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Big Brother 22- Finale Recap & Final Thoughts

October 29, 2020 | 47 Comments
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Author: Mel

This is my last good morning to all my Big Brother Junkies for a while. By the time I’m done writing this, fixing my typos (there are always many) and adding a few pics, it will actually be ‘good afternoon.’  I’m surprised to be feeling a bit bummed today because it’s over. (sleeping later was nice tho) We’ve spent the past 80 something days together, so there’s something to miss even in a so/so season.  Many things about this season didn’t give us what we wanted but I’m going to focus on the things it did give us in this recap.

Nicole enjoying the finale

BB gave me a big distraction for 3 months during a really stressful time and I’m greatful for it.  I want to commend CBS for doing an amazing job producing the season and pulling off what some thought might be a nightmare.  They had to adjust the way they work, the number of people behind the scenes and even some of the comps to a degree.  They score a 10 out of 10 from me on this one. Although some people complained about the casting, they get a 10 out of 10 on this one too.  There were many weeks the comps didn’t go the way we wanted but this was a great cast overall!

BB had been renewed for next summer.

I’ve enjoyed recapping and chatting with so many of you this season. Steve and I didn’t disagree nearly enough this year to make that part of it fun but……there’s always next season, I guess. (Haha)  Steve is amazing and has created such a fun place for us all to hang out as he gives us the feeds highlights daily. I appreciate him so much and all of you who have donated to help him keep this site up and running. I’ve enjoyed having Mike’s power rankings to read each week and all of NK’s snarky commentary.

I also appreciate all the people who kept the comment section clean this year.  I can only remember deleting 2 comments over the entire season! (They weren’t even mean, they were just about politics which is a no, no) That’s more NK’s domain but even with her being away for part of the season, there was very little slack that needed to be picked up and it’s because of all of you. Nickie, my friend, I’m wishing you well and thinking of you. I’m expecting you back here next summer and to be feistier than ever!

Ok then, let’s get to this finale….but this is where we began the season:

For a boring and predictable season, I have to say, this was one of the best finale episodes I’ve ever seen. It had suspense, tears, a cut throat  move and a jury that wasn’t bitter. To start, I liked part 2 of the final hoh comp. I liked that it was both physical and mental, plus required some strategy. I actually didn’t mind Enzo’s meltdown after he lost this comp. I didn’t really see it is poor sportsmanship because he was beating up on himself. All of his shoulda, coulda, woulda’s came flooding in at the same time.  This was mixed with the realization that he’d  probably just finished 3rd. All of them want to win but they desperately want to at least do better than the time before so he saw 3rd as a huge failure.  Even if it was viewed as bad sportsmanship, I still liked seeing it because it was real and raw. That’s one of the things I love about BB and something we don’t see as often anymore.

Still enjoying it

Part 3 was good too because it required real game knowledge, over some random answer a juror gives about their favorite day in the BB house or something stupid.  When Cody won and didn’t make eye contact with Nicole, I thought he might actually be going to cut her.

For once, I liked the jury discussion. Day seemed to be leading it and is a natural. They need to call Dani Reyes to do it but Day would make a fantastic 2nd option. Nothing against Dr. Will but he doesn’t even watch the show.

Nicole barely able to contain her love for the game and David looking handsome

I can honestly say when it came time for Cody to evict one of them, I still had no clue what he was going to do. I’d noticed Codys lack of eye contact and then Nicole’s speech when the show came back after commercials. She was also getting past and present tense messed up while talking, as if she’d been told. It could’ve been nerves or some of her practiced speech was also creeping in, as if she’d just won the F3 hoh. (That’s the way she’s practiced it)

She was really emotional and I thought maybe he’s doing it and maybe he told her during commercial break but still thought it could go either way.

Anyone else get 80’s power suit from this?

Enzos plea was just as empassioned as Nicole’s. They were both practically begging and I love  seeing players want it so much.  When Enzo was talking about how he’d always had Cody’s back and said, while pointing at Nicole, “I even kept her for you,” I was moved by it.  I also thought that one statement said a lot about the season, even if Enzo didn’t know it. That sentence summarized the way Cody controlled the game, Enzo had spent the second half playing for 2nd and Nicole actually owed her still being there to Enzo too, not just Cody.

Cody listening to them beg for their lives in the game

Cody evicted Nicole and we saw the second blindside of the season. (Memphis’ eviction was the only other time) This one was huge but not because some of us had guessed he’d take her to the end.  Cody kept it hidden so obviously we were making a guess based on what we had to go on.  It was huge because of how certain Nicole was she was going to be in the F2.  She wasn’t just convinced, she would’ve bet on it. She’s a paranoid player, it’s just how she plays but this was the week, she finally seemed to relax. (kind of ironic) A lot of people tuned out of the feeds the last few days but for those watching, you know how many times she went over her speech.  Not only did Nicole think she had a chance to win the game, (regardless of what she was saying to Cody) she catered her speech to be against Cody. She also practiced answering potential questions the jury might throw at her like ‘why should you win over Cody?’  Nicole could taste this win and she was completely devastated. Just like Enzos meltdown after the final 2 comp and their pleas for Cody to keep them, this was raw emotion. That’s just good tv, no matter what comes afterwards.

This was the pic that popped in my head when Cody evicted Nicole and I knew I wanted to include it today. It tells a story:


Nicole telling Julie she’s shocked

Walking out to sit with the jury and trying to balance on those heels

DaVonnes satisfied expression when Nicole arrives

Cody and Enz  both had moments that were lacking during the jury questions but let’s be honest, Cody creamed Enzo. I won’t even get started on those stupid ass generic questions BB insists they read!  Cody had actually already answered one of the questions before they asked it.  I liked when Enzo started pacing when he gave his speech because it was sooooo Enzo. (I’ve said one of my biggest challenges doing recaps was trying to get screenshots of Enzo that weren’t blurry. Bayleigh was another one that never stopped moving)  My favorite moment during that segment was probably as they were going to commercial. Enzo was a bit upset because he thought the jury with laughing at him. Cody with having to explain that the jury was laughing with him. No one wants to be laughed at so it was both sad and funny.

DaVonne enjoying Enzo talk about his game and making her laugh

During the pre jury segment, Bayleigh said she’d planned to address some of the comments made by houseguests this season.  She said she was caught off guard because apparently CBS switched the question they asked her. (Maybe about Christmas? Maybe Dani saying she stole Janelles clothes? Don’t know) Speaking of clothes, here was Janelles finale dress we didn’t get to see very well last night. It’s worth a look:

One last glimpse of King Kaysar:

Oh, to have a friend that looks at us the way Ian looks at Kaysar:

They did Nicole Anthony dirty. She didn’t even get a question as if she wasn’t there:

Nicole and Christmas both enjoying the finale together:

Voting time, David saluting them but having nothing to say cracked me up. It was very David.

Davids Twitter was another bright spot this season. I don’t know who he had running it but they were hilarious:

Time for the winner:

Cody wins with a 9-0 vote which has only happened once before. (Dan in BB10)

DaVonne hearing her name for Americas Favorite Player:

Having it sink in that she actually won it and won it over Tyler:

Here’s a little gossip I’ve heard since the finale and some things we’ve learned from the players themselves:

  • Day is no longer friends with Kevin or David but we don’t know the details yet.
  •  Janelle said she has a lot more tea to spill now that the finale is over. Knowing Janelle, it could be bullshit or it could be great.
  • Nicole somehow got her account temporarily blocked by Twitter last night.  Nicole told one podcaster that she must have done something wrong but didn’t know what it could’ve been.
  • Derrick Tweeted this out:
  • Nicole was telling the truth about taking Cody to the final 2. (We knew that one) Enzo said he was really thinking about cutting Cody if he’d won the final hoh because he knew he couldn’t beat him by the end.
  • Nicole was told during the commercial break that Cody wasn’t keeping her.
  • Enzo said he’d have voted for Nicole if Cody had cut him.
  • Cody said he’d like to think he wouldn’t have been bitter but said he might have voted against Nicole out of bitterness if she had cut him. He said he would’ve probably voted for Enzo to win over Nicole.
  •  According to the jury, Cody would have also beaten Nicole but probably not unanimously.
  •  We don’t have an accurate wedding invitation count yet, since some invites are being added and some sadly, are being rescinded.

Nicole wishing she had those hours back she spent rehearsing her speech

Enzo may have only gotten 2nd but he’s still relieved that he doesn’t have to go home and fight ‘dicknose.’

Cody realizing both Dani and Nicole were standing behind him…and that it may not be safe

My final thoughts:

Cody broke the OTEV curse but more importantly, I think the best player won.  Cody has now played 2 seasons, making it to the final 2 both times. We were bored so it probably slants our view on where we’d place him right now in the winner rankings.  I think his ranking will rise over time, once this season isn’t as fresh because he really did play an amazing game.  Granted, he can only go so high because winning the 1st time you play will always be more impressive. Still, he’s only the 2nd player to ever win by a unanimous vote.  Playing in an all stars season with people he knew wasn’t as hard in some ways but it’s all stars, so he did have harder competition.  He had an easy time for most of the game but he put in the work early on to make it that way.

I don’t want to minimize the move Cody made by evicting Nicole, just because he would have won either way. He couldn’t have known that for sure and he made that decision based on what he thought would give him the best chance to win.  That makes it a big move and cutting someone you’ve worked with for almost 90 days isn’t easy. It’s the kind of moves we like to see so we sometimes minimize how hard it is for people to do it. It’s hard to do this to someone you’ve played with, are friends with, relied on and who played a role in getting you to the end.

Cody didn’t hide his comp skills and unlike many of the returning players, he changed his game this season. I hope this will help urge future players to go in wanting to make moves, make alliances and DO something to leave their mark on the game.

Everyone loved Enzo and that’s not in dispute. However, this particular jury decided last night that likability wasn’t enough to win this game.  All of these people have big egos but they weren’t a bitter jury. I hope this will set the tone for BB juries in the future too. Enzo played a really good game and on a different season, it would probably be a winning game. He’s played 2 seasons, never had a vote against him in either and made it to the F3 and now F2.  That doesn’t happen by accident.

Nicole played a game that’s torture to watch but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.  She’s a very good player and some of the things many of us don’t like about her, is part of why she’s good. She whines, she’s scared, she’s paranoid and she’s a victim.  These are the things that make her seem non threatening. They’re also the things that always kept her worrying about every tiny detail and that kept her on top of the game.  She was right when she said that last night was the first time she’d been surprised in the game. She’s played 3 times and has already won it once.   Her past win may still be controversial as to whether or not she deserved it but that shouldn’t surprise us. Nicole has always played a very busy and messy game so why wouldn’t her win be kind of messy too?


I’ll probably continue to follow some post show interviews for a while before I completely call it quits. Steve may do that too and talk about it here on BBJ. If not, you can follow my Twitter and I’ll add things that I find.  BB Canada usually starts in March and I follow along with that on Twitter too for any who are interested. (It’s  amazing!!)  My Twitter is @mclick888.  If you do, you may want to wait until after the election, if you don’t like seeing alot of political stuff. Eventually, I may separate them but for now, it’s all lumped together so consider yourself warned.

I’m going to miss you guys! Stay safe, happy and healthy and until next time, have a great fall and winter!

Much love, Mel

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