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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap for 9/4/19



Good morning and happy double eviction day!  Unless something crazy happens today, we’ll be losing Jessica plus one more tonight. The double can’t tell us who’ll win the game but it will at least let us know who heads into the week with an advantage. There’s 3 pairs and one of them is losing a number. The pair who wins the DE hoh will be safe but only one of that pair can play for the next hoh. Therefore, the duo that manages to keep both players during the double but doesn’t win the double has the best odds going into next week.  It’s why there’s been so much talk about who’s going to try to throw it and who isn’t.  They’ve suspected a double and once they know for sure, I don’t think anyone’s throwing it.

Beth=Holly & Jolly=Jackson and Holly (although my favorite shomance name for them is McBeth since CBS has pushed Michie all season)

If you’re new here, I use Jolly to speed up the typing, not because I thinks it’s a cute shomance name. I use Beth because I’m an a**hole. I’m also not original since #Bething has been all over Twitter all season, every time Beth does something worthy of mentioning.


There was a lot of game talk happening last night but it was mostly everyone trying to convince everyone else they have each others backs moving forward.  If you want details of the conversations, you should read the comments in the previous thread. NK went through the entire thing and they’re all highlighted in blue boxes. It went late into the night or well into the morning, depending on which way you see it. (Either way, gurl had a busy night!) As usual, I’ll stick with highlights only since this is a recap but I really encourage you to read the detailed conversations. Often, some of the subtleties happening in the house are lost with just a recap of the day.

Yesterdays Highlights:

  • Beth was sick most of the day and she’d thrown up throughout the night before. Some worried she was on her Bethbed. (Ya, I know, that one was lame and not even original. I can’t even give anyone credit because I lost count of how many people I read using it yesterday)
  • Beth tried to rest in the hoh while everyone else hung out up there. That would make me nuts.
  • Jess was concerned their cooking habits may be the cause of her illness. She said she’s complained for a long time about the way some of them (mostly Jackson and Jack) prepared, stored and thawed meat. (True, I’ve heard her) Christie, Tommy, Jess and maybe Nicole (?) made chicken soup for Beth and the others if they became ill too.
  • Christie helped Jess prep for campaigning by telling her to be clear about what she was going to say and to say it with confidence. (Honestly, Christie’s a good person to get advice from in this area. She’ll say anything, to anyone, at any time and sound very convincing when she does it. Like her or not, this has been a strength for her in the game)
  • Nicole ran scenarios for her vote. She’s  basing her vote (according to what she’s telling the camera) on which way will make her feel less guilty. She was actually worried Cliff might use her as a pawn moving ahead.  She’s been concerned Cliff is closer with Jolly than she realizes. (She didn’t say this but I get the feeling she’s worried they might have a F3. She and Cliff are loyal to each other but I’ve always felt they don’t talk enough. They game talk only when its necessary but it doesn’t seem like they’re actually planning things together. It’s why I feel like they arn’t always on the same page)
  • Tommy talked about working for Alex from BB9 again. It’s why he knows more about that season than a lot of people. (He may have gotten advice from Alex but I don’t see it as much of an advantage. It seems half the cast gets advice from a past player in modern BB and the game has changed a lot since Alex was there)
  • Nicole told Cliff she’s voting for him to stay. Cliff said he wants her at the end if he doesn’t stay. They discuss when to tell Christie and Tommy, if at all. She said she’d rather be 2nd to Cliff than 4th to Jess and she decided to wait for Thursday to tell them.  Cliff explained he’s trying not to say much to Christie. He doesn’t want to be put on the spot with her trying to make a deal. He said if he had Nicole and Beth’s vote, why would he make a deal with Christie and Tommy? (True)

Side note: Nicole didn’t do the best job here. It’s one thing for her to talk to herself and the cameras while sorting things out. She can say Jess made some good points, she worries about Cliff being too close with Jolly, etc. TO US but she shouldn’t be going over those kind of thoughts with Cliff.  Sure, she told him he was staying but during that talk, she also told him that after hearing Jess pitch to her, she was “leaning towards Cliff.” Wth?  This is supposed to be her F2, according to her own words and it’s not very smart. Don’t get me wrong, not only is Nicole my favorite person on the show, she may actually be my favorite person out of all 21 seasons. I haven’t put that much thought into it but as I quickly think back through all the seasons, I’m not sure I’ve ever liked a hg as much as I like Nicole. It doesn’t mean I think she’s killing it in this game because she isn’t. Yes, the arguements been made she’s the deciding vote a lot so even without an hoh, she’s played an important role. She has, but it’s not from strategy, it’s because the house sees her as wishy washy.  She’s played the game more emotionally than I would like but I’ll give her credit for not voting emotionally when it gets down to decision time. I’m just saying she needed to do a better job of hiding the emotional process she goes through leading up to her decisions. The other players would see her as a stronger player even without comp wins. (She’ll still have to win a couple comps to have a shot because players in recent season value comp wins more than older seasons)

  • Jackson talked to Nicole about being loyal to her. He said he put up Christie and Jess to prove it. He told her he loved and respected both Nicole and Cliff. He said it was dumb for him to evict Jess over Cliff on a game level but he’s loyal to them. Nicole said there was a smarter game move but she couldn’t do it. (Again, shut up Nicole!) Jackson said he wasnt evicting Cliff.  Nicole told them they’ve (Christie and Tommy) been in her ear a lot. Jackson told her he thinks Christie and Tommy want either Nicole or Cliff to take the shot at Jackson in the next hoh so only one of Cliff or Nicole can play in the one after. That way, they can take out one of Cliff and Nicole. He said it also avoids either of them having to take the shot at Jolly.
  • Tommy and Cliff and basically lie to each other when they meet up for campaigning. The wierd thing is, Tommy already promised Jackson and Cliff his vote but on Wednesday, he was still acting like it was up for grabs. (Not the best way for Jackson and Cliff to trust him) Tommy asked what Cliffs plan moving forward would be and Cliff told him he didn’t know. (Not the best way for Tommy to trust Cliff either)
  • Christie and Cliff talked. She said she’d go after Jackson and Beth. He insinuated he would too. He promised he wouldn’t go after her if she won hoh and put up Jackson and Beth.  I think she took it as Cliff saying he wouldn’t to go after her at all but technically that’s not what he said. Cliff said he’d never screw Nicole over and doesn’t like her having to choose this week. He said he hoped no one would pressure her about it since it was already hard for her. (hint hint)
  • Everyone still hung out together while waiting to stab each other in the back:
  • Jess campaigned to Beth and Beth told her she thought the fewer people that were in the house, the less important she thought it was to campaign. (Haha, Beth really didn’t want to have to sit through this pitch)
  • Jess told Nicole she’s always been loyal to Nicole and always had her back. She told her she’s never and would never throw her under the bus.  Jess also said no matter what happens, “I think I’ve played a very impressive game.” (Every one of these statements are false but I actually think Jess believes them all)
  • Beth began feeling well enough to do her make up and join the others downstairs. She thought it was a good idea to talk about her nausea while they were trying to eat dinner.
  • Cliff, Jackson and Beth talked about Cliff being a little nervous. He said he’d  love for Nicole to win an hoh but today’s made him a little nervous about her winning. He said he trusts Nicole but he could see the other side getting into her head and getting her to flip.  Beth said Nicole has voiced how they couldn’t beat Cliff in the past. She said Nicole could single handedly screw all 3 of them this week. (Nicole has caused them to be worried about her) Cliff told them what Christie and Tommy have pitched him and he told what he’s said and plans to say about Jackson. Jackson said as long as he didn’t evict Jackson, he could say whatever he wanted and he didn’t care. Jackson told Cliff  that Christie and Tommy have really been trying to keep Jess and Cliff said he knows.
  • Later, Cliff told the cameras that he has to trust if Nicole evicts him, it’s because she truly thinks it’s best for her game. He said he isn’t going to try to make her feel bad if that’s where she’s leaning and said he’d be disappointed but he’d live. (He also offered Nicole his credit card number in case of an emergency when the show ends. It’s because she has some paranoia about getting stranded in LA when it’s over) Cliff said he has faith in Nicole keeping him and maybe he’s just a little paranoid.
  • After everything that’s been discussed the past couple days, Jackson told Beth he really didn’t think Christie and Tommy knew they were working with Cliff  and Nicole. He still thinks it’s possible Christie and Tommy want to throw the next hoh.
  • Christie let Jess know Jess was the original target by telling her that Jackson told Tommy he was fine with him using the veto as long as it was on Christie.
  • Jess plans to talk to Jackson again. She planned to play on his ego and tell him he needs a big target on his resume. She said she’ll tell him Cliff is a big target and remind him he’s only taken out Sis and say that doesn’t look very impressive. (I could actually see this being the only thing that might get into his head and it wasn’t  bad)
  • Throughout the evening, almost all of these conversations were repeated. Cliff told on Christie again and Jess gave her pitch to Jackson.
  • Christie met with Jolly in the hoh and claimed she was good with them. Jackson reminded her of saying she was fine with being a pawn, being dine with 5th place and swearing on her sister. Later, he told Beth he wanted it on camera.  He thinks if Christie goes back on anything, America will come after her when the show’s over. (Hi Jackson, BB fans here. Nice to meet you. Thought we should have a formal introduction since you obviously know nothing about us)
  • Jackson told Nicole more about Christie’s lies and I think she finally gets what’s happening.  She didn’t trust Christie but she was buying into it a little bit. Jackson told her about Christie swearing on her sister and the Bible to never go after Jolly. Nicole told him Christie did the same with her but was swearing she would. Nicole thinks it’s hilarious that everyone is trying to play the exact same game. Jackson said Christie and Tommy want Cliff and Nicole to do their dirty work. Nicole said it will be funny, during the next hoh if they all just stand there. (Where’s Christmas when we need her to take the win?)
  • Jackson talks more about Christie and Tommy not wanting to win the next one. Beth reminds him they can’t believe a word Christie says and said she should’ve taken Christie out when she was hoh. (more buyers remorse)
  • Jess told Tommy and Christie she knew she was the one going home.
  • I’m really tired of backgammon:

Everyone is partially correct about each duo playing the same strategy.  They still are but the biggest shift has been over wanting to throw it. They all wanted to throw it and now, no one wants to throw it, except maybe Tommy but he won’t do it unless he can throw it to Christie. (He wants to go after Jackson and Beth but he wants to remain innocent when it happens) They’ve all changed their minds close to the same time this week and it’s a little comical.  Everyone is still lying to everyone but the difference is, now everyone knows it. However, it hasn’t caused any of them to stop yet.


Taking my personal thought about these people out of it, I can honestly say, I have no idea what I want to happen tonight.  I’d love to see Tommy and Christie on the block together. I’d love to see Tommy and Beth on the block since they’re the only 2 who haven’t been there. I’d also like to see one of Jackson or Beth go because they’ve been in power for a month.  I don’t want Cliff or Nicole to leave but I wouldn’t mind seeing what the remaining one could do in the game if they weren’t seen as a duo anymore. Now that I’m thinking about it, I may really enjoy tonight because there aren’t many scenarios that could disappoint me.

The only situation I think would be bad is if one of the pairs wins the DE hoh, takes someone out, and the other half of that same duo wins the next hoh. I’d rather lose one of each over the next week to make for a more interesting end game.

See ya tonight and have a great Double Eviction Thursday!











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  1. hogwild

    I still want Jess gone tonight and anyone but Tommy or Christie to be HOH First choice for that Nicole second Cliff last option Holly I know people are sick of the HOH room be their love shack but I can tolerate it if it gets Tommy or Christie to the jury house tonight. As I was reading NK updates last night especially all of the game talk from Christie, Jessica and Tommy Icould not help but think of this.

    • Helen

      Whoever wins the HOH in DE is HOH in name only…so if Cliff wins he and Nicole are at a disadvantage going into the week long HOH with only Nicole being able to play for HOH…same for Nicole. Potential for this next week veto is high for BB comics (if they are going to do that this year). Not really sure who I want to win the first HOH. I can see Tommy doing really good in BB comics…

    • Helen

      Trying to think this out gives me a headache. Lol
      DE Cliff wins HOH…puts up Tommy and Christie…unless Christie wins veto out she goes..Cliff can’t play in the week long HOH and is dependent on Nicole to win it.
      DE Nicole wins HOH…puts up Tommy and Cristie…unless Christie wins veto out she goes.Nicole can’t play in the week long HOH leaving Cliff to win it.
      DE Holly wins HOH puts up Christie and either Cliff or Tommy …unless Christie wins veto,out she goes leaving Jackson to play in week long HOH.
      In that scenario Jackson has no choice but to put up either Cliff or Nicole against Tommy….not good if it is BB comics

    • Tam

      Lol, Hog, you never disappoint…..Good morning/afternoon………..

      • hogwild

        This is the point of the game where there are no more easy votes no more hiding or sliding by if you win HOH you just have to do what you think is best and deal with the next comp as it comes.

    • Avatar

      This year sucks I don’t understand. Lol… Micky mouse is just a mouse. But Everyone in the house is BRAINLESS. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE. the final is pretty much set in stone. Lol

  2. Mary

    Great recap Mel, happy DE day. Also would like to see Tommy and Holly on the block.

  3. Mary

    Realize some were put off by the edit they gave Holly and Jackson fight. To bad they didn’t show where Holly was bad mouthing Jackson to Christie and Tommy, playing victim. To me Holly seems very petty, her actions do not coincide what comes out of her mouth. She says that Nicole is wishy washy, she needs to look in a mirror. Jackson spoke facts, she uses her feelings as an excuse. Hope Holly is the second one voted out tonight.

  4. danmtruth

    Mel for a game with players making questionable decisions This has led us to an interesting night for a double
    With the 3 pairs left –No need to factor in jess — 2 of them Jolly and TCrush both want to fell like they are the puppet masters We get a lot of I know they think we dont know that they know what we know Cunfused you should be because they are Normal logic says at this point throwing HOH so you can play in the next one is not a smart move Nothing us guarantee Yet Tcrush keeps going back and forth about throwing comps Even between the two of them Without telling the partner They drop out of comps Wanting the ither to be HOH and have that person get the blow back of an evuction This seems to be Tommys big plan He wants to i l9ve you good bye mesage to the win At the same time his partner Christie is thinking of throwing the comp to nicole or cliff So they can take a shot at JJ so she still has plausible deniability with Holly
    On the other side Jackson is mire excited that he is out smarting tommy He is chubed up more than the thought of another deep dive into Holly

  5. danmtruth

    With all the talk yesterday about Jackson’s mother Threatening to sue CBS over bad edits of her son Having him on slop What she will do to Holly when they get out of the house I present for you Pink Floyd

  6. Betty Boo

    Holly hosting the Veto in her swimsuit….really? Holly in her swimsuit reeling Jackson back in. I think Holly may be the attention seeker in the house, not Tommy.

  7. Petty Betty

    Am I missing something…I think it’s a no brainier that Cliff and Nicole should throw the DE HOH… I don’t see much risk that they will be put up.

    • Helen

      I agree…although Holly could potentially put up Cliff…Holly has a pretty close relationship with Tommy and might choose to put up either Cliff or Nicole just to keep on Tommy’s good side. Either way, Christie will be the one going in DE unless she or Tommy win the DE HOH…..it’s a coin toss for me. Jackson or Christie leaving ..either one is fine with me…although I prefer Jackson leave because otherwise I think there is a high chance Cliff or Nicole will be on the losing end if Jackson wins the following HOH…he will be the tiebreaker and Holly won’t vote out Tommy over Cliff or Nicole…same for Cliff and Nicole…neither would vote out the other and Jackson would probably do what Holly wants even though he says they are playing separate games…

    • Betty Boo

      I am terrible at strategy. I think Tommy is probably the best in the house for strategy. Having to pull Christie off the block twice may be what loses him the game though.

    • KelBel

      If Tommy wins HOH, I think he’d put Cliff and Jackson up. Tommy has wanted Cliff out for a while, so throwing it may not be in Cliff’s best interest.

  8. Kari

    Wanted to say hello. I knew this week would be tough but it’s been more than tough for me. I’ve hardly been able to read the blogs.
    I just really need some virtual hugs, support and prayers.

    I know I’m venting publicly but I won’t give details other than the fact that it is 9 years ago today that my brother passed unexpectedly. My picture is during a trip to Disney World with his family. I miss him so much.

    Hopefully I’ll be back to myself soon. hope everyone is doing okay and my prayers are with anyone affected by the hurricane. Please be safe!!

  9. Betty Boo

    That top pic of Tommy, I thought he was trying for a Nick bowl hair cut. Took me a few minutes to figure out it was his hat on backwards. :0)

  10. Avatar

    Thanks for the updates on the “Moron ” show. BBJ updates are way more interesting than the show. LOTS of nicer people too.

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  12. Helen

    Jackson and Cliff talking in BA….Jackson is pushing Cliff to win HOH…promises Cliff if he wins HOH he has “Cliffs back” going into next week…
    Cliff…please use your brain…either you or Nicole are OTB next week if you or Nicole win HOH this first in DE….there will be no choice for Jackson than to put up one of them next week. Neither He or Holly are going to put each other up!!!

  13. Avatar

    This season has been in slow motion for weeks and yet I agree Mel we are unsure and it all boils down to who they target for the DE. These HG play the got your back, love you to the hilt. Now Jackson is even telling people he loves them. What a reboot he got.

  14. Nancy

    Thank you mel, as always, I appreciate the recap..my head is spinning..I’m reading everyone’s opinion and I love it..I’m sure its buh bye to Jessica, the van will show up anytime now..I dont want cliff or nicole to win this DE HoH..but I’m afraid if they dont one of them will be OTB..I want Tommy and HollyBeth up there..I hear so much crap when they all talk, I’d like to throw all of them OTB and give nicole all the winnings. Excited for tonight..have a great afternoon..peace

    • Helen

      Either way…one of them ( Cliff or Nicole ) is certain to go OTB next week…there is no way out of it unless one of them wins the 2nd HOH tonight…and chances of that decrease if one of them wins the first HOH tonight….

  15. Avatar

    POOL table I haven’t seen this group using it but for clothes folding. I know they play backgammon not pool right.

  16. Helen

    I see Jackson’s food shrine is still in place in the HOH….they aren’t even trying to pack it up ….

    • Nancy

      Cocky little shits

    • Avatar

      Helen it looked like the big melons had a few baby melons in his shrine. I have to admit I just polished off a tasty bowl of Michie favorite melon. Hit the spot here today we are looking at 98.

      • Helen

        He has two separate shrines. Lol. The watermelon shrine and the snack bar shrine…with the cereals,protein bars and jerky…lol. A few drinks sprinkled in with the snack bar shrine

    • Tam

      food shrine…..now that is absolutely so funny and true…..

      • Helen

        Idk any other way to describe it…lol. Mel has a fairly good pic of it at the top of this page…never seen anything like it in any HOH…ever..
        the other dresser…the long one at the side of the room has all the melons…at one time there were about 15 of them in various sizes…

      • Nancy

        Helen..I think he might have 3 shrines..we just haven’t seen his mommy picture shrine..kissing him mom’s pic was offputting to me.

      • Helen

        The mommy picture shrine along with the letter are on the same dresser as the melon shrine…larger melons at one end…smaller baby melons in the middle and the pictures and open letter at the other end…

  17. Avatar

    Just watched the fight….
    Been there done that got a t shirt. Hahahahaha….. Holly Beth you went with a showmance and now you feel it wasn’t the best move. Ok future BB contestants remember this if your simply hooking it doesn’t require you surrendering your game to someone else and you can be in control some what of your edit. Showmance not so,much it is also more boring for us game wsie.

  18. kneeless

    I read that BB will be back for season 22 & JCM back to host. Hope they do a better job casting.

  19. Annabelle

    Having a blonde moment here. Tonight they do first eviction then have the super fast hoh and veto and second eviction then a standard hoh correct? I think Nicole would benefit mentally with either due to the pics and stuff. I have a class tonight for Thrill the World next month and will be rushing home to be in time for bb so I’m glad I got y’all to fill in my missed time.

    • hogwild

      I’m not 100% sure I know they will have the Cliff or Jessica eviction (jessica) then they will have the fast HOH and veto comps for second eviction what they do after that I’m not sure. It seems to me the next HOH comp would probabaly be on Saturday just to let the current one enjoy the moment for a day or two but I just don’t know.

  20. Annabelle

    Thanx knee less I saw a tweet that says future bb contestants watch this year and do the opposite. I told my husband hey next year we could be on big brother you’ll be retired. His reply…did you have some method put on your sandwich door lunch?

  21. Nancy

    Watching BBAD..first it was too funny when ‘Bob’ called out the puppet for napping..
    I’m trying to follow Jessica while talking to JJ, she just said shes proud of the game shes played..she got Jack out..that’s it..what else did she play, besides ‘possum..apparently I missed her gameplay..

  22. goldie

    Did anyone notice Holly last Thursday night as she sat on the couch. She could not stop fiddling with her hair, her ruffled top. That girl has so many disturbing problems. I should feel sorry for her. Where is my empathy??!! I just can’t feel it!

  23. Ronduh

    Has Christie won any competitions? I can’t remember or I must have blocked it out lol

  24. Avatar

    Can we just start a campaign to get Nicole as America’s Favorite? She hasn’t been the best BB player off all time, nor the most entertaining (far from it). But she is certainly the sweetest, and she would accept the award with humility rather than egotistically like many other past houseguests.

  25. LynnD

    Are you gassed up & ready to go Nancy? ROADTRIP!!!

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  27. Houseguest Doug

    I hope tonight show is Part II of the Jackson & Holly “Showmance” Saga. Last night was so riveting and compelling……..NOT! After 5 minutes I wanted to claw my eyes out and remove my ears.

    Worst episode of BB ever in 21 seasons.

    I cannot wait to hear what the ratings were after that abomination.

    • Avatar

      Ok guys got your melons chilled, makeup on nice and thick but natural of course. Limber kicks and Broadway moves along with some open mouth chewing and a little crying. How about some smart observations, a good heart, followed by a deal maker in a cowboy hat and nip clip. Jess honey it’s time for you to go. A nice lady will be there soon for your trip to the jury house. Do exactly what she
      says and your ride and our cringing will be over soon.

  28. Houseguest Doug

    So Holly is sick huh?

    Mr. Michie better hope it is not morning sickness.

    Based on the unhealthy condition of the rats nest they live in would shock me if she picked up a nasty bug or has food poisoning.

    Most like cause is nerves and stress.

  29. Helen

    Please tell me they didn’t leave that huge pot of chicken soup sitting out on the stove all night and are now eating it…omg. What is wrong with these people?

    • Tam

      Oh Helen, I hope not. That is just beyond stupid. Surely, not…….While typing this I am watching HollyBeth put her foil or something on her bowl and put in the fridge. NOPE, just can’t.

    • Helen

      The pot was sitting there on the counter…I know Tommy had at least two bowls of something…then Holly sat down with a bowl of something and said…so good…
      After Tommy covered the big pot again with Saran Wrap…
      So. I missed whether he took the soup for his bowls he was slurping or ?? I don’t have the ability on my iPad Togo back and look at feeds to see

  30. Ronduh

    I hope Jackson goes tonite and Holly will have to worry about him and Kat in jury.

  31. Avatar

    It’s official BB has been renewed for season 22 but CBS is still deciding on the fate of Celebrity Big Brother


    • Helen

      Give us another season of over the top instead of celebrity…
      At least we got our moneys worth for having the feeds…

      • Nancy

        I’ve never seen OTT ..from all I’ve heard, sounds like I would like it, and finally enjoy the feeds

      • Helen

        I loved it Nancy. If you have all access you can watch it there….they don’t cut the feeds for competitions for one thing. Everything is live on the feeds…which is fun..
        There was a woman we nicknamed Crusty on there. She was a hoot…one comp she couldn’t do and she ended up just standing there for at least 15 minutes telling BB she was bleeding to death. Lol was funny…
        Then we had Shelby…I loved her but they were sooooo mean to her…
        I think you’d like it

      • Nancy

        @Helen..I do hv access..yay, finally something to look forward to

    • hogwild

      So minor Celebrity Big Brother is still up in the air can’t really say I care.

  32. mustangsally

    Great recap Mel, I have lots of reading to do. Do none of these peeps know how to play euchre? Cant wait for tonight’s fireworks, going off the grid tomorrow, gotta help hunny hang tree stands. UGGG

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Dan, check your messages.

  34. Avatar

    May I present the newest version of the classic painting The Scream with Jess as the subject


  35. Helen

    I haven’t asked the BB gods for much this season but I’m asking today…
    Please,please send either Jackson or Holly to the jury house tonight…
    My preference would be Jackson go just to make Holly suffer another week of Crusty Christie…
    My second request is to allow Nicole towin the second HOH tonight and after Jackson goes tonight to send Christie to jury next Thursday…

  36. Robin

    Hi guys, I’m here trying to catch up before the DE tonight. Think I tripped and fell down a pain size hole. Enjoying your posts!

  37. hogwild

    As long as Cliff or Nicole don’t go tonight I’m good though my first choice would be Christie so we don’t have to hear her complain about being on the block again put her out of our misery already.

  38. Avatar

    Jackson is actually right about people calling out Christie’s lies after the show. People should call her out and a wellness check should be done on her sister if she even has one.

    Lastly, we need Tommy and Christie on the block tonight and the survivor on the block next week. Eh maybe I’ll be ok with Tommy when Christie is gone. Just please evict her for goodness sakes.

  39. caRyn

    I was laughing with Christie and Tommy when they were discussing that Holly and Jessica don’t wash their dishes.
    Holly wants to appear as the mature adult lady in the house. That’s a joke. Her personality is duuuuullllll.
    Holly will be history as soon as Jackson hears what she has said about him. Right is right and wrong is wrong in Jackson’s eyes. There is no grey.
    Jessica said she wasn’t going to talk game with people today because she will have a full face of make-up on. She deserves to go to jury.

  40. Mello_One

    As Rachel Reilly would say, “Floaters Grab A Life Vest!!!” Because its gonna be Intense tonight…I am hoping & praying that Cryin Christie goes tonight!

  41. Mello_One

    I’m hoping that our Little Nugget pulls it out tonight, & wins at least one of the HOH’s before Finale Night.

  42. goldie

    Wow, did not realize there were so many Les Moonves fans on this sight. I got 7 thumbs down earlier today for calling him a scumbag!

    • Nancy

      I doubt anyone is a fan of his, probably thumby and his siblings..I think hes a scumbag too..I dont mind julie using her full name.. but les himself is an ass

      • Kari

        I honestly don’t think it’s any of our business if she chooses to use her married name. What kind of point she wants to make, or not make, is really her business I don’t know why people are so bothered by it. It’s her marriage. And realistically no one was there, no one really knows the truth except for the people that were directly involved.

    • Mel

      Nice work but you’ve got to hit double digits before you really get to brag. Lol

  43. Kari

    Thank you to everyone for all the love. So much appreciated!! To other people who have also lost beloved family members my heart is with you as well.

    Now please, PLEASE, get rid of Christie tonight at the double?!!. I know production is probably rigging it, sigh, but they need to freaking wake up.

  44. Kari

    I keep meaning to ask. I’m a late coming when it comes to Big Brother. What was the difference between regular big brother and the OTT season?

    • Mel

      OTT was an online only version. More live feed access, done much cheaper, simpler comps, shorter time frame, prize 250k instead of 500k and started with less hgs. Some people didn’t like the comps. I did because it felt more like old BB.

  45. Alda

    I have been gone all day.So,Nancy count me back in for tonight.I can bring snacks.I don’t drink anymore but I made a couple pitchers of Wyler’s Ice tea/lemonade mix.

  46. Mel

    No sign of Mr Beans yet?

  47. Mel

    Ok, dont kill me people but I have a thought. If you’re Cliff and Nicole fans, (if you’re not, you wont care) is it better if Christie stays AGAIN?

    Tommy has never really disconnected from Jackson in the way Christie has and he and Beth are still close. Tommy will work with Beth but Christie might not…which means Cliff and Nicole may have a number temporarily if Tommy leaves. It’s the same for Jackson. It’s probably better for Cliff and Nicole if Jackson stays and Beth leaves. Just a thought and don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Helen

      I tend to agree…Holly has mentioned several times she will never put Tommy OTB. Jackson has echoed her in that (this is when they’ve been alone so I think they are being honest). If so and Christie goes tonight there’s a good chance Nicole and Cliff could find themselves OTB next week…which I don’t want to see…
      Much as I think Christie is just awful as long as she stays the better chance Cliff and Nicole have of making it closer to the end…but that’s just my opinion.

    • Alda

      I totally agree with you Mel.

  48. Avatar

    Sorry for the double post but I am posting again please forgive I have trouble when comments get full.

    Ok guys got your melons chilled, makeup on nice and thick but natural of course. Limber kicks and Broadway moves along with some open mouth chewing and a little crying. How about some smart observations, a good heart, followed by a deal maker in a cowboy hat and nip clip. Jess honey it’s time for you to go. A nice lady will be there soon for your trip to the jury house. Do exactly what she
    says and your ride and our cringing will be over soon.

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