only online..hugs

    • Annabelle

      Oh shoes you have me squallin again today. Oorah and thank you to your husband and you! I am a Marine and Police wife and 9/11 is one of those days where your heart flips from being hurt and broke for your extended families who were lost/someone to thankful love and joy for the one’s who came home and are here. Thanks and love to all military members police officers firefighters ems and the unknown brave that helped others that day “because” and to their friends and family that support them.

      • Nancy

        Annabelle, thank you and your husband for your service..I’m humbled by all service men and women, and first responders..I had the pleasure of chatting with an older gentleman while at veterinary ofc yesterday. He had served our country..what a gift he gave me, just by chatting with him.

    • SoftKitty

      I’d like to add my Thank You to Shoes and Annabelle for your family’s sacrifice and service to our country.. Your comments really touched my heart! May God bless you both!

  4. hogwild

    I’m still with getting Tommy out Thursday there are pros and cons with keeping either but as I and some others have said I don’t think any of them beat him in the finals.

    • mm22

      Still with you hog-tommy needs out now- I can’t tell you how hard it is to say that cause
      I really can’t stand holly at all- I just want to drag her out the house by her hair but her
      extensions wouldn’t make it

  5. Alda

    I was scrolling around and found an article on Holly and her ex Luke Pelt.It was from June.It stated that Holly Allen ’33’ and her boyfriend Luke Pelt had split up again.———Not 31 year old Holly Allen,33 year old Holly Allen.

    • Ashley

      IMO, two years doesn’t really make a difference — she still looks elderly at 31 or 33. She never should have had all that work done on her face. She’s not aging well at all.

      • Avatar

        In her defense, she did say she had a terrible car accident so we don’t know what was cosmetic surgery versus necessary plastic surgery from her accident. She stated that we would not recognize her from before.

    • Ashley

      Here’s what she used to look like before all the plastic surgery (from her FB in 2007):


      • Mello_One

        Ashley these are some of the photos I saw of Holly when she was a Blonde. She doesn’t remotely look like her former self. Holly went the Kylie Jenner route with her Plastic Surgery…Holly is totally different looking individual.

      • Ashley

        I agree, she is unrecognizable! We know what she will be spending her winnings on — in a few years, she will look like Joan Rivers.

      • jennyc

        these kinds of major plastic surgeries freak me out.
        exposes many layers of insecurities …
        if one cant love oneself, one can never love anyone else

    • Mary

      She was 24 in 2012, that makes her 31 or possibly 32 depending on when her birthday is, which I just thought I heard Jan. 11th.

    • ShoeLover

      I don’t remember who posted the YouTube link of Holly through the years, but it could all be a facade. ??? MAYBE ??? Every picture shows her being happy and contempt with her life. It makes me crazy when she tried to present herself to Nicole as the bullied victim in her middle school and early high school years. I am not trying to contradict her statements, but one does not become MISS WYOMING from being a past bullied child. Doing pagents takes major self confidence, self control and super self worth. She may be some what broken now, but I just dont see her having all of the issues Nicole has probably gone through her entire life. I mean I get it if you work your ass off to be a beautiful model, and then have a sponsor for an energy drink company, but to be a broken soul is truly hard to fathom at the same time. Either Holly has a complex or she doesn’t. Men can come and go and some may make her second guess herself and maybe even destroy a couple of her own self, but man… this is a format beauty queen, current body and swimsuit model and model for a popular energy drink to be that broken, I just don’t see it. Maybe some one could help me understand??? There are broken people, humble people and totally full of shit people.

      I will add, if Holly was abused by the former boyfriend, it did not stop her from still flaunting herself in front of an energy drink campaign or even showing herself off here on big brother.

      May be some one can help me understand more that I may be missing. I am against any type of mental and physical abuse… but where has Holly truly suffered other than her own self destruction??

      • Mary

        Shoe, I posted it, it is up on U Tube. Type Big Brother 21 and there are hundreds of videos, type Holly Allen in the search and you will find more of her.
        Maybe because of all the bad stuff that was posted about Holly and people saying horrible things about her, someone posted something decent. Just guessing. To your other point, I think Holly is lying her fanny off to Nicole saying she was bullied, she wants to relate to Nicole and play victim yet again. Personally I don’t believe a darn word that out of Holly’s mouth, well except she doesn’t want to be evicted tomorrow.

      • ShoeLover

        Thanks Mary. All of my posts have never been negative against another house guest or even Holly. To me, she plays the victim role lots. Here in the big brother house and in her life it seems. If she truly is a victim, I wholeheartedly pray she seeks out some sort of counseling. I will take the time to go through some of your suggestions on YouTube. It could be Hly is a victim of emotional and stressful abuse. I just don’t want to see someone or any one to take advantage of others or any other person who has gone through or is currently suffering from type of abuse.

  6. Helen

    Are they just waiting until tonight to “campaign” to stay?
    Weird people

    • Nancy

      I hate this one specific day to campaign..I just dont get it..bizarre to me

    • danmtruth

      Helen its some unwritten rule left over from king Jack the wise one i think Dont kid yourself Holly JJ and Tommy have all been droping subtle and not so subtle hints as to why they should stay But yes the HG must anounce there intention to start campaining before it can officially start This is the CIVILIZED way people who all love and respect eachother do it They are setting a new standerd

  7. Avatar

    Thank you Cliff for being mindful of this day. It is bittersweet for me as it is also my nieces birthday.

    So, what are the odds of Holly being voted out for being increasingly annoying?

    • AIO_7

      Voting Holly out is the smartest move if Nicole and Cliff want to make F3 together. A Jackson/Holly team can not take both of them. Tommy can promise that; and why wouldn’t he … he doesn’t want Jackson in F3. Jackson doesn’t want Tommy in F3. So, theoretically, by taking Holly out, Nicole and Cliff can make F3 together without winning another comp..

      • Avatar

        You make good points, but for her constantly picking fights with Jack-o-melon, competing with Tommy for Center Stage, and all this “I want to do this and y’all have to wait for me” garbage, I’d be voting her out because I’m done with her annoying self!

  8. Houseguest Doug

    I was in my office 18 yrs ago today and our Admin Assist was late getting in and said did you hear that a plane has flown into the World Trade Center. I thought she meant like a small two person plane and later learned it was a Jet Passenger Plane.

    So I turned on the news and listen what the hell happen and just as I did they reported a second plane had crashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center and I was like what the hell? They then reported a plane went down outside of Pittsburgh, PA and a plane in Chicago was not permitted to take off due to terriorists on board and then a plane crashed into the pentagon.

    Even though I am Canadian I felt we were under attack. I have a lot of friends in NYC and I knew some of the people that were trapped in the Trade Center and died that day.

    I visited some friends of the victims of 9/11 in NYC in November. You can bet the flight there was nerve wracking and getting off the plane was an experience seeing Police carrying M16 riffles and AKA 47’s. I went to the World Trade Center area where they had a ramp set up to view the site.

    I remember it looking like a construction site but seeing the Hilton next door with all the broken glass and the buildings in the area covered with a large black tarp. It was when I went down the ramp it hit me hard. I read the messages from the families who lost a loved one or a friend. I could not fight back the tears.

    To this day I will never understand why such hate exists or the reasons why they choose to do this despicable act against innocent people who have nothing to do with their cause or religious beliefs.

    After 18 years the wound may have healed but the deep scar remains and reminds each of us to cherish life and your loved ones and friends as you never know when your time is up.

    I hope that the families and friends that lost someone that day find peace.

    Deep respect for all the first responders that raced to help and to those that lost their life there are no words to say but thank you for your effort and service.

    I hope we never have to face another day like Sept 11, 2001

    • Colby

      I don’t believe those wounds will ever heal, especially for those that lost loved ones that day or due to the after affects of that day.
      The anniversary of it is like ripping off a scab for all of old enough to actually remember it.

    • Nancy

      I’m sorry you lost friends in that horrific attack, Doug..and from your mouth to Gods ear, I too, hope we never experience anything like that again.

  9. Patricia

    Hey everyone i want to say sorry i been mia from posting been going threw a lot n to top it off i had to get new comp its been a freaking nightmare. Crying everyday trying to figure out this crappy windows 10 ugh. But when i had time to pop in n read mels n steves post n nk recaps yall have brought a smile n chuckle to this sad face so ty all so much. Enough of me. Wow i have missed the only exciting thing happening with tommy telling he knew cc coming in. Do yall know if it was on bbad if so what day was it on when he told jj n beth. Omg im with most of u in idc who leaves tomorrow just as long as cliff n nichole r still there. Lol. Ok got to run hope u all have a blessed evening. Ohhhh also i dont member who posted link to report of jj being arrested for a lot of domestic violance. Well i really dont think that was true because they had the city n county wrong. There is no franklin city in knox county. Franklin tn is in williamson county . N knox county is in knoxville tn. I live in nash tn. So im throwing Nancy’s bs flag. Lol.

    • Avatar

      So Jackson is from Williamson county then his mother might have hired the same lawyer that is same one that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s soon to be ex-husband hired to make her and their kids lives a living hell.

    • Annabelle

      Jax is from Franklin TN but incident occured in Knox County which includes several areas besides Knoxville like Powell Karns etc. It looked to be just a domestic charge where he was held 24 and was released on $500. I may have amount wrong. It doesn’t say what type of domestic and if he got into a fight with all or one of his roommates it would say the same thing and they would all have same charges if all arrested. Even if charges were dropped someone aware of it may have copies to “leak” or anyone working in records could find. I could see him and other guys gettin in a fight especially if he ever was on steroids.

  10. hogwild

    If I was OTB I would campaign on any day I wanted including eviction day.

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  12. Mel

    Jess is still being an idiot. They posted her jury house Q&A today. When asked her biggest regret, she said it’s not evicting Nicole sooner because she thinks Nicole was a mole.

  13. Mary

    When Nicole gets home and watches or views any of the videos on U tube about her and the bullying she endured, I doubt very much she will have anything to do with any of them except for Cliff, maybe Sam. She might, I just doubt it. She has a career to look forward to as a teacher. So I don’t see her wasting her time with a bunch of self proclaimed nice people.

    When she was talking about what she would do with the winnings, the first thing I remember her saying is, she would give her parents a trip/vacation. Then said she would help her sisters get their masters degree, buy a car, and get her own masters degree. That’s to me says she very well grounded. Most of the others ………………not so much.

    • Nancy

      Yep..I heard her too. Very mindful of others..at her young age shes figured out giving is the best feeling in the world..
      I do hope she stays in touch with cliff and I feel she will..the rest of them are beneath her..she’d never say that , but I will

    • SoftKitty

      When she sees the show in entirety, I also think she will be sad and disappointed with Cliff as well. There were several times he didn’t have her back 100%. I think she’ll withdraw like Sam (BB20) and have nothing to do with any of them!

  14. danmtruth

    Holly who is playing her own game just ask her As was pointed out on last nights thread she needs to ask JJ what should be her next move What is the best way to campaign What she say Its one thing to get ideas from a friend its another to be told ever move to make

  15. Mel

    With the new info from Jess, we know 2 things:

    1. Nicole has to evict Beth tomorrow to prove to the jury she didn’t play Jackson and Beth’s game.

    2. Nicole has to evict Tommy tomorrow to get Christie, Tommy and most of the 6 Shooters on her side.

  16. Avatar

    I’m still wondering what was on those photo negatives that they discovered yesterday. Could have it been evidence of a scandal, or images of a formall hg from a previous season, or was it a secret time capsule that a formal CBS star made for someone to find.

  17. Colby

    I do not like Nicole’s hair like that, or when Holly does hers like that either.
    It reminds me of Raven.
    That is all.

  18. Nikki

    Busy day at work. Has TT confessed to Nicole & Cliff?

    I can’t believe production keeps cutting out at the mere mention of Cliff saying he already knows. Seriously anyone on the feeds already knows that Cliff knows, anyone who has the Internet and is interested in what’s going on on big brother even 10%, already knows that Cliff was outside when the megaphone blared the message.

    The “mysterious fish” shit is annoying.

  19. hogwild

    Tommy finally told Cliff and Nicole his dark secret they didn’t make to big a deal out of it when the three of them were talking what they may say when Cliff and Nicole are talking just the two of them who knows.

  20. hogwild

    Cliff joked if he goes to jury he’s going to tell Christie Tommy told him that they were not gay and that they were lovers.

  21. Helen

    Jackson says that’s so sh*tty and says he can’t believe Cliff and Nicole are even considering it. Holly says they are not even hiding it they are openly considering it.

    Yeah Jackson…it’s shitty for you someone else is there that wants to win half a million too!!

  22. Avatar

    Is it wrong to hope today is a surprise eviction night and Holly has to meet Julie not being camera ready????

  23. danmtruth

    Tommy now playing how upset he has at christie for blowing up Nicks and HIS game – how did it blowup tommys game – that he yelled at christie and told her that he was voting for sis to stay – was that not a unanimous vote,??- Tommy did it infont of Holly C/ N not making a big deal of it

  24. hogwild

    I’m pretty sure when Nicole and Cliff talk in private Christie being an advantage in jury for Tommy will be front and center I doubt either one of them think Christie has spilled that to the jury.

  25. hogwild

    Anyway ready to see Nicole kick BB comics ass in few miutes.

  26. Kari

    Admittedly I have not read all of the postings today but I just saw this on Twitter and had to share just in case people haven’t already seen it. This is freaking hilarious in my opinion!!


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  28. Helen

    Jackson in now talking to Cliff and Nicole….

    Can’t listen to him or Holly so I’ll just read about convo I think

  29. Lvblkjk

    Did HB do her campaign brunch? Did she do all the cooking, prep and clean up like a good “ho”stress?

  30. Helen

    Just checked in on feeds. …Holly whining to Nicole in HOH.
    Jackson lying to Cliff out in game area..

  31. danmtruth

    JJ was talking but talk himself into a cornner and N/C were saying nothing as JJ said how scared he was of tommys game so he is looking at two people and math says showmance only lives room for one of them
    Now Holly one on one with nicole Going so bad now all she wants is 4 th place She wanted to be an example to all the young girls like her who have self doubt who were always over looked She also keeps saying how she does not want to go out being backdoor ARRGGG you are NOT being backdoor Now the story of how holly promised nick she would do everything to keep her safe How she always wanted to work and play with her How let her stay true to the last thing she said to nick

    • Tam

      BS FLAGS BEING THROWN IN EVERY DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This chick can’t even form complete sentences until she is throwing people under the bus. Then she pulls a play out of CC playbook with the hypervent tears…….WTF……..
      She hasn’t had anyone’s back but scratching her itch with Snackson……

    • Nancy

      An example of what?? How to shag a guy on live tv..I do not believe for one second she was ever overlooked in her life..she needs to sit down and STFU

      • Tam

        Nancy, you got that right. This biiootcch has been in positions where she is a look at me type. BS flags whirling!! If you drive I will make that happen real quick….

      • Avatar

        Nicole should have told Beth that her (Nicole) going from being bullied by their 9 to F4 from lacking confidence even in herself to becoming a pivotal person in the house sets a pretty good example for girls who lack self confidence, are bullied, left out & underestimated.

        Of course Nicole won’t say this, but she should.

    • AIO_7

      “Sounds like her entire campaign to Nicole is to throw Tommy under the bus”..

      I think Nicole is too smart to fall for that. Common sense for her and Cliff’s game is for Holly to get booted.

  32. mustangsally

    Beth looks horrible in those extra large glasses, is she manifesting Nicole Franzil?

    • Tam

      She wishes. Just fuggly……This girl is selling a boatload of bs a mile wide….Props to Nicole….I would tell her bitch please and let her just get so flustered she would just get stuck and melt down. I don’t know if she thinks her tricks that work for JJ work on everyone…….Time for her to meet HI JULIE YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL….

  33. AIO_7

    See, Holly just admitted it … “They could change their mind (N & C) to benefit their game.”

  34. danmtruth

    Now nicole is explaining the numbers that for her and cliff to make it into F-3 is to break up you and Jackson
    Holly reminding nicole they made a F-4 deal and shook on it How JJ won the wall comp to protect cliff at the determent to JJ
    Nicole is laying it out their that she is thinking what is best for her and cliff
    Holly first says if Tommy is in F-2 Tommy sweeps it Than startes counting votes for tommy can only come up with Jack christie sis nick jess kat are up in the air never mention what her and jackson vote would be

    • Tam

      Like Nicole can’t crunch the numbers and comprehend the game for herself when she has been doing that from the start. And she turned that whining cry of “this is so pitiful” off and got right back to her normal voice the moment JJ walked in the door. OMG….I would need to Jesus to hold my hand to keep from snapping on her. JJ is so better. He thinks that he has a good poker face but you can read his bottled body language. These two deserve each other. He will have a different tune when his toy is gone. Just want to snatch those damn clip on extensions off her head so she can get some oxygen to her brain and tell her to WOMAN up gf and make a real pitch to me that isn’t full of bs.

    • Tam

      GO NUGGET…..Show her what a real thought process looks like. Nicole thinks things through. Holly has to have someone to do that for her. That is what really irks me about her trying to campaign to Nicole. She talks at her instead of to her. WTF…..
      Damn, NatGeo again. Does production really think America is stupid and we don’t know what has happened. Just ridiculous.

      • danmtruth

        Tam need you to slap someone upside the head

      • Tam

        Dan, Someone needs to knock some damn sense into her or reboot her. Tired of her getting stuck on the “like”, “like”, “like” and the hypervent dry tears……Ain’t nobody got time or patience for that. Not around here….

  35. Mary

    Holly- I want, I want, I want, I want, I want.

  36. hogwild

    The irony here is if Jackson had take Christe out when he had the chance they could have gotten Tommy on the DE and this wouldn’t be an issue.

  37. Nancy

    Crazy question, been meaning to ask forever. When cliff wins something he does this thing with his hands..pulling at his shirt (honestly for the longest I thought he was pulling his nipples), then hand in air , rubbing thumb and index finger..what’s up with that..a college thing? And hv u ever noticed in the DR when he talks, it looks like hes holding an invisible box..
    None of that was game related but I wanna know about that first ritual for real

    • Tam

      Some football thing that he said…….It was in honor or a victory like someone name Johnny used to do. Someone else can better tell that one, but that is all I can remember. Cliff doesn’t seem like a nipple twister for pleasure for me, lol 😉

      • Nancy

        No, I dont see him as a nipple twister either..lol..I figured it was a college or sports things..that answer is good enough..thanks

      • Tam

        LOL, I just caught the justification, not what it was really about because I don’t know much about the sport or guy he was referring to…..Just funny…..

      • Robin

        Nancy and Tam, you guys are such a hoot! Don’t know what I would do with your sense of humor. To be honest, I thought he was being Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof … lol or if Mr Hogg might have some secret Jewish roots.

    • Avatar

      I’ve always taken it as symbolic of him ripping off his shirt like Superman & the finger thing as symbolic of showing/counting money. Both symbolic jestures of winning.

    • Mary

      He’s playing superman and rubbing his fingers like money. That quaterback used to do that, Johnny Manzel I think his name was.

      • Tam

        That’s the name he said! Thanks, Mary…….LOL…..Oh Cliff……. When Nicole made a remark earlier that he was everyone’s father or something funny and Cliff said it was getting creepy

    • danmtruth

      Texas A&M quarterback Johny Mansel did tjat The shirt thing is showing he is superman the fingers is give me the money

  38. Mary

    @ Nancy, Just know that tomorrow that will close to a full moon when you pick Holly up.

  39. Helen

    I can imagine Jackson and Holly later talking asking each other…how did we do?
    Do you think we convinced them?

  40. Tam


    Grrrrrrrrrr….She just gets on my last nerve……

  41. Helen

    Didn’t watch the convo…I’m so over Holly…can’t listen to her anymore
    Was Nicole buying anything she was selling?

  42. danmtruth

    As holly talks about she a d jackson play different games How they play there own game Nicole and Cliff will get together to compair what was said They will see it was the SAME pitch just said differently
    Did anyone beside holly miss the point nicole was making as long as you TWO H/J that only keaves one spot And N/C are also a team so that does not work

    • Helen

      I think Jackson and Holly both are playing and counting on Nicole’s struggle with making difficult decisions …
      Counting on Nicole’s personal feelings vs game decisions

      • Tam

        They are and have underestimated Nugget too much. Good, let it come back to bite them…….She is no push over. She has tried to tell them and they have dismissed, overlooked her, and only needed her when they need her. She is going to show them. I hate that they treat her like that.

      • davidsgirl

        It’s not going to happen. I will say that from what I have seen in the last few weeks, Nicole has gone from a girl to a woman. That switch is going to help her much more in the game here towards the end.

      • danmtruth

        Nicole does not seem like she is having any problem making a SMART decision that benefits her game

  43. davidsgirl

    I should have waited for all of Holly’s campaigning to be over before I ate dinner. I knew she was going to lay it on thick but that sh– is knee deep. And now I am nauseous.

    And to cry and say if I go home like this (before Tommy) I will never get over it. Oh please!!!

    • Tam

      If she doesn’t mind going home 4th then why does it matter when she goes? And why is it so bad to go before Tommy? Is she in competition in with him that she hasn’t made known? Just utter BS. I thought Nugget did an awesome job of laying it out for her and she didn’t seem to grasp what she was saying because it wasn’t what HB was wanting to her. Ok, she is can be at peace at not winning……She is all over the place with all this. And Fishhhhhhh. This is BS….They are not talking about production. Someone needs to be fired…..Please, send me another CBS survey questionnaire, PLEASE!!!!!!!! I deleted the last 5. Ready and waiting on the next one…..

      She is going to burn the damn casserole if JJ hadn’t checked on it twice…..Always count on him to be on food patrol……

    • danmtruth

      Not to over the top just a bit of a guilt trip Holly saying she will never reciver from this oh please

  44. AIO_7

    Beth keeps telling Cliff that she “sucks at comps.” Guess what, but Jackson is and he would take you to F3 and F2.

  45. ShoeLover

    Soooooo, is Tommy trying to say Cliff is holding back instead of Tommy and all of the secrets Tommy have had from the very beginning????

  46. Helen

    Holly says she put all her eggs into one basket and was gung ho for this F4. She says she would have done anything for them.

    Sounds like Holly trying to guilt trip Boss Hogg over the F4 deal

  47. Mary

    Her saying she would rather take 4th place, than 5th. Well Cliff and Nicole would too, they would rather take 3rd and possibly be in the final 2. If Jackson wins the next veto, he will save Holly if she stays. She has had 85 days to do the things she has wanted to do and what has she done besides make up that song? So her boo hooing saying she wants to stay to make her family and friends proud is pure horse apples.

  48. Avatar

    Beth says she doesn’t want her BB legacy to be getting evicted on JJ’s HOH. Hey Beth, I assure you that you do not have to worry about that being your BB legacy.

  49. Mary

    Laughing, they need to call Holly into the DR for about an hour, give the rest of them a couple beers each.

  50. danmtruth

    Holly keeps talking about how bad she is in memory how smart cliff is than she says how smart Jackson is That is what holly forgets C/N are not worried about you but jackson taking holly to the F-2 now holly is questioning how close nicole and tommy have gotten

  51. Tam

    Here is one of HB’s battle cry songs for the night……..
    Black Sabbath….Paranoid……

  52. Mary

    If you’ve ever sat on a jury, you know the more people talk the more BS they are spewing. Stick to the facts.

    And by the way Holly, you were telling Nicole in the boat room that Bella and Nick were bullying her, I watched it with my own eyes. So you saying that you stuck up for her, even though you got or she dragged into it, is more horse apples. So I agree with you, your memory isn’t that good.

  53. Tam

    Yes, please, let her know because she has a dress she wants to wear. Ohhhhhhhhhh, SMDH….Palm to forehead…..KMN

  54. hogwild

    To whoever gets voted out tomorrow I dedicate this.

  55. Mary

    Did they just call Holly to the upstairs DR? Are they going to give her some truth serum.

    • davidsgirl

      It is funny, upstairs is where the medic has been seeing the houseguests. And she was in and out pretty fast. Who kows what’s going on with her. Makes me wonder is they were checking on her emotional state or giving her some medication. IDK – just wondering.

      • Tam

        Didn’t they call Cliff, too. I think that they had a shot glass for him ready……Poor thing needed it….Thinking that I am too invested in this because listening to her has my BP up! She needs to go

  56. danmtruth

    Sorry Holly i think the five man electric band has something holly needs to hear

  57. Tam

    So much for JJ having Nicole’s back when he doesn’t understand while Holly is telling him her truth…….He is trashing them now. Come on, dude, really? Like if roles were reversed you wouldn’t be doing the same. BS flag and alarm……..
    You right, Holly, the writing is on the wall…..Get that dress ready!!!! Literally……

  58. Mary

    What I think is funny is that Jackson just said it’s stupid for them to vote the same, when a couple of weeks ago he didn’t to break a tie.

    • Tam

      I don’t know why he is even trying to blame them when he had several chances to make big moves way before this point and not be in this situation. He shot himself in the foot, not them. He is just being ho strung now…..

  59. Avatar

    I’m going ahead and post tonight’s BBAD playlist early reminder their will not be a playlist tomorrow because BBAD will be on at 1 AM. I really hope that Holly’s butt walks out the front door and meet Julie tomorrow.

    #Never Forget


  60. hogwild

    Nicole and Cliff talking now little to no doubt Holly is gone.

  61. danmtruth

    When they called Holly into the upstairs DR
    Mothers little helper

  62. danmtruth

    Listening to Cliff and Nicole it was clear that they felt the more Holly talk the less they trusted her
    Joe Jones

  63. davidsgirl

    It became obvious a long time ago that it’s ok for Jackson and Holly to play the game, but not anyone else. If others say I have to do this for My game, or don’t keep their word, than it’s considered dirty game play.

  64. Mary

    If Jackson is upset, it’s because this may cause him not to win the 500,00.00. He was counting on the 2 least likely to win anything more to drag to final 4.

  65. Mello_One

    Omg…Holly’s campaign to Cliff, & Nugget was all about, “ME, & I?!” Holly certainly did not help herself whatsoever.

  66. Mary

    Goodness gracious, whatever happened to do what’s best for your game.

  67. davidsgirl

    Holly says “is there any faith left in humanity”? Oh my gosh, and all this from one of the 4 people who helped break the stool in the HOH shower. GEEEEZZZZZ!

    • Tam

      Now he just made a snide remark about Morals, WTF….. Is he serious? And I think he was making it towards Nicole, but that doesn’t even matter if he is talking about Nicole or Cliff, he really needs help…..

  68. Helen

    Holly asks if he should offer to throw HOH. Holly: “Would she believe me?” Jackson: “Offer it.”

    They still don’t get it…veto is what matters…if she and Jackson are OTB next week together and one of them wins veto that person will be the deciding vote…Jackson nor Holly are going to vote out each other over Cliff or Nicole…

    • Tam

      Tell her sure if you want to offer but you are going so why are you even offering…..She is pissed at them for making a move better for each of their game as they see it, but can’t understand why they are doing so and not for her or JJ’s benefit….Smdh

  69. hogwild

    The offical Holly is gone countdown clock.

  70. Nikki

    I know we need Holly out because Jackson will take her to final 2.
    But if say Nicole or Cliff found themselves up against Holly (in F2), or REALLY anyone found themselves up against Holly, would she get any votes for the money?

    The only chance she has at the money is very slim against Jackson.

    Has she made any moves?

  71. Nancy

    I’m glad I’m not watching the feeds..I’d be even more upset than I am now..really thought JJ would respect game play, and not personally attack nicole behind her back. Nicole has more morals than that watermelon eating frat boy whoredog!!

    • Mary

      I wonder if that was him throwing BS at Holly, making it seem like he was sticking up for her.

      • Nikki

        I was thinking the same Mary!! He needs Holly in the JH stacking up votes for him and out of his hair!

      • Annabelle

        Mary I think and hope so. I watched him looking at Nicole when she got her letter and stuff and some other times when Beth wasn’t around or was primping and he looks at he like he cares. I know Jax knows Beth will be all over him til she leaves and that if he doesn’t say everything she wants to hear him and everyone else in that house will be even more miserable the next 18 or so hours. I hope in his head he is singing All American Rejects

    • Tam

      Nancy, I thought so, too. Was proud of him for turning over a new leaf. Just be glad that you aren’t. They have my BP up in here! Mary, I don’t know. He is a slick willy. He isn’t being too talkative or joville with her while playing like he has been. He seems like he has a case of the red ass hiding…… Time is definitely going to tell……After his comments about Nicole just lost what he gained in my eyes….Back to the way he was when he didn’t get his way earlier in the season and put himself in time out….If HB goes I am wondering if he is going to act like that and do the same thing. Won’t be a good look for him

  72. Mary

    Bet Holly thinks he’s up there campaigning for her, while she’s down there cooking. LOL

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