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Big Brother 22 – Finale Night Discussion Thread!

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Good evening everyone!


For the last time this season, I bring you the live eviction discussion thread! We will find out who gets 3rd place (likely Enzo), who wins (likely Cody), and who wins AFP (possibly Da’Vonne).

Before I begin, I did a long thank you post yesterday but only briefly mentioned some people that I meant to write far more on – Mel, Nickie, and Mike.


I want to give a huge thank you to those three for their contributions this season. Mike has been finding his groove this season with his great power rankings and I want to thank him for that! Meanwhile, Mel has been my right hand and has been for many seasons now. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have her around every season but I’m truly honored to know her and consider her a friend (again, for those confused, Mel the writer is not Mel my wife haha). And finally, for the person who possibly won’t see this because she hasn’t been feeling very well, that is Nickie (NKogNeeTow). She is our comment moderator and does a phenomenal job filling in the gaps that I miss (which are a lot) for feed updates. She has been diagnosed with cancer and I feel bad for the cancer because it won’t know what hit it when Nickie attacks it back. She is a warrior, but it doesn’t hurt to send a little prayer or a thought her way if you can! We all miss you and hope to see you back for Big Brother 23.

Alright, tonight is the big night for one houseguest as they will have 6 figures in their bank account tomorrow. I mentioned above that I fully expect it to be Cody, but it would be such a 2020 move to have history repeat itself by doing this:

  • Enzo finishes third after his alliance cuts him
  • Cody once again wins the final HoH and loses to the winner
  • Nicole becomes the first two-time winner of Big Brother
  • And just for shits n giggles, Da’Vonne once again is the tiebreaking vote

I don’t see most of that happening above, but it is 2020 so stranger things could happen (like us suddenly going from living a normal life to all being trapped inside our houses for 6 months).

And before I forget, thank you once again for coming to the site this season. Of course, I will be here next summer, or hopefully this winter. I have a few things in the works but I typically give hope and deliver letdown, so I won’t even mention those. Just stay tuned and be sure to follow on our socials.


And one one more thing, I want to add thanks to Pamela, Kelly, Mary, and Heidi for your donations yesterday after my post! Thank you a ton!!!

Let’s get to the updates.

  • Up first is round 2 of the HoH
  • Cody completely dominated Enzo in round 2. Yikes
  • That was painful to watch. I feel bad for Enzo
  • Enzo knows what fans are thinking when he says ‘why didn’t you evict Nicole when you had the chance’, but his decisions made him to the end.
  • Jury segment time
  • Jury is loving Cody right now. He may win more votes than even I anticipated.
  • Okay, final HoH time!
    • Round 1 – Cody 1, Nicole 0
    • Round 2 – Cody 2, Nicole 1
    • Round 3 – Cody 3, Nicole 2
    • Round 4 – Cody 4, Nicole 3
    • Round 5 – Cody 5, Nicole 4
    • Round 6 – Cody 6, Nicole 5
    • Round 7 – Cody 7, Nicole 6
    • Round 8 – Cody 8, Nicole 7
  • Cody won the final HoH!
  • Eviction time… Not really a big moment for Cody because he likely wins regardless
  • Wow…. Cody takes Nicole.  I had a feeling that was going to happen the way Nicole gave her speech. She knew
  • Nicole is surprised that Cody didn’t throw the final HoH and have her take him.  I speculated that could happen but I didn’t really think it would. It’s a huge competition to throw. You’d look like an asshole if you threw it and finished third place
  • Nicole says she definitely threw some comps but she was also terrible at many
  • Damn, I can’t believe how wrong I was. I said there was zero chance this would happen. I feel like I should hang up my blogging shoes
  • Jury question time
  • Basic questions.  Cody missed a good opportunity to mention how he controlled the whole Committee alliance yet let Memphis take credit and knew all about Memphis’ sly plan to have a few final 2 deals that didn’t include him
  • David asks the first real tough question asking why Enzo pretended he wanted everyone to stay but had no problem scheming to get them out (paraphrasing).  Good question by the rookie
  • Votes locked. Time for the pre-jury and as we head to commercial Enzo is freaking out because jury was laughing at him (but they weren’t in a mean way)
  • Votes
    • Cody had 5/5 votes to win!  We’ll see the remaining votes shortly
    • He won unanimously!
  • America’s Favorite is next
    • Da’Vonne won America’s Favorite Player!!!

And that does it!  I am very happy with the results.  Cody deserved it. Da’Vonne deserved it. Enzo got $50k.

I am still crossing my fingers about a winter Big Brother, but there will be a Big Brother 23!


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