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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 8/7/19

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Good morning BBJ gang!  After looking over yesterday mornings comments and all the fantastic offers, it appears I may have a road trip in my future! I haven’t decided on the moving van, bus or RV but the details can be worked out later. Whichever form of transport, the beaches, Chicago sightseeing, the Twin Cities, some Georgia peaches, good food, good drinks, checking off the shopping list in Colorado and a stop off in Amarillo (obviously ‘by mornin’) sounds like a very good time. Since I’d be coming from Missouri, I’d probably start off with Iowa, Minnesota and Chicago. (If I left any place off the list, we’re still coming there too) Maybe we can get Steve and Mrs. Beans to get a BBJ tour bus, in which case, the trip would start in Mass.


Yesterday was pretty slow which was expected if Jack didn’t “blackmail” Kat and he didn’t. He decided to wait but he did do some campaigning.  He gave Cliff his pitch of 3 weeks of safety for his vote. To show some good faith, Jack filled Cliff in on his plan to blackmail Kat if necessary. Cliff said he would let Jack know by noon today. I don’t know if he will or if he’ll continue to stall.

Jack tried to sell Nicole on the fact that he’s loyal, said he was only been playing and spending time with his people but now knows what it feels like to be on the bottom. While not intentional, he basically insulted her by not offering her any kind of a deal, telling her she’s been on the bottom and letting her know he saw her as irrelevant until now. (Not that it matters, just pointing out flaws in his game if it could’ve mattered) She laughed when she retold it to her group.


They made a “relevant” walk and showed it to Cliff so he decided to join in:

Jack campaigned to Kat a little and it didn’t go very well. She said she didn’t think it was realistic to offer someone so many weeks of safety. She said she was just being honest about it because she thought he had a great chance of staying. (She’s completely trolling him in this moment)


Jess told Kat and Nicole people were noticing how giggly the two of them have been. She said she just wanted them to know. Nicole immediately felt bad about it and sais she wouldn’t want people doing that to her.  Kat said she didn’t care it because they’d already done that to them.

Jack realized Nick is telling info to the other side. Jack found out Jess said the 4 are trying to form a new 6 with Cliff and Nick. (replacing Beth and Jackson) He’s sure Nick is telling Nicole the information. (Nick is an idiot because he’s the one who told Jack and Sis what Jess was saying so he told on himself) Sis is mad. She also got mad over finding out most of the house was hanging out in the HOH Room without her so she headed up there too.  Jack told her if he left, not to worry, he knew no one would put her up. She wondered if Christie and Tommy decided to vote the other way, whether or not they would tell her. She said if they didn’t, (no surprise) she’d be f*cking pissed.

Christie is confident Cliff will take the deal but said she hopes he “doesn’t f*ck us over.” She said he loves Big Brother, wants to be in an alliance and “lit up like a Christmas tree” when she made her deal with him.  She said he wants to be with the cool kids.  Later, Sis told Jack that Cliff better not “f*ck us over.” (Newsflash entitled people: It isn’t f*cking you over if he decides not to take a stupid deal just because it was offered!)


Beth is trying to backtrack and say she never considered targeting Nicole because she said that’s what Christie has been spreading. She’s acting like it was never discussed but she did consider it. When Beth thought about taking Sam off the block, Nicole would have been the replacement. She specifically said if Nicole went on the block, she would need to be her target. It’s the main reason it didn’t happen, they remembered they couldn’t leave Nick and Sam together in the game. She was also upset with Tommy when she found out he’d gone downstairs and told everyone he caught Bath and Jackson in the act. She said they weren’t like Nick and Bella, didn’t put their private business out there and didn’t appreciate it being talked about. (I’m with Beth on this one, I don’t know why the hg’s can’t be decent people like us and just watch it on the feeds)

Nick and Christie talked about trusting each other again and shook hands on keeping each other safe come Thursday.  There was the normal fake “I love you” to each other.

Christie had some pizza while other people had to watch:

They had cake at the party and Nicole decided to eat Kemi. You can’t see her face here but I assure you, Nicole can chew with her mouth closed:

There was some discussion about bed arrangements and trying to give Jack and Sis their own room for the night, I guess, in case he leaves, they wanted them to have some alone time. You know, just Jack, Sis and all the live feeders. So romantic!

Jack doesn’t like having to wait until noon to get an answer from Cliff. Nick told him he would talk to Cliff as soon as he woke up to see if he can find out what Cliff plans to do.  I still think Nick is planning on voting Jack out and it won’t matter if he doesn’t. Nick will either try to get info from Cliff or he’ll fill Cliff in on the talk with Jack. It also doesn’t matter because Nick is going to be with which ever side wins the HOH tonight.

Cliff told Kat, Nicole and Jess about Jack’s offer and his plans to blackmail Kat. They all had a laugh over it so for anyone worried about this causing any problems, you can rest easy. Later, they told Jackson and Beth too.

Jackson said that was nothing because he had a major bomb of his own to drop. (I’m assuming this refers to the plan he told Beth several days ago. He was still upset over Jack breaking his confidence and said he would tell everyone that Christie is Jack’s ex girlfriend)

I need to take a moment to point out how terrible Jackson is at this game. I’m not talking about his anger issues or obsession with watermelons. Think about it, Jackson told someone Beth and Kat know each other outside of the house and it wasn’t speculation when he did it. He gave up a big game advantage. Not only did he expose his 2 biggest allies in the game, it also didn’t occur to him that no one, including Jack, would allow 2 of the 3 of them to make it to jury.  Now, he’s pretending to have something on Jack. By not sharing with his new group, what it is he showing them? They arn’t loyal to Jackson but if they were, he’d be blowing it again.

Jess had a fun hoh week for themselves and for us. Before it’s officially over, here’s the ladies sharing a hug. If the rest of the game doesn’t go well for them, this will be remembered as the week they got to run the house. Let’s hope it continues and is seen as the week they got on a roll.

Nicole told them she knows she’s the ‘awkward cast member’ and doesn’t like talking about sex so much in the house. Kat mentioned how inappropriate Nick can be sometimes. Nicole said she doesn’t wonder if people are attracted to or want to have sex with her when she meets them. Kat said she always wonders. (Haha)  Jess knows Nicole is comfortable with herself but also wants her to leave the house more comfortable with her sexuality. (There was nothing distasteful about this convo, it was just girl talk, thought I should clarify with this particular season. I like Kat so much better when she’s with these two) The 3 of them went to bed talking about Nicole’s boobs:

Have a great Thursday.






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