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Big Brother 21-Wednesday Overnight Update

July 4, 2019 | 11 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning and Happy 4th of July! I’m sorry I’m a week late to the party but things got really busy for me just as BB was starting. I sold my house VERY unexpectedly since it wasn’t even for sale. (assuming everything goes thru, I should know next week) I’ve mentioned my daughter and son-in-law being realtors in the past and maybe my house can be tied into a new ad campaign for them. “We’re so good, we can sell your house even if you don’t want to move” or something like that. Either way, I’ll let you know what happens. You’ll know anyway because if I’m doing updates while moving, it’s gonna be a mess!

Since it’s a holiday and hopefully most of you have fun plans for the day and because I missed an entire week, I’ll just give my general impressions of the first week for this post. I’m recycling Steves pics because I don’t even have any screenshots yet. I’ve been disappointed in some of the people and the behavior so far but not the season as a whole. It hasn’t been boring and there was a lot of moving parts and distrust quickly within the dominant alliance in the house. If it weren’t for the new twist, I think it would’ve blown up sooner. I’m glad David is back and the twist could be interesting but it could also cause things to get dull for a couple of weeks. Who is going to blindside someone when they arn’t leaving? Who will get Jack out if he isn’t leaving? No one so the twist will probably postpone the hateful 8 breaking up.

I was sad to see another night one boot with David but I’m glad he’s back. It’s unfair to go through the whole process to be there and leave on the first night. At least it wasn’t random because the camp director was chosen by vote and there was an actual reason for 3 of the people Jackson chose. (Not good strategy but at least there was some strategy involved) We’ll never get a good all stars so maybe all the night one evictees should come back and play one of these days. (just a thought)

I’m such a fan of Cliff and not because he’s the “old guy.” He’s just a great guy who happens to be the biggest fan of BB in the cast and isn’t playing a bad game either. What’s not to like? I love that he’s giving us morning talks on the feeds.  Tommy and Nicole have impressed me so far with the way they’re playing the game. I didn’t understand why Nicole was so quick to make Jackson camp director because it wasn’t good for her game but other than that, she’s been playing smart. Time will tell if Christie helps or hurts Tommy’s game.

I thought I was going to like Christie but I still have a headache from her hoh. It was bizarre to watch her trash Jack all week then turn around and decide the people listening to her trash him were actually the ones talking badly about him. That was something different to see.  I also don’t mind her being a liar or a backstabber but I can’t handle the alternate universe she’s living in. She’s going to be the player who talks about what a great, kind person she is while being the complete opposite. (Did you guys hear her say she manifested no one leaving last night? Move over Kaitlyn, Christie wants your crazy)

Bella can be annoying and a bit of a rat but at least she’s owning the game she’s playing. She said she would be a trouble maker before entering the house.  I have more respect for someone like Bella who owns who she is in the DR. She could also give us the best DR’s because she’s kind of petty. Her worst quality in the game so far is not being able to keep her mouth shut. Kemi is very good for her game but Bella was a big part of the reason Kemi became a target when she repeated the things Kemi told her in private. I still don’t know if she realizes it. Bella is so territorial over Nick after telling him they can’t be a couple. She’s laid claim to him and that’s that. Nick’s obsession with the women may be his downfall. He had potential but he’s too girl crazy to be a focused player.

I knew I wasn’t going to like Kat. I never like the players who act like they’re fans of the show when clearly, they’re not. It was obvious in her interviews and she just lied about it. (In her defense, most of them did) It’s also obvious she’s there for her social media career aspirations. “Are you bitches conspiring against me” wasn’t an accident and didn’t happen organically. She knew exactly what she was doing which was trying to create a moment, a segment or a catch phrase. I thought I might like Holly (who now may be referred to as Beth by many live feeders) but that thought is over. I’ve also been waiting for confirmation on the feeds that Kat and Holly know each other outside the house. It isn’t confirmed but the preseason info seemed pretty reliable so now I’m just confused. Not only did a friend of Kats say they know each other, they claim Kat and Holly planned a strategy before coming to the house. (This isn’t my research, Brent Wolgamott from RHAP is friends with someone who knows Kat and that’s where I got this info) It sure doesn’t seem like it’s true so far but it could be. Brent isn’t someone to make this stuff up to use for gossip so for now, I’m still assuming it’s true. David mistakenly referred to Holly as Beth last night and she wasn’t happy about it. Kat even told her later that she looked like a Beth. Of course, Kat’s also told Holly she’s a “beautiful older woman” so Kat’s a little petty. Kat is a terrible player but she is funny to watch sometimes. Other times, I just experience 2nd hand embarrassment. The way she’s stalking Jackson is nutty. It’s also nutty for Jackson to have sex with someone the first week (apparently multiple times) and think they’ll just go away when there’s nowhere to go. We’ve only had one eviction and Jackson is working on his 2nd shomance, third if you count Jack.

I’ve put it off and long as I can so lets talk about the jackoffs. First, it was during BB a couple years ago when my husband surprised me with my puppy because I talked about it in a post.  His name is Jackson and he’s the best dog in the world. (I’m sure some of you will fight me on that one because your dog is the best dog in the world) I just hope these morons get evicted before they ruin my ability to say my dogs name. “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, (oh) I am for real…” For real, they’re not going to ruin it for me! I also know that song isn’t appropriate for this but it’s all I could think of at the moment. What can I say? I’m rusty.

Jack’s treatment of Ovi and the things he’s said about Kemi have been atrocious. No, I’m not giving the others a pass and they’re a**holes too. Jessicas husband said it best last week when he said Jack isn’t Aquaman, he’s a waterboy or something like that. This was after Jack made the comment about how someone like Jessica should feel flattered if Jack gave her attention or something like that.  I dont have a problem with the manbun. (I’m biased because my son’s been rocking one the last couple years) I just have a problem with everything going on below his hair. He didn’t even get it when production talked to him about his problematic comments. He just brushed it off as things being taken out of context. No jackass, it isn’t out of context when we hear the entire conversation. Jackson isn’t any better imo. Yes, he got mad at Jack briefly when Jack told Christie that Jackson and Kat had slept together because he told it to Jack in private but let’s be clear….He wasn’t worried about putting Kats sex life out there. He said HE didn’t want to look bad on TV. (Too late, especially after last night) Last night, Jackson referred to David as the cancer in the house and said David was planning on having sex with all the women in the house. (That’s not how he put it but it was too crude for this post. I did mention it in the comments last night tho) Yes, Jackson said it, they guy who is trying to ditch his current bedmate for a new one already.

Holly, Sis and Kat are doing the catty girl stuff towards Kemi. Holly said Kemi would be sleeping with David within a week and she doesn’t like that the only thing Kemi talks to her about is how Holly is so skinny and pretty. (Um, ok Beth) I’m not sure if that’s even true.

Sam is (as expected from preseason interviews) the DR screamer, I dont have a ton of faith in his game for wanting to win the first veto because it wasn’tnecessary. Jessica is nice but she’s too worried about a womens alliance. It was never going to work because she insisted ALL the women be included. When she saw who Holly, Kat and Bella spent their time with, it should’ve clued her in that it wasn’t going to work. Bella’s already told Nick about it so this won’t be the girl power season.

I really like Ovi and I’m glad Nicole told him last night that the jackoffs weren’t loyal to him. It isn’t a good sign for his game play that he had to have it pointed out.  He’s now saying he only owes loyalty to Cliff and Nicole but we’ll see what happens. Ovi isn’t in a good spot even if he makes it back in the game.  David already saw the house much better than Ovi after only a few hours of being back. It’s also too bad Ovi gave up his secret power info. (Assuming he gets to keep it if he gets back in) I didn’t blame him for doing it and it was the only play he had at the time.

I’m looking forward to the season once we survive Jack’s hoh. He’s already told the hg’s that no one will be talking game with David or Ovi. His hoh letter was from the guy who is taking care of his dog. No one in his family signed a release from what I’ve heard so he gets to have an emotional hoh moment over the dog sitter. I could make a snide comment here but I won’t since that’s his personal life and none of my business.

Unrelated: Tyler and Scottie had some kind of Twitter exchange that was a bit snippy for anyone who cares. I don’t but am bringing it up because KC’s comments about this seasons players may have started it. She said something about liking the jackoffs and has taken some heat for it. Scottie made a comment about L6 people liking them not being a surprise. The comments were shown after she hosted the comp but she said the comments were made much earlier and apparently before people saw what jerks they were. She can like whoever she wants and I dont have any reason not to believe her either. KC wasn’t the most exciting player to watch but no one could describe her as anything other than kind and chill.

Unrelated but better: Speaking of the BB20 cast, I saw Rockstar on RHAP after Tuesdays episode. Steve has the best blog and RHAP has the best podcast imo. It’s worth finding on YouTube if you’re a Rockstar fan. It’s also worth watching if you’re not a fan because you may see her in an entirely new light. She’s very funny and honest. She kept looking up and to her left instead of looking into the camera which was a little weird but other than that, it was really good. At one point, her mom even told her to look into the camera which was a funny.

Have a great 4th of July!


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