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Big Brother 22 – Friday Feed Updates 9/18

September 18, 2020 | 82 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Attention – We have another alliance! We have another alliance!  Breaking news –  We have another alliance!

Seeing as it’s a clusterfuck of a season, it’s a clusterfuck of an alliance, so follow along.  There is a final 3 called the ‘wise guys’ between Memphis, Cody, and Enzo. Except there is also a final 3 of the same name with Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas.  Yes, it’s a final 3 consisting of four people except Cody and Christmas don’t know about each other but that doesn’t matter because the real alliance in that alliance is the final 2 between Memphis and Enzo.

Of course, Cody will likely find out about all this from Enzo which will make it hilarious, but this is Memphis’ big master plan for the second half of the season.

In other news, I mentioned that David told Cody he was told a derogatory term and was furious about it. Many in chat rooms automatically assumed a certain word and by a certain current HoH, but it was neither. Apparently, Da’Vonne called David an ‘Uncle Tom‘ and she even confirmed it this morning when Kevin re-told the story to her.  For those who don’t know what the term means, I linked to the Wikipedia entry. That’s about all I’ll touch from that conversation.

Regarding this week in the house, Memphis ‘has a plan’ that he is unwilling to tell anyone. He did say nobody in the Committee will be a pawn, and to correct myself from last night’s post, I listed Christmas as eligible because I can’t keep track of these alliances. She’s actually in that one. It is Enzo who isn’t. But, Enzo clearly isn’t going to be a pawn because he’s part of Memphis’ final 2 which means the noms this week will be David, Da’Vonne, and Kevin in various forms. What that means is, I don’t know who the target is yet, but I know two of those three will be noms today and the third will be the replacement nom if veto is used.

Before I begin, follow me on Instagram and help me push to 2k!


  • 11:15 am – House is up early and already getting ready for noms. Kind of weird for them to do it this soon unless there is something else planned today.
    • Christmas is still upset at Da’Vonne for being a havenot. She is pissed because Da’Vonne used being nominated as a reason. Christmas doesn’t think she should be holding grudges. Okay…
  • 12:00 pm – David up in the HoH room
    • Memphis says ‘if you don’t use the veto and keep the noms the same, you won’t be on the block
    • So that seals it. Kevin and Da’Vonne will be nominated today
    • Regarding the Da’Vonne/David thing, I guess this stems from her not believing that he voted to keep Ian.  She believes Nicole did.  She’s going to feel dumb
    • Oh, and since I’m on race stuff. May as well keep going.  Memphis is being accused of dropping a really bad one and TMZ is running with it. Call me naive, but I don’t think Memphis said it. CBS even confirmed he didn’t say it, but just listening to it I don’t think he did. He’s not that stupid.  If he did, I’ll eat my words, but I just don’t think this is the case here. It’s a non-story
  • 1:30 pm – Nicole chatting with David about being worried this week
    • But since I’m on the topic of Memphis, let’s go over his evil deeds:
      • He rookie hazed David – Like everyone on forums and twitter, Memphis felt David didn’t earn his spot in an All-Star season so he gave him rookie hazing by putting him on slop and nominating him. I have a feeling Memphis would have done the same exact thing regardless of the color of David’s skin. This situation was strictly rookie hazing
      • He intimidated David into not being a HN – Game move. He used David’s rookie status to his advantage and told him they’d go back and forth with HNs if David nominates him. Plain and simple.
      • Threatened to kick Nicole out of alliance – This was on the show last night and I saw some threads pop up about it. What’s the problem with that? You’re supposed to trust your alliance members and Nicole was on the verge of screwing their alliance because of her side deal with Ian.
      • He mocked Ian’s behavior – No excuse for this one. Bad decision on his part
      • He is targeting people of color this week – They are the only three people not part of his alliance left in the house. Now, there is definitely an argument to be made about the unfair advantage PoC have when tossed in a house with a primarily white cast. I’m not at all debating that aspect and I fully recognize how much more difficult it is for say Da’Vonne to mesh with the house than it was for say Dani (just examples). You will get no argument from me on that but I just bring this up because it’s an overall problem with society rather than a specific issue with Memphis.
    • I really don’t like talking about racial issues. I hate it, in fact. However, I also feel it’s unfair for people to change their game out of fear of being called a racist. The fact is, Kevin, Da’Vonne, and David are not aligned with Memphis. What is he supposed to do this week?  Nominate Cody and Tyler? Well, maybe for strategic reasons because they’re both good players but I guarantee if you swap out Kevin, Da’Vonne, and David with Ian, Janelle, and Kaysar this week, those three would be the targets.
    • Alright, enough talking about race.

  • 2:00 pm – Memphis brings down his HoH sushi and the group has a birthday celebration for Kevin
  • 3:00 pm – People still hanging around waiting for noms. I guess they aren’t early today. Maybe the house just had to get up early to talk to Grandpa Memphis
    • Meanwhile, Da’Vonne is still trying to figure out who David voted for. Dani and Nicole are both playing dumb. This is just stupid. I mean they wanted to split the other side, so mission accomplished I guess?
  • 4:00 pm – Feeds down for noms
  • 5:00 pm – Feeds back
    • Kevin and Da’Vonne have been nominated.
    • I am going to start a new thread because this one is getting large

Check back for updates

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