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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Overnight Thread

Good evening, everyone!


We’re just about time for BBAD so I wanted to get this post up before that starts. I know a lot of commenting happens during that show so here is a clean slate.

There isn’t much going on in the house at this moment. They had the midway party tonight but Jack is still campaigning as hard as he can to stay. Unfortunately for him, he’s not very good at this game and thinks his brilliant strategy of blackmailing Kat with garbage will have an impact.  To repeat this plan, he wants to threaten Kat that he’ll tell people how she knew of Cliff’s flip vote to get him out and also played as a mole early on. It’s already gotten back to Cliff about that and he has said he doesn’t care. I doubt Nicole will, either. He is trying to blackmail her with the weakest thing possible. It’s like threatening someone to give you something otherwise you’ll release these photos of them that you pulled from their public Facebook account. Very sinister!

To be fair to Jack, he doesn’t know that nobody cares, and Nick didn’t help matters being appearing to be in a panic of something Kat may have said about him. However, that’s because Nick is a snake who is trying to play both sides and is terrified of being caught. However, that gave Jack this sense of importance that the other people will react similarly. They won’t.


Jack is almost certainly going to jury tomorrow. I’m going to sit down and look at the remaining calendar to see if there is a chance for another battle back, but I’ll do that when I’m more awake. For now, off to bed. Updates in the comment section.



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  1. hogwild

    It really is pretty funny to see some of these people think they are playing such a great game and seem so confused by the fact everyone else is not just rolling over for them and giving them the half million on a silver platter.

  2. Jenny

    Just saw BBAD doesn’t start until midnight (Central) tonight, and tomorrow’s show is also pre-empted here & won’t be on until 12:30 AM.
    Tomorrow I’ll be torn between catching up here and waiting until the show airs so I can enjoy the live experience. Who am I kidding, I’ll be here. And then I’ll have to stay up for the show because I can only get CBS via antenna now (Damn you, DirecTV!!!) and can’t record it.

    ^see what I did there?

  3. Annabelle

    I don’t have to Google Big brother because if the awesome people on this sight but thought everyone should know that us Junkies have been showing up in many of the Google news feeds. Yea Steve

    • danmtruth

      Annabella nice looking protecter in your avitar
      Jack did not give Kat any ultimatum just all my game is all about honesty bla bla bla He is mad that she heard that he offered nick safety CC TT and Sis have joined Jack they are naking fun of nick saying how he is a fan and all he wants is to be in a big alliance So to keep him happy lers just make up a nzme They all have a laugh about nick He then walks in and he spews out some info Nick is covering for Kat as Jack said he is mad she heard about the safety offer Nick said she is just fishing

  4. NKogNeeTow

    The BB Gods must know that I need sleep. When I was trying to refresh to remove the puppies on the 4 cams, I got a spinning wheel for a long time. After I refreshed again, I only have the main screen but nothing on the 4 cams. Guess I’ll just have to watch what they want me to see. *shrugs*

  5. NKogNeeTow

    Why do I get the feeling that when AD gets voted out after thinking he’s done so well tonight, he’s going to be a bitter juror?

  6. NKogNeeTow

    Where did they get the idea that it’s going to be a double eviction? They are seriously trying to manifest it.

  7. BBGurl

    off topic, well kinda not. I saw some where someone posted a way to get the feeds for free. but now I can’t seem to find it. can anyone help a girl out? please and thanks in advance

    • danmtruth

      I think it was Annabella said try BMX-TV.net then click on 24/7 Live Feeds)

    • Nancy

      Amareels had posted this….
      Then click on 24/7 live feeds

      If that doesnt work, dont shoot me..I’m just the messenger..lol

      • BBGurl

        thanks Nancy. I was able to get the feeds up but I have no sound. ack! but it’s ok. gotta get to bed. driving from Macon. GA to Panama City Beach early in the morning. Good night all. And to the peeps who post the updates, a great big thank you. ya’ll are so appreciated.

      • danmtruth

        Thanks for the correction let’s give credit to the proper person

      • Petrichor

        Holy crap! It seems to work–all I see are puppies atm, but they’re BB puppies!

    • amareels

      But if you do have the funds, please hook up Steve in purchasing the feeds through this venue. He works really hard in keeping this site up year after year. So if you can’t afford this year, maybe next or can donate some funds through a link that was posted earlier.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks, Ama. I post it every so often but I haven’t that much because I felt kind of guilty because the house has been so slow and the cast so bad. But it does look like things are looking up a bit. Hopefully in as the next few weeks go on, it will get better and better. I know I usually get them the first part of August but didn’t until the house started to get shaken up a bit. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more fireworks!

  8. Cat Lady

    Jack never had a game..he was just a bully. He never worked the house. Last season Tyler was awesome. Still think he should have won. I don’t think we get the best houseguest as winner with houseguests that are voted out. I like to see former winners be the jury.

    • KLew

      I love that idea. Bitter juries are the *worst*…it’s shocking (although not always) how thoroughly unaware and self involved these house guests have become. I blame casting; they need to do a better job.

    • Patricia

      Amen karen i agree Tyler should have won for sure. Jack is a freaking idiot. Lol. And for the free feeds i went to the bmx site but said something bout i need a vbm or something like that can someone tell this comp. Illiterate person what that is. Lol. Oh also has anyone posted to video of nick n jack supposedly rubbing each other. Im like Mel. I have to see it to believe it. I also didnt see Rocketman running in on jj n beth. Lol. I miss all the stuff going on lol.

  9. Nancy

    I’m gonna manifest sleep. Been a horribly long day. I’ll enjoy NK and Dan , and who ever else stays up , with my morning java..peace out

  10. Kari

    Watching the episode now.

    I think Nicole looks super cute in her little hosting outfit.

    “Jackson is the common denominator between all lies and all drama”… Uh, REALLY Christie???

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  12. danmtruth

    Tommy CC not letting kat alone with jess in HOH rm

  13. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD: Owner of A Lonely Heart…AD has no one to talk to except sleeping WoA.


    Kat, CC, TT, Nervous Nick, Nicole, Uncle Cliff, and HOH Jess are making small talk. Nicole is talking about her dad. She says he’s not Italian but Polish. Nicole breaks down the name changes on her dad’s side of the family from the time they came to America till now. TT says she looks like a combo of Italian/Polish. WoA has just entered so I guess Mr.Lonely is laying alone and trying to manifest himself safe tomorrow. *Hop in Nancy’s van Son*

    Living Room:

    The Maytag Repairman (AD) is laying on the sofa alone, in deep thought.


    Now HOH Jess is talking about her sister and her hair. Nervous Nick notices that TT is drifting off and TT tells him he might just go to bed. Nick tells the room goodnight and says he’s going to brush his teeth, pee and go to bed. TT and his hairdryer leave right behind him. When they leave, WoA tells them she has trouble pooping. *I always knew she was full of sh*t* She says she needs to go touch up her makeup in case she gets called to DR. She tells them she will see them later and she loves them then leaves.

    HOH Jess says that as soon as she starts to fall asleep she gets called to the DR. CC says she hopes TT doesn’t get called to much tonight.

    Living Room:

    The Maytag Repairman is still laying on the sofa playing with Orwell’s feet. WoA comes through and he asks her what’s going on upstairs. She says they are just shooting the sh*t.

    Outside Camper:

    TT hugs Holly goodnight and Nick comes through. Holly sticks her head inside the camper and briefly speaks to AD. TT is in bed next to AD. JJ is now standing in the doorway with Holly. Just as TT gets comfy, he gets his call to duty. He goes into the SR to suit up and says he’s going up to the HOH. He runs into the HOH and yells he’s traveling at the speed of smell. They laugh and tell him he’s horrible. He makes his usual rounds through the house. When he goes downstairs, CC says the smell has gotten stronger. He goes into the kitchen and says hello to planet earth, then goes into the living room and hugs AD while he sprays him and tells him he loves him so much and is going to miss him if he leaves tomorrow. AD laughs and hides his face. He then runs into the camper and gets WoA. He had her trapped in the corner and she can’t get away from him. Cc asks what they put in that batch because it smells extra nasty.


  14. NKogNeeTow



    Kat is telling the room that she told Cliff that she wasn’t going to evict him. Cliff says the implication that AD gave him was that Kat was going to continue to work on his side so that she can still give the indication that she was still working with the 6. Cliff says he just wants them to have a heads up in case AD brings it up tomorrow. HOH Jess says she sees no reason for AD to do that. Cliff says it’s just his way of scrambling. *Cliff has told them about AD’s plan to blow up Kat’s game* Cliff says he feels better and better about getting rid of AD.


    JJ and AD are clearing the air. They tell each other they love each other and says whatever happens tomorrow, happens. JJ leaves and AD gives TT a look.


    Cliff says there is a part of him that wants to tell AD tomorrow (that he isn’t keeping him), but he’s afraid he might try to blow things up. Kat apologizes for giving info to the 6. HOH Jess isn’t mad at Kat. She says it’s unforgivable (talking about what AD was planning). Nicole says she walked in on Nick and Holly talking and he was talking about voting with them.


    AD is counting votes with CC and TT.


  15. NKogNeeTow



    They wonder who WoA SS would put up. Cliff says he thinks him. He says he wants JJ to go out after CC and TT because the longer JJ is there the more he’ll seeth. Jess says AD hasn’t campaigned to anyone else. Nicole says he did to her. She tells them AD’s pitch. Kat says he told her the exact same thing. Nicole says that so now he needs her vote so now he cares. She says she didn’t get any deals. Nicole tells Cliff that the offer AD gave to him and Nick must have been legit because she and Kat didn’t get sh*t. Cliff says that in a way he kind of believes AD was telling him the truth but in the long run he (AD) would still try to get him out. *Boss Hog*


    AD is asking Nick who would Holly put up next to CC. Nick says he doesn’t know. AD is looking kind of worried. *Not so much fun looking from the outside in is it?* Nick tells him he doesn’t know what Cliff would do. AD asks him what are the odds of Cliff taking his deal. Nick says he doesn’t know and not to get down and get worried about it.


  16. Vikki T

    I love this Nicole with the confidence and humor she is showing. . Said she never bought AD’s BS, she just perused it.

  17. Holan

    In watching the feeds, cliff and the angels are up in hoh talking about how full of it Jack is. Nicole made so many jokes about how he is selling a bunch of !it’s and she’s not buying it. I enjoy how calm and thoughtful cliff is being about the logistics of the house

  18. danmtruth

    Glad to hear even jf AD does try to put his master plan get laugh at

  19. NKogNeeTow



    AD is looking less and less confident. CC has now joined them. Nick is saying that if JJ goes home it will be 3 vs 6. CC says they are an all-girl alliance in the making. Nick is asking where everyone is. Nick tells AD that he can’t give up because his chances aren’t dead. *I’m polishing the headstone as they speak*


    Nicole the Smart Cookie is telling them how when they were at the table she looked around at the 6 and they realized that 2 of the 6 are OTB. She says she stood up and Nick said the winner was sitting at the table. She says why would he say that once she stood up. She said that’s why she wants to win something so they will stop dismissing her. Cliff said they (gr8tful) thought they had all the strong ones in their group and would have picked them all off one by one. Nicole said she had said a long time ago that they were all together (she did, but they dismissed her too).


  20. danmtruth

    Well now that AD silver bullet turns out to have been a dud the only thing left is it going to be 7-1 or 5-3

  21. Avatar

    Question is there any pictures of the Jury house

  22. Vikki T

    SS saying something about Cliff will vote with cause what else would he do, just float through the game winning nothing. Truly, what work is she living?

  23. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff says they have some talents in their group. He says he hopes JJ has some win still left in him (to go after CC/TT). Cliff says there are some mean people in the house and he hopes it’s just for the game. Cliff says like AD has only seen one season and they only focus on the devious stuff. He says the people who get the most air time are the ones who are sneaky. Nicole says that CC always shocks her. Kat says she says mean things under her breath. Nicole says how can you preach peace and love and be the way she is. Nicole says when CC’s in the room she’s always the loudest and always right and she just can’t take it.


    CC, WoA, TT, and Nick are talking. They are talking about Cliff taking the deal. CC and Nick says that Cliff has to think it’s his idea to take the deal and to not directly threaten him. *It wouldn’t work anyway* WoA says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because it’s making her paranoid. *ie: she doesn’t understand what’s really going on*


    Nicole says the 6 are so arrogant. Cliff says they can’t get cocky either because they are dealing with some mental midgets. *ROFL*


  24. Stephanie

    Christie- You are not going anywhere. If you are, I am right behind you. Jack- We will have the greatest fucking summer ever. Christie- I wish we could get a little weed. You think that’s possible? I feel if I really begged…

  25. NKogNeeTow



    Nicole says if they are the F4 (Nicole/Kat/Cliff/Jess) it would be amazing.


    AD is telling Nick/TT/CC that Cliff has GOT to take the deal. CC says “He’s going to go with a f*cking team of girls?” TT tells them he is going to take the deal. AD jumps on TT and starts humping him and TT starts making erotic sounds. We get the Orwell neon sign. *Nasty thangs*


    Cliff tells them that when he was banished he doesn’t think he was that good, he was just lucky to find his way back. They start talking about CC’s manifestations. Nicole says she can no longer stand that word. Cliff says if she could manifest so much, why didn’t she manifest AD being OTB. *LOL* Nicole says that when the votes are read that if AD isn’t sent home she’s going to stand up and take her suitcase and leave. Cliff says if AD gets evicted he wants to stand up and tell him to get to steppin and get the hell out of the house. They start to laugh. Cliff says that’s what he wants to say but he won’t.

    They think that the DE won’t be this week but next. They say it will be so funny if after AD goes to Jury, he looks up next week and sees CC and TT walking into the JH together. They all love that idea.


  26. danmtruth

    CC TT are talking with nick Cant believe he wont take the deal of 3 or 4 weeks of safety it would be crazy If not CC laid out why it would be bad He would be low person with the girls he will be everyone target The 4 of them have a better chance of winning the next HOH -your plan include Sis winning a HOH good luck CC wants to give cliff tonight to think about it Get him first thing in the morning as he wont get much sleep because this decision will keep him up all night – cliff eill sleep like a baby – than Sis who has a clise relationship with him will hit cliff with these facts Again your plan depends on Sis remembering more than her name Have these people not been there when Sis trys to remember a conversation

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  28. amareels

    I’m out for the night, NK. Sweet dreams……

  29. danmtruth

    Flipping back and forth between the two conversation It quickly becomes clear which group is honest with themselves as seeing whats going on infront of them One group deals in reality the other how they hope it will be

  30. NKogNeeTow



    They are talking about TT’s birthday tomorrow. Nicole says she’s the most immature mature person in the house. Cliff says he’s finds it funny that he’s 22 years older than the people in the house. Nicole says she got pissed when AD was talking to Cliff and called him an old man.


    Harriett The Spy (Nick) is back talking to the group.


    Holly and JJ are talking to HOH Jess. Jess is saying it does strike her odd that things are being said and done that are evil and malicious. They are talking about how the 6 are telling everyone that they will be in their corner. JJ makes a joke about AD and acts like Oprah saying “You get a free week, and you get a free week and you get a free week?” They laugh. HOH Jess said she went to the Oprah show the day before her “Favorite Things” show. She said if she had picked a different day she would have been there for the prizes.


    Nicole says that her family probably had panic attacks when she was getting a hard time in the house. They say but look at her now.


    TT is whispering to CC. It’s kind of hard to hear what they are saying. They are scheming again. TT is telling her what to say when she puts Kat up. *To bad she doesn’t know it’s going to be the other way around.* TT tells her that AD has to stay. *No he doesn’t*


    Nicole says she should have been a psych major because these people fascinate her. She says this is a true social experiment. Cliff says he would never come back to do this again. Nicole says what if they brought back Cliff’s Angels. Cliff laughs and says then he might come back.


  31. Vikki T

    I am heading to bed. Thanks a bunch to the night crew!

  32. Valerie

    So over Jackson and his fake news about Jack. Aka his lie that Christie is his ex. Watching Kat lie through her teeth about her being a mole for Holly and Jackson was painful because it’s true yet doesn’t matter sadly to Nicole and Cliff in the have not room.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    *Missed the entire last segment. The system locked up and wouldn’t post my comment then said it was a duplicate. Is anyone else having this problem?*

    What took place that I couldn’t post:

    Kat/Nicole/Cliff went to the HN room to talk to Holly/JJ. Cliff says they are all on the same page and everything should go smooth tomorrow night. They tell Holly/JJ about AD’s “bombshell”. That is was about Kat flipping on the vote when Cliff went out. JJ says he’s still sitting on something big. Cliff says he hopes it won’t get nasty.

    That’s the jest of it.

  34. NKogNeeTow



    Rocketman is telling HOH Jess that he doesn’t want to wind up on the wrong side of the vote this week because he loves both of them. She tells him that people have come to her and told her that she’s not their target. TT says then she knows who is. She says she tries to play this game honest. He tells her she’s amazing. She says it would kill her if she had to choose so she wants the house to decide. He tells her that he doesn’t feel that she will have to choose. He says that he will be a tipping number. WoA comes in so they stop talking about it.

    TT whispers to Jess that he wants to win something. She says since she can’t do anything next week she’s just going to be sitting. He tells her she will be fine. TT sits there under his hairdryer and tells her again she will be fine. She mentions her being a floater. He tells her not even to think about that. She says when she came into the house she wanted to be someone in a strong alliance but looking back on what wasn’t in the cards.


  35. Painter1

    I hope Jack does confront Kat with his “I got a secret about Kat” and with Jess,Cliff,and Nicole present so when he’s done they just laugh at him. Now THAT would be priceless.

  36. NKogNeeTow



    AD is laying in bed looking worried again. He tells WoA that now that she’s awake (Jess) that he’s going to talk to her. He is pissed because he said the whole time she was laying there faking she was asleep. WoA says she didn’t say that. They lay there in silence. *I think he’s having a light bulb moment…lol* He tells her that it’s going to be fine. She repeats it. He says it’s going to work out. *He sounds like he’s trying to convince himself more than her.*


    HOH Jess, Kat and Nicole come in. CC/Nick/TT are in bed. Cliff comes in too. They ask who is sleeping upstairs. Jess says she hasn’t slept upstairs alone since she’s been HOH. She says she doesn’t mind. WoA comes in and stands in the door but doesn’t say anything. She just has this blank look on her face. *Air has no expressions* Cliff starts telling them how funny Nicole was upstairs.


    WoA is back in bed giving AD a rundown of who is in the Target room. They do not look pleased. *Ha ha* He thanks her for going to check for him.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! Hope everyone is getting all rested up for tomorrow night. Until then, have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  37. NKogNeeTow

    After the show, the feeds and BBAD, I’m on BB overload. Tonto, I think I’m saddling up Silver and riding off into the sunset.

    Goodnight Dan the Man, Stephanie, Bennett, Vicki, Painter and anyone else I’ve missed. Smooches 🙂

  38. Avatar

    Faux-Fabio, Jack, thinks he’s sooooooooo hot. He looks like he stinks and doesn’t floss.

  39. ShoeLover

    I am so loven BBAD, its finally become a show to watch!!!! I still don’t have CBS and it’s cool, because I have BBJ to fill me in, see all y’all tonight on the boards!!!

  40. Nancy

    Thanks NK, got caught up while sipping my coffee..jack is on borrowed time..I looove how the ‘bottom feeders ‘ know exactly who these despicable people are, and now have risen to the top. I’m gonna run gas up the van, give it a quick wash and wait for AD to roll outta dat house..thanks again NK, Dan and all the above

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