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Big Brother 22 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates 9/25

September 25, 2020 | 35 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which means it’s nomination day once again.  Like the recent weeks, it should be no surprise who will be nominated to start – David and Kevin. Snoozer.

One little thing that I noticed is that if/when this happens, it’ll be the 5th time in 7 weeks of havenots that at least one HN was nominated.

  • Week 1 – Kevin
  • Week 2 – David
  • Week 3 – Janelle (evicted)
  • Week 4 – Nobody
  • Week 5 – No HN
  • Week 6 – David, Ian (evicted)
  • Week 7 – Nobody (only 2 HNs at this point)
  • Week 8 – Kevin (predicted, and probably evicted)

This also means both David and Kevin will have been nominated during their HN week twice this season.  And if you’re wondering, here are the people who have only been HN once (who remain in the house):  Memphis, Nicole, Dani, and Tyler.  Another surprising note, this is Kevin’s second HN despite him being picked during week 1.  He has managed to avoid going back as HN 5x before finally being selected again.

I just think of random stuff to throw out there that I find interesting.  I think it’s because I change the header of the site to reflect noms/hns and have found myself putting a HN as a nom way more than normal this season.

A big thank you goes to Joy for her generous donation! I really appreciate it!

Alright, updates:

  • 10:50 am – Enzo is in the HoH room talking to Cody
    • They are talking about the possibility of backdooring Christmas. Not by design but if Kevin comes off the block, he’ll likely nominate her and they’ll seriously talk about evicting her
    • Cody says Memphis will probably go after Tyler soon
    • Cody says Memphis thinks Tyler and Christmas are together (they are), and thinks Dani and Nicole are together (they kind of are).  He (Memphis) thinks the Tyler/Xmas duo wants to target Dani hard which puts Nicole in the crossfire.
    • Cody wants to target Christmas because he if he does, it’ll be Memphis, Tyler, Nicole, and Dani and those four will all go after each other which means Cody will never sit next to Enzo.  He knows they could go up as pawns but they won’t be targets for a bit
    • Enzo spills the info about Memphis bringing Christmas into wise guys
  • 11:20 pm – Enzo and Cody are done talking. Christmas immediately scampers upstairs
    • Not much with that talk. Just Christmas confirming noms are David and Kevin and then rambling on about crap nobody cares about

  • 12:20 pm – Cody is basically trying to tell David he’s going on the block. I’m not quite sure David understands. Cody keeps telling him that sometimes it’s all smoke and mirrors
    • David is downstairs asking Nicole if her season was so quiet at this point. She says no.  He’s surprised at the house. Us too… us too.
  • 1:15 pm – Enzo is all over the place today
    • He was recently talking to Kevin telling him he didn’t want him to go this week. The house needs to take shots at the big names etc
    • Now he’s chatting with Christmas about going to the final 3
    • I’m not bashing him. He’s playing a very delicate social game but it’s working.  I just wonder when people will realize how big of a threat he is to actually win this thing
    • Christmas telling Enzo she thinks Dani went for the money. Dropping little hints who she wants
  • 2:00 pm – Christmas pulls Kevin into the storage room
    • She feels guilty for putting him as a havenot
    • He leaves and she cam talks. She feels like ‘such poop’ about it. No, you don’t.
    • Nicole is talking to Cody upstairs bashing Dani. This is because Dani was mad she was encouraged to use her power
    • Apparently, Dani and Nicole talked about voting to keep Day but they’re both denying it to each other?  Huh?
    • Cody tells Nicole about how Dani wanted to pin two votes on people (during the Janelle vote)
    • Cody is still baffled that Dani was lying to her about flipping the vote after she did it.  She denied it.
  • 3:00 pm – Kevin enters the HoH room
    • Kevin begs to not go on the block.  He tells him that Day wanted him (Cody) out but Kevin didn’t.  Kevin tells him he knows of the Slick Six
    • Kevin tells Cody that Christmas told him she picked him as HN because someone told her to weaken him (Kevin)
    • Alright, well that conversation took an aggressive turn
    • Let me try to summarize – They were going back and forth. Once Cody found out about Da’Vonne going after him, he began being a bit more blunt about things.
    • He eventually just told Kevin he’s going on the block
    • Kevin in a roundabout way threatened him with his jury vote. He didn’t come out and say it, but he mentioned how he will have a jury vote, etc. Cody picked up on it and asked ‘so you’re going to not vote for me if I’m in the final 2 if you go home on my watch? Even if I am respectful and tell you up front that you’re going home’
    • Kevin denied that implication but I listened to it, it’s what it sounded like to me as well. So Cody talks about how hard it is being HoH and stuff and Kevin comes out with ‘it’s not all about you, Cody’
    • This shocked Cody a bit and you can tell he was getting a bit heated until he finally re-tells Kevin he’s going on the block and that’s all there is to it
    • Kevin tells him he (Cody) is getting big mad so he is going to leave
  • Dani comes in and Cody re-tells the story
  • 4:30 pm – Feeds down for noms
  • 5:30 pm – Feeds back
    • David and Kevin nominated as expected

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