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Big Brother 21 – Wednesday Recap



Good morning, sorry I missed yesterday. I had work issues and missed the chance to talk about Cliff because I’m sure everyone’s already moved on by now. I’ll just say, I love camera talkers but they gotta know when and where to do it! I mean, come on Cliff, you’re a feed watcher and apparently a loud talker.  He already had an uphill battle and now he’s being talked about as a target. Christie didn’t use the stuff she overheard to her advantage at all. Bella and Christie are terrible allies because they can’t keep their mouths shut.

Speaking of Bella, I laughed when she outed Gr8ful to Sam.  He really thought he had a great position in the house and he uses the term “bottom feeders” often so it was funny to watch the moment he realized he’s a bottom feeder. This is when Bella was giving him the details and it’s all over his face how much he screwed up this week by not using the veto:


If only Bella had told him a little sooner!  This week’s game play has been so dumb by so many people. I’m not complaining since there’s actual game play happening and it’s better than the other stuff we’ve been watching lately. It’s frustrating and funny at the same time. Bella is so focused on feeling important when she shares info, she doesn’t take into account WHAT she’s sharing or how her “news” could factor into the other person’s game. The same thing happened when she told Nicole about spilling the girls alliance to Jack. I doubt it crossed her mind that Sam might trust Nick less since Nick didn’t tell him and Nick is her #1 person. (Actually, who knows? He’ll probably end up under her bus too.) Nick isn’t much better and he throws things out all the time which make zero sense and are bad for his game. It would be different if Nick was really loyal to Jack but he isn’t. He wants to target Jack but will evict Kemi because it’s good for Jack’s game.  Nick is also making the mistake of thinking he has Christie more than Jack does and that’s soooooo not true. I’ve also noticed how Nick and Bella don’t even coordinate what they’re doing with each other. Bella’s told Kemi about Gr8ful now too.

Sam finally realized his best move was to keep Kemi. (If only someone had a veto…) He put in some good work trying to flip the vote yesterday and I thought it might happen a couple of times. Finding out he’s #9 in the group of 8 had him wanting to make a move but being #9 makes it harder to make one. He simply can’t get the votes. It was funny when he talked to Jack about it and Jack pretended to be neutral. Jack slipped up and said he just wanted to do what was best for Gr8ful. He tried to fix it and changed it to “what’s best for the 9” but there’s no way Sam missed it. (He confirmed later to Nicole hed caught it) Jack was on a roll with Sam. Later, they were talking about Nicole and Jack said “she’s a floater like you.” These people make Foutte look like gamers.



Sis may have realized she’s only going to be known for being Jack’s booty call and is trying to step things up. Here’s the problem, she has no idea what’s going on but she goes off with these angry rants anyway. It’s so bizarre.  People could be talking about someone targeting Jackson, for example, and she’ll go off cussing like a sailor about how she’s pissed because so and so is making her a target. She looks like someone who read a how to book on BB, read a a chapter about angry phrases to use in certain situations and she got the phrases mixed up with the appropriate moments. NO ONE is talking about targeting Sis but I think production gave her a script that no one else knows about. Nick did suggest to Nicole she put up Holly and Sis if she were to win hoh and that’s made the rounds but Nick was just trying to get Nicole to give up names. It wasn’t that big of a deal and Sis knows the details of what happened.

This was from the night before when a few of them had a PB&J party. David was singing and got pretty loud, hoping to wake people up I think.  This isn’t remotely relevant, I just like these two very much. Ovi was also there and I think Kemi was too but it’s been a couple days so I could just be making stuff up:

Kat & Holly keep having quick secret meetings together. She’s back in fully with the Holly & Jackson duo but she’s still entertaining for now so I’ll give her a pass on her choice of allies. She really likes Jess and doesn’t have a reason to get with the ‘save Kemi’ crew. Holly and Jackson have both mentioned how it might be a good idea for Kat to trash them a little so people don’t think they’re working together. Holly told them “Oh, I’m already doing that.” She says things like this ALL the time and she’s entertaining on the feeds. Speaking of Kat, I thought the show edit was complete BS on Sunday.  They made Kat out to be a stalker since they didn’t let the viewers know there was a reason Kat thought they were becoming a couple. Do they spill she slept with Jackson a few times before the feeds were on or make her a stalker? How about door #3. Show Jackson making moves on her and leading her to believe they were a thing. They don’t have to give the TV audience the dirty details in order to be more accurate. The show edit hasn’t been that bad so far but it could be better. They’re getting the overall storyline of the house but they missed the mark by making Kat a stalker and not showing the jackoffs being jackoffs.


Jackson told Sis he couldn’t believe he’d had sex with Kat and said he regretted it. He said it as soon as she left the room and it was a jerk thing to say and talk to someone else about. Sis said it was good that at least it wasn’t on the feeds, like hers was. Jackson agreed and seemed so proud of himself because no one would know about it. (Hey jackass, you’re on the feeds talking about it….again!) Does everyone notice how Jackson has a phrase he runs into he dirt? For a while, it was “I’m not going to let him get under my skin.” How many times did we hear that about David? Now, it’s “I’m planting a seed to see what comes out the other side.” He’s done this while giving information to Kemi more than once and there’s no point to it since they’re evicting her. Even Jack asked him once what was the point? I also don’t know what the hell he’s planting that grows sideways.  I garden and the things I plant come up, not the other side. The other side of what? The dirt? The garden? The other side of the BB house? Whatever it is, it will be waiting for him in the parking lot on the other side of the BB house I suppose.

Nicole did a lot of  work trying to keep Kemi. She talked to Sis, Holly and Christie and explained the entire Bella mess and how Bella started the girls alliance and set Kemi and Jess up. (It really doesn’t matter) She had a good audience because they’ve been (especially Sis) mad a Nick all day and didn’t like Bella to begin with. Nicole is trying to sell them on how Kemi would go after Nick and Bella instead of Jack. Sis started her angry and worked up ranting again. She said she wanted to go off on Nick. (She’s said that about 20 times) She also said America probably wants her to start some drama. (If she wants to start something, she could start with keeping her pants on) Nicole suggested she not go off on Nick but told her to do what felt right. The biggest problem with this strategy from Nicole is Jess would also go after Nick and Bella plus they don’t really care for Kemi.  Christie likes her but knows Jack wants her out so that’s a dead end. Holly doesn’t like Kemi and is working with Kat. Kat is close to Jess. Sis can’t stand Kemi. Nicole isn’t aware enough to realize it’s not going to happen but I loved her for trying. Christie said later in the night she doesn’t trust Nicole anymore so my girl Nicole may be in trouble soon too. Why, oh why doesn’t the BB house have a basement she could lock them in like she did her parents?


If you haven’t seen Christie eat, you’re missing out. She’s a very aggressive chewer:

Tommy was missing his hat and this added more to the idea of Cliff being America’s player. It’s why they hid the stuffed Orwell the other night. They saw Cliff with it a lot and thought it might be a task. Now, Tommy thinks maybe taking his hat was a task too. BB hasn’t done Americas player since season 10 (Dan) but every year they suspect someone. BB16 was Team America, not Americas Player….before ya’ll come for me with a correction on that one.

Jack told his crew how Kemi was “really into me at first” and said she was flirting with him. He knows she’s leaving but still found it appropriate to call her a bitch and dog shit. This was during the retell of his talk with Kemi. He’d asked Tommy to sit in so they were sharing Kemis pitch for Jack to keep her. She said something negative about his cooking the first week and wow, has he hung onto it. Here’s Tommy, who we don’t see often. It’s a good sign for his game that we forget about him:


Last night, Tommy told Jack he could see Sam winning the game and he told Jack about his new alliance that Steve mentioned yesterday, the Flaming Five. Jack told Tommy not to worry about the thing with Sis. He assured Tommy that Christie was still his #1. He corrected himself and told Tommy, he was his #1 too. There are so many reasons why we may be stuck with Jack for a while. Along with him being a physical threat in comps, no one is going to go after him until camp comeback is over. The biggest reason may be Tommy. Tommy sees Jack as a good choce to go near the end with and Tommy is possibly playing the best game in the house so far.

The Jack group talked about doing a vote split tonight to see where Cliff votes and to give Jess some targets. There were mixed opinions and I dont think it will happen but you never know. I’m preparing myself for Kemi to be evicted and even tho it’s a bummer, it’s also BB.

Have a great Thursday!






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  1. Nancy

    Thanks Mel..always look forward to ur recap and views…and indeed Christie can vigorously chomp some food..lol..

    I want David to win camp comeback..he’s watching and learning..I have hope for him..and I really like Sam as well.

    • danmtruth

      CC chomping her food is more like a horse eehk
      Hate to see it come down to Kemi and David in camp comeback Nothig persoal just need to give the nod to David he seems to have a better all overall view Kemi after all she knew was still talki and confiding in Bella

    • Kari

      Hi there, I just wanted to pop in and say how much I love your avatar and how many fun memories it brought back! I miss the days of old style comics!! ❤️

  2. Amber

    Maybe he has one of those tomato things and instead of hanging it up, he lays it on a table lol
    Thanks for the summary

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mel! Your comments about Ana are spot on. Every time I listen to her, she makes me laugh. I am disappointed that Kemi will be evicted. She is playing a much better game than Jessica. I know Kemi will have a chance to come back in. After listening to David, and his great take on the house as it is now, I would like for him to be back in the game. It would have been nice to have Jessica gone for good, and Kemi/David both in the game. Oh well.

  4. danmtruth

    Wow Mel so much as usual Along with so well said CC/Christie for being such a big fan of the game seems more BB book smart than game smart She might have watched while growing up or just binged most of the seasons.The one thing she did not learn is how to be suttle She is more sledgehammer than any thing One thing she seems to get away with in dealing with the H8ful is switching how she does not like in midsentence When Jack ask her about Nick /nasty Nick /NN she went on a rant about how terrible he was for all their game and cant be trusted How Sam is giving her great information how Sam wants to work with them Than AD /jack mentions Sam and she flows into trashing Sam and how he beeds to go soon CC is a human wind sock will point at others depending on who is talking
    Tommy / TT is the one who understands the importance of having a plan and sticking to it He keeps trying to bring king meat sheild back to stay focus But his is a vouce being drowned out by the others more worried about little things forgetting they have the power if they just stop from eating each other In this respect they are like the hive Just because they want to backstab someone they know they other people are looking to backstab them Forgetting the task in front of them Get rid of the other people not in your alliance

  5. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh! Your recap was way more interesting than the show last night! Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning!!

  6. HappyHippo

    “(If she wants to start something, she could start with keeping her pants on)”
    Gosh I hate the Jackoffs and wish they knew it!

  7. danmtruth

    The great one liners from Mel (with one L) and NK cant be beat and keep me coming back

  8. ElaineB

    There is a lot of good talent in the Junkies family.

    • Nancy

      Yes there is..all the years I stalked..uh, I mean read this blog..I always had a good laff and throughly enjoyed reading what everyone had to say.

      • Sassy

        I did that too, but it’s so much more fun to interact!!

      • danmtruth

        Just a welcome in my way

      • NKogNeeTow

        I encourage everyone just reading to either sign up or if already registered, make your voice heard. New perspectives and opinions are always welcome 🙂

      • Charlotte

        Ha ha! I am also a die-hard reader of this, and only this blog! I get more entertainment from this “family” than watching the show! And I thank all of you for that!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Charlotte, once you register, you become part of the family too. WELCOME! 🙂

      • Holan

        Me too. I laugh or chuckle at least once in every write up… if not more so in the comments. I told my husband that after a decade of stalking the site, I wanted to sign up.
        NK is right. If you’re following, it is great to sign in and reply to the great content in the comments. In high school, my grandma used to read my Nike shirt when I came over to help her, “just DO it” I wish you could hear the voice of an 88-year-old say that. It still makes me smile.

  9. HiHowareYa?

    After being on vacation last week, I’m still getting caught up on episodes from last week. I heard, clear as day, Julie call Jackson “Beavis”! Has any of the house guests made mention of this comment this week in the live feeds?!

  10. Nancy

    To effen funny, Dan..love it..thanks

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Great recap Mel with 1 L! I had some computer problems last night so I missed a lot but I knew you would bring it home 🙂 You tickled me with “These people make Foutte look like gamers.” Truer than true.

    The second thing that tickled me is the pic you used of Sam…when he realized that he got got by AD and was playing AD’s game.

    The saddest thing about these poor schmucks in the house is they’ll be out of the house by the time they all realize that they’re handing AD the game to win. Right now he has the control of the house like Paul did. But I also wouldn’t just give him the game right now. Paul thought he had the win on lock too and we see how that turned out. For the record, I did think that Paul deserved to win the first time. The second time, not so much. If they don’t wake up soon, the only ones who are capable of getting him out will be already gone.

    • LO1004

      I’m fine w Jack staying if it means he is a shield for Tommy. Let him do all the dirty work just to bring someone else the win. All about it!

      • Sassy

        If AD leaves, that side falls apart!! I’d love to see him in camp wearing the degrading uniform, and have the HOH order everyone not to talk game with him. He would not take it well.

      • danmtruth

        And then AD loses to David in the comback
        Of all people JJ is telling AD to back off as people are seeing himas too cocky That people like in school dont like the cool kids AD says well we are It came up as AD was bringing his clothes down and he said I dont know why im doing this i will be back up their -HOH room- in two weeks CC chimes in yeh after i go up their in a few hours JJ said you did not say that to anyone AD was yes i said it in front of everyone Yes douch to the highest degree
        JJ and NN talking when Nick mention how they were runni g for 22 min Than Ni k said yeh and the last 3 you were on a bad ankle

  13. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to add, that after hearing AD call Kemi “dog shit” last night, he’s officially at the top of my “shit list” and I don’t want him to win no matter how well he plays. Petty I know but I make NO apologies for it. He’s more of POS than my computer.

    • Sassy

      I agree! There is no redemption for him in my eyes. Just like with Paul the 2d time around, there are just some things you cannot come back from. AD and JJ have reached that point with me. Cliff is super close to being on par with them! Sounds like either last night or this morning, he made some rude remarks about David again, for NO reason (I didn’t watch this part, Twitter gossip).

      • Nancy

        I really had hope for cliff. But I’m with u sassy..he’s slowly moving up with the two Jholes..
        David hasn’t done anything to anyone, unless I’ve missed it. I’m kinda rooting for that young man

    • danmtruth

      No excuse far from just playing the game I have no great love of Jess game But as a person she is fine You can see it in the quiet moments When she does not have her Hi im a plus size women i represent the majority of the population how can i help you spokesperson voice We do not need Jack to la7gh at her and make fun To some i might sound hypocritical I just wish she would drop the fake voice as she does have more to give as just herself

      • Nancy

        I’m a plus size gal and that doesn’t make up who I am..I’d still be fabulous even if thin..(jk). I’m sure shes a lovely person. I can’t say I’ve heard real game play from her..maybe all the “likes” have me ear blind. I did notice while in the DR not once did she use her filler word..hummm

      • Colby

        I agree about that voice and over the top laugh. It is starting to grate on my nerves.
        But also Christie – she has to dominate every conversation and is such a know it all – on my last nerve. I can’t believe people aren’t seeing through her yet.

      • Kari

        also being a plus.. plus size woman LOL I really wanted to like her. I love how she wears whatever the hell she wants to wear even two piece bathing suits. She’s not afraid to be who and what she is but yes I agree she is starting to grate on my nerves. It’s really sad overall because she could have really represented as fat chicks better LOL

    • HappyHippo

      Definitely! I’m having Paul flashbacks and it makes me sick! There is absolutely no reason to be so mean and name call. I cannot wait to see him go and I hope it’s a blindside and he is shocked. I so hate that they recruit jackasses when there are so many people willing to go in there and actually play big brother. If I could reach through the screen and choke him I would.

      • Holan

        Agreed: a blindside would be great! He’s rude and unkind with how he talks about people… sometimes right after he said something to that same person that sounded genuine. We know he is lying to their faces, but they all haven’t started to figure it out.

        Earlier in the comments when Dan and Sassy were dreaming about him wearing a camp outfit and losing to David in the comeback comp, I wanted to join the fantasy. But even this group isn’t dumb enough to backdoor an alliance member until after the comeback comp. right? … but like Mel said they are making Foute look smart.

      • mm22

        Angers me also they cast people like jack n Jackson I wish I didn’t
        like them for their game play n not because they are two very cruel
        and hateful people

    • Alda

      When I heard him call Kemi dog shit I wish I had a dog to throw some shit at him! Plus,boy is he bossy.”Hey,get me this ,grab me that.” He just orders the rest of the schmucks to bring him stuff,while he just lays their like a king or a dictator.

      • Helen

        Speaking of “dog poop”…we have a black lab…my husband will go out once a day and scoop up any “piles” in the back yard…he has a corner by the back fence where he puts it and every couple of weeks takes the dirt and poop to an area on the landlords property where the landlord told us to dump it….one year we threw some potatoes that were going bad onto the pile to get rid of them…long story short..we now have one of the healthiest looking “paturdo” plants you’ve ever seen growing in the corner of our backyard. Lmao….

      • danmtruth

        Circle of life Helen lol

      • NKogNeeTow


  14. Sassy

    Thanks for the recap and laughs! I’m not a fan of the edits. I think they are making the Jackass Bro’s look sweet and Kemi looked like a serial killer (I guess she pissed them off when she wouldn’t finger wag). I hope after she’s sent to Camp (although I’d like her to stay, I’m pretty sure she won’t), I would love for her to spend the week doing a tell all. Announce the g8ful to everyone and spend the week putting true or fake ideas in people’s head to cause suspicion.

    I just watched BBs question and answer with AD. Christy is his #1 and his crush, but Anal is really pretty and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Huh? You must know what to do, because she’s still seeing stars. His arrogance is so overpowering. I can’t take anything he says serious.

    • HappyHippo

      If I was Anals parents I would die. I hope I teach my daughter to act better than she has in that house on national television…holy cow

      • Kari

        Her mother has got to be absolutely mortified. I saw the preseason interviews and she’s definitely old school.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I wish someone would interview Ratella’s mother right about now…lol

      • HappyHippo

        Oh man yes! Better tv!

      • danmtruth

        Cant see Nasty Nick dropping bye for a friendly chat with Tiger Mom

      • ElaineB

        I often think of the parents/family of some of these HGs. Would love to be a fly on a wall in some of these homes, as the nasty words/deeds come out over the feeds or TV screen for all to see. That could be a whole show, in and of itself.

      • Sassy

        If my son was ever to be on, I’d have to skip the feeds and blogs. I would HOPE he would behave, but I wouldn’t want to accidentally see something I can’t unsee!

    • LO1004

      I hate this camp comeback thing. How anticlimactic for eviction night. “You are now evicted from the Big Brother house”…then what? “Grab your fake bag and head up to your hole while everyone else gets changed for the HOH comp”? WOMP WOMP

      • danmtruth

        It will be odd timing wise do they do a crossover ceremony like in scouts Have her walk across a fake bridge to David and Ovi Nointerview with Julie Someone said after the last they will have julie interview all3 at once

      • Sassy

        Yes Dan, Julie will interview them together. I read an interview with Allison that talked about what they expected to get out of the twist etc.

  15. danmtruth

    Sassy its funny to hear AD talk about how immature Sys is yet he is being led around by a women who has told him she has no sexual intrest in Than CC hints to him that she has feelings That sets his ego off thinking his mangnatisim is so great he can get someone to change sexual orientation Ummm not happening bucko You will always be third choice sexualy for her Women, Self. You distant third

    • Sassy

      He admits Christy is his #1, his ride or die, and the one he trusts most. He talks about how she’s such a good person inside and out, and beautiful. He admits to having a crush on her. Anal is beautiful and he doesn’t know what to do with that. Nothing about her personality or where she ranks with him. He said Tommy is 2 and he guesses Mitchie would probably be #3.

      • danmtruth

        And why or why do you tell them this?? Hay lets all 8 of us work together and here is the oeder of how much ilike you Can you imagine him as a parent You might be the first born son but i like son nuber 3 the best followed by your oldest sister than you and finally son number 2 So what did you all get me for fathers day

      • Sassy

        Haha! That’s funny and probably true. He did say these things to the HG. It was a video BB made of him in the HOH room. They gave him cards with questions from fans and he answered them.

  16. mckay

    Great job Mel. I enjoyed the humor throughout. It’s frustrating that I still don’t have a group or even a couple of people to like yet. I know whom I don’t like though. The two Jack’s are sickening.

    I am holding out hope that Jess goes home. Remember last season when we would know Foutte was about to be blind sided on national tv. It was can’t miss stuff… Oh the memories.

  17. danmtruth

    TP1/sys TP2/Holly JJ/ Jackson talking how arrogant AD and CC have been a d how this is putting a target on them JJ still wants Kemi out SINCE DAY F*#KING DAY 1

  18. danmtruth

    The trident of evil AD, CC, TT now trashing JJ for daring to say that they are arrogant Than the talk of how good they feel about each other That they knew it as soon as they meet each other Followed closely bye how they love everyone but the others need to go CC is not afraid of NN in a physical threat because he runs like a girl ? ?

  19. Helen

    I want the wall comp so badlytonight!! I love to watch the macho guys fall first!!

    • danmtruth

      It always happens to much body mass Than a little guy like james comes in Still early call / speculation/ guess its a crap shoot type comp

    • Colby

      I suspect it may be a physical comp. Only because after the feeds went down for a bit last night I noticed several cups on the counter with the drink mix packets that aid in keeping you hydrated and now they are talking about physical comps rather than the food comps they were convinced of before. I think maybe production told them that it would be physical so to be sure to hydrate.
      But I could be totally wrong. The drink packets may have been there before and I just didn’t notice.

  20. Colby

    I wonder if David and Ovi will be allowed in the living room tonight, or if they have to watch from Camp Comeback? Either way, I’m sure Julie will talk to them at some point, probably.

    • NKogNeeTow

      They can only watch the comps and ceremonies from Camp Comeback. I would think that after the comp is over, they would be allowed into the living room. I’m sure either way, Julie will get their take on things.

      • danmtruth

        Wont they do a crossover ceremony for the evicted guest to go to the new camp Have a small bridge with David & Ovi on the otherside Or whenever can get in a station waggon or short buss and drive off

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, nap time! I’ve been working in the yard all day and there is a bad storm with flood watch warnings, headed this way within the hour. I hope everyone else within a heavy storm area will be safe. Stay dry Guys! See you at showtime!

  22. JadedMage

    I know its premature but I would love to see Sam win, he makes me laugh and reminds me of the late Sam Kinison (hope im not showing my age here) But DAVID – if he gets back in, if he can get some comps and vetos, he will win for sure. Hes smart and very observant.

  23. Helen

    Wow…feeds down a long time today!

  24. Helen

    So….who is going to join David and Ovi? Kemi or Jess?

  25. Nancy

    Unless a miracle happens..kemi will be the newest Camp Comeback participant

  26. Helen

    I think they are going to vote Jess out…

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  28. goldie

    Hello I have not posted very often, but I loving reading all our comments. It looks like Holly is applying 2 strips of eyelashes to one eye. She is looking like a drag queen to me. All of them with the make-up! Enough already!

  29. LO1004

    Nick was talking shit about Christie’s ‘aggressive chewing’…5 min after he was aggressively pulling out his nose hairs by hand. And flicking them onto the unknowing Sam. This fucking guy.

  30. Rise2thetop

    Hi all. I’ve been reading this site for nearly a decade and this is my first time posting. I don’t watch the live feeds or after dark, instead I would always come to this site to find out what is happening in the big brother house. BBJ has never let me down and always makes me smile.

    Some random thoughts…

    I really want to see David get back in the game, win HOH, and then put Jack and Jackson on the block.
    I’m rooting for Nicole just because she’s from Long Island.
    I’m rooting for Tommy just because I love broadway and he’s got a good social game right now. The fact that I may or may not have a small crush on him had nothing to do with it.
    I thought Sam and Nick were the same person until recently.
    I thought Analyse and Holly were the same person until recently.
    I thought Jackson and Michie were two different people until recently.
    I liked Jessica until she spoke. I hope she goes home next.

  31. jennyc

    id like to send a coup detat to nicole, please.

    • Helen

      Nicole is really the only one I like…she is smart and I also appreciate the fact she doesn’t spend all day plastering on makeup….she is naturally very pretty…imo…

  32. Pumpkin

    Without this blog, I don’t think you could follow what’s going on.
    The edit folks leave a lot out and based on that lack of info, it is hard
    to follow. I’m very glad to all the people involved in making this site
    happen. Thanks to all!!!

  33. Sassy

    New thread

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