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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 8/7/19

Good morning BBJ gang!  After looking over yesterday mornings comments and all the fantastic offers, it appears I may have a road trip in my future! I haven’t decided on the moving van, bus or RV but the details can be worked out later. Whichever form of transport, the beaches, Chicago sightseeing, the Twin Cities, some Georgia peaches, good food, good drinks, checking off the shopping list in Colorado and a stop off in Amarillo (obviously ‘by mornin’) sounds like a very good time. Since I’d be coming from Missouri, I’d probably start off with Iowa, Minnesota and Chicago. (If I left any place off the list, we’re still coming there too) Maybe we can get Steve and Mrs. Beans to get a BBJ tour bus, in which case, the trip would start in Mass.


Yesterday was pretty slow which was expected if Jack didn’t “blackmail” Kat and he didn’t. He decided to wait but he did do some campaigning.  He gave Cliff his pitch of 3 weeks of safety for his vote. To show some good faith, Jack filled Cliff in on his plan to blackmail Kat if necessary. Cliff said he would let Jack know by noon today. I don’t know if he will or if he’ll continue to stall.

Jack tried to sell Nicole on the fact that he’s loyal, said he was only been playing and spending time with his people but now knows what it feels like to be on the bottom. While not intentional, he basically insulted her by not offering her any kind of a deal, telling her she’s been on the bottom and letting her know he saw her as irrelevant until now. (Not that it matters, just pointing out flaws in his game if it could’ve mattered) She laughed when she retold it to her group.

They made a “relevant” walk and showed it to Cliff so he decided to join in:


Jack campaigned to Kat a little and it didn’t go very well. She said she didn’t think it was realistic to offer someone so many weeks of safety. She said she was just being honest about it because she thought he had a great chance of staying. (She’s completely trolling him in this moment)

Jess told Kat and Nicole people were noticing how giggly the two of them have been. She said she just wanted them to know. Nicole immediately felt bad about it and sais she wouldn’t want people doing that to her.  Kat said she didn’t care it because they’d already done that to them.


Jack realized Nick is telling info to the other side. Jack found out Jess said the 4 are trying to form a new 6 with Cliff and Nick. (replacing Beth and Jackson) He’s sure Nick is telling Nicole the information. (Nick is an idiot because he’s the one who told Jack and Sis what Jess was saying so he told on himself) Sis is mad. She also got mad over finding out most of the house was hanging out in the HOH Room without her so she headed up there too.  Jack told her if he left, not to worry, he knew no one would put her up. She wondered if Christie and Tommy decided to vote the other way, whether or not they would tell her. She said if they didn’t, (no surprise) she’d be f*cking pissed.

Christie is confident Cliff will take the deal but said she hopes he “doesn’t f*ck us over.” She said he loves Big Brother, wants to be in an alliance and “lit up like a Christmas tree” when she made her deal with him.  She said he wants to be with the cool kids.  Later, Sis told Jack that Cliff better not “f*ck us over.” (Newsflash entitled people: It isn’t f*cking you over if he decides not to take a stupid deal just because it was offered!)

Beth is trying to backtrack and say she never considered targeting Nicole because she said that’s what Christie has been spreading. She’s acting like it was never discussed but she did consider it. When Beth thought about taking Sam off the block, Nicole would have been the replacement. She specifically said if Nicole went on the block, she would need to be her target. It’s the main reason it didn’t happen, they remembered they couldn’t leave Nick and Sam together in the game. She was also upset with Tommy when she found out he’d gone downstairs and told everyone he caught Bath and Jackson in the act. She said they weren’t like Nick and Bella, didn’t put their private business out there and didn’t appreciate it being talked about. (I’m with Beth on this one, I don’t know why the hg’s can’t be decent people like us and just watch it on the feeds)


Nick and Christie talked about trusting each other again and shook hands on keeping each other safe come Thursday.  There was the normal fake “I love you” to each other.

Christie had some pizza while other people had to watch:

They had cake at the party and Nicole decided to eat Kemi. You can’t see her face here but I assure you, Nicole can chew with her mouth closed:


There was some discussion about bed arrangements and trying to give Jack and Sis their own room for the night, I guess, in case he leaves, they wanted them to have some alone time. You know, just Jack, Sis and all the live feeders. So romantic!

Jack doesn’t like having to wait until noon to get an answer from Cliff. Nick told him he would talk to Cliff as soon as he woke up to see if he can find out what Cliff plans to do.  I still think Nick is planning on voting Jack out and it won’t matter if he doesn’t. Nick will either try to get info from Cliff or he’ll fill Cliff in on the talk with Jack. It also doesn’t matter because Nick is going to be with which ever side wins the HOH tonight.

Cliff told Kat, Nicole and Jess about Jack’s offer and his plans to blackmail Kat. They all had a laugh over it so for anyone worried about this causing any problems, you can rest easy. Later, they told Jackson and Beth too.


Jackson said that was nothing because he had a major bomb of his own to drop. (I’m assuming this refers to the plan he told Beth several days ago. He was still upset over Jack breaking his confidence and said he would tell everyone that Christie is Jack’s ex girlfriend)

I need to take a moment to point out how terrible Jackson is at this game. I’m not talking about his anger issues or obsession with watermelons. Think about it, Jackson told someone Beth and Kat know each other outside of the house and it wasn’t speculation when he did it. He gave up a big game advantage. Not only did he expose his 2 biggest allies in the game, it also didn’t occur to him that no one, including Jack, would allow 2 of the 3 of them to make it to jury.  Now, he’s pretending to have something on Jack. By not sharing with his new group, what it is he showing them? They arn’t loyal to Jackson but if they were, he’d be blowing it again.

Jess had a fun hoh week for themselves and for us. Before it’s officially over, here’s the ladies sharing a hug. If the rest of the game doesn’t go well for them, this will be remembered as the week they got to run the house. Let’s hope it continues and is seen as the week they got on a roll.


Nicole told them she knows she’s the ‘awkward cast member’ and doesn’t like talking about sex so much in the house. Kat mentioned how inappropriate Nick can be sometimes. Nicole said she doesn’t wonder if people are attracted to or want to have sex with her when she meets them. Kat said she always wonders. (Haha)  Jess knows Nicole is comfortable with herself but also wants her to leave the house more comfortable with her sexuality. (There was nothing distasteful about this convo, it was just girl talk, thought I should clarify with this particular season. I like Kat so much better when she’s with these two) The 3 of them went to bed talking about Nicole’s boobs:

Have a great Thursday.







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  1. Avatar

    Good morning Mel..great recap as always..thank you..I was up late reading NKog last night so I need extra coffee this morning to make it to the morning group..I really hope Jack leaves this evening and CC right behind him..I don’t like her at all…I had to giggle yesterday when the trip convo started yesterday..and yes Beans need to come to lol

  2. Minkie

    Good Morning! Thank you , Mel. Getting my morning dose.
    I love how people from all over the place, get to meet up here and share in our love of Big Brother, thank you all for making it a great place for discussion.

    • Nancy

      Morning minkie

    • Mary

      BB family is right. Was telling my older sister (I’m several years older than Cliff) about Junkies and my summer family here, and to me it does seem like it She only watches the edited show, so she’s out of the loop of what is really going on. You’ve all given this old girl many laughs throughout the years and for that I feel blessed. Christy was correct saying that Cliff wanted to be with the cool kids, though wrong when she thought it was with her alliance. Cannot wait for tonight and seeing AD talk to Julie. Get you snacks and beverages ready. Hope Nancy has room for his ego in that truck waiting for him. :o)

  3. Nancy

    Thank you mel..yep, without you knowing it we had taken you all over these beautiful United states of ours..my coffee was as delicious as ur recap. I love that the HoH crew got a good laugh at Jack’s blackmail plan, even tho he didnt go through with it..I bet AD never dreamed anybody would laugh at him because HE’S DA MAN..pffft..idiot. nicole has busted through her shell and it’s nice seeing her laugh and being “a part of”. I’m still waiting to load AD in my moving van, and haul his ass to his “for right now home”.

    • danmtruth

      Nancy you trendsetter or should i call you social media influencer Any i followed your lead and am joining your moving company
      Without a doubt we start the trip picking up our leader Steve and his bride We would not have this nice playground without there hard work
      Nicole was on fire last night with one zings Funny lady
      As the “OTHERS” as CC likes to call them Talked about the vote Nick brought up how CC & TT were talking about voting jack out so they could say they went with the house The feeling was who cares we know you are still gunning for us Jess pipes in on how dumb that is That people should just vote how they think is best for there game UUMM hold on power sister Up untill this week that is all you did What way is the house voting and go along with it In fact she also did some bashing of Kemi and Bella the weeks they were going So enough with trying to wave the independent voter flag Jess

      • Nancy

        Dan, I commented on NK thread, but gonna repeat myself..I looove the 1950s Bekins moving van..you will entice him with the lovelies on the truck..kinda like enticing a puppy to get in the car to go to vet..ashame we cant neuter him..anyway, your van will hold his hair,ego and tears..I’ll take his deflated body..good time had by all!!

      • Sassy

        Power sister…

  4. hogwild

    This has been one great BB week I hope it continues next week would love to see Nicole finally win HOH

  5. Sassy

    For those that haven’t seen it heard CC eat, your welcome!


  6. Avatar

    Thanks for the recap. I don’t post much, just read everyday. A lifesaver this year since I’m not taping and watching BBAD. I just made my donation because this blog is a Godsend when you want to know what’s going on but don’t want to watch. I love being part of a community where we can all discuss together. I get so many laughs coming here.
    I am beginning to not hate the season (as I did BB19). Not a nice crew, but they are playing their own way. I am so nervous to see Jack’s face tonight when he is evicted and am so happy that, at this point at least, no one is falling for his campaigning. I am sooooo hoping Nicole can win SOMETHING to prove herself. Maybe tonight’s HOH!

  7. Minkie

    I know theres lots of people with the same last name….i just seen that Holly beth and David’s last name is Alexander. Wonder if there is a connection there?

  8. Sassy

    Look at the difference in body language from beginning to end. AD and Kat talking maybe 2d/3d week and yesterday.


  9. KelBel

    Is it just me, or does Christie resemble the late great (RIP) Grumpy Cat at times?

  10. caRyn

    You can get out a threat and not be a target. Jessica’s name isn’t mentioned to go OtB by anyone.

    • KelBel

      I’m not saying this to be mean, but I can’t quite see Jess being able to climb up the OTEV slide when that comp happens. There’s a lot of physical/endurance events left, so those kinda eliminate her as a threat. Granted, there are some more mental comps yet to come as well. I have a feeling after this week Jess will go back to being forgotten about by the “cool” (aka mean) kids in the house.

      • Nancy

        If any of the mean kids get HoH, they won’t even know jess is in the house. I do worry with jess and physical comps, but I’m manifesting nicole will bust out her inner beast..I’m concerned about kat being so close to them. Shes definitely Holly’s girl, sooo what would she do if she won? Take out CC, TT or Jackass?

      • KelBel

        If Kat wins, I think CC is on her radar. That’s what I gather from the reading the fine folks on this site provide us (aaaand that’s what I’m manifesting)

      • NKogNeeTow

        Last night she said her targets would be TT and CC.

    • caRyn

      The hg need Jessica for her vote. They may talk to her a little more now to use her if/when needed.

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  12. Betty Boo

    I’m thinking Outsiders or Bottom Feeders need to be an annual BB alliance name………….

  13. Alda

    I can’t wait for tonight’s eviction.They might have to call 911 for Tommy.

  14. HappyHippo

    “ (I’m with Beth on this one, I don’t know why the hg’s can’t be decent people like us and just watch it on the feeds)” Lmao
    And thanks as always for the pic of CC eating…my lunch about came up!

  15. AIO_7

    …. and told everyone he caught Bath and Jackson in the act.”

    She probably does need a ‘bath’ after porking that numb-nuts.

  16. Mr. Beardo

    Super stoked for tonight’s eviction! Bring on the tears! Here’s hoping for another fun week in the BB house!

  17. Minkie

    I’ve heard that jack has told a few people in the house, if he leaves (hopefully) to send sis to him!
    I’m on board with that!!

  18. Mary

    Loving Cliff’s giddiness.

  19. Sassy

    House is waking up.

    Cliff did a little cam talk and dancing. He talks about Jess making the move and how they are going down fighting. He knows it’s not gonna be easy, but he’s in it for the long haul. He tells Sharon to wait for him. TT comes in, tells Cliff he’s not public enemy #1 if he doesn’t take ADs deal. He just hopes he can vote with them (it won’t matter)! Cliff says he wants to talk to Nick first. If he feels he and Nick aren’t trusting each other, then he will know what to do. Cliff says when possible he likes to play the game a certain way. He stresses when possible. TT says AD has some other things he wants to say to Cliff and TT would really like it if he does go the way he wants it to. Cliff ends it withhe will try to let him know.


    AD is brushing his teeth


    Cliff goes up to HoH. The girls are getting ready. Cliff is gonna shower in Hoh. Nicole was happy with music this morning.


    AD/TT. TT tells AD about convo with Cliff and how he is trying to cover his bases. AD seems pissy. He says he needs to talk to Cliff again.

    • danmtruth

      They just dont understand why Cliff is not jumping at the chance and thanking them for the fake safety It just boggels them

      • Sassy

        Right! But seriously, who wouldn’t want to throw their 3 friends under the bus to assist a guy that has 3 ride or dies? Keep the foursome, to evict the threesome. Hmmm.

  20. Sassy

    HN Room

    Kat comes in to talk to Beth. Beth tells her JJ has a big bomb he could drop on AD. Kat wants to know what it is. Beth won’t tell her. Beth thinks he might save it in case he comes back in a battle back. Kat is cold. Several talked about being cold this morning. They think they have an hour until lockdown.

    Target room

    SS told TT it is cool to have a bday in the house. TT says he only wants ONE thing for his bday and he hopes he gets it. They are holding out hope til the last second…


  21. Kristi

    Thanks for the recap. I missed last nights BB as I didn’t set my DVR. I had to watch BH 90210.

  22. Sassy

    AD is walking around telling people it’s TTs bday, go wish him happy bday.


    AD is knocking on HoH door. No one answers, not sure if anyone is in there.


    AD wakes up CC. He says he didn’t sleep well. She’s sad for him. He says its ok. AD walks out, Jess walks in. Jess and CC hug and Jess tells her she smells good and she’s sorry she hasn’t brushed her teeth. CC had weirdo dreams last night, she didn’t sleep well. Sam was in her dream.


    AD goes to talk game with Cliff. Cliff is in a towel. AD is playing the loyalty card. He says he wants to go farther in the game with Cliff than CC. He does not like that she is playing both sides. Cliff agrees. AD says he has more potential to go farther than JJ. He also thinks if there isn’t an all girl alliance there will be soon. Cliff says he wants to talk to NN first. He will let him know after lockdown. AD wants to move forward and protect Cliff in this game (Cliffs doing well protecting himself). Oh Cliff wasn’t done showering… Awkward.

    They were woke up to Back Street Boys.


    AD/Nick/TT talking about eating cereal. AD asks NN to talk.


    AD/Cliff – He tells him his talk with Cliff. He reiterated how AD would be a better deal than JJ, hahaha of coarse. AD is telling him he has to tell Cliff he is definitely voting this way! Make sure you give him your WORD! NN says definitely. They are backing to thinking they have a chance.

  23. HappyHippo

    So excited to see aquadick go!

    • Nancy

      I cant send a link from YouTube..I’ll figure it out soon, but in the meantime, ‘ Hit the road Jack, and dont ya come back no more no more….” My singing voice is on fleek today! So excited…I’ll be playing that song in the van tonight

      • Mary

        We were thinking the same thing Nancy girl. Cliff was dancing to this while making his oatmeal this morning. Was hoping he would do the moonwalk across the kitchen floor. LOL

  24. Avatar

    Who cares who leaves tonight, they are both idiots. I said at the beginning of the year that I reserve judgement until I take the time to “get to know the guests”.

    Well, here is my opinion. Whomever was the producer or (whatever title the team that chooses the house guests) that approved Swaggy P and Fez last year was given a promotion and approved of pretty much an entire cast of idiots just like them.

    Full respect to you that are watching this group on the feeds and BBAD. I find it difficult to watch even the broadcast shows.

    It is a shame because I do love this game. Maybe they will do better next year.

    That being said, I hope Tommy wins. At least he embraces every punishment and makes it entertaining.

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  26. Sassy

    I’ve been waiting for the Kat/AD talk which is suppose to happen today, unfortunately I had to run out, and will miss it :(.

  27. Helen

    Was looking at vote tallies on jokers for this upcoming field trip…looks like top three are Christie,Tommy and Jackson..
    One of those three (unless 1 of them wins HOH tonight) will have safety this coming week along with the ability to change noms….

  28. Avatar

    I’m just happy one of the jackholes is headed out. It was great to see them blow up at each other, but really jackson finally made too many stupid mistakes. I didn’t see production do much with the fact that he eats like a starving elephant

    • HappyHippo

      It’s really quite unfair that he can eat so much when we eat an extra donut and gain 30 pounds

    • NKogNeeTow

      I keep wondering about the way he’s eating. Last night he ate an entire watermelon. I wonder if he eats so much because it’s free and he can eat as much as he wants or he eats just because he can or wants to or he has some kind of medical issue. The part about because it’s free or he can eat as much as he likes is because of a few weeks ago when he was trying to ration food out to everyone. Who does that? It’s not like they are stranded on an island with little food.

      • Sassy

        He said he ate 3 watermelons a day at home. He has also talked about having an eating disorder and compulsion/addiction issues. So who knows. They make different excuses for everything and have to out do each other so I’m not sure when they are stretching the truth or flat out lying.

      • ShoeLover

        Watermelon is an anti inflammatory type food. Its filling and but also helps flush out toxins like sodium. I know a couple of competitors in bodybuilding who choose to eat a lot of watermelon the closer they get to competition.

      • HappyHippo

        I really think it’s because he’s not taking or doing the many “things” they mentioned he did on the outside. But who knows it could be a mixture of things

      • NKogNeeTow

        Since watermelon has high water content, that may be the reason he doesn’t gain that much weight for it. He also eats a lot of cucumbers and carrots. Watermelon can also make you go to the bathroom a lot. He must pee like a horse. Not trying to be graphic, just saying. You can’t eat that much watermelon and not urinate constantly.

      • danmtruth

        He has mentioned having eating problems Also the steroids he openly said he was self prescribing One of the side effects is exsesive eating It might also be that he is a sress eater He copes with stress by eating

      • Avatar

        I really think it stems from his eating disorder. He admitted to having one in the past. I can see that being why A. he hoards food and B. why he consumes so much.

  29. ShoeLover

    Holy smokes!!!!


    MY! CBS! IS! BACK! ON!

    Tonight is going to be awesome!!

    Beer Nuts for Everyone!!!!

  30. HappyHippo

    Any ideas what the comp will be tonight?

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I have to confess I got pulled back in last night. After BBAD went off I said between the show, the feeds, and BBAD, I was on BB overload and going to bed. I signed off and got ready for bed. Came into the kitchen for a drink of water and thought well maybe just a teeny, tiny, little peek. So I made the mistake of turning the feeds back on and you guessed it. I wound up sitting up watching them until every last one was in bed asleep. That has been my downfall every time I’ve gotten the feeds. I can’t go to bed until they do. I NEED HELP!

  32. Avatar

    Glad Jack or Jackson are leaving, but it is annoying they will make jury. I know they will be bitter and not vote for whom is most deserving.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to mention something. While I was watching the feeds early this morning, I concentrated on the girls in the HOH (Jess/Nicole/Kat). It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of Jess and Kat, but I have to say, I LOVE these 3 together. I was listening to them strategize and think things through. They stick with facts and not go off into absurd, unrealistic, assinine crap like the 8-7-6-5. They also genuinely have fun with each other while doing it. I know, I know. I’m a flip-flopper, but I’ve never claimed not to be…lol. I said earlier that we (the viewers) also change our minds and reevaluate the way we feel about the HG as the weeks pass. These are 3 that I want to see in the F3 (at least for now).

    I am hoping, praying, manifesting that Nicole or Kat can win HOH this week and that between the 3 of them and Cliff, they can keep up the momentum and keep winning and shutting the other side down/out.


    • HappyHippo

      I completely agree! They were and are so down to earth together and it never seems fake. I’m really liking them together. That’s why no matter how good or bad the season you almost have to have the feeds to get a better read on everybody. The show is beyond edited and I’ve never seen bbad but I know it’s only a certain time frame.

    • Mr. Beardo

      Hear Hear! To the Flotilla!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Beardo, any baby news yet?

      • Mr. Beardo

        We’re in super duper nesting mode right now. Seven weeks till the lil goober makes his or her debut! Mama and baby got a great report at the doc today! Thanks NK!

      • ShoeLover

        Aye Aye Aye!! MR Beardo!! CONGRATULATIONS on the new little addition!!!! My baby making days are long gone, but I pray for the one day I become a GiGi!!! Lots of my girlfriends have become one, but I still have faith I will be one soon!!!

        I wish you and the Missez lots of love, patience, confidence, compassion for your new little one!!! Babies are pure heaven!!! They take your breath away every second possible!!! It truly is the best feeling ever known!!!!

      • Mr. Beardo

        Thanks shoes!

    • danmtruth

      I agree and Njcole is the glue But yes its just fact based no emotions or hoping and wishing things to be

  34. danmtruth

    Nancy sent you a message i hope it helps

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, off to do some real-life stuff for a bit. These bills won’t pay themselves. 🙂

  36. Sabrina

    Feeds have been down for a while

  37. AIO_7

    Since the feeds are down I thought I’d pop in and let you know that the Baby Lady has 2 recorded live video chats up …


  38. Avatar

    Okay, I’m getting nauseous listening to Cliff go on and on about what a great guy Jack is and what a great game he is playing, blah, blah, blah, puke.

  39. HappyHippo

    Feeds back. Cliff breaking the news to nick and then tommy who surprisingly said he’s ok and that he needs to vote for anyways wow bye bye aquadick!! Don’t let the door hit ya…

  40. HappyHippo

    Can I just say how disgusting it is to hear aquadick telling kat he’s handing her the game on a platter vote to keep him and she can be apart of his alliance blah blah he so completely full of himself it’s gross

  41. Jen

    O.k. I am so sorry I know that this is a randomquestion. I messaged Tonya but it took me a while to find out how to see a message. Is anyone here a burse/hemotology/ someone good at reading those results? Or at least great at mathematical equations? If so can you message me? thx

  42. Jenny

    Welp, congrats to those DirecTV viewers who have CBS again. I am not one of them. Our affiliate is owned by Nexstar and they haven’t reached a deal yet. Posting link (if it’s allowed) for those interested.


  43. AIO_7

    Kat won’t answer question on who she is voting out …


  44. Sassy

    Target Room

    AD/Kat – FINALLY!! He wasn’t able to throw her an alliance yesterday but he can now. He knows she has a couple special people in the house with her (Jess, JJ, Beth). He is trying to manipulate her. He doesn’t want Jess to find out that she kept info from her. He gives his word that he will hold the info from her. Cliff declined his deal, so he’s offering it to Kat. Cliff wants to vote with the house. Kat says I didn’t think we were doing a house vote. AD said exactly! Kat asked if JJ was planning on blowing up her game. He said possibly. She said well he tried already… he wants to protect her from this point forward. AD promised her to be part of the 6, AD, TT, CC, NN, SS and Kat. She asks what happens if Nicole or Cliff gets HOH, he says he would still be the target. Kat keeps asking if he is SURE Cliff is not voting for AD to stay.

    She asks again what was the info he’s holding. He tells her again. He has ALWAYS wanted to align with her but JJ said NO. Kat says she does not think this info would blow up her game. AD says NN will only vote if there is a guarantee of a 5th. He does not want a tie break. Kat says ok cool. He explained Cliff already gave his word to Jess, he respects that. He is not giving her the same deal as Cliff, but he is offering her an alliance. He has always wanted to align with her but he didn’t want to push. Kat says Jess has always said she could vote how she wanted. He asked how they are aligned. She shrugged, he says that’s what I thought.

    Kat is relishing in her vote being the decider. She asked if she can talk to Jess about it. He said he wouldn’t but he wants he to be let in. He does not ever want to put her in a position where she is left out again. He is all about giving the truth and he’s willing to talk to her and Jess at the same time. He also willing to bring snick in right now (I wish he would put him on the spot). He said this would give her the opportunity to fix things with her side, she says she doesn’t have a side.

    Kat keeps going back to Are you sure Cliff isn’t voting for you to stay. She asked about Nick. She’s playing dumb. He tells her him and her could run this game. She asked what happens when it gets down to 5? He says you are thinking to far ahead. His side is going to win more, they are more successful. Kat says looking at the stats it’s pretty even. Everyone is equal. She asks if it’s ok to think about it. He said it would be nice to have an answer now. She says she’s a marinator. AD promises he will never put her up all the way. He’s putting his word on this.

    He says he’s not pushing her in a corner, but he is. He is trusting her and being honest with her before he does anything. He says there is a rift in the house and an opportunity to make it bigger. He says he will offer whatever she wants. He pushing HARD. He says this has to stay under wraps. He does not want her getting in trouble. He thinks if JJ or Beth hear shes flipping, they may spill this info. She said she didn’t realize there was dirt on her. He says her game has been beautiful. She says she has to do her hair. She says she needs to be alone with her thoughts. He asked if she wants him to send Nick to her.

  45. Sassy

    Target Room

    CC is emotional, she’s crying about the unknown. Kat leaves to do her hair. CC says she looks so cute because she’s happy. AD said he just offered her an alliance. He retells part of the convo, he feels good (he shouldn’t). AD says he has a 5% chance. CC feels like she is gonna throw up.


    Beth/SS/JJ/Jess – silence!

    Storage room

    Nicole/AD – Nicole hugs him and says she’s sorry, she heard he doesn’t have the votes. He’s smug (thinking he still has a chance). She butters him up and hugs again. He tells her he has 1 more play so he may be ok. He tells her he knows she has a side but wishes they could do something. Kat comes in, AD leaves. Kat repeats some of convo to Nicole. They pinky swear.

    Target Room

    CC/Cliff – she respects him for telling them the truth. She says he’s fun and honest and not making it a dirty game. He says he doesn’t do well with conflict, she knows… (CC you ARE conflict!).


    AD telling TT something about NN. He thinks Nick is the backstabbed (duh!!). AD is excepting his fate. AD is retelling his convo with Kat to TT and SS again. Retells Nicole convo. He thinks he’s going to start leaking or hinting at the info to get people to stop trusting Kat so she has no choice. TT says less is more, don’t start scrambling. I think TT is afraid it’s going to effect him. TT asks SS what she thinks. Cliffs a F’ing idiot, she can’t even look at him.

  46. AIO_7

    I’m still not sure what Nick is going to do …


  47. HappyHippo

    Sis is such a bitch! Cliff told all of them he decided to vote out jack and didn’t want it to be a lie or blindside and was just really nice to even tell them face to face and she just said ok with a nasty look on her face and then when he walks away say i could kill him

  48. HappyHippo

    They just can’t believe people would team up together that aren’t in the 6! Wow

  49. HappyHippo

    Earlier somebody was asking AD if he still talked to his ex he said everyday (yea right) and then says that will be my first call when I get out….does sis know? Haha wow

  50. Sassy

    AD is PISSED!! He’s mad that he is going home navies he is so loyal. He says this is a game of a bunch of liars and cheats!! He storms out. Comes back still cursing and ranting about being loyal to the 8 (he voted Bella out). He’s starving and can’t eat. SS and TT discuss how NN is a weasel. AD says he may be the dumbest player ever (well… maybe…). They assure him he’s not. CC comes in, complains about not having lashes and leaves saying maybe Kat has some.

    Nick is in bed reading the Bible. Nick calls AD in the room. NN says Nicole wants to know if there’s gonna be a flip. AD says there isn’t. AD says he’s going out of the game knowing he did not lie. NN says he will be back in 4 weeks. AD says whatever and leaves.

    AD tells TT/SS that they better hope he does not come back because he will set the bitch place on fire. CC comes in again looking for clipper and leaves again. CC comes in again and asked if anything is happening, they say no and she sits on the bed.

  51. Punkytripster2

    Thank you Shoelover and Jenny for giving me the heads up that CBS is back on DirecTv. It’s been brutal not being able to watch but thanks to BBJ I know what’s been going on. I know both jackasses are bad but I need AD to leave. I’m so done listening to how great he thinks he is. He needs a warm slice of humble pie.

  52. Sassy


    Jess is coloring Kats hair. TT is there sucking up. Too late, they are already onto you!


    AD/Beth/CC – talking about a battle back. AD is excited to have a cigarette and to jerk off without people watching. He’s also going to come out of the shower naked and sleep in the nude. They discuss there is no way there are cameras in the jury house. AD burped, looked like he was throwing up. He says it’s a nervous tic. AD is going to run around and give high 5s when he goes on stage. SS comes back in. NN comes in and lays on some towels, AD says there jerk off towels.

    They notice Cliff goes to DR. AD calls him the big red hog. He’s bitter. The room is quiet, Beth stifles the opportunity for any more game talk. AD sits there stewing.

    • stillstanding

      i kinda hope the audience gives ad a tepid reception , maybe with a few boos thrown in. i dont usually want to kick someone when they’re down, but maybe the rest of the 6 will make note, since they are all so sure bb fans love them becuz they are the best and have so much integrity.

      • Sassy

        I would take the kinda out. I want him to be boo’d. I want him to know he’s not liked. I’m not a fan of people bothering them after the show is over, but I think the audience should be able to react accordingly.

      • Joy

        I agree it would/should be the kick in the pants that they need. I would hope a little time for self reflection might improve at least their game at this point I don’t know if it would help a couple of these self absorbed idiots in life.

      • danmtruth

        Stillstanding that would be nice to see Unfortunately CBS takes great pains for this not to happen From canned canned applause whith cheering From what i hear there are warnings before the show starts Jack was talking about going out and high fiving audience members Im sure he will talk about how he never changed was loyal to his 6 never lied to anyone and played with integrity It will be interestig to see in the extended interview if julie brings up kemi Im sure there is no way she does it on the live feeds

  53. Kari

    Chiming in way late in the day, but y’all better make sure you show up here in the Pacific Northwest to! I would love to show someone around. Okay so there’s always downtown Seattle on the Pike Street market and all that but how about a drive up to Mount Rainier National Park? Or even north towards Vancouver Canada to the Skagit Valley that has a beautiful tulip Festival every April? or we could take a ferry across tin to the San Juan islands. So many beautiful things to see in here!! ❤️

    • Nancy

      Always said, when I retired I wanted to live in Seattle or alaska..circumstances didnt lead to that path, but I still dream.

      • Kari

        Downtown has become rather sad the last few years with the homeless and drug addicts. it’s getting to where I don’t even like to walk around down there anymore and it was always one of my favorite places to poke around. It’s a really easy walk from where the light rail and buses go to the Pike Street market, only four blocks but that area is really filled up with people shooting up and all kinds of stuff now.. :'( that is whyI was recommending exploring nature..

      • Nancy

        I’ve read about all that, kari…Atlanta has its places as well..but the state of Washington is just enticing to me..when I meet my future ex husband I’m making him move me there..lol

    • Holan

      Sounds more exciting than what I gave to offer visitors. I live on the side of SD that does not have amount Rushmore.

    • kneeless

      Kari, I really enjoyed my trip to your corner of the world, in May. Loved Vancouver, Olympia & Seattle.
      Nancy, if you get that future ex to pay for your trip to Alaska, you will love it!

      • Nancy

        I know I will..I do have a little account , I call my alaska acct. Put all my pennies in when I can and I’ll take a cruise some day..

  54. Vikki T

    Bummed that I will not be able to watch the show until tomorrow night. Tonight is my All Girls Alliance monthly dinner and meeting. Guess I will have to make a few trips to the restroom with my phone to make sure AD is evicted. And yes, no food allowed in the restroom! Enjoy and holler for me also!

    • Nancy

      When that idiot gets in the van, I’ll rev the engine especially loud so you’ll know I’m taking him to the pound…er, I mean jury house

      • kneeless

        Nancy, we might need to change from moving van to a bus. That way we can throw ’em under the bus & back it up & run them over a couple times!

  55. danmtruth

    Bit of a bb21 history lesson Let me set the stage HOH room Christie HOH jack His human fleshlight Sis JJ Holly TT Bella and nick Poor ovi running around because unlike Cliff Jack could not give him a traight answer of does he chance to stay Mr Honesty , Integerty.and stand up guy keeps telling ovi he has a chance and jackworking gard to keep him All lies CC ask why us ovi still campaigning this is pathetic He looks so much like a looser This is Wed night Soon everyone is chiming in that he should just stop So fast forward and first Cliff is being honest and told him to his FACE he is not voting for him With just hours to go jack is still trying Nice fighter to the endbut even more futile than ovi as you 6 lied to Ovi to give him hope While cliff and other people are telling him its over BYE Falicia BYe Jack

  56. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    Everyone enjoy the show. I’m putting myself on computer/tabler restriction until tomorrow at lunchtime when I can watch the DVRed version that airs here at 2am. I’ll be with you in spirit as AD struts his nasty ass out the door. Stupid Redskins.

  57. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)


  58. Annabelle

    First Dan thanx that pic was at end of June and my protector has gained 15 pounds. He was left on the porch of a rescue home A Chance for Champ. Ermey (For R Lee Ermey oorah) is a sweetie. Nancy come down to Knoxville TN we love BB and our Ovi. So excited to watch this eviction but look forward to Jackson gettin his come up it’s. I tried to make it readable for the non hillbilly lol. I love this group just wish that the house guests were a bit more like us. It would be great tv….lots of opinions with a brain behind it.

  59. kneeless

    Just realized BB, here, is preempted for the Packers/Texans game. Guess I’ll have to watch on all acces.

  60. kneeless

    Anyone remember how to change all access to another provider? If I log in to watch “live” TV I will see football on my local CBS station.

  61. Pink13

    Mine is too. Same on all access.

  62. Alda

    MY EAGLES and Titans are on NBC.So we are good here.

  63. danmtruth

    Lucky Bears on Fox all good in Chicago

  64. Kari

    My Hawks too.

  65. LynnD

    I officially know how NK feels I had spent quite a bit of time putting my comment together and when it came to posting it my phone decided it just wasn’t going to do it. So I guess I’m just going to give you the quick “Cliff Notes” of what I basically want to say:

    I’m on vaca YAY! We normally do Disney but this trip we decided to do Busch Gardens and my daughter is beyond exhausted so I’ve been able to sit by the pool and catch up on almost all the updates and I got to read all the overnight comments from last night. I cannot thank Steve, Mel, NK, Dan etc (you know who you are) enough for always keeping us in the loop as always it’s greatly appreciated. Also a quick shout-out to Dan for some updates he throws me when I don’t have time to come in here at all.

    I also want to ask if you all can pencil me in for the van / bus / RV- moving / trip. Now I do live in South Florida so it might be a little out of everybody’s way but I can guarantee you would all have a great time.

    So now that I had to redo my comment and I was able to get my daughter up we have to go get some dinner because we are starving I am sure I will not make it back in time for the show so as usual lately I will be depending on Steve and all of you to keep me in the know of what is going on. And I am more than happy that being on vacation I am going to be able to be in here with all of you in real time and keep up with what’s going on tonight. So I will be able to put in my two cents

    Happy Jack eviction Night. Somehow I know that does not sound very good LOL

    • Nancy

      Enjoy your vacation..~envious ~

    • Kari

      my daughter has a friend who does the cosplay at Disney World and who’s going to get her at least one pass if not too. She’s heading over for her 21st birthday in November! She’s super excited! It also be her first time on an airplane. My husband works for a hotel here in SeaTac and she was able to get the friends and family rate at the same place, just outside the main gates for only $70 a night. 🙂 I told her it’s not fair that she’s not taking me..

      • LynnD

        That is so awesome Kari. We are annual passholders so we go about 5 or more times a year. Our next trip is in October for my daughter’s birthday. Apparently we have gotten so ridiculously spoiled we always stay on Disney property now. Your daughter is going to have so much fun she is going to love it. Tell her to make sure she gets her fast passes right at her 30-day before mark. They go very fast. if she has any questions or if you have any questions just PM me I can help you out wherever I can

  66. Mel

    #JackEvictonParty is trending #1 right now. Haha

  67. AIO_7

    New Steve live thread, Junkers!

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Steve must have had to work late tonight.

  69. Kari

    Has anyone heard from Steve today? Getting a little concerned he normally has the update close to the live eviction? Hope all is okay..

  70. Avatar

    Steve where are you….Lol

  71. Avatar

    He’s there now

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