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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 8/21/19



Good morning BBJ gang! Yesterday was quite a surprise. I knew Christie would campaign but after Taco Tueaday, I didn’t think she had anything left to pull out of her manifesting bag of tricks. I was wrong about that one. (I was right about her path to staying going through Beth) I’d guessed more of it would hinge on Jess, rather than Cliff, when I talked about it yesterday so I was wrong about that too.  I probably should’ve factored Cliff into it more since I was aware he and Nicole had already had a discussion about hating to send Christie home over Sis. I didn’t, so I obviously don’t need to go the Vegas this week.

Except for the campaigning and a cereal party, the night was basically more of the same. The day can mostly be summed up by saying, Christie’s trying to stay, there’s a really good chance it’s going to happen, Tommy played a little behind all day and people think Nicole is wishy washy.

Here’s a condensed version of the day:

  •  Tommy confided to Beth he was upset with Christie and blamed her for the blow up with Nick.
  •  Christie made her big pitch to Jackson and Beth which seemed to land. She focused on how Nick was building an army with Tommy, Sis and Nicole. She was fine going home around 5th and they could use her mental abilities to take out Nick.
  •  Christie and Nick made peace by having a long talk. He doesn’t hold anything against her. He was worried about her eviction speech and said he’s  been dragged by everyone on Thursdays.  She promised him her speech had nothing to do with him.
  •  Nicole’s finally realizing she’s being seen as Nicks puppet. She spoke with Christie and said she was upset by having her name mentioned during Taco Tuesday. Christie apologized and said she was only trying to show people that Nick wasn’t loyal to any of them and didn’t mean to make any of it about Nicole.
  •  Christie also pitched to everyone individually:
  •  Jackson told Cliff  he thought it might be good for them to keep Christie and work with her.  Cliff  said he was on board and said he would talk to Nicole but felt sure she would be ok with it.
  •  Nicole went to the hoh room to talk to Jackson and Beth about being seen as Nicks puppet or worse, someone who’s always in the middle. Jackson and Beth were pretty honest with her. Nicole said she didn’t know why people saw her that way and they told her that she came off as wishy-washy because she hadn’t picked a side. Jackson told her this was the week she could solve that problem. She promised again to vote the way he wanted and he said he could wait until Thursday to tell her what he was thinking if she preferred so she could have plausible deniability. (This was his phrase of the day) He offered the same to Tommy later in the evening.
  • Nicole and Cliff talked about keeping Christie but Nicole was worried because she’d heard she would be the person Christie would put up with Nick to get Nick out.  (I think she heard this from Nick but I missed it and I’m not sure)
  • Cliff and Christie spoke again and he said he was on board to keep her but he was concerned about what he’d heard about her potential noms. He admitted he and Nicole were closer than people thought and he wouldn’t  put her in jeopardy. They debated the merits of Jess vs Nicole. Christie said if Nicole kept her, she would want to work with her and she wouldn’t use Nicole as a pawn. (BS)
  •  Meanwhile, Sis was crying and isolating herself because she didn’t want to see all the campaigning.  She said it would make her more paranoid but she was beginning to see what was happening.
  •  Tommy talked to Christie and apologized for appearing to take Nicks side after Taco  Tuesday.  She told him it was fine and they made up.
  •  Everyone decided to have a cereal party in the HOH room and Nick and Christie joked about needing to do it because they said they both ruined Taco Tuesday.
  • Sis asked Jackson if she was going home. He said he didn’t vote and played dumb. She said she’d heard he might keep Christie to go after Nick but said he could go after Nick himself. She said she was told she was only a pawn, shouldn’t be going home and said that’s not how the game was supposed to work. (bless her little heart)
  •  Cliff, Nicole, Jackson and Beth got together and agreed to work together as a 4 along with using Christie as their 5th. Nicole seems a bit hesitant before agreeing and there wasn’t an official handshake or any mention of an alliance name.  (This still feels a little shaky to me) Before this, Cliff teols Jackson, similar to the way he told Christie, he didn’t want to make a deal if it didn’t include Nicole. Jackson admitted that Nicole made them nervous because she seemed indecisive and based her decisions on emotions. Cliff said she wouldn’t be that way if they had something solid together.
  •  In separate smaller conversations, Nicole told Jess she wasn’t with Nick even though people were saying it and Cliff  and Jess talked about Christie being a big target to keep in the house.
  •  The hgs began hearing different bird noises to study for the upcoming comp. Tommy studied with Nick even though he’d told Jackson earlier, he wasn’t really with Nick.
  •  By the end of the night, Tommy knew where things were heading but when Sis asked him how she thought the vote would go, he said he didn’t know.

Everyone tried out Tommys “botox face” during the cereal party and this was Jacksons attempt:

This is a guessing game right now, for us and for them. Honestly, I don’t think any of us can judge most of them too harshly for these game decisions because things simply aren’t that clear cut right now. (We can still judge them on being a**holes so we do have that) Not only are the players unpredictable this year, there’s more than one path for many of them to take. Yesterdays enemy could be todays new alliance member. Christie will be harder to get out than Sis down the road but because of the strong bonds and pairings this season, it makes ‘the right move’ a bit more tricky.

Naturally, Jackson should want Christie out because he clearly named her as his target. However, he’s a strong competitor and in a shomance so he needs big targets in the game.  If he wanted to go this direction, he should’ve done it from the beginning but it took the blow up between Nick and Christie for this to become an option for him.  I still see him as the person with the most to lose if they keep Christie. He’s  putting too much faith in Christie’s “mental abilities.” Cliff and Nicole aren’t really loyal to him, despite what they say but he isn’t loyal to them either so IF Christie stays loyal, it could work out….for now.


Beth is in a similar situation and she dropped hints all week about wanting Sis or Nick out.  She knows she could easily go otb with a Nick HOH, so if they were going to do this, she should’ve pushed harder to get Nick put up from the start.  Beth’s had a hang up with Sis for a long time and even though she was worried about Nick, she was too focused on Sis. (It’s a personal issue for her with Sis and that alone, makes it a bad game move. Remember way back when Beth and Kat complained about being jealous of the attention Sis was getting? It’s the reason Beth talks about beating Sis in every comp so much and says Sis is bitter because her shomance is gone. Those are two things Beth has done better than Sis)

It boils down to this: If Christie sticks with Jackson and Beth for a while, it wouldn’t be a bad decision to keep her. If she’s just saying what they need to hear and turns on them, they should’ve sent her home. Unfortunately, whether keeping Christie is a good or bad move will be sort of results oriented.  I don’t like evaluating a player’s game based on that because it’s the same as saying “well, it worked out, so obviously it was a good move.” It’s like Cliff and his decision to make a deal with Christie rather than make her use the power. It was a smart decision because he’s still there and more importantly, his word is gold to people. Should he have made Christie use the power? Yes, he should’ve but we can say no at this point because his gamble paid off.

Nick certainly needs Christie to leave, Tommy can benefit from either scenario and I think this could actually be good for Cliff and Nicole.  It could also be terrible for them depending on who backstabs who….so I’m really going out on a limb with predictions, huh? (This house simply has too much movement right now for anyone to know how it could play out imo)

I know many people are irritated that Christie could stay and I doubt I’m going to change anyone’s mind so I’m going to toss out some ‘glass is half full’ thoughts instead:

  •  Christie is playing the game and Sis is not. Love her or hate her, that alone makes her more valuable for the show.
  • Christies annoying behavior makes for better feeds. We can complain about Christies narcissism, her emotional outbursts and her chewing or we can complain about Sis not playing the game, using flirting as a strategy and not being very bright. Both annoy us so what does it matter? Either way, we’re still complaining.
  • I’m sure there’s (a couple) of fans for each of these people but most of the people I chat with (including myself) dislike most of the house. For that reason, I’m ok with Christie staying because it doesn’t upset me for Sis to be evicted. I think it’s entertaining that Christie got put otb, had a meltdown and had to feel like the game was going against her. I don’t mind seeing it happen to her again.

Here are some other thing I don’t mind:

  • Seeing Jackson regret his decision if he gets burned by it.
  • Christie going after Nick and watching him squirm.
  • Sis being blindsided and walking out the door tonight when I’ve had to listen to her talk about hating the game, not caring and wanting to leave.
  • Tommy continuing to be stressed out because he’s finally ready (and actually pushing) for Christie to leave, only to have her stay.
  • Tommy having to worry about what Christie might say or do to blow up his game.
  • Kat having to be alone with Jack and Sis while they search for a stool in the jury house. She left pretty bitter and with HUGE double standards so it’s a fitting punishment.

I’m ready for all of them to go so I’m not picky about the order.  Some of you are dead set on Christie leaving tonight and I can respect your feelings about her.  I’m just saying, even a shit storm can sometimes grow flowers once it ends.  For me, good feeds can be defined by my blood pressure.  I may be very excited or I may be very angry but at least I’m feeling something other than boredom.

Take care, ‘see you’ tonight and have a great Thursday!








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  1. Mary

    Good morning everybody!

  2. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Though I will be disappointed if the HGs don’t vote Christie out tonite, I will be fine with a Sis/Jack-Ass (plus Kat) reunion in jury house. The over-inflated ego on Christie, will be unbearable, but it will be interesting to see what ‘deals’ she follows through with, and which HGs get burned.

  3. Nancy

    Tears slowly fall into my morning coffee with Mel..I do want CC to go, but have to admit if she turns this around, it’s good game play. I’m gonna hold on a little longer…but.no van, no music, no Chernobyl vodka for cc..
    Maybe nicole is seeing Nick in a different light, that would be good. Jackson is stupid for believing CC..all that big talk about standing his ground, not letting CC run his game..guess what dickhead, shes running and ruining your game..hope u are otb soon.
    Need to take my BP meds to get thru this day..

  4. Charlotte

    Hmmm…..love the recap, Mel. I agree, at least things are hopping! I’m invested in this show no matter what happens anyway. If Christy stays I hope she turns on JJ and Beth-Holly just to show how stupid they were for believing her. Plus, seeing Julie try to interview an empty basket would be cringe worthy entertainment. Sorry to those who think Sis might have a developmental issue. She should have never considered being on a show like this if that’s the case. This may not be a popular opinion, but I just think she has led a very sheltered, pampered life that hasn’t done her any favors at all.

  5. Leta

    Kudos to Mel and her “glass half full” thoughts.

  6. pkcable

    My room at the Live Feeds (The Backyard) is convinced that Crusty (that’s what we call her) HAS flipped the vote! This season is turning out to be interesting after all! lol

  7. KelBel

    Oh Mel, you’ve managed to soften the blow to my angry heart if they do end up keeping CC. ((but I’ll always be bitter and will sling “I told you so” until I’ve managed to annoy myself)).

  8. Avatar

    I’ve never been a CC fan, and I can’t believe im saying this, but I kind of hope she pulls this off. I most definitely wouldn’t trust her.
    Also why is it that when she repeats dozens of times that Nick is working with Nicole, Nick is working with Tommy, or Nick is working with Sis, nobody says to her and she has Tommy. They have been glued together at the hips. He used the veto on her but no on seems to think they are a duo. She always uses his name for a head count on her side. It just baffles me that people don’t listen and use their own words against them.

    • KelBel

      Totally agree… they’re making this vote flip very easy for CC by not questioning anything she is saying. I do believe she is a veyt manipulative person, but I think her fellow hg’s are lacking in strategy by not rebutting her thoughts and comments. I think Tommy would and could but he doesn’t dare to because obviously CC is the only other one to know about their connection and he can’t risk her exposing that by challenging her.

      • Leta

        I’m keeping the faith Cliff is not lacking in strategy. I know he heard the BY audio last night and I’m hoping he pulls it out to keep CC and TT in line.

      • Leta

        *EDIT THAT night NOT last night. I hate this damn autocorrect. Gggrrrr

      • Sassy

        Yes, everything she has said about Nick is true about her. She told Nick as much and told him she really is just jealous that he is stealing away her minions (my words, not hers).

    • pkcable

      I’m no fan of Crusty either, BUT I will laff my arse off if she pulls off the flip (it appears she may have), then wins HoH and THEN she puts up Jackson and Holly! lol

      • KelBel

        Or will she just not even try for HOH? That way she is still in the house, still not getting blood on her hands, and continuing to influence (manipulate) from behind the scenes. That sounds more plausible to me…

      • Nancy

        CAN she win an HoH???

      • KelBel

        She won the first one…it was where we got the first glimpse of her fake crying crap.

      • Nancy

        I totally forgot that..my bad

      • Mary

        If CC does, and they have put their faith in her, I hope that to. Then I want to see JJ go off on Holly=Beth about why he wanted CC out in the first place.

      • Hollymarie

        She won the first one, which is the one nobody wants to win. Ironically that also highlights the first time she went “against” the two J’s by running to everyone and crying about them bullying her to put up Kemi.

  9. Mary

    Great recap Mel. I am disappointed that CC isn’t leaving, though I will admit I do see both sides of the coin. It’s kind of like a couple weeks ago, NK had our mouths watering for some Key Lime cheese cake, only to get cookies because she didn’t have any cream cheese. And yes I’m still thinking of that cheese cake because I’ve never had that flavor before and it’s sounds delicious.
    He-he-he, now I’m wondering what Sis will be walking into when she gets to the jury house. What will AD and Kat be doing ? possibly in the pool together, drinking margaritas having a grand ole` time. Was looking forward to CC walking in and AD asking her what happened and have him bust a gut laughing.

  10. Leta

    Convo last night between Cliff, Holly and JJ when deciding to evict SS:

    Holly — Yes she IS a freakin’ threat (CC) but I respect her game play and I don’t want a floater (SS) to win.

    Cliff: Hell, I wouldn’t call her a floater, she’s a tailcoater … a hanger-on.

    JJ: She’s not a floater … she’s a flirter.

    Gee, Holly — glad to see your vote isn’t personal or anything. We all know your real reasons for wanting SS out. JJ’s comment, (I think) was to reinforce pissing Holly off all over again with his story about SS flirting with him. LOL
    Cliff is the only one really basing his vote on game play in this convo.


    • Nancy

      It really would be amazing if cliff went to F2, and won..it won’t happen, but how great would it be..I pity cliff with BB comics..I hope he doesnt have to hang from a harness, or jump things..on the other hand, I hope jess hangs from a harness and has to jump and roll..I’m mean girl today

      • Leta

        Hey! Hey! Easy on my Cliff! LOL I’ve been busy down here on the beach manifesting Cliff in F2 and sticking pins in my favorite voodoo dolls. Hint: 1 of them has blonde hair.
        And I proclaim you (handing over my title — but just for today) Queen of Snark. 🙂

      • Leta

        And I gave you a thumbs up for the visual you painted of Jess in a harness!

      • Nancy

        I had her visualize in my head…now, I’m no dainty thing, so I feel ok saying that..

    • Mel

      I enjoyed seeing that too. I have to leave so much out because it’s a recap but there have been some very funny convos this year. I’ve trimmed the Lavender and it already appears to be bouncing back!

      • Leta

        Mel — I’ve been laughing at the convos from last nights feeds. You’re right — to recap them all would be a studious job.
        Glad to hear your Lavender is coming back around!

      • Nancy

        Leta know Lavender!
        I kill cactus..sooo, not my thang

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  12. Nancy

    Can we just put Jessica’s damn mouth otb, so I dont hv to hear her!! She can NOT state concise sentence. Start-stop-like-stop-i-i-stop… JUST STOP IT

    • Mel

      Agree. I’ve realized lately, I type the way she talks. It’s just rambling on and on and on. Lol

      • Mel

        Too bad they don’t have the option of turning off the phone or closing the laptop.

      • Nancy

        Well played my friend

      • Nancy

        Well shit..mel, I read ur statement..’ to bad WE dont have the option..
        Thought u were being sarcastic..sorry..misread it..but I thought it was funny the way I read it..I just let her babble on my screen..then bitch about it

      • Hollymarie

        I call BS flag on your comment that you ramble like Jess, Mel. You rarely state anything that doesn’t show your intelligence and education. Also regularly show you actually have wit and an excellent sense of humor. Besides which, you have a brain not soaked in Crusty Koolaid. Or maybe you just have a brain.

      • Robin

        Oh Mel no! None of us would be here if you talked like Jess… like, like so, like…. would be only trolls here… lol

    • Alda

      Can you imagine living with Jess and Nick? One talking so damn fast and the other drawing out each word.I just couldn’t take it.

  13. Betty Boo

    If Jackson makes it to final 2, do we think he has the jury votes to actually win???

    • KelBel

      Not if CC stays in the house this week. Now he’ll have Sis and her stool buddy pissed at him. Kat already didn’t like him. So as of now I’d say he has 0/3 votes.

    • Mel

      I actually think he could depending on who he sits with. Jack likes him and feels guilty for betraying him. Sis is mad but she listens to the last person to talk to her. Kat would vote for him and I could see Tommy and Cliff voting for him even if they get stabbed in the back. He for sure has Beth’s vote if she isnt with him in the F2. Cristie may as well, again, depending on who he sits by in the end. If he isnt taken out soon, I see him as one of the more likely winners.

      • Alda

        If he did win I could here him now”watermelon is on me!”

      • Sassy

        I can see it too. Yes I think the jury will be bitter, but they will be bitter at EVERYONE! No one is really loyal and many have said they don’t want a floater to win. They may hate everyone equally and vote for game play… As for Sis, she will still be trying to figure out why they aren’t voting for her to win prom queen.

  14. Sabrina

    I would love to see Sis blindsided just because, well she is dumb, but, I want her to stay because she says the dumbest things. Things I can’t even believe she believes, like the days getting shorter….seriously? That was sort of the same reason I wanted Kat to stay, because she is funny. I did think it was funny that they played Jackson saying the checkers to chess line and the falling on his knees again. he must use that ALOT!

    • Robin

      Hate to say it but I agree. My best laugh all season was “shorter daze”.

      • NKogNeeTow

        My favorite moment was when she looked in the fish tank and told Nick and Nicole that BB had put a shark in the tank. Nick looked at her with the most serious look on his face and asked her, “Are you really that stupid or are you just playing?” I was C-R-Y-I-N-G!

  15. Joy

    Mel, good morning. I must say that I agree with all of the items listed under things that I don’t mind. I will continue to watch the show and hope to see some of these items come to pass. Thank you for the positive insight.

  16. Leta

    That Jess sure knows how to keep friends . . .

    Jess — you girls literally pick your face all the time.

    CC — try being on the block.

    • Leta

      Holy shit. Mark this time down Junksters! At 3:45am this moning, Nicole was spending time talking to nus feedsters and actually has some game plans:

      Nicole- “I’m being honest … If tomorrow is a double, I don’t see myself doing what the house wants and putting up Nick. If I win..same thing. If that makes me a complete asshole, so be it. I feel like keeping him means other people will take shots at him. That’s not a bad thing.”

      Now the question is will she actually do that?
      Actions speak louder than words Little Miss School Teacher.

      • Alda

        Leta,I don’t think we have to worry about Nicole winning HOH.

      • Colby

        I don’t really see her winning HOH, but it is possible she could win a crap shot comp or a mental comp. She is very smart, just a terrible game player. Her game is strictly social.
        If someone else puts him up and she is the swing vote and keeps him, that will put a huge target on her.

      • Sassy

        You did say game play and not good game play. This will only make her a bigger target. She thinks it’s the same as keeping CC but the difference is you have to make other people feel like it was their idea and Nicole isn’t clever enough for that.

  17. Mello_One

    Does Sis realize that its her that is leaving tonight, & that Jackson went back on his promise to her??? This is sooo freaking Pathetic. Jackson was right about one thing, Christie is a Toxic force in the House, & she will continue on to raise havoc. Christie has just about promised everyone in the house not to put them up, but will she live up to it?!

    • Nancy

      They will find out the HUGE mistake this could be by keeping her..and I really hope she Fs JJ over, sooner than later.

      • Mello_One

        I thought the whole idea of Big Brother was to get out a Big Threat, & Christie is a big threat. Jackson made valid points on the reasons he wanted Christie out, but now to fall back, on who his Target was is “Weak Tea,” & his HOH will be deemed as a FLOP?!

        I think Production might have played a hand in this (directing the scheme to keep Christie), because it makes no sense.

      • Robin

        Nancy and Mello, I also think production has been tinkering with this one…. I mean come on, all you have to promise JJ is a extra watermelon!

      • Colby

        Production interference has crossed my mind also.

      • HiHowareYa?

        My wife has read online that Big Brother is not considered a “game show” where editing and production do not affect the outcome. She read that it’s in with WWE style “Entertainment Shows” where the outcome is allowed to be affected by production. That says A LOT right there…

      • HiHowareYa?

        …it was also kind of a downer, but in hindsight makes sense

      • ElaineB

        There has to have been DR discussions about keeping Christie. Since only three people need to vote her out, and Michie-Ass would break the tie, it is very suspicious, that so many now want to ‘keep’ her. CBS certainly doesn’t want Motor Mouth to leave over pillow Sis. I am with you all “Production Interference” is a good call!

    • KelBel

      I don’t think she’s going to try to win HOH. All she has to do is make sure Nick doesn’t win (not that I’m 100% certain he’d put her up at this point) and no one else is going to gun for her. Both CC and NN have promised just about everyone safety so if either of them win they’ll be going back on their word with someone or another.

      • Mello_One

        Bingo KelBel! But I am hoping that Nick wins, & puts Christie back on the Block, next to Holly…Thus far, I can “only” see Nick putting Christie on the Block, because she has almost cut deals with everyone in the house currently.

      • KelBel

        Oh Mello, I hope for the same thing! The ONLY time I want to see NN win an HOH is to finish the job JJ should have done!

    • Painter1

      CC is just making all kinds of checks,but we know in BB you can do that and good luck in cashing it.

  18. Mary

    Nicole does seem to try and hide behind Cliff and Nick, they are her so called meat shields.

  19. Avatar

    Love this site. I agree Christie is a big target and shield and once she is gone who is the most threatening? When do you get rid of her? She has fought hard to flip the vote. Jackson will look lame and this does nothing for his resume. Jackson would have been better to put up Tommy and take Christe’ s ally out. This season is ok it isn’t the worst cast that can go to BB16 IMO. there was a group of do nothings. These HG finally are playing, most of them. We may not like their style and laugh at their attempts. Nick and Jackson need to go. My least favorite part of BB is how folks that couldn’t win a comp suddenly find their Beast Mode. I like this site’s non nastiness. We all have our opinions and favorites. Game style and seasons past. This site is very welcoming. Thanks to all who post here and Mel.

  20. Mary

    Welcome to Junkies Lemmonee.

  21. Mello_One

    One thing about Christie is that she thinks 2 steps ahead….Christie knows if she hangs around in the game there’s a good chance that someone will realize that if they take her to a F2, she could win $50 thousand dollars, or possibly the whole game, because she is playing the game hard. I just can’t stand her character, & her constant crying…Ack!

  22. Nancy

    I’m asking a serious question..maybe I’m just to F’N old to get it..but CC keeps saying what a huge target she is..imo, I’d go after the huge targets when the opportunity presented itself..part of her strategy to stay, is constantly saying shes a huge target..I’m befuddle by that.

    • Mel

      They should probably want a big target out if they’re not a big target but another big target needs them to be there so they don’t become the target themselves or at least not the only one. This season has strongly bonded couples too which complicates it. (Not the secret ones) Sis and Nick are obviously loyal to each other. Jackson and Beth arn’t going to turn on each other. This makes it trickier if a strong player is part of a couple because you don’t want the remaining part of the couple there wanting revenge. You also dont want to get near the end with both of them either. Timing is key but so is luck especially if they make the move and have a crap shoot hoh comp right after.

      Having two votes on your side is great if you’re working with a duo but I still thinks it’s better to split obvious duos up the first half of the game. When you don’t, you have to be a really good player to get them to turn on each other. That’s my opinion anyway.

      Players like Cliff have to pick a couple to work with or stay neutral by not winning hoh and hope they’ve done enough to be safe. He’s only been in power once so he doesn’t have a choice. Players like Jackson should want Christie out imo because Tommy and Nick are still there as targets. If Beth can5t win hoh, he’s screwed tho.

      • Leta

        AND that’s why whoever targets JJ/Holly first needs to vote JJ out. He’ll be like a bull in a china shop if they send her out over him. Holly? She’s doesn’t have much killer instinct on her own.

      • Nancy

        Thank you, you explained it wonderfully..I get it..I just couldnt get pass the huge target thing..thanks

      • Nancy

        @Leta..oh, I get that totally..for some reason I just couldnt rationalize the huge target…look guys..God said, you may have 1 of 2 things..and I’m damn good lookin!..ppl say I have a face for texting! Lost out on smart..

      • Hollymarie

        I’ve never understood the whole “Who is your target” debate regarding voting decisions anyway. If I’m in the house, then I want to win right? So yes, that means everyone in the house is my target. Can’t win otherwise. That crap drives me nuts.

      • KelBel

        Mel, I agree with your point about a big target needing another big target in the house… But IMO, CC handed JJ another big target by blowing up Nick’s game and putting a target on him. So why keep her? Keeping CC to go after NN just makes no sense to me…Jess would put NN up if she wins and so far she’s shown she’s more of a mental threat than CC. Let Holly go after NN. Just get rid of Chrustie! I will keep preaching it til I see Sis walk out the door tonight! lol 🙂

      • KelBel

        @Hollymarie: yes, if you want to win, that does seem to make sense doesn’t it! 🙂

      • Robin

        So smart Mel…. love that evaluation of the process. Jury management is also the other part of the strategy that is complex. You need a partner in the jury house to be your champion and explain game moves.

    • Robin

      I’m with you Nancy. It’s late in the game to be playing that card. If they fail to evict CC, she may pull out her inner comp beast and walk away with the win.

      • Nancy

        That’s what I’m thinking..JJ should hv stuck to his original idea..and if production didnt have a hand in it, did an extra romp in the sheets make him go to Holly’s idea…

  23. Mary

    Okay, let the fun begin, they are awakening.
    I think the guys are kind of sticking together, they know if they lose anymore, they are toast. Just my observation, that is why JJ would not put NN up when Holly=Beth wanted him to.

  24. hogwild

    If Christie stays (likely) I think they will have gift wrapped her half million dollars and served it to her on a silver platter. I hope I’m wrong about this but fear I’m not.

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  26. Nancy

    Half-ass watching BBAD..sis crying is kinda heartwrenching..after all JJ kept telling her she was safe..granted, she should have made an effort to campaign when she felt the shift in the house. Her tears are real (that’s a novelty), and it’s just sad to me.. not a sis fan, but from a human to human sad

    • KelBel

      It is sad…she valued her ‘friendship’ with CC and did absolutely no campaigning…even to the point of saying if she won the veto she’d save CC instead of herself (would that have happened? well, she aint the brightest, so maybe!!!) and now her ‘friend’ has screwed her over. I don’t think she felt the shift early enough, aka, no one spelled it out for her in time to save herself. But why isn’t NN swooping in to save the day for her???

    • Alda

      I felt the same way last night.Sis was genuinely distraught.So nice of Christy and Holly to comfort her.NOT!!!

      • Nancy

        Oh, when sis went to boat room to cry alone then holly hopped on that bed thing consoling her, I wanted to pull that string of hair out, that holly plays with..CC had no business in there either..

    • kneeless

      I truly did feel for her. I kept yelling at the TV for someone to ask, ‘if we don’t get CC out now, will we have another chance?’ WAKE UP PEOPLE!

      • Alda

        Why can’t they just vote out Christie? They don’t have to listen to JJ,especially after he was gunning for her 2 days ago.

  27. Mary

    Just a thought- Sis goes this week and Nick goes next, there is a battle back and AD wins, goes back into the house and Sis and NN are together again. LOL
    From past seasons I don’t recall them having a DE until after the jury battle back. I know last year it was after.

  28. Helen

    I think this HOH will be Tommy’s ….not sure who he would put up…..
    On the one side he has Nick who I think he has an emotional connection with
    On the other he has Christie who has the family type of connection
    So I don’t think he would put either of those two up. I think Nicole is off limits to him too

    • Mary

      TT is pissed, he has said several times, especially yesterday that he will put up JJ and Holly=Beth for doing what is happening now. Even told CC, though she didn’t tell or relay that message to JJ when she was making her pitch to him to stay. In fact she was trying to get TT to nominate NN if he won HOH, and he wouldn’t commit to that. That is why she was so butt hurt talking to Cliff saying she lost TT support.

    • LO1004

      Tommy would probably put up a combo of Cliff/Nicole/Jess. He’s loyal to a fault with the others. I’m hoping for Jess to pull out the win so she can put up Nick and Tommy. I think Tommy has skated by long enough w out seeing the block.

    • Alda

      If Tommy won I’m afraid he would put Cliff on the block.

    • Robin

      Would love to see what Cliff would do with another HOH!

      • Alda

        Yes! I’d love to see what Cliff would do.I think he might put up Tommy and Nick.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cliff doesn’t want HOH because he’d have to show his hand which might put him and Nicole in jeopardy. Cliff is living week to week just trying to make it to the end. That’s why he keeps readjusting with whoever he’s talking to.

  29. Leta

    Okay Junksters I got a few questions about our home here.

    #1) Is there any quick way of finding my posts without wading thru a gazillion other posts? I ask because sometimes I’m having convo’s and want to quickly reply but can’t.
    #2) I just saw on my profile I have a “Like” and “Dislike’ button. BUT, I don’t have a single like or dislike. Thumby hasn’t even paid me a visit. What’s up with that?
    #3) Also on profile page — NO messaages, friends . . . nada.


  30. HappyHippo

    What if sis walks in to the jury house and finds kat doing aquadick I hope they get her reaction on camera lol

  31. Mary

    Leta, if you want to friend someone, click on their name and their profile will show up. There are a couple of boxes message and friends, click friends, or message and take it from there. They will get an email from Junkies for your request. You can send a private message to someone without being there friend.

  32. Kristi

    This season is driving me crazy. I have never been so invested in a season before. BB has become an obsession almost, all because I couldnt stand most of the hg’s! I had no clue of all the behind the scenes antics.

    • kneeless

      Plus all of our BBJ antics! Isn’t it fun? I always love summer & getting to be with all my BBJ friends. To quote the hgs, “I love you all!”

      • Kristi

        This is my first season on this site. I have only ever watched the actual show. I never have even watched BBAD until this season. I have watched BB from the beginning too. I could have had an outlet all these seasons!

  33. Helen

    Just curious…I didn’t hear all the bird sounds but it seems like earlier in the night they said something about the “red robin”….then this morning it was a “blue robin”. Are there two of each bird? Like a “jungle crow” and a “ black crow”?
    Might get confusing in an HOH if they play the sound of a “blue robin” and housepets confuse it with a “Red Robin”…
    Different tones for different colored or “European vs Jungle”

  34. Purring

    JJ and Beth are right back where they started if CC stays and they will be the next target because CC will convince NN to put JJ and Beth up or whoever wins HOH. This way CC’s hands don’t get dirty and either JJ or Beth will be out and she can still say she was loyal to them. I really don’t want CC to win but she is playing better than NN and TT. JJ is just suckered by Beth. Everyone else just goes with the majority.

  35. Betty Boo

    Holly is jealous of Sis and wants her away from JJ. She’s can’t see the forest for the trees…………

  36. Avatar

    “Even a shit storm can sometimes grow flowers” just became my new favorite saying! Bravo!

  37. Avatar

    Who the hell is Beth!??

  38. Nancy

    BBAD…tommy and jess are saying , we just loooove everybody soooo much, its hard to decide who to vote for, or put OTB…we love everyone equally…STOP THE MADNESS..THIS GAME IS NOT BASED ON WHO YOU LOVE!!! YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS..

    I feel better

    • kneeless

      BTW Nancy, got my kitchen floor mopped this AM. Will be nice to come home from vacay to a clean floor!!

      • Nancy

        And since I cant take you in my van to see CC leave..you’ll be home in time for that vacation I’m still jealous of
        Do not tell Lynn. but still not mopped..lol..it ain’t going nowhere and the dogs not complaining..

  39. Leta

    After an hour of watching the adorable animals on the feeds. I’m going to dip outta here and get some housework done. Be back later ya’ll!

  40. Mary

    Well Jack-O-Melon’s reign is over, Queen Holly=Beth did her due diligence to get her nemesis out (if they are still planning on flipping as of last night). Truly wish TT, NN, Cliff, and Nicole would flip and send CC packing. No tie, and with Christie sitting there with a smirk on her face thinking she’s staying, Julie announces ” The votes are in, blah- blah- blah, the vote is 4 – 2 Christie you are evicted from the Big Brother House.”

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