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Big Brother 22 – Friday Night Updates 9/18 – Nomination Spoilers

September 18, 2020 | 57 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone.

I’m not going to go into some long recap of the day, the week, the season. Just before the feeds came back, it was announced that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away from cancer.  She dedicated her life to this country and it really doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle you stand, this is a big loss. I know our country is politically divided right now, but I ask people if they don’t care about this news, it is your right. Just please do not post any type of insensitive replies on the topic or your comment will be deleted. I really shouldn’t have to say this because I know you all are way better than that, but I just know how the internet is so I’m putting the disclaimer out there now.

Alright, I’m going to try to get back into Big Brother mode here

As predicted, Kevin and Da’Vonne were nominated. Memphis used the excuse that Da’Vonne saved Kevin last week so they’re both nominated this week. It was an empty excuse because everyone knew who was going to be nominated as soon as Memphis won.

Like I said, brief opening statement so I’m going to get into the updates…

  • 5:00 pm – Da’Vonne, Kevin, and Nicole are talking
    • They are wondering why David wasn’t nominated
    • It’s speculated by the group that is because David is working with the other side which goes back to yesterday’s flip that wasn’t actually a flip
    • Nicole plays along
    • This part is funny though, Day asks what time it is. Kevin says around 2 and this was her reaction
    • Yea, that’s pretty much my reaction whenever I hear what day of the week it is.  ‘Wait, it’s Friday?  I thought it was still Tuesday’
    • Kevin tells Da’Vonne that no matter what happens, it’s just such an honor to him that he became friends and he feels like he won
  • Thank you Jessica for your incredibly generous donation!  You are the best!
    • Enzo and Dani joking about zingbot. They say Nicole’s is going to be like ‘Nicole, you have hooked up with as many people in the house as Dani had to put up on the block’ lol
  • 7:15 pm – Cody is playing backgammon with Tyler. He said earlier he went into the bedroom to talk to Enzo and didn’t know Dani was hiding so he let one rip
    • Enzo walks into the key room and sees Nicole laying on the floor. She is there so she can get privacy I guess. Or victim noises. I don’t know
  • 10:00 pm – Really slow night on the feeds. I expect a very slow week
    • David is talking with Kevin over what Da’Vonne said to him. It’s always been his problem in life because he’s not white but he’s never been considered ‘black enough’ so what she said hurt him on a pretty deep level

  • 11:00 pm – David tries to talk to Da’Vonne and once the conversation starts, feeds cut. Of course.
    • After some 10 or so minutes, the feeds return and we finally do get a piece
    • David insists he voted out Tyler but Da’Vonne still doesn’t quite believe it but she apologizes what she said
    • Day says that she was protecting him from the beginning and she hopes she’s wrong (she is)
    • And while Day is clearly wrong by this, a lot of this stems back to his extremely rookie move of lying to those close to him about the power.
    • It actually pains me to think about his DR session where he smiles about his acting and being proud about it then watching him be shit on this week by Da’Vonne
    • I’m not bashing Day for it. She has every reason to distrust him, but it just pains me to watch while knowing the truth. I hate it and hate that Nicole carried on this lie when their group is already so powerful. It really feels like stomping on someone while they’re down.
    • Day does some camtalking and explains herself
    • She says she’s not a bitch. She was acting like one so he can feel bad and fix the mess she thinks he got them in but she still apologize to him later
  • Da’Vonne goes and re-tells the conversation to Kevin
    • She is still convinced David was lying and that he voted out Ian

It’s been a long day on the feeds. Veto tomorrow. Doesn’t really matter who wins because Day, Kevin, or David will be leaving on Thursday guaranteed. Well, almost guaranteed. Unless Memphis pulls some crazy backdoor plan out

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