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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s another Wednesday in the Big Brother house and the season is just cruising along. I hate writing that because it means the summer is also cruising along, but that’s life I guess.

Let’s give another quick summary to yesterday:


Christie, Nick, Bella, Jack, and Jackson are trash.  Nick said he wants to now spit on Kemi because Kemi upset him trying to play the game. Nicole overheard him and told Kemi about it, but she wasn’t 100% sure who said it or what was even said (they thought it could have been anything from spitting on Kemi to shitting on Jess that is how unsure they are). Sam has been trying to attach himself to that group while Sis and Holly appear to be trying to distance themselves.

In other news, Nick, Bella, and Sam are still thinking Nicole is going home tomorrow but I assume Christie will spend the day convincing him that it’s best for Cliff to go. While I’d like to see him not accept it and then be blindsided tomorrow, I have a feeling the day will end with him and Bella accepting Cliff’s exit and there won’t be much drama tomorrow night. They are too dumb to think for themselves and just need Christie, Jack, and Tommy to convince them what to do.

Wednesday is always a potential for drama in the house and I’m currently giving this house a 5 out of 10 in the water boil rating that I just made up. It may be a good time to sign up for the feeds seeing as you get a free trial


  • 10:50 am – Tommy, Nick, and Sam are up in the HoH room talking
    • Tommy is re-telling the two how Kemi told him that she’s feeling really aggressive today. He told her to bring it and she said it will be brought (should I raise the boil rating to 7?)
    • Tommy says he’s annoyed by her but he’s still talking to her because she’s still a person. Nick says you have to completely fuck up for him to not like you
    • He tells Nick that he’s a therapist and he should see that she’s acting this way because she just needs help. He says he tried but she’s still attacking him personally. Tommy says nobody in the house cares about her attacks on Nick so why care?
    • Bella joins
    • Tommy says ‘let her have her air time if she wants to be known as the aggressor’ (what?)
    • Sam says that Nick rolling his eyes and stuff making people laugh which escalates the situation more than it should be. Sam says she’s still a person and it was immature on Jack’s part to laugh yesterday when they did something with a seat
  • 11:25 am – Jackson is in his natural habitat – the kitchen, eating
    • In another room, Kat tells Nicole she’s voting to keep her but that’s bullshit. I mean she probably is, but only because she’ll be given permission to do so from Christie.
    • Kemi explaining to Jessica about the seriousness of the mob mentality of this house and Jessica cuts in “you have really small ears”. wtf? Jessica is so clueless about this house.
    • Kemi says she’s probably being roasted by the fans for sticking up for herself. Nope, she’s not. You’re cool, Kemi. We got you
  • 2:20 pm – Jackson is in bed with Holly while a few are sitting around the boat room
    • Meanwhile, about 30 minutes ago, Nick told Cliff that he is completely safe, but obviously he’s not
    • There is a rumor floating around the house that there is an eviction tonight. That was fueled more by bags appearing for the campers today or yesterday or whenever. If they did appear, that means there won’t be a full week with the 4th camper. I am not 100% certain on the bags though. Going to look back on the feeds and see where that was mentioned
    • Yea, Kat just told Nicole that same theory that there is probably a battle back because of the packing. She is telling her to mentally prepare to battle back and not think of eviction
  • 4:30 pm – Tommy is having some game talk with HollyBeth after he spoke with Sis a bit earlier
    • A lot of the talk is trying to figure out to tell Kat who to vote for tomorrow
    • They are also planning on damage control if they have to vote out Cliff tonight (there won’t be a vote but they think there is)
    • Tommy plans on telling people that Cliff is just dangerous with Ovi  (Nicole is still more dangerous but that’s on them)
    • Holly is sure tomorrow will be a double eviction tomorrow
    • They want Kat and Jess to vote with Nick and Bella as a mole of sorts
    • Holly tells Tommy how her memory is bad after all her head injuries. She’s been kicked off a horse plus a few car accidents. Her last accident sounded really bad.
    • She was actually in the finals for Survivor and should have been on it but the accident happened. I guess she couldn’t pass the psych test after it
  • 7:05 pm – Cliff is talking to Sis in the pantry
    • He tells her that he won’t put her on the block. Nice of him since he’ll be home. I won’t put her on the block, either!
    • I kid Cliff
    • I do feel bad for him. I’d be the old guy of the house if I joined the show so I know how hard he has it
    • Sis says she hasn’t decided yet but either way they’re cool
  • Nick jokes that the eviction is tonight and David is going to have some power where he keeps people safe
    • I think Analyse thinks Nick may be on to something so she pulls David to the side to campaign
    • She campaigns by flirting and giving him eyes
    • She says she really wants him back in the game and think it would be fun blah blah blah. David takes advantage and lets her flirt because he knows she is only doing this because she is paranoid.
  • 6:45 pm – Houseguests have come to realize there isn’t a live eviction tonight.
    • Scratch that, Christie still thinks something is happening.
    • Jack asks “do you think they’re going to have the first-ever non-live eviction?”  Yea, except for the recorded eviction every season
  • 8:30 pm – Couple of thoughts about the episode
    • They did a really good job editing it. They showed how nasty they were to Nicole while making sure to show the clip about Sis and Holly mentioning the bullying. It made Bella look worse and worse as the night went on
    • Christie was just flat out nuts. I already forgot just how crazy that was. It was so crazy that we thought it was a big plan because it was too far fetched to believe
    • It’s amazing what that house does to people. While I think Christie is a bit batty in general, it does show how super paranoid you can get where you think your allies are plotting behind your back. I’m sure the fact that she has been plotting about Nick behind HIS back didn’t help her paranoia. It’s kind of like the person cheating in a relationship is usually the more jealous one because they have a guilty conscience.
    • Nick, being the ‘therapist’, should have put that in his head when wondering why she was suddenly so extremely paranoid of him.
    • I loved how Kaitlyn came back and did that competition. It was great and good to see she is a good sport about it. Did I mention that I met her and chatted for like 30 minutes this winter at Kevin’s fundraiser?  I was supposed to write about that but never did. Probably because nobody is around in the winter to read it. Quick story – I went to the fundraiser and met Kevin, JC, Donnie, Kaitlyn, Glenn, Brett, and unfortunately GinaMarie. I got my picture taken with Brett, spoke with Kevin a bit, then ran into Glenn at the bar and we had a long chat about the game and his eviction. While chatting, someone calls to him that the food is ready and it was Kaitlyn! So we went over and chatted with her as well and it was just amazing because both were great and humble people. Glenn, I wish we got to see him more on the show, and Kaitlyn was just phenomenal and so chill.
    • Anyway, this should be the last full dinner of the season as the show ended by making it sound like the camp comeback twist ends tomorrow
    • Speaking of, what kind of bullshit is that? The camp comeback twist was basically ‘camp save money on hotel costs’ twist. Julie mentioned something about the social aspect of it but how fair is that to Nicole or Cliff who will apparently only have a few minutes before attempting to come back?  It’s likely going to end up being a competition which means the social aspect Julie was mentioning was pointless.  I guess we’ll find out though.
    • Although to be fair, Cliff and Nicole will have actually had more time to socialize than David. Even though they’re still in the ‘game’, they have the same options of being social as the camp comeback people.

Check back for updates


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